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The Pentecostal Change

I remember back when my Pastor was with us, I was sitting beside him as
He was expounding the Mysteries of God and He spoke of a certain thing as
to its significance, When He said it something struck my mind and I said
something to him about it as to what had struck my mind. He listened and
then spoke some more things and then He said, you know I am amazed at
how the Lord speaks through the different members of the body, like while
ago, who was it that spoke? Oh it was Pat, and what was said was so
beautiful and wonderful, it just thrilled my soul. Of course I was shocked that
He said that, but was still like a kid all giddy inside He would even notice
me, such a poor nobody among such incredible great men, my brethren.

I said that as today it happened again as I was talking with my dear brother
and friend Bro Clyde. The Lord has shared so very very much with us in our
talks over the years. Bro. Clyde is a man of wisdom and understanding and
He hungers for God daily and God fills Him. As we was talking today,
concerning the Change Of The Body, We was speaking of what our Pastor
told us concerning some in the message and the time of the change of the
body, we spoke of him using the illustration of, When God gets us all
together, in the same room, and we fill the room with gas, then we strike a
match and whoosh, we are gone. Well suddenly Bro Clyde speaks up and
says, That was Pentecost, thats what happened and took place at
Pentecost. That simple statement seemed to just open up so many things,
as if Jesus Christ did indeed finish what He came for, and folded it up and
laid it away, then it was finished. So death, hell and the grave were
finished, as they were what He came to do away with and fulfil. SO it stands
to reason the only thing that could happen after that, being death was done
and over and finished, was for Him to resurrect from the dead to prove what
He did in death, did indeed finish it. So He arose from the dead just 2 days
later rising on the 3rd day.

Now what makes this so amazing is this. When he resurrected from the
dead, He was in the same body that He went to the grave in. The same
body, he walked on water with, walked through the walls with, called
Lazarus forth with. The same body He was born with, He died with and rose
from the dead with. Thus it is the same with you, you will resurrect in the

same body. Now if Christ arose from the dead, and He did, then we see the
very, Change of The Body, right then and there. His Body had to be
changed, the moment the Spirit entered back into it. Now remember this
most important part, the body was changed when the Spirit entered back
into it. The Body without the Spirit is dead. So now at death the Word says,
His Spirit went back to God who gave it, we see this even as He cried out,
Why hast thou forsake me! So the Spirit returns from God or Heaven and
enters back into the Body and Behold He is alive ever more!

So it is for certain His Body was not under the Law of Sin and Death
anymore. He defeated He who had power of death even Satan. He fulfilled
the prophesy that said, Oh Death where is thy sting and Grave where is thy
Victory! This means right then and there, He conquered the last enemy to
be conquered which was death. Now Paul told us that by Faith, we are to
reckon ourselves dead already by the death of Jesus on the Cross, and
also that we may also, By Faith, Reckon ourselves to be alive as resurrected
from the dead, because Christ resurrected from the dead, and that was not
for Himself but you and I. So by faith can you claim this that when Christ
arose from the dead to never die anymore, that that was you rising from the
dead, to never die anymore?

We can look back through the Bible and see different men who had already
changed their bodies. We find Enoch, the 7th from Adam, as the Word tells us
Enoch by His Faith, He pleased God and by that same Faith that God took
Him, as to His Body, Soul and Spirit, into Glory. Enoch caught a divine
revelation, saying He saw the Coming of the Lord with ten thousands of His
Saints. He caught an incredible revelation that bypassed the grave. We find
Elijah, outrunning the horses and chariots, we know a normal human body
cannot do such things. We find Him go along time without food and
sustenance. We find Him raising the Widows son from the dead. As Other
True Men of God have done. We find Him crossing the Jordan by smiting the
waters, the natural forerunning the spiritual, as the fiery chariot came and
took Him away to Glory, Body, Soul, and Spirit.
We find Moses in the presence of God 80 days, His body and face so
illuminated He had to put a veil over it and when we find the time for Moses
Body to go into the grave, here comes he who had power of death, even

Satan to claim His Body and suddenly, Michael, the Archangel, appeared
and rebuked Satan and rebuked death from Moses, and we find Moses along
with Christ and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration with glorified changed

Now remember what was said earlier. God leaving us a witness and a
testimony, and Paul telling us that all of the things concerning God, that all
of those things do testify to us every single day. We have to be of a spiritual
mind to see them. So even Christ death, burial and resurrection and the
change of the body, is witnessed to us all, it is all around us and even in the
scriptures. Remember Christ said, If I go not away, the comforter cannot
come! Also that this comforter would, lead us into all truth, this covers the
deep mysteries of God. So the Spirit without the Body is dead, at His death
His Spirit went back to God who gave it, then, now get this, then that same
Spirit came from Heaven, it descended from Heaven and entered into His
Lifeless Body and His dead body, that was dead in trespasses and sins, for
you and I. His Holy Spirit entered back into that Body and it was now alive
forevermore. Amazing! Are you ready?

So your body has been dead in trepasses and sins, from the time you was
born, born in sin and shapen in iniquity, foolishness bound in your heart
from birth. Dead in sins and by the condemnation of the Law. Then suddenly
one day His Holy Ghost descends from Heaven and enters your body and
raises it from the dead. Paul commanded you to reckon yourself alive in the
resurrection even as Christ was. Now you should have grown up enough by
now to realize the Carnal Mind is Death and that the ONLY reason man dies
was that Carnal Mind. It had nothing to do with the Body ever. The Word said
the Soul that sins, not the Body that sins. The Body is but a vessel we dwell
in. It does exactly what the Mind in it tell it to do! If the carnal mind of sin
and death and unbelief are in the heart, the body will age and get weak and
sick and die. If the Body has within itself the Mind and Spirit of Christ who is
alive forevermore and death hath no more dominion over you, then HOW

It was the Mind of Death that came in the Garden that overshadowed their
mind. Christ removed that veil over their minds and paid the penalty for sin
and death and the law, folded them up, laid them away, and death is no
more, hell is no more, the grave is no more. Death does not dwell in heaven
and we sit in heavenly places, we have been translated into the Kingdom
already, Our conversation is in heaven, we are Hid with Christ, who is in
heaven, so if I hide you in a footlocker and then hide that footlocker in
heaven then are you not in heaven? We are hid with Christ, whom heaven
HAS received. When Christ ascended He took His Body with Him, He also
said, Where I Am, THERE YOU shall be also! Where is He? In Heaven! He
was always in heaven. He said even the Son of man who is in heaven,
though the onlookers were seeing him standing on the Earth, he
emphatically told them they were beholding lying vanities and illusions that
He, His Body, Soul and Spirit, was in Heaven. Again as our pastor taught us,
if I am in my chair in my living room, is my footstool out in the barn? No it is
right here where I am. If my Spirit is in heaven my Body is there also. Christ
proved this, by walking through walls and on the water and transfiguring it
on the Mount. Now really pay attention to this next part and this might
really set you on fire.

Where is the witness of the bodily change? If Christ death was mine and His
rising was mine then where is the change of the body that is mine? If I
became dead by believing He died for me, then I believed when He rose I
rose also, then it stands to reason I must also By Faith, believe unto my
Bodily Change even as Enoch had done.
For one when He arose, His body was changed then, as was yours that was
you rising from the dead. When He transfigured on the Mount that was you
transfiguring also. Nothing He done was for Himself it was YOU, for you and
with you, making it YOU! Here is the glorious part! For the sacrifice to be
totally done and complete, Christ had to take that Body into glory, for He
said, Touch me not for I have not yet ascended. So we find there was still
something that had to be done before what he had done could become
effective for you and I. So we find He did ascend, and said this, Go ye to
Jerusalem, and tarry till you are endowed with POWER FROM ON HIGH!
Power for what? Power to Overcome! Overcome what? Death, Hell, The
Grave, Sickness, Aging devils and demons, time etc! So His Spirit descended

from Heaven, as this was the same as what John saw as a Bride adorned for
her Husband, New Jerusalem! His Spirit from Heaven entered those dead
bodies that had gathered there at Jerusalem, at Pentecost, Where the
Carcass is THERE will the Eagles gather together! And He entered those
dead bodies and raised them unto eternal life! Peter has a new body, his old
one wanted to go fishing, this one however was healing the sick, raising the
dead, its shadow falling on the sick, and they were healed, folks that was no
ordinary body! It was a changed body! Phillip, walking along, witnesses to a
man about salvation and baptism, then He is by Faith, able to transport His
same body, from one city to another, in the blink of an eye. Just Paul
touching the Aprons and tearing them to send out caused healing and
wonders mighty among the people. Even in the OT, we find Elishas Body,
dead for a long time, nothing but bones left of it, and a company of men
throw a dead man in his tomb to ide him and when that dead body touched
Elishas Skelton and Bones, That man came back to Life! There is a Secret to
the Body, but God has suffered it to be hidden until now! He did not suffer
Paul to know, when He went to the 3rd Heaven, if He was in or out of His

We are in the absolute day and hour for this knowledge of Bodily
Redemption to be revealed and it has been being revealed and is still being
revealed! Pentecost was the Change! The Body that descended from
Heaven, Peter said, If this body becomes dead and rots and decays as it
will, thats alright, I have another body in Heaven. And that Body came to
Him on the Day of Pentecost! He was clothed upon by an Immortal Body
that came from Heaven as He put on the Body of The Lord Jesus Christ! We
claim to be Bone of His Bone and Flesh of His Flesh! Then if so then it has to
be his resurrected Bone and Flesh! He has but One Body! And it is alive
forevermore! Can you believe it? If you can then you can be translated like
Enoch was. God suffered us to have a understanding that the Body and the
Spirit are separate. But remember that was for a time, that time is over, He
said, speaking of the Body, Soul, and Spirit, These Three are One! How did
Elishas Bones bring a dead man back to life? Because His Body and Spirit
were One! Pentecost was the room that was filled with Gas and then the
Holy Ghost came and lit the Fire and We was changed in a moment in the
twinkle of the eye! God suffered Pentecost to die out to hide the time and
mystery of the change. When Jesus Body and Spirit came back as One

together, it was now a Holy Ghost. A Spirit that could now be identified in a
Body, as a Body.

When Adam and Eve were in the Garden what changed? What took them
from glory and Gods presence and made them suddenly hide themselves?
One thing alone! They had a Change of Mind! That was all it was! A Veil
came over their Mind! Christ came and rent that veil, so we could see it was
a lying illusion of darkness and shadows to begin with, and that we have
always been in heaven, same as Adam and Eve were, they were still in
heaven, same as Jesus was, still in heaven. Elijah opened the eyes of the
servant to let him see He was in heaven, it wasnt that the angels came to
Earth, it was that Elijah was in Heaven and he seen the Angels of Heaven
round about Him! Two men standing in the field, one in heaven, the other
one not. It is a State of your Being. I am where my State of Being is. My
State of Being is Christ. Christ is in heaven because He was and is Heaven!
Wherever Christ is there Heaven is. When He entered me, I entered Him, hid
in him, So I am in Heaven, I am In Christ, Christ is in Heaven. He has
translated you into the Kingdom of His Dear Son. When, At Pentecost! The
Moment you got born again and came to your Pentecost! It is Finished!

We have written so much already about the Change of The Body. There is
nothing left to wait for. He is Here! He is Come! No time in the Spirit World.
He has always been here patiently waiting for you to arrive, to graduate, to
have faith and arrive at the fullness of the stature, so you can wit and
recognize that He changed your body already and it happened when you
was born again and there is nothing else to wait on. Except the revelation to
come that unveils the Mystery of the Change. And it is here already. As our
Pastor told us, We are in the Age and the Time is right, for those who have
come far enough along in the message of The Revelation of Jesus Christ,
that they would never be put in a Casket, or go to sleep and would bypass
the Grave. I am pressing every single day and minute of the day, to believe
and press onward and hungering and waiting and thirsting for more of this
great revelation, that I may be so fortunate and blessed to make that
change as to a manifestation. I pray daily to do so. It does not matter if I
manifest it or not, I tell you in the Name of the Lord, it is finished and done

and complete already, you do not have to doe anymore, and go by the
Grave to enter glory. We are Complete In Him! Amen and Amen!

Bro. Patrick Henry Nichols I

Sept 10 2015
Hilton Head Island

Thank You!