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================================================================== 1. Introduction ================================================================== This document provides last-minute additions, known compatibility issues, and troubleshooting information to help you use Traktor DJ Studio 3. ================================================================== 2. New Features and Fixes ================================================================== - New: Relocating tracks in Collection, also relocates within all playlists - New: Color coded highlights in Browser List Window - New: 4th MIDI/Hotkey page - Fixed: No highlights for tracks loaded in decks and preview deck - Fixed: AAC (.m4a) problems (Beatgrids/Waveform/Audible Initial burst) - Fixed: FLAC decoder problems - Fixed: Import date was not set when importing - Fixed: Crashes on computers with older Athlon processors - Fixed: Current Playlist changed order when loading songs into decks - Fixed: Hotkey/MIDI auto repeat was not recalled when closing Traktor - Fixed: ID3 tags were always overwritten when analyzing - Fixed: Impossibility to enter text in EDIT window (MAC) - Fixed: hotkeys for auto fade were not properly working - Fixed: Inline editing did not work for the column *rating* - Fixed: iTunes Import overwrote the "Striped" tag resulting in a forced re-analysis - Fixed: "Write to ID3" in the Edit dialog - Fixed: Drag & drop of "Music Folder" did not trigger Import - Fixed: Slash added to file path on import by drag & drop - Fixed: Delete tracks from track collection subfolders was not working - Fixed: "Delete" in List Window context menu did not work

- Fixed: Certain characters in tags made tracks invisible in Collection subfolders - Fixed: Lost F-key assignments of Collection subfolders - Fixed: "Star Ranking" field was editable 'through' the scrollbars - Fixed: Using skip to previous button while in record caused crash ================================================================== 3. Known Issues and Important Notes ================================================================== - The Traktor 3.0.1 update came with a new set of default layouts. These do not overwrite your layouts by default but have to be manually loaded. Proceed as follows if you want to use the new set of layouts instead your current ones (be aware that this operation will reset all your personal preferences settings as well): 1. Quit Traktor DJ Studio 3 2. In your "Traktor3" folder, rename the current settings file "Traktor DJ Studio 3 Settings.xml" as "Traktor DJ Studio 3 Settings.old" 3. Make a copy of the file: "Traktor DJ Studio 3.0.1 Settings.xml" and rename it as: "Traktor DJ Studio 3 Settings.xml" 4. Restart Traktor DJ Studio 3. - Running the Beatport Online Store on Flash 8 may require lowering of the default security settings. This can be done as follows: 1. Right-/ ctrl-click anywhere on the Beatport shop. 2. Choose "Settings" from the menu. 3. In the Flash Player settings choose "Advanced" button 4. This opens the Macromedia Settings Manager 5. Click on "Global Security Settings Panel" 6. Wait for the Flash-Panel to load and select "Always Allow" - Switching back and forth to fullscreen mode in combination with the Beatport Shop can cause redraw errors. - Hotkeys: in case of problems with hot keys (mostly when using a non US version of Mac OS X), the keyboard layout has to be changed to "American" layout before launching Traktor DJ Studio 3. "On-the-fly" switching of the keyboard layout (multiple language input sources) is not sufficient. ================================================================== 4. History ================================================================== TRAKTOR DJ Studio 3.0.1 Update: - New: Instant streaming of Beatport Preview clips. - New: Details panels are color coded according to the related deck color. - New: Details panels can be assigned permanently to a single deck. - New: "Growing Separators" allow to arrange Details panels right adjusted. - New: (FS) Single turntable mode for up to 4 decks with seamless transition into internal playback mode *and* back to timecode

mode. - New: Scroll-wheel support, "ghost-pointer" and incremental sensitivities for faders and the cross-fader. - New: Show Full collection sorted by Artist, Genre,... when clicking on the relative Collection subfolder. - New: "No Effect" for reducing overall CPU load on slow computers. - Fixed: The import process from Traktor DJ Studio 2.x collections did not automatically import the Stripes folder. - Fixed: The Beatport Online Store did not work on Mac OS X 10.4.3. - Fixed: Master output meters did not work in External Mixer mode. - Fixed: Hotkey control got lost in certain situations. - Fixed: crash when attempting to open history files. - Fixed: impossible numeric entry into the master clock tempo. - Fixed: crash when exporting playlists for printing. - Fixed: pitch skips when switching decks in single timecode mode. - Fixed: auto-repeat on incremental tempo changes. - Fixed: "Hold" is now default when assigning a hotkey to a triggered function (in version 3.0.0. "Toggle" was default). - Fixed: Native Mix recording did not preserve Key-Lock settings when recording pitch-bends. - Fixed: Native Mix Recording did not correctly record tempo synched master effects. - Fixed: Tempo-Skips when overdubbing Native Mix with Key Lock enabled - Fixed: Starting Native Mix recording reset tempo on Deck A & un-slaves the decks - Fixed: Cut button in Audio Recording panel was not working - Fixed: FS2 - audible artifact when switching to vinyl mode - Fixed: Play counter was not working - Fixed: List Select PgDn/Up skipped too much - Fixed: Connecting external drive caused Traktor to hang Known issues from version 3.0.1 and before - FS2: On computers having problems with audio stuttering on loading and on engaging key lock, set the CPU latency to "Low" in the driver configuration panel of the ScratchAmp. Also set all effects to "No Effect". - FS2: Due to problems on certain computers when opening the ScratchAmp control panel within Traktor, the button 'Control Panel' has been removed. To change settings in the ScratchAmp control panel, open the control panel from the Start Menu or directly from the folder Programs > Stanton. - When upgrading from Traktor DJ Studio 2.x to Traktor 3 you should use the function "Import Collection" found in the context menu of the Collection icon. - Hotkey and MIDI-presets from former versions are not compatible to Traktor DJ Studio 3. The version installs with a new default suited for 4 deck use. The installer provides 2 additional .tks files, one similar to the former preset of Traktor DJ Studio 2.6 and one similar to the former preset of Traktor FS2. - FS2: Please use the FS2 Details panel to calibrate the decks. Calibration is no longer linked to the Timecode buttons in the Decks. The following features known from Traktor 2 have not implemented

in version 3.0.1, and will be postponed until a more extended implementation. - Loop Count Down - Loop Pool functionality ================================================================== 5. Software Updates ================================================================== Traktor DJ Studio 3 is a powerful and complex piece of software which is constantly being improved by Native Instruments. For optimal performance and additional features please make sure that you always use the latest version of Traktor DJ Studio 3. Updates can be found on the NI website. The About Traktor DJ Studio 3 dialog has a direct link to the update page. ================================================================== 6. Contact ================================================================== For more information about this or other Native Instruments products please visit the NI website: www.native-instruments.com or contact NI at info@native-instruments.com Enjoy the power of Traktor DJ Studio 3! Your Native Instruments Team