2010 Knowledge Management Conference

Making KM Productive
Tuesday, 30 March, 2010
Professor at ESADE in Barcelona, Fellow at the Said Business School, Oxford University Max established one of the first and Max Boisot best known models for aligning KM activity to Business Strategy. In the 1980s, he ran the team that established China’s first MBA programme and led it for five years. Professor of Knowledge Management at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Eric is a major force in the KM world in Hong Kong. He will Founder and Chief Scientific Officer Cognitive Edge, UK Dave is an outstanding KM speaker and long

Chair and CEO, Knowledge Research Institute, Inc., Arlington, Texas, USA Karl will speak on managing IC in the Proactive Karl Wiig Enterprise for maximum impact. His focus is the challenge of the knowledge economy and the enterprise’s internal duality of society and organisation.

Dave Snowden

time supporter of KM in Hong Kong. He will talk about two topics: alternatives to scenario planning and the engagement of the workforce in decision making. Chair, Standards Australia KM Committee and Director, ThinkingShift Australia

Founder of the Gurteen Knowledge Community, UK David is an experienced facilitator of knowledge sharing David Gurteen and an expert on Knowledge Cafés. He will present his views on what it takes for a KM project to be successful.

demonstrate how to leverage Web 2.0 to combat information overload and to establish a Personal Learning Environment. Director of MindVision in Australia Rui is a design strategist and creator of products with special attention to Design Thinking methods.

Eric Tsui

Kim Sbarcea supporter of KM in
Hong Kong who got the audience on its feet at last year’s conference. This year she will talk about the impact of Design Thinking on KM.

Kim is a strong

Rui Martins

Patrick Lambe

Founding Partner Strait’s Knowledge, Former President, Singapore Information and Knowledge Management Society.

CEO, HSBC Global Publishing Services and Chief Knowledge Officer for HSBC Global Banking and Markets.

He believes in close attention to process, purpose, need and especially feedback. He works with businesses, individuals, govenments and NGOs.

Patrick has been significant figure in KM in the region for many years and this year he will host a panel discussion on what has gone on in KM over the past 50 years. This will be an intriguing session one should not miss.

Larry Campbell Larry drives a number of strategic publishing and KM implementations at the Bank and has begun numerous programmes to bring the most recent concepts of KM into this global banking organisation.

Making KM Productive : Strategy alignment and Performance tools KM as a fad is dead. But KM as a means for organisations to grow stronger and more productive in a climate of uncertainty is gaining ground. In the morning we will look at current KM contributions to strategic thinking and address one of the most common problems with KM projects today — the lack of alignment to enterprise strategy. In the afternoon we look at KM tools — touching on people, process and technology — that have a proven track record of business performance improvement. Time: Venue: 8:30 registration, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Conference (including refreshments and lunch) Langham Place Hotel, Mongkok, Hong Kong (Winner of the Hong Kong and Asian MAKE awards) les.hales@knowledgeworks.com.hk Enquiries: 9101-0577

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