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Computer Revision

Course- L-1,2,3
Paper style

Fill in the blanks
Answer in one word.
True or False
Write the full form of :Answer the following questions


1. ______ is regarded as the Father of Computers.
A] Pascle
b] Charles Babbage
c] BillGates
2. ______ first PC was introduced on August 12, 1981.
b] BIMs
c] IDMs
3. The ________ works on the given data to give meaningful information.
b] CPU
c] Monitor
4. A _____ has four main parts which help in performing the IPO cycle.
A] Computer
b] CU
c] CPU
5. The information that we see on a monitor is called _______.
A] Hard copy
b] VDU
c] Soft copy
6. ______ is the processed data.
A] Input
b] Output
c] Processing
7. We feed ____ into the computer.
A] Processing
b] storage
c] data
8. There are _______ buttons on a mouse.
A] 1 or 2
b] 1
c] 2 or 3
9. _______ is the most common device to input data in a computer.
A] Monitor
b] Keyboard
c] CPU
10. A ______ processes information according to the given instructions and stores the result.
A] Hard disk
b] Monitor
c] CPU
11. Name the term used for entering data and instructions in a computer.
A] Input
b] Output
c] Processing
12. ________ is the main functions of a computer.
b] IPO
c] POI
13. Computer is a machine that can ______ data.
A] Store
b] assume
c] write
14. We can access the stored data ________ when needed.
A] sometime
b] anytime
c] only once
15. A computer changes data into meaningful ______
A] Sentences
b] information
c] Order
16. What do we call a group of instructions given to a computer to do a particular?
A] Hardware
b] Software
c] Program
17. _____ manages the overall operations of a computer.
A] Operating System
b] Monitor
c] Mouse
18. _________ software provides tools to draw and colour the objects.
A] Ms Paint
b] Word Pad
c] Notepad
19. Name the main storage device which store all the work we do on a computer.
A] Joystick b] Speaker
c] Hard disk

20. Microphone is an/a ______ device used to record our voice and other sounds into a computer.
A] Output
b] input
c] processing
21. A printer is an/a _______________.
A] Input device
b] Pointing device
c] Output device
22. Name the device using which whatever we write on a special pad can be seen on the monitor.
A] Scanner
b] Light pen
c] Joystick
23. The games that you play on your computer are an example of ____________.
A] Hardware
b] Database
c] Software
24. ________ controls the operation of a computer.
A] Application software
b] System software
25. The physical parts of a computer are called _________.
A] Software
b] Hardware
c] Programs
26. ________ is regarded as the first computer programmer.
A] Alan Turing
b] Charles Babbage
c] Lady Ada Lovelace
27. ________ is the worlds largest processor company.
A] Intel
b] Microsoft
c. Infosys
28. _______ is the lead developer and designer of Tux Paint.
A] Bill Gates
b] Bill Kendrick
c] Tim Berners Lee
29. Tux Paint is an award winning free software for children with many features.
A] Creative b] funny
c] all
30. Which tool is quite similar to the Paint Tool?
A] Lines Tool
b] Stamp Tool
c] Brush Tool
31. The Tool Box has a total of ____ different Tools.
A] 18
b] 14 c] 15
32. Which tool is used to give a blur effect on the picture?
A] Blocks
b] Haze
c] blur
33. We have ________ fixed colours and 1 choice colour in Tux Paint.
A] 15
b] 16
c] 17
34. ___________ is an American company, which has developed software, using which you can convert the
drawings into puzzles.
A] Photo Paint
b] Photo works
c] Photo cracker
35. Tux Paint gives us an option to draw beautiful patterns using the ______ Tool.
A] Paint
b] Magic
c] Shape
36. You can also increase or decrease the size of the stamp using the ________.
A] colors
b] Minimize c] slope bar
37. We can use the _______ tool to draw and give amazing effects to a picture.
A] Brush
b] Magic
c] Paint
38. The Grass effect is present in the ______ tool.
A] Flower
b] Magic
c] Stamp
39. ________ can be words, numbers, pictures or sound.
A] Data
b] Processing c] Meaningful information
40. A computer displays _______ after processing the data.
A] Input
b] Process
c] Output
41. ________ controls all parts of a computer system.
A] Keyboard
b] CU
c] Monitor
42. Name the sub-tool using which you can fill bricks in thr picture.
A] Haze Tool
b] Grass Tool
c] Bricks tool
43. Which option in Tux Paint allows you to view all the saved files in the form of a slide show?
A] Open button
b] Slides button
c] Back button
44. Which tool is selected by default, when we Open Tux Paint?
A] Paint Tool
b] Lines Tool
c] Stamp Tool

Fill in the blanks


A computer works with data and instructions.

A computer can store a large amount of information.
A monitor displays all the work that we do on a computer.
A mouse is used to point, select and move any object on the computer screen.
A CPU does all the calculations and displays the result on the monitor.
A monitor is also known as VDU.
The parts of a computer which can be touched and seen are called Hardware.
The devices which are used for storing data are called Storage devices.
The devices which give results after processing are called Output devices.
A set of instructions given to the computer is called Software.
The Operating System manages all the overall working of a computer.
Tux Paint has a drawing mascot that helps us to know about Tux Paint.
The most commonly used free hand drawing tool is the Paint Tool.
We can create a mirror image of a stamp using the Mirror button.
Fill Colour tool is used to fill colour in an object.
Tux Paint saves every file in the form of a Thumbnail.


Answer in one word.

It gives output on a paper- Printer.
Whatever you type and draw can be seen on it. Monitor
It is not afraid of cat, sits on a mat, have a long tail, can send an e-mail Mouse
It is a part of CPU and can do arithmetic calculations- ALU
It is the boss and controls all the activities of a computer CPU
A device which is commonly seen in video parlors for playing games Joystick.
A device that can read words, pictures or numbers from paper and store them in a computer Scanner
A device which is used to hear sounds and music stored in a computer Speakers.
The effect that fills the drawing canvas with bricks Bricks tool
The tool in Tux Paint is similar to Brush tool in Paint- Paint Tool
The tool used to save a file in Tux Paint Save Tool
The tool used to draw a straight line Lines Tool


True or False
A monitor is also known as VDU.- True
The output printed on paper is known as soft copy. false
MU stands for Memory Unit. True
A CPU is made up of four main parts. False
The software that can do a specific type of work is called System software. False
A scanner is an input device. true
Paint program is used for drawing pictures. true
A printer is an output device. true
The devices through which we get output are called input devices. false
The Grass tool is used to create flowers on the canvas. false
The drawing mascot in Tux Paint is a naughty duck. false
Clicking on Open will erase your current file. false
The working of Lines tool and Paint tool is exactly the same. false
Using Magic tool, we can apply beautiful effects to our drawing. true


Write the full form of :IPO- Input Process Output

CU Control Unit
CPU- Central Processing Unit
VDU Visual Display Unit
MU Memory Unit


ALU- Arithmetic and Logical Unit

CRT Cathode Rays Tube monitor
LCD Liquid Crystal Display monitor
PC- Personal Computer
CD- Compact Disk

Q.6 Answer the following questions

1 What is a computer?
A A computer is an electronic machine that can do different types of work. For eg:- play games, write
letters, draw pictures, listen music, etc.
2 How do you enter data and instructions into a computer?
A We enter data and instructions into a computer using the Keyboard.
3 What do you call the information, which you enter into the computer?
A The information that we enter into the computer is called Data.
4 Which part of a computer shows the output?
A Monitor shows the output.
5 Name the device which is known as the brain of a computer.
A The device which is known as the brain of a computer is CPU (Central Processing Unit).
6 What is software? Name its types.
A Software is a set of instructions given to the computer to do a particular work. The two types of software
are System software and Application software.
7 What is a storage device? Give any one example.
A The device which is used for storing data is called Storage device. Hard disk is the main storage device.
8 What do we call the hardware devices which are used to enter words, numbers or pictures?
A The hardware devices which are used to enter words, numbers or pictures are Input devices.
9 Which application software is used for typing and making corrections in the text?
A Word pad is application software that is used for typing and making corrections in the text.
10 Name the program used for performing calculations.
A Calculator is used for performing calculations.