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Best Primary School

Std: 1st
Ist Semester Sub: Social Science Assignment
Ex: 1 Fill In the Blanks.
1) Living things can move from one place to another.
2) Non-living thing cannot grow.
3) A toy is a non-living thing.
4) The stem of tree is known as trunk.
5) Shrubs have many thin but strong and woody stems.
6) Herbs have weak and thin stems.
7) The pumpkin plant is a creeper.
8) Pulses help us to grow.
9) Rice gives us energy to play and work.
We us turmeric as a spice.
We eat cucumber as a salad.
We get oil from sunflower seeds.
Insects have six legs.
Fishes have fins to swim in water.
Insects and birds have wings to fly.
Snakes have scales on their body.
When we go out we see many buses on road.
Villages are small places with less people.
Trees soak the heat.
We can see sun and clouds in the day sky.
Ex: 2 M.C.Q.
1) Animals are living thing.
a) Animals

b) toy

c) stone

2) Living things eat food.

a) Food

b) stones c) flower

3) Plants cannot move on their own.

a) Man

b) plants

c) cow

4) A star is a natural non-living thing.

a) Star

b) car c) fan

5) Water and man are natural things.

a) Manmade

b) natural

c) alive

6) A bus is a man-made thing.

a) Mountain

b) bus

c) plants

7) Some trees have many branches.

a) Trunks

b) branches c) stem

8) Shrubs have thin woody stems.

a) Creepers

b) shrubs

c) climbers

9) Herbs are weak plants.

a) Herbs

b) trees

c) shrubs

10) Climbers cannot stand on their own.

a) Shrubs

b) climbers

c) creepers

11) Creepers grow along the ground.

a) Climbers b) creepers c) herbs
12) Root is a part of a plant.
a) Root

b) tree

c) stem

13) Food makes us healthy.

a) Tired

b) healthy

c) weak

14) Vegetables become tasty when we cook them.

a) Squeeze b) cook

c) cut

15) Cereals give us energy to work and play.

a) Spices

b) cereals

c) junk food

16) Some plants give us pulses.

a) Meat

b) pulses

c) milk

17) We get oil from groundnuts.

a) Pulses

b) ground nuts

c) cereals

18) Spices make the food tasty.

a) Tasty

b) tasteless c) sour

19) This animal can fly housefly.

a) Bear

b) housefly c) rat

20) Birds have 2 legs.

a) 2

b) 4

c) 6

21) Birds eat food with help of their beak.

a) Beak

b) feathers

c) wings

22) A lizard lives in a garden.

a) Forest

b) garden

c) water

23) Dog is a pet animal.

a) Bear

b) cow

c) dog

24) Plants grow around us.

a) Rivers

b) plants

c) stones

25) We must keep surroundings clean.

a) Clean

b) dirty

c) wet

26) There is water in the river.

a) River

b) sun

c) sky

27) We see the stars in the sky during the night.

a) Night

b) day

c) noon

28) The world around us is beautiful.

a) ugly

b) beautiful

c) dirty

Ex: 3 True or False:

1) A plant is a living thing true.
2) A lion is a living thing true.
3) A fish does not need food false.

4) A cat cannot move from one place another false.

5) A stone can breathe false.
6) Your pet dog can feel true.
7) A river is made by man false.
8) A house is a man-made thing true.
9) The banana plant is small plant false.
Trees are big and strong plants true.
Some trees have many branches true.
All plants are of same shapes and sizes false.
Juice is made from brinjal false.
Salad is made from spice false.
Wheat is a cereal true.
We get cooking oil from ground nut true.
Kidney beans are pulses true.
We get tea and coffee from plant true.
A snake can run fast false.
A lion has stripes false.
An elephant has four legs and a tail true.
A wing helps a bird to fly true.
A butterfly has four wings true.
A deer lives in water false.
Villages have big building and factories false.
We see open space and farmlands in the city false.
Ex: 4 Name them:
1) Two non-living things at home.
Chair, table
2) Two non-living things in class room.
Black board, chalk
3) Name two creepers.
Pumpkin, watermelon
4) Name two shrubs.
Red rose, sunflower
5) Name two big plants.
Mango tree, coconut tree
6) Name two climbers.
Money plant, green peas
7) Name two cereals.
Wheat, rice
8) Name two fruits.
Orange, grapes
9) Name two pulses.
Rajma,moong, chana
10) Name two vegetables.

Radish, carrot
11) Name two spices.
Clove, turmeric
12) Two things you find in your city.
House, school
13) Two things you see in your neighbourhood.
Markets, school
Ex: 5 Match The Following:
1) Mountains: natural
2) Plants: living thing
3) Chair: non-living thing
4) Car: man made
5) Tree: coconut
6) Parts of plants: root,leaf
7) Creepers: pumpkin
8) Climbers: moneyplant
9) Vegetable: brinjal
Fruit: orange
Pulses: kidneybeans
Cereal: wheat
Spices: turmeric
Factory: city
Market near our home: neighbourhood
Farmland: village
Cloud: sky
Lots of water: sea
Ex: 6 Answer The Folllowing:
1) Name two living things that grow?
Ans: Animals and plants are two living things that grow.
2) What do you feel when a mosquito bites you?
Ans: When a mosquito bites we feel itching.
3) Which living things cannot move from one place to another?
Ans: Plants and trees cannot move from one place to another.
4) Are clouds in the sky a manmade thing?
Ans: No! Clouds are not man made thing.

5) What type of things are the tables and chairs in your classroom?
Ans: The table and chair are non-living things in my class room.
6) What are shrubs?
Ans: Shrubs are small plants with woody stems.
7) Why does a climber need support?
Ans: Climbers need support because they have very weak stems.
8) Name one creeper?
Ans: Pumpkin is a creeper.
9) Name an animal that has a trunk?
Ans: An elephant is an animal that has a trunk.

How many legs does a rabbit have?

Ans: A rabbit has four legs.


Name two animals that have four legs and a tail?

Ans: Horse and dog have four legs and tail.


What helps a bird to fly?

Ans: A wing helps a bird to fly.


Name two birds that can swim in water?

Ans: Duck and Swan can swim in water.


Name three animals that live on land?

Ans: Lion. Tiger and horse lives on land.


Name three animals that are kept in farms?

Ans: Hens, ducks and goats are kept in farms.


Where do squirrels live?

Ans: Squirrels live in gardens.


Why do we need food?

Ans: We need food to work and grow.It makes us strong and healthy.

Write names of two fruits and vegetables?

Ans: Fruit: orange, grapes. Vegetable: radish, carrot.


Name two vegetables that are eaten raw?

Ans: Tomato, beetroot, cucumber are eaten raw.


Write the name of plants that gives us sugar?

Ans: Sugarcane gives us sugar.


Name plant that gives us oil?

Ans: A mustard seed, ground nut seeds and sunflower seeds gives us oil.

Why do we use spices?

Ans: We use spices to make our food tasty.


What are types of plants?

Ans: There are big and small plants. Big plants are trees and trunks.
Small plants are shrubs, herbs, climbers and creepers.

Draw and label parts of plants?

Ans: Flower, leaf, bud, fruit, stem, root.


What all you see on the roads?

Ans: We see many cars, buses and trucks on the road.


Why should we plant more trees?

Ans: Plants keep the air fresh and cool.


What do you see in the sky?

Ans: We can see the sun and the clouds in the sky.