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Pune Admissions Dashboard

Mon, 25/10/2010 - 20:05 admin

Admissions Dashboard for Academic year 2011-2012.

Website visitors are requested to notify us about corrections or updates in the dashboard below. You can add a coment below (if you are registered
user) or send us an email at
School Name

Form Availability Dates

Age Criteria

Other Information

Nursery: Between 2.5


Admissions start from Mid-November

School, Wakad

years and 3.5 years on

Original Birth Certificate, Three passport sized

1st June of the academic

photographs, School Transfer Certificate(if

year, LKG:between 3.5

applicable) .We feels admissions are open for all

years and 4.5 years, SKG

classes till class VIII, waiting for more

between 4.5 years and


5.5 years
Available online at

For Playgroup: child

Aman Setu - My

should be between 2.5

school, Lohegaon

/admission-forms.doc from 1st Dec to 31st

years and 3.5 years on

Dec. only 30 seats for playgroup

June 1 , 2011

Online from 16th to 29th January at

LKG: 3.5 yrs to 4.5 yrs

Attested copy of birth certificate or baptism, A

on June 1st of the

transfer certificate if coming for another school


academic year

.Admissions open for LKG only, Boys only school

Bishops School,

Bishops School,
Kalyani Nagar

Online from 16th to 29th January at

Passport size photos, attested birth certificate

.Nursery is called playgroup here. They dont have
a term "nursery"

Nursery: Should be
between 2.5yrs

attested copy of the birth certificate. .Admissions

to3.5years on June 1st of

open for Nursery only, Co-Ed School

the academic year

LKG:should be between

Bishops School,

Only available online between 16th Jan to

2.5yrs and 3.5 years on

Attested copy of the birth certificate .Admissions


29th Jan 2011

June1st of the academic

open only for Nursery, Co-Ed school

For siblings of DAVians and Ex DAVians:
D. A. V School,

Nursery 18 Nov 2010, JrKG 25 Nov 2010;


Others: Nursery 19 Nov 2010 and JrKG 26

Nov 2010

Nursery: 3yrs as on 1st

June 2011, JrKG: 4yrs as
on 1st June 2011

Attested copy of birth certificate is required while

obtaining the admission forms .

Delhi Public School,

Forms available online from 15th Nov to

Nursery: 3.5 years to 4.5

.Special quota for NRI students, (extra admission


21st Nov


fee of rs 1.5L)

Mother Toddler (1yr to

1yr 11m),Play School(1y
First Five, Baner

First come first serve

6m to 2y5m), Nursery
(2y 6m to 3yr 5m),LKG
(3y 6m to 4 y 5m), SKG

2 Passport sized photos, photocopy of childs birth

certificate, Report card for admissions to LKG and

(4y 6m to 5y 5m)
Gurukul SES,
AshokNagar, Pune

Playgroup: should have

Forms to be available on 4th Dec till 1pm at

completed 2years 9

Birth Certificate, medical certificate, photographs

ILS campus

months by 1st June of the

academic year

Hutchings high

forms for prenursery to be available from


29th Nov to 4th December

Indira Kids, Baner

Only on November 29th and November


PRenursery: 2 yr
6months on 10th June of
the academic year

Birth Certificate, Medical Certificate and

Photograph .

Playgroup on 1st Apr

Attested copy of birth certificate, three passport

2010 2yrs complete,

sized photographs .Admissions is first come first

8/19/2012 12:37 PM

PUNEKIDZ | -----Its all about Kids !!!

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Nursery 2.5 years to 3.5

years, LKG 3.5 year to
4.5 years, SKG 4.5 years


to 5.5 years

Indira Kids, Aundh

Loyola High School

and Junior College,

Available on campus on 29th and 30th

November only.

Playgroup: should be

Attested copy of birth certificate, three passport

2yrs on Apr1st 2010.

sized photographs .Admission is first come, first

Nursery between 2years

serve. Indira Kids students get opportunity to join

6 months and 3 years 6

Indira National School, two days before the


application dates for regular students

Check notice board last two weeks of

.120 seats for 1st Std.

december or first week of January 2011

Orchid School,

November 8th to Nov 13, 2010 between


10am to 3pm

2yrs 6mths to 3yrs 6

months in June for

Issued in school on 10th and 11th

.Unlimited forms will be sold at Rs 500 each. An

appt will be given out with the forms. So No need
to wait outside the school in the queue overnight
Two photographs, birth certificate, residence

Pawar Public

december, between 830am and 1pm. Only

Nursery :should be born

proof, fitness certificate from registered medical

School, Hadapsar

400 forms will be issued. Only 200 forms

before dec 2008

practioner .Total of 160 seats are available for

will be available online on same date

.Classes: Playgroup, Nursery, Jr. Kg. and Sr. Kg.

Podar Jumbo Kids,


Admissions start in month of December

For Nursery 2years 6

Two batches, Admission is first come first serve.


Pay a fee of Rs 2000 to reserve a seat for your

child. Rest of the fees to be paid later.

Sapling Nursery,

Application forms will be online between


15th dec and 7th Jan

Nursery: 2 years 6
months (please confirm
on website after 1st Nov)

Birth Certificate .Please confirm above data on

website after 1st Nov

Sharad Pawar

Currently open

.IB curriculum

School, Lohegaon
St, Helena's School,

LKG forms to be distributed in 2nd week of

playgroup 2.5years in

Koregaon Park

November for 3 days only from 10am to 12

June 2011
For Jr. KG. student

St. Josephs, Pashan

Inquire after 21st November.

should be born between

Jan 2007 and Dec 2007

Birth Certificate .Girls only schoo, SSC curriculum.
Unlimited forms are given out. Principal meets the
parents and student before making a admission
Printout of the online filled application form,
attested photocopy of passport/rationcard
/telephone bill, attested copy of parents school

St. Mary's Boys,

For UKG forms to be available online from

Boy child should be born

and degree certificates, attested photocopy of


10th Jan 2011 to 12 jan 2011

before 30th Nov 2006

childs birth ce .Please remember to get forms

from school website as they have a unique
reference number, Also mention unique reference
number for all attested documents.
Printout of online filled application form, attested
photocopy of rationcard/telephone bill/passport,
attested photocopy of school and degree

St. Mary's Girls,


Awaiting information

Born before 30th

certificate of parents, attested photocopy of birth

November 2006

certif .Please make sure that the forms are filled

online as they have a unique reference number.
Also print/write the reference number on all

The Orbis School,


Online available at at

Playgroup : 1yr 6m,

Nursery 2yr, 6m, LKG3yr


6m, SKG 4yr 6m

Vibgyor High

Playschool : should be
Currently open

born in 2009. JrKG in


Waiting for information .

.First 300 admissions, deposit of rs 20,000 is


8/19/2012 12:37 PM

PUNEKIDZ | -----Its all about Kids !!!

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Vibgyor HighMohammadwadi,

2nd Week of November

Playgroup: Born in 2009


Vidya Valley, Sus


Vidyabhavan school
and Jr. college,
Model colony
Vikhe Patil
Memorial School,
Patrakar Nagar,SB

Applications forms will be available from

5th december ONLINE. Jr Kg admissions on
Jan 8th and Std 1st on Jan 15th.

Check for information here or on school

notice board around15 th december

LKG: Forms will be available online during

first week of December. Std 1st forms will
be available in month of March

Very strict Jr. Kg should

be between 4yrs and 5
yrs on 1st of June of the
academic year

Birth certificate. .School authorities dont want

parents to visit the school, but they are candid
about the reasons.(see school website) They will
definitely meet parents on the day of accepting
the forms.

Starts from Jr.Kg: should

Waiting for more information .No Nursery here,

be between 2.5 years

follows SSC board, Only 100 seats available for Jr.

and 3.5 years


LKG: 3yrs 6 months on

Original birth certificate at time of admission,

31st may

School Leaving certificate for higher classes. .

Wisdom World

Applications will available online from Dec

PreNursery : 2yrs

Attested birth certificate, Certificates of

School, Wakad


6months by June 2011

Educational Qualification of both parents .

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Pune Schools a Commodity

Mon, 27/06/2011 - 17:13 admin

Its good news for parents in Pune West. After 3 weeks of start of school, the news is most of the schools are still taking admissions. They have seats
available for admissions. This is competition. Now parents are finally the customer. Its time the best school wins !!!. School Administrators will have to
stand up on their feets and be very proactive to parents demands. I understand some parents will say schools like Loyola, St. Josephs, DAV Aundh etc are
still difficult to get into and there are no seats available.
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Child Labour Vs Work @ home

Wed, 27/04/2011 - 11:27 Hema

Wikipedia says "Child labour is employment of children at regular and sustained labour". My 2 year old helps me line dry the clothes every day, dry the
dishes and clean the dining table. That amounts to regular and sustained labour. Is it child labour if I make him clean up his toys and put his clothes and
shoes back in the shoe rack and not pay him for it? If I get my kid to go and wash the car of me or water the plants; would that amount to Child labour? So
should I stop making him do any work at home?
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Nikhil Kanetkar launches Badminton Academy at Balewadi Stadium

Tue, 22/03/2011 - 09:01 jennifer

Nikhil Kanetkar has launched his Badminton Academy. This will be based off Balewadi Stadium. Another addition to our list of Summer activities for our
Kids. We will update our readers as we get more details. For now click here for more details
To download Admission Forms and details please click here
Do post your comments if you have more details.
1 comment

Registered Users of get Rs 200 off for JumboKids, Aundh

Sun, 20/03/2011 - 21:30 admin

Registered Users of will get a discount of Rs 200 (on Rs 1800) for the summer camp at Jumbo Kids, Aundh. If you are already a registered
user at, and would like to avail this discount, please send an email to

8/19/2012 12:37 PM

PUNEKIDZ | -----Its all about Kids !!!

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St. Marys BOYS forms available online from 10th Jan 2011
Thu, 06/01/2011 - 14:20 admin

St. Marys application forms for admissions to U.K.G for 2011-12 academic year will be available online on 10th Jan to 12 Jan, 2011. The forms will be
available from 10am on 10th Jan 2011. Please make sure that the forms have a unique reference number. So you have to fill the form and take a printout.
Eligibility: Child should be born before 30th Nov 2006
Documents required:
1) A printout of the filled online application form
2) Photocopy of ration card/passport/latest telephone bill attested by a gazetted officer
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Indira Kids Baner and Aundh forms available today

Mon, 29/11/2010 - 11:31 admin

Nov 29th, 2010.

Admission forms will be available today and tomorrow at Indira Kids, Baner and Aundh. According to one of our parents, there was no queue at Indira Kids,
Baner at 9am. Only 10 parents were present there. Forms were going to be given out from 10am to 1pm.
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Bachpan Baner conducts a baby show and painting competition

Sun, 28/11/2010 - 10:31 admin

Nov 27, 2010.

Bachpan Baner, today comducted a Baby show and Painting competition. The Baby show was organized for children upto 24 months, while the older kids
participated in the painting competition. If you are one of the organizers or parents who attended this show, please share your reviews and photographs
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Long Queues at DAV Aundh for LKG admissions

Fri, 26/11/2010 - 10:12 admin

At 9AM , Nov 26,2010., outside DAV School, Aundh,

There were long queues at DAV Aundh for LKG admission forms. Parents have been waiting here for last three days. Yesterday some forms were given out
to siblings of DAVians and EX DAVians. According to one parent, a total of 128 forms are to be given out.
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Long queues at DAV, Aundh for Nursery admissions

Thu, 18/11/2010 - 09:40 admin

Date: Nov 18th 2010, 915am.

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