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GreGG Ziekert

Art Director
rainbow buckinGham

eric ridenour

BSceneLive.com - March 2010



GreGG Ziekert
allan holGuin
marina Shiferman

cover Photo
and intern

kat buckinGham

Letter from the
Who Are We to Be So Presumptive?
Well my dear readers, it seems we are
now public.  Last month’s issue received 7800 in about ten days.  People are
weighing in with their opinions.
february was not intended to be public
but, it was strictly a dry run template
to see if we could even do it.  It was
10 days late, with placeholder
content.  We needed to know of the
pitfalls and run into the things we
missed.  We also needed to work out the
code on the site to see if that whole
infrastructure would support it.  Guess
what?  It did.  Well beyond our expectations.
the original plan, some 4 months ago,
was to not even conceive the magazine
until a sufficient web presence was
established, estimated at about  1 to 2
years out.  I was pushed to publish to
establish that web presence.  the next
hurdle was the artistic nature of the
project.  that fell into our lap as
well.  I am a believer that we follow a
path laid out in front of us.  I spent
the majority of my life controlling and
dictating my path with limited
results.  I have found harmony in life
by taking it one step at a time on the
path put in front of me.  my path seems
We are thankful for all the positive
support we are encountering in the
community.  We feel the love and are
grateful for it.  When one steps out in
a creative endeavor, the self doubts
creep in and dominate your consciousness.  It is far from presumptuous to
take these risks.  It is more like your
first day in a new school.  Well we
have many new friends now and are
grateful for each and very one of
you. thank you.

P eRfeCT Way TO U nWInd
By: GreGG Ziekert


Wound 2 Tight is a local band full
of experience with a professional
presence.  They have the instruments, the talent and the sound of
those arena touring bands of
days past.  It is like going to a

huge festival
seating concert without the all
day tailgate party and the long
lines at the bathroom.  Wound 2

BSceneLive.com - March 2010

emember the music
they used to call oldies?
In the 70’s it was the
music of the 50’s.  As we
moved through time, oldies
defined a select genre and
today they are said to be
classic Rock.  now this
genre spans the decades
of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s
and 90’s.  Wow,
what a collection.
Some of that
represented may
make you blush
that you even
recall the tunes;
others are the
anthems we grew
up and partied too.
Remember the song
that was playing when you
first got laid?  Well, Wound 2
Tight does and chances are
they played it at The Rivers
edge or at DV8 in February.


Tight only play the songs that
made those decades great.
Their entire show is just
moment after moment of
going, “Man, I love this
song!”  It makes you want
to find your local classic
rock station and  program
it back into your cars

BSceneLive.com - March 2010

Rat, Motley crue,  Ac/Dc,
Aerosmith and more.  The best
cover songs you can imagine, that is
what they end up playing.  Depending on the situation, they even
take requests.  chances are you can’t throw these guys by


BSceneLive.com - March 2010

requesting something you
think they don’t know.
Believe it, they know it.
Songs like enter Sandman,
Holy Diver, Green-eyed
Lady, Man in a Box, and Tie
Your Mother Down are
among a few of the classics
you can expect to hear.
Their set lists run deep.  You
can see these guys again
and again, getting a different show each time.  The
Rivers edge show and DV8
have it playing some of the
same sounds have totally


BSceneLive.com - March 2010

different feels.  They fed off their
environment and the crowd.
each show had its distinct high


The band came into existence in August of 2006
and have been putting
their impressions on
the Tucson Music
Scene ever since.  With
Milton cox on rhythm
guitar, Scott Hamilton
lead vocals, Danny
Marques on drums,
charlie Lochner on lead
guitar, and Donnie Jamieson
on Bass, they play a wide
variety of events and venues all
over town.  These guys work
very hard playing its music.
You can find them somewhere
3 4 times a month.  Seasoned
musician with their own sound
reinforcement truly makes this
band shine.  More information
can be found in your standard
Facebook or Myspace search
and at www.wound2tight.com.

Reviewed from the DV8
nightclub show on 2-6-2010
and the Rivers edge show on 213-2010


BSceneLive.com - March 2010

TRIaL by LanTeRn

By Marina ShiferMan


The environment was warm and
inviting. They were not performing in
glass cases marked “do not touch”
instead the night seemed impromptu.
A touch the poets added to their
evening was a confession booth.

each poet told a story about themselves
that they have not told anyone, that is
always in the background of their mind
and if thought about change who they
are. Funny and disgusting, insightful and
moving the line between performer and
observer were erased to only sense a
cloud of a line.
Kat began the
evening. Miss
LaRue uses
words as
freely as we
use salt, on
everything, in
adding a pinch here
and there, to taste. She disguised the
idea of lust with phrases like “christmas
tree limbs,” “Toilet paper angels and
desire,” “Rearrange our crooked features
into a Picasso grace,” “Finger set to
vicious.” Like salt to a dish, she provides
a need for words but somehow never
adds too much, her poems are never too
salty. next Lindsay took it away.
Lindsay’s poem, Ode To Karen Barbee
“belly dance extraordinaire” slithered off
her tongue in a melodic dancelike way.

BSceneLive.com - March 2010

at Tuesday was the date.
8pm was the time and
espresso Art café on
University blvd was the place for the
trial II performance by Lantern.
Lantern is a poetry troop of 3 college
students. The evening exceeded any
expectations one might have upon
hearing “poetry reading.”
The words they read
slowly dug a hole to
get to art, the words
exposed movies and
songs and images
and memories of the
diversity that is Lantern.
Lantern is comprised of Alan Tanz
with his innovative and forgotten
places of the imagination, Kat LaRue
with her 50’s, love struck style, and
Lindsay Janes’s modest, unraveling
notions of provocativeness.


Like the hips of a belly dancer she
twisted and shook words together
until the realization of the poem took
shape. The things that live within both
the dancer and speaker and what the
speaker wants and knows was the
resounding effect. The words“Offering a moment I could cradle,”
“You are old and you never wanted to
be,” “I keep my garish extremities to
myself,” “I was pieced together in you”
-are mesmerizing lyrics to the song of
a dancer.

transformed soundless text into a story,
an unveiling of music, of rage, and

BSceneLive.com - March 2010

Turkish music, soft at first then faster
and deeper was white canvas on which
he performed his poem. Kat and
Lindsay played backup roles, softly
accompanying Alan in a few chosen
words, “dark loner”, “never a rat at all”,
“come here Sofje”, “dark abyss”, “reach
out”, “trap her”, “feed her”, “sofje”, “rat”,
“rat”, “sofje”, “rat.”
“WHEN YOU MAKE MUSIC OR It was a theatrical
WRITE OR CREATE, IT’S REALLY experience that left
YOUR JOB TO HAVE MIND- the small audience
IRRESPONSIBLE, speech less.


Attention was then
turned to Alan who
was putting on music
and stood in the center CONDOMLESS
of the “stage.” A rat
Towards the end
living in the dark - LADY GAGA the trio performed
corner of a bedroom
a poem together.
who gets fed and bites is the plot of his
each adding a phrase, one after the
poem. The subject, however, is
other. It was called “Galapagos.” And
unaware greediness, silence that is
with that they talked of being uniquely
frustrating and powerful, power transone of a kind and uniquely special.  
fer until this thing, this rat has all of it.
Angering silence and accepting offers
After the deep breath of the show and
of cheese it is able to give the speaker
the filled with unorganized knotted
such fuel as to rip the floor boards off.
stomachs, the evening ended with a
Alan performed his words, paying
song by Lady Gaga and the poets
equal attention to the diction as well as
dancing around as if we were not there,
the way he says them. By taking a
as if celebrating the shape of the space
phrase like “dark corner” and taking a
of their minds.
breathe between the words he has

BSceneLive.com - March 2010

BSceneLive.com - March 2010



TAG your
PhoTo on

Happy St. Patty’s Day From

f**CK THe ReCessIOn


f going out for some
drinks seems daunting
because of how the
economy is, Level has “recession-proof specials” every


to: Miller Lite, Shock Top, Dos
equis, and Guinness. If you’re not
much of a beer drinker, Level also
has $4 Three O Vodka cocktails,
$5 Jager Shots, and $6 Jager

Wednesday that will help you
have a good time without
worrying about your pockets.
All draft beer pints are either $1
or $2 dollars depending on
whether it’s domestic or not.
These include, but not limited

Bombs. Located in St. Philip’s
Plaza, just south of River Road on
n. campbell Avenue, this lounge
is the perfect place if you’re
looking to have some drinks away
from the over-populated 4thavenue or downtown.

BSceneLive.com - March 2010

By: allan holGuin


BSceneLive.com - March 2010


Apart from the great specials
this lounge has to offer, the
limited orange lighting and
surrounding candlelight sets up
a very intimate setting. With Big
Brother Beats spinning a mix of
R&B, Hip-Hop, and mash ups,
this music is the perfect blend to
make you either want to dance,
or just lay back and watch
eSPn on the flat screen television. On this particular night,
Big Brother Beats spun the
classic Fugees “Killing Me
Softly” to the recently released
“On to the next One” by Jay-Z.
“They [Level] let me spin whatever I want, so I come every
Wednesday night and usually
like to vibe off of the crowd, I’m
a huge underground Hip-Hop
fan, so

I try to blend some in every
now and then” says the Tucson
native DJ.
If Wednesdays don’t look too
good for going out, Level also
has Therapy Thursdays ($3
Draft beers) energy Fridays ($4
energy drink and well vodka)
and Privilege Saturdays ($3
Kamikaze Shots). each day
having its own particular
specials. Level is the perfect
place for you to bring a date to
have drinks or dress up and go
out with a group of friends.
Level enforces a strict dress
code, so if relaxed wear is what
you’re looking for, this is not a
place for you.
F*cK VALenTIne’S WeeKenD:
Friday being “Ladies night”
$4 Featured energy Drink &
no cover for Ladies all night!
Music by DJ Phatal
Saturday being “Main event”
$5 cover for all guests

ePIC cafe

is hoSt TO an
eCLeCtiC & talenTed Showcase

By allan holGuin


for the password. The Service was
fast, the staff friendly and approachable, and the crowd eccentric. The
colorful walls and desert-life themed
art makes this café a good place for
the aspiring artist.
every Thursday night, epic café
holds an Open Mic event. Free for
anyone to participate, whether
you’re an aspiring poet, or just
someone tuning your guitar skills.

BSceneLive.com - March 2010

ocated on the corner of 4th
Avenue and University
Boulevard, epic café is a
popular hang out for University
Students. With a wide range of
sandwiches, snacks, and drinks,
this café is welcoming to anyone
looking for a place to study or
relax. In addition to the different
foods and drinks, epic café also
has free wi-fi internet to anyone
who asks one of the employees


BSceneLive.com - March 2010

Registration starts at 7:30 p.m. distraction of local musicians
and the event begins at 8 p.m. and poets.” The crowd was
promptly. Seats filled up fast, really into the open mic, giving
with many people staying the each participant a loud and long
entirety of the show, so make applause after each song.
sure to arrive
early if you THE SERVICE WAS FAST, Opening at 6
want a good THE STAFF FRIENDLY AND a.m. and closing
view. On this APPROACHABLE, AND THE at midnight, this
night, epic café CROWD ECCENTRIC.
café is alive and
guitarists and one rapper. running at almost any time. For
Guitarist and singer Sean Stone more information, or a look at
(listen to his music t the eclectic menu, visit their
www.myspace.com/mysean- website at www.epic-cafe.com


below, captivated the
crowd with his impressive singing. With a
striking humility and free
c.d.’s to whoever wanted
one, this young man has
a lot of characteristics
pushing him to go far.
Hallie Havican, a student
at the U of A, and a
regular at epic café says:
“I come here often to do
homework. I like the

BSceneLive.com - March 2010

BSceneLive.com - March 2010

hiP-hoP dancerS aLeRtOPen hiP-hoP cLasses
By Marina ShiferMan

Black and Blue Hip Hop crew is a
group of 20 University of Arizona
students that have come together to
create an environment where they
can each choreograph, dance, free
style, listen to music, teach and be
taught, and appreciate hip hop dance
together. They perform at UA basketball games, on University blvd. during

Bear Down Fridays, currently they are
raising money to perform at the Phoenix
Suns basketball game on March 6th. and
will perform at country Thunder on April
17th. In order to raise money Black and
Blue offers 1-2 open classes per semester. 2 choreographed dances are taught,
one each hour, by one of the crewmembers.
On February 2nd at 7pm in the InA
GITTInGS building on campus Black and
Blue hosted an open hip-hop class. The
first song was Bedrock, the Wayne verse
and the Lloyd chorus. The second dance
was a short 8 counts but very fast and
diva-esque. 25 people were in attendance from beginners, to experienced
dancers, to boys who like girls, to girls
who want to become someone else for
those 16 counts or 24 counts or those 8
counts. People that have just gotten fired
and people that have been in school all
day, people that knew
not one person in that
class and people that
said hi to everyone
when they walked in.
everyone is welcome
and appreciated. Keep
an ear out for this
crew and come share
your moves at the
next open class.  

BSceneLive.com - March 2010


n Tucson it is not easy to find a
dance class that suites your
needs and provides all that you
want. Tucson is home to some quant
dance studios offering ballet and jazz,
the rest of the usual but those are
mainly for children. If you are of
college age and you want a hip hop
class that does more than pelvic thrust,
if you want a 2 hour hip hop class for
10 bucks that is as close as the
and Blue Hip Hop crew has the goods.


BSceneLive.com - March 2010

PrettyBIRd- Smash
Cd reLease Party at PLUsH
brings variety & fun
lmost every night PLUSH,
on the corner of 4th Avenue
and 6th Street has live
music. When you enter the bar and
walk around the corner to the stage
area it feels as PLUSH morphs you
into its own wonderful world. PLUSH
prides itself on two things, their excellent drinks including specials on
beers, and thrilling live music. The
Honey Brown beer on tap, was on
special for 2 dollars. It tasted exactly
like it sounds: honeyish with flavor of
brown sugar. PLUSH lives up to its
standards in the beverage department. It also lives up to its standards
in the live music department.


On Saturday, January 23, PLUSH
hosted the cD release party for Pretty
Bird. Smash. Brian Field and Matt
Anderson make up the band
members but don’t let that small
number fool you, their sound is so
intense and always changing that it
sounds like a 4 piece band. Fields,
who is the singer/songwriter, was
positioned on stage left, playing his

12-string guitar. A 12 string allows Fields
to make more diverse sounds thus
allowing for more range. Matt Anderson
was positioned in between center and
stage right sitting at his drum set, with
his homemade lap steel guitar(which is
typically played on the lap and is similar
sounding to a Spanish guitar), and his
keys. The band members got together in
2008 and have been recording since.
Pretty Bird. Smash has a sound for the
edgier indie music listener. At times Field
and Matt rock their instrumenthe bands
drifting head nods as they played. At
other times the clear sounds of the heart
pounding loud drums were sharply
interrupted by Fields strong heavy metal
voice. At other times Brian’s voice could
not have been softer with more heartfelt
emotion. During the middle of the bands
set Matt Anderson went outside to the
patio for a smoke break. That unplanned
intermission left Fields dappling at his
guitar for a few minutes alone on stage
and shifted the evening into a hanging
out with friends, listening to them jam out
kind of vibe. Had it not been stated that
the night was for Pretty Bird. Smash’s
new cD release, it would have been hard

BSceneLive.com - March 2010

By Marina ShiferMan


BSceneLive.com - March 2010

to tell. They were not the closing act
nor the opening act nor the longest act
and not the one that left a lasting
impression through the night. The
opening band was called Young


Young Mothers is a group of 5 young
guys so it’s a wonder how they came
up with the band name. Zachary
Bennett Toporek, who is the groups
main singer, had sideburns and a
visible close bond with his songs.
Dancing around before the band
started and jammin to his own beats
when the songs would climax put a
daze over the audience. His sound
reminds somewhat of the Shins
mixed with a pinch of Death
cab for cutie. The band
talent as well as
their “thank
you’s”. At one
point Toporek
said that the
next song was
about living in
Tucson, the
cheered and to
that he said

jokingly “Thank you so much but wait
till you hear it to cheer.” Young
Mothers extended play cD entitled
“Arts and crafts” is offered through
Snocap, on the band’s MySpace page,
and on ITunes. Look for this band; it’s
on the road to making classic music.
After Young Mothers short half hour
set, three ladies and a man on the
drums took the stage calling itself
Seashell Radio. A keyboard and a
computer in front of her was cassie
Van Gelde. On the cello pounding on a
tambourine was esmé Schwal.
The newest member of the band,
courtney Robbins was on the
guitar and Fen Ikner on the
drums. Ikner also serves as the
recording engineer for the
band. each of the band
members had a
microphone in
front of them
and each
partook in
t h e
each had
a n d
sounds that

After Seashell Radio ended their
set, Pretty Bird. Smash began.
After Pretty Bird. Smash was
done, the duo Mascaron began.
The equipment was set up in the
dark and Mascaron played in the
darkness of the stage. The darkness of the stage led your eyes
directly to the projector screen
they had in between them. The
guitarist and drummer were as
shadowed and protected, as if

they wanted all eyes off them and on the
screen. Mascaron sounded reminiscent
of the music in KISS. The pictures on the
screen were seemingly out of the blue,
clips of old Greek and Roman statues,
clips of movies in black and white,
pictures of crying children. The definition
of the word Mascaron is a term used in
Greek architecture, it refers to an ornamental face, usually human, and usually
frightening put on the arches of buildings. Its function was originally to
frighten away evil spirits so that they
would not enter the building. The unsettling images make sense under the
backdrop of the bands rock n’ roll sound.

BSceneLive.com - March 2010

when came together was an
overwhelming sense of harmony
between the instruments and
sounds. While the band refers to
itself as making “a bunch of
damn racket,” that racket makes
for an electric twist to the instruments. The awe striking esmé
Schwal was sitting in a chair with
a cello between her legs on far
stage right. not only did she play
the cello with such soul that
almost moved her off her chair,
not only did she beat the
tambourine, but she also sang
ballads in just about each song.
eyes could not be taken off of this
schoolteacher looking girl with a
sound of a true musician who
with her bow draws pictures of


BSceneLive.com - March 2010

BSceneLive.com - March 2010



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