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People are worth more than anything else.

1. Employees Welfare Point System

I support its employees to choose welfare activities they want such as travel, cultural events, sports and others
through the Employees Welfare Point System.

2. Mentoring Program
I run a Mentoring Program in order to activate the upper and the lower sides communication and improve
employees loyalty to the company by sharing corporate culture as well as values.

3. Resort Condo
I provide its employees condo membership (family room; 5 persons/room) so that all the employees can enjoy
healthy and pleasant holidays with their family members (spouse, children, parents, brothers & sisters, parentsin-law, brothers and sisters-in-law).

4. Loyal Family Day

Under the title of LOYAL (Leave Office for Your Appreciable Life) Family Day, I let its employees leave the office
at 6:00pm on time so that they can spend more time with their family members.

5. Support for Corporate Club Activities

I provide financial support to its corporate clubs for their activities. All the employees can enjoy their lives at work
through various activities and promote friendship with their co-workers. E.g. Football Club, Climbing & Ski Clubs,

6. In-house Recommendation Scheme

I run an In-house Recommendation Scheme so as to secure an outstanding workforce. I employees are able not
only to provide a valuable opportunity to their friends and acquaintances, but also to receive a reward if this
recommended person is hired by the company.

7. Congratulatory Donation for Employees Birthday Celebration

I provide a gift coupon worth KRW 100,000 for the birthday of its employees and their spouses.

8. Congratulations and Condolences Program

I gives a money gift to its employees for their happy occasions as well as condolence money as part of an effort
to share their happiness and sadness as one big family.

9. Support for Educational Expenses for Children

I get children education insurances and funds for the children of its employees.

10. Retirement Pension

KONA I holds a retirement pension scheme in order to protect and manage better its employees
severance pay.

11. Reward for Excellent Employee

I give a reward to a model employee who shows good work performance and whose deed serves as an example
for others.

12. Reward for Long-term Employed Person

I reward long-term employees for their services which have been the basis for the companys growth.

13. Other Benefits

I implements staff training inside the company, support outside-the-company education for improvement of its
employees job performance, places books for its employees and support each and every employees spending
on books to some extent.

14. Special Breakfast

I provide fresh and delicious breads every morning to its employees who come to work early.

15. Four (4) Insurances

I joins four (4) insurances (national pension, employment insurance, medical insurance and workers
compensation insurance), working for its employees welfare.