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The Effects of the Computer-Based Instruction on the

Achievement and Problem Solving Skills of the Science and
Technology Students,

Submitted to :
Ms. Joan Grace Q. Duero

Submitted by :
Joyrie Jane C. Banaag

1. What are the CBI (Computer Based Instruction) materials found in the
2. How are these CBI materials used?


Computer-based instruction, also commonly referred to as Computer

Assisted Instruction, was introduced during the 1950s. The pioneers of the
movement were a team of researchers at IBM, including Gordon Pask and O.
M. Moore. However, it wasn't until the 1960s that the Computer-Based
Instruction Theory began to take shape, thanks to federal funding for
research and development for various industrial and educational laboratories
throughout the United States.
As computer technology evolved, so did computer-based learning.
Today, the Computer-Based Instruction model is used by myriad of learning
programs throughout the world. Any instructional program that includes the
use of a computer CD-ROMs, DVDs, etc.- is based on this concept, which
can also be implemented in conjunction with traditional teaching methods to
enhance the overall educational experience. Computers can also be used in
the workplace, to educate employees about new work practices or
regulations that must be followed within their professional environment.
More complex lessons can also be delivered via computers, allowing
instructors to educate their learners in a more effective and profound way.
Even students who are unable to attend school or individual courses are
given the chance to learn through Computer-Based Instruction schemes.


After I read the article entitled The Effects of the Computer-Based

Instruction on the Achievement and Problem Solving Skills of the Science and
Technology Students, I have found out CBI materials in the article, and
these are: Adobe Photoshop, Learning Package, and Teaching
These CBI materials are used as, for Adobe Photoshop this materials
is used in preparing the graphics, Learning Package used by preparing the
Macromedia Flash 8 program that offers a better visual medium, as the
shapes produced remain clear, the files created are very small in dimension
and the files can be disseminated on the internet and the Teaching
Package was made to have a possible interactive lessons using media like
the internet, video, slides, CDs sound, animation and the like.
The contents of each subject were presented systematically in
accordance with predetermined, specific aims in the software that contains
documentaries and activities related to the subjects. Furthermore, the
student could direct his learning process and evaluate his learning; the
software had a dynamic structure that enabled the student to see if the
answers she/he gave to the questions were correct or not. Students complete
exercises and view materials on a computer screen rather than receiving the
information from written material or an instructor's presentation. This
dramatic change from traditional teaching has far-reaching implications for
the future of education.