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Style of paper
Ex- 1 Meanings ( matching)
Ex-2 Ansewr in one word
Ex-3 Fill in the blanks
Ex-4 True false
Ex-5 M c q
Ex-6 Who said to whom
Ex-7 Q A in short
Ex- 8 Q A in detail
Ex-1 meanings ( matching)
1 Weekend Saturday and Sunday
2 trimmed- cut the top part
3 hedges- row of short plants
4 scrubbed- rubbed something hard to clean it
5 delighted- happy
6 Rather- a little
7 mine- something that belongs to me
8 for a while- for a little time
9 cross- angry
10 trotted- ran slowly
11 merrily- happily
12 antlers- the horns of a deer

13 nibbled- ate in very small bites

14 snowy- covered in snow
15 several- many, lot of
16 All at once- suddenly
17 twitch- move suddenly and quickly
18 knelt down- sat on his knees
19 begged- asked many times
20 raised- lifted
21 hollow- a hole
22 live in peace- be happy
23 safe- not in danger.
24 giant- very large
25 tawny- brown and yellow
26 bushes- small low trees
27 cake crumbs- small pieces of cake
28 notive see
29 huge very high
30 wicked- very bad
31 chase- run after
32 gave him a fright made him very afraid
33 pleased happy
34 to night- the same night
35 simple- easy
36 deliver- give a message to someone.
Ex-2 Answer in one word.
1 A kind of deer with large horns that lives in cold places reindeer
2 Afraid to talk to the others shy

3A place with many trees woods

4 Someone who likes to show others that he is very good show off
5 Moving fast and smoothly from the top to the bottom- sliding down
6 Made of wool- woollen
7 A piece of cloth- scarf
8 A glove without fingers to keep the hand warm mitten
9 A vehicle that moves on snow or ice sledge
10 Someone who does good things or helps other people Hero
11 Cut a tree with an axe- Chopdown
12 A house made by bees in which they live beehive
13 A group of people who always work together- team
14 Piece of waste paper , bottles and so on lying on the ground- litter
15 Things that people do not want and throw away- rubbish
16 Moved the head up and down to say 'yes'- nodded
17 Removed the plants that were not planted- weeded
18 Long, neat rows of plants with flowers- flower beds
19 Made something that is broken right- repaired
20 Words or pictures on a piece of paper or card board that tell you something- notices
21 Food like biscuits, fruits that you eat between breakfast, lunch and dinner- snacks
22 A large ground where there are many rides, games and small shops- Fair
23 Put his arms around the toy rabbit and held it tightly to his chest.-hugged
24 Going up and down while moving forward- bumpy
25 Food that you pack and take with you to eat out side. _ picnic food
26 Eats quickly and greedily- gobbles up
27 moved high above the head- passed overhead
28 moved sowly through the air floated
29 making a noise with the nose- snoring

30 Something that is wrapped in paper so can be carried to a place- parcel

31 Shouted loudly because they were happy- cheered
32 The part of a telephone that you hold against your ear and speak into- receiver
33 A plan to meet someone at an exact time and place- appointment
34 Ended the telephone call- hung up
35 Very happy that he did something well- proud
Ex-3 Fill in the blanks
1 The reindeer trotted together merrily.
2 They lifted their hands and tossed their antlers from side to side.
3The children were shouting and playing.
4 They were sliding down the Snowy hillside.
5 Randolph continued to nibble the small plants on the ground.
6 The farmer wanted to cut the tree down
7 The tree did not give any fruit.
8 The farmer wanted to make tables and chairs with the wood.
9 The birds and animals begged the farmer.
10 The farmer wanted to get honey from the beehive.
11 There was an apple tree in farmers garden.
12 Partho was a park keeper.
13 His job was to keep the park clean.
14 Partho worked with five other people.
15 His team also worked hard.
16 Partho did not like to close the park.
17 Amit's toy was old and dirty.
18 They went to the fair by bus.
19 Suddenly Jyoti saw a little girl.
20 The dog was much cleaner than the rabbit.

21 Next, they went for a camel ride.

22 Hot air balloon floated across the sky.
23 The cat was snoring in the warm sun.
24 The seven mice came back with the large parcel.
25 The tawny cat lazily opened one eye.
26 Dudi lifted the receiver.
27 Dudi had two messages to deliver.
28 Parents were very happy.
29 Someone rang the doorbell.
30 Dudi drew a forest and a wolf.

Ex-4 True or False

1 The farmer called the tree useless. True
2 When the farmer struck the tree with his axe the birds and animals come out of their nests.
3 The farmer was hurry to take the honey from the beehive. False
4 The farmer wanted the bees to stay in the tree and make more honey. True
5 The animals, birds and insects shouted in joy as their homes were safe. True
6 Randolph was shy True
7 Randolph always held his head high. False
8 Randolph did not want to play with the children. False
9 Randolph carried the little boy on his back. True
10 Randolph was happy about what he did. True
11 Randolph was a showoff. False
12 Partho liked his job very much. - True
13 The park was closed every weekend.- False
14 People always threw rubbish in the bins- false
15 Partho and his team worked hard to clean the park.- True

16 Partho and his team were tired but they were happy- true
17 Partho andhis team put up WET PAINT notices.- false
18 Amit's mother loved his toy rabbit. - false
19 The giant wheel ride was bumpy. - false
20 The lost toy rabbit was smaller than the toy dog.- true
21 Amit was not happy with the toy dog which his mother bought for him.- true
22 The little girl did not want the new dog.- false
23 Dudi was a young boy.true
24 Dudi knew how to walk. False
25 Dudi could drew the pictures. True
26Dudis parents understood the picture. False
27 Dudi delivered the message without a mistake True
28 The tawny cat was white. False
29 The cat was afraid of teh mice. False
30 The cat was greedy.True
31 The cat was lazy. True.
32 The cat was scared of the giant mouse. True
33 The cat was very brave. false

Ex-5 M C Q
1 Randolph put his head down.( up/down )
2 Randolph found a woollen hat , a mitten and a long scarf on the ground.
( shirt/ scarf/ handkerchief )
3 The little boy slipped his arms around the reindeers neck.(neck/ face )
4 Randolph was too shy. ( shy/ bold/ strong )
5 The boy looked sad. ( happy/ sad/ angry )
6 There was once an old apple tree in a farmers garden. ( garden/ farm )

7 I can make some table and chairs with the wood. ( root/ wood)
8 The farmer took a sharp axe and struck at the roots of the tree. ( axe/ knife )
9 The farmer saw a beehive in the hollow of a tree.( hollow/ hole )
10 The farmer isnt a kind man.( cruel/kind )
11 The park was closed ( once a year/ on weekend).
12 The park was kept clean by ( five/ six ) park keepers.
13 The park had ( large bags/ bins ) for people to put rubbish in.
14 Partho and his team painted the ( benches / merry go round )
15 The park keepers ( put up / did not put up) WET PAINT notices next to the benches.
16 They ( planted / trimmed ) the grass.
17 They ( repaired/ replaced ) merry go round.
18 Amit and his family went to the ( fair, circus, drama )
19 Amit and Jyoti were very ( happy, sad , angry )
20 First they got on the ( slides, swins, giant wheel.)
21 Amit's parents bought a ( toy cat, toy dog, toy rat ) for him.
22 They all got on a ( bus, train, car )
23 The story is about ( seven/ six ) mice and a tawny cat.
24 the picnic food in the garden was gobbled up by the ( cat/ mice)
25 The mice came back with a large parcel and a huge ball of ( thread/ rope )
26 The bird asked the mice to be ( careless/careful ) about the cat.
27 Dudi knew how to ( write/ draw )
28 Dudis ( mother / father ) had an appointment with the dentist.
29 A ( woman / man ) called to speak to Dudis father, Shlomo.
30 Mr Wolf would meet Dudis father ( that night/ the next day morning )
31 Dudi gave his parents both the messages without any ( mistakes / understanding )
Ex-6 Who said to whom
1 Be a show off like us

Ans- The other reindeer said to the shy reindeer.

2 I want to join my friends and those children
Ans- Randolph said to himself
3 I cant walk. I have hurt my leg
The little boy said to Randolph
4 Dont be sad . Ill help you.
Ans- Randolph said to the boy.
5 Youre a hero
Ans- The little boy said to Randolph
6 The tree has become useless
Ans- The farmer said to himself.
7 Its our onlu home
Ans- The birds and animals said to the farmer.
8 That will make you happy
Ans- The squirrel said to the farmer.
9 You can live in peace now
Ans- The farmer said to the birds and animals.
10 Hold on tight
Ans Amit's father said to Amit and Jyoti
11 Let me buy you a toy dog.
Ans- Amit's mother said to Amit
12 Thats my brother's rabbit.
Ans- Amit's sister Jyoti said to the girl
13 It's mine now
Ans The girl said to Jyoti
14 Listen ! Hell gobble you up too.Be careful !
Ans The bird said to the mice.

15 Its a special balloon.

Ans- A mouse said to the other mice.

Ex-7 Answer the following questions

1 Why did Randolph not join the other reindeer ?
Ans- Randolph did not join the other reindeer because he was too shy.
2 What were the children doing ?
Ans- The children were shouting and playing.
3 What did Randolph find on the ground?
Ans- Randolph found a woollen hat, a mitten and a long scarf on the ground.
4 Why was the boy crying?
Ans- The boy was crying because he hurt his leg.
5 Who were the show off?
Ans- The other reindeer were the show off.
6Who made the tree their home ?
Ans- Grasshoppers , squirrels, sparrows and other small birds and insects made the tree their
7 What is that will make the farmer happy ?
Ans- The sparrows would sing to the farmer as he worked. This would make the farmer
8 Why the farmer say that the tree is useless?
Ans- The tree is useless because it cannot bear fruit anymore.
9 How can the birds and animals live in peace?
Ans- The farmer had decided not to cut the apple tree . So they could live in peace in their
10 Who was Partho and what was Parthos job ?
Ans- Partho was a park keeper . Parthos job was to keep the park clean.
11 When did the park close ? Why ?
Ans- The park closed once in a year for cleaning and repairing.

12 What did Partho and his team do on Sunday ?

Ans- On Sunday Partho and his team painted all the benches in the park.
13 Where did the people throw the rubbish ?
Ans- The people threw the rubbish all over the park.
14 Why did Partho and his team sit down ?
Ans- They sar down to rest after their work and enjoyed some tea and snacks.
15 What did Amits mother want him to do with his toy rabbit?
Ans- Amits mother wanted to throw away his toy rabbit.
16 How did Amits family go to the fair ?
Ans- Amits family went to the fair by bus.
17 What did Amits family do first at the fair ?
Ans- Amits family first got on the giant wheel.
18 Who found Amits rabbit ?
Ans- A little girl found Amits rabbit.
19 Why was Amit happy ?
Ans- Amit was happy because he got his rabbit back.
20 Who had a great idea ?
Ans The mouse had a great idea.
21 Why didn the tawny cat notice the giant balloon?
Ans The tawny cat didnt notice the giant balloons because it was sleeping.
22 Which was bigger the cat or the mouse balloon?
Ans- The mouse balloon was bigger then the cat.
23 What was the large round thing that passed overhead?
Ans- The large round thing that passed overhead was a giant balloon.
24 Where were Dudis parents?
Ans- Dudis parents had gone out.
25 What was Dudi worried about?

Ans- Dudi was worried that he will forget the message.

26 What was Dudis idea?
Ans- Dudis idea was to draw the message.
27 What message did the man give Dudi?
Ans- The man told Dudi that Mr. Thomas Wolf will visit his father tonight.
28 Why did Dudi feel very proud?
Ans- Dudi felt proud because he gave the mesage to his parents with no mistakes.
Ex-7 Answer in detail
1 What did the farmer see and what made him stop cutting down the tree?
Ans- The farmer saw a beehive full of honey. It was very tasty. So he stopped cutting down
the tree so that the bees wouldnt go away and would make more honey for him.
2 How did the little boy hurt his leg?
Ans- The little boy hurt his leg while sliding down the snowy hillside on the sledge.
3 What made Randolph happy?
Ans- The little boy thanked Randolph and said he was a hero. This made Randolph happy.
4 Wat did the reindeer do ?
An s- The reindeer trotted together merrily, lifted their heads and tossed their antlers from
side to side..
5 Why did Dudi draw a woman with seven teeth?
Ans- Dudi drew a woman with seven teeth to remember a message that his mother had a
dentist appointment at seven in the morning.
6 What did Dudi draw to remember the message for his father?
Ans- Dudi drew a picture of a forest and a wolf. He drew a moon and some dark lines with
his pencil.
7 Why did the mice cheer and cheer?
Ans- The cat got a fright when he saw the giant mouse balloon and he ran away saying he
would never cheered and cheered as they were safe.
8 Where did Amit want to get off from? Why?
Ans- Amit wanted to get off from the camel to look for his rabbit.

9 What did Amits parents do to make Amit happy? What did his mother say?
Ans-Amits parents bought Amit a toy dog to make him happy. His mother said that the dog
was cleaner and bigger then the rabbit.
10 List the job Partho and his team did on Satirday?
Ans- On Saturday Partho and his team did the following work. They collected litter in large
bags, planted new seeds, trimmed the grass and hedges, scrubbed all the rides and repaired
merry go round.
11 What did Partho and his team see when they stood up after resting on the beach? How did
it happen?
Ans- When they stood up they saw their backs were covered with paint as the beaches were
just painted.

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