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Sem I
Style of paper
Ex-1 Underline the common noun
Ex-2 Arrange the words in hteir group
Ex-3 Write the plural form
Ex-4 Complete the sentence with plural nouns
Ex-5 Underline the noun and classify them in to countable and uncountable noun
Ex-6 Write the feminine noun
Ex-7 Fill in the blanks with masculine and feminine noun
Ex-8 Classify the words in to Masculine, Feminine and common gender.
Ex-9 Underline the proper noun
Ex-10 Fill in the blanks with pronoun.
Ex-11 Write an essay.
. Assignment
Ex-1 Underline the common noun
1 There is a little bird in the garden.
2 Who is your teacher ?
3 Dont eat that rotten apple,
4 Kate has a lovely doll.
5 I like reading stories.
6 My father is a doctor.
7 Every child has a dictionary.
8 Ruby hates bananas.
9 The phone is ringing.

10 Here is a book for you.

11 They needed some apples for pie.
12 We see with our eyes.
13 We bite with our teeth.
14 We lick with our tongue.
15 We nod with our head.
16 We clap with our hands.
17 We smell with our nose.
18 We hear with our ears.
19 We walk with our legs.
20 She is our neighbour.
21 This is a large boat that sails across the sea.
22 They live in a big house.
23 Mom cooked a cake in a pan with sugar and milk.
24 They went back into the house.
Ex-2 Arrange the words into correct group ( dentist, calf, school, soap, cat, playground, pan,
clown, frog, airport, car, king, castle, net, artist, ape, swimmer, snails, fire engine, letters,
flag, river, barber, mountain, fox, hotel, parrot, granny, taxi, gardeners, camel.)
People---- dentist, clown, king, artist, swimmer, barber, granny, gardener.
Animals--- Calf, cat, frog, ape, snail, fox, parrot, camel,
Places- school, playground, airport, castle, river, mountain, hotel.
Things--- soap, pan, car, net, fire engine, letters, flag, taxi.
Ex-3Write the plural forms.
Flower- flowers

bench- benches


branch- branches

Pineapple- pineapples



bush- bushes

Broom- brooms


Camel- camels




Doll- dolls


Egg- eggs


Flower- flowers


Game- games


Table- tables
Candle- candles
Banana- bananas
Girl- girls










Baby- babies

cherry- cherries

City- cities

diary- diaries


dictionary- dictionaries

Puppy- puppies















Ex-4 Complete the sentence with plural forms

1 The plural of house is houses.
2 The plural of is foxes.
3 The plural of pan is pans
4 The plural of man is men.
6 The plural of boat is boats
7 The plural of foot is feet.
8 The plural of key is keys.
9 The plural of baby is babies.
10 The plural of mango is mangoes.
11 The plural of leaf is leaves.
12 The plural of dish is dishes.
13 The plural of pony is ponies.
14 The plural of witch is witches.
15 The plural of ox is oxen.
Ex-5 Underline the noun and classify them in to countable and uncountable noun.
1 My sister hates cockroaches.
Sister, cockroaches--countable nouns
2 The weather is fine.
Weather- uncountable noun
3 These children are having lots of fun.
Children- countable noun
4 You must wash your hands before you eat your food.
Hands- countable noun
Food- uncountable noun
5 The traffic on the highway is heavy.
Traffic- uncountable noun

Highway countable noun.

6 Lend me your pen, please.
Pen- countable noun
7 They sat around the fire.
Fire- uncountable noun
8 The bookshop sells books and magazines.
Ans- bookshop ,books ,magazine- countable noun,
9 There are dark clouds in the sky.
Ans- clouds- countable noun
Sky- uncountable noun
10 The wind is very strong.
Ans- wind- uncountable noun
Ex-6 Write the feminine noun.
1 uncle- aunt
2 boy-girl
3 man-woman
4 nephew-niece
5 steward- srewardess
6 waiter-waitress
7 lion-lioness
8 tiger-tigress
9 bull elephant-cow elephant
10 fox- vixen
12 gander- goose
13 dog- bitch
14 cock- hen., rooster- hen
15 son- daughter

16 actor-actress
17 brother- sister
18 father- mother
19 horse- mare
20 gentleman- lady
21 grand father- grand mother
Ex-7 Fill in the blanks with suitable masculine and feminine nouns.
1 The host and the hostess welcomed their guest.
2 The steward and the stewardess look after the passenger or teh plane.
3 My uncle and aunt live in Singapore.
4 The king and the queen had two children , a boy and a girl.
5 The Prince was eight and the princess was five.
6 Ladies and gentlemen welcome to our party this evening.
7 The fox and the vixen had four pups.
8 The gander was very fierce when anyone went near the goose.
9 The peacock and peahen stayed very close to their chicks.
10 My nephew and niece both are very intelligent.
11 The drake and duck bowed to the queen.
12 The actor and actress both are very good in this ovie.
13 The lion and lioness both are very heartless.
Ex- 8 Classify the words in Masculine, feminine and common gender.
( children, boy, mother, son, queen, doctor, parents, father, dancer, king, girl, teacher,
designer, artist)
Masculine- boy, son, father, king
Feminine- mother, queen, girl, teacher
Common gender- doctor, children, parets, dancer, designer, artist
Ex-9 Underline the proper noun.
1July is the hottest month in our country.

2 One day Ali Baba saw the thieves hiding in a cave.

3 Peter and Susan are going to the beach for a swim.
4 Mr Lee is reading a book.
5 I am your fairy god mother , said the old woman to Cindrella.
6 Uncle Mike is a lawer.
7 Next Tuesday is a public holiday.
8 Many children enjoyed the movie Lion King.
9 John took four books to the childrens section.
10 They went to the British Museum.
11 Maggie also bought a photo frame foe her Uncle Andy and Aunt Susie.
12 Their school is at Chestnut Road.
13 January is the first month of the year.
14 President Hotel is a very costly hotel.
15 Dr Wang is a good doctor.
Ex- 10 Fill in the blanks with pronoun
1 The bird sat on a branch. It had a worm in its beak.
2 John was not happy. He had a bad cold.
3 Peter and Sue were excited. They were going to the circus.
4 My marks are not good. I did not study very hard.
5 Linda is a good student. She does her homework.
6 John and Sue wrote from London . The postcard was for all of us.
7 John, do you play the guitar ?
8 Linda is my friend. He sits next to me on the bus.
9 Peters shirt was a mess. He had torn it.
10 My brother and I play football . We play in the school team.
11 I dont have a favourite subject at school. I like them all.
12 Amy my sister asked me to return this book to you.

13 My mother is feeling better . The doctor has moved her to a different ward.
14 It was Dads birthday on Tuesday. We gave him a new watch.
15 The children are camping. They are pitching a tent.
16 My name is Mike. I am eight years old.
17 Janet is using the phone. She is talking to her friend.
18 The dog is fierce. It is barking at the stranger.
19 This model plane is made by Peter. He has made it by himself.
20 Peter and I study in the same school. We s are good friends.
21 John you are late again. You have missed the bus.
22 Girls our team has won. You have done well..
Ex-11 Write an essay.
1 A festival is an occasion of enjoyment and celebration.
2 In India every stats has its own festivals.
3 Ther are two types of festivals.National festivals and religious festivals.
4 National festivals like Independence day, Republic day and Gandhi Jayanti are celebrated
by the entire country.
5 We have a holiday on national festivals.
6 Navratri, Diwali, Janmashtmi, Id ul Fiar, Christmas are some of the religious festivals.
7 These festivals also promote social interaction and harmony.
1 The Hindus celebrate Rakshabandhan.
2 It falls on Purnima or full moon day in the month of Shravan.
3 It is also called Nariyali Purnima.
4 It is celebrated all over India.
5 It means Bond of Protection and love between a brother and his sister.
6 The sister ties a Rakhi on her brothers wrist.
7 In return the brother gives a gift and promises to protect her.

8 I like this festival very much.

My School

The name of my school is Best Primary School.

It is situated in Maninagar.
Our school has classes from Nursery to class 12
It has three floors.
Our Principal Madams office is on the ground floor.
We have a computer room, a laboratory and a library on the first floor.
Our classrooms are wide and airy with corridors.
Our school has a large play ground.
We celebrate many functions like Sports Day, Teachers Day and Annual concert in our
10 I love my school very much.