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Project Description


Success Measure


A collection of video series that discusses the basic

tenets of the Catholic Faith through Catechetical
discourse. The videos would be conceptualized,
shot and edited in such a way that it will appeal to
the Target Audiences
The project is aimed to be produced throughout the
months of September to November. The target
release date of the first videos of the series will be
at the YFC Metro Manila Conference/Regional Youth
Conferences, and every succeeding week.
1) A renewed understanding on the Catholic
Faith and a deeper appreciation of it towards
community and non-community youth
members alike
2) Greater awareness of alternative social media
resources that can be viewed and enjoyed by
the young than the usual non-religious and
counter-evangelistic ones.
3) Increase in YOUTUBE subscribers, Facebook
followers and recognition from secular and
education sectors.
The requested budget for this Project is PHP 56,000
(Please refer to Budget Proposal for Breakdown)


Primary Objectives

Find new ways to spread the word of God to every

corner of the world. Pope Francis
The Youth for Christ, ministry of Couples for Christ,
is of no exception towards this mandate. However
even with the passion to pastor and evangelize,
YFC is confronted with unawareness of the Catholic
faith, specifically the Creed and Sacraments. In
response to one of the 5-year Direction Plans of
CFC-Youth for Christ which is Dynamic Catholicism,
YFC now extends its hands to make the mentioned
beliefs (Creed) and celebrations (Sacraments) be
known, understood and lived out not just to the
grassroots level of the community but also to
those outside the community as we make this our




gateway evangelization resource.

We aim that this project can serve as a way for CFC
Youth For Christ, as a ministry of Couples For Christ,
to penetrate the Social Media Market in regards to
Video Productions. Through the support of ABLAZE
and other Ministries within the community, we
could mutually benefit from securing a share in the
market of the Video watching population (Starting
with Teenagers and eventually branching out)
These videos could also be used not just in
Households and Assemblies, but also during
sessions, school presentations, recollections and as
a resource material which will enable YFC to secure
its base as a Producer of youth-oriented religious
This can also serve as a branding recognition for
CFC Youth For Christ as primarily a CATHOLIC
MINISTRY, under the community of Couples For
Christ, which understands and adapts towards the
language of present sensibilities. This recognition, if
successful, would enable us to penetrate the
market more easily in the future in regards to our
future productions, videos, messages and etc.?


Unique Selling
Proposition (USP)
Unique Value
Proposition (UVP)


Religious Video Production that can penetrate the

Youth Market through Youth Human Resources as
primary movers and skilled production crews that
can produce professional-grade video productions
within a selected time frame
Mass Media Youtube Videos
Trending Youtube Videos
In regards to Facebook reach we have a total of
160,000 likes with a Youtube Subscriber base of
2,500+. This is the current Market reach that is
accessible to us.
Male and Female
13-18 years of age
Students/Working Students
High School and First Year College
Lower - Middle Class
Access to Youtube, Facebook and High School
Philippines (At the first stages)
The target market has a low attention span, thus

the videos to be produced must be fast paced, or

should contain information that is interesting
enough or culturally relevant for the viewer to
retain his/her attention. They perceive the preexisting "Religious" videos as "Boring, Professional,
Elitist" thus the challenge will be removing this preexisting notion on the said videos by producing a
properly researched video series that could make
cultural references that may somehow penetrate
the target market.


Production Details

There will be a total of 11 Video Series produced

with varying lengths of around 4-8 minutes each
video. The videos will discuss the basics on 2
topics, which are the SACRAMENTS and the CREED.
The production team would use the Couples For
Christ AITP 2014 Thesis of YFC Full Time Trainees as
a primary resource guide, though they will not fully
rely on it in regards to creative execution.
The videos would be shot and produced in batches:
Batch 1
Sacraments of Initiation
1. Baptism
2. Eucharist
3. Confirmation
Batch 2
Sacraments of Healing
4. Reconciliation
5. Anointing of the Sick
The Creed Part 1
6. God the Father
7. God the Son
Batch 3
The Creed Part 2
8. God the Holy Spirit
9. The Catholic Church
Sacraments of Mission
10.Holy Orders
(Please refer to Production Timeline for actual timeline

ABLAZE Partnership

There are variety of ways wherein we could partner

with ABLAZE in this project in exchange for the

crucial support that ABLAZE may lend us through

financial Support. The following items may be
discussed further so as to what this project can
offer to ABLAZE:
1. Executive Producer status: Will be credited in
all produced videos in the credits as an
Executive Producer
2. 1 slot for Supervising Producer: Ablaze can
assign a person to take part and/or supervise
the Production of the video series. This
person shall act as the liaison of ABLAZE and
can also take part in the decision making and
creative elements of the project, provided
that it has been agreed with together with
the Production Team
3. ABLAZE Products Can be marketed and
advertised subtly on the video productions
themselves. Through the use of Shirts, books,
reference guides and etc.
4. ABLAZE Segment Ablaze could also opt in
for one segment, a particular video, wherein
they could participate with greater control,
provided that the video objectives (pastorally
and creatively) is still met.

Prepared by:
YCom Video Team
2015 Project Head