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Absenteeism of

Objectives of the Study: (Agni Steels) its just for an example.
Primary Objective:
To study the reasons for absenteeism of employees on Agni Steels,
Secondary Objectives:
Evaluate employees awareness regarding impact of absenteeism on
productivity in Agni Steels, Erode
Suggest suitable remedies to reduce absenteeism.
Suggest organizational management of absenteeism.

Translate organizations business vision into action by providing
efficient, expert and reliable Human Resources to meet
organizations requirement.
To identify the rate of absenteeism of worker.
To identify the causes of absenteeism.
To suggest any measures to reduce the rate of absenteeism
What are the main causes of absenteeism in So & So Company?
What are the effects of the unauthorized absenteeism by the
employees in the company?

What are the current disciplinary actions taken by the HR dept.

Reducing absenteeism?
What is the attitude of employees towards these disciplinary
What factors are to be considered in order to reduce
What suggestions can be given to the management to improve
the regular
Attendance of the employees in the company?
To analyse the master attendance and to find the rate of
To improve the production level by reducing absenteeism.
To find the reason for major absenteeism in particular
To suggest controlling tools to reduce absenteeism.
To find out the reason for avoidable and unavoidable
To know the types of facilities and welfare activities for the
employees benefit.
To conduct detailed study on absenteeism at GSK.

To identify the factors that lead to absenteeism.

To identify the variables that reduces the absenteeism.
To find the root cause of absenteeism.
To find the suggestions and recommendations to reduce
To study about the factors that influence absenteeism
To know how the Private Textile industries deals with
By improving machine utilization by reduction of absenteeism
the quality of product and productivity
To study about the working conditions prevailing in the market.
To find out the various cause for absenteeism.
To study the various measures adopted by the organization.
To provide suggestions in the form of solutions to reduce the
rate of absenteeism.
To identify the reasons for absenteeism among employees of
Sundaram Brakes Lining Ltd.
To determine the awareness level regarding effect of
absenteeism on the productivity of the Organization.

To give suggestions for reducing absenteeism of the employees

in the Organization.