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Pharmacy Review
For Qualifying
Exam -2 (OSCE)


Vipul Shah and Bhavin Desai are co-founders of Toronto-based Solrx Inc. (, a leader in assisting
Canadian and Internationally trained Pharmacy Graduates and Pharmacy Technicians to attain licensure in
Vipul Shah obtained his Bachelor of Pharmacy from India and Masters of Business Management from India.
With over 20 years of background in pharmaceutical manufacturing, Vipul has been a Registered Pharmacist
in Canada since 2008 and has worked in a community pharmacy since 2005 (the first three years as a
pharmacy assistant). He currently works as a staff pharmacist at a reputed chain store. A great attitude and a
willingness and commitment to help the students achieve success makes him a true educator and a positive
influence on students, peers and mentors in the pharmacy community

Bhavin Desai obtained his Bachelor of Pharmacy in India and has been a Registered Pharmacist in Canada
since 2008. Since 2005, he has worked in a community pharmacy. He is a Certified Diabetic Educator (Canada)
and is passionate about helping diabetics in his practice. A good communicator, he makes webinars and class
sessions a great experience for the students. He is committed to the cause of making learning a pleasure for
Solrx students.

What candidates are saying about Solrx Review Programs?

Many thanks for the great job and your help in preparation for the OSCE exam. For those students
who are thinking about the BEST course for their OSCE preparation A comprehensive schedule
which covers all necessary for the OSCE topics The beautiful MOCK classes which helped me to
save a huge amount of time on a real exam. Thank you again. All the best for the future.-

Alexandra B.
Kudos and 5 stars for your program! Suddenly everything made sense. I was confident after your
program about my success and I did pass! The orientation , the approach and mock exam were key
I have passed both OSCE and MCQ. It has been possible because of your outstanding effort, quality
content and the insight you have about the examination. Thank you team Solrx you made it look
easy, you made it look achievable, you made it possible.

- Mit

Hi Solrx, OSCE CLEARED!!!. Thanks to your excellent guidance, teamwork and encouragement, it
not only drastically boosted my confidence in the class but also backed me up during the exam, and
thanks to their series of mock exams which trained me to keep my cool and confidence during the
intense exam.-


Solrx is a good experience. Many programs around the city provide OSCE training, however Solrx
is different. The main difference is that the people working at SolRx literally put their heart into
their work, they spare no effort in preparing their material and delivering their lectures. My
experience was very successful. - Yasser