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On the Line

Seattle Education Associations Daily Bargaining Bulletin

Issue 3 /Sept. 11, 2015

Setting the record straight on compensation

Seattle School Board members and Supt. Larry
Nyland are promoting misleading information
about their pay proposals.
The school board wants the public and media
to think were only striking over pay raises. Thats
false. We all know that were also on strike to
achieve reasonable testing, fair evaluations, workload relief and student equity.
The boards PR strategy is not going to work.
Its time to set the record straight. Heres where
both sides were on Tuesday, the last time we exchanged proposals:
Seattle School Board

Support professionals: 2 percent, 3.2 percent

and 3.75 percent, for a total of 8.95 percent over
three years.
Certificated staff: 2 percent and 3.2 percent,
plus 4 percent in the third year, requiring that
teachers work 20 minutes longer every day in the
third year (a 4.8 percent increase in work time).
Total of 5.2 percent over two years plus more work
in the third year for not enough pay.
Seattle Education Association
ALL SEA MEMBERS: 5 percent and 5.5 percent,
total of 10.5 percent over two years. (Our previous
proposal was for 6 percent, 6 percent and 6 percent.)
These numbers do not include the state COLA,
which ALL K-12 school employees are receiving,
and which isnt part of negotiations. Yet the school
district is taking credit for it in an attempt to make
its proposal sound better than it really is.

Weve gone six years without a state COLA,

which means were 13 percent behind where we
would otherwise be. The state hasnt increased our
health care funding for five years, which means
were paying more than ever for our health insurance premiums and many of us are taking home
less money as a result.
The Seattle School Board has the financial
resources to invest in its staff. Because the Legislature increased K-12 school funding by more than
$1 billion in the latest state budget, Seattle Public
Schools will receive around $40 million in new
state funding this year, and even more in future
Thats in addition to around $15 million in additional levy money each of the next three years
The Seattle School Board CAN afford to pay for
what weve proposed. Yet they refuse.

Remember, our other big issues are still unresolved: reasonable testing, fair evaluations, workload relief and student equity. / text seattlewea to 41411 / follow #SeattleEA

This is a fight for kids

-- and respect!
Today is the third day of our history-making
strike against the Seattle School Board and Supt.
Larry Nyland.

Approximately 5,000 SEA certificated staff

and paras are on strike.
Nearly 100 schools closed.

Seattles 53,000 students are not in school.

This is a fight for what kids need. Its also a

fight for respect. By rejecting our proposals around
testing, equity, evaluations and pay, the Seattle
School Board is disrespecting us, our students and
our community.

Financial & health

care information

For school district employees employed

by Seattle Public Schools or any Washington
school district in 2015-16: Insurance benefits
are paid one month in advance so your insurance
coverage will continue through the month of September.
For new employees: Insurance coverage will
not begin until October 1. That would be the case
even if you were not on strike.

The School Employees Credit Union of Washington is offering all Seattle school district employees who may need financial assistance during the
strike a $2,500 Getting Started Loan.
The Getting Started Loan is interest free, has
no fees and the first payment isnt due for 90 days.
For any employee with a current loan through the
credit union, they also offer the option of skipping
a payment for two months.
For further information, please contact the
credit union at 888-628-4010.

No negotiations are
scheduled -- yet
Yesterday, SEA Bargaining Team leaders met
with the state mediators for a couple hours in the
morning. Then the mediators met with the school
boards bargainers. There are no negotiations

The SEA Bargaining Team is dedicated to getting a fair contract agreement, and were ready to
meet anytime, anywhere once the Seattle School
Board and Supt. Nyland get serious about addressing our issues.
The school board needs to come forward with
some new ideas, SEA President Jonathan Knapp
told The Seattle Times. Until we have something
new from the district, we dont see why we would
go back to the bargaining table.