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Charles F. Haanel, the author of this book, has been regarded by hundreds of people as the "Father of Personal Development". Rumor has it that while he was attending Harvard niversity, !ill "ates dis#overed and read $he %aster &ey 'ystem. (t was this book that inspired !ill "ates to drop out of the niversity and pursue his dream of "a #omputer on every desktop." )nd the rest they say is history . . 'ili#on *alley also has a se#ret and it+s that almost every entrepreneur who made a fortune in re#ent years did so by studying the tea#hings of "!efore the 'e#ret" whi#h was written over eighty years ago, Countless self development books have been based on these tea#hings whi#h #an be found in "!efore $he 'e#ret". $he tea#hings have been shared in the movie and more re#ently on -prah with the students of these tea#hings.

Table Of Contents
The Master Key System Introduction....................................................................................................... 3 FOREWORD.................................................................................................................................... 4 INTRODU TION ! "#RT ONE.............................................................................................................. $ "#RT ONE Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers .................................................................................. '3 INTRODU TION ! "#RT TWO........................................................................................................... '4 INTRODU TION ! "#RT T(REE ...................................................................................................... ') "#RT T(REE Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers.............................................................................. *3 INTRODU TION ! "#RT FOUR ........................................................................................................ *4 "#RT FOUR Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers ............................................................................... *$ INTRODU TION ! "#RT FI+E .......................................................................................................... *) "#RT FI+E Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers.................................................................................. 33 INTRODU TION ! "#RT SI,............................................................................................................. 34 "#RT SI, Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers.....................................................................................3$ INTRODU TION ! "#RT SE+EN....................................................................................................... 3) "#RT SE+EN Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers.............................................................................. 43 INTRODU TION ! "#RT EI-(T........................................................................................................ 44 "#RT EI-(T Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers............................................................................... 4) INTRODU TION ! "#RT NINE.......................................................................................................... ./ "#RT NINE Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers................................................................................. .. "#RT TEN Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers .................................................................................. 0/ INTRODU TION ! "#RT E1E+EN.................................................................................................... 0' "#RT E1E+EN Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers .......................................................................... 0. INTRODU TION ! "#RT TWE1+E................................................................................................... 00 "#RT TWE1+E Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers...........................................................................2/ INTRODU TION ! "#RT T(IRTEEN ............................................................................................... 2' "#RT T(IRTEEN Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers....................................................................... 2. INTRODU TION ! "#RT FOURTEEN .............................................................................................. 20 "#RT FOURTEEN Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers ..................................................................... $/ INTRODU TION ! "#RT FIFTEEN ................................................................................................... $' "#RT FIFTEEN Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers .......................................................................... $. INTRODU TION ! "#RT SI,TEEN .................................................................................................. $2 "#RT SI,TEEN Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers.......................................................................... )* INTRODU TION ! "#RT SE+ENTEEN............................................................................................. )3 "#RT SE+ENTEEN Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers ................................................................... )2 INTRODU TION ! "#RT EI-(TEEN................................................................................................ )$ "#RT EI-(TEEN Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers..................................................................... '/* INTRODU TION ! "#RT NINETEEN ............................................................................................. '/3 "#RT NINETEEN Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers .................................................................... '/2 INTRODU TION ! "#RT TWENT3 ................................................................................................ '/$ "#RT TWENT3 Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers ....................................................................... ''3 INTRODU TION ! "#RT TWENT3!ONE ...................................................................................... ''4 "#RT TWENT3!ONE Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers...............................................................''$ INTRODU TION ! "#RT TWENT3!TWO ......................................................................................'') "#RT TWENT3!TWO Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers ............................................................. '*3 INTRODU TION ! "#RT TWENT3!T(REE .................................................................................. '*4 "#RT TWENT3!T(REE Study %uestions With #ns&ers......................................................... '*$ INTRODU TION ! "#RT TWENT3!FOUR .................................................................................... '*) "#RT TWENT3!FOUR Study %uestions &ith #ns&ers............................................................ '33

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The Master Key System Introduction
Nature compels us all to move through li e. !e could not remain stationary however much we wished. Every right-thin"ing person wants not merely to move through li e li"e a soundproducing# peram$ulating plant# $ut to develop % to improve % and to continue the development mentally to the close o physical li e. This development can occur only through the improvement o the &uality o individual thought and the ideals# actions and conditions that arise as a conse&uence. 'ence a study o the creative processes o thought and how to apply them is o supreme importance to each one o us. This "nowledge is the means where$y the evolution o human li e on earth may $e hastened and upli ted in the process. 'umanity ardently see"s (The Truth) and e*plores every avenue to it. In this process it has produced a special literature# which ranges the whole gamut o thought rom the trivial to the su$lime % up rom +ivination# through all the Philosophies# to the inal lo ty Truth o (The ,aster -ey). The (,aster -ey) is here given to the world as a means o tapping the great cosmic intelligence and attracting rom it that which corresponds to the am$itions# and aspirations o each reader. Every thing and institution we see around us# created $y human agency# had irst to e*ist as a thought in some human mind. Thought there ore is constructive. 'uman thought is the spiritual power o the cosmos operating through its creature man. (The ,aster -ey) instructs the reader how to use that power# and use it $oth constructively and creatively. The things and conditions we desire to $ecome realities we must irst create in thought. (The ,aster -ey) e*plains and guides the process... (The ,aster -ey) teaching has hitherto $een pu$lished in the orm o a /orrespondence /ourse o 20 lessons# delivered to students one per wee" or 20 wee"s. The reader# who now receives the whole 20 parts at one times# is warned not to attempt to read the $oo" li"e a novel# $ut to treat it as a course o study and conscientiously to im$i$e the meaning o each part % reading and re-reading one part only per wee" $e ore proceeding to the ne*t. 1therwise the later parts will tend to $e misunderstood and the reader2s time and money will $e wasted. 3sed as thus instructed (The ,aster -ey) will ma"e o the reader a greater# $etter personality# and e&uipped with a new power to achieve any worthy personal purpose and a new a$ility to en4oy li e2s $eauty and wonder. 5.'. B367E88

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8ome men seem to attract success# power# wealth# attainment# with very little conscious e ort: others con&uer with great di iculty: still others ail altogether to reach their am$itions# desires and ideals. !hy is this so: !hy should some men reali;e their am$itions easily# others with di iculty# and still others not at all< The cause cannot $e physical# else the most per ect men# physically# would $e the most success ul. The di erence# there ore# must $e mental - must $e in the mind: hence mind must $e the creative orce# must constitute the sole di erence $etween men. It is mind# there ore# which overcomes environment and every other o$stacle in the path o men. !hen the creative power o thought is ully understood# its e ect will $e seen to $e marvelous. But such results cannot $e secured without proper application# diligence# and concentration. The student will ind that the laws governing in the mental and spiritual world are as i*ed and in alli$le as in the material world. To secure the desired results# then# it is necessary to "now the law and to comply with it. = proper compliance with the law will $e ound to produce the desired result with invaria$le e*actitude. The student who learns that power comes rom within# that he is wea" only $ecause he has depended on help rom outside# and who unhesitatingly throws himsel on his own thought# instantly rights himsel # stands erect# assumes a dominant attitude# and wor"s miracles. It is evident# there ore# that he who ails to ully investigate and ta"e advantage o the wonder ul progress which is $eing made in this last and greatest science# will soon $e as ar $ehind as the man who would re use to ac"nowledge and accept the $ene its which have accrued to man"ind through an understanding o the laws o electricity. 1 course# mind creates negative conditions 4ust as readily as avora$le conditions# and when we consciously or unconsciously visuali;e every "ind o lac"# limitation and discord# we create these conditions: this is what many are unconsciously doing all the time. This law as well as every other law is no respecter o persons# $ut is in constant operation and is relentlessly $ringing to each individual e*actly what he has created: in other words# >!hatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.> =$undance# there ore# depends upon a recognition o the laws o =$undance# and the act that ,ind is not only the creator# $ut the only creator o all there is. /ertainly nothing can $e created# $e ore we "now that it can $e created and then ma"e the proper e ort. There is no more Electricity in the world today than there was i ty years ago# $ut until someone recogni;ed the law $y which it could $e made o service# we received no $ene it: now that the law is understood# practically the whole world is lit $y it. so with the law o =$undance: it is only those who recogni;e the law and place themselves in harmony with it# who share in its $ene its. The scienti ic spirit now dominates every ield o e ort# relations o cause and e ect are no longer ignored. The discovery o a region o law mar"ed and epoch in human progress. It eliminated the element o uncertainty and caprice mens lives# and su$stituted law# reason and certitude.

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,en now understand that or every result there is an ade&uate and de inite cause# so that when a given result is desired# they see" the condition $y which alone this result may $e attained. The $asis upon which all law rests was discovered $y inductive reasoning which consists o comparing a num$er o separate instances with one another until the common actor which gives rise to them all is seen. It is this method o study to which the civili;ed nations owe the greater part o their prosperity and the more valua$le part o their "nowledge: it has lengthened li e# it has mitigated pain# it has spanned rivers# it has $rightened the night with the splendor o day# e*tended the range o vision# accelerated motion# annihilated distance# acilitated intercourse# and ena$led men to descend into the sea# and into the air# what wonder then that men soon endeavored to e*tend the $lessings o this system o study to their method o thin"ing# so that when it $ecame plainly evident that certain results ollowed a particular method o thin"ing it only remained to classi y these results. This is method is scienti ic# and it is the only method $y which we shall $e permitted retain that degree o li$erty and reedom which we have $een accustomed to loo" upon as an inaliena$le right# $ecause a people is sa e at home and in the world only i national preparedness mean such things as growing surplus o health# accumulated e iciency in pu$lic and private $usiness o whatever sort# continuous advance in the science and art o acting together# and the increasingly dominant endeavor to ma"e all o these and all other aspects o national development center and revolve a$out ascending li e# single and collective# or which science# art and ethics urnish guidance and controlling motives. The ,aster -ey is $ased on a$solute scienti ic truth and will un old the possi$ilities that lie dormant in the individual# and teach how they may $e $rought into power ul action# to increase the person?s e ective capacity# $ringing added energy# discernment# vigor and mental elasticity. The student who gains an understanding o the mental laws which re un olded will come into the possession o an a$ility to secure results hitherto undreamed o # and which has rewards hardly to $e e*pressed in words. It e*plains the correct use o $oth the receptive and active elements o the mental nature# and instructs the student in the recognition o opportunity: it strengthens the will and reasoning powers# and teaches the cultivation and $est uses o imagination# desire# the emotions and the intuitional aculty. It gives initiative# tenacity o purpose# wisdom o choice# intelligent sympathy and a thorough en4oyment o li e on its higher planes. The ,aster -ey teaches the use o ,ind Power# true ,ind Power# not any o the su$stitutes and perversions: it has nothing to do with 'ypnotism# ,agic or any o the more or less ascinating deceptions $y which many are led to thin" that something can $e had or nothing. The ,aster -ey cultivates and develops the understanding which will ena$le you to control the $ody and there$y the health. It improves and strengthens the ,emory. It develops Insight# the "ind o Insight which is so rare# the "ind which is the distinguishing characteristic o every success ul $usiness man# the "ind which ena$les men to see the possi$ilities as well as the di iculties in every situation# the "ind which ena$les men to discern opportunity close at hand# or thousands ail to see opportunities almost within their grasp while they are industriously wor"ing with situations which under no possi$ility can $e made to reali;e any su$stantial return.

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The ,aster -ey develops ,ental Power which means that others instinctively recogni;e that you are a person o orce# o character - that they want to do what you want them to do: it means that you attract men and things to you: that you are what some people call >luc"y># that >things> come you way? that you have come into an understanding o the undamental laws o Nature# and have put yoursel in harmony with them: that you are in tune with In inite: that you understand the law o attraction# the Natural laws o growth# and the Psychological laws on which all advantages in the he social and $usiness world rest. ,ental Power is creative power# it gives you the a$ility to create or yoursel : it does not mean the a$ility to ta"e something away rom some one else. Nature never does things that way. Nature ma"es two $lades or grass grow where one grew $e ore# and ,ind Power ena$les men to do the same thing. The ,aster -ey develops insight and sagacity increased independence# the a$ility and disposition to $e help ul? it destroys distrust# depression# ear# melancholia# and every orm o lac" limitation and wea"ness# including pain and disease: it awa"ens $uried talents# supplies initiative# orce# energy# vitality - it awa"ens an appreciation o the $eauti ul in =rt# Aiterature and 8cience. It has changed the lives o thousands o men and women# $y su$stituting de inite principles or uncertain and ha;y methods - and principles or the oundation upon which every system o e iciency must rest. El$ert 7ary# the chairman o the 3nited 8tates 8teel /orporation# said >The services o advisors# instructors# e iciency e*perts in success ul management are indispensa$le to most $usiness enterprises o magnitude# $ut I deem the recognition and adoption o right principles vastly more importance. >The ,aster -ey teaches right principles# and suggests methods or ma"ing a practical application o the principles: in that it di ers rom every other course o study. It teaches that the only possi$le value which can attach to any principle is in its application. ,any read $oo"s# ta"e home study courses# attend lectures all their lives without ever ma"ing any progress in demonstrating the value o the principles involved. The ,aster -ey suggests methods $y which the value o the principles taught may $e demonstrated and put in actual practice in the daily e*perience. There is a change in the thought o the world. This change is silently transpiring in our midst# and is more important than any which the world has undergone since the down all o Paganism. The present revolution in the opinions o all classes o men# the highest and most cultured o men as well as those o the la$oring class# stands unparalleled in the history o the world. 8cience has o late mad such vast discoveries# has revealed such an in inity o resources# has unveiled such enormous possi$ilities and such unsuspected orces# that scienti ic men more and more hesitate to a irm certain theories as esta$lished and indu$ita$le or to deny certain other theories as a$surd or impossi$le# and so a new civili;ation is $eing $orn? customs# creeds# and cruelty are passing: vision# aith and service are ta"ing their place. The etters o tradition are $eing melted o rom humanity# and as the dross o materialism is $eing consumed# thought is $eing li$erated and truth is rising ull or$ed $e ore an astonished multitude. The whole world is on the eve o a new consciousness# a new power and a new consciousness# a new power and a new reali;ation o the resources within the sel . The last
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century saw the most magni icent material progress in history. The present century will produce the greatest progress in mental and spiritual power. Physical 8cience has resolved matter into molecules# molecules into atoms# atoms into energy# and it has remained or 8ir =m$rose 5leming# in an address $e ore the 6oyal Institution# to resolve this energy into mind. 'e says: >In its ultimate essence# energy may $e incomprehensi$le $y us e*cept as an e*hi$ition o the direct operation o that which we call ,ind or !ill.> Aet us see what are the most power ul orces in Nature. In the mineral world everything is solid and i*ed. In the animal and vegeta$le "ingdom it is in a state o lu*# orever changing# always $eing created and recreated. In the atmosphere we ind heat# light and energy. Each realm $ecomes iner and more spiritual as we pass rom the visi$le to the invisi$le# rom the coarse to the ine# rom the low potentiality to high potentiality. !hen we reach the invisi$le we ind energy in its purest and most volatile state. =nd as the most power ul orces o Nature are the invisi$le orces# so we ind that the most power ul orces o man are his invisi$le orces# his spiritual orce# and the only way in which the spiritual orce can mani est is through the process o thin"ing. Thin"ing is the only activity which the spirit possesses# and thought is the only product o thin"ing. =ddition and su$traction are there ore spiritual transactions: reasoning is a spiritual process: ideas are spiritual conceptions: &uestions are spiritual searchlights and logic# argument and philosophy is spiritual machinery. Every thought $rings into action certain physical tissue# parts o the $rain# nerve or muscle. This produces an actual physical change in the construction o the tissue. there ore it is only necessary to have a certain num$er o thoughts on a given su$4ect in order to $ring a$out a complete change in the physical organi;ation o a man. This is the process $y which ailure is changed to success. Thoughts o courage# power# inspiration# harmony# are su$stituted or thoughts o ailure# despair# lac"# limitation and discord# and as these thoughts ta"e root# the physical tissue is changed and the individual sees li e in a new light# old things have actually passed away# all things have $ecome new# he is $orn again# this time $orn o the spirit# li e has a new meaning or him# he is reconstructed and is illed with 4oy# con idence# hope# energy. 'e sees opportunities or success to which he was hereto ore $lind. 'e recogni;es possi$ilities which $e ore had no meaning or him. The thoughts o success with which he has $een impregnated are radiated to those around him# and they in turn help him onward and upward: he attract to him new and success ul associates# and this in turn changes his environment: so that $y this simple e*ercise o thought# a man changes not only himsel # $ut his environment# circumstances and conditions. Cou will see# you must see# that we are at the dawn o a new day: that the possi$ilities are so wonder ul# so ascinating# so limitless as to $e almost $ewildering. = century ago any man with and aeroplane or even a 7atling gun could have annihilated a whole army e&uipped with the implements o war are then in use. 8o it is at present. =ny man with a "nowledge o the possi$ilities contained in the ,aster -ey has an inconceiva$le advantage over the multitude.

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It is my privilege to enclose herewith Part 1ne o The ,aster -ey 8ystem. !ould you $ring into your li e more power# get the power consciousness# more health# get the health consciousness# more happiness# get the happiness consciousness. Aive the spirit o these things until they $ecome yours $y right. It will then $ecome impossi$le to "eep them rom you. The things o the world are luid to a power within man $y which he rules them. Cou need not ac&uire this power. Cou already have it. But you want to understand it: you want to use it: you want to control it: you want to impregnate yoursel with it# so that you can go orward and carry the world $e ore you. +ay $y day as you go on and on# as you gain momentum# as your inspiration deepens# as your plans crystalli;e# as you gain understanding# you will come to reali;e that this world is no dead pile o stones and tim$er# $ut that it is a living thingE It is made up o the $eating hearts o humanity. It is a thing o li e and $eauty. It is evident that it re&uires understanding to wor" with material o this description# $ut those who come into this understanding# are inspired $y a new light# a new orce# they gain con idence and greater power each day# they reali;e their hopes and their dreams come true# li e has a deeper# uller# clearer meaning than $e ore. =nd# now# Part 1ne.... P=6T 1NE F. That much gathers more is true on every plane o e*istence and that loss leads to greater loss is e&ually true. 2. ,ind is creative# and conditions# environment and all e*periences in li e are the result o our ha$itual or predominant mental attitude. 9. The attitude o mind necessarily depends upon what we thin". There ore# the secret o all power# all achievement and all possession depends upon our method o thin"ing. 0. This is true $ecause we must >$e> $e ore we can >do#> and we can >do> only to the e*tent which we >are#> and what we >are> depends upon what we >thin".> @. !e cannot e*press powers that we do not possess. The only way $y which we may secure possession o power is to $ecome conscious o power# and we can never $ecome conscious o power until we learn that all power is rom within. B. There is a world within % a world o thought and eeling and power: o light and li e and $eauty and# although invisi$le# its orces are mighty. D. The world within is governed $y mind. !hen we discover this world we shall ind the solution or every pro$lem# the cause or every e ect: and since the world within is su$4ect to our control# all laws o power and possession are also within our control.

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G. The world without is a re lection o the world within. !hat appears without is what has $een ound within. In the world within may $e ound in inite !isdom# in inite Power# in inite 8upply o all that is necessary# waiting or un oldment# development and e*pression. I we recogni;e these potentialities in the world within they will ta"e orm in the world without. H. 'armony in the world within will $e re lected in the world without $y harmonious conditions# agreea$le surroundings# the $est o everything. It is the oundation o health and a necessary essential to all greatness# all power# all attainment# all achievement and all success. FI. 'armony in the world within means the a$ility to control our thoughts# and to determine or ourselves how any e*perience is to a ect us. FF. 'armony in the world within results in optimism and a luence: a luence within results in a luence without. F2. The world without re lects the circumstances and the conditions o the consciousness within. F9. I we ind wisdom in the world within# we shall have the understanding to discern the marvelous possi$ilities that are latent in this world within# and we shall $e given the power to ma"e these possi$ilities mani est in the world without. F0. =s we $ecome conscious o the wisdom in the world within# we mentally ta"e possession o this wisdom# and $y ta"ing mental possession we come into actual possession o the power and wisdom necessary to $ring into mani estation the essentials necessary or our most complete and harmonious development. F@. The world within is the practical world in which the men and women o power generate courage# hope# enthusiasm# con idence# trust and aith# $y which they are given the ine intelligence to see the vision and the practical s"ill to ma"e the vision real. FB. Ai e is an un oldment# not accretion. !hat comes to us in the world without is what we already possess in the world within. FD. =ll possession is $ased on consciousness. =ll gain is the result o an accumulative consciousness. =ll loss is the result o a scattering consciousness. FG. ,ental e iciency is contingent upon harmony: discord means con usion: there ore# he who would ac&uire power must $e in harmony with Natural Aaw. FH. !e are related to the world without $y the o$4ective mind. The $rain is the organ o this mind and the cere$ro-spinal system o nerves puts us in conscious communication with every part o the $ody. This system o nerves responds to every sensation o light# heat# odor# sound and taste. 2I. !hen this mind thin"s correctly# when it understands the truth# when the thoughts sent through the cere$ro-spinal nervous system to the $ody are constructive# these sensations are pleasant# harmonious. 2F. The result is that we $uild strength# vitality and all constructive orces into our $ody# $ut it is through this same o$4ective mind that all distress# sic"ness# lac"# limitation and every orm
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o discord and inharmony is admitted to our lives. It is there ore through the o$4ective mind# $y wrong thin"ing# that we are related to all destructive orces. 22. !e are related to the world within $y the su$conscious mind. The solar ple*us is the organ o this mind: the sympathetic system o nerves presides over all su$4ective sensations# such as 4oy# ear# love# emotion# respiration# imagination and all other su$conscious phenomena. It is through the su$conscious that we are connected with the 3niversal ,ind and $rought into relation with the In inite constructive orces o the 3niverse. 29. It is the coordination o these two centers o our $eing# and the understanding o their unctions# which is the great secret o li e. !ith this "nowledge we can $ring the o$4ective and su$4ective minds into conscious cooperation and thus coordinate the inite and the in inite. 1ur uture is entirely within our own control. It is not at the mercy o any capricious or uncertain e*ternal power. 20. =ll agree that there is $ut one Principle or /onsciousness pervading the entire 3niverse# occupying all space# and $eing essentially the same in "ind at every point o its presence. It is all power ul# all wisdom and always present. =ll thoughts and things are within Itsel . It is all in all. 2@. There is $ut one consciousness in the universe a$le to thin": and when it thin"s# its thoughts $ecome o$4ective things to it. =s this /onsciousness is omnipresent# it must $e present within every individual: each individual must $e a mani estation o that 1mnipotent# 1mniscient and 1mnipresent /onsciousness. 2B. =s there is only one /onsciousness in the 3niverse that is a$le to thin" it necessarily ollows that your consciousness is identical with the 3niversal /onsciousness# or# in other words# all mind is one mind. There is no dodging this conclusion. 2D. The consciousness that ocuses in your $rain cells is the same consciousness which ocuses in the $rain cells o every other individual. Each individual is $ut the individuali;ation o the 3niversal# the /osmic ,ind. 2G. The 3niversal ,ind is static or potential energy: it simply is: it can mani est only through the individual# and the individual can mani est only through the 3niversal. They are one. 2H. The a$ility o the individual to thin" is his a$ility to act on the 3niversal and $ring it into mani estation. 'uman consciousness consists only in the a$ility o man to thin". ,ind in itsel is $elieved to $e a su$tle orm o static energy# rom which arises the activities called ?thought# ? which is the dynamic phase o mind. ,ind is static energy# thought is dynamic energy -the two phases o the same thing. Thought is there ore the vi$ratory orce ormed $y converting static mind into dynamic mind. 9I. =s the sum o all attri$utes are contained in the 3niversal ,ind# which is 1mnipotent# 1mniscient and 1mnipresent# these attri$utes must $e present at all times in their potential orm in every individual. There ore# when the individual thin"s# the thought is compelled $y its nature to em$ody itsel in an o$4ectivity or condition which will correspond with its origin. 9F. Every thought there ore is a cause and every condition an e ect: or this reason it is a$solutely essential that you control your thoughts so as to $ring orth only desira$le conditions.
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92. =ll power is rom within# and is a$solutely under your control: it comes through e*act "nowledge and $y the voluntary e*ercises o e*act principles. 99. It should $e plain that when you ac&uire a thorough understanding o this law# and are a$le to control your thought processes# you can apply it to any condition: in other words# you will have come into conscious cooperation with 1mnipotent law which is the undamental $asis o all things. 90. The 3niversal ,ind is the li e principle o every atom which is in e*istence: every atom is continually striving to mani est more li e: all are intelligent# and all are see"ing to carry out the purpose or which they were created. 9@. = ma4ority o man"ind lives in the world without: ew have ound the world within# and yet it is the world within that ma"es the world without: it is there ore creative and everything which you ind in your world without has $een created $y you in the world within. 9B. This system will $ring you into a reali;ation o power which will $e yours when you understand this relation $etween the world without and the world within. The world within is the cause# the world without the e ect: to change the e ect you must change the cause. 9D. Cou will at once see that this is a radically new and di erent idea: most men try to change e ects $y wor"ing with e ects. They ail to see that this is simply changing one orm o distress or another. To remove discord# we must remove the cause# and this cause can $e ound only in the world within. 9G. =ll growth is rom within. This is evident in all nature. Every plant# every animal# every human is a living testimony to this great law# and the error o the ages is in loo"ing or strength or power rom without. 9H. The world within is the 3niversal ountain o supply# and the world without is the outlet to the stream. 1ur a$ility to receive depends upon our recognition o this 3niversal 5ountain# this In inite Energy o which each individual is an outlet# and so is one with every other individual. 0I. 6ecognition is a mental process# mental action is there ore the interaction o the individual upon the 3niversal ,ind# and as the 3niversal ,ind is the intelligence which pervades all space and animates all living things# this mental action and reaction is the law o causation# $ut the principle o causation does not o$tain in the individual $ut in the 3niversal ,ind. It is not an o$4ective aculty $ut a su$4ective process# and the results are seen in an in inite variety o conditions and e*periences. 0F. In order to e*press li e there must $e mind: nothing can e*ist without mind. Everything which e*ists is some mani estation o this one $asic su$stance rom which and $y which all things have $een created and are continually $eing recreated. 02. !e live in a athomless sea o plastic mind su$stance. This su$stance is ever alive and active. It is sensitive to the highest degree. It ta"es orm according to the mental demand. Thought orms the mold or matri* rom which the su$stance e*presses. 09. 6emem$er that it is in the application alone that the value consists# and that a practical understanding o this law will su$stitute a$undance or poverty# wisdom or ignorance#
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harmony or discord and reedom or tyranny# and certainly there can $e no greater $lessing than these rom a material and social standpoint. 00. Now ma"e the application: 8elect a room where you can $e alone and undistur$ed: sit erect# com orta$ly# $ut do not lounge: let your thoughts roam where they will $ut $e per ectly still or rom i teen minutes to hal an hour: continue this or three or our days or or a wee" until you secure ull control o your physical $eing. 0@. ,any will ind this e*tremely di icult: others will con&uer with ease# $ut it is a$solutely essential to secure complete control o the $ody $e ore you are ready to progress. Ne*t wee" you will receive instructions or the ne*t step: in the meantime you must have mastered this one.

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%&RT O"E Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
F. !hat is the world without in its relation to the world within< The world without is a re lection o the world within. 2. 3pon what does all possession depend< =ll possession is $ased on consciousness. 9. 'ow is the individual related to the o$4ective world< The individual is related to the o$4ective world $y the o$4ective mind: the $rain is the organ o this mind. 0. 'ow is he related to the 3niversal ,ind< 'e is related to the 3niversal ,ind $y the su$conscious mind: the 8olar Ple*us is the organ o this mind. @. !hat is the 3niversal ,ind< The 3niversal ,ind is the li e principle o every atom which is in e*istence. B. 'ow can the Individual act on the 3niversal< The a$ility o the individual to thin" is his a$ility to act upon the 3niversal and $ring it into mani estation. D. !hat is the result o this action and interaction< The result o this action and interaction is cause and e ect: every thought is a cause and every condition an e ect. G. 'ow are harmonious and desira$le conditions secured< 'armonious and desira$le conditions are o$tained $y right thin"ing. H. !hat is the cause o all discord# inharmony# lac" and limitation< +iscord# inharmony# lac" and limitation are the result o wrong thin"ing. FI. !hat is the source o all powers< The source o all power is the world within# the 3niversal 5ountain o 8upply# the In inite Energy o which each individual is an outlet.

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1ur di iculties are largely due to con used ideas and ignorance o our true interests. The great tas" is to discover the laws o nature to which we are to ad4ust ourselves. /lear thin"ing and moral insight are# there ore# o incalcula$le value. =ll processes# even those o thought# rest on solid oundations. The "eener the sensi$ilities# the more acute the 4udgment# the more delicate the taste# the more re ined the moral eelings# the more su$tle the intelligence# the lo tier the aspiration--the purer and more intense are the grati ications which e*istence yields. 'ence it is that the study o the $est that has $een thought in the world gives supreme pleasure. The powers# uses and possi$ilities o the mind under the new interpretations are incompara$ly more wonder ul that the most e*travagant accomplishment# or even dreams o material progress. Thought is energy. =ctive thought is active energy: concentrated thought is a concentrated energy. Thought concentrated on a de inite purpose $ecomes power. This is the power which is $eing used $y those who do not $elieve in the virtue o poverty# or the $eauty o sel -denial. They perceive that this is the tal" o wea"lings. The a$ility to receive and mani est this power depends upon the a$ility to recogni;e the In inite Energy ever dwelling in man# constantly creating and recreating his $ody and mind# and ready at any moment to mani est through him in any need ul manner. In e*act proportion to the recognition o this truth will $e the mani estation in the outer li e o the individual. Part two e*plains the method $y which this is accomplished. P=6T T!1 F. The operations o the mind are produced $y two parallel modes o activity# the one conscious# and the other su$conscious. Pro essor +avidson says: >'e who thin"s to illuminate the whole range o mental action $y the light o his own consciousness is not unli"e the one who should go a$out to illuminate the universe with a rushlight.> 2. The su$conscious? logical processes are carried on with a certainty and regularity which would $e impossi$le i there e*isted the possi$ility o error. 1ur mind is so designed that it prepares or us the most important oundations o cognition# whilst we have not the slightest apprehension o the modus operandi. 9. The su$conscious soul# li"e a $enevolent stranger# wor"s and ma"es provision or our $ene it# pouring only the mature ruit into our lap: thus ultimate analysis o thought processes shows that the su$conscious is the theatre o the most important mental phenomena. 0. It is through the su$conscious that 8ha"espeare must have perceived# without e ort# great truths which are hidden rom the conscious mind o the student: that Phidias ashioned mar$le and $ron;e: that 6aphael painted ,adonnas and Beethoven composed symphonies. @. Ease and per ection depend entirely upon the degree in which we cease to depend upon the consciousness: playing the piano# s"ating# operating the typewriter# the s"illed trades# depend or their per ect e*ecution on the process o the su$-conscious mind. The marvel o

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playing a $rilliant piece on the piano# while at the same time conducting a vigorous conversation# shows the greatness o our su$conscious powers. B. !e are all aware how dependent we are upon the su$conscious# and the greater# the no$ler# the more $rilliant our thoughts are# the more it is o$vious to ourselves that the origin lies $eyond our "en. !e ind ourselves endowed with tact# instinct# sense o the $eauti ul in art# music# etc.# or whose origin or dwelling place we are wholly unconscious. D. The value o the su$conscious is enormous: it inspires us: it warns us: it urnishes us with names# acts and scenes rom the storehouse o memory. It directs our thoughts# tastes# and accomplishes tas"s so intricate that no conscious mind# even i it had the power# has the capacity or. G. !e can wal" at will: we can raise the arm whenever we choose to do so: we can give our attention through eye or ear to any su$4ect at pleasure. 1n the other hand# we cannot stop our heart$eats nor the circulation o the $lood# nor the growth o stature# nor the ormation o nerve and muscle tissue# nor the $uilding o the $ones# nor many other important vital processes. H. I we compare these two sets o action# the one decreed $y the will o the moment# and the other proceeding in ma4estic# rhythmic course# su$4ect to no vacillation# $ut constant at every moment# we stand in awe o the latter# and as" to have the mystery e*plained. !e see at once that these are the vital processes o our physical li e# and we cannot avoid the in erence that these all-important unctions are designedly withdrawn rom the domain o our outward will with its variations and transitions# and placed under the direction o a permanent and dependa$le power within us. FI. 1 these two powers# the outward and changea$le has $een termed the >/onscious ,ind#> or the >1$4ective ,ind> Jdealing with outward o$4ectsK. The interior power is called the >8u$conscious ,ind#> or the >8u$4ective ,ind#> and $esides its wor" on the mental plane it controls the regular unctions which ma"e physical li e possi$le. FF. It is necessary to have a clear understanding o their respective unctions on the mental plane# as well as o certain other $asic principles. Perceiving and operating through the ive physical senses# the conscious mind deals with the impressions and o$4ects o the outward li e. F2. It has the aculty o discrimination# carrying with it the responsi$ility o choice. It has the power o reasoning--whether inductive# deductive# analytical or syllogistic--and this power may $e developed to a high degree. It is the seat o the will with all the energies that low there rom. F9. Not only can it impress other minds# $ut it can direct the su$conscious mind. In this way the conscious mind $ecomes the responsi$le ruler and guardian o the su$conscious mind. It is this high unction which can completely reverse conditions in your li e. F0. It is o ten true that conditions o ear# worry# poverty# disease# inharmony and evils o all "inds dominate us $y reason o alse suggestions accepted $y the unguarded su$conscious mind. =ll this the trained conscious mind can entirely prevent $y its vigilant protective action. It may properly $e called >the watchman at the gate> o the great su$conscious domain.

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F@. 1ne writer has e*pressed the chie distinction $etween the two phases o mind thus: >/onscious mind is reasoning will. 8u$conscious mind is instinctive desire# the result o past reasoning will.> FB. The su$conscious mind draws 4ust and accurate in erences rom premises urnished rom outside sources. !here the premise is true# the su$conscious mind reaches a aultless conclusion# $ut# where the premise or suggestion is an error# the whole structure alls. The su$conscious mind does not engage in the process o proving. It relies upon the conscious mind# >the watchman at the gate#> to guard it rom mista"en impressions. FD. 6eceiving any suggestions as true# the su$conscious mind at once proceeds to act thereon in the whole domain o its tremendous ield o wor". The conscious mind can suggest either truth or error. I the latter# it is at the cost o wide-reaching peril to the whole $eing. FG. The conscious mind ought to $e on duty during every wa"ing hour. !hen the >watchman> is >o guard#> or when its calm 4udgment is suspended# under a variety o circumstances# then the su$conscious mind is unguarded and le t open to suggestion rom all sources. +uring the wild e*citement o panic# or during the height o anger# or the impulses o the irresponsi$le mo$# or at any other time o unrestrained passion# the conditions are most dangerous. The su$- conscious mind is then open to the suggestion o ear# hatred# sel ishness# greed# sel - depreciation and other negative orces# derived rom surrounding persons or circumstances. The result is usually unwholesome in the e*treme# with e ects that may endure to distress it or a long time. 'ence# the great importance o guarding the su$conscious mind rom alse impressions. FH. The su$conscious mind perceives $y intuition. 'ence# its processes are rapid. It does not wait or the slow methods o conscious reasoning. In act# it can not employ them. 2I. The su$conscious mind never sleeps# never rests# any more than does your heart# or your $lood. It has $een ound that $y plainly stating to the su$conscious mind certain speci ic things to $e accomplished# orces are set in operation that lead to the result desired. 'ere# then# is a source o power which places us in touch with 1mnipotence. 'ere in is a deep principle which is well worth our most earnest study. 2F. The operation o this law is interesting. Those who put it into operation ind that when they go out to meet the person with whom they anticipate a di icult interview# something has $een there $e ore them and dissolved the supposed di erences: everything is changed: all is harmonious: they ind that when some di icult $usiness pro$lem presents itsel they can a ord to ma"e delay and something suggests the proper solution: everything is properly arranged: in act# those who have learned to trust the su$conscious ind that they have in inite resources at their command. 22. The su$conscious mind is the seat o our principles and our aspirations. It is the ount o our artistic and altruistic ideals. These instincts can only $e overthrown $y an ela$orate and gradual process o undermining the innate principles. 29. The su$conscious mind can not argue controversially. 'ence# i it has accepted wrong suggestions# the sure method o overcoming them is $y the use o a strong counter suggestion# re&uently repeated# which the mind must accept# thus eventually orming new and healthy ha$its o thought and li e# or the su$conscious mind is the seat o 'a$it. That which we do over and over $ecomes mechanical: it is no longer an act o 4udgment# $ut has worn its deep grooves in the su$conscious mind. This is avora$le or us i the ha$it $e
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wholesome and right. I it $e harm ul# and wrong# the remedy is to recogni;e the omnipotence o the su$conscious mind and suggest present actual reedom. The su$conscious $eing creative and one with our divine source will at once create the reedom suggested. 20. To sum up: The normal unctions o the su$conscious on the physical side have to do with the regular and vital processes# with the preservation o li e and the restoration o health: with the care o o spring# which includes an instinctive desire to preserve all li e and improve conditions generally. 2@. 1n the mental side# it is the storehouse o memory: it har$ors the wonder ul thought messengers# who wor"# unhampered $y time or space: it is the ountain o the practical initiative and constructive orces o li e: It is the seat o ha$it. 2B. 1n the spiritual side# it is the source o ideals# o aspiration# o the imagination# and is the channel through which we recogni;e our +ivine 8ource# and in proportion as we recogni;e this divinity do we come into an understanding o the source o power. 2D. 8ome one may as": >'ow can the su$conscious change conditions<> The reply is# $ecause the su$conscious is a part o the 3niversal ,ind and a part must $e the same in "ind and &uality as the whole: the only di erence is one o degree. The whole# as we "now# is creative# in act# it is the only creator there is# conse&uently# we ind that mind is creative# and as thought is the only activity which the mind possesses thought must necessarily $e creative also. 2G. But we shall ind that there is a vast di erence $etween simply thin"ing# and directing our thought consciously# systematically and constructively: when we do this we place our mind in harmony with the 3niversal ,ind# we come in tune with the In inite# we set in operation the mightiest orce in e*istence# the creative power o the 3niversal ,ind. This# as everything else# is governed $y natural law# and this law is the >Aaw o attraction#> which is that ,ind is creative# and will automatically correlate with its o$4ect and $ring it into mani estation. 2H. Aast wee" I gave you an e*ercise or the purpose o securing control o the physical $ody: i you have accomplished this you are ready to advance. This time you will $egin to control your thought. =lways ta"e the same room# the same chair# and the same position# i possi$le. In some cases it is not convenient to ta"e the same room# in this case simply ma"e the $est use o such conditions as may $e availa$le. Now $e per ectly still as $e ore# $ut inhi$it all thought: this will give you control over all thoughts o care# worry and ear# and will ena$le you to entertain only the "ind o thoughts you desire. /ontinue this e*ercise until you gain complete mastery. 9I. Cou will not $e a$le to do this or more that a ew moments at a time# $ut the e*ercise is valua$le# $ecause it will $e a very practical demonstration o the great num$er o thoughts which are constantly trying to gain access to your mental world. 9F. Ne*t wee" you will receive instructions or an e*ercise which may $e a little more interesting# $ut it is necessary that you master this one irst. >/ause and e ect is as a$solute and undeviating in the hidden realm o thought as in the world o visi$le and material things. ,ind is the master weaver# $oth o the interior garment o character and the outer garment o circumstance.> -- Lames =llen

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P=6T T!1 8tudy Muestions with =nswers FF. !hat are the two modes o mental activity< /onscious and su$conscious. F2. 3pon what do ease and per ection depend< Ease and per ection depend entirely upon the degree in which we cease to depend upon the conscious mind. F9. !hat is the value o the su$conscious< It is enormous: it guides us# warns us# it controls the vital processes and is the seat o memory. F0. !hat are some o the unctions o the conscious mind< It has the aculty o discrimination: it has the power o reasoning: it is the seat o the will and may impress the su$conscious. F@. 'ow has the distinction $etween the conscious and su$conscious $een e*pressed< >/onscious mind is reasoning will. 8u$conscious mind is instinctive desire# the result o past reasoning will.> FB. !hat method is necessary in order to impress the su$conscious< ,entally state what is wanted. FD. !hat will $e the result< I the desire is in harmony with the orward movement o the great !hole# orces will $e set in motion which will $ring a$out the result. FG. !hat is the result o the operation o this law< 1ur environment re lects conditions corresponding to the predominant mental attitude which we entertain. FH. !hat names has $een given to this law< The Aaw o =ttraction. 2I. 'ow is the law stated< Thought is a creative energy# and will automatically correlate with is o$4ect and $ring it into mani estation.

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Cou have ound that the Individual may act on the 3niversal# and that the result o this action and interaction is cause and e ect. Thought# there ore# is the cause# and the e*periences with which you meet in li e are the e ect. Eliminate# there ore# any possi$le tendency to complain o conditions as they have $een# or as they are# $ecause it rests with you to change them and ma"e them what you would li"e them to $e. +irect your e ort to a reali;ation o the mental resources# always at your command# rom which all real and lasting power comes. Persist in this practice until you come to a reali;ation o the act that there can $e no ailure in the accomplishment o any proper o$4ect in li e i you $ut understand your power and persist in your o$4ect# $ecause the mind- orces are ever ready to lend themselves to a purpose ul will# in the e ort to crystali;e thought and desire into actions# events and conditions. !hereas in the $eginning o each unction o li e and each action is the result o conscious thought# the ha$itual actions $ecome automatic and the thought that controls them passes into the realm o the su$conscious: yet it is 4ust as intelligent as $e ore. It is necessary that it $ecome automatic# or su$conscious# in order that the sel -conscious mind may attend to other things. The new actions will# however# in their turn# $e come ha$itual# then automatic# then su$conscious in order that the mind again may $e reed rom this detail and advanced to still other activities. !hen you reali;e this# you will have ound a source o power which will ena$le you to ta"e care o any situation in li e which may develop. P=6T T'6EE F. The necessary interaction o the conscious and su$conscious mind re&uires a similar interaction $etween the corresponding systems o nerves. Ludge Troward indicates the very $eauti ul method in which this interaction is e ected. 'e says: The cere$ro-spinal system is the organ o the conscious mind and the sympathetic is the organ o the su$conscious. The cere$ro-spinal is the channel through which we receive conscious perception rom the physical senses and e*ercise control over the movements o the $ody. This system o nerves has its centre in the $rain. 2. The 8ympathetic 8ystem has its centre in a ganglionic mass at the $ac" o the stomach "nown as the 8olar Ple*us# and is the channel o that mental action which unconsciously supports the vital unctions o the $ody. 9. The connection $etween the two systems is made $y the vagus nerve which passes out o the cere$ral region as a portion o the voluntary system to the thora*# sending out $ranches to the heart and lungs# and inally passing through the diaphragm# it loses its outer coating and $ecomes identi ied with the nerves o the 8ympathetic 8ystem# so orming a connecting lin" $etween the two and ma"ing man physically a >single entity>.

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0. !e have seen that every thought is received $y the $rain# which is the organ o the conscious: it is here su$4ected to our power o reasoning. !hen the o$4ective mind has $een satis ied that the thought is true it is sent to the 8olar Ple*us# or the $rain o the su$4ective mind# to $e made into our lesh# to $e $rought orth into the world as reality. It is then no longer suscepti$le to any argument whatever. The su$conscious mind cannot argue: it only acts. It accepts the conclusions o the o$4ective mind as inal. @. The 8olar Ple*us has $een li"ened to the sum o the $ody# $ecause it is a central point o distri$ution or the energy which the $ody is constantly generating. This energy is very real energy# and this sun is a very real sun# and the energy is $eing distri$uted $y very real nerves to all parts o the $ody# and is thrown o in an atmosphere which envelopes the $ody. B. I this radiation is su iciently strong the person is called magnetic: he is said to $e illed with personal magnetism. 8uch a person may wield an immense power or good. 'is presence alone will o ten $ring com ort to the trou$led minds with which he comes in contact. D. !hen the 8olar Ple*us is in active operation and is radiating li e# energy and vitality to every part o the $ody# and to every one whom he meets# the sensations are pleasant# the $ody is illed with health and all with whom he comes in contact e*perience a pleasant sensation. G. I there is any interruption o this radiation the sensations are unpleasant# the low o li e and energy to some part o the $ody is stopped# and this is the cause o every ill to the human race# physical# mental or environmental. H. Physical $ecause the sun o the $ody is no longer generating su icient energy to vitali;e some part o the $ody: mental $ecause the conscious mind is dependent upon the su$conscious mind or the vitality necessary to support its thought# and environmental# $ecause the connection $etween the su$conscious mind and the 3niversal mind# is $eing interrupted. FI. The 8olar Ple*us is the point at which the part meets with the whole# where the inite $ecomes In inite# where the 3ncreate $ecomes create# the 3niversal $ecomes individuali;ed# the Invisi$le $ecomes visi$le. It is the point at which li e appears and there is no limit to the amount o li e an individual may generate rom this 8olar centre. FF. This centre o energy is 1mnipotent $ecause it is the point o contact with all li e and all intelligence. It can there ore accomplish whatever it is directed to accomplish# and herein lies the power o the conscious mind: the su$conscious can and will carry out such plans and ideas as may $e suggested to it $y the conscious mind. F2. /onscious thought# then# is master o this sun centre rom which the li e and energy o the entire $ody lows and the &uality o the thought which we entertain determines the &uality o the thought which this sun will radiate# and the character o the thought which our conscious mind entertains will determine the character o the thought which this sun will radiate# and the nature o the thought which our conscious mind entertains will determine the nature o thought which this sun will radiate# and conse&uently will determine the nature o the e*perience which will result. F9. It is evident# there ore# that all we have to do is let our light shine: the more energy we can radiate# the more rapidly shall we $e ena$led to transmute undesira$le conditions into

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sources o pleasure and pro it. The important &uestion# then# is how to let this light shine: how to generate this energy. F0. Non-resistant thought e*pands the 8olar Ple*us: resistant thought contracts it. Pleasant thought e*pands it: unpleasant thought contracts it. Thoughts o courage# power# con idence and hope all produce a corresponding state# $ut the one arch enemy o the 8olar Ple*us which must $e a$solutely destroyed $e ore there is any possi$ility o letting any light shine is ear. This enemy must $e completely destroyed: he must $e eliminated: he must $e e*pelled orever: he is the cloud which hides the sun: which causes a perpetual gloom. F@. It is this personal devil which ma"es men ear the past# the present and the uture: ear themselves# their riends and their enemies: ear everything and every$ody. !hen ear is e ectually and completely destroyed# your light will shine# the clouds will disperse and you will have ound the source o power# energy and li e. FB. !hen you ind that you are really one with the In inite power# and when you can consciously reali;e this power $y a practical demonstration o your a$ility to overcome any adverse condition $y the power o your thought# you will have nothing to ear: ear will have $een destroyed and you will have come into possession o your $irthright. FD. It is our attitude o mind toward li e which determines the e*periences with which we are to meet: i we e*pect nothing# we shall have nothing: i we demand much# we shall receive the greater portion. The world is harsh only as we ail to assert ourselves. The criticism o the world is $itter only to those who cannot compel room or their ideas. It is ear o this criticism that causes many ideas to ail to see the light o day. FG. But the man who "nows that he has a 8olar Ple*us will not ear criticism or anything else: he will $e too $usy radiating courage# con idence# and power: he will anticipate success $y his mental attitude: he will pound $arriers to pieces# and leap over the chasm o dou$t and hesitation which ear places in his path. FH. = "nowledge o our a$ility to consciously radiate health# strength and harmony will $ring us into a reali;ation that there is nothing to ear $ecause we are in touch with In inite 8trength. 2I. This "nowledge can $e gained only $y ma"ing practical application o this in ormation. !e learn $y doing: through practice the athlete comes power ul. 2F. =s the ollowing statement is o considera$le importance# I will put it in several ways# so that you cannot ail to get the ull signi icance o it. I you are religiously inclined# I would say# you can let your light shine. I your mind has a $ias toward physical science# I would say you can wa"e the 8olar Ple*us: or# i you pre er the strictly scienti ic interpretation# I will say that you can impress your su$conscious mind. 22. I have already told you what the result o this impression will $e. It is the method in which you are now interested. Cou have already learned that the su$conscious is intelligent and that it is creative# and responsive to the will o the conscious mind. !hat# then# is the most natural way o ma"ing the desired impression< ,entally concentrate on the o$4ect o your desire: when you are concentrating you are impressing the su$conscious.

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29. This is not the only way# $ut it is a simple and e ective way# and the most direct way# and conse&uently the way in which the $est results are secured. It is the method which is producing such e*traordinary results that many thin" that miracles are $eing accomplished. 20. It is the method $y which every great inventor# every great inancier# every great statesman has $een ena$led to convert the su$tle and invisi$le orce o desire# aith and con idence into actual# tangi$le# concrete acts in the o$4ective world. 2@. The su$conscious mind is a part o the 3niversal mind. The 3niversal is the creative principle o the 3niverse# a part must $e the same in "ind and &uality as the whole. This means that this creative power is a$solutely unlimited: it is not $ound $y precedent o any "ind# and conse&uently has no prior e*isting pattern $y which to apply its constructive principle. 2B. !e have ound that the su$conscious mind is responsive to our conscious will# which means that the unlimited creative power o the 3niversal ,ind is within control o the conscious mind o the individual. 2D. !hen ma"ing a practical application o this principle# in accordance with the e*ercises given in the su$se&uent lessons# it is well to remem$er that it is not necessary to outline the method $y which the su$conscious will produce the results you desire. The inite can not in orm the In inite. Cou are simply to say what you desire# not how you are to o$tain it. 2G. Cou are the channel $y which the undi erentiated is $eing di erentiated# and this di erentiation is $eing accomplished $y appropriation. It only re&uires recognition to set causes in motion which will $ring a$out results in accordance with your desire# and this is accomplished $ecause the 3niversal can act only through the individual# and the individual can act only through the 3niversal: they are one. 2H. 5or your e*ercise this wee"# I will as" you to go one step urther. I want you to not only $e per ectly still# and inhi$it all thought as ar as possi$le# $ut rela*# let go# let the muscles ta"e their normal condition: this will remove all pressure rom the nerves# and eliminate that tension which so re&uently produces physical e*haustion. 9I. Physical rela*ation is a voluntary e*ercise o the will and the e*ercise will $e ound to $e o great value# as it ena$les the $lood to circulate reely to and rom the $rain and $ody. 9F. Tensions leads to mental unrest and a$normal mental activity o the mind: it produces worry# care# ear and an*iety. 6ela*ation is there ore an a$solute necessity in order to allow the mental aculties to e*ercise the greatest reedom. 92. ,a"e this e*ercise as thorough and complete as possi$le# mentally determine that you will rela* every muscle and nerve# until you eel &uiet and rest ul and at peace with yoursel and the world. 99. The 8olar Ple*us will then $e ready to unction and you will $e surprised at the result.

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%&RT T)REE Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
2F. !hat system o nerves is the organ o the /onscious ,ind< The /ere$ro-spinal. 22. !hat system o nerves is the organ o the su$conscious mind< The sympathetic. 29. !hat is the central point o distri$ution or energy which the $ody is constantly generating< The solar ple*us. 20. 'ow may this distri$ution $e interrupted< By resistant# critical# discordant thoughts# $ut especially ear. 2@. !hat is the result o such interruption< Every ill with which the human race is a licted. 2B. 'ow may this energy $e controlled and directed< By conscious thought. 2D. 'ow may ear $e completely eliminated< By an understanding and recognition o the true source o all power. 2G. !hat determines the e*periences with which we meet in li e< 1ur predominant mental attitude. 2H. 'ow may we awa"e the solar ple*us< ,entally concentrate upon the condition which we desire to see mani ested in our lives. 9I. !hat is the creative principle o the 3niverse< The 3niversal ,ind.

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Enclosed herewith I hand you Part 5our. This part will show you why what you thin"# or do# or eel# is an indication o what you are. Thought is energy and energy is power# and it is $ecause all the religions# sciences and philosophies with which the world has hereto ore $een amiliar have $een $ased upon the mani estation o this energy instead o the energy itsel # that the world has $een limited to e ects# while causes have $een ignored or misunderstood. 5or this reason we have 7od and the +evil in religion# positive and negative in science# and good and $ad in philosophy. The master "ey reverses the process: it is interested only in cause# and the letters received rom students tell a marvelous story: they indicate conclusively that students are inding the cause where$y they may secure or themselves health# harmony# a$undance# and whatever else may $e necessary or their wel are and happiness. Ai e is e*pressive and it is our $usiness to e*press ourselves harmoniously and constructively. 8orrow# misery# unhappiness# disease and poverty are not necessities and we are constantly eliminating them. But this process o eliminating consists in rising a$ove and $eyond limitation o any "ind. 'e who has strengthened and puri ied his thought need not concern himsel a$out micro$es# and he who has come into an understanding o the law o a$undance will go at once to the source o supply. It is thus that ate# ortune# and destiny will $e controlled as readily as a captain controls his ship# or an engineer# his train. P=6T 5136 F. The >I> o you is not the physical $ody: that is simply an instrument which the >I> uses to carry out its purposes: the >I> cannot $e the ,ind# or the mind is simply another instrument which the >I> uses with which to thin"# reason# and plan. 2. The >I> must $e something which controls and directs $oth the $ody and the mind: something which determines what they shall do and how they shall act. !hen you come into a reali;ation o the true nature o this >I># you will en4oy a sense o power which you have never $e ore "nown. 9. Cour personality is made up o countless individual characteristics# peculiarities# ha$its# and traits o character: these are the result o your ormer method o thin"ing# $ut they have nothing to do with the real >I.> 0. !hen you say >I thin"> the >I> tells the mind what it shall thin": when you say >I go> the >I> tells the physical $ody where it shall go: the real nature o this >I> is spiritual# and is the source o the real power which comes to men and women when they come into a reali;ation o their true nature. @. The greatest and most marvelous power which this >I> has $een given is the power to thin"# $ut ew people "now how to thin" constructively# or correctly# conse&uently they

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achieve only indi erent results. ,ost people allow their thoughts to dwell on sel ish purposes# the inevita$le result o an in antile mind. !hen a mind $ecomes mature# it understands that the germ o de eat is in every sel ish thought. B. The trained mind "nows that every transaction must $ene it every person who is in any way connected with the transaction# and any attempt to pro it $y the wea"ness# ignorance or necessity o another will inevita$ly operate to his disadvantage. D. This is $ecause the individual is a part o the 3niversal. = part cannot antagoni;e any other part# $ut# on the contrary# the wel are o each part depends upon a recognition o the interest o the whole. G. Those who recogni;e this principle have a great advantage in the a airs o li e. They do not wear themselves out. They can eliminate vagrant thoughts with acility. They can readily concentrate to the highest possi$le degree on any su$4ect. They do not waste time or money upon o$4ects which can $e o no possi$le $ene it to them. H. I you cannot do these things it is $ecause you have thus ar not made the necessary e ort. Now is the time to ma"e the e ort. The result will $e e*actly in proportion to the e ort e*pended. 1ne o the strongest a irmations which you can use or the purpose o strengthening the will and reali;ing your power to accomplish# is# >I can $e what I will to $e.> FI. Every time you repeat it reali;e who and what this >I> is: try to come into a thorough understanding o the true nature o the >I>: i you do# you will $ecome invinci$le: that is# provided that your o$4ects and purposes are constructive and are there ore in harmony with the creative principle o the 3niverse. FF. I you ma"e use o this a irmation# use it continuously# night and morning# and as o ten during the day as you thin" o it# and continue to do so until it $ecomes a part o you: orm the ha$it. F2. 3nless you do this# you had $etter not start at all# $ecause modern psychology tells us that when we start something and do not complete it# or ma"e a resolution and do not "eep it# we are orming the ha$it o ailure: a$solute# ignominious ailure. I you do not intend to do a thing# do not start: i you do start# see it through even i the heavens all: i you ma"e up your mind to do something# do it: let nothing# no one# inter ere: the >I> in you has determined# the thing is settled: the die is cast# there is no longer any argument. F9. I you carry out this idea# $eginning with small things which you "now you can control and gradually increase the e ort# $ut never under any circumstances allowing your >I> to $e overruled# you will ind that you can eventually control yoursel # and many men and women have ound to their sorrow that it is easier to control a "ingdom that to control themselves. F0. But when you have learned to control yoursel you will have ound the >!orld !ithin> which controls the world without: you will have $ecome irresisti$le: men and things will respond to your every wish without any apparent e ort on your part. F@. This is not so strange or impossi$le as it may appear when you remem$er that the >!orld !ithin> is controlled $y the >I> and that this >I> is a part or one with the In inite >I> which is the 3niversal Energy or 8pirit# usually called 7od.

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FB. This is not a mere statement or theory made or the purpose o con irming or esta$lishing an idea# $ut it is a act which has $een accepted $y the $est religious thought as well as the $est scienti ic thought. FD. 'er$ert 8pender said: >=mid all the mysteries $y which we are surrounded# nothing is more certain than that we are ever in the presence o an In inite and Eternal Energy rom which all things proceed.> FG. Ayman =$$ott# in an address delivered $e ore the =lumni o Bangor Theological 8eminary# said: >!e are coming to thin" o 7od as dwelling in man rather than as operating on men rom without.> FH. 8cience goes a little way in its search and stops. 8cience inds the ever present Eternal Energy# $ut 6eligion inds the Power $ehind this energy and locates it within man. But this is $y no means a new discovery: the Bi$le says e*actly the same thing# and the language is 4ust as plain and convincing: >-now ye not that ye are the temple o the living 7od<> 'ere# then# is the secret o the wonder ul creative power o the >!orld !ithin.> 2I. 'ere is the secret o power# o mastery. To overcome does not mean to go without things. 8el -denial is not success. !e cannot give unless we get: we cannot $e help ul unless we are strong. The In inite is not a $an"rupt and we who are the representatives o In inite power should not $e $an"rupts either# and i we wish to $e o service to others we must have power and more power# $ut to get it we must give it: we must $e o service. 2F. The more we give the more we shall get: we must $ecome a channel where$y the 3niversal can e*press activity. The 3niversal is constantly see"ing to e*press itsel # to $e o service# and it see"s the channel where$y it can ind the greatest activity# where it can do the most good# where it can $e o greatest service to man"ind. 22. The 3niversal cannot e*press through you as long as you are $usy with your plans# your own purposes: &uiet the senses# see" inspiration# ocus the mental activity on the within# dwell in the consciousness o your unity with 1mnipotence. >8till water runs deep:> contemplate the multitudinous opportunities to which you have spiritual access $y the 1mnipresence o power. 29. Nisuali;e the events# circumstances and conditions which these spiritual connections may assist in mani esting. 6eali;e the act that the essence and soul o all things is spiritual and that the spiritual is the real# $ecause it is the li e o all there is: when the spirit is gone# the li e is gone: it is dead: it has ceased to e*ist. 20. These mental activities pertain to the world within# to the world o cause: and conditions and circumstances which result are the e ect. It is thus that you $ecome a creator. This is important wor"# and the higher# lo tier# grander and more no$le ideals which you can conceive# the more important the wor" will $ecome. 2@. 1ver-wor" or over-play or over-$odily activity o any "ind produces conditions o mental apathy and stagnation which ma"es it impossi$le to do the more important wor" which results in a reali;ation o conscious power. !e should# there ore# see" the 8ilence re&uently. Power comes through repose: it is in the 8ilence that we can $e still# and when we are still# we can thin"# and thought is the secret o all attainment.

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2B. Thought is a mode o motion and is carried $y the law o vi$ration the same as light or electricity. It is given vitality $y the emotions through the law o love: it ta"es orm and e*pression $y the law o growth: it is a product o the spiritual (I)# hence its +ivine# spiritual# and creative nature. 2D. 5rom this it is evident that in order to e*press power# a$undance or any other constructive purpose# the emotions must $e called upon to give eeling to the thought so that it will ta"e orm. 'ow may this purpose $e accomplished< This is the vital point: how may we develop the aith# the courage# the eeling# which will result in accomplishment< 2G. The reply is# $y e*ercise: mental strength is secured in e*actly the same way that physical strength is secured# $y e*ercise. !e thin" something# perhaps with di iculty the irst time: we thin" the same thing again# and it $ecomes easier this time: we thin" it again and again: it then $ecomes a mental ha$it. !e continue to thin" the same thing: inally it $ecomes automatic: we can no longer help thin"ing this thing: we are now positive o what we thin": there is no longer any dou$t a$out it. !e are sure: we "now. 2H. Aast wee" I as"ed you to rela*# to let go physically. This wee"# I am going to as" you to let go mentally. I you practiced the e*ercise given you last wee" i teen or twenty minutes a day in accordance with the instructions# you can no dou$t rela* physically: and anyone who cannot consciously do this &uic"ly and completely is not a master o himsel . 'e has not o$tained reedom: he is still a slave to conditions. But I shall assume that you have mastered the e*ercise and are ready to ta"e the ne*t step# which is mental reedom. 9I. This wee"# a ter ta"ing your usual position# remove all tension $y completely rela*ing# then mentally let go o all adverse conditions# such as hatred# anger# worry# 4ealousy# envy# sorrow# trou$le or disappointment o any "ind. 9F. Cou may say that you cannot >let go> o these things# $ut you can: you can do so $y mentally determining to do so# $y voluntary intention and persistence. 92. The reason that some cannot do this is $ecause they allow themselves to $e controlled $y the emotions instead o $y their intellect. But those who will $e guided $y the intellect will gain the victory. Cou will not succeed the irst time you try# $ut practice ma"es per ect# in this as in everything else# and you must succeed in dismissing# eliminating and completely destroying these negative and destructive thoughts: $ecause they are the seed which is constantly germinating into discordant conditions o every conceiva$le "ind and description. >There is nothing truer than that the &uality o thought which we entertain correlates certain e*ternals in the outside world. This is the Aaw rom which there is no escape. =nd it is this Aaw# this correlative o the thought with its o$4ect# that rom time immemorial has led the people to $elieve in special providence.> - !ilmans

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%&RT FO#R Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
9F. !hat is thought< Thought is spiritual energy. 92. 'ow is it carried< By the law o vi$ration. 99. 'ow is it given vitality< By the law o love. 90. 'ow does it ta"e orm< By the law o growth. 9@. !hat is the secret o its creative power< It is a spiritual activity. 9B. 'ow may we develop the aith# courage# and enthusiasm which will result in accomplishment< By a recognition o our spiritual nature. 9D. !hat is the secret o Power< 8ervice. 9G. !hy is this so< Because we get what we give. 9H. !hat is the 8ilence< = physical stillness. 0I. 1 what value is it< It is the irst step to sel -control# sel -mastery.

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Enclosed herewith you will ind Part 5ive. = ter studying this part care ully# you will see that every conceiva$le orce or o$4ect or act is the result o mind in action. ,ind in action is thought# and thought is creative. ,en are thin"ing now as they never thought $e ore. There ore# this is a creative age# and the world is awarding its richest pri;es to the thin"ers. ,atter is powerless# passive# inert. ,ind is orce# energy# power. ,ind shapes and controls matter. Every orm which matter ta"es is $ut the e*pression o some pre-e*isting thought. But thought wor"s no magic trans ormations: it o$eys natural laws: it sets in motion natural orces: it releases natural energies: it mani ests in your conduct and actions# and these in turn react upon your riends and ac&uaintances# and eventually upon the whole o your environment. Cou can originate thought# and# since thoughts are creative# you can create or yoursel the things you desire. P=6T 5INE F. =t least ninety per cent o our mental li e is su$conscious# so that those who ail to ma"e use o this mental power live within very narrow limits. 2. The su$conscious can and will solve any pro$lem or us i we "now how to direct it. The su$conscious processes are always at wor": the only &uestion is# are we to $e simply passive recipients o this activity# or are we to consciously direct the wor"< 8hall we have a vision o the destination to $e reached# the dangers to $e avoided# or shall we simply dri t< 9. !e have ound that mind pervades every part o the physical $ody and is always capa$le o $eing directed or impressed $y authority coming rom the o$4ective or the more dominant portion o the mind. 0. The mind# which pervades the $ody# is largely the result o heredity# which# in turn# is simply the result o all the environments o all past generations on the responsive and evermoving li e orces. =n understanding o this act will ena$le us to use our authority when we ind some undesira$le trait o character mani esting. @. !e can consciously use all the desira$le characteristics with which we have $een provided and we can repress and re use to allow the undesira$le ones to mani est. B. =gain# this mind which pervades our physical $ody is not only the result o hereditary tendencies# $ut is the result o home# $usiness and social environment# where countless thousands o impressions# ideas# pre4udices and similar thoughts have $een received. ,uch o this has $een received rom others# the result o opinions# suggestions or statements: much o it is the result o our own thin"ing# $ut nearly all o it has $een accepted with little or no e*amination or consideration.

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D. The idea seemed plausi$le# the conscious received it# passed it on to the su$conscious# where it was ta"en up $y the 8ympathetic 8ystem and passed on to $e $uilt into our physical $ody. >The word has $ecome lesh.> G. This# then# is the way we are consistently creating and recreating ourselves: we are today the result o our past thin"ing# and we shall $e what we are thin"ing today# the Aaw o =ttraction is $ringing to us# not the things we should li"e# or the things we wish or# or the things some one else has# $ut it $rings us >our own#> the things which we have created $y our thought processes# whether consciously or unconsciously. 3n ortunately# many o us are creating these things unconsciously. H. I either o us were $uilding a home or ourselves# how care ul we would $e in regard to the plans: how we should study every detail: how we should watch the material and select only the $est o everything: and yet how careless we are when it comes to $uilding our ,ental 'ome# which is in initely more important than any physical home# as everything which can possi$ly enter into our lives depends upon the character o the material which enters into the construction o our ,ental 'ome. FI. !hat is the character o this material< !e have seen that it is the result o the impressions which we have accumulated in the past and stored away in our su$conscious ,entality. I these impressions have $een o ear# o worry# o care# o an*iety: i they have $een despondent# negative# dou$t ul# then the te*ture o the material which we are weaving today will $e o the same negative material. Instead o $eing o any value# it will $e mildewed and rotten and will $ring us only more toil and care and an*iety. !e shall $e orever $usy trying to patch it up and ma"e it appear at least genteel. FF. But i we have stored away nothing $ut courageous thought# i we have $een optimistic# positive# and have immediately thrown any "ind o negative thought on the scrap pile# have re used to have anything to do with it# have re used to associate with it or $ecome identi ied with it in any way# what then is the result< 1ur mental material is now o the $est "ind: we can weave any "ind o material we want: we can use any color we wish: we "now that the te*ture is irm# that the material is solid# that it will not ade# and we have no ear# no an*iety concerning the uture: there is nothing to cover# there are no patches to hide. F2. These are psychological acts: there is no theory or guess wor" a$out these thin"ing processes: there is nothing secret a$out them: in act# they are so plain that every one can understand them. The thing to do is to have a mental house-cleaning# and to have this house-cleaning every day# and "eep the house clean. ,ental# moral and physical cleanliness are a$solutely indispensa$le i we are to ma"e progress o any "ind. F9. !hen this mental house-cleaning process has $een completed# the material which is le t will $e suita$le or the ma"ing o the "ind o ideals or mental images which we desire to reali;e. F0. There is a ine estate awaiting a claimant. Its $road acres# with a$undant crops# running water and ine tim$er# stretch away as ar as the eye can see. There is a mansion# spacious and cheer ul# with rare pictures# a well-stoc"ed li$rary# rich hangings# and every com ort and lu*ury. =ll the heir has to do is to assert his heirship# ta"e possession# and use the property. 'e must use it: he must not let it decay: or use is the condition on which he holds it. To neglect it is to lose possession.

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F@. In the domain o mind and spirit# in the domain o practical power# such an estate is yours. Cou are the heirE Cou can assert your heirship and possess# and use this rich inheritance. Power over circumstances is one o its ruits# health# harmony and prosperity are assets upon its $alance sheet. It o ers you poise and peace. It costs you only the la$or o studying and harvesting its great resources. It demands no sacri ice# e*cept the loss o your limitations# your servitudes# your wea"ness. It clothes you with sel -honor# and puts a scepter in your hands. FB. To gain this estate# three processes are necessary: Cou must earnestly desire it. Cou must assert your claim. Cou must ta"e possession. FD. Cou admit that those are not $urdensome conditions. FG. Cou are amiliar with the su$4ect o heredity. +arwin# 'u*ley# 'aec"el# and other physical scientists have piled evidence mountain high that heredity is a law attending progressive creation. It is progressive heredity which gives man his erect attitude# his power o motion# the organs o digestions# $lood circulation# nerve orce# muscular orce# $one structure and a host o other aculties on the physical side. There are even more impressive acts concerning heredity o mind orce. =ll these constitute what may $e called your human heredity. FH. But there is a heredity which the physical scientists have not compassed. It lies $eneath and antecedent to all their researches. =t a point where they throw up their hands in despair# saying they cannot account or what they see# this divine heredity is ound in ull sway. 2I. It is the $enignant orce which decrees primal creation. It thrills down rom the +ivine# direct into every created $eing. It originates li e# which the physical scientist has not done# nor ever can do. It stands out among all orces supreme# unapproacha$le. No human heredity can approach it. No human heredity measures up to it. 2F. This In inite Ai e lows through you: is you. Its doorways are $ut the aculties which comprise your consciousness. To "eep open these doors is the 8ecret o Power. Is it not worth while to ma"e the e ort< 22. The great act is# that the source o all li e and all power is rom within. Persons# circumstances and events may suggest need and opportunities# $ut the insight# strength and power to answer these needs will $e ound within. 29. =void counter eits. Build irm oundations or your consciousness upon orces which low direct rom the In inite source# the 3niversal ,ind o which you are the image and li"eness. 20. Those we have come into possession o this inheritance are never &uite the same again. They have come into possession o a sense o power hitherto undreamed o . They can never again $e timid# wea"# vacillating# or ear ul. They are indissolu$ly connected with 1mnipotence. 8omething in them has $een aroused: they have suddenly discovered that they possess a tremendous latent a$ility o which they were hereto ore entirely unconscious. 2@. This power is rom within# $ut we cannot receive it unless we give it. 3se is the condition upon which we hold this inheritance. !e are each o us $ut the channel through which the 1mnipotent power is $eing di erentiated into orm: unless we give# the channel is o$structed and we can receive no more. This is true on every plane o e*istence and in every ield o endeavor and all wal"s o li e. The more we give# the more we get. The athlete who wishes to get strong must ma"e use o the strength he has# and the more he gives the more he will get.

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The inancier who wishes to ma"e money must ma"e use o the money he has# or only $y using it can he get more. 2B. The merchant who does not "eep his goods going out will soon have none coming in: the corporation which ails to give e icient service will soon lac" customers: the attorney who ails to get results will soon lac" clients# and so it goes everywhere: power is contingent upon a proper use o the power already in our possession: what is true in every ield o endeavor# every e*perience in li e# is true o the power rom which every other power "nown among men is $egotten -- spiritual power. Ta"e away the spirit and what is le t< Nothing. 2D. I then the spirit is all there is# upon the recognition o this act must depend the a$ility to demonstrate all power# whether physical# mental or spiritual. 2G. =ll possession is the result o the accumulative attitude o mind# or the money consciousness: this is the magic wand which will ena$le you to receive the idea# and it will ormulate plans or you to e*ecute# and you will ind as much pleasure in the e*ecution as in the satis action o attainment and achievement. 2H. Now# go to your room# ta"e the same seat# the same position as hereto ore# and mentally select a place which has pleasant associations. ,a"e a complete mental picture o it# see the $uildings# the grounds# the trees# riends# associations# everything complete. =t irst# you will ind yoursel thin"ing o everything under the sun# e*cept the ideal upon which you desire to concentrate. But do not let that discourage you. Persistence will win# $ut persistence re&uires that you practice these e*ercises every day without ail.

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%&RT FI*E Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
0F. !hat proportion o our mental li e is su$conscious< =t least ninety per cent. 02. Is this vast mental storehouse generally utili;ed< No. 09. !hy not< 5ew understand or appreciate the act that it is an activity which they may consciously direct. 00. !here has the conscious mind received its governing tendencies< 5rom heredity -- which means that it is the result o all the environments o all past generations. 0@. !hat is the law o attraction $ringing to us< 1ur >1wn.> 0B. !hat is our >1wn>< !hat we inherently are# and is the result o our past thin"ing# $oth conscious and su$conscious. 0D. 1 what is the material with which we construct our mental home composed< The thoughts which we entertain. 0G. !hat is the 8ecret o Power< = recognition o the omnipresence o omnipotence. 0H. !here does it originate< =ll li e and all power is rom within. @I. 3pon what is the possession o power contingent< 3pon a proper use o the power already in our possession.

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It is my privilege to enclose Part 8i*. This part will give you an e*cellent understanding o the most wonder ul piece o mechanism which has ever $een created. = mechanism where$y you may create or yoursel 'ealth# 8trength# 8uccess# Prosperity or any other condition which you desire. Necessities are demands# and demands create action# and actions $ring a$out results. The process o evolution is constantly $uilding our tomorrows out o our todays. Individual development# li"e 3niversal development# must $e gradual with an ever increasing capacity and volume. The "nowledge that i we in ringe upon the rights o others# we $ecome moral thorns and ind ourselves entangled at every turn o the road# should $e an indication that success is contingent upon the highest moral ideal# which is >The greatest good to the greatest num$er.> =spiration# desire and harmonious relations constantly and persistently maintained will accomplish results. The greatest hindrance is erroneous and i*ed ideas. To $e in tune with eternal truth we must possess poise and harmony within. In order to receive intelligence the receiver must $e in tune with the transmitter. Thought is a product o ,ind and ,ind is creative# $ut this does not mean that the 3niversal will change its modus operandi to suit us or our ideas# $ut it does mean that we can come into harmonious relationship with the 3niversal# and when we have accomplished this we may as" anything to which we are entitled# and the way will $e made plain. P=6T 8IO F. The 3niversal ,ind is so wonder ul that it is di icult to understand its utilitarian powers and possi$ilities and its unlimited producing e ects. 2. !e have ound that this ,ind is not only all intelligence $ut all su$stance. 'ow# then# is it to $e di erentiated in orm< 'ow are we to secure the e ect which we desire< 9. =s" any electrician what the e ect o electricity will $e and he will reply that >Electricity is a orm o motion and its e ect will depend upon the mechanism to which it is attached.> 3pon this mechanism will depend whether we shall have heat# light# power# music or any o the other marvelous demonstration o power to which this vital energy has $een harnessed. 0. !hat e ect can $e produced $y thought< The reply is that thought is mind in motion J4ust as wind is air in motionK# and its e ect will depend entirely on the >mechanism to which it is attached.> @. 'ere# then# is the secret o all mental power: it depends entirely on the mechanism which we attach. B. !hat is this mechanism< Cou "now something o the mechanism which has $een invented $y Edison# Bell# ,arconi and other electrical wi;ards# $y which place and space and time have $ecome only igures o speech# $ut did you ever stop to thin" that the mechanism which

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has $een given you or trans orming the 3niversal# 1mnipresent Potential Power was invented $y a greater inventor than Edison< D. !e are accustomed to e*amining the mechanism o the implements which we use or tilling the soil# and we try to get an understanding o the mechanism o the automo$ile which we drive# $ut most o us are content to remain in a$solute ignorance o the greatest piece o mechanism which as ever come into e*istence# the $rain o man. G. Aet us e*amine the wonders o this mechanism: perhaps we shall there$y get a $etter understanding o the various e ects o which it is the cause. H. In the irst place# there is the great mental world in which we live and move and have our $eing: this world is omnipotent# omniscient and omnipresent: it will respond to our desire in direct ratio to our purpose and aith: the purpose must $e in accordance with the law o our $eing# that is# it must $e creative or constructive: our aith must $e strong enough to generate a current o su icient strength to $ring our purpose into mani estation. >=s thy aith is# so $e it unto thee#> $ears the stamp o scienti ic test. FI. The e ects which are produced in the world without are the result o the action and reaction o the individual upon the universal: that is the process which we call thin"ing: the $rain is the organ through which this process is accomplished: thin" o the wonder o it allE +o you love music# lowers# literature# or are you inspired $y the thought o ancient or modern genius< 6emem$er# every $eauty to which you respond must have its corresponding outline in your $rain $e ore you can appreciate it. FF. There is not a single virtue or principle in the storehouse o nature which the $rain cannot e*press. The $rain is an em$ryonic world# ready to develop at any time as necessity may arise. I you can comprehend that this is a scienti ic truth and one o the wonder ul laws o nature# it will $e easier or you to get an understanding o the mechanism $y which these e*traordinary results are $eing accomplished. F2. The nervous system has $een compared to an electric circuit with its $attery o cells in which orce is originated# and its white matter to insulated wires $y which the current is conveyed: it is through these channels that every impulse or desire is carried through the mechanism. F9. The spinal cord is the great motor and sensory pathway $y which messages are conveyed to and rom the $rain: then# there is the $lood supply plunging through the veins and arteries# renewing our energy and strength# the per ectly arranged structure upon which the entire physical $ody rests# and# inally# the delicate and $eauti ul s"in# clothing the entire mechanism is a mantle o $eauty. F0. This then is the >Temple o the living 7od> and the individual >I> is given control and upon his understanding o the mechanism which is within his control will the result depend. F@. Every thought sets the $rain cells in action: at irst the su$stance upon which the thought is directed ails to respond# $ut i the thought is su iciently re ined and concentrated# the su$stance inally yields and e*presses per ectly. FB. This in luence o the mind can $e e*erted upon any part o the $ody# causing the elimination o any undesira$le e ect.

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FD. = per ect conception and understanding o the laws governing in the mental world cannot ail to $e o inestima$le value in the transaction o $usiness# as it develops the power o discernment and gives a clearer understanding and appreciation o acts. FG. The man who loo"s within instead o without cannot ail to ma"e use o the mighty orces which will eventually determine his course in li e and so $ring him into vi$ration with all that is $est# strongest and most desira$le. FH. =ttention or concentration is pro$a$ly: the most important essential in the development o mind culture. The possi$ilities o attention when properly directed are so startling that they would hardly appear credi$le to the uninitiated. The cultivation o attention is the distinguishing characteristic o every success ul man or woman# and is the very highest personal accomplishment which can $e ac&uired. 2I. The power o attention can $e more readily understood $y comparing it with a magni ying glass in which the rays o sunlight are ocused: they possess no particular strength as long as the glass is moved a$out and the rays directed rom one place to another: $ut let the glass $e held per ectly still and let the rays $e ocused on one spot or any length o time# the e ect will $ecome immediately apparent. 2F. 8o with the power o thought: let power $e dissipated $y scattering the thought rom one o$4ect to another# and no result is apparent: $ut ocus this power through attention or concentration on any single purpose or any length o time and nothing $ecomes impossi$le. 22. = very simple remedy or a very comple* situation# some will say. =ll right# try it# you who have had no e*perience in concentrating the thought on a de inite purpose or o$4ect. /hoose any single o$4ect and concentrate your attention on it or a de inite purpose or even ten minutes: you cannot do it: the mind will wander a do;en times and it will $e necessary to $ring it $ac" to the original purpose# and each time the e ect will have $een lost and at the end o the ten minutes nothing will have $een gained# $ecause you have not $een a$le to hold your thought steadily to the purpose. 29. It is# however# through attention that you will inally $e a$le to overcome o$stacles o any "ind that appear in your path onward and upward# and the only way to ac&uire this wonder ul power is $y practice -- practice ma"es per ect# in this as in anything else. 20. In order to cultivate the power o attention# $ring a photograph with you to the same seat in the same room in the same position as hereto ore. E*amine it closely at least ten minutes# note the e*pression o the eyes# the orm o the eatures# the clothing# the way the hair is arranged: in act# note every detail shown on the photograph care ully. Now cover it and close your eyes and try to see it mentally: i you can see every detail per ectly and can orm a good mental image o the photograph# you are to $e congratulated: i not# repeat the process until you can. 2@. This step is simply or the purpose o preparing the soil: ne*t wee" we shall $e ready to sow the seed. 2B. It is $y such e*ercises as these that you will inally $e a$le to control your mental moods# your attitude# your consciousness. 2D. 7reat inanciers are learning to withdraw rom the multitude more and more# that they may have more time or planning# thin"ing and generating the right mental moods.
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2G. 8uccess ul $usinessmen are constantly demonstrating the act that it pays to "eep in touch with the thought o other success ul $usiness men. 2H. = single idea may $e worth millions o dollars# and these ideas can only come to those who are receptive# who are prepared to receive them# who are in success ul rame o mind. 9I. ,en are learning to place themselves in harmony with the 3niversal ,ind: they are learning the unity o all things: they are learning the $asic methods and principles o thin"ing# and this is changing conditions and multiplying results. 9F. They are inding that circumstances and environment ollow the trend o mental and spiritual progress: they ind that growth ollows "nowledge: action ollows inspiration: opportunity ollows perception: always the spiritual irst# then the trans ormation into the in inite and illimita$le possi$ilities o achievement. 92. =s the individual is $ut the channel or the di erentiation o the 3niversal# these possi$ilities are necessarily ine*hausti$le. 99. Thought is the process $y which we may a$sor$ the 8pirit o Power# and hold the result in our inner consciousness until it $ecomes a part o our ordinary consciousness. The method o accomplishing this result $y the persistent practice o a ew undamental principles# as e*plained in this 8ystem# is the master-"ey which unloc"s the storehouse o 3niversal Truth. 90. The two great sources o human su ering at present are $odily disease and mental an*iety. These may $e readily traced to the in ringement o some Natural Aaw. This is# no dou$t# owing to the act that so ar "nowledge has largely remained partial# $ut the clouds o dar"ness which have accumulated through long ages are $eginning to roll away and with them many o the miseries that attend imper ect in ormation. >That a man can change himsel # improve himsel # re-create himsel # control his environment# and master his own destiny is the conclusion o every mind who is wide-awa"e to the power o right thought in constructive action.> - Aarson

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%&RT SI+ Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
@F. !hat are some o the e ects which can $e produced $y electricity< 'eat# light# power# music. @2. 3pon what do these various e ects depend< 3pon the mechanism to which electricity is attached. @9. !hat is the result o the action and interaction o the individual mind upon the 3niversal< The conditions and e*periences with which we meet. @0. 'ow may these conditions $e changed< By changing the mechanism $y which the 3niversal is di erentiated in orm. @@. !hat is this mechanism< The $rain. @B. 'ow may it $e changed< By the process we call thin"ing. Thoughts produce $rain cells# and these cells respond to the corresponding thought in the 3niversal. @D. 1 what value is the power o concentration< It is the very highest personal accomplishment which can $e ac&uired# and the distinguishing characteristic o every success ul man or woman. @G. 'ow may it $e ac&uired< By aith ully practicing the e*ercises in this 8ystem. @H. !hy is this so important< Because it will ena$le us to control our thoughts# and since thoughts are causes conditions must $e e ects: i we can control the cause we can also control the e ect. BI. !hat is changing conditions and multiplying results in the o$4ective world< ,en are learning the $asic methods o constructive thin"ing.

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Through all the ages man has $elieved in an invisi$le power# through which and $y which all things have $een created and are continually $eing re-created. !e may personali;e this power and call it 7od# or we may thin" o it as the essence or spirit# which permeates all things# $ut in either case the e ect is the same. 8o ar as the individual is concerned# the o$4ective# the physical# the visi$le# is the personal# that which can $e cogni;ed $y the senses. It consists o $ody# $rain and nerves. The su$4ective is the spiritual# the invisi$le# the impersonal. The personal is conscious $ecause it is a personal entity. The impersonal# $eing the same in "ind and &uality as all other Being# is not conscious o itsel and has there ore $een termed the su$conscious. The personal# or conscious# has the power o will and choice# and can there ore e*ercise discrimination in the selection o methods where$y to $ring a$out the solution o di iculties. The impersonal# or spiritual# $eing a part or one with the source# and origin o all power# can necessarily e*ercise no such choice# $ut# on the contrary# it has In inite resources at its command. It can and does $ring a$out results $y methods concerning which the human or individual mind can have no possi$le conception. Cou will there ore see that it is your privilege to depend upon the human will with all its limitations and misconceptions# or you may utili;e the potentialities o In inity $y ma"ing use o the su$conscious mind. 'ere# then# is the scienti ic e*planation o the wonder ul power which has $een put within your control# i you $ut understand# appreciate and recogni;e it. 1ne method o consciously utili;ing this omnipotent power is outlined in Part 8even. P=6T 8ENEN F. Nisuali;ation is the process o ma"ing mental images# and the image is the mold or model which will serve as a pattern rom which your uture will emerge. 2. ,a"e the pattern clear and ma"e it $eauti ul: do not $e a raid: ma"e it grand: remem$er that no limitation can $e placed upon you $y any one $ut yoursel : you are not limited as to cost or material: draw on the In inite or your supply# construct it in your imagination: it will have to $e there $e ore it will ever appear anywhere else. 9. ,a"e the image clear and clean-cut# hold it irmly in the mind and you will gradually and constantly $ring the thing nearer to you. Cou can $e what >you will to $e.> 0. This is another psychological act which is well "nown# $ut un ortunately# reading a$out it will not $ring a$out any result which you may have in mind: it will not even help you to orm the mental image# much less $ring it into mani estation. !or" is necessary - la$or# hard mental la$or# the "ind o e ort which so ew are willing to put orth. @. The irst step is ideali;ation. It is li"ewise the most important step# $ecause it is the plan on which you are going to $uild. It must $e solid: it must $e permanent. The architect# when he plans a 9I-story $uilding# has every line and detail pictured in advance. The engineer# when he spans a chasm# irst ascertains the strength re&uirements o a million separate parts.

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B. They see the end $e ore a single step is ta"en: so you are to picture in your mind what you want: you are sowing the seed# $ut $e ore sowing any seed you want to "now what the harvest is to $e. This is Ideali;ation. I you are not sure# return to the chair daily until the picture $ecomes plain: it will gradually un old: irst the general plan will $e dim# $ut it will ta"e shape# the outline will ta"e orm# then the details# and you will gradually develop the power $y which you will $e ena$led to ormulate plans which will eventually materiali;e in the o$4ective world. Cou will come to "now what the uture holds or you. D. Then comes the process o visuali;ation. Cou must see the picture more and more complete# see the detail# and# as the details $egin to un old the ways and means or $ringing it into mani estation will develop. 1ne thing will lead to another. Thought will lead to action# action will develop methods# methods will develop riends# and riends will $ring a$out circumstances# and# inally# the third step# or ,ateriali;ation# will have $een accomplished. G. !e all recogni;e the 3niverse must have $een thought into shape $e ore it ever could have $ecome a material act. =nd i we are willing to ollow along the lines o the 7reat =rchitect o the 3niverse# we shall ind our thoughts ta"ing orm# 4ust as the universe too" concrete orm. It is the same mind operating through the individual. There is no di erence in "ind or &uality# the only di erence is one o degree. H. The architect visuali;es his $uilding# he sees it as he wishes it to $e. 'is thought $ecomes a plastic mold rom which the $uilding will eventually emerge# a high one or a low one# a $eauti ul one or a plain one# his vision ta"es orm on paper and eventually the necessary material is utili;ed and the $uilding stands complete. FI. The inventor visuali;es his idea in e*actly the same manner# or instance# Ni"ola Tesla# he with the giant intellect# one o the greatest inventors o all ages# the man who has $rought orth the most ama;ing realities# always visuali;es his inventions $e ore attempting to wor" them out. 'e did not rush to em$ody them in orm and then spend his time in correcting de ects. 'aving irst $uilt up the idea in his imagination# he held it there as a mental picture# to $e reconstructed and improved $y his thought. >In this way#> he writes in the Electrical E*perimenter. >I am ena$led to rapidly develop and per ect a conception without touching anything. !hen I have gone so ar as to em$ody in the invention every possi$le improvement I can thin" o # and see no ault anywhere# I put into concrete# the product o my $rain. Invaria$ly my devise wor"s as I conceived it should: in twenty years there has not $een a single e*ception.> FF. I you can conscientiously ollow these directions# you will develop 5aith# the "ind o 5aith that is the >8u$stance o things hoped or# the evidence o things not seen>: you will develop con idence# the "ind o con idence that leads to endurance and courage: you will develop the power o concentration which will ena$le you to e*clude all thoughts e*cept the ones which are associated with your purpose. F2. The law is that thought will mani est in orm# and only one who "nows how to $e the divine thin"er o his own thoughts can ever ta"e a ,aster?s place and spea" with authority. F9. /learness and accuracy are o$tained only $y repeatedly having the image in mind. Each repeated action renders the image more clear and accurate than the preceding# and in proportion to the clearness and accuracy o the image will the outward mani estation $e. Cou must $uild it irmly and securely in your mental world# the world within# $e ore it can ta"e orm in the world without# and you can $uild nothing o value# even in the mental world unless you
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have the proper material. !hen you have the material you can $uild anything you wish# $ut ma"e sure o your material. Cou cannot ma"e $roadcloth rom shoddy. F0. This material will $e $rought out $y millions o silent mental wor"ers and ashioned into the orm o the image which you have in mind. F@. Thin" o itE Cou have over ive million o these mental wor"ers# ready and in active use: $rain cells they are called. Besides this# there is another reserve orce o at least an e&ual num$er# ready to $e called into action at the slightest need. Cour power to thin"# then# is almost unlimited# and this means that your power to create the "ind o material which is necessary to $uild or yoursel any "ind o environment which you desire is practically unlimited. FB. In addition to these millions o mental wor"ers# you have $illions o mental wor"ers in the $ody# every one o which is endowed with su icient intelligence to understand and act upon any message or suggestion given. These cells are all $usy creating and recreating the $ody# $ut# in addition to this# they are endowed with psychic activity where$y they can attract to themselves the su$stance necessary or per ect development. FD. They do this $y the same law and in the same manner that every orm o li e attracts to itsel the necessary material or growth. The oa"# the rose# the lily# all re&uire certain material or their most per ect e*pression and they secure it $y silent demand# the Aaw o =ttraction# the most certain way or you to secure what you re&uire or your most complete development. FG. ,a"e the ,ental Image: ma"e it clear# distinct# per ect: hold it irmly: the ways and means will develop: supply will ollow the demand: you will $e led to do the right thing at the right time and in the right way. Earnest +esire will $ring a$out /on ident E*pectation# and this in turn must $e rein orced $y 5irm +emand. These three cannot ail to $ring a$out =ttainment# $ecause the Earnest +esire is the eeling# the /on ident E*pectation is the thought# and the 5irm +emand is the will# and# as we have seen# eeling gives vitality to thought and the will holds it steadily until the law o 7rowth $rings it into mani estation. FH. Is it not wonder ul that man has such tremendous power within himsel # such transcendental aculties concerning which he had no conception< Is it not strange that we have always $een taught to loo" or strength and power >without<> !e have $een taught to loo" everywhere $ut >within> and whenever this power mani ested in our lives we were told that it was something supernatural. 2I. There are many who have come to an understanding o this wonder ul power# and who ma"e serious and conscientious e orts to reali;e health# power and other conditions# and seem to ail. They do not seem a$le to $ring the Aaw into operation. The di iculty in nearly every case is that they are dealing with e*ternals. They want money# power# health and a$undance# $ut they ail to reali;e that these are e ects and can come only when the cause is ound. 2F. Those who will give no attention to the world without will see" only to ascertain the truth# will loo" only or wisdom# will ind that this wisdom will un old and disclose the source o all power# that it will mani est in thought and purpose which will create the e*ternal conditions desired. This truth will ind e*pression in no$le purpose and courageous action.

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22. /reate ideals only# give no thought to e*ternal conditions# ma"e the world within $eauti ul and opulent and the world without will e*press and mani est the condition which you have within. Cou will come into a reali;ation o your power to create ideals and these ideals will $e pro4ected into the world o e ect. 29. 5or instance# a man is in de$t. 'e will $e continually thin"ing a$out the de$t# concentrating on it# and as thoughts are causes the result is that he not only astens the de$t closer to him# $ut actually creates more de$t. 'e is putting the great law o =ttraction into operation with the usual and inevita$le result -- Aoss leads to greater >Aoss.> 20. !hat# then# is the correct principle< /oncentrate on the things you want# not on the things you do not want. Thin" o a$undance: ideali;e the methods and plans or putting the Aaw o =$undance into operation. Nisuali;e the condition which the Aaw o =$undance creates: this will result in mani estation. 2@. I the law operates per ectly to $ring a$out poverty# lac" and every orm o limitation or those who are continually entertaining thoughts o lac" and ear# it will operate with the same certainty to $ring a$out conditions o a$undance and opulence or those who entertain thoughts o courage and power. 2B. This is a di icult pro$lem or many: we are too an*ious: we mani est an*iety# ear# distress: we want to do something: we want to help: we are li"e a child who has 4ust planted a seed and every i teen minutes goes and stirs up the earth to see i it is growing. 1 course# under such circumstances# the seed will never germinate# and yet this is e*actly what many o us do in the mental world. 2D. !e must plant the seed and leave it undistur$ed. This does not mean that we are to sit down and do nothing# $y no means: we will do more and $etter wor" then we have ever done $e ore# new channels will constantly $e provided# new doors will open: all that is necessary is to have an open mind# $e ready to act when the time comes. 2G. Thought orce is the most power ul means o o$taining "nowledge# and i concentrated on any su$4ect will solve the pro$lem. Nothing is $eyond the power o human comprehension# $ut in order to harness thought orce and ma"e it do your $idding# wor" is re&uired. 2H. 6emem$er that thought is the ire that creates the steam that turns the wheel o ortune# upon which your e*periences depend. 9I. =s" yoursel a ew &uestions and then reverently await the response: do you not now and then eel the sel with you< +o you assert this sel or do you ollow the ma4ority< 6emem$er that ma4orities are always led# they never lead. It was the ma4ority that ought# tooth and nail# against the steam engine# the power loom and every other advance or improvement ever suggested. 9F. 5or your e*ercise this wee"# visuali;e your riend# see him e*actly as you last saw him# see the room# the urniture# recall the conversation# now see his ace# see it distinctly# now tal" to him a$out some su$4ect o mutual interest: see his e*pression change# watch him smile. /an you do this< =ll right# you can: then arouse his interest# tell him a story o adventure# see his eyes light up with the spirit o un or e*citement. /an you do all o this< I so# your imagination is good# you are ma"ing e*cellent progress.

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%&RT SE*E" Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
BF. !hat is visuali;ation< The process o ma"ing mental pictures. B2. !hat is the result o this method o thought< By holding the image or picture in mind# we can gradually $ut surely $ring the thing nearer to us. !e can $e what we will to $e. B9. !hat is Ideali;ation< It is a process o visuali;ing or ideali;ing the plans which will eventually materiali;e in our o$4ective world. B0. !hy are clearness and accuracy necessary< Because >seeing> creates > eeling> and > eeling> creates >$eing.> 5irst the mental# then the emotional# then the illimita$le possi$ilities o achievement. B@. 'ow are they o$tained< Each repeated action renders the image more accurate than the ormer one. BB. 'ow is the material or the construction o your mental image secured< By millions o mental wor"ers. Brain cells they are called. BD. 'ow are the necessary conditions or $ringing a$out the materiali;ation o your ideal in the o$4ective world secured< By the Aaw o =ttraction. The natural law $y which all conditions and e*periences are $rought a$out. BG. !hat three steps are necessary in order to $ring this law into operation< Earnest +esire# /on ident E*pectation# 5irm +emand. BH. !hy do many ail< Because they concentrate on loss# disease and disaster. The law is operating per ectly: the things they ear are coming upon them. DI. !hat is the alternative< /oncentrate on the ideals which you desire to see mani ested in your li e.

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In this Part you will ind that you may reely choose what you thin" $ut the result o your thought is governed $y an immuta$le lawE Is not this a wonder ul thought< Is it not wonder ul to "now that our lives are not su$4ect to caprice or varia$ility o any "ind< That they are governed $y law. This sta$ility is our opportunity# $ecause $y complying with the law we can secure the desired e ect with invaria$le precision. It is the Aaw which ma"es the 3niverse one grand paean o 'armony. I it were not or law# the 3niverse would $e a /haos instead o a /osmos. 'ere# then# is the secret o the origin o $ooth good and evil# this is all the good and evil there ever was or ever will $e. Aet me illustrate. Thought results in action# i your thought is constructive and harmonious# the result will $e good: i your thought is destructive or in harmonious# the result will $e evil. There is there ore $ut one law# one principle# on cause# one 8ource o Power# and good and evil are simply words which have $een coined to indicate the result o our action# or our compliance or non-compliance with this law. The importance o this is well illustrated in the lives o Emerson and /arlyle. Emerson loved the good and his li e was a symphony o peace and harmony# /arlyle hated the $ad# and his li e was a record o perpetual discord and inharmony. 'ere we have two grand men# each intent upon achieving the same ideal# $ut one ma"es use o constructive thought and is there ore in harmony with Natural Aaw# the other ma"es use o destructive thought and there ore $rings upon himsel discord o every "ind and character. It is evident there ore that we are to hate nothing# not even the >$ad#> $ecause hatred is destructive# and we shall soon ind that $y entertaining destructive thought we are sowing the >wind> and in turn shall reap the >whirlwind.> P=6T EI7'T F. Thought contains a vital principle# $ecause it is the creative principle o the 3niverse and $y its nature will com$ine with other similar thoughts. 2. =s the one purpose o li e is growth# all principles underlying e*istence must contri$ute to give it e ect. Thought# there ore# ta"es orm and the law o growth eventually $rings it into mani estation. 9. Cou may reely choose what you thin"# $ut the result o your thought is governed $y an immuta$le law. =ny line o thought persisted in cannot ail to produce its result in the character# health and circumstances o the individual. ,ethods where$y we can su$stitute ha$its o constructive thin"ing or those which we have ound produce only undesira$le e ects are there ore o primary importance. 0. !e all "now that this is $y no means easy. ,ental ha$its are di icult to control# $ut it can $e done and the way to do it is to $egin at once to su$stitute constructive thought or

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destructive thought. 5orm the ha$it o analy;ing every thought. I it is necessary# i its mani estation in the o$4ective will $e a $ene it# not only to yoursel # $ut to all whom it may a ect in any way# "eep it: treasure it: it is o value: it is in tune with the In inite: it will grow and develop and produce ruit an hundred old. 1n the other hand# it will $e well or you to "eep this &uotation rom 7eorge ,atthews =dams# in mind# >Aearn to "eep the door shut# "eep out o your mind# out o your o ice# and out o your world# every element that see"s admittance with no de inite help ul end in view.> @. I your thought has $een critical or destructive# and has resulted in any condition o discord or inharmony in your environment# it may $e necessary or you to cultivate a mental attitude which will $e conducive to constructive thought. B. The imagination will $e ound to $e a great assistance in this direction: the cultivation o the imagination leads to the development o the ideal out o which your uture will emerge. D. The imagination gathers up the material $y which the ,ind weaves the a$ric in which your uture is to $e clothed. G. Imagination is the light $y which we can penetrate new worlds o thought and e*perience. H. Imagination is the mighty instrument $y which every discoverer# every inventor# opened the way rom precedent to e*perience. Precedent said# >It cannot $e done:> e*perience said# >It is done.> FI. Imagination is a plastic power# molding the things o sense into new orms and ideals. FF. Imagination is the constructive orm o thought which must precede every constructive orm o action. F2. = $uilder cannot $uild a structure o any "ind until he has irst received the plans rom the architect# and the architect must get them rom his imagination. F9. The /aptain o Industry cannot $uild a giant corporation which may coordinate hundreds o smaller corporations and thousands o employees# and utili;e millions o dollars o capital until he has irst created the entire wor" in his imagination. 1$4ects in the material world are as clay in the potter?s hand: it is in the ,aster ,ind that the real things are created# and it is $y the use o the imagination that the wor" is done. In order to cultivate the imagination it must $e e*ercised. E*ercise is necessary to cultivate mental muscle as well as physical muscle. It must $e supplied with nourishment or it cannot grow. F0. +o not con use Imagination with 5ancy# or that orm o day dreaming in which some people li"e to indulge. +ay dreaming is a orm o mental dissipation which may lead to mental disaster. F@. /onstructive imagination means mental la$or# $y some considered to $e the hardest "ind o la$or# $ut# i so# it yields the greatest returns# or all the great things in li e have come to men and women who had the capacity to thin"# to imagine# and to ma"e their dreams come true. FB. !hen you have $ecome thoroughly conscious o the act that ,ind is the only creative principle# that it is 1mnipotent# 1mniscient and 1mnipresent# and that you can consciously

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come into harmony with this 1mnipotence through your power o thought# you will have ta"en a long step in the right direction. FD. The ne*t step is to place yoursel in position to receive this power. =s it is 1mnipresent# it must $e within you. !e "now that this is so $ecause we "now that all power is rom within# $ut it must $e developed# un olded# cultivated: in order to do this we must $e receptive# and this receptivity is ac&uired 4ust as physical strength is gained# $y e*ercise. FG. The law o attraction will certainly and unerringly $ring to you the conditions# environment# and e*periences in li e# corresponding with your ha$itual# characteristic# predominant mental attitude. Not what you thin" once in a while when you are in church# or have 4ust read a good $oo"# B3T your predominant mental attitude is what counts. FH. Cou can not entertain wea"# harm ul# negative thoughts ten hours a day and e*pect to $ring a$out $eauti ul# strong and harmonious conditions $y ten minutes o strong# positive# creative thought. 2I. 6eal power comes rom within. =ll power that any$ody can possi$ly use is within man# only waiting to $e $rought into visi$ility $y his irst recogni;ing it# and then a irming it as his# wor"ing it into his consciousness until he $ecomes one with it. 2F. People say that they desire a$undant li e# and so they do# $ut so many interpret this to mean that i they will e*ercise their muscles or $reathe scienti ically# eat certain oods in certain ways# drin" so many glasses o water every day o 4ust a certain temperature# "eep out o dra ts# they will attain the a$undant li e they see". The result o such methods is $ut indi erent. 'owever# when man awa"ens to the truth# and a irms his oneness with all Ai e# he inds that he ta"es on the clear eye# the elastic step# the vigor o youth: he inds that he has discovered the source o all power. 22. =ll mista"es are $ut the mista"es o ignorance. -nowledge gaining and conse&uent power is what determines growth and evolution. The recognition and demonstration o "nowledge is what constitutes power# and this power is spiritual power# and this spiritual power is the power which lies at the heart o all things: it is the soul o the universe. 29. This "nowledge is the result o man?s a$ility to thin": thought is there ore the germ o man?s conscious evolution. !hen man ceases to advance in his thoughts and ideals# his orces immediately $egin to disintegrate and his countenance gradually registers these changing conditions. 20. 8uccess ul men ma"e it their $usiness to hold ideals o the conditions which they wish to reali;e. They constantly hold in mind the ne*t step necessary to the ideal or which they are striving. Thoughts are the materials with which they $uild# and the imagination is their mental wor"-shop. ,ind is the ever moving orce with which they secure the persons and circumstance necessary to $uild their success structure# and imagination is the matri* in which all great things are ashioned. 2@. I you have $een aith ul to your ideal# you will hear the call when circumstances are ready to materiali;e your plans and results will correspond in the e*act ratio o your idelity to your ideal. The ideal steadily held is what pre-determines and attracts the necessary conditions or its ul illment.

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2B. It is thus that you may weave a garment o spirit and power into the we$ o your entire e*istence: it is thus that you may lead a charmed li e and $e orever protected rom all harm: it is thus that you may $ecome a positive orce where$y conditions o opulence and harmony may $e attracted to you. 2D. This is the leaven which is gradually permeating the general consciousness and is largely responsi$le or the conditions o unrest which are everywhere evident. 2G. In the last Part you created a mental image# you $rought it rom the invisi$le into the visi$le: this wee" I want you to ta"e an o$4ect and ollow it $ac" to its origination# see o what it really consists. I you do this you will develop imagination# insight# perception# and sagacity. These come not $y the super icial o$servation o the multitude# $ut $y a "een analytical o$servation which sees $elow the sur ace. 2H. It is the ew who "now that the things which they see are only e ects# and understand the causes $y which these e ects were $rought into e*istence. 9I. Ta"e the same position as hereto ore and visuali;e a Battleship: see the grim monster loating on the sur ace o the water: there appears to $e no li e anywhere a$out: all is silence: you "now that $y ar the largest part o the vessel is under water: out o sight: you "now that the ship is as large and as heavy as a twenty-story s"yscraper: you "now that there are hundreds o men ready to spring to their appointed tas" instantly: you "now that every department is in charge o a$le# trained# s"illed o icials who have proven themselves competent to ta"e charge o this marvelous piece o mechanism: you "now that although it lies apparently o$livious to everything else# it has eyes which see everything or miles around# and nothing is permitted to escape its watch ul vision: you "now that while it appears &uiet# su$missive and innocent# it is prepared to hurl a steel pro4ectile weighing thousands o pounds at an enemy many miles away: this and much more you can $ring to mind with comparatively no e ort whatever. But how did the $attleship come to $e where it is: how did it come into e*istence in the irst place< =ll o this you want to "now i you are a care ul o$server. 9F. 5ollow the great steel plates through the oundries# see the thousands o men employed in their production: go still urther $ac"# and see the ore as it comes rom the mine# see it loaded on $arges or cars# see it melted and properly treated: go $ac" still urther and see the architect and engineers who planned the vessel: let the thought carry you $ac" still urther in order to determine why they planned the vessel: you will see that you are now so ar $ac" that the vessel is something intangi$le# it no longer e*ists# it is now only a thought e*isting in the $rain o the architect: $ut rom where did the order come to plan the vessel< Pro$a$ly rom the 8ecretary o +e ense: $ut pro$a$ly this vessel was planned long $e ore the war was thought o # and that /ongress had to pass a $ill appropriating the money: possi$ly there was opposition# and speeches or or against the $ill. !hom do these /ongressmen represent< They represent you and me# so that our line o thought $egins with the Battleship and ends with ourselves# and we ind in the last analysis that our own thought is responsi$le or this and many other things# o which we seldom thin"# and a little urther re lection will develop the most important act o all and that is# i someone had not discovered the law $y which this tremendous mass o steel and iron could $e made to loat upon the water# instead o immediately going to the $ottom# the $attleship could not have come into e*istence at all. 92. This law is that# >the speci ic gravity o any su$stance is the weight o any volume o it# compared with an e&ual volume o water.> The discovery o this law revolutioni;ed every "ind

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o ocean travel# commerce and war are# and made the e*istence o the $attleship# aircra t carriers# and cruise ships possi$le. 99. Cou will ind e*ercises o this "ind invalua$le. !hen the thought has $een trained to loo" $elow the sur ace everything ta"es on a di erent appearance# the insigni icant $ecomes signi icant# the uninteresting interesting: the things which we supposed to $e o no importance are seen to $e the only really vital things in e*istence. Aoo" To This +ay 5or it is Ai e# the very Ai e o Ai e. In Its $rie course lie all the Nerities and 6ealities o your e*istence: The Bliss o 7rowth: The 7lory o =ction: The 8plendor o Beauty: 5or Cesterday is $ut a +ream# =nd tomorrow is only a Nision: But Today well lived ma"es every Cesterday a +ream o 'appiness# and Every Tomorrow a Nision o 'ope. Aoo" well# there ore# to This +ayE - 5rom the 8ans"rit.

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%&RT EI,)T Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
DF. !hat is the imagination< = orm o constructive thought. The light $y which we penetrate new worlds o thought and e*perience. The mighty instrument $y which every inventor or discoverer opened the way rom precedent to e*perience. D2. !hat is the result o imagination< The cultivation o the imagination leads to the development o the ideal out o which your uture will emerge. D9. 'ow may it $e cultivated< By e*ercise: it must $e supplied with nourishment or it cannot live. D0. 'ow does imagination di er rom day dreaming< +ay dreaming is a orm o mental dissipation# while imagination is a orm o constructive thought which must precede every constructive action. D@. !hat are mista"es< The result o ignorance. DB. !hat is "nowledge< The result o man?s a$ility to thin". DD. !hat is the power with which success ul men $uild< ,ind is the very moving orce with which they secure the persons and circumstances necessary to complete their plans. DG. !hat pre-determines the result< The ideal held steadily in mind attracts the necessary conditions or its ul illment. DH. !hat is the result o a "een analytical o$servation< The development o imagination# insight# perception and sagacity. GI. To what do these lead< 1pulence and harmony.

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I"TRO!#CTIO" $ %&RT "I"E
In this Part you may learn to ashion the tools $y which you may $uild or yoursel any condition you desire. I you wish to change conditions you must change yoursel . Cour whims# your wishes# your ancies# your am$itions may $e thwarted at every step# $ut your inmost thoughts will ind e*pression 4ust as certainly as the plant springs rom the seed. 8uppose# then# we desire to change conditions# how are we to $ring this a$out< The reply is simple: By the law o growth. /ause and e ect are as a$solute and undeviating in the hidden realm o thought as in the world o material things. 'old in mind the condition desired: a irm it as an already e*isting act. This indicates the value o a power ul a irmation. By constant repetition it $ecomes a part o ourselves. !e are actually changing ourselves: are ma"ing ourselves what we want to $e. /haracter is not a thing o chance# $ut it is the result o continued e ort. I you are timid# vacillating# sel -conscious# or i you are over-an*ious or harassed $y thoughts o ear or impending danger# remem$er that is a*iomatic that >two things cannot e*ist in the same place at the same time.> E*actly the same thing is true in the mental and spiritual world: so that your remedy is plainly to su$stitute thoughts o courage# power# sel -reliance and con idence# or those o ear# lac" and limitation. The easiest and most natural way to do this is to select an a irmation which seems to it your particular case. The positive thought will destroy the negative as certainly as light destroys dar"ness# and the results will $e 4ust as e ectual. =ct is the $lossom o thought# and conditions are the result o action# so that you constantly have in your possession the tools $y which you will certainly and inevita$ly ma"e or unma"e yoursel # and 4oy or su ering will $e the reward. P=6T NINE F. There are only three things which can possi$ly $e desired in the >world without> and each o them can $e ound in the >world within.> The secret o inding them is simply to apply the proper >mechanism> o attachment to the omnipotent power to which each individual has access. 2. The three things which all man"ind desires and which are necessary or his highest e*pression and complete development are 'ealth# !ealth and Aove. =ll will admit that 'ealth is a$solutely essential: no one can $e happy i the physical $ody is in pain. =ll will not so readily admit that !ealth is necessary# $ut all must admit that a su icient supply at least is necessary# and what would $e considered su icient or one# would $e considered a$solute and pain ul lac" or another: and as Nature provides not only enough $ut a$undantly# waste ully# lavishly# we reali;e that any lac" or limitation is only the limitation which has $een made $y an arti icial method o distri$ution.

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9. =ll will pro$a$ly admit that Aove is the third# or may$e some will say the irst essential necessary to the happiness o man"ind: at any rate# those who possess all three# 'ealth# !ealth# and Aove# ind nothing else which can $e added to their cup o happiness. 0. !e have ound that the 3niversal su$stance is >=ll 'ealth#> >=ll 8u$stance> and >=ll Aove> and that the mechanism o attachment where$y we can consciously connect with this In inite supply is in our method o thin"ing. To thin" correctly is there ore to enter into the >8ecret Place o the ,ost 'igh.> @. !hat shall we thin"< I we "now this we shall have ound the proper mechanism o attachment which will relate us to >!hatsoever things we desire.> This mechanism may seem very simple when I give it to you# $ut read on: you will ind that it is in reality the >,aster-ey#> the >=laddin2s lamp#> i you please: you will ind that it is the oundation# the imperative condition# the a$solute law o well-doing# which means# well-$eing. B. To thin" correctly# accurately# we must "now the >Truth.> The truth then is the underlying principle in every $usiness or social relation. It is a condition precedent to every right action. To "now the truth# to $e sure# to $e con ident# a ords a satis action $eside which no other is at all compara$le: it is the only solid ground in a world o dou$t# con lict and danger. D. To "now the Truth is to $e in harmony with the In inite and 1mnipotent power. To "now the truth is# there ore# to connect yoursel with a power which is irresisti$le and which will sweep away every "ind o discord# inharmony# dou$t or error o any "ind# $ecause the >Truth is mighty and will prevail.> G. The hum$lest intellect can readily oretell the result o any action when he "nows that it is $ased on truth# $ut the mightiest intellect# the most pro ound and penetrating mind loses its way hopelessly and can orm no conception o the results which may ensue when his hopes are $ased on a premise which he "nows to $e alse. H. Every action which is not in harmony with Truth# whether through ignorance or design# will result in discord# and eventual loss in proportion to its e*tent and character. FI. 'ow then are we to "now the truth in order to attach this mechanism which will relate us to the In inite< FF. !e can ma"e no mista"e a$out this i we reali;e that truth is the vital principle o the 3niversal ,ind and is 1mnipresent. 5or instance# i you re&uire health# a reali;ation o the act that the >I> in you is spiritual and that all spirit is one: that wherever a part is the whole must $e# will $ring a$out a condition o health# $ecause every cell in the $ody must mani est the truth as you see it. I you see sic"ness: they will mani est sic"ness: i you see per ection they must mani est per ection. The a irmation# >I am whole# per ect# strong# power ul# loving# harmonious and happy)# will $ring a$out harmonious conditions. The reason or this is $ecause the a irmation is in strict accordance with the Truth# and when truth appears every orm o error or discord must necessarily disappear. F2. Cou have ound that the >I> is spiritual# it must necessarily then always $e no less than per ect# the a irmation. >I am whole# per ect# strong# power ul# loving# harmonious and happy> is there ore an e*act scienti ic statement. F9. Thought is a spiritual activity and spirit is creative# there ore the result o holding this thought in mind# must necessarily $ring a$out conditions in harmony with the thought.
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F0. I you re&uire !ealth a reali;ation o the act that the >I> in you is one with the 3niversal mind which is all su$stance# and is 1mnipotent# will assist you in $ringing into operation the law o attraction which will $ring you into vi$ration with those orces which ma"e or success and $ring a$out conditions o power and a luence in direct proportion with the character and purpose o your a irmation. F@. Nisuali;ation is the mechanism o the attachment which you re&uire. Nisuali;ation is a very di erent process rom seeing: seeing is physical# and is there ore related to the o$4ective world# the >world without#> $ut Nisuali;ation is a product o the imagination# and is there ore a product o the su$4ective mind# the >world within.> It there ore possesses vitality: it will grow. The thing visuali;ed will mani est itsel in orm. The mechanism is per ect: it was created $y the ,aster =rchitect who >doeth all things well#> $ut un ortunately sometimes the operator is ine*perienced or ine icient# $ut practice and determination will overcome this de ect. FB. I you re&uire Aove try to reali;e that the only way to get love is $y giving it# that the more you give the more you will get# and the only way in which you can give it# is to ill yoursel with it# until you $ecome a magnet. The method was e*plained in another lesson. FD. 'e who has learned to $ring the greatest spiritual truths into touch with the so-called lesser things o li e has discovered the secret o the solution o his pro$lem. 1ne is always &uic"ened# made more thought ul# $y his nearness o approach to great ideas# great events# great natural o$4ects# and great men. Aincoln is said to have $egotten in all who came near him the eeling awa"ened when one approaches a mountain# and this sense asserts itsel most "eenly when one comes to reali;e that he has laid hold upon things that are eternal# the power o Truth. FG. It is sometimes an inspiration to hear rom someone who has actually put these principles to the test# someone who has demonstrated them in their own li e. = letter rom 5rederic" =ndrews o ers the ollowing insight: FH. I was a$out thirteen years old when +r. T. !. ,arsee# since passed over# said to my mother: >There is no possi$le chance# ,rs. =ndrews. I lost my little $oy the same way# a ter doing everything or him that it was possi$le to do. I have made a special study o these cases# and I "now there is no possi$le chance or him to get well.> 2I. 8he turned to him and said: >+octor# what would you do i he were your $oy<> and he answered# >I would ight# ight# as long as there is a $reath o li e to ight or.> 2F. That was the $eginning o a long drawn-out $attle# with many ups and downs# the doctors all agreeing that there was no chance or a cure# though they encouraged and cheered us the $est they could. 22. But at last the victory came# and I have grown rom a little# croo"ed# twisted# cripple# going a$out on my hands and "nees# to a strong# straight# well ormed man. 29. Now# I "now you want the ormula# and I will give it to you as $rie ly and &uic"ly as I can. 20. I $uilt up an a irmation or mysel # ta"ing the &ualities I most needed# and a irming or mysel over and over again# >I am whole# per ect# strong# power ul# loving# harmonious and happy.> I "ept up this a irmation# always the same# never varying# till I could wa"e up in the
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night and ind mysel repeating# >I am whole# per ect# strong# power ul# loving# harmonious and happy.> It was the last thing on my lips at night and the irst thing in the morning. 2@. Not only did I a irm it or mysel # $ut or others that I "new needed it. I want to emphasi;e this point. !hatever you desire or yoursel # a irm it or others# and it will help you $oth. !e reap what we sow. I we send out thoughts o love and health# they return to us li"e $read cast upon the waters: $ut i we send out thoughts o ear# worry# 4ealousy# anger# hate# etc.# we will reap the results in our own lives. 2B. It used to $e said that man is completely $uilt over every seven years# $ut some scientists now declare that we $uild ourselves over entirely every eleven months: so we are really only eleven months old. I we $uild the de ects $ac" into our $odies year a ter year# we have no one to $lame $ut ourselves. 2D. ,an is the sum total o his own thoughts: so the &uestion is# how are we going to entertain only the good thoughts and re4ect the evil ones< =t irst we can?t "eep the evil thoughts rom coming# $ut we can "eep rom entertaining them. The only way to do this is to orget them -- which means# get something or them. This is where the ready-made a irmation comes into play. 2G. !hen a thought o anger# 4ealousy# ear or worry creeps in# 4ust start your a irmation going. The way to ight dar"ness is with light -- the way to ight cold is with heat -- the way to overcome evils is with good. 5or mysel # I never could ind any help in denials. = irm the good# and the $ad will vanish. - 5rederic" Elias =ndrews 2H. I there is anything you re&uire# it will $e well or you to ma"e use o this a irmation: it cannot $e improved upon. 3se it 4ust as it is: ta"e it into the silence with you# until it sin"s into your su$consciousness# so that you can use it anywhere# in your car# in the o ice# at home: this is the advantage o spiritual methods: they are always availa$le. 8pirit is omnipresent# every ready: all that is re&uired is a proper recognition o its omnipotence# and a willingness or desire to $ecome the recipient o its $ene icent e ects. 9I. I our predominant mental attitude is one o power# courage# "indliness and sympathy# we shall ind that our environment will re4ect conditions in correspondence with these thoughts: i it is wea"# critical# envious and destructive# we shall ind our environment re lecting conditions corresponding to these thoughts. 9F. Thoughts are causes and conditions are e ects. 'erein is the e*planation o the origin o $oth good and evil. Thought is creative and will automatically correlate with its o$4ect. This is a /osmological law Ja universal lawK# the law o =ttraction# the law o /ause and E ect: the recognition and application o this law will determine $oth $eginning and end: it is the law $y which in all ages and in all times the people were led to $elieve in the power o prayer. >=s thy aith is# so $e it unto thee#> is simply another# shorter and a $etter way o stating it. 92. This wee" visuali;e a plant: ta"e a lower# the one you most admire# $ring it rom the unseen into the seen# plant the tiny seed# water it# care or it# place it where it will get the direct rays o the morning sun# see the seed $urst: it is now a living thing# something which is alive and $eginning to search or the means o su$sistence. 8ee the roots penetrating the earth# watch them shoot out in all directions and remem$er that they are living cells dividing and su$dividing# and that they will soon num$er millions# that each cell is intelligent# that it "nows what is wants and "nows how to get it. 8ee the stem shoot orward and upward# watch it $urst through the sur ace o the earth# see it divide and orm $ranches# see how
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per ect and symmetrical each $ranch is ormed# see the leaves $egin to orm# and then the tiny stems# each one holding alo t a $ud# and as you watch you see the $ud $egin to un old and your avorite lower comes to view: and now i you will concentrate intently you will $ecome conscious o a ragrance: it is the ragrance o the lower as the $ree;e gently sways the $eauti ul creation which you have visuali;ed. 99. !hen you are ena$led to ma"e your vision clear and complete you will $e ena$led to enter into the spirit o a thing: it will $ecome very real to you: you will $e learning to concentrate and the process is the same# whether you are concentrating on health# a avorite lower# an ideal# a complicated $usiness proposition or any other pro$lem o li e. 90. Every success has $een accomplished $y persistent concentration upon the o$4ect in view.

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%&RT "I"E Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
GF. !hat is the imperative condition o all well-$eing< !ell doing. G2. !hat is the condition precedent to every right action< 6ight thin"ing. G9. !hat is the underlying condition necessary in every $usiness transaction or social relation< To "now the Truth. G0. !hat is the result o a "nowledge o the Truth< !e can readily predict the result o any action that is $ased upon a true premise. G@. !hat is the result o any action $ased upon a alse premise< !e can orm no conception o the results which may ensue. GB. 'ow may we "now the Truth< By a reali;ation o the act that Truth is the vital principle o the 3niverse and is there ore omnipresent. GD. !hat is the nature o Truth< It is spiritual. GG. !hat is the secret o the solution to every pro$lem< To apply spiritual Truth. GH. !hat is the advantage o spiritual methods< They are always availa$le. HI. !hat are the necessary re&uirements< = recognition o the omnipotence o spiritual power and a desire to $ecome the recipient o its $ene icent e ects. >Thought means li e# since those who do not thin" do not live in any high or real sense. Thin"ing ma"es the man.> - =. B. =lcott

INT61+3/TI1N - P=6T TEN I you get a thorough understanding or the thought contained in Part Ten# you will have learned that nothing happens without a de inite cause. Cou will $e ena$led to ormulate your plans in accordance with e*act "nowledge. Cou will "now how to control any situation $y $ringing ade&uate causes into play. !hen you win# as you will# you will "now e*actly why. The ordinary man# who has no de inite "nowledge o cause and e ect# is governed $y his eelings or emotions. 'e thin"s chie ly to 4usti y his action. I he ails as a $usinessman# he says that luc" is against him. I he disli"es music# he says that music is an e*pensive lu*ury. I he is a poor o ice man# he says that he could succeed $etter at some outdoor wor". I he lac"s riends# he says his individuality is too ine to $e appreciated. 'e never thin"s his pro$lem through to the end. In short# he does not "now that every e ect is the result o a certain de inite cause# $ut he see"s to console himsel with e*planations and e*cuses. 'e thin"s only in sel -de ense. 1n the contrary# the man who understands that there is no e ect without an ade&uate cause thin"s impersonally. 'e gets down to $ed roc" acts regardless o conse&uences. 'e is ree
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to ollow the trail o truth wherever it may lead. 'e sees the issue clear to the end# and he meets the re&uirements ully and airly# and the result is that the world gives him all that it has to give# in riendship# honor# love and approval. P=6T TEN F. =$undance is a natural law o the 3niverse. The evidence o this law is conclusive: we see it on every hand. Everywhere Nature is lavish# waste ul# e*travagant. Nowhere is economy o$served in any created thing. Pro usion is mani ested in everything. The millions and millions o trees and lowers and plants and animals and the vast scheme o reproduction where the process o creating and recreating is orever going on# all indicates the lavishness with which Nature has made provision or man. That there is an a$undance or everyone is evident# $ut that many ail to participate in this a$undance is also evident: they have not yet come into a reali;ation o the 3niversality o all su$stance# and that mind is the active principle where$y we are related to the things we desire. 2. =ll wealth is the o spring o power: possessions are o value only as they con er power. Events are signi icant only as they a ect power: all things represent certain orms and degrees o power. 9. -nowledge o cause and e ect as shown $y the laws governing electricity# chemical a inity and gravitation# ena$les man to plan courageously and e*ecute earlessly. These laws are called Natural Aaws# $ecause they govern in the physical world# $ut all power is not physical power: there is also mental power# and there is moral and spiritual power. 0. 8piritual power is superior $ecause it e*ists on a higher plane. It has ena$led man to discover the law $y which these wonder ul orces o Nature could $e harnessed and made to do the wor" o hundreds and thousands o men. It has ena$led man to discover laws where$y time and space have $een annihilated and the law o gravitation to $e overcome. The operation o this law is dependent upon spiritual contact# as 'enry +rummond well says: @. >In the physical world as we "now it# there e*ists the organic and the inorganic. The inorganic o the mineral world is a$solutely cut o rom the plant or animal world: the passage is hermetically sealed. These $arriers have never yet $een crossed. No change o su$stance# no modi ication o environment# no chemistry# no electricity# no orm o energy# no evolution o any "ind can ever endow a single atom o the mineral world with the attri$ute o Ai e.) B. >1nly $y the $ending down into this dead world o some living orm can those dead atoms $e gi ted with the properties o vitality: without this contact with li e they remain i*ed in the inorganic sphere orever. 'u*ley says that the doctrine o Biogenesis Jor li e only rom li eK is victorious all along the line# and Tyndall is compelled to say: ?I a irm that no shred o trustworthy evidence e*ists to prove that li e in our day has ever appeared independent o antecedent li e.? D. >Physical laws may e*plain the inorganic# Biology e*plains and accounts or the development o the organic# $ut o the point o contact 8cience is silent. = similar passage e*ists $etween the Natural world and the 8piritual world: this passage is hermetically sealed on the natural side. The door is closed: no man can open it# no organic change# no mental energy# no moral e ort# no progress o any "ind can ena$le any human $eing to enter the spiritual world.> G. But as the plant reaches down into the mineral world and touches it with the mystery o Ai e# so the 3niversal ,ind reaches down into the human mind and endows it with new# strange# wonder ul and even marvelous &ualities. =ll men or women who have every accomplished anything in the world o industry# commerce or art have accomplished $ecause o this process. H. Thought is the connecting lin" $etween the In inite and the inite# $etween the 3niversal and the individual. !e have seen that there is an impassa$le $arrier $etween the organic and the inorganic# and that the only way that matter can un old is to $e impregnated with li e: as a seed reaches down into the mineral world and $egins to un old and reach out# the dead
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matter $egins to live# a thousand invisi$le ingers $egin to weave a suita$le environment or the new arrival# and as the law o growth $egins to ta"e e ect# we see the process continue until the Aily inally appears# and even >8olomon in all his glory was not arrayed li"e one o these>. FI. Even so# a thought is dropped into the invisi$le su$stance o the 3niversal ,ind# that su$stance rom which all things are created# and as it ta"es root# the law o growth $egins to ta"e e ect and we ind that conditions and environment are $ut the o$4ective orm o our thought. FF. The law is that Thought is an active vital orm o dynamic energy which has the power to correlate with its o$4ect and $ring it out o the invisi$le su$stance rom which all things are created into the visi$le or o$4ective world. This is the law $y which# and through which all things come into mani estation: it is the ,aster -ey $y which you are admitted into the 8ecret Place o the ,ost 'igh and are >given dominion over all things.> !ith an understanding o this law you may >decree a thing and it shall $e esta$lished unto thee.> F2. It could not $e otherwise: i the soul o the 3niverse as we "now it is the 3niversal 8pirit# then the 3niverse is simply the condition which the 3niversal 8pirit has made or itsel . !e are simply individuali;ed spirit and are creating the conditions or our growth in e*actly the same way. F9. This creative power depends upon our recognition o the potential power o spirit or mind and must not $e con used with Evolution. /reation is the calling into e*istence o that which does not e*ist in the o$4ective world. Evolution is simply the un olding o potentialities involved in things which already e*ist. F0. In ta"ing advantage o the wonder ul possi$ilities opened up to us through the operation o this law# we must remem$er that we ourselves contri$ute nothing to its e icacy as the 7reat Teacher said: >It is not I that doeth the wor"s# $ut the 5ather that dwelleth in me# 'e doeth the wor">. !e must ta"e e*actly the same position: we can do nothing to assist in the mani estation# we simply comply with the law# and the =ll-originating ,ind will $ring a$out the result. F@. The great error o the present day is the idea that ,an has to originate the intelligence where$y the In inite can proceed to $ring a$out a speci ic purpose or result. Nothing o this "ind is necessary: the 3niversal ,ind can $e depended upon to ind the ways and means or $ringing a$out any necessary mani estation. !e must# however# create the ideal# and this ideal should $e per ect. FB. !e "now that the laws governing Electricity have $een ormulated in such a way that this invisi$le power can $e controlled and used or our $ene it and com ort in thousands o ways. !e "now that messages are carried around the world# that ponderous machinery does its $idding# that it now illuminates practically the whole world# $ut we "now too that i we consciously or ignorantly violate its law $y touching a live wire# when it is not properly insulated# the result will $e unpleasant and possi$ly disastrous. = lac" o understanding o the laws governing in the invisi$le world has the same result# and many are su ering the conse&uences all the time. FD. It has $een e*plained that the law o causation depends upon polarity# a circuit must $e ormed: this circuit cannot $e ormed unless we operate in harmony with the law. 'ow shall

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we operate in harmony with the law unless we "now what the law is< 'ow shall we "now what the Aaw is< By study# $y o$servation. FG. !e see the law in operation everywhere: all nature testi ies to the operation o the law $y silently# constantly e*pressing itsel in the law o growth. !here there is growth# there must $e li e: where there is li e there must $e harmony# so that everything that has li e is constantly attracting to itsel the conditions and the supply which is necessary or its most complete e*pression. FH. I your thought is in harmony with the creative Principle o Nature# it is in tune with the In inite ,ind# and it will orm the circuit# it will not return to you void: $ut it is possi$le or you to thin" thoughts that are not in tune with the In inite# and when there is no polarity# the circuit is not ormed. !hat# then# is the result< !hat is the result when a dynamo is generating electricity# the circuit is cut o and there is no outlet< The dynamo stops. 2I. It will $e e*actly the same with you# i you entertain thoughts which are not in accordance with the In inite and cannot there ore $e polari;ed: there is no circuit# you are isolated# the thoughts cling to you# harass you# worry you# and inally $ring a$out disease and possi$ly death: the physician may not diagnose the case e*actly in this way# he may give it some ancy name which has $een manu actured or the various ills which are the result o wrong thin"ing# $ut the cause is the same nevertheless. 2F. /onstructive thought must necessarily $e creative# $ut creative thought must $e harmonious# and this eliminates all destructive or competitive thought. 22. !isdom# strength# courage and all harmonious conditions are the result o power and we have seen that all power is rom within: li"ewise# every lac"# limitation or adverse circumstance is the result o wea"ness# and wea"ness is simply a$sence o power: it comes rom nowhere# it is nothing -- the remedy then is simply to develop power# and this is accomplished in e*actly the same manner that all power is developed# $y e*ercise. 29. This e*ercise consists in ma"ing an application o your "nowledge. -nowledge will not apply itsel . Cou must ma"e the application. =$undance will not come to you out o the s"y# neither will it drop into your lap# $ut a conscious reali;ation o the law o attraction and the intention to $ring it into operation or a certain# de inite and speci ic purpose# and the will to carry out this purpose will $ring a$out the materiali;ation o your desire $y a natural law o trans erence. I you are in $usiness# it will increase and develop along regular channels# possi$ly new or unusual channels o distri$ution will $e opened and when the law $ecomes ully operative# you will ind that the things you see" are see"ing you. 20. This wee" select a $lan" space on the wall# or any other convenient spot# rom where you usually sit# mentally draw a $lac" hori;ontal line a$out si* inches long# try to see the line as plainly as though it were painted on the wall: now mentally draw two vertical lines connecting with this hori;ontal line at either end: now draw another hori;ontal line connecting with the two vertical lines: now you have a s&uare. Try to see the s&uare per ectly: when you can do so draw a circle within the s&uare: now place a point in the center o the circle: now draw the point toward you a$out FI inches: now you have a cone on a s&uare $ase: you will remem$er that your wor" was all in $lac": change it to white# to red# to yellow. 2@. I you can do this# you are ma"ing e*cellent progress and will soon $e ena$led to concentrate on any pro$lem you may have in mind. >!hen any o$4ect or purpose is clearly held in thought# its precipitation# in tangi$le and visi$le orm# is merely a &uestion o time.
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The vision always precedes and itsel determines the reali;ation.) - Aillian !hiting

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%&RT TE" Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
HF. !hat is !ealth< !ealth is the o spring o power. H2. 1 what value are possessions< Possessions are o value only as they con er power. H9. 1 what value is a "nowledge o cause and e ect< It ena$les men to plan courageously and e*ecute earlessly. H0. 'ow does li e originate in the inorganic world< 1nly $y the introduction o some living orm. There is no other way. H@. !hat is the connecting lin" $etween the inite and the In inite< Thought is the connecting lin". HB. !hy is that so< Because the 3niversal can mani est only through the individual. HD. 3pon what does causation depend< 3pon polarity: a circuit must $e ormed: the 3niversal is the positive side o the $attery o li e# the individual is the negative# and thought orms the circuit. HG. !hy do many ail to secure harmonious conditions< They do not understand the law: there is no polarity: they have not ormed the circuit. HH. !hat is the remedy< = conscious recognition o the law o attraction with the intention o $ring it into e*istence or a de inite purpose. FII. !hat will $e the result< Thought will correlate with its o$4ect and $ring it into mani estation# $ecause thought is a product o the spiritual man# and spirit is the creative Principle o the 3niverse. (= vivid thought $rings the power to paint it: and in proportion to the depth o its source is the orce o its pro4ection.) - Emerson

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I"TRO!#CTIO" $ %&RT E-E*E"
Cour li e is governed $y law - $y actual# immuta$le principles that never vary. Aaw is in operation at all times: in all places. 5i*ed laws underlie all human actions. 5or this reason# men who control giant industries are ena$led to determine with a$solute precision 4ust what percentage o every hundred thousand people will respond to any given set o conditions. It is well# however# to remem$er that while every e ect is the result o a cause# the e ect in turn $ecomes a cause# which creates other e ects# which in turn create still other causes: so that when you put the law o attraction into operation you must remem$er that you are starting a train o causation or good or otherwise which may have endless possi$ilities. !e re&uently hear it said# >= very distressing situation came into my li e# which could not have $een the result o my thought# as I certainly never entertained any thought which could have such a result.> !e ail to remem$er that li"e attracts li"e in the mental world# and that the thought which we entertain $rings to us certain riendships# companionships o a particular "ind# and these in turn $ring a$out conditions and environment# which in turn are responsi$le or the conditions o which we complain. P=6T EAENEN F. Inductive reasoning is the process o the o$4ective mind $y which we compare a num$er o separate instances with one another until we see the common actor that gives rise to them all. 2. Induction proceeds $y comparison o acts: it is this method o studying nature which has resulted in the discovery o a reign o law which has mar"ed an epoch in human progress. 9. It is the dividing line $etween superstition and intelligence: it has eliminated the elements o uncertainty and caprice rom men?s lives and su$stituted law# reason# and certitude. 0. It is the >!atchman at the 7ate> mentioned in a ormer lesson. @. !hen# $y virtue o this principle# the world to which the senses were accustomed had $een revolutioni;ed: when the sun had $een arrested in his course# the apparently lat earth had $een shaped into a $all and set whirling around him: when the inert matter had $een resolved into active elements# and the universe presented itsel wherever we directed the telescope and microscope# ull o orce# motion and li e: we are constrained to as" $y what possi$le means the delicate orms o organi;ation in the midst o it are "ept in order and repair. B. Ai"e poles and li"e orces repel themselves or remain impenetra$le to each other# and this cause seems in general su icient to assign a proper place and distance to stars# men and orces. =s men o di erent virtues enter into partnership# so do opposite poles attract each other# elements that have no property in common li"e acids and gases cling to each other in pre erence and a general e*change is "ept up $etween the surplus and the demand. D. =s the eye see"s and receives satis action rom colors complementary to those which are given# so does need# want and desire# in the largest sense# induce# guide and determine action.

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G. It is our privilege to $ecome conscious o the principle and act in accordance with it. /uvier sees a tooth $elonging to an e*tinct race o animals. This tooth wants a $ody or the per ormance o its unction# and it de ines the peculiar $ody it stands in need o with such precision that /uvier is a$le to reconstruct the rame o this animal. H. Pertur$ations are o$served in the motion o 3ranus. Aeverrier needs another star at a certain place to "eep the solar system in order# and Neptune appears in the place and hour appointed. FI. The instinctive wants o the animal and the intellectual wants o /uvier# the wants o nature and o the mind o Aeverrier were ali"e# and thus the results: here the thoughts o an e*istence# there an e*istence. = well-de ined law ul want# there ore# urnishes the reason or the more comple* operations o nature. FF. 'aving recorded correctly the answers urnished $y nature and stretched our senses with the growing science over her sur ace: having 4oined hands with the levers that move the earth: we $ecome conscious o such a close# varied and deep contact with the world without# that our wants and purposes $ecome no less identi ied with the harmonious operations o this vast organi;ation# than the li e# li$erty# and happiness o the citi;en is identi ied with the e*istence o his government. F2. =s the interests o the individual are protected $y the arms o the country# added to his own: and his needs may depend upon certain supply in the degree that they are elt more universally and steadily: in the same manner does conscious citi;enship in the 6epu$lic o nature secure us rom the annoyances o su$ordinate agents $y alliance with superior powers: and $y appeal to the undamental laws o resistance or inducement o ered to mechanical or chemical agents# distri$ute the la$or to $e per ormed $etween them and man to the $est advantage o the inventor. F9. I Plato could have witnessed the pictures e*ecuted $y the sun with the assistance o the photographer# or a hundred similar illustrations o what man does $y induction# he would perhaps have $een reminded o the intellectual midwi ery o his master and# in his own mind might have arisen the vision o a land where all manual# mechanical la$or and repetition is assigned to the power o nature# where our wants are satis ied $y purely mental operations set in motion $y the will# and where the supply is created $y the demand. F0. 'owever distant that land may appear# induction has taught men to ma"e strides toward it and has surrounded him with $ene its which are# at the same time# rewards or past idelity and incentives or more assiduous devotion. F@. It is also an aid in concentrating and strengthening our aculties or the remaining part# giving unerring solution or individual as well as universal pro$lems# $y the mere operations o mind in the purest orm. FB. 'ere we ind a method# the spirit o which is# to $elieve that what is sought has $een accomplished# in order to accomplish it: a method# $e&ueathed upon us $y the same Plato who# outside o this sphere# could never ind how the ideas $ecame realities. FD. This conception is also ela$orated $y 8weden$org in his doctrine o correspondences: and a still greater teacher has said# >!hat things soever ye desire# when ye pray# $elieve that

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ye receive them# and ye shall have them.> J,ar" FF:20K The di erence o the tenses in this passage is remar"a$le. FG. !e are irst to $elieve that our desire has already $een ul illed# its accomplishment will then ollow. This is a concise direction or ma"ing use o the creative power o thought $y impressing on the 3niversal su$4ective mind# the particular thing which we desire as an already e*isting act. FH. !e are thus thin"ing on the plane o the a$solute and eliminating all consideration o conditions or limitation and are planting a seed which# i le t undistur$ed# will inally germinate into e*ternal ruition. 2I. To review: Inductive reasoning is the process o the o$4ective mind# $y which we compare a num$er o separate instances with one another until we see the common actor that gives rise to them all. !e see people in every civili;ed country on the glo$e# securing results $y some process which they do not seem to understand themselves# and to which they usually attach more or less mystery. 1ur reason is given to us or the purpose o ascertaining the law $y which these results are accomplished. 2F. The operation o this thought process is seen in those ortunate natures that possess everything that others must ac&uire $y toil# who never have a struggle with conscience $ecause they always act correctly# and can never conduct themselves otherwise than with tact# learn everything easily# complete everything they $egin with a happy "nac"# live in eternal harmony with themselves# without ever re lecting much what they do# or ever e*periencing di iculty or toil. 22. The ruit o this thought is# as it were# a gi t o the gods# $ut a gi t which ew as yet reali;e# appreciate# or understand. The recognition o the marvelous power which is possessed $y the mind under proper conditions and the act that this power can $e utili;ed# directed# and made availa$le or the solution o every human pro$lem is o transcendental importance. 29. =ll truth is the same# whether stated in modern scienti ic terms or in the language o apostolic times. There are timid souls who ail to reali;e that the very completeness o truth re&uires various statement -- that no one human ormula will show every side o it. 20. /hanging# emphasis# new language# novel interpretations# un amiliar perspectives# are not# as some suppose# signs o departure rom truth $ut on the contrary# they are evidence that the truth is $eing apprehended in new relations to human needs# and is $ecoming more generally understood. 2@. The truth must $e told to each generation and to every people in new and di erent terms# so that when the 7reat Teacher said -- >Believe that ye receive and ye shall receive> or# when Paul said -- >5aith is the su$stance o things hoped or# the evidence o things not seen> or# when modern science says -- >The law o attraction is the law $y which thought correlates with its o$4ect># each statement when su$4ected to analysis# is ound to contain e*actly the same truth. The only di erence $eing in the orm o presentation. 2B. !e are standing on the threshold o a new era. The time has arrived when man has learned the secrets o mastery and the way is $eing prepared or a new social order# more wonder ul than anything every hereto ore dreamed o . The con lict o modern science with theology# the study o comparative religions# the tremendous power o new social movements# all o these are $ut clearing the way or the new order. They may have
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destroyed traditional orms which have $ecome anti&uated and impotent# $ut nothing o value has $een lost. 2D. = new aith has $een $orn# a aith which demands a new orm o e*pression# and this aith is ta"ing orm in a deep consciousness o power which is $eing mani ested# in the present spiritual activity ound on every hand. 2G. The spirit which sleeps in the mineral# $reathes in the vegeta$le# moves in the animal and reaches its highest development in man is the 3niversal ,ind# and it $ehooves us to span the gul $etween $eing and doing# theory and practice# $y demonstrating our understanding o the dominion which we have $een given. 2H. By ar the greatest discovery o all the centuries is the power o thought. The importance o this discovery has $een a little slow in reaching the general consciousness# $ut it has arrived# and already in every ield o research the importance o this greatest o all great discoveries is $eing demonstrated. 9I. Cou as" in what does the creative power o thought consist< It consists in creating ideas# and these in turn o$4ecti y themselves $y appropriating# inventing# o$serving# discerning# discovering# analy;ing# ruling# governing# com$ining# and applying matter and orce. It can do this $ecause it is an intelligent creative power. 9F. Thought reaches its lo tiest activity when plunged into its own mysterious depth: when it $rea"s through the narrow compass o sel and passes rom truth to truth to the region o eternal light# where all which is# was or ever will $e# melt into one grand harmony. 92. 5rom this process o sel contemplation comes inspiration which is creative intelligence# and which is undenia$ly superior to every element# orce or law o nature# $ecause it can understand# modi y# govern and apply them to its own ends and purposes and there ore possess them. 99. !isdom $egins with the dawn o reason# and reason is $ut an understanding o the "nowledge and principles where$y we may "now the true meaning o things. !isdom# then# is illuminated reason# and this wisdom leads to humility# or humility is a large part o !isdom. 90. !e all "now many who have achieved the seemingly impossi$le# who have reali;ed li elong dreams# who have changed everything including themselves. !e have sometimes marveled at the demonstration o an apparently irresisti$le power# which seemed to $e ever availa$le 4ust when it was most needed# $ut it is all clear now. =ll that is re&uired is an understanding o certain de inite undamental principles and their proper application. 9@. 5or your e*ercise this wee"# concentrate on the &uotation ta"en rom the Bi$le# >!hatsoever things ye desire# when ye pray# $elieve that ye receive them and ye shall have them>: notice that there is no limitation# >!hatsoever things> is very de inite and implies that the only limitation which is placed upon us in our a$ility to thin"# to $e e&ual to the occasion# to rise to the emergency# to remem$er that 5aith is not a shadow# $ut a su$stance# >the su$stance o things hoped or# the evidence o things not seen.> (+eath is $ut the natural process where$y all material orms are thrown into the cruci$le or reproduction in resh diversity.)

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%&RT E-E*E" Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
FIF. !hat is inductive reasoning< The process o the o$4ective mind $y which we compare a num$er o separate instances with each other until we see the common actor which gives rise to them all. FI2. !hat has this method o studying accomplished< It has resulted in the discovery o a reign o law which has mar"ed an epoch in human progress. FI9. !hat is it that guides and determines action< It is need# want and desire which in the largest sense induce# guide and determine action. FI0. !hat is the ormula or the unerring solution o every individual pro$lem< !e are to $elieve that our desire has already $een ul illed: its accomplishment will then ollow. FI@. !hat great Teachers advocated it< Lesus# Plato# 8weden$org. FIB. !hat is the result o this thought process< !e are thin"ing on the plane o the a$solute and planting a seed# which i le t undistur$ed will germinate into ruition. FID. !hy is it scienti ically e*act< Because it is Natural Aaw. FIG. !hat is 5aith< >5aith is the su$stance o things hoped or# the evidence o things unseen.> FIH. !hat is the Aaw o =ttraction< The Aaw $y which 5aith is $rought into mani estation. FFI. !hat importance do you attach to an understanding o this law< It has eliminated the elements o uncertainty and caprice rom men?s lives and su$stituted law# reason# and certitude.

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I"TRO!#CTIO" $ %&RT T E-*E
Part Twelve is enclosed herewith. In the ourth paragraph you will ind the ollowing statement: >Cou must irst have the "nowledge o your power: second# the courage to dare: third# the aith to do.> I you concentrate upon the thoughts given# i you give them your entire attention# you will ind a world o meaning in each sentence# and will attract to yoursel other thoughts in harmony with them# and you will soon grasp the ull signi icance o the vital "nowledge upon which you are concentrating. -nowledge does not apply itsel : we as individuals must ma"e the application# and the application consists in ertili;ing the thought with a living purpose. The time and thought which most persons waste in aimless e ort would accomplish wonders i properly directed with some special o$4ect in view. In order to do this# it is necessary to center your mental orce upon a speci ic thought and hold it there# to the e*clusion o all other thoughts. I you have ever loo"ed through the view inder on a video camera# you ound that when the o$4ect was not in ocus# the impression was indistinct and possi$ly $lurred# $ut when the proper ocus was o$tained the picture was clear and distinct. This illustrates the power o concentration. 3nless you can concentrate upon the o$4ect which you have in view# you will have $ut a ha;y# indi erent# vague# indistinct and $lurred outline o your ideal and the results will $e in accordance with your mental picture. P=6T T!EANE F. There is no purpose in li e that cannot $e $est accomplished through a scienti ic understanding o the creative power o thought. 2. This power to thin" is common to all. ,an is# $ecause he thin"s. ,an?s power to thin" is in inite# conse&uently his creative power is unlimited. 9. !e "now that thought is $uilding or us the thing we thin" o and actually $ringing it nearer# yet we ind it di icult to $anish ear# an*iety or discouragement# all o which are power ul thought orces# and which continually send the things we desire urther away# so that it is o ten one step orward and two steps $ac"ward. 0. The only way to "eep rom going $ac"ward is to "eep going orward. Eternal vigilance is the price o success. There are three steps# and each one is a$solutely essential. Cou must irst have the "nowledge o your power: second# the courage to dare: third# the aith to do. @. !ith this as a $asis you can construct an ideal $usiness# an ideal home# ideal riends# and an ideal environment. Cou are not restricted as to material or cost. Thought is omnipotent and has the power to draw on the In inite $an" o primary su$stance or all that it re&uires. In inite resources are there ore at your command. B. But your ideal must $e sharp# clear-cut# de inite: to have one ideal today# another tomorrow# and a third ne*t wee"# means to scatter your orces and accomplish nothing: your result will $e a meaningless and chaotic com$ination o wasted material.

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D. 3n ortunately this is the result which many are securing# and the cause is sel evident. I a sculptor started out with a piece o mar$le and a chisel and changed his ideal every i teen minutes# what result could he e*pect< =nd why should you e*pect any di erent result in molding the greatest and most plastic o all su$stances# the only real su$stance< G. The result o this indecision and negative thought is o ten ound in the loss o material wealth. 8upposed independence which re&uired many years o toil and e ort suddenly disappears. It is o ten ound then that money and property are not independence at all. 1n the contrary# the only independence is ound to $e a practical wor"ing "nowledge o the creative power o thought. H. This practical wor"ing method cannot come to you until you learn that the only real power which you can have is the power to ad4ust yoursel to +ivine and unchangea$le principles. Cou cannot change the In inite# $ut you can come into an understanding o Natural laws. The reward o this understanding is a conscious reali;ation o your a$ility to ad4ust your thought aculties with the 3niversal Thought which is 1mnipresent. Cour a$ility to cooperate with this 1mnipotence will indicate the degree o success with which you meet. FI. The power o thought has many counter eits which are more or less ascinating# $ut the results are harm ul instead o help ul. FF. 1 course# worry# ear# and all negative thoughts produce a crop a ter their "ind: those who har$or thoughts o this "ind must inevita$ly reap what they have sown. F2. =gain# there are the Phenomena see"ers who gormandi;e on the so-called proo s and demonstration o$tained at materiali;ing seances. They throw open their mental doors and soa" themselves in the most poisonous currents which can $e ound in the psychic world. They do not seem to understand that it is the a$ility to $ecome negative# receptive and passive# and thus drain themselves o all their vital orce# which ena$les them to $ring a$out these vi$ratory thought orms. F9. There are also the 'indu worshippers# who see in the materiali;ing phenomena which are per ormed $y the so-called adepts# a source o power# orgetting# or never seeming to reali;e that as soon as the will is withdrawn the orms wither# and the vi$ratory orces o which they are composed vanish. F0. Telepathy# or thought trans erence# has received considera$le attention# $ut as it re&uires a negative mental state on the part o the receiver# the practice is harm ul. = thought may $e sent with the intention o hearing or seeing# $ut it will $ring the penalty attached to the inversion o the principle involved. F@. In many instances# hypnotism is positively dangerous to the su$4ect as well as the operator. No one amiliar with the laws governing in the mental world would thin" o attempting to dominate the will o another# or $y so doing# he will gradually J$ut surelyK divest himsel o his own power. FB. =ll o these perversions have their temporary satis action and or some a "een ascination# $ut there is an in initely greater ascination in a true understanding o the world o power within# a power which increases with use: is permanent instead o leeing: which not only is potent as a remedial agency to $ring a$out the remedy or past error or results o wrong thin"ing# $ut is a prophylactic agency protecting us rom all manner and orm o

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danger# and inally is an actual creative orce with which we can $uild new conditions and new environment. FD. The law is that thought will correlate with its o$4ect and $ring orth in the material world the correspondence o the thing thought or produced in the mental world. !e then discern the a$solute necessity o seeing that every thought has the inherent germ o truth in order that the law o growth will $ring into mani estation good# or good alone can con er any permanent power. FG. The principle which gives the thought the dynamic power to correlate with its o$4ect# and there ore to master every adverse human e*perience# is the law o attraction# which is another name or love. This is an eternal and undamental principle# inherent in all things# in every system o Philosophy# in every 6eligion# and in every 8cience. There is no getting away rom the law o love. It is eeling that imparts vitality to thought. 5eeling is desire# and desire is love. Thought impregnated with love $ecomes invinci$le. FH. !e ind this truth emphasi;ed wherever the power o thought is understood# The 3niversal ,ind is not only Intelligence# $ut it is su$stance# and this su$stance is the attractive orce which $rings electrons together $y the law o attraction so that they orm atoms: the atoms in turn are $rought together $y the same law and orm molecules: molecules ta"e o$4ective orms: and so we ind that the law o love is the creative orce $ehind every mani estation# not only o atoms# $ut o worlds# o the 3niverse# o everything o which the imagination can orm any conception. 2I. It is the operation o this marvelous law o attraction which has caused men in all ages and all times to $elieve that there must $e some personal $eing who responded to their petitions and desires# and manipulated events in order to comply with their re&uirements. 2F. It is the com$ination o Thought and Aove which orms the irresisti$le orce# called the law o attraction. =ll natural laws are irresisti$le# the law o 7ravitation# or Electricity# or any other law operates with mathematical e*actitude. There is no variation# it is only the channel o distri$ution which may $e imper ect. I a $ridge alls# we do not attri$ute the collapse to any variation o the law o gravitation. I a light ails us# we do not conclude that the laws governing electricity cannot $e depended upon# and i the law o attraction seems to $e imper ectly demonstrated $y an ine*perienced or unin ormed person# we are not to conclude that the greatest and most in alli$le law upon which the entire system o creation depends has $een suspended. !e should rather conclude that a little more understanding o the law is re&uired# or the same reason that a correct solution o a di icult pro$lem in ,athematics is not always readily and easily o$tained. 22. Things are created in the mental or spiritual world $e ore they appear in the outward act or event. $y the simple process o governing our thought orces today# we help create the events which will come into our lives in the uture# perhaps even tomorrow. Educated desire is the most potent means o $ringing into action the law o attraction. 29. ,an is so constituted that he must irst create the tools# or implements $y which he gains the power to thin". The mind cannot comprehend an entirely new idea until a corresponding vi$ratory $rain cell has $een prepared to receive it. This e*plains why it is so di icult or us to receive or appreciate an entirely new idea: we have no $rain cell capa$le o receiving it: we are there ore incredulous: we do not $elieve it.

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20. I # there ore# you have not $een amiliar with the 1mnipotence o the law o attraction# and the scienti ic method $y which it can $e put into operation# or i you have not $een amiliar with the unlimited possi$ilities which it opens to those who are ena$led to ta"e advantage o the resources it o ers# $egin now and create the necessary $rain cells which will ena$le you to comprehend the unlimited powers which may $e yours $y cooperating with Natural Aaw. This is done $y concentration or attention. 2@. The intention governs the attention. Power comes through repose. It is $y concentration that deep thoughts# wise speech# and all orces o high potentiality are accomplished. 2B. It is in the 8ilence that you get into touch with the 1mnipotent power o the su$conscious mind rom which all power is evolved. 2D. 'e who desires wisdom# power# or permanent success o any "ind will ind it only within: it is an un oldment. The unthin"ing may conclude that the silence is very simple and easily attained# $ut it should $e remem$ered that only in a$solute silence may one come into contact with +ivinity itsel : may learn o the unchangea$le law and open or himsel the channels $y which persistent practice and concentration lead to per ection. 2G. This wee" go to the same room# ta"e the same chair# the same position as previously: $e sure to rela*# let go# $oth mentally and physically: always do this: never try to do any mental wor" under pressure: see that there are no tense muscles or nerves# that you are entirely com orta$le. Now reali;e your unity with omnipotence: get into touch with this power# come into a deep and vital understanding# appreciation# and reali;ation o the act that your a$ility to thin" is your a$ility to act upon the 3niversal ,ind# and $ring it into mani estation# reali;e that it will meet any and every re&uirement: that you have e*actly the same potential a$ility which any individual ever did have or ever will have# $ecause each is $ut an e*pression or mani estation o the 1ne# all are parts o the whole# there is no di erence in "ind or &uality# the only di erence $eing one o degree. >Thought cannot conceive o anything that may not $e $rought to e*pression. 'e who irst uttered it may $e only the suggester# $ut the doer will appear.> - !ilson.

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%&RT T E-*E Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
FFF. 'ow may any purpose in li e $e $est accomplished< Through a scienti ic understanding o the spiritual nature o thought. FF2. !hat three steps are a$solutely essential< The "nowledge o our power# the courage to dare# the aith to do. FF9. 'ow is the practical wor"ing "nowledge secured< By an understanding o Natural laws. FF0. !hat is the reward o an understanding o these laws< = conscious reali;ation o our a$ility to ad4ust ourselves to +ivine and unchanging principle. FF@. !hat will indicate the degree o success with which we meet< The degree in which we reali;e that we cannot change the In inite $ut must cooperate with it. FFB. !hat is the principle which gives thought its dynamic power< The Aaw o =ttraction which rests on vi$ration# which in turn rests upon the law o love. Thought impregnated with love $ecomes invinci$le. FFD. !hy is this law irresisti$le< Because it is a Natural law. =ll Natural laws are irresisti$le and unchangea$le and act with mathematical e*actitude. There is no deviation or variation. FFG. !hy then does it sometimes seem to $e di icult to ind the solution to our pro$lems in li e< 5or the same reason that it is sometimes di icult to ind the correct solution to a di icult mathematical pro$lem. The operator is unin ormed or ine*perienced. FFH. !hy is it impossi$le or the mind to grasp an entirely new idea< !e have no corresponding vi$ratory $rain cell capa$le o receiving the idea. F2I. 'ow is wisdom secured< By concentration: it is an un oldment: it comes rom within.

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Physical science is responsi$le or the marvelous age o invention in which we are now living# $ut spiritual science is now setting out on a career whose possi$ilities no one can oretell. 8piritual science has previously $een the oot$all o the uneducated# the superstitious# the mystical# $ut men are now interested in de inite methods and demonstrated acts only. !e have come to "now that thin"ing is a spiritual process# that vision and imagination preceded action and event# that the day o the dreamer has come. The ollowing lines $y ,r. 'er$ert -au man are interesting in this connection. >They are the architects o greatness# their vision lies within their souls# they peer $eyond the veils and mists o dou$t and pierce the walls o un$orn Time. The $elted wheel# the trail o steel# the churning screw# are shuttles in the loom on which they weave their magic tapestries. ,a"ers o Empire# they have ought or $igger things than crowns and higher seats than thrones. Cour homes are set upon the land a dreamer ound. The pictures on its walls are visions rom a dreamer?s soul. They are the chose ew -- the $la;ers o the way. !alls crum$le and Empires all# the tidal wave sweeps rom the sea and tears a ortress rom its roc"s. The rotting nations drop o rom Time?s $ough# and only things the dreamer?s ma"e live on.> Part Thirteen which ollows tells why the dreams o the dreamer come true. It e*plains the law o causation $y which dreamers# inventors# authors# inanciers# $ring a$out the reali;ation o their desires. It e*plains the law $y which the thing pictured upon our mind eventually $ecomes our own. P=6T T'I6TEEN F. It has $een the tendency# and# as might $e proved# a necessity or science to see" the e*planation o everyday acts $y a generali;ation o those others which are less re&uent and orm the e*ception. Thus does the eruption o the volcano mani est the heat which is continually at wor" in the interior o the earth and to which the latter owes much o her con iguration. 2. Thus does the lightning reveal a su$tle power constantly $usy to produce changes in the inorganic world# and# as dead languages now seldom heard were once ruling among the nations# so does a giant tooth in 8i$eria# or a ossil in the depth o the earth# not only $ear record o the evolution o past ages# $ut there$y e*plains to us the origin o the hills and valleys which we inha$it today. 9. In this way a generali;ation o acts which are rare# strange# or orm the e*ception# has $een the magnetic needle guiding to all the discoveries o inductive science. 0. This method is ounded upon reason and e*perience and there$y destroyed superstition# precedent and conventionality. @. It is almost three-hundred years since Aord Bacon recommended this method o study# to which the civili;ed nations owe the greater part o their prosperity and the more valua$le part

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o their "nowledge: purging the mind rom narrow pre4udices# denominated theories# more e ectually than $y the "eenest irony: calling the attention o men rom heaven to earth more success ully $y surprising e*periments than $y the most orci$le demonstration o their ignorance: educating the inventive aculties more power ully $y the near prospect o use ul discoveries thrown open to all# than $y tal" o $ringing to light the innate laws o our mind. B. The method o Bacon has sei;ed the spirit and aim o the great philosophers o 7reece and carried them into e ect $y the new means o o$servation which another age o ered: thus gradually revealing a wondrous ield o "nowledge in the in inite space o astronomy# in the microscopic egg o em$ryology# and the dim age o geology: disclosing an order o the pulse which the logic o =ristotle could never have unveiled# and analy;ing into ormerly un"nown elements the material com$inations which no dialectic o the scholastics could orce apart. D. It has lengthened li e: it has mitigated pain: it has e*tinguished diseases: it has increased the ertility o the soil: it has given new securities to the mariner: it has spanned great rivers with $ridges o orm un"nown to our athers: it has guided the thunder$olt rom heaven to earth: it has lighted up night with the splendor o day: it has e*tended the range o human vision: it has multiplied the power o the human muscles: it has accelerated motion: it has annihilated distance: it has acilitated intercourse# correspondence# all riendly o ices# all dispatch o $usiness: it has ena$led men to descend into the depths o the sea# to soar into the air# to penetrate securely into the no*ious recesses o the earth. G. This then is the true nature and scope o induction. But the greater the success which men have achieved in the inductive science# the more does the whole tenor o their teachings and e*ample impress us with the necessity o o$serving care ully# patiently# accurately# with all the instruments and resources at our command the individual acts $e ore venturing upon a statement o general laws. H. To ascertain the $earing o the spar" drawn rom the electric machine under every variety o circumstances# that we thus may $e em$oldened with 5ran"lin to address# in the orm o a "ite# the &uestion to the cloud a$out the nature o the lightning. To assure ourselves o the manner in which $odies all with the e*actness o a 7alileo# that with Newton we may dare to as" the moon a$out the orce that astens it to the earth. FI. In short# $y the value we set upon truth# $y our hope in a steady and universal progress# not to permit a tyrannical pre4udice to neglect or mutilate unwelcome acts# $ut to rear the superstructure o science upon the $road and unchangea$le $asis# o ull attention paid to the most isolated as well as the most re&uent phenomena. FF. =n ever-increasing material may $e collected $y o$servation# $ut the accumulated acts are o very di erent value or the e*planation o nature# and as we esteem most highly those use ul &ualities o men which are o the rarest occurrence# so does natural philosophy si t the acts and attach a pre-eminent importance to that stri"ing class which cannot $e accounted or $y the usual and daily o$servation o li e. F2. I then# we ind that certain persons seem to possess unusual power# what are we to conclude< 5irst# we may say# it is not so# which is simply an ac"nowledgment o our lac" o in ormation $ecause every honest investigator admits that there are many strange and previously unaccounta$le phenomena constantly ta"ing place. Those# however# who $ecome ac&uainted with the creative power o thought# will no longer consider them unaccounta$le.

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F9. 8econd# we may say that they are the result o supernatural inter erence# $ut a scienti ic understanding o Natural Aaws will convince us that there is nothing supernatural. Every phenomenon is the result o an accurate de inite cause# and the cause is an immuta$le law or principle# which operates with invaria$le precision# whether the law is put into operation consciously or unconsciously. F0. Third# we may say that we are on > or$idden ground#> that there are some things which we should not "now. This o$4ection was used against every advance in human "nowledge. Every individual who ever advanced a new idea# whether a /olum$us# a +arwin# a 7alileo# a 5ulton or an Emerson# was su$4ected to ridicule or persecution: so that this o$4ection should receive no serious consideration: $ut# on the contrary# we should care ully consider every act which is $rought to our attention: $y doing this we will more readily ascertain the law upon which it is $ased. F@. It will $e ound that the creative power o thought will e*plain every possi$le condition or e*perience# whether physical# mental or spiritual. FB. Thought will $ring a$out conditions in correspondence with the predominant mental attitude. There ore# i we ear disaster# as ear is a power ul orm o thought# disaster will $e the certain result o our thin"ing. It is this orm o thought which re&uently sweeps away the result o many years o toil and e ort. FD. I we thin" o some orm o material wealth we may secure it. By concentrated thought the re&uired conditions will $e $rought a$out# and the proper e ort put orth# which will result in $ringing a$out the circumstances necessary to reali;e our desires: $ut we o ten ind that when we secure the things we thought we wanted# they do not have the e ect we e*pected. That is# the satis action is only temporary# or possi$ly is the reverse o what we e*pected. FG. !hat# then# is the proper method o procedure< !hat are we to thin" in order to secure what we really desire< !hat you and I desire# what we all desire# what every one is see"ing# is 'appiness and 'armony. I we can $e truly happy we shall have everything the world can give. I we are happy ourselves we can ma"e others happy. FH. But we cannot $e happy unless we have# health# strength# congenial riends# pleasant environment# su icient supply# not only to ta"e care o our necessities $ut to provide or those com orts and lu*uries to which we are entitled. 2I. The old orthodo* way o thin"ing was to $e >a worm#> to $e satis ied with our portion whatever it is: $ut the modern idea is to "now that we are entitled to the $est o everything# that the >5ather and I are one> and that the >5ather> is the 3niversal ,ind# the /reator# the 1riginal 8u$stance rom which all things proceed. 2F. Now admitting that his is all true in theory# and it has $een taught or two thousand years# and is the essence o every system o Philosophy or 6eligion# how are we to ma"e it practical in our lives< 'ow are we to get the actual# tangi$le results here and now< 22. In the irst place# we must put our "nowledge into practice. Nothing can $e accomplished in any other way. The athlete may read $oo"s and lessons on physical training all his li e# $ut unless he $egins to give out strength $y actual wor" he will never receive any strength: he will eventually get e*actly what he gives: $ut he will have to give it irst. It is e*actly the same with us: we will get e*actly what we give# $ut we shall have to give it irst. It will then return to us many old# and the giving is simply a mental process# $ecause thoughts are causes and
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conditions are e ects: there ore in giving thoughts o courage# inspiration# health or help o any "ind we are setting causes in motion which will $ring a$out their e ect. 29. Thought is a spiritual activity and is there ore creative# $ut ma"e no mista"e# thought will create nothing unless it is consciously# systematically# and constructively directed: and herein is the di erence $etween idle thin"ing# which is simply a dissipation o e ort# and constructive thin"ing# which means practically unlimited achievement. 20. !e have ound that everything we get comes to us $y the Aaw o =ttraction. = happy thought cannot e*ist in an unhappy consciousness: there ore the consciousness must change# and# as the consciousness changes# all conditions necessary to meet the changed consciousness must gradually change# in order to meet the re&uirements o the new situation. 2@. In creating a ,ental Image or an Ideal# we are pro4ecting a thought into the 3niversal 8u$stance rom which all things are created. This 3niversal 8u$stance is 1mnipresent# 1mnipotent and 1mniscient. =re we to in orm the 1mniscient as to the proper channel to $e used to materiali;e our demand< /an the inite advise the In inite< This is the cause o ailure: o every ailure. !e recogni;e the 1mnipresence o the 3niversal 8u$stance# $ut we ail to appreciate the act that this su$stance is not only 1mnipresent# $ut is 1mnipotent and 1mniscient# and conse&uently will set causes in motion concerning which we may $e entirely ignorant. 2B. !e can $est conserve our interests $y recogni;ing the In inite Power and In inite !isdom o the 3niversal ,ind# and in this way $ecome a channel where$y the In inite can $ring a$out the reali;ation o our desire. This means that recognition $rings a$out reali;ation# there ore or your e*ercise this wee" ma"e use o the principle# recogni;e the act that you are a part o the whole# and that a part must $e the same in "ind and &uality as the whole: the only di erence there can possi$ly $y# is in degree. 2D. !hen this tremendous act $egins to permeate your consciousness# when you really come into a reali;ation o the act that you Jnot your $ody# $ut the EgoK# the >I#> the spirit which thin"s is an integral part o the great whole# that it is the same in su$stance# in &uality# in "ind# that the /reator could create nothing di erent rom 'imsel # you will also $e a$le to say# >The 5ather and I are one> and you will come into an understanding o the $eauty# the grandeur# the transcendental opportunities which have $een placed at your disposal. >Increase in me that wisdom !hich discovers my truest interest# 8trengthen my resolution To per orm that which wisdom dictates.> - 5ran"lin

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%&RT T)IRTEE" Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
F2F. !hat is the method $y which natural philosophers o$tain and apply their "nowledge< To o$serve individual acts care ully# patiently# accurately# with all the instruments and resources at their command# $e ore venturing upon a statement o general laws. F22. 'ow may we $e certain that this method is correct< By not permitting a tyrannical pre4udice to neglect or mutilate unwelcome acts. F29. !hat class o acts are esteemed most highly< Those which cannot $e accounted or $y the usual daily o$servation o li e. F20. 3pon what is this principle ounded< 3pon reason and e*perience. F2@. !hat does it destroy< 8uperstition# precedent and conventionality. F2B. 'ow have these laws $een discovered< By a generali;ation o acts which are uncommon# rare# strange and orm the e*ception. F2D. 'ow may we account or much o the strange and hereto ore une*plaina$le phenomena which is constantly ta"ing place< By the creative power o thought. F2G. !hy is this so< Because when we learn o a act we can $e sure that it is the result o a certain de inite cause and that this cause will operate with invaria$le precision. F2H. !hat is the result o this "nowledge< It will e*plain the cause o every possi$le condition# whether physical# mental or spiritual. F9I. 'ow will our $est interest $e conserved< By a recognition o the act that a "nowledge o the creative nature o thought puts us in touch with In inite power.

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Cou have ound rom your study thus ar that thought is a spiritual activity and is there ore endowed with creative power. This does not mean that some thought is creative# $ut that all thought is creative. This same principle can $e $rought into operation in a negative way# through the process o denial. The conscious and su$conscious are $ut two phases o action in connection with one mind. The relation o the su$conscious to the conscious is &uite analogous to that e*isting $etween a weather vane and the atmosphere. Lust as the least pressure o the atmosphere causes an action on the part o the weather vane# so does the least thought entertained $y the conscious mind produce within your su$conscious mind action in e*act proportion to the depth o eeling characteri;ing the thought and the intensity with which the thought is indulged. It ollows that i you deny unsatis actory conditions# you are withdrawing the creative power o your thought rom these conditions. Cou are cutting them away at the root. Cou are sapping their vitality. 6emem$er that the law o growth necessarily governs every mani estation in the o$4ective# so that a denial o unsatis actory conditions will not $ring a$out instant change. = plant will remain visi$le or some time a ter its roots have $een cut# $ut it will gradually ade away and eventually disappear# so the withdrawal o your thought rom the contemplation o unsatis actory conditions will gradually# $ut surely# terminate these conditions. Cou will see that this is an e*actly opposite course rom the one which we would naturally $e inclined to adopt. It will there ore have an e*actly opposite e ect to the one usually secured. ,ost persons concentrate intently upon unsatis actory conditions# there$y giving the condition that measure o energy and vitality which is necessary in order to supply a vigorous growth. P=6T 5136TEEN F. The 3niversal Energy in which all motion# light# heat# and color have their origin# does not parta"e o the limitation o the many e ects o which it is the cause# $ut it is supreme over them all. This 3niversal 8u$stance is the source o all Power# !isdom and Intelligence. 2. To recogni;e this Intelligence is to ac&uaint yoursel with the "nowing &uality o ,ind and through it to move upon the 3niversal 8u$stance# and $ring it into harmonious relations in your a airs. 9. This is something that the most learned physical science teacher has not attempted -- a ield o discovery upon which he has not yet launched: in act# $ut ew o the materialistic schools have ever caught the irst ray o this light. It does not seem to have dawned upon them that wisdom is 4ust as much present everywhere as are orce and su$stance. 0. 8ome will say# i these principles are true# why are we not demonstrating them< =s the undamental principle is o$viously correct# why do we not get proper results< !e do. !e get results in e*act accordance with our understanding o the law and our a$ility to ma"e the

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proper application. !e secured no results rom the laws governing electricity until someone ormulated the law and showed us how to apply it. @. This puts us in an entirely new relation to our environment# opening up possi$ilities previously undreamed o # and this $y an orderly se&uence o law which is naturally involved in our new mental attitude. B. ,ind is creative and the principle upon which this law is $ased is sound and legitimate and is inherent in the nature o things: $ut this creative power does not originate in the individual# $ut in the 3niversal# which is the source and ountain o all energy and su$stance# the individual is simply the channel or the distri$ution o this energy. The individual is the means $y which the 3niversal produces the various com$inations which result in the ormation o phenomena. D. !e "now that scientists have resolved matter into an immense num$er o molecules: these molecules have $een resolved into atoms# and the atoms into electrons. The discovery o electrons in high vacuum glass tu$es containing used terminals o hard metal# indicates conclusively that these electrons ill all space: that they e*ist everywhere# that they are omnipresent. They ill all material $odies and occupy the whole o what we call empty space. This# then# is the 3niversal 8u$stance rom which all things proceed. G. Electrons would orever remain electrons unless directed where to go to $e assem$led into atoms and molecules# and this director is ,ind. = num$er o electrons revolving around a center o orce constitutes an atom: atoms unite in a$solutely regular mathematical ratios and orm molecules# and these unite with each other to orm a multitude o compounds which unite to $uild the 3niverse. H. The lightest "nown atom is hydrogen and this is F#DII times heavier than an electron. =n atom o mercury is 9II#III times heavier than an electron. Electrons are pure negative electricity# and as they have the same potential velocity as all other cosmic energy# such as heat# light# electricity and thought JFGH#9GI miles per secondK# neither time nor space re&uire consideration. The manner in which the velocity o light was ascertained is interesting. FI. The velocity o light was o$tained $y the +anish astronomer 6oemer in FBDB# $y o$serving the eclipses o Lupiter?s moons. !hen the earth was nearest to Lupiter# the eclipse appeared a$out eight and one-hal minutes too soon or the calculations# and when the earth was most remote rom Lupiter# they were a$out eight and one-hal minutes too late. 6oemer concluded the reason to $e that it re&uired FD minutes or light rom the planet to traverse the diameter o the earth?s or$it# which measured the di erence o the distances o the earth rom Lupiter. This calculation has since $een veri ied# and proves that light travels a$out FGB#III miles a second. FF. Electrons mani est in the $ody as cells# and possess mind and intelligence su icient or them to per orm their unctions in the human physical anatomy. Every part o the $ody is composed o cells# some o which operate independently: others in communities. 8ome are $usy $uilding tissue# while others are engaged in orming the various secretions necessary or the $ody. 8ome act as carriers o material: others are the surgeons whose wor" it is to repair damage: others are scavengers# carrying o waste: others are constantly ready to repel invaders or other undesira$le intruders o the germ amily. F2. =ll these cells are moving or a common purpose and each one is not only a living organism# $ut has su icient intelligence to ena$le it to per orm its necessary duties. It is also
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endowed with su icient intelligence to conserve the energies and perpetuate its own li e. It must# there ore# secure su icient nourishment and it has $een ound that it e*ercises choice in the selection o such nourishment. F9. Each cell is $orn# reproduces itsel # dies and is a$sor$ed. The maintenance o health and li e itsel depends upon the constant regeneration o these cells. F0. It is there ore apparent that there is mind in every atom o the $ody: this mind is negative mind# and the power o the individual to thin" ma"es him positive# so that he can control this negative mind. This is the scienti ic e*planation or metaphysical healing# and will ena$le anyone to understand the principle upon which this remar"a$le phenomenon rests. F@. This negative mind# which is contained in every cell o the $ody# has $een called the su$conscious mind# $ecause it acts without our conscious "nowledge. !e have ound that this su$conscious mind is responsive to the will o the conscious mind. FB. =ll things have their origin in mind# and appearances are the result o thought. 8o that we see that things in themselves have no origin# permanency# or reality. 8ince they are produced $y thought# they can $e erased $y thought. FD. In mental# as in natural science# e*periments are $eing made and each discovery li ts man one step higher toward his possi$le goal. !e ind that every man is the re lection o the thought he has entertained during his li etime. This is stamped on his ace# his orm# his character# his environment. FG. Bac" o every e ect there is a cause# and i we ollow the trail to its starting point# we shall ind the creative principle out o which it grew. Proo s o this are now so complete that this truth is generally accepted. FH. The o$4ective world is controlled $y an unseen and# hereto ore# une*plaina$le power. !e have# hereto ore# personali;ed this power and called it 7od. !e have now# however# learned to loo" upon it as the permeating essence or Principle o all that e*ists -- the In inite or 3niversal ,ind. 2I. The 3niversal ,ind# $eing in inite and omnipotent# has unlimited resources at its command# and when we remem$er that it is also omnipresent# we cannot escape the conclusion that we must $e an e*pression or mani estation o that ,ind. 2F. = recognition and understanding o the resources o the su$conscious mind will indicate that the only di erence $etween the su$conscious and the 3niversal is one o degree. They di er only as a drop o water di ers rom the ocean. They are the same in "ind and &uality# the di erence is one o degree only. 22. +o you# can you# appreciate the value o this all-important act: do you reali;e that a recognition o this tremendous act places you in touch with 1mnipotence< The su$conscious mind $eing the connecting lin" $etween the 3niversal ,ind and the conscious mind# is it not evident that the conscious mind can consciously suggest thoughts which the su$conscious mind will put into action# and as the su$conscious is one with the 3niversal# is it not evident that no limit can $e placed upon its activities< 29. = scienti ic understanding o this principle will e*plain the wonder ul results which are secured through the power o prayer. The results which are secured in this way are not $rought a$out $y any special dispensations o providence# $ut on the contrary# they are the

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result o the operation o a per ectly natural law. There is# there ore# nothing either religious or mysterious a$out it. 20. Cet there are many who are not ready to enter into the discipline necessary to thin" correctly# even though it is evident that wrong thin"ing has $rought ailure. 2@. Thought is the only reality: conditions are $ut the outward mani estations: as the thought changes# all outward or material conditions must change in order to $e in harmony with their creator# which is thought. 2B. But the thought must $e clear cut# steady# i*ed# de inite# unchangea$le: you cannot ta"e one step orward and two steps $ac"ward# neither can you spend twenty or thirty years o your li e $uilding up negative conditions as the result o negative thoughts# and then e*pect to see them all melt away as the result o i teen or twenty minutes o right thin"ing. 2D. I you enter into the discipline necessary to $ring a$out a radical change in your li e# you must do so deli$erately# a ter giving the matter care ul thought and ull consideration# and then you must allow nothing to inter ere with your decision. 2G. This discipline# this change o thought# this mental attitude will not only $ring you the material things which are necessary or your highest and $est wel are# $ut will $ring health and harmonious conditions generally. 2H. I you wish harmonious conditions in your li e# you must develop an harmonious mental attitude. 9I. Cour world without will $e a re lection o your world within. 9F. 5or your e*ercise this wee"# concentrate on 'armony# and when I say concentrate# I mean all that the word implies: concentrate so deeply# so earnestly# that you will $e conscious o nothing $ut harmony. 6emem$er# we learn $y doing. 6eading these lessons will get you nowhere. It is in the practical application that the value consists. >Aearn to "eep the door shut# "eep out o your mind and out o your world# every element that see"s admittance with no de inite help ul end in view.> - 7eorge ,atthew =dams

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%&RT FO#RTEE" Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
F9F. !hat is the source o all !isdom# Power and Intelligence< The 3niversal ,ind. F92. !here do all motion# light# heat and color have their origin< In the 3niversal Energy# which is one mani estation o the 3niversal ,ind. F99. !here does the creative power o thought originate< In the 3niversal ,ind. F90. !hat is thought< ,ind in motion. F9@. 'ow is the 3niversal di erentiated in orm< The individual is the means $y which the 3niversal produces the various com$inations which result in ormation o phenomena. F9B. 'ow is this accomplished< The power o the individual to thin" is his a$ility to act upon the 3niversal and $ring it into mani estation. F9D. !hat is the irst orm which the 3niversal ta"es so ar as we "now< Electrons# which ill all space. F9G. !here do all things have their origin< In mind. F9H. !hat is the result o a change o thought< = change in conditions. F0I. !hat is the result o a harmonious mental attitude< 'armonious conditions in li e. Thought# immaterial though it may $e# is the matri* that shapes the issues o li e. >The mind has $een active in all ields during this ruit ul century# $ut it is to science we must loo" or the thoughts that have shaped all thin"ing.>

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E*periments with parasites ound on plants indicate that even the lowest order o li e is ena$led to ta"e advantage o natural law. This e*periment was made $y Lac&ues Aoch# ,.+.# Ph. +.# a mem$er o the 6oc"e eller Institute. >In order to o$tain the material# potted rose $ushes are $rought into a room and placed in ront o a closed window. I the plants are allowed to dry out# the aphids JparasitesK# previously wingless# change to winged insects. = ter the metamorphosis# the animals leave the plants# ly to the window and then creep upward on the glass.> It is evident that these tiny insects ound that the plants on which they had $een thriving were dead# and that they could there ore secure nothing more to eat and drin" rom this source. The only method $y which they could save themselves rom starvation was to grow temporary wings and ly# which they did. E*periments such as these indicate that 1mniscience as well as 1mnipotence is omnipresent and that the tiniest living thing can ta"e advantage o it in an emergency. Part 5i teen will tell you more a$out the law under which we live. It will e*plain that these laws operate to our advantage: that all conditions and e*periences that come to us are or our $ene it: that we gain strength in proportion to the e ort e*pended# and that our happiness is $est attained through a conscious cooperation with natural laws. P=6T 5I5TEEN F. The laws under which we live are designed solely or our advantage. These laws are immuta$le and we cannot escape rom their operation. 2. =ll the great eternal orces act in solemn silence# $ut it is in our power to place ourselves in harmony with them and thus e*press a li e o comparative peace and happiness. 9. +i iculties# inharmonies# and o$stacles# indicate that we are either re using to give out what we no longer need# or re using to accept what we re&uire. 0. 7rowth is attained through an e*change o the old or the new# o the good or the $etter: it is a conditional or reciprocal action# or each o us is a complete thought entity and this completeness ma"es it possi$le or us to receive only as we give. @. !e cannot o$tain what we lac" i we tenaciously cling to what we have. !e are a$le to consciously control our conditions as we come to sense the purpose o what we attract# and are a$le to e*tract rom each e*perience only what we re&uire or our urther growth. 1ur a$ility to do this determines the degree o harmony or happiness we attain. B. The a$ility to appropriate what we re&uire or our growth# continually increases as we reach higher planes and $roader visions# and the greater our a$ilities to "now what we re&uire# the more certain we shall $e to discern its presence# to attract it and to a$sor$ it. Nothing may reach us e*cept what is necessary or our growth.

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D. =ll conditions and e*periences that come to us do so or our $ene it. +i iculties and o$stacles will continue to come until we a$sor$ their wisdom and gather rom them the essentials o urther growth. G. That we reap what we sow is mathematically e*act. !e gain permanent strength e*actly to the e*tent o the e ort re&uired to overcome di iculties. H. The ine*ora$le re&uirements o growth demand that we e*ert the greatest degree o attraction or what is per ectly in accord with us. 1ur highest happiness will $e $est attained through our understanding o # and conscious cooperation with natural laws. FI. In order to possess vitality thought must $e impregnated with love. Aove is a product o the emotions. It is there ore essential that the emotions $e controlled and guided $y the intellect and reason. FF. It is love which imparts vitality to thought and thus ena$les it to germinate. The law o attraction# or the law o love# or they are one and the same# will $ring to it the necessary material or its growth and maturity. F2. The irst orm which thought will ind is language# or words: this determines the importance o words: they are the irst mani estation o thought -- the vessels in which thought is carried. They ta"e hold o the ether and $y setting it in motion reproduce the thought to others in the orm o sound. F9. Thought may lead to action o any "ind# $ut whatever the action# it is simply the thought attempting to e*press itsel in visi$le orm. It is evident# there ore# that i we wish desira$le conditions# we can a ord to entertain only desira$le thoughts. F0. This leads to the inevita$le conclusion that i we wish to e*press a$undance in our lives# we can a ord to thin" a$undance only# and as words are only thoughts ta"ing orm# we must $e especially care ul to use nothing $ut constructive and harmonious language# which when inally crystalli;ed into o$4ective orms# will prove to our advantage. F@. !e cannot escape rom the pictures we incessantly photograph on the mind# and this photography o erroneous conceptions is e*actly what is $eing done $y the use o words# when we use any orm o language which is not identi ied with our wel are. FB. !e mani est more and more li e as our thought $ecomes clari ied and ta"es higher planes. This is o$tained with greater acility as we use word pictures that are clearly de ined# and relieved o the conceptions attached to them on lower planes o thought. FD. It is with words that we must e*press our thoughts# and i we are to ma"e use o higher orms o truth# we may use only such material as has $een care ully and intelligently selected with this purpose in view. FG. This wonder ul power o clothing thoughts in the orm o words is what di erentiates man rom the rest o the animal "ingdom: $y the use o the written word he has $een ena$led to loo" $ac" over the centuries and see the stirring scenes $y which he has come into his present inheritance.

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FH. 'e has $een ena$led to come into communion with the greatest writers and thin"ers o all time# and the com$ined record which we possess today is there ore the e*pression o 3niversal Thought as it has $een see"ing to ta"e orm in the mind o ,an. 2I. !e "now that the 3niversal Thought has or its goal the creation o orm# and we "now that the individual thought is li"ewise orever attempting to e*press itsel in orm# and we "now that the word is a thought orm# and a sentence is a com$ination o thought orms# there ore# i we wish our ideal to $e $eauti ul or strong# we must see that the words out o which this temple will eventually $e created are e*act# that they are put together care ully# $ecause accuracy in $uilding words and sentences is the highest orm o architecture in civili;ation and is a passport to success. 2F. !ords are thoughts and are there ore an invisi$le and invinci$le power which will inally o$4ecti y themselves in the orm they are given. 22. !ords may $ecome mental places that will live orever# or they may $ecome shac"s which the irst $ree;e will carry away. They may delight the eye as well as the ear: they may contain all "nowledge: in them we ind the history o the past as well as the hope o the uture: they are living messengers rom which every human and superhuman activity is $orn. 29. The $eauty o the word consists in the $eauty o the thought: the power o the word consists in the power o the thought# and the power o the thought consists in its vitality. 'ow shall we identi y a vital thought< !hat are its distinguishing characteristics< It must have principle. 'ow shall we identi y principle< 20. There is a principle o ,athematics# $ut none o error: there is a principle o health# $ut none o disease: there is a principle o truth# $ut none o dishonesty: there is a principle o light# $ut none o dar"ness# and there is a principle o a$undance# $ut none o poverty. 2@. 'ow shall we "now that this is true< Because i we apply the principle o ,athematics correctly we shall $e certain o our results. !here there is health there will $e no disease. I we "now the Truth we cannot $e deceived $y error. I we let in light there can $e no dar"ness# and where there is a$undance there can $e no poverty. 2B. These are sel -evident acts# $ut the all-important truth that a thought containing principle is vital and there ore contains li e and conse&uently ta"es root# and eventually $ut surely and certainly displaces the negative thoughts# which $y their very nature can contain no vitality# is one which seems to have $een overloo"ed. 2D. But this is a act which will ena$le you to destroy every manner o discord# lac" and limitation. 2G. There can $e no &uestion $ut that he who >is wise enough to understand> will readily recogni;e that the creative power o thought places an invinci$le weapon in his hands and ma"es him a master o destiny. 2H. In the physical world there is a law o compensation which is that >the appearance o a given amount o energy anywhere means the disappearance o the same amount somewhere else#> and so we ind that we can get only what we give: i we pledge ourselves to a certain action we must $e prepared to assume the responsi$ility or the development o that action. The su$conscious cannot reason. It ta"es us at our word: we have as"ed or

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something: we are now to receive it: we have made our $ed# we are now to lie in it: the die has $een cast: the threads will carry out the pattern we have made. 9I. 5or this reason Insight must $e e*ercised so that the thought which we entertain contains no mental# moral or physical germ which we do not wish o$4ecti ied in our lives. 9F. Insight is a aculty o the mind where$y we are ena$led to e*amine acts and conditions at long range# a "ind o human telescope: it ena$les us to understand the di iculties# as well as the possi$ilities# in any underta"ing. 92. Insight ena$les us to $e prepared or the o$stacles which we shall meet: we can there ore overcome them $e ore they have any opportunity o causing di iculty. 99. Insight ena$les us to plan to advantage and turn our thought and attention in the right direction# instead o into channels which can yield no possi$le return. 90. Insight is there ore a$solutely essential or the development o any great achievement# $ut with it we may enter# e*plore and possess any mental ield. 9@. Insight is a product o the world within and is developed in the 8ilence# $y concentration. 9B. 5or your e*ercise this wee"# concentrate on Insight: ta"e your accustomed position and ocus the thought on the act that to have a "nowledge o the creative power o thought does not mean to possess the art o thin"ing. Aet the thought dwell on the act that "nowledge does not apply itsel . That our actions are not governed $y "nowledge# $ut $y custom# precedent and ha$it. That the only way we can get ourselves to apply "nowledge is $y a determined conscious e ort. /all to mind the act that "nowledge unused passes rom the mind# that the value o the in ormation is in the application o the principle: continue this line o thought until you gain su icient insight to ormulate a de inite program or applying this principle to your own particular pro$lem. >Thin" truly# and thy thoughts 8hall the world?s amine eed: 8pea" truly# and each word o thine 8hall $e a ruit ul seed: Aive truly# and thy li e shall $e = great and no$le creed.> - 'oratio Bonar

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%&RT FIFTEE" Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
F0F. !hat determines the degree o harmony which we attain< 1ur a$ility to appropriate what we re&uire or our growth rom each e*perience. F02. !hat do di iculties and o$stacles indicate< That they are necessary or our wisdom and spiritual growth. F09. 'ow may these di iculties $e avoided< By a conscious understanding o and cooperation with Natural laws. F00. !hat is the principle $y which thought mani ests itsel in orm< The Aaw o =ttraction. F0@. 'ow is the necessary material secured $y which the growth# development and maturity o the idea ta"e orm< The law o love# which is the creative principle o the 3niverse# imparts vitality to the thought# and the law o attraction $rings the necessary su$stance $y the law o growth. F0B. 'ow are desira$le conditions secured< By entertaining desira$le thoughts only. F0D. 'ow are undesira$le conditions $rought a$out< By thin"ing# discussing and visuali;ing conditions o lac"# limitation# disease# inharmony and discord o every "ind. This mental photography o erroneous conceptions is ta"en up $y the su$conscious and the law o attraction will inevita$le crystalli;e it into o$4ective orm. That we reap what we sow is scienti ically e*act. F0G. 'ow can we overcome every "ind o ear# lac". limitation# poverty and discord< By su$stituting principle or error. F0H. 'ow may we recogni;e principle< By a conscious reali;ation o the act that Truth invaria$ly destroys error. !e do not have to la$oriously shovel the dar"ness out: all that is necessary is to turn on the light. The same principle applies to every orm o negative thought. F@I. !hat is the value o Insight< It ena$les us to understand the value o ma"ing application o the "nowledge which we gain. ,any seem to thin" that "nowledge will automatically apply itsel # which is $y no means true. >To every man there openeth a way# =nd the high soul clim$s the high way# =nd the low soul gropes the low: =nd in $etween on the misty lats# The rest dri t to and ro. But to every man there openeth = high way and a low
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=nd every man decideth The way his soul shall go.>

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The vi$ratory activities o the planetary 3niverse are governed $y a law o periodicity. Everything that lives has periods o $irth# growth# ruitage# and decline. These periods are governed $y the 8eptimal Aaw. The Aaw o 8evens governs the days o the wee"# the phases o the moon# the harmonies o sound# light# heat# electricity# magnetism# atomic structure. It governs the li e o individuals and o nations# and it dominates the activities o the commercial world. Ai e is growth# and growth is change# each seven years period ta"es us into a new cycle. The irst seven years is the period o in ancy. The ne*t seven the period o childhood# representing the $eginning o individual responsi$ility. The ne*t seven represents the period o adolescence. The ourth period mar"s the attainment o ull growth. The i th period is the constructive period# when men $egin to ac&uire property# possessions# a home and amily. The ne*t rom 9@ to 02# is a period o reactions and changes# and this in turn is ollowed $y a period o reconstruction# ad4ustment and recuperation# so as to $e ready or a new cycle o sevens# $eginning with the i tieth year. There are many who thin" that the world is 4ust $out to pass out o the si*th period: that it will soon enter into the seventh period# the period o read4ustment# reconstruction and harmony: the period which is re&uently re erred to as the ,illennium. Those amiliar with these cycles will not $e distur$ed when things seem to go wrong# $ut can apply the principle outlined in these lessons with the ull assurance that a higher law will invaria$ly control all other laws# and that through an understanding and conscious operation o spiritual laws# we can convert every seeming di iculty into a $lessing. P=6T 8IOTEEN F. !ealth is a product o la$or. /apital is an e ect# not a cause: a servant# not a master: a means# not an end. 2. The most commonly accepted de inition o wealth is that it consists o all use ul and agreea$le things which possess e*change value. It is this e*change value which is the predominant characteristic o wealth. 9. !hen we consider the small addition made $y wealth to the happiness o the possessor# we ind that the true value consists not in its utility $ut in its e*change. 0. This e*change value ma"es it a medium or securing the things o real value where$y our ideals may $e reali;ed. @. !ealth should then never $e desired as an end# $ut simply as a means o accomplishing an end. 8uccess is contingent upon a higher ideal than the mere accumulation o riches# and he who aspires to such success must ormulate an ideal or which he is willing to strive. B. !ith such an ideal in mind# the ways and means can and will $e provided# $ut the mista"e must not $e made o su$stituting the means or the end. There must $e a de inite i*ed purpose# an ideal.

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D. Prentice ,ul ord said: >The man o success is the man possessed o the greatest spiritual understanding and every great ortune comes o superior and truly spiritual power.> 3n ortunately# there are those who ail to recogni;e this power: they orget that =ndrew /arnegie?s mother had to help support the amily when they came to =merica# that 'arriman?s ather was a poor clergyman with a salary o only P2II.II a year# that 8ir Thomas Aipton started with only 2@ cents. These men had no other power to depend upon# $ut it did not ail them. G. The power to create depends entirely upon spiritual power: there are three steps# ideali;ation# visuali;ation and materiali;ation. Every captain o industry depends upon this power e*clusively. In an article in Every$ody?s ,aga;ine# 'enry ,. 5lagler# the 8tandard 1il multi-millionaire# admitted that the secret o his success was his power to see a thing in its completeness. The ollowing conversation with the reporter shows his power o ideali;ation# concentration and visuali;ation# all spiritual powers: H. >+id you actually vision to yoursel the whole thing< I mean# did you# or could you# really close your eyes and see the trac"s< =nd the trains running< and hear the whistles $lowing: +id you go as ar as that<> >Ces.> >'ow clearly<> >Nery clearly.> FI. 'ere we have a vision o the law# we see >cause and e ect># we see that thought necessarily precedes and determines action. I we are wise# we shall come into a reali;ation o the tremendous act that no ar$itrary condition can e*ist or a moment# and that human e*perience is the result o an orderly and harmonious se&uence. FF. The success ul $usiness man is more o ten than not an idealist and is every striving or higher and higher standards. The su$tle orces o thought as they crystalli;e in our daily moods is what constitutes li e. F2. Thought is the plastic material with which we $uild images o our growing conception o li e. 3se determines its e*istence. =s in all other things our a$ility to recogni;e it and use it properly is the necessary condition or attainment. F9. Premature wealth is $ut the orerunner o humiliation and disaster# $ecause we cannot permanently retain anything which we do not merit or which we have not earned. F0. The conditions with which we meet in the world without# correspond to the conditions which we ind in the world within. This is $rought a$out $y the law o attraction. 'ow then shall we determine what is to enter into the world within< F@. !hatever enters the mind through the senses or the o$4ective mind will impress the mind and result in a mental image which will $ecome a pattern or the creative energies. These e*periences are largely the result o environment# chance# past thin"ing and other orms o negative thought# and must $e su$4ected to care ul analysis $e ore $eing entertained. 1n the other hand# we can orm our own mental images# through our own interior processes o thought regardless o the thoughts o others# regardless o e*terior conditions# regardless o environment o every "ind# and it is $y the e*ercise o this power that we can control our own destiny# $ody# mind and soul. FB. It is $y the e*ercise o this power that we ta"e our ate out o the hands o chance# and consciously ma"e or ourselves the e*periences which we desire# $ecause when we

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consciously reali;e a condition# that condition will eventually mani est in our lives: it is there ore evident that in the last analysis thin"ing is the one great cause in li e. FD. There ore# to control thought is to control circumstances# conditions# environment# and destiny. FG. 'ow then are we to control thought: what is the process< To thin" is to create a thought# $ut the result o the thought will depend upon its orm# its &uality and its vitality. FH. The orm will depend upon the mental images rom which it emanates: this will depend upon the depth o the impression# the predominance o the idea# the clarity o the vision# the $oldness o the image. 2I. The &uality depends upon its su$stance# and this depends upon the material o which the mind is composed: i this material has $een woven rom thoughts o vigor# strength# courage# determination# the thought will possess these &ualities. 2F. =nd inally# the vitality depends upon the eeling with which the thought is impregnated. I the thought is constructive# it will possess vitality: it will have li e# it will grow# develop# e*pand# it will $e creative: it will attract to itsel everything necessary or its complete development. 22. I the thought is destructive# it will have within itsel the germ o its own dissolution: it will die# $ut in the process o dying# it will $ring sic"ness# disease# and every other orm o discord. 29. This we call evil# and when we $ring it upon ourselves# some o us are disposed to attri$ute our di iculties to a 8upreme Being# $ut this supreme $eing is simply ,ind in e&uili$rium. 20. It is neither good nor $ad# it simply is. 2@. 1ur a$ility to di erentiate it into orm is our a$ility to mani est good or evil. 2B. 7ood and evil there ore are not entities# they are simply words which we use to indicate the result o our actions# and these actions are in turn predetermined $y the character o our thought. 2D. I our thought is constructive and harmonious we mani est good: i it is destructive and discordant we mani est evil. 2G. I you desire to visuali;e a di erent environment# the process is simply to hold the ideal in mind# until your vision has $een made real: give no thought to persons# places or things: these have no place in the a$solute: the environment you desire will contain everything necessary: the right persons# and the right things will come at the right time and in the right place. 2H. It is sometimes not plain how character# a$ility# attainment# achievement# environment and destiny can $e controlled through the power o visuali;ation# $ut this is an e*act scienti ic act.

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9I. Cou will readily see that what we thin" determines the &uality o mind# and that the &uality o mind in turn determines our a$ility and mental capacity# and you can readily understand that the improvement in our a$ility will naturally $e ollowed $y increase in attainment and a greater control o circumstances. 9F. It will thus $e seen that Natural laws wor" in a per ectly natural and harmonious manner: everything seems to >4ust happen.> I you want any evidence o this act simply compare results o your e orts in your own li e# when your actions were prompted $y high ideals and when you had sel ish or ulterior motives in mind. Cou will need no urther evidence. 92. I you wish to $ring a$out the reali;ation o any desire# orm a mental picture o success in your mind# $y consciously visuali;ing your desire: in this way you will $e compelling success# you will $e e*ternali;ing it in your li e $y scienti ic methods. 99. !e can only see what already e*ists in the o$4ective world# $ut what we visuali;e# already e*ists in the spiritual world# and this visuali;ation is a su$stantial to"en o what will one day appear in the o$4ective world# i we are aith ul to our ideal. The reason or this is not di icult: visuali;ation is a orm o imagination: this process o thin"ing orms impressions on the mind# and these impressions in turn orm concepts and ideals# and they in turn are the plans rom which the ,aster architect will weave the uture. 90. The psychologists have come to the conclusion that there is $ut one sense# the sense o eeling# and that all other senses are $ut modi ications o this one sense: this $eing true# we "now why eeling is the very ountain head o power# why the emotions so easily overcome the intellect# and why we must put eeling into our thought# i we wish results. Thought and eeling is the irresisti$le com$ination. 9@. Nisuali;ation must# o course# $e directed $y the will: we are to visuali;e e*actly what we want: we must $e care ul not to let the imagination run riot. Imagination is a good servant $ut a poor master# and unless it is controlled it may easily lead us into all "inds o speculations and conclusions which have no $asis or oundation o act whatever. Every "ind o plausi$le opinion is lia$le to $e accepted without any analytical e*amination and the inevita$le result is mental chaos. 9B. !e must there ore construct only such mental images as are "nown to $e scienti ically true. 8u$4ect every idea to a searching analysis and accept nothing which is not scienti ically e*act. !hen you do this you will attempt nothing $ut what you "now you can carry out and success will crown your e orts: this is what $usinessmen call ar-sightedness: it is much the same as insight# and is one o the great secrets o success in all important underta"ings. 9D. 5or your e*ercise this wee"# try to $ring yoursel to a reali;ation o the important act that harmony and happiness are states o consciousness and do not depend upon the possession o things. That things are e ects and come as a conse&uence o correct mental states. 8o that i we desire material possession o any "ind our chie concern should $e to ac&uire the mental attitude which will $ring a$out the result desired. This mental attitude is $rought a$out $y a reali;ation o our spiritual nature and our unity with the 3niversal ,ind which is the su$stance o all things. This reali;ation will $ring a$out everything which is necessary or our complete en4oyment. This is scienti ic or correct thin"ing. !hen we succeed in $ringing a$out this mental attitude it is comparatively easy to reali;e our desire as an already accomplished act: when we can do this we shall have ound the >Truth> which ma"es us > ree> rom every lac" or limitation o any "ind.

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>= man might rame and let loose a star# to roll in its or$it# and yet not have done so memora$le a thing $e ore 7od as he who lets a golden-or$ed thought to roll through the generations o time.> - '. !. Beecher

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%&RT SI+TEE" Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
F@F. 3pon what does wealth depend< 3pon an understanding o the creative nature o thought. F@2. 3pon what does its true value consist< 3pon its e*change value. F@9. 3pon what does success depend< 3pon spiritual power. F@0. 3pon what does this power depend< 3pon use: use determines its e*istence. F@@. 'ow may we ta"e our ate out o the hands o chance< By consciously reali;ing the conditions which we desire to see mani ested in our lives. F@B. !hat then is the great $usiness o li e< Thin"ing. F@D. !hy is this so< Because thought is spiritual and there ore creative. To consciously control thought is there ore to control circumstances# conditions# environment and destiny. F@G. !hat is the source o all evil< +estructive thin"ing. F@H. !hat is the source o all good< 8cienti ic correct thin"ing. FBI. !hat is scienti ic thin"ing< = recognition o the creative nature o spiritual energy and our a$ility to control it. (The greatest events o an age are its $est thoughts. It is the nature o thought to ind its way into action.> -Bovee.

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The "ind o +eity which a man# consciously or unconsciously# worships# indicates the intellectual status o the worshipper. =s" the Indian o 7od# and he will descri$e to you a power ul chie tain o a glorious tri$e. =s" the Pagan o 7od# and he will tell you o a 7od o ire# a 7od o water# a god o this# that# and the other. =s" the Israelite o 7od# and he will tell you o the 7od o ,oses# who conceived it e*pedient to rule $y coercive measures: hence# the Ten /ommandments. 1r o Loshua# who led the Israelites into $attle# con iscated property# murdered the prisoners# and laid waste to cities. The so-called heathen made >graven images> o their 7ods# whom they were accustomed to worship# $ut among the most intelligent# at least# these images were $ut the visi$le ulcrums with which they were ena$led to mentally concentrate on the &ualities which they desired to e*ternali;e in their lives. !e o the twenty- irst century worship a 7od o Aove in theory# $ut in practice we ma"e or ourselves >graven images> o >!ealth#> >Power#> >5ashion#> >/ustom> and >/onventionality.> !e > all down> $e ore them and worship them. !e concentrate on them and they are there$y e*ternali;ed in our lives. The student who masters the contents o Part 8eventeen will not mista"e the sym$ols or the reality: he will $e interested in causes# rather than e ects. 'e will concentrate on the realities o li e# and will then not $e disappointed in the results. P=6T 8ENENTEEN F. !e are told that ,an has >dominion over all things>: this dominion is esta$lished through ,ind. Thought is the activity which controls every principle $eneath it. The highest principle $y reason o its superior essence and &ualities necessarily determines the circumstances# aspects and relation o everything with which it comes in contact. 2. The vi$rations o ,ental orces are the inest and conse&uently the most power ul in e*istence. To those who perceive the nature and transcendency o mental orce# all physical power sin"s into insigni icance. 9. !e are accustomed to loo" upon the 3niverse with a lens o ive senses# and rom these e*periences our anthropomorphic conceptions originate# $ut true conceptions are only secured $y spiritual insight. This insight re&uires a &uic"ening o the vi$rations o the ,ind# and is only secured when the mind is continuously concentrated in a given direction. 0. /ontinuous concentration means an even# un$ro"en low o thought and is the result o patient# persistent# persevering and well-regulated system. @. 7reat discoveries are the result o long-continued investigation. The science o mathematics re&uires years o concentrated e ort to master it# and the greatest science -that o the ,ind -- is revealed only through concentrated e ort.

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B. /oncentration is much misunderstood: there seems to $e an idea o e ort or activity associated with it# when 4ust the contrary is necessary. The greatness o an actor lies in the act that he orgets himsel in the portrayal o his character# $ecoming so identi ied with it# that the audience is swayed $y the realism o the per ormance. This will give you a good idea o true concentration: you should $e so interested in your thought# so engrossed in your su$4ect# as to $e conscious o nothing else. 8uch concentration leads to intuitive perception and immediate insight into the nature o the o$4ect concentrated upon. D. =ll "nowledge is the result o concentration o this "ind: it is thus that the secrets o 'eaven and Earth have $een wrested: it is thus that the mind $ecomes a magnet and the desire to "now draws the "nowledge# irresisti$ly attracts it# ma"es it your own. G. +esire is largely su$conscious: conscious desire rarely reali;es its o$4ect when the latter is out o immediate reach. 8u$conscious desire arouses the latent aculties o the mind# and di icult pro$lems seem to solve themselves. H. The su$conscious mind may $e aroused and $rought into action in any direction and made to serve us or any purpose# $y concentration. The practice o concentration re&uires the control o the physical# mental# and physical $eing: all modes o consciousness whether physical# mental# or physical# must $e under control. FI. 8piritual Truth is there ore the controlling actor: it is this which will ena$le you to grow out o limited attainment and reach a point where you will $e a$le to translate modes o thought into character and consciousness. FF. /oncentration does not mean mere thin"ing o thoughts# $ut the transmutation o these thoughts into practical values: the average person has no conception o the meaning o concentration. There is always the cry >to have> $ut never the cry >to $e>: they ail to understand that they cannot have one without the other# that they must irst ind the >"ingdom> $e ore they can have the >things added.> ,omentary enthusiasm is o no value: it is only with un$ounded sel -con idence that the goal is reached. F2. The mind may place the ideal a little too high and all short o the mar": it may attempt to soar on untrained wings and instead o lying# all to earth: $ut that is no reason or not ma"ing another attempt. F9. !ea"ness is the only $arrier to mental attainment: attri$ute your wea"ness to physical limitations or mental uncertainties and try again: ease and per ection are gained $y repetition. F0. The astronomer centers his mind on the stars and they give orth their secrets: the geologists centers his mind on the construction o the earth and we have geology: so with all things. ,en center their minds on the pro$lems o li e# and the result is apparent in the vast and comple* social order o the day. F@. =ll mental discovery and attainment are the result o desire plus concentration: desire is the strongest mode o action: the more persistent the desire# the more authoritative the revelation. +esire added to concentration will wrench any secret rom nature. FB. In reali;ing great thoughts# in e*periencing great emotions that correspond with great thoughts# the mind is in a state where it appreciates the value o higher things.

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FD. The intensity o one moment?s earnest concentration and the intense longing to $ecome and to attain may ta"e you urther than years o slow normal and orced e ort: it will un asten the prison $ars o un$elie # wea"ness# impotence and sel -$elittlement# and you will come into a reali;ation o the 4oy o overcoming. FG. The spirit o initiative and originality is developed through persistence and continuity o mental e ort. Business teaches the value o concentration and encourages decision o character: it develops practical insight and &uic"ness o conclusion. The mental element in every commercial pursuit is dominant as the controlling actor# and desire is the predominating orce: all commercial relations are the e*ternali;ation o desire. FH. ,any o the sturdy and su$stantial virtues are developed in commercial employment: the mind is steadied and directed: it $ecomes e icient. The principal necessity is the strengthening o the mind so that it rises superior to the distractions and wayward impulses o instinctive li e and thus success ully overcomes in the con lict $etween the higher and lower sel . 2I. =ll o us are dynamos# $ut the dynamo o itsel is nothing: the mind must wor" the dynamo: then it is use ul and its energy can $e de initely concentrated. The mind is an engine whose power is undreamed: thought is an omni-wor"ing power. It is the ruler and creator o all orm and all events occurring in orm. Physical energy is nothing in comparison with the omnipotence o thought# $ecause thought ena$les man to harness all other natural power. 2F. Ni$ration is the action o thought: it is vi$ration which reaches out and attracts the material necessary to construct and $uild. There is nothing mysterious concerning the power o thought: concentration simply implies that consciousness can $e ocali;ed to the point where it $ecomes identi ied with the o$4ect o its attention. =s ood a$sor$ed is the essence o the $ody# so the mind a$sor$s the o$4ect o its attention# gives it li e and $eing. 22. I you concentrate on some matter o importance# the intuitive power will $e set in operation# and help will come in the nature o in ormation which will lead to success. 29. Intuition arrives at conclusions without the aid o e*perience or memory. Intuition o ten solves pro$lems that are $eyond the grasp o the reasoning power. Intuition o ten comes with a suddenness that is startling: it reveals the truth or which we are searching# so directly that it seems to come rom a higher power. Intuition can $e cultivated and developed: in order to do this it must $e recogni;ed and appreciated: i the intuitive visitor is given a royal welcome when he comes# he will come again: the more cordial the welcome the more re&uent his visits will $ecome# $ut i he is ignored or neglected he will ma"e his visits ew and ar apart. 20. Intuition usually comes in the 8ilence: great minds see" solitude re&uently: it is here that all the larger pro$lems o li e are wor"ed out. 5or this reason every $usinessman who can a ord it has a private o ice# where he will not $e distur$ed: i you cannot a ord a private o ice you can at least ind somewhere# where you can $e alone a ew minutes each day# to train the thought along lines which will ena$le you to develop that invinci$le power which is necessary to achieve. 2@. 6emem$er that undamentally the su$conscious is omnipotent: there is no limit to the things that can $e done when it is given the power to act. Cour degree o success is determined $y the nature o your desire. I the nature o your desire is in harmony with

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Natural Aaw or the 3niversal ,ind# it will gradually emancipate the mind and give you invinci$le courage. 2B. Every o$stacle con&uered# every victory gained# will give you more aith in your power# and you will have greater a$ility to win. Cour strength is determined $y your mental attitude: i this attitude is one o success# and is permanently held with an unswerving purpose# you will attract to you rom the invisi$le domain the things you silently demand. 2D. By "eeping the thought in mind# it will gradually ta"e tangi$le orm. = de inite purpose sets causes in motion which go out in the invisi$le world and ind the material necessary to serve your purpose. 2G. Cou may $e pursuing the sym$ols o power# instead o power itsel . Cou may $e pursuing ame instead o honor# riches instead o wealth# position instead o servitude: in either event you will ind that they turn to ashes 4ust as you overta"e them. 2H. Premature wealth or position cannot $e retained $ecause it has not $een earned: we get only what we give# and those who try to get without giving always ind that the law o compensation is relentlessly $ringing a$out an e*act e&uili$rium. 9I. The race has usually $een or money and other mere sym$ols o power# $ut with an understanding o the true source o power# we can a ord to ignore the sym$ols. The man with a large $an" account inds it unnecessary to load his poc"ets down with gold: so with the man who has ound the true source o power: he is no longer interested in its shams or pretensions. 9F. Thought ordinarily leads outwardly in evolutionary directions# $ut it can $e turned within where it will ta"e hold o the $asic principles o things# the heart o things# the spirit o things. !hen you get to the heart o things it is comparatively easy to understand and command them. 92. This is $ecause the 8pirit o a thing is the thing itsel # the vital part o it# the real su$stance. The orm is simply the outward mani estation o the spiritual activity within. 99. 5or your e*ercise this wee" concentrate as nearly as possi$le in accordance with the method outlined in this lesson: let there $e no conscious e ort or activity associated with your purpose. 6ela* completely# avoid any thought o an*iety as to results. 6emem$er that power comes through repose. Aet the thought dwell upon your o$4ect# until it is completely identi ied with it# until you are conscious o nothing else. 90. I you wish to eliminate ear# concentrate on courage. 9@. I you wish to eliminate lac"# concentrate on a$undance. 9B. I you wish to eliminate disease# concentrate on health. 9D. =lways concentrate on the ideal as an already e*isting act: this is the germ cell# the li e principle which goes orth and sets in motion those causes which guide# direct and $ring a$out the necessary relation# which eventually mani est in orm. >Thought is the property o those only who can entertain it.> - Emerson

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%&RT SE*E"TEE" Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
FBF. !hat is the true method o concentration< To $ecome so identi ied wit the o$4ect o your thought that you are conscious o nothing else. FB2. !hat is the result o this method o concentration< Invisi$le orces are set in motion which irresisti$ly $ring a$out conditions in correspondence with your thought. FB9. !hat is the controlling actor in this method o thought< 8piritual Truth. FB0. !hy is this so< Because the nature o our desire must $e in harmony with Natural Aaw. FB@. !hat is the practical value o this method o concentration< Thought is transmuted into character# and character is the magnet which creates the environment o the individual. FBB. !hat is the controlling actor in every commercial pursuit< The mental element. FBD. !hy is this so< Because ,ind is the ruler and creator o all orm and all events occurring in orm. FBG. 'ow does concentration operate< By the development o the powers o perception# wisdom# intuition# and sagacity. FBH. !hy is intuition superior to reason< Because it does not depend upon e*perience or memory and re&uently $rings a$out the solution to our pro$lems $y methods concerning which we are in entire ignorance. FDI. !hat is the result o pursuing the sym$ol o the reality< They re&uently turn to ashes 4ust as we overta"e them# $ecause the sym$ol is only the outward orm o the spiritual activity within# there ore unless we can possess the spiritual reality# the orm disappears.

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In order to grow we must o$tain what is necessary or our growth. This is $rought a$out through the law o attraction. This principle is the sole means $y which the individual is di erentiated rom the 3niversal. Thin" or a moment# what would a man $e i he were not a hus$and# ather# or $rother# i he were not interested in the social# economical# political or religious world. 'e would $e nothing $ut an a$stract theoretical ego. 'e e*ists# there ore# only in his relation to the whole# in his relation to other men# in his relation to society. This relation constitutes his environment and in no other way. It is evident# there ore# that the individual is simply the di erentiation o the one 3niversal ,ind >which lighteth every man that cometh into the world#> and his so-called individuality or personality consists o nothing $ut the manner in which he relates with the whole. This we call his environment and is $rought a$out $y the law o attraction. Part Eighteen# which ollows# has something more to say concerning this important law. P=6T EI7'TEEN F. There is a change in the thought o the world. This change is silently transpiring in our midst# and is more important than any which the world has undergone since the down all o Paganism. 2. These present revolution in the opinions o all classes o men# the highest and most cultured o men as well as those o the la$oring class# stands unparalleled in the history o the world. 9. 8cience has o late made such vast discoveries# has revealed such an in inity o resources# has unveiled such enormous possi$ilities and such unsuspected orces# that scienti ic men more and more hesitate to a irm certain theories as esta$lished and $eyond dou$t or to deny other theories as a$surd or impossi$le. 0. = new civili;ation is $eing $orn: customs# creeds# and precedent are passing: vision# aith and service are ta"ing their place. The etters o tradition are $eing melted o rom humanity# and as the impurities o materialism are $eing consumed# thought is $eing li$erated and truth is rising ull ro$ed $e ore an astonished multitude. @. The whole world is on the eve o a new consciousness# a new power# and a new reali;ation within the sel . B. Physical 8cience has resolved matter into molecules# molecules into atoms# atoms into energy# and it has remained or ,r. L. =. 5leming# in an address $e ore the 6oyal Institution# to resolve this energy into mind. 'e says# >In its ultimate essence# energy may $e incomprehensi$le $y us e*cept as an e*hi$ition o the direct operation o that which we call ,ind or !ill.> D. =nd this mind is the indwelling and ultimate. It is imminent in matter as in spirit. It is the sustaining# energi;ing# all pervading 8pirit o the universe.

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G. Every living thing must $e sustained $y this omnipotent Intelligence# and we ind the di erence in individual lives to $e largely measured $y the degree o this intelligence# which they mani est. It is greater intelligence that places the animal in a higher scale o $eing than the plant# the man higher than the animal# and we ind that this increased intelligence is again indicated $y the power o the individual to control modes o action and thus to consciously ad4ust himsel to his environment. H. It is this ad4ustment that occupies the attention o the greatest minds# and this ad4ustment consists in nothing else than the recognition o an e*isting order in the universal mind# or it is well "nown that this mind will o$ey us precisely in proportion as we irst o$ey it. FI. It is the recognition o Natural Aaws that has ena$led us to annihilate time and space# to soar in the air and to ma"e iron loat# and the greater the degree o intelligence the greater will $e our recognition o these Natural Aaws and the greater will $e the power we can possess. FF. It is the recognition o the sel as an individuali;ation o this 3niversal Intelligence that ena$les the individual to control those orms o intelligence which have not yet reached this level o sel -recognition: they do not "now that this 3niversal Intelligence permeates all things ready to $e called into action: they do not "now that it is responsive to every demand# and they are there ore in $ondage to the law o their own $eing. F2. Thought is creative and the principle on which the law is $ased is sound and legitimate and is inherent in the nature o things: $ut this creative power does not originate in the individual# $ut in the universal# which is the source and oundation o all energy and su$stance: the individual is simply the channel or the distri$ution o this energy. F9. The individual is simply the means $y which the universal produces the various com$inations which result in the ormation o phenomena# which depends upon the law o vi$ration# where$y various rates o rapidity o motion in the primary su$stance orm new su$stances only in certain e*act numerical ratios. F0. Thought is the invisi$le lin" $y which the individual comes into communication with the 3niversal# the inite with the In inite# the seen with the 3nseen. Thought is the magic $y which the human is trans ormed into a $eing who thin"s and "nows and eels and acts. F@. =s the proper apparatus has ena$led the eye to discover worlds without num$er millions o miles away# so# with the proper understanding# man has $een ena$led to communicate with the 3niversal ,ind# the source o all power. FB. The 3nderstanding which is usually developed is a$out as valua$le as a N/6 without a videotape: in act# it is usually nothing more than a >$elie ># which means nothing at all. The savages o the /anni$al Islands $elieve something: $ut that proves nothing. FD. The only $elie which is o any value to anyone is a $elie that has $een put to a test and demonstrated to $e a act: it is then no longer a $elie # $ut has $ecome a living 5aith or Truth. FG. =nd this Truth has $een put to the test $y hundreds o thousands o people and has $een ound to $e the Truth e*actly in proportion to the use ulness o the apparatus which they used.

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FH. = man would not e*pect to locate stars hundreds o millions o miles away without a su iciently strong telescope# and or this reason 8cience is continually engaged in $uilding larger and more power ul telescopes and is continually rewarded $y additional "nowledge o the heavenly $odies. 2I. 8o with understanding: men are continually ma"ing progress in the methods which they use to come into communication with the 3niversal ,ind and its in inite possi$ilities. 2F. The 3niversal ,ind mani ests itsel in the o$4ective# through the principle o attraction that each atom has or every other atom# in in inite degrees o intensity. 22. It is $y this principle o com$ining and attracting that things are $rought together. This principle is o universal application and is the sole means where$y the purpose o e*istence is carried into e ect. 29. The e*pression o growth is met in a most $eauti ul manner through the instrumentality o this 3niversal Principle. 20. In order to grow we must o$tain what is essential or our growth# $ut as we are at all times a complete thought entity# this completeness ma"es it possi$le or us to receive only as we give: growth is there ore conditioned on reciprocal action# and we ind that on the mental plane li"e attracts li"e# that mental vi$rations respond only to the e*tent o their vi$ratory harmony. 2@. It is clear# there ore# that thoughts o a$undance will respond only to similar thoughts: the wealth o the individual is seen to $e what he inherently is. = luence within is ound to $e the secret o attraction or a luence without. The a$ility to produce is ound to $e the real source o wealth o the individual. It is or this reason that he who has his heart in his wor" is certain to meet with un$ounded success. 'e will give and continually give: and the more he gives# the more he will receive. 2B. !hat do the great inanciers o !all 8treet# the captains o industry# the statesmen# the great corporation attorneys# the inventors# the physicians# the authors -- what do each o these contri$ute to the sum o human happiness $ut the power o their thought< 2D. Thought is the energy which the law o attraction is $rought into operation# which eventually mani ests in a$undance. 2G. The 3niversal ,ind is static ,ind or 8u$stance in e&uili$rium. It is di erentiated into orm $y our power to thin". Thought is the dynamic phase o mind. 2H. Power depends upon consciousness o power: unless we use it# we shall lose it# and unless we are conscious o it# we cannot use it. 9I. The use o this power depends upon attention: the degree o attention determines our capacity or the ac&uirement o "nowledge which is another name or power. 9F. =ttention has $een held to $e the distinguishing mar" o genius. The cultivation o attention depends upon practice. 92. The incentive o attention is interest: the greater the interest# the greater the attention: the greater the attention# the greater the interest# action and reaction: $egin $y paying attention:
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$e ore long you will have aroused interest: this interest will attract more attention# and this attention will produce more interest# and so on. This practice will ena$le you to cultivate the power o attention. 99. This wee" concentrate upon your power to create: see" insight# perception: try to ind a logical $asis or the aith which is in you. Aet the thought dwell on the act that the physical man lives and moves and has his $eing in the sustainer o all organic li e air# that he must $reathe to live. Then let the thought rest on the act that the spiritual man also lives and moves and has his $eing in a similar $ut su$tler energy upon which he must depend or li e# and that as in the physical world no li e assumes orm until a ter a seed is sown# and no higher ruit than that o the parent stoc" can $e produced: so in the spiritual world no e ect can $e produced until the seed is sown and the ruit will depend upon the nature o the seed# so that the results which you secure depend upon your perception o law in the mighty domain o causation# the highest evolution o human consciousness. >There is no thought in my mind $ut it &uic"ly tends to convert itsel into a power and organi;es a huge instrumentality o means.> - Emerson

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%&RT EI,)TEE" Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
FDF. 'ow is the di erence in individual lives measured< By the degree o intelligence which they mani est. FD2. !hat is the law $y which the individual may control other orms o intelligence< = recognition o the sel as an individuali;ation o the 3niversal Intelligence. FD9. !here does the creative power originate< In the 3niversal. FD0. 'ow does the 3niversal create orm< By means o the individual. FD@. !hat is the connecting lin" $etween the individual and the 3niversal< Thought. FDB. !hat is the principle $y which the means o e*istence is carried into e ect< The Aaw o Aove. FDD. 'ow is this principle $rought into e*pression< By the law o growth. FDG. 3pon what condition does the law o growth depend< 3pon reciprocal action. The individual is complete at all times and this ma"es it possi$le to receive only as we give. FDH. !hat is it that we give< Thought. FGI. !hat do we receive< Thought# which is su$stance in e&uili$rium and which is constantly $eing di erentiated in orm $y what we thin".

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5ear is a power ul orm o thought. It paraly;es the nerve centers# thus a ecting the circulation o the $lood. This# in turn# paraly;es the muscular system# so that ear a ects the entire $eing# $ody# $rain and nerve# physical# mental# and muscular. 1 course the way to overcome ear is to $ecome conscious o power. !hat is this mysterious vital orce which we call power< !e do not "now# $ut then# neither do we "now what electricity is. But we do "now that $y con orming to the re&uirements o the law $y which electricity is governed# it will $e our o$edient servant: that it will light our homes# our cities# run our machinery# and serve us in many use ul capacities. =nd so it is with vital orce. =lthough we do not "now what it is# and possi$ly may never "now# we do "now that it is a primary orce which mani ests through living $odies# and that $y complying with the laws and principles $y which it is governed# we can open ourselves to a more a$undant in low o this vital energy# and thus e*press the highest possi$le degree o mental# moral# and spiritual e iciency. This part tells o a very simply way o developing this vital orce. I you put into practice the in ormation outlined in this lesson you will soon develop the sense o power which has ever $een the distinguishing mar" o genius. P=6T NINETEEN F. The search or truth is no longer a hapha;ard adventure# $ut it is a systematic process# and is logical in its operation. Every "ind o e*perience is given a voice in shaping its decision. 2. In see"ing the truth we are see"ing ultimate cause: we "now that every human e*perience is an e ect: then i we may ascertain the cause# and i we shall ind that this cause is one which we can consciously control# the e ect or the e*perience will $e within our control also. 9. 'uman e*perience will then no longer $e the oot$all o ate: a man will not $e the child o ortune# $ut destiny. 5ate and ortune will $e controlled as readily as a captain controls his ship# or an engineer his train. 0. =ll things are inally resolva$le into the same element and as they are thus translata$le# one into the other# they must ever $e in relation and may never $e in opposition to one another. @. In the physical world there are innumera$le contrasts# and these may or convenience sa"e# $e designated $y distinctive names. There are si;es# colors# shades or ends to all things. There is a North Pole# and a 8outh Pole# an inside and an outside# a seen and an unseen# $ut these e*pressions merely serve to place e*tremes in contrast. B. They are names given to two di erent parts o one &uantity. The two e*tremes are relative: they are not separate entities# $ut are two parts or aspects o the whole.

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D. In the mental world we ind the same law: we spea" o "nowledge and ignorance# $ut ignorance is $ut a lac" o "nowledge and is there ore ound to $e simply a word to e*press the a$sence o "nowledge: it has no principle in itsel . G. In the ,oral !orld we again ind the same law: we spea" o good and evil# $ut 7ood is a reality# something tangi$le# while Evil is ound to $e simply a negative condition# the a$sence o 7ood. Evil is sometimes thought to $e a very real condition# $ut it has no principle# no vitality# no li e: we "now this $ecause it can always $e destroyed $y 7ood: 4ust as Truth destroys Error and light destroys dar"ness# so Evil vanishes when 7ood appears: there is there ore $ut one principle in the ,oral !orld. H. !e ind e*actly the same law o$taining in the 8piritual world: we spea" o ,ind and ,atter as two separate entities# $ut clearer insight ma"es it evident that there is $ut one operative principle and that is ,ind. FI. ,ind is the real and the eternal. ,atter is orever changing: we "now that in the eons o time a hundred years is $ut as a day. I we stand in any large city and let the eye rest on the innumera$le large and magni icent $uildings# the vast array o modern automo$iles# cellular telephones# the electric lights# and all the other conveniences o modern civili;ation# we may remem$er that not one o them was there 4ust over a century ago# and i we could stand on the same spot in a hundred years rom now# in all pro$a$ility we should ind that $ut ew o them remained. FF. In the animal "ingdom we ind the same law o change. The millions and millions o animals come and go# a ew years constituting their span o li e. In the plant world the change is still more rapid. ,any plants and nearly all grasses come and go in a single year. !hen we pass to the inorganic# we e*pect to ind something more su$stantial# $ut as we ga;e on the apparently solid continent# we are told that it arose rom the ocean: we see the giant mountain and are told that the place where it now stands was once a la"e: and as we stand in awe $e ore the great cli s in the Cosemite Nalley we can easily trace the path o the glaciers which carried all $e ore them. F2. !e are in the presence o continual change# and we "now that this change is $ut the evolution o the 3niversal ,ind# the grand process where$y all things are continually $eing created anew# and we come to "now that matter is $ut a orm which ,ind ta"es and is there ore simply a condition. ,atter has no principle: ,ind is the only principle. F9. !e have then come to "now that ,ind is the only principle which is operative in the physical# mental# moral and spiritual world. F0. !e also "now that this mind is static# mind at rest# we also "now that the a$ility o the individual to thin" is his a$ility to act upon the 3niversal ,ind and convert it into dynamic mind# or mind in motion. F@. In order to do this uel must $e applied in the orm o ood# or man cannot thin" without eating# and so we ind that even a spiritual activity such as thin"ing cannot $e converted into sources o pleasure and pro it e*cept $y ma"ing use o material means. FB. It re&uires energy o some "ind to collect electricity and convert it into a dynamic power# it re&uires the rays o the sun to give the necessary energy to sustain plant li e# so it also re&uires energy in the orm o ood to ena$le the individual to thin" and there$y act upon the 3niversal ,ind.
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FD. Cou may "now that thought constantly# eternally is ta"ing orm# is orever see"ing e*pression# or you may not# $ut the act remains that i your thought is power ul# constructive# and positive# this will $e plainly evident in the state o your health# your $usiness and your environment: i your thought is wea"# critical# destructive and negative generally# it will mani est in your $ody as ear# worry and nervousness# in your inance as lac" and limitation# and in discordant conditions in your environment. FG. =ll wealth is the o spring o power: possessions are o value only as they con er power. Events are signi icant only as they a ect power: all things represent certain orms and degrees o power. FH. = "nowledge o cause and e ect as shown $y the laws governing steam# electricity# chemical a inity and gravitation ena$les men to plan courageously and to e*ecute earlessly. These laws are called Natural Aaws# $ecause they govern the physical world# $ut all power is not physical power: there is also mental power# and there is moral and spiritual power. 2I. !hat are our schools# our universities# $ut mental powerhouses# places where mental power is $eing developed< 2F. =s there are many mighty powerhouses or the application o power to ponderous machinery# where$y raw material is collected and converted into the necessities and com orts o li e# so the mental powerhouses collect the raw material and cultivate and develop it into a power which is in initely superior to all the orces o nature# marvelous though they may $e. 22. !hat is this raw material which is $eing collected in these thousands o mental powerhouses all over the world and developed into a power which is evidently controlling every other power< In its static orm it is ,ind - in its dynamic orm# it is Thought. 29. This power is superior $ecause it e*ists on a higher plane# $ecause it has ena$led man to discover the law $y which these wonder ul orces o Nature could $e harnessed and made to do the wor" o hundreds and thousands o men. It has ena$led man to discover laws where$y time and space have $een annihilated# and the law o gravitation overcome. 20. Thought is the vital orce or energy which is $eing developed and which has produced such startling results in the last hal century as to $ring a$out a world which would $e a$solutely inconceiva$le to a man e*isting only @I or 2@ years ago. I such results have $een secured $y organi;ing these mental powerhouses in @I years# what may not $e e*pected in another @I years< 2@. The su$stance rom which all things are created is in inite in &uantity: we "now that light travels at the rate o FGB#III miles per second# and we "now that there are stars so remote that it ta"es light 2#III years to reach us# and we "now that such starts e*ist in all parts o the heaven: we "now# too# that this light comes in waves# so that i the ether on which these waves travel was not continuous the light would ail to reach us: we can then only come to the conclusion that this su$stance# or ether# or raw material# is universally present. 2B. 'ow# then# does it mani est in orm< In electrical science a $attery is ormed $y connecting the opposite poles o ;inc and copper# which causes a current to low rom one to the other and so provides energy. This same process is repeated in respect to every polarity# and as all orm simply depends upon the rate o vi$ration and conse&uent relations o atoms
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to each other# i we wish to change the orm o mani estation we must change the polarity. This is the principle o causation. 2D. 5or your e*ercise this wee"# concentrate# and when I use the word concentrate# I mean all that the word implies: $ecome so a$sor$ed in the o$4ect o your thought that you are conscious o nothing else# and do this a ew minutes every day. Cou ta"e the necessary time to eat in order that the $ody may $e nourished# why not ta"e the time to assimilate your mental ood< 2G. Aet the thought rest on the act that appearances are deceptive. The earth is not lat# neither is it stationary: the s"y is not a dome# the sun does not move# the stars are not small spec"s o light# and matter which was once supposed to $e i*ed has $een ound to $e in a state o perpetual lu*. 2H. Try to reali;e that the day is ast approaching -- its dawn is now at hand -- when modes o thought and action must $e ad4usted to rapidly increasing "nowledge o the operation o eternal principles. >8ilent thought# is# a ter all# the mightiest agent in human a airs.> - /hanning

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%&RT "I"ETEE" Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
FGF. 'ow are e*tremes placed in contrast< They are designated $y distinctive names# such as inside and outside# top and $ottom# light and dar"# good and $ad. FG2. =re these separate entities< No# they are parts or aspects o one !hole. FG9. !hat is the one creative Principle in the physical# mental and spiritual world< The 3niversal ,ind# or the Eternal Energy rom which all things proceed. FG0. 'ow are we related to this creative Principle< By our a$ility to thin". FG@. 'ow does this creative Principle $ecome operative< Thought is the seed# which results in action and action results in orm. FGB. 3pon what does orm depend< 3pon the rate o vi$ration. FGD. 'ow may the rate o vi$ration $e changed< By mental action. FGG. 3pon what does mental action depend< 3pon polarity# action and reaction# $etween the individual and the 3niversal. FGH. +oes the creative energy originate in the individual or the 3niversal< In the 3niversal# $ut the 3niversal can mani est only through the individual. FHI. !hy is the individual necessary< Because the 3niversal is static# and re&uires energy to start it in motion. This is urnished $y ood which is converted into energy# which in turn ena$les the individual to thin". !hen the individual stops eating he stops thin"ing: then he no longer acts upon the 3niversal: there is conse&uently no longer any action or reaction: the 3niversal is then only pure mind in static orm -- mind at rest.

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I"TRO!#CTIO" $ %&RT T E"T.
5or many years there has $een an endless discussion as to the origin o evil. Theologians have told us that 7od is Aove# and that 7od is 1mnipresent. I this $e true# there is no place where 7od is not. !here# then# is Evil# 8atan and 'ell< Aet us see: 7od is 8pirit. 8pirit is the /reative Principle o the 3niverse. ,an is made in the image and li"eness o 7od. ,an is there ore a spiritual $eing. The only activity which spirit possesses is the power to thin". Thin"ing is there ore a creative process. =ll orm is there ore the result o the thin"ing process. The destruction o orm must also $e a result o the thin"ing process. 5ictitious representations o orm are the result o the creative power o thought# as in 'ypnotism. =pparent representation o orm are the result o the creative power o thought# as in 8piritualism. Invention# organi;ation and constructive wor" o all "inds are the result o the creative power o thought# as in concentration. !hen the creative power o thought is mani ested or the $ene it o humanity# we call the result good. !hen the creative power o thought is mani ested in a destructive or evil manner# we call the result evil. This indicates the origin o $ooth good and evil: they are simply words which have $een coined in order to indicate the nature o the result o the thin"ing or creative process. Thought necessarily precedes and predetermines action: action precedes and predetermines condition. Part Twenty will throw more light upon this important su$4ect. P=6T T!ENTC F. The spirit o a thing is that thing: it is necessarily i*ed# changeless and eternal. The spirit o you is -- you: without the spirit you would $e nothing. It $ecomes active through your recognition o it and its possi$ilities.

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2. Cou may have all the wealth in /hristendom# $ut unless you recogni;e it and ma"e use o it# it will have no value: so with your spiritual wealth: unless you recogni;e it and use it# it will have no value. The one and only condition o spiritual power is use or recognition. 9. =ll great things come through recognition: the scepter o power is consciousness# and thought is its messenger# and this messenger is constantly molding the realities o the invisi$le world into the conditions and environments o your o$4ective world. 0. Thin"ing is the true $usiness o li e# power is the result. Cou are at all times dealing with the magical power o thought and consciousness. !hat results can you e*pect so long as you remain o$livious to the power which has $een placed within your control< @. 8o long as you do this you limit yoursel to super icial conditions# and ma"e o yoursel a $east o $urden or those who thin": those who recogni;e their power: those who "now that unless we are willing to thin" we shall have to wor"# and the less we thin" the more we shall have to wor"# and the less we shall get or our wor". B. The secret o power is a per ect understanding o the principles# orces# methods and com$inations o ,ind# and a per ect understanding o our relationship to the 3niversal ,ind. It is well to remem$er that this principle is unchangea$le: i this were not so# it would not $e relia$le: all principles are changeless. D. This sta$ility is your opportunity: you are its active attri$ute# the channel or its activity: the 3niversal can act only through the individual. G. !hen you $egin to perceive that the essence o the 3niversal is within yoursel -- is you -you $egin to do things: you $egin to eel your power: it is the uel which ires the imagination: which lights the torch o inspiration: which gives vitality to thought: which ena$les you to connect with all the invisi$le orces o the 3niverse. It is this power which will ena$le you to plan earlessly# to e*ecute master ully. H. But perception will come only in the 8ilence: this seems to $e the condition re&uired or all great purposes. Cou are a visuali;ing entity. Imagination is your wor"shop. It is here that your ideal is to $e visuali;ed. FI. =s a per ect understanding o the nature o this power is a primary condition or its mani estation# visuali;e the entire method over and over again# so that you may use it whenever occasion re&uires. The in inity o wisdom is to ollow the method where$y we may have the inspiration o the omnipotent 3niversal ,ind on demand at any time. FF. !e can ail to recogni;e this world within# and so e*clude it rom our consciousness# $ut it will still $e the $asic act o all e*istence: and when we learn to recogni;e it# not only in ourselves# $ut in all persons# events# things and circumstances we shall have ound the >-ingdom o heaven> which we are told is >within> us. F2. 1ur ailures are a result o the operation o e*actly the same principle: the principle is unchangea$le: its operation is e*act# there is no deviation: i we thin" lac"# limitation# discord# we shall ind their ruits on every hand: i we thin" poverty# unhappiness or disease# the thought messengers will carry the summons as readily as any other "ind o thought and the result will $e 4ust as certain. I we ear a coming calamity# we shall $e a$le to say with Lo$#

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>the thing I eared has come upon me>: i we thin" un"indly or ignorantly we shall thus attract to ourselves the results o our ignorance. F9. This power o thought# i understood and correctly used# is the greatest la$or-saving device ever dreamed o # $ut i not understood or improperly used# the result will in all pro$a$ility $e disastrous# as we have already seen: $y the help o this power you can con idently underta"e things that are seemingly impossi$le# $ecause this power is the secret o all inspiration# all genius. F0. To $ecome inspired means to get out o the $eaten path# out o the rut# $ecause e*traordinary results re&uire e*traordinary means. !hen we come into a recognition o the 3nity o all things and that the source o all power is within# we tap the source o inspiration. F@. Inspiration is the art o im$i$ing# the art o sel -reali;ation: the art o ad4usting the individual mind to that o the 3niversal ,ind: the art o attaching the proper mechanism to the source o all power: the art o di erentiating the ormless into orm: the art o $ecoming a channel or the low o In inite !isdom: the art o visuali;ing per ection: the art o reali;ing the omnipresence o 1mnipotence. FB. =n understanding and appreciation o the act that the in inite power is omnipresent and is there ore in the in initely small as well as the in initely large will ena$le us to a$sor$ its essence: a urther understanding o the act that this power is spirit and there ore indivisi$le will ena$le us to appreciate its present at all points at the same time. FD. =n understanding o these acts# irst intellectually and then emotionally# will ena$le us to drin" deeply rom this ocean o in inite power. =n intellectual understanding will $e o no assistance: the emotions must $e $rought into action: thought without eeling is cold. The re&uired com$ination is thought and eeling. FG. Inspiration is rom within. The 8ilence is necessary# the senses must $e stilled# the muscles rela*ed# repose cultivated. !hen you have thus come into possession o a sense o poise and power you will $e ready to receive the in ormation or inspiration or wisdom which may $e necessary or the development o your purpose. FH. +o not con use these methods with those o the clairvoyant: they have nothing in common. Inspiration is the art o receiving and ma"es or all that is $est in li e: your $usiness in li e is to understand and command these invisi$le orces instead o letting them command and rule you. Power implies service: inspiration implies power: to understand and apply the method o inspiration is to $ecome a superman. 2I. !e can live more a$undantly every time we $reathe# i we consciously $reathe with that intention. The I5 is a very important condition in this case# as the intention governs the attention# and without the attention you can secure only the results which every one else secures. That is# a supply e&ual to the demand. 2F. In order to secure the larger supply your demand must $e increased# and as you consciously increase the demand the supply will ollow# you will ind yoursel coming into a larger and larger supply o li e# energy and vitality. 22. The reason or this is not di icult to understand# $ut it is another o the vital mysteries o li e which does not seem to $e generally appreciated. I you ma"e it your own# you will ind it one o the great realities o li e.
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29. !e are told that >In 'im we live and move and have our $eing#> and we are told that >'e> is a 8pirit# and again that >'e> is Aove# so that every time we $reathe# we $reathe this li e# love# and spirit. This is Pranic Energy# or Pranic Ether# we could not e*ist a moment without it. It is the /osmic Energy: it is the Ai e o the 8olar Ple*us. 20. Every time we $reathe we ill our lungs with air and at the same time vitali;e our $ody with this Pranic Ether which is Ai e itsel # so that we have the opportunity o ma"ing a conscious connection with =ll Ai e# =ll Intelligence and =ll 8u$stance. 2@. = "nowledge o your relation and oneness with this Principle that governs the 3niverse and the simple method where$y you can consciously identi y yoursel with it gives you a scienti ic understanding o a law where$y you may ree yoursel rom disease# rom lac" or limitation o any "ind: in act# it ena$les you to $reathe the >$reath o li e> into your own nostrils. 2B. This >$reath o li e> is a superconscious reality. It is the essence o the >I am.> It is pure >Being> or 3niversal 8u$stance# and our conscious unity with it ena$les us to locali;e it# and thus e*ercise the powers o this creative energy. 2D. Thought is creative vi$ration and the &uality o the conditions created will depend upon the &uality o our thought# $ecause we cannot e*press powers which we do not possess. !e must >$e> $e ore we can >do> and we can >do> only to the e*tent to which we >are#> and so what we do will necessarily coincide with what we >are> and what we are depends upon what we >thin".> 2G. Every time you thin" you start a train o causation which will create a condition in strict accordance with the &uality o the thought which originated it. Thought which is in harmony with the 3niversal ,ind will result in corresponding conditions. Thought which is destructive or discordant will produce corresponding results. Cou may use thought constructively or destructively# $ut the immuta$le law will not allow you to plant a thought o one "ind and reap the ruit o another. Cou are ree to use this marvelous creative power as you will# $ut you must ta"e the conse&uences. 2H. This is the danger rom what is called !ill Power. There are those who seem to thin" that $y orce o will they can coerce this law: that they can sow seed o one "ind and $y >!ill Power> ma"e it $ear ruit o another# $ut the undamental principle o creative power is in the 3niversal# and there ore the idea o orcing a compliance with our wishes $y the power o the individual will is an inverted conception which may appear to succeed or a while $ut is eventually doomed to ailure - $ecause it antagoni;es the very power which it is see"ing to use. 9I. It is the individual attempting to coerce the 3niversal# the inite in con lict with the In inite. 1ur permanent well $eing will $e $est conserved $y a conscious cooperation with the continuous orward movement o the 7reat !hole. 9F. 5or your e*ercise this wee"# go into the 8ilence and concentrate on the act that >In him we live and move and have our $eing> is literally and scienti ically e*actE That you =6E $ecause 'e I8# that i 'e is 1mnipresent 'e must $e in you. That i 'e is all in all you must $e in 'imE That 'e is 8pirit and you are made in >'is image and li"eness> and that the only di erence $etween 'is spirit and your spirit is one o degree# that a part must $e the same in "ind and &uality as the whole. !hen you can reali;e this clearly you will have ound the
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secret o the creative power o thought# you will have ound the origin o $oth good and evil# you will have ound the secret o the wonder ul power o concentration# you will have ound the "ey to the solution o every pro$lem whether physical# inancial# or environmental. >The power to thin" consecutively and deeply and clearly# is an avowed and deadly enemy to mista"es and $lunders# superstitions# unscienti ic theories# irrational $elie s# un$ridled enthusiasm# anaticism.> - 'addoc"

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%&RT T E"T. Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
FHF. 3pon what condition does power depend< 3pon recognition and use. FH2. !hat is recognition< /onsciousness. FH9. 'ow do we $ecome conscious o power< By thin"ing. FH0. !hat then is the true $usiness o li e< /orrect scienti ic thin"ing. FH@. !hat is correct scienti ic thin"ing< The a$ility to ad4ust our thought processes to the will o the 3niversal. In other words# to cooperate with Natural laws. FHB. 'ow is this accomplished< By securing a per ect understanding o the principles# orces# methods and com$inations o mind. FHD. !hat is this 3niversal ,ind< The $asic act o all e*istence. FHG. !hat is the cause o all lac"# limitation# disease and discord< It is due to the operation o e*actly the same law# the law operates relentlessly and is continually $ringing a$out conditions in correspondence with the thought which originated or created them. FHH. !hat is inspiration< The art o reali;ing the omnipresence o 1mniscience. 2II. 3pon what does the conditions with which we meet depend< 3pon the &uality o our thought. Because what we do depends upon what we are and what we are depends upon what we thin".

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I"TRO!#CTIO" $ %&RT T E"T.$O"E
It is my privilege to enclose Part Twenty-1ne. In paragraph D you will ind that one o the secrets o success# one o the methods o organi;ing victory# one o the accomplishments o the ,aster ,ind is to thin" $ig thoughts. In paragraph G you will ind that everything which we hold in our consciousness or any length o time $ecomes impressed upon our su$consciousness and so $ecomes a pattern which the creative energy will wave into our li e and environment. This is the secret o the wonder ul power o prayer. !e "now that the universe is governed $y law: that or every e ect there must $e a cause# and that the same cause# under the same conditions# will invaria$ly produce the same e ect. /onse&uently# i prayer has ever $een answered# it will always $e answered# i the proper conditions are complied with. This must necessarily $e true: otherwise the universe would $e a chaos instead o a cosmos. The answer to prayer is there ore su$4ect to law# and this law is de inite# e*act and scienti ic# 4ust as are the laws governing gravitation and electricity. =n understanding o this law ta"es the oundation o /hristianity out o the realm o superstition and credulity and places it upon the irm roc" o scienti ic understanding. But# un ortunately# there are comparatively ew persons who "now how to pray. They understand that there are laws governing electricity# mathematics# and chemistry# $ut# or some ine*plica$le reason# it never seems to occur to them that there are also spiritual laws# and that these laws are also de inite# scienti ic# e*act# and operate with immuta$le precision. P=6T T!ENTC-1NE F. The real secret o power is consciousness o power. The 3niversal ,ind is unconditional: there ore# the more conscious we $ecome o our unity with this mind# the less conscious we shall $ecome o conditions and limitations# and as we $ecome emancipated or reed rom conditions we come into a reali;ation o the unconditional. !e have $ecome reeE 2. =s soon as we $ecome conscious o the ine*hausti$le power in the world within# we $egin to draw on this power and apply and develop the greater possi$ilities which this discernment has reali;ed# $ecause whatever we $ecome conscious o # is invaria$ly mani ested in the o$4ective world# is $rought orth into tangi$le e*pression. 9. This is $ecause the In inite mind# which is the source rom which all things proceed# is one and indivisi$le# and each individual is a channel where$y this Eternal Energy is $eing mani ested. 1ur a$ility to thin" is our a$ility to act upon this 3niversal su$stance# and what we thin" is what is created or produced in the o$4ective world. 0. The result o this discovery is nothing less than marvelous# and means that mind is e*traordinary in &uality# limitless in &uantity# and contains possi$ilities without num$er. To $ecome conscious o this power is to $ecome a >live wire>: it has the same e ect as placing an ordinary wire in contact with a wire that is charged. The 3niversal is the live wire. It carries power su icient to meet every situation which may arise in the li e o every individual. !hen the individual mind touches the 3niversal ,ind it receives all the power it re&uires. This is the world within. =ll science recogni;es the reality o this world# and all power is contingent upon our recognition o this world.

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@. The a$ility to eliminate imper ect conditions depends upon mental action# and mental action depends upon consciousness o power: there ore# the more conscious we $ecome o our unity with the source o all power# the greater will $e our power to control and master every condition. B. Aarge ideas have a tendency to eliminate all smaller ideas so that it is well to hold ideas large enough to counteract and destroy all small or undesira$le tendencies. This will remove innumera$le petty and annoying o$stacles rom your path. Cou also $ecome conscious o a larger world o thought# there$y increasing your mental capacity as well as placing yoursel in position to accomplish something o value. D. This is one o the secrets o success# one o the methods o organi;ing victory# one o the accomplishments o the ,aster-mind. 'e thin"s $ig thoughts. The creative energies o mind ind no more di iculty in handling large situations# than small ones. ,ind is 4ust as much present in the In initely large as in the In initely small. G. !hen we reali;e these acts concerning mind we understand how we may $ring ourselves any condition $y creating the corresponding conditions in our consciousness# $ecause everything which is held or any length o time in the consciousness# eventually $ecomes impressed upon the su$conscious and thus $ecomes a pattern which the creative energy will wave into the li e and environment o the individual. H. In this way conditions are produced and we ind that our lives are simply the re lection o our predominant thoughts# our mental attitude: we see then that the science o correct thin"ing is the one science# that it includes all other sciences. FI. 5rom this science we learn that every thought creates an impression on the $rain# that these impressions create mental tendencies# and these tendencies create character# a$ility and purpose# and that the com$ined action o character# a$ility and purpose determines the e*periences with which we shall meet in li e. FF. These e*periences come to us through the law o attraction: through the action o this law we meet in the world without the e*periences which correspond to our world within. F2. The predominant thought or the mental attitude is the magnet# and the law is that (li"e attracts li"e)# conse&uently the mental attitude will invaria$ly attract such conditions as correspond to its nature. F9. This mental attitude is our personality and is composed o the thoughts which we have $een creating in our own mind: there ore# i we wish a change in conditions all that is necessary is to change our thought: this will in turn change our mental attitude# which will in turn change our personality# which will in turn change the persons# things and conditions# or# the e*periences with which we meet in li e. F0. It is# however# no easy matter to change the mental attitude# $ut $y persistent e ort it may $e accomplished: the mental attitude is patterned a ter the mental pictures which have $een photographed on the $rain: i you do not li"e the pictures# destroy the negatives and create new pictures: this is the art o visuali;ation. F@. =s soon as you have done this you will $egin to attract new things# and the new things will correspond to the new pictures. To do this: impress on the mind a per ect picture o the
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desire which you wish to have o$4ecti ied and continue to hold the picture in mind until results are o$tained. FB. I the desire is one which re&uires determination# a$ility# talent# courage# power or any other spiritual power# these are necessary essentials or your picture: $uild them in: they are the vital part o the picture: they are the eeling which com$ines with thought and creates the irresisti$le magnetic power which draws the things you re&uire to you. They give your picture li e# and li e means growth# and as soon as it $eings to grow# the result is practically assured. FD. +o not hesitate to aspire to the highest possi$le attainments in anything you may underta"e# or the mind orces are ever ready to lend themselves to a purpose ul will in the e ort to crystalli;e its highest aspirations into acts# accomplishments# and events. FG. =n illustration o how these mind orces operate is suggested $y the method in which all our ha$its are ormed. !e do a thing# then do it again# and again# and again# until it $ecomes easy and perhaps almost automatic: and the same rule applies in $rea"ing any and all $ad ha$its: we stop doing a thing# and then avoid it again# and again until we are entirely ree rom it: and i we do ail now and then# we should $y no means lose hope# or the law is a$solute and invinci$le and gives us credit or every e ort and every success# even though our e orts and successes are perhaps intermittent. FH. There is no limit to what this law can do or you: dare to $elieve in your own idea: remem$er that Nature is plastic to the ideal: thin" o the ideal as an already accomplished act. 2I. The real $attle o li e is one o ideas: it is $eing ought out $y the ew against the many: on the one side is the constructive and creative thought# on the other side the destructive and negative thought: the creative thought is dominated $y an ideal# the passive thought is dominated $y appearances. 1n $oth sides are men o science# men o letters# and men o a airs. 2F. 1n the creative side are men who spend their time in la$oratories# or over microscopes and telescopes# side $y side with the men who dominate the commercial# political# and scienti ic world: on the negative side or men who spend their time investigating law and precedent# men who mista"e theology or religion# statesmen who mista"e might or right# and all the millions who seem to pre er precedent to progress# who are eternally loo"ing $ac"ward instead o orward# who see only the world without# $ut "now nothing o the world within. 22. In the last analysis there are $ut these two classes: all men will have to ta"e their place on one side or the other: they will have to go orward# or go $ac": there is no standing still in a world where all is motion: it is this attempt to stand still that gives sanction and orce to ar$itrary and une&ual codes o law. 29. That we are in a period o transition is evidenced $y the unrest which is everywhere apparent. The complaint o humanity is as a roll o heaven?s artillery# commencing with low and threatening notes and increasing until the sound is sent rom cloud to cloud# and the lightning splits the air and earth. 20. The sentries who patrol the most advanced outposts o the Industrial# Political# and 6eligious world are calling an*iously to each other. !hat o the night< The danger and insecurity o the position they occupy and attempt to hold is $ecoming more apparent every
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hour. The dawn o a new era necessarily declares that the e*isting order o things cannot much longer $e. 2@. The issue $etween the old regime and the new# the cru* o the social pro$lem# is entirely a &uestion o conviction in the minds o the people as to the nature o the 3niverse. !hen they reali;e that the transcendent orce o spirit or mind o the /osmos is within each individual# it will $e possi$le to rame laws that shall consider the li$erties and rights o the many instead o the privileges o the ew. 2B. =s long as the people regard the /osmic power as a power non-human and alien to humanity# so long will it $e comparatively easy or a supposed privileged class to rule $y +ivine right in spite o every protest o social sentiment. The real interest o democracy is there ore to e*alt# emancipate and recogni;e the divinity o the human spirit. To recogni;e that all power is rom within. That no human $eing has any more power than any other human $eing# e*cept such as may willingly $e delegated to him. The old regime would have us $elieve that the law was superior to the law-ma"ers: herein is the gist o the social crime o every orm o privilege and personal ine&uality# the institutionali;ing o the atalistic doctrine o +ivine election. 2D. The +ivine ,ind is the 3niversal ,ind: it ma"es no e*ceptions# it plays no avorites: it does not act through sheer caprice or rom anger# 4ealousy or wrath: neither can it $e lattered# ca4oled or moved $y sympathy or petition to supply man with some need which he thin"s necessary or his happiness or even his e*istence. The +ivine ,ind ma"es no e*ceptions in avor any individual: $ut when the individual understands and reali;es his 3nity with the 3niversal principle he will appear to $e avored $ecause he will have ound the source o all health# all wealth# and all power. 2G. 5or your e*ercise this wee"# concentrate on the Truth. Try to reali;e that the Truth shall ma"e you ree# that is# nothing can permanently stand in the way o your per ect success when you learn to apply the scienti ically correct thought methods and principles. 6eali;e that you are e*ternali;ing in your environment your inherent soul potencies. 6eali;e that the 8ilence o ers an ever availa$le and almost unlimited opportunity or awa"ening the highest conception o Truth. Try to comprehend that 1mnipotence itsel is a$solute silence# all else is change# activity# limitation. 8ilent thought concentration is there ore the true method o reaching# awa"ening# and then e*pressing the wonder ul potential power o the world within. >The possi$ilities o thought training are in inite# its conse&uence eternal# and yet ew ta"e the pains to direct their thin"ing into channels that will do them good# $ut instead leave all to chance.> - ,arden

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%&RT T E"T.$O"E Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
2IF. !hat is the real secret o power< The consciousness o power# $ecause whatever we $ecome conscious o # is invaria$ly mani ested in the o$4ective world# is $rought orth into tangi$le e*pression. 2I2. !hat is the source o this power< The 3niversal ,ind# rom which all things proceed# and which is one and indivisi$le. 2I9. 'ow is this power $eing mani ested< Through the individual# each individual is a channel where$y this energy is $eing di erentiated in orm. 2I0. 'ow may we connect with this 1mnipotence< 1ur a$ility to thin" is our a$ility to act on this 3niversal Energy# and what we thin" is what is produced or created in the o$4ective world. 2I@. !hat is the result o this discovery< The result is nothing less than marvelous# it opens unprecedented and limitless opportunity. 2IB. 'ow# then# may we eliminate imper ect conditions< By $ecoming conscious o our 3nity with the source o all power. 2ID. !hat is one o the distinctive characteristics o the ,aster ,ind< 'e thin"s $ig thoughts# he holds ideas large enough to counteract and destroy all petty and annoying o$stacles. 2IG. 'ow do e*periences come to us< Through the law o attraction. 2IH. 'ow is this law $rought into operation< By our predominant mental attitude. 2FI. !hat is the issue $etween the old regime and the new< = &uestion o conviction as to the nature o the 3niverse. The old regime is trying to cling to the atalistic doctrine o +ivine election. The new regime recogni;es the divinity o the individual# the democracy o humanity.

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I"TRO!#CTIO" $ %&RT T E"T.$T O
In Part Twenty-two you will ind that thoughts are spiritual seeds# which# when planted in the su$conscious mind# have a tendency to sprout and grow# $ut un ortunately the ruit is re&uently not to our li"ing. The various orms o in lammation# paralysis# nervousness and diseased conditions generally# are the mani estation o ear# worry# care# an*iety# 4ealousy# hatred and similar thought. The li e processes are carried on $y two distinct methods: irst# the ta"ing up and ma"ing use o nutritive material necessary or constructing cells: second# $rea"ing down and e*creting the waste material. =ll li e is $ased upon these constructive and destructive activities# and as ood# water and air are the only re&uisites necessary or the construction o cells# it would seem that the pro$lem o prolonging li e inde initely would not $e a very di icult one. 'owever strange it may seem# it is the second or destructive activity that is# with rare e*ception# the cause o all disease. The waste material accumulates and saturates the tissues# which causes autointo*ication. This may $e partial or general. In the irst case the distur$ance will $e local: in the second place it will a ect the whole system. The pro$lem# then# $e ore us in the healing o disease is to increase the in low and distri$ution o vital energy throughout the system# and this can only $e done $y eliminating thoughts o ear# worry# care# an*iety# 4ealousy# hatred# and every other destructive thought# which tend to tear down and destroy the nerves and glands which control the e*cretion and elimination o poisonous and waste matter. >Nourishing oods and strengthening tonics> cannot $estow li e# $ecause these are $ut secondary mani estations to li e. The primary mani estation o li e and how you may get in touch with it is e*plained in the Part which I have the privilege o enclosing herewith. P=6T T!ENTC-T!1 F. -nowledge is o priceless value# $ecause $y applying "nowledge we can ma"e our uture what we wish it to $e. !hen we reali;e that our present character# our present environment# our present a$ility# our present physical condition are all the result o past methods o thin"ing# we shall $egin to have some conception o the value o "nowledge. 2. I the state o our health is not all that could $e desired# let us e*amine our method o thin"ing: let us remem$er that every thought produces an impression on the mind: every impression is a seed which will sin" into the su$conscious and orm a tendency: the tendency will $e to attract other similar thoughts and $e ore we "now it we shall have a crop which must $e harvested. 9. I these thoughts contain disease germs# the harvest will $e sic"ness# decay# wea"ness# and ailure: the &uestion is# what are we thin"ing# what are we creating# what is the harvest to $e<

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0. I there is any physical condition which it is necessary to change# the law governing visuali;ation will $e ound e ective. ,a"e a mental image o physical per ection# hold it in the mind until it is a$sor$ed $y the consciousness. ,any have eliminated chronic ailments in a ew wee"s $y this method# and thousands have overcome and destroyed all manner o ordinary physical distur$ances $y this method in a ew days# sometimes in a ew minutes. @. It is through the law o vi$ration that the mind e*ercises this control over the $ody. !e "now that every mental action is a vi$ration# and we "now that all orm is simply a mode o motion# a rate o vi$ration. There ore# any given vi$ration immediately modi ies every atom in the $ody# every li e cell is a ected and an entire chemical change is made in every group o li e cells. B. Everything in the 3niverse is what it is $y virtue o its rate o vi$ration. /hange the rate o vi$ration and you change the nature# &uality and orm. The vast panorama o nature# $oth visi$le and invisi$le# is $eing constantly changed $y simply changing the rate o vi$ration# and as thought is a vi$ration we can also e*ercise this power. !e can change the vi$ration and thus produce any condition which we desire to mani est in our $odies. D. !e are all using this power every minute. The trou$le is most o us are using it unconsciously and thus producing undesira$le results. The pro$lem is to use it intelligently and produce only desira$le results. This should not $e di icult# $ecause we all have had su icient e*perience to "now what produces pleasant vi$ration in the $ody# and we also "now the causes which produce the unpleasant and disagreea$le sensations. G. =ll that is necessary is to consult our own e*perience. !hen our thought has $een upli ted# progressive# constructive# courageous# no$le# "ind or in any other way desira$le# we have set in motion vi$rations which $rought a$out certain results. !hen our thought has $een illed with envy# hatred# 4ealousy# criticism or any o the other thousand and one orms o discord# certain vi$rations were set in motion which $rought a$out certain other results o a di erent nature# and each o these rates o vi$ration# i "ept up# crystalli;ed in orm. In the irst case the result was mental# moral and physical health# and in the second case discord# inharmony and disease. H. !e can understand# then# something o the power which the mind possesses over the $ody. FI. The o$4ective mind has certain e ects on the $ody which are readily recogni;ed. 8omeone says something to you which stri"es you as ludicrous and you laugh# possi$ly until your whole $ody sha"es# which shows that thought has control over the muscles o your $ody: or someone says something which e*cites your sympathy and your eyes ill with tears# which shows that thought controls the glands o your $ody: or someone says something which ma"es you angry and the $lood mounts to your chee"# which shows that thought controls the circulation o your $lood. But as these e*periences are all the results o the action o your o$4ective mind over the $ody# the results are o a temporary nature: they soon pass away and leave the situation as it was $e ore. FF. Aet us see how the action o the su$conscious mind over the $ody di ers. Cou receive a wound: thousands o cells $eing the wor" o healing at once: in a ew days or a ew wee"s the wor" is complete. Cou may even $rea" a $one. No surgeon on earth can weld the parts together JI am not re erring to the insertion o rods or other devices to strengthen or replace $onesK. 'e may set the $one or you# and the su$4ective mind will immediately $egin the process o welding the parts together# and in a short time the $one is as solid as it ever was.
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Cou may swallow poison: the su$4ective mind will immediately discover the danger and ma"e violent e orts to eliminate it. Cou may $ecome in ected with a dangerous germ: the su$4ective will at once commence to $uild a wall around the in ected area and destroy the in ection $y a$sor$ing it in the white $lood corpuscles which it supplies or the purpose. F2. These processes o the su$conscious mind usually proceed without our personal "nowledge or direction# and so long as we do not inter ere the result is per ect# $ut# as these millions o repair cells are all intelligent and respond to our thought# they are o ten paraly;ed and rendered impotent $y our thoughts o ear# dou$t# and an*iety. They are li"e an army o wor"men# ready to start an important piece o wor"# $ut every time they get started on the underta"ing a stri"e is called# or plans changed# until they inally get discouraged and give up. F9. The way to health is ounded on the law o vi$ration# which is the $asis o all science# and this law is $rought into operation $y the mind# the >world within.> It is a matter o individual e ort and practice. 1ur world o power is within: i we are wise we shall not waste time and e ort in trying to deal with e ects as we ind them in the >world without#> which is only an e*ternal# a re lection. F0. !e shall always ind the cause in the >world within>: $y changing the cause# we change the e ect. F@. Every cell in your $ody is intelligent and will respond to your direction. The cells are all creators and will create the e*act pattern which you give them. FB. There ore# when per ect images are placed $e ore the su$4ective# the creative energies will $uild a per ect $ody. FD. Brain cells are constructed in the same way. The &uality o the $rain is governed $y the state o mind# or mental attitude# so that i undesira$le mental attitudes are conveyed to the su$4ective they will in turn $e trans erred to the $ody: we can there ore readily see that i we wish the $ody to mani est health# strength and vitality this must $e the predominant thought. FG. !e "now then that every element o the human $ody is the result o a rate o vi$ration. FH. !e "now that mental action is a rate o vi$ration. 2I. !e "now that a higher rate o vi$ration governs# modi ies# controls# changes# or destroys a lower rate o vi$ration. 2F. !e "now that the rate o vi$ration is governed $y the character o $rain cells# and inally# 22. !e "now how to create these $rain cells: there ore# 29. !e "now how to ma"e any physical change in the $ody we desire# and having secured a wor"ing "nowledge o the power o mind to this e*tent# we have come to "now that there is practically no limitation which can $e placed upon our a$ility to place ourselves in harmony with natural law# which is omnipotent. 20. This in luence or control over the $ody $y mind is coming to $e more and more generally understood# and many physicians are now giving the matter their earnest attention. +r. =l$ert T. 8ho ield# who has written several important $oo"s on the su$4ect# say# >The su$4ect o
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mental therapeutics is still ignored in medical wor"s generally. In our physiologies no re erences is made to the central controlling power that rules the $ody or its good# and the power o the mind over the $ody is seldom spo"en o ). 2@. No dou$t many physicians treat nervous diseases o unctional origin wisely and well# $ut what we contend is that the "nowledge they display was taught at no school# was learned rom no $oo"# $ut it is intuitive and empirical. 2B. This is not as it should $e. The power o mental therapeutics should $e the su$4ect o care ul# special and scienti ic teaching in every medical school. !e might pursue the su$4ect o maltreatment# or want o treatment# urther in detail and descri$e the disastrous results o neglected cases: $ut the tas" is an invidious one. 2D. There can $e no dou$t that ew patients are aware how much they can do or themselves. !hat the patient can do or himsel # the orces he can set in motion are as yet un"nown. !e are inclined to $elieve that they are ar greater than most imagine# and will undou$tedly $e used more and more. ,ental therapeutics may $e directed $y the patient himsel to calming the mind in e*citement# $y arousing eelings o 4oy# hope# aith# and love: $y suggesting motives or e*ertion# $y regular mental wor"# $y diverting the thoughts rom the malady. 2G. 5or your e*ercise this wee" concentrate on Tennyson?s $eauti ul lines >8pea" to 'im# thou# or 'e hears# and spirit with spirit can meet# /loser is 'e than $reathing# and nearer than hands and eet.> Then try to reali;e that when you do >8pea" to 'im> you are in touch with 1mnipotence. 2H. This reali;ation and recognition o this 1mnipresent power will &uic"ly destroy any and every orm o sic"ness or su ering and su$stitute harmony and per ection. Then remem$er there are those who seem to thin" that sic"ness and su ering are sent $y 7od: i so# every physician# every surgeon and every 6ed /ross nurse is de ying the will o 7od and hospitals and sanitariums are places o re$ellion instead o houses o mercy. 1 course# this &uic"ly reasons itsel into an a$surdity# $ut there are many: who still cherish the idea. 9I. Then let the thought rest on the act that until recently theology has $een trying to teach an impossi$le /reator# one who created $eings capa$le o sinning and then allowed them to $e eternally punished or such sins. 1 course the necessary outcome o such e*traordinary ignorance was to create ear instead o love# and so# a ter two thousand years o this "ind o propaganda# Theology is now $usily engaged in apologi;ing or /hristendom. 9F. Cou will then more readily appreciate the ideal man# the man made in the image and li"eness o 7od# and you will more readily appreciate the all originating ,ind that orms# upholds# sustains# originates# and creates all there is. >=ll are $ut parts o one stupendous whole# !hose $ody nature is# and 7od the soul.> 1pportunity ollows perception# action ollows inspiration# growth ollows "nowledge# eminence lows progress. =lways the spiritual irst# then the trans ormation into the in inite and illimita$le possi$ilities o achievement.

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%&RT T E"T.$T O Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
2FF. 'ow may sic"ness $e eliminated< By placing ourselves in harmony with Natural Aaw which is 1mnipotent. 2F2. !hat is the process< = reali;ation that man is a spiritual $eing and that this spirit must necessarily $e per ect. 2F9. !hat is the result< = conscious recognition o this per ection - irst intellectually# then emotionally - $rings a$out a mani estation o this per ection. 2F0. !hy is this so< Because thought is spiritual and there ore creative and correlates with its o$4ect and $rings it into mani estation. 2F@. !hat Natural Aaw is $rought into operation< The Aaw o Ni$ration. 2FB. !hy does this govern< Because a higher rate o vi$ration governs# modi ies# controls# changes# or destroys a lower rate o vi$ration. 2FD. Is this system o mental therapeutics generally recogni;ed< Ces# there are literally millions o people in this country who ma"e use o it in one orm or another Jand o$viously many more world-wideK. 2FG. !hat is the result o this system o thought< 5or the irst time in the world?s history every man?s highest reasoning aculty can $e satis ied $y a demonstra$le truth which is now ast looding the world. 2FH. Is this system applica$le to other orms o supply< It will meet every human re&uirement or necessity. 22I. Is this system scienti ic or religious< Both. True science and true religion are twin sisters# where one goes# the other necessarily ollows.

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In the part which I have the honor to transmit herewith you will ind that money weaves itsel into the entire a$ric o our very e*istence: that the law o success is service: that we get what we give# and or this reason we should consider it a great privilege to $e a$le to give. !e have ound that thought is the creative activity $ehind every constructive enterprise. !e can there ore give nothing o more practical value than our thought. /reative thought re&uires attention# and the power o attention is# as we have ound# the weapon o the 8uper-man. =ttention develops concentration# and concentration develops 8piritual Power# and 8piritual Power is the mightiest orce in e*istence. This is the science which em$races all sciences. It is the art which# a$ove all arts# is relevant to human li e. In the mastery o this science and this art there is opportunity or unending progression. Per ection in this is not ac&uired in si* days# nor in si* wee"s# nor in si* months. It is the la$or o li e. Not to go orward is to go $ac"ward. It is inevita$le that the entertainment o positive# constructive and unsel ish thoughts should have a ar-reaching e ect or good. /ompensation is the "ey-note o the universe. Nature is constantly see"ing to stri"e an e&uili$rium. !here something is sent out something must $e received: else there should $e a vacuum ormed. By o$servance o this rule you cannot ail to pro it in such measure as to amply 4usti y your e ort along this line. P=6T T!ENTC-T'6EE F. The money consciousness is an attitude o mind: it is the open door to the arteries o commerce. It is the receptive attitude. +esire is the attractive orce which sets the current in motion and ear is the great o$stacle $y which the current is stopped or completely reversed# turned away rom us. 2. 5ear is 4ust the opposite rom money consciousness: it is poverty consciousness# and as the law is unchangea$le we get e*actly what we give: i we ear we get what we eared. ,oney weaves itsel into the entire a$ric o our very e*istence: it engages the $est thought o the $est minds. 9. !e ma"e money $y ma"ing riends# and we enlarge our circle o riends $y ma"ing money or them# $y helping them# $y $eing o service to them. The irst law o success then is service# and this in turn is $uilt on integrity and 4ustice. The man who at least is not air in his intention is simply ignorant: he has missed the undamental law o all e*change: he is impossi$le: he will lose surely and certainly: he may not "now it: he may thin" he is winning# $ut he is doomed to certain de eat. 'e cannot cheat the In inite. The law o compensation will demand o him an eye or an eye and a tooth or a tooth. 0. The orces o li e are volatile: they are composed o our thoughts and ideals and these in turn are molded into orm: our pro$lem is to "eep an open mind# to constantly reach out or the new# to recogni;e opportunity# to $e interested in the race rather than the goal# or the pleasure is in the pursuit rather than the possession.

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@. Cou can ma"e a money magnet o yoursel # $ut to do so you must irst consider how you can ma"e money or other people. I you have the necessary insight to perceive and utili;e opportunities and avora$le conditions and recogni;e values# you can put yoursel in position to ta"e advantage o them# $ut your greatest success will come as you are ena$led to assist others. !hat $ene its one must $ene it all. B. = generous thought is illed with strength and vitality# a sel ish thought contains the germs o dissolution: it will disintegrate and pass away. 7reat inanciers li"e Turner# 7ates# Trump# and others are simply channels or the distri$ution o wealth: enormous amounts come and go# $ut it would $e as dangerous to stop the outgo as the income: $oth ends must remain open: and so our greatest success will come as we recogni;e that it is 4ust as essential to give as to get. D. I we recogni;e the 1mnipotent power that is the source o all supply we will ad4ust our consciousness to this supply in such a way that it will constantly attract all that is necessary to itsel and we shall ind that the more we give the more we get. 7iving in this sense implies service. The $an"er gives his money# the merchant gives his goods# the author gives his thought# the wor"man gives his s"ill: all have something to give# $ut the more they can give# the more they get# and the more they get the more they are ena$led to give. G. The inancier gets much $ecause he gives much: he thin"s: he is seldom a man that lets anyone else do his thin"ing or him: he wants to "now how results are to $e secured: you must show him: when you can do this he will urnish the means $y which hundreds or thousands may pro it# and in proportion as they are success ul will he $e success ul. ,organ# 6oc"e eller# /arnegie and others did not get rich $ecause they lost money or other people: on the contrary# it is $ecause they made money or other people that they $ecame the wealthiest men in the wealthiest country on the glo$e. H. The average person is entirely innocent o any deep thin"ing: he accepts the ideas o others# and repeats them# in very much the same way as a parrot: this is readily seen when we understand the method which is used to orm pu$lic opinion# and this docile attitude on the part o a large ma4ority who seem per ectly willing to let a ew persons do all their thin"ing or them is what ena$les a ew men in a great many countries to usurp all the avenues o power and hold the millions in su$4ection. /reative thin"ing re&uires attention. FI. The power o attention is called concentration: this power is directed $y the will: or this reason we must re use to concentrate or thin" o anything e*cept the things we desire. ,any are constantly concentrating upon sorrow# loss and discord o every "ind: as thought is creative it necessarily ollows that this concentration inevita$le leads to more loss# more sorrow and more discord. 'ow could it $e otherwise< 1n the other hand# when we meet with success# gain# or any other desira$le condition# we naturally concentrate upon the e ects o these things and there$y create more# and so it ollows that much leads to more. FF. 'ow an understanding o this principle can $e utili;ed in the $usiness world is well told $y an associate o mine: F2. >8pirit# whatever else it may or may not $e# must $e considered as the Essence o /onsciousness# the 8u$stance o ,ind# the reality underlying Thought. =nd as all ideas are phases o the activity o /onsciousness# ,ind or Thought# it ollows that in 8pirit# and in it alone# is to $e ound the 3ltimate 5act# the 6eal Thing# or Idea.>

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F9. This $eing admitted# does it not seem reasona$le to hold that a true understanding o 8pirit# and its laws o mani estation# would $e a$out the most >practical> thing that a >practical> person can hope to ind< +oes it not seem certain that i the >practical> men o the world could $ut reali;e this act# they would > all all over themselves> in getting to the place in which they might o$tain such "nowledge o spiritual things and laws< These men are not ools: they need only to grasp this undamental act in order to move in the direction o that which is the essence o all achievement. F0. Aet me give you a concrete e*ample. I "now a man in /hicago whom I had always considered to $e &uite materialistic. 'e had made several successes in li e: and also several ailures. The last time I had a tal" with him he was practically >down and out#> as compared with his ormer $usiness condition. It loo"ed as i he had indeed reached >the end o his rope#> or he was well advanced into the stage o middle-age# and new ideas came more slowly# and less re&uently to him than in ormer years. F@. 'e said to me# in su$stance: >I "now that all things that ?wor" out? in $usiness are the result o Thought: any ool "nows that. Lust now# I seem to $e short on thoughts and good ideas. But# i this ?=ll-,ind? teaching is correct# it should $e possi$le or the individual to attain a ?direct connection? with In inite ,ind: and in In inite ,ind there must $e the possi$ility o all "inds o good ideas which a man o my courage and e*perience could put to practical use in the $usiness world# and ma"e a $ig success thereo . It loo"s good to me: and I am going to loo" into it.> FB. This was several years ago. The other day I heard o this man again. Tal"ing to a riend# I said: >!hat has come o our old riend O< 'as he ever gotten on his eet again<> The riend loo"ed at me in ama;ement. >!hy#> said he# >don?t you "now a$out O?s great success< 'e is the Big ,an in the ?QQQQQQQQQ /ompany? Jnaming a concern which has mad a phenomenal success during the last eighteen months and is now well "nown# $y reason o its advertisements# rom one end o the country to another# and also a$roadK. 'e is the man who supplied the BI7 I+E= or that concern. !hy# he is a$out a hal -million to the good and is moving rapidly toward the million mar": all in the space o eighteen months.> I had not connected this man with the enterprise mentioned: although I "new o the wonder ul success o the company in &uestion. Investigation has shown that the story is true# and that the a$ove stated acts are not e*aggerated in the slightest. FD. Now# what do you thin" o that< To me# it means that this man actually made the >direct connection> with In inite ,ind -- 8pirit -- and# having ound it# he set it to wor" or him. 'e >used it in his $usiness.> FG. +oes this sound sacrilegious or $lasphemous< I hope not: I do not mean it to $e so. Ta"e away the implication o Personality# or ,agni ied 'uman Nature# rom the conception o the >The In inite#> and you have le t the conception o an In inite Presence-Power# the Muintessence o which is /onsciousness -- in act# at the last# 8pirit. =s this man# also# at the last# must $e considered as a mani estation o 8pirit: there is nothing sacrilegious in the idea that he# $eing 8pirit# should so harmoni;e himsel with his 1rigin and 8ource that he would $e a$le to mani est at least a minor degree o its Power. =ll o us do this# more or less# when we use our minds in the direction o /reative Thought. This man did more# he went a$out it in an intensely >practical> manner. FH. I have not consulted him a$out his method o procedure# though I intend doing so at the irst opportunity# $ut# he not only drew upon the In inite 8upply or the ideas which he needed Jand which ormed the seed o his successK# $ut that he also used the /reative Power o
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Thought in $uilding up or himsel an Idealistic Pattern o that which he hoped to mani est in material orm# adding thereto# changing# improving its detail# rom time to time -- proceeding rom the general outline to the inished detail. I 4udge this to $e the acts o the case# not alone rom my recollection o the conversation a ew years ago# $ut also $ecause I have ound the same thing to $e true in the cases o other prominent men who have made similar mani estation o /reative Thought. 2I. Those who may shrin" rom this idea o employing the In inite Power to aid one in his wor" in the material world# should remem$er that i the In inite o$4ected in the least to such a procedure the thing could never happen. The In inite is &uite a$le to ta"e care o Itsel . 2F. >8pirituality> is &uite >practical#> very >practical#> intensely >practical.> It teaches that 8pirit is the 6eal Thing# the !hole Thing# and that ,atter is $ut plastic stu # which 8pirit is a$le to create# mould# manipulate# and ashion to its will. 8pirituality is the most >practical> thing in the world -- the only really and a$solutely >practical> thing that there isE 22. This wee" concentrate on the act that man is not a $ody with a spirit# $ut a spirit with a $ody# and that it is or this reason that his desires are incapa$le o any permanent satis action in anything not spiritual. ,oney is there ore o no value e*cept to $ring a$out the conditions which we desire# and these conditions are necessarily harmonious. 'armonious conditions necessitate su icient supply# so that i there appears to $e any lac"# we should reali;e that the idea or soul o money is service# and as this thought ta"es orm# channels o supply will $e opened# and you will have the satis action o "nowing that spiritual methods are entirely practical. >!e have discovered that premeditated# orderly thin"ing or a purpose matures that purpose into i*ed orm# so that we may $e a$solutely sure o the result o our dynamic e*periment.> - 5rancis Aarimer !arner

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%&RT T E"T.$T)REE Study 'uestions
22F. !hat is the irst law o success< 8ervice.

ith &ns(ers

222. 'ow may we $e o the most service< 'ave an open mind: $e interested in the race rather than the goal# in the pursuit rather than possession. 229. !hat is the result o a sel ish thought< It contains the germs o dissolution. 220. 'ow will our greatest success $e achieved< By a recognition o the act that it is 4ust as essential to give as to receive. 22@. !hy do inanciers re&uently meet with great success< Because they do their own thin"ing. 22B. !hy do the great ma4ority in every country remain the docile and apparently willing tools o the ew< Because they let the ew do all their thin"ing or them. 22D. !hat is the e ect o concentrating upon sorrow and loss< ,ore sorrow and more loss. 22G. !hat is the e ect o concentrating upon gain< ,ore gain. 22H. Is this principle used in the $usiness world< It is the only principle which is ever used# or ever can $e used: there is no other principle. The act that it may $e used unconsciously does not alter the situation. 29I. !hat is the practical application o this principle< The act that success is an e ect# not a cause# and i we wish to secure the e ect we must ascertain the cause# or idea or thought $y which the e ect is created. >Nurture your mind with great thoughts: to $elieve in the heroic ma"es heroes.> - +israeli

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Enclosed you will ind Part Twenty- our# your inal lesson o this course. I you have practiced each o the e*ercises a ew minutes every day# as suggested# you will have ound that you can get out o li e e*actly what you wish $y irst putting into li e that which you wish# and you will pro$a$ly agree with the student who said: >The thought is almost overwhelming# so vast# so availa$le# so de inite# so reasona$le and so usa$le.> The ruit o this "nowledge is# as it were# a gi t o the 7ods: it is the >truth> that ma"es men ree# not only ree rom every lac" and limitation# $ut ree rom sorrow# worry and care# and# is it not wonder ul to reali;e that this law is no respecter o persons# that it ma"es no di erence what your ha$it o thought may $e# the way has $een prepared. I you are inclined to $e religious# the greatest religious teacher the world has ever "nown made the way so plain that all may ollow. I your mental $ias is toward physical science# the law will operate with mathematical certainty. I you are inclined to $e philosophical# Plato or Emerson may $e your teacher# $ut in either case# you may reach degrees o power to which it is impossi$le to assign any limit. =n understanding o this principle# I $elieve# is the secret or which the ancient =lchemists vainly sought# $ecause it e*plains how gold in the mind may $e transmuted into gold in the heart and in the hand. P=6T T!ENTC-5136 F. !hen the scientists irst put the 8un in the center o the 8olar 8ystem and sent the earth spinning around it# there was immense surprise and consternation. The whole idea was sel evidently alse: nothing was more certain than the movement o the 8un across the s"y# and anyone could see it descend $ehind the western hills and sin" into the sea: scholars raged and scientists re4ected the idea as a$surd# yet the evidence has inally carried conviction in the minds o all. 2. !e spea" o a $ell as a >sounding $ody#> yet we "now that all the $ell can do is to produce vi$rations in the air. !hen these vi$rations come at the rate o si*teen per second# they cause a sound to $e heard in the mind. It is also possi$le or the mind to hear vi$rations up to the rate o 9G#III vi$rations per second. !hen the num$er increases $eyond this# all is silence again: so that we "now that the sound is not in the $ell# it is in our own mind. 9. !e spea" and even thin" o the 8un as >giving light.> Cet we "now it is simply giving orth energy which produces vi$rations in the ether at the rate o our hundred trillion a second# causing what are termed light waves# so that we "now that we call light is simply a orm o energy and that the only light there is# is the sensation caused in the mind $y the motion o the waves. !hen the num$er increases# the light changes in color# each change in color $eing caused $y shorter and more rapid vi$rations: so that although we spea" o the rose as $eing red# the grass as $eing green# or the s"y as $eing $lue# we "now that the colors e*ist only in our minds# and are the sensations e*perienced $y us as the result o the vi$rations o light waves. !hen the vi$rations are reduced $elow our hundred trillion a second# they no longer a ect us as light# $ut we e*perience the sensation o heat. It is evident# there ore# that we cannot depend upon the evidence o the senses or our in ormation concerning the

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realities o things: i we did we should $elieve that the sun moved# that the world was lat instead o round# that the stars were $its o light instead o vast suns. 0. The whole range then o the theory and practice o any system o metaphysics consists in "nowing the Truth concerning yoursel and the world in which you live: in "nowing that in order to e*press harmony# you must thin" harmony: in order to e*press health you must thin" health: and in order to e*press a$undance you must thin" a$undance: to do this you must reverse the evidence o the senses. @. !hen you come to "now that every orm o disease# sic"ness# lac" and limitation are simply the result o wrong thin"ing# you will have come to "now >the Truth which shall ma"e you ree.> Cou will see how mountains may $e removed. I these mountains consist only o dou$t# ear# distrust or other orms o discouragement# they are none the less real# and they need not only to $e removed $ut to $e >cast into the sea.> B. Cour real wor" consists in convincing yoursel o the truth o these statements. !hen you have succeeded in doing this you will have no di iculty in thin"ing the truth# and as has $een shown# the truth contains a vital principle and will mani est itsel . D. Those who heal diseases $y mental methods have come to "now this truth# they demonstrate it in their lives and the lives o others daily. They "now that li e# health and a$undance are 1mnipresent# illing all space# and they "now that those who allow disease or lac" o any "ind to mani est# have as yet not come into an understanding o this great law. G. =s all conditions are thought creations and there ore entirely mental# disease and lac" are simply mental conditions in which the person ails to perceive the truth: as soon as the error is removed# the condition is removed. H. The method or removing this error is to go into the 8ilence and "now the Truth: as all mind is one mind# you can do this or yoursel or anyone else. I you have learned to orm mental images o the conditions desired# this will $e the easiest and &uic"est way to secure results: i not# results can $e accomplished $y argument# $y the process o convincing yoursel a$solutely o the truth o your statement. FI. 6emem$er# and this is one o the most di icult as well as most wonder ul statements to grasp.... remem$er that no matter what the di iculty is# no matter where it is# no matter who is a ected# you have no patient $ut yoursel : you have nothing to do $ut to convince yoursel o the truth which you desire to see mani ested. FF. This is an e*act scienti ic statement in accordance with every system o ,etaphysics in e*istence# and no permanent results are ever secured in any other way. F2. Every orm o concentration# orming ,ental Images# =rgument# and =uto-8uggestion are all simply methods $y which you are ena$led to reali;e the Truth. F9. I you desire to help someone# to destroy some orm o lac"# limitation or error# the correct method is not to thin" o the person whom you wish to help: the intention to help them is entirely su icient# as this puts you in mental touch with the person. Then drive out o your own mind any $elie o lac"# limitation# disease# danger# di iculty or whatever the trou$le might $e. =s soon as you have succeeded is doing this the result will have $een accomplished# and the person will $e ree.

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F0. But remem$er that thought is creative and conse&uently every time you allow your thought to rest on any inharmonious condition# you must reali;e that such conditions are apparent only# they have no reality# that spirit is the only reality and it can never $e less than per ect. F@. =ll thought is a orm o energy# a rate o vi$ration# $ut a thought o the Truth is the highest rate o vi$ration "nown and conse&uently destroys every orm o error in e*actly the same way that light destroys dar"ness: no orm o error can e*ist when the >Truth> appears# so that your entire mental wor" consists in coming into an understanding o the Truth. This will ena$le you to overcome every orm o lac"# limitation or disease o any "ind. FB. !e can get no understanding o the truth rom the world without: the world without is relative only: Truth is a$solute. !e must there ore ind it in the >world within.> FD. To train the mind to see Truth only is to e*press true conditions only# our a$ility to do this will $e an indication as to the progress we are ma"ing. FG. The a$solute truth is that the >I> is per ect and complete: the real >I> is spiritual and can there ore never $e less than per ect: it can never have any lac"# limitation# or disease. The lash o genius does not have origin in the molecular motion o the $rain: it is inspired $y the ego# the spiritual >I> which is one with the 3niversal ,ind# and it is our a$ility to recogni;e this 3nity which is the cause o all inspiration# all genius. These results are ar reaching and have e ect upon generations yet to come: they are the pillars o ire which mar" the path that millions ollow. FH. Truth is not the result o logical training or o e*perimentation# or even o o$servation: it is the product o a developed consciousness. Truth within a /aesar# mani ests in a /aesar?s deportment# in his li e and his action: his in luence upon social orms and progress. Cour li e and your actions and your in luence in the world will depend upon the degree o truth which you are ena$led to perceive# or truth will not mani est in creeds# $ut in conduct. 2I. Truth mani ests in character# and the character o a man# should $e the interpretation o his religion# or what to him is truth# and this will in turn $e evidenced in the character o his possession. I a man complains o the dri t o his ortune he is 4ust as un4ust to himsel as i he should deny rational truth# though it stand patent and irre uta$le. 2F. 1ur environment and the innumera$le circumstances and accidents o our lives already e*ist in the su$conscious personality which attracts to itsel the mental and physical material which is congenial to its nature. Thus our uture $eing determined rom our present# and i there should $e apparent in4ustice in any eature or phase o our personal li e# we must loo" within or the cause# try to discover the mental act which is responsi$le or the outward mani estation. 22. It is this truth which ma"es you > ree> and it is the conscious "nowledge o this truth which will ena$le you to overcome every di iculty. 29. The conditions with which you meet in the world without are invaria$ly the result o the conditions o$taining in the world within# there ore it ollows with scienti ic accuracy that $y holding the per ect ideal in mind you can $ring a$out ideal conditions in your environment. 20. I you see only the incomplete# the imper ect# the relative# the limited# these conditions will mani est in your li e: $ut i you train your mind to see and reali;e the spiritual ego# the >I>
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which is orever per ect and complete# harmonious: wholesome# and health ul conditions only will $e mani ested. 2@. =s thought is creative# and the truth is the highest and most per ect thought which anyone can thin"# it is sel -evident that to thin" the truth is to create that which is true and it is again evident that when truth comes into $eing that which is alse must cease to $e. 2B. The 3niversal ,ind is the totality o all mind which is in e*istence. 8pirit is ,ind# $ecause spirit is intelligent. The words are# there ore# synonymous. 2D. The di iculty with which you have to contend is to reali;e that mind is not individual. It is omnipresent. It e*ists everywhere. In other words# there is no place where it is not. It is# there ore# 3niversal. 2G. ,en have# hereto ore# generally used the word >7od> to indicate this 3niversal# creative principle: $ut the word >7od> does not convey the right meaning. ,ost people understand this word to mean something outside o themselves: while e*actly the contrary is the act. It is our very li e. !ithout it we would $e dead. !e would cease to e*ist. The minute the spirit leaves the $ody# we are as nothing. There ore# spirit is really# all there is o us. 2H. Now# the only activity which the spirit possesses is the power to thin". There ore# thought must $e creative# $ecause spirit is creative. This creative power is impersonal and your a$ility to thin" is your a$ility to control it and ma"e use o it or the $ene it o yoursel and others. 9I. !hen the truth o this statement is reali;ed# understood# and appreciated# you will have come into possession o the ,aster--ey# $ut remem$er that only those who are wise enough to understand# $road enough to weigh the evidence# irm enough to ollow their own 4udgment# and strong enough to ma"e the sacri ice e*acted# may enter and parta"e. 9F. This wee"# try to reali;e that this is truly a wonder ul world in which we live# that you are a wonder ul $eing that many are awa"ening to a "nowledge o the Truth# and as ast as they awa"e and come into a "nowledge o the (things which have $een prepared or them) they# too# reali;e that >Eye hath not seen# nor ear heard# neither hath it entered into the heart o man#> the splendors which e*ist or those who ind themselves in the Promised Aand. They have crossed the river o 4udgment and have arrived at the point o discrimination $etween the true and the alse# and have ound that all they ever willed or dreamed# was $ut a aint concept o the da;;ling reality. >Though an inheritance o acres may $e $e&ueathed# an inheritance o "nowledge and wisdom cannot. The wealthy man may pay others or doing his wor" or him# $ut it is impossi$le to get his thin"ing done or him $y another or to purchase any "ind o sel -culture.> - 8. 8miles

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%&RT T E"T.$FO#R Study 'uestions (ith &ns(ers
29F. 3pon what principle does the theory and practice o every system o ,etaphysics in e*istence depend< 3pon a "nowledge o the >Truth> concerning yoursel and the world in which you li e. 292. !hat is the >Truth> concerning yoursel < The real >I> or ego is spiritual and can there ore never $e less than per ect. 299. !hat is the method o destroying any orm o error< To a$solutely convince yoursel o the >Truth> concerning the condition which you wish to see mani ested. 290. /an we do this or others< The 3niversal ,ind in which >we live and move and have our $eing> is one and indivisi$le# it is there ore 4ust as possi$le to help others as to help ourselves. 29@. !hat is the 3niversal ,ind< The totality o all mind in e*istence. 29B. !here is the 3niversal ,ind< The 3niversal ,ind is omnipresent# it e*ists everywhere. There is no place where it is not. It is there ore within us. It is >The !orld within.> It is our spirit# our li e. 29D. !hat is the nature o the 3niversal ,ind< It is spiritual and conse&uently creative. It see"s to e*press itsel in orm. 29G. 'ow may we act on the 3niversal ,ind< 1ur a$ility to thin" is our a$ility to act on the 3niversal ,ind and $ring it into mani estation or the $ene it o ourselves or others. 29H. !hat is meant $y thin"ing< /lear# decisive# calm# deli$erate# sustained thought with a de inite end in view. 20I. !hat will $e the result< Cou will also $e a$le to say# >It is not I that doeth the wor"s# $ut the R5ather2 that dwelleth within me# 'e doeth the wor"s.> Cou will come to "now that the >5ather> is the 3niversal ,ind and that 'e does really and truly dwell within you# in other words# you will come to "now that the wonder ul promises made in the Bi$le are act# not iction# and can $e demonstrated $y anyone having su icient understanding. >Temples have their sacred images# and we see what in luence they have always had over a great part o man"ind: $ut# in truth# the ideas and images in men?s minds are the invisi$le powers that constantly govern them: and to these they all pay universally a ready su$mission.> - Lonathan Edwards

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