In this step by step guide you will learn about: How to hack network printers us ing the command

prompt Things to remember * CP = Command Prompt * HDs = Hard Drives Step by Step: 1. Open command prompt if it's block and you don't know how to get to it go to U sing the command prompt under a limited account and then continue to step #2. 2. In command prompt type c:\windows>nbtstat -a (instead of the I.P. address type the real I.P. address or the name of the compu ter your trying to get to) and if you don't know how to get the name of the comp uter then go to what to do after hacking the C:\ drive and then continue to step #3. 3. Let say that it gives you this NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table Name Type Status --------------------------------------------user <00> UNIQUE Registered workgroup <00> GROUP Registered user <03> UNIQUE Registered user <20> UNIQUE Registered MAC Address = 00-02-44-14-23-E6

The number <20> shows that the victim has enabled the File And Printer Sharing. ------------------------------------NOTE - If you do not get this number there are two possible answers A. You do not get the number <20>. This shows that the victim has not en abled the File and Printer Sharing. (SO STOP READING HERE BECAUSE IF DONT GE T IT THAT MEANS THAT IT'S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO GET TO THE PRINTER). B. You get "Host Not found". This shows that the port 139 is closed or the ip address or computer name doesn't exist or the computer you are try ing to get to is turned off. 4. Now in command prompt type c:\windows>net view \\ Let's suppose we get the following output

Shared resources at \\ The computer's name will be here Share name Type Used as Comment ------------------------------------------CDISK Disk Hello Printer

The command completed successfully. 5. The name Hello is one of the printers that being shared on command prompt (th e word Printer at the side its just saying what the thing being shared is a prin ter, disk or a file) now type c:\windows>net use \\\Hello If the command is successful we will get the confirmation - The command was comp leted successfully Now when you want to print anything the printer should be listed there so you c an use it. Just select the printer named hello and click print.

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