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Anthony D.

52640 Kenilworth Rd., South Bend, IN 46637
Cell: (574) 514-1547 • Home: (574) 271-1798

Technical Skills:
* Basic Electricity & Electronics Basic * Fieldbus Equipment
Programming * Interface Techniques & Motor Control
* Micro processor Architecture & Operations * Fisher Flow Scan
* Commissioning/Startup * Computer Automated Design
* Microsoft Windows Vista/XP * AOV, MOV, Delta V Systems
* Hart/Honeywell/Foxboro/Rosemont/Yokogawa * Advanced Electronics, Circuit Design and
* Basic Digital Circuits & Logic Systems Applications

Professional Experience:
• Electronics/Management
• Repaired, replace and adjust FEMCO communication equipment as well as sensors, digital and analog
drives, while utilizing acid lines for removing scales from steel materials
• Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of Program Logic Controls, Ladder Logic series 6 as well as
Turrent Head Side Trimmer Controls, 90/70
• Performed all QA/QC operations on field instruments
• Responsible for start-up, point-to-point, commissioning, and loop check
• Built modules for diagnostic testing for government tank and aerospace program
• Designed, built and tested all electrical equipment adhered to established guidelines, procedures and
instructions Calibrated and repaired all electrical equipment, both onsite and offsite assignments
• Utilized various industry specific tools and instruments including volt meters, scopes and oscilloscopes as
well as other electronics testing equipment
• Calibrate and test field communication controls from DCS to MCC. Also familiar with LT, PT, FT, PDT,
and I/P controls

Employment History:
DZ Atlantic Contact Person: Angie Green
Catawba Nuclear Plant Phone #: (854) 653-2112
I/C Technician 11/09 – 12/09
York, SC
Duties: Participant in the installation of the first DCS configuration in the United States of America while maintaining
the systems status throughout the plant.
Sun Technical Contact Person: Cathy Houpt
STP Project Phone #: (361) 972-5543
I/C Technician 9/09 to 11/09
Bay City, TX
Duties: Perform preventive maintenance on field instruments. Also maintain nuclear standards and specification at all
Anthony D. Thomas
52640 Kenilworth Rd., South Bend, IN 46637
Cell: (574) 514-1547 • Home: (574) 271-1798

Caliper Inc. Contact Person: Frank Klien

I/C Technician Phone #: (800) 476-4306
ConEdison Steam PWR Plant 08/09 to Present
Manhattan, NY
Duties: Perform calibration checkout on all field instruments. Also point to point on all devices from MCC to DCS,
commissioning and startup.
JV Industrial Contact Person: Tim Flaherty
I/C Technician Phone #: (832) 414-1496
Universal Oil Refinery Plant 04/09 to 08/09
Wichita, KS
Duties: Perform calibration on field instruments. Loop check and commissioning; also maintain DCS and MCC
functions prior to startup.
Sun Technical Contact Person: Tina
DC Cook Nuclear Plant Phone #: (269) 465-5901 Ext. 2628
I/C Technician 03/09 to 04/09
Bridgeman, MI
Duties: Perform Preventive maintenance on field instruments. Maintain Nuke standard specifications at all times.
Work with in-house I/C staff.
Englobal Engineering Contact Person: Kyle Kubush
ExxonMobil PetroChem Plant Phone #: (832) 247-4499
I/C Technician 08/08 to 02/09
Beaumont, TX
Duties: Replace all damaged field instruments. Perform loop check out and verify that DCS is communicating with all
Applied Controls Technology Contact Person: Billy Bristow
Alon Refinery Phone #: (903) 276-3327
I/C Technician 05/08 to 08/08
Big Springs, TX
Duties: Calibrate and test field instruments from MCC to DCS. Perform startup and commissioning on Cat Cracker.
Help secure work area of any faulty test equipment.
Industrial Specialty Contractors Contact Person: Jessica Dodd
Pioneer PetroChem Plant Phone #: (713) 409-3790
I/C Technician 01/07 to 05/08
Duties: Calibrate and test field instruments from MCC to DCS. Perform commissioning and startup functions.

Columbus Paraprofessional Institute, Columbus, OH Associates Degree in Electronics, 1987
Allied Signal, South Bend, IN
Received Government/Department of Defense Certification, Electronics, 1992
Clearances Held:
Cook Nuclear, Bridgeman, MI Nantel Nuclear Clearance, 2009
STP Project, Bay City, TX
Catawba Nuclear Plant, Rock Hill, SC