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My name Aprilia Rumahorbo, women aged 23 years, graduated from the Faculty of
Economics, Accounting Education Studies Program, University of Medan????, North
Sumatera, Indonesia with 3.31 final GPA of 4.00. Currently, I work as a substitute lecturer at
the Polytechnic Academy of Nurse Imelda field courses Citizenship. For me teaching is not
just any job but a vocation , it feels so great to make people not knowing what they know and
make them understand what they have not understood. Teaching is educate. So I looked at the
teaching is not just teaching in the classroom but also how we can build a person's character
better. My father was a teacher at an elementary school in my hometown. He is very
disciplined about their children's education. He taught us the importance of an education.
That's why I love the world of education since I was in elementary school. In addition I also
love teaching business economics, this one is the biggest part of me. I am very interested in
the business since elementary school, to know how to get lots of money through product sales
as well as knowing the character of the people, how to manage time to get success in business
and the type of powerful strategies to get better results as well as how to work in groups or
teams properly. I should be able to analyze a variety of human characters to make them
understand what I described. And I really like analyzing human behavior and character as
well as well as a wide range of social responsibility. As time goes by time , I grew to love the
business. In the course of my graduate study some courses related to that goal. Some of them
are Introduction to Macroeconomics, Introduction to Microeconomics, Introduction to
Business, English for Business, Economics Statistics, Introduction to Management,
Entrepreneurship, Business Feasibility Studies, Financial Management, Business Law,
Information Systems Management, Auditing , and Systems Control where each of the courses
I got a good academic achievement. For this reason after completing my undergraduate
degree I plan to pursue my Master's degree abroad to improve my knowledge and ability as
well as to strengthen my character, which is why I decided to learn more about the businesses
in the Business Administration program because the program will not only teaches theoretical
knowledge but more than that , there is practical knowledge in the fields of business is based.
Taiwan is a country where I want to live. I have been reading more about Taiwan and
I find that Taiwan is a country combined three countries, many foreigners, many foreign

industries, and it will continue to increase over time. This will be a boon for foreign students
like me to learn a lot of new knowledge and gain a lot of experience.
Studying in Taiwan would be a great opportunity for everyone, including me, not only
because of the scholarships offered, but also because the education system itself. After
searching for a university in Taiwan, I am sure that NDHU as one of the best universities in
Taiwan will allow me to realize all my expectations with a curriculum that is primarily in
Business Administration. NDHU as a leading university in Taiwan is the right place for me to
grow and improve myself. I want to be part of the education community, which will lead to
an increase in my potential. If I get a chance to join here, I will give you the best performing
and completing a master's degree in 2 years with good academic achievement. I believe I can
do it. I really hope that studying at international universities will make me better understand
how to deal with different types of people and after graduation, I would have a better chance
of working in the field. One important factor that makes me confident and believe NDHU
with a Business Administration program is the best choice because in Business
Administration program is dedicated to providing students with quality business education to
facilitate career opportunities in business management . It is also that the Business
Administration program provides a solid foundation and pragmatic managerial tool for
advanced study in contemporary management practice.
After earning my Master's degree , in the future I want to continue to pursue a
doctorate. If all programs finished, my deepest commitment is to return to Indonesia, doing
all the things I got from studying in Taiwan mainly from NDHU, building a new business
with a new big in my own ability so that I can create jobs and try to develop Indonesian
education system. To become a great entrepreneur and leading is my big dreams and become
an educator is calling my soul. I have a desire to transfer and develop knowledge that I gained
from this program to students in Indonesia. I want to motivate and equip them as well as
share and spread the knowledge that I have in life is happiness for me. That is my biggest
Finally, I believe that I was able to get a good performance during my studies in
NDHU because my own expectations so I will be able to motivate myself really. Not only at
the time of the study, but also after I graduate, I will do all my best to conduct business with
all confidence educational background and my experience .