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...For I am not ashamed of the gospel...-Romans 1:16

S E P TEM BE R 14 , 20 1 5 | I SS UE 4

Chapel Schedule
September 14 - 17

Christian Life
Doug Rutt has served as pastor/
teacher of Christian Family
Chapel in Jacksonville, FL since
1998. He and his wife Jackie
have six children. He also
serves on the CIU Board of
Trustees. He will be sharing all
week in chapel.

Prayer Day, Sept. 16

Music, Scripture, prayer
Personal prayer
Corporate prayer
Fac/Staff (Fisher 102)
Students (Shortess)
11:45 Lunch
1:30 Message
2:15 Corporate prayer
3:00 Conclusion
(Corporate sessions in Shortess)

Rams’ Athletics
Saturday, September 19
W. Soccer @ Bluefield College (at Bluefield, Va.) 1:00
M. Soccer @ Bluefield College (at Bluefield, Va.) 3:00

Koinonia Co-Op

Samson’s Promise

What is the Koinonia Co-op? The Coop is an on-campus storehouse stocked
with Harvest Hope Food Bank products
and various other items to help reduce
the financial burdens in our community.
Who’s eligible to join? Apartment residents, off-campus CIU students, faculty,
staff, and alumni.
Contact Co-Op Managers James and
Leslie Wilson at 605-1522.

Samson's Promise is a fellowship of
men at CIU who strive for sexual purity in
God's design. Victory is possible through
Christ, through Scripture and through
fellowship. We will be using a video series “Conquer: A Battle Plan for Purity.”
We meet on the lower level of Memorial
Hall on Mondays at 7pm. Contact: or 856889-0265.

Academic Success
New Tutoring Location

ID Cards

Tutoring is now available in the library.
Check the ASC web page at MyCIU for
current hours.

American Red
Cross Blood Drive
Thursday, September 24
9:00 AM-3:00 PM - Student Center
Sign Up:
In the Student Life Office with Brandy
Stevens (803-807-5234)
Or Go Online by visiting and enter sponsor code: CIU
Or Email:

IDs will be made in the Residence Life
Office in Memorial Hall during the hours
below next week. Please make an effort
to get yours done before September 18.
Please email to set up
a different time if you cannot come in the
hours listed.
T: 8-11 am / 4:30-6 pm
W: 3-6 pm
Th: 1-3 pm / 4:30-6 pm
In addition, if you have a recent, clear
headshot of yourself taken on a light
background, you can email that to, and your ID can be
made without you even needing to be

Wives Fellowship
CIU Prison Initiative
Interested in serving in the prison as a
mentor? Please contact Grace Dye in
Ridderhof if you have questions or would
like more information; or
ext. 5020.

Global Outreach Mission
Representative Mel Heal will be in the
Student Center on Sept. 16 & 17.

Student, Faculty and Staff Wives are
invited for refreshments and fellowship
together on Sept. 14th. McKey-Rikard
from 7 - 9 PM.

Chapel Absence
If you are an undergraduate in need of a
permanent chapel excuse, you can request one at (Student Life
Home Page- “Permanent Chapel Excuse”).