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-STD = 3 rd s.s. Revision 1st SEM.. 80 marks.

Ex.1. MCQS
1. ________ is a huge ball of fire.
( venus, sun, moon)
2. The family of the sun is called the ________.( solar system, Planets, star)
3. __________ is the brightest star.( Earth, Neptune, Sirius)
4. _ _____ is the satellite of the earth.(Sirius, moon, mars)
5. __________ is a pattern of stars in the sky.(constellation, solar system, dog star)
6. _______ is the largest continent on the Earth.(Europe, Asia, South America)
7. _________ is the largest ocean on the Earth.( Pacific ocean, arctic ocean, Atlantic ocean
8. __________ was the first person to prove that the Earth was round.
( Christopher Columbus, Vasco di gama, Ferdinand Megallen )
9. A layer of air surrounding the Earth is called ______.(Atmosphere, pollution, pole )
India is a part of the continent ________( North America, Europe, Asia)
The Earth is also known as the _____ planet.(red, green, blue )
About ______ of the Earth is covered with water.(one third, two third, one
Large maps hung on the wall are called _____ maps.( Atlas, wall, picture)
A book of maps is known as ________ (atlas, wall picture)
_____ are exact replica of the earth.( Globes, windows, maps)
16. We need air to ______ in.Breathe, run, eat.
17. 17.Breathing in dirty air can create ____ problems for us. ( health, work, walk )
18.______ is used to describe the condition of air when it becomes dirty. ( water
pollution, noise pollution, air pollution)
19_______is given out by cars and makes the air unclean. (horn, smoke, speed)
20. We can use ______ gas in our vehicles to reduce pollution. (PNG, CNG, TNG.)
21. Water is used for ______. (brushing, eating, oiling )
22. Glaciers melt to give us ______ (snow, fresh water, clouds)
23. Water can be purified by ______(cooking, burning, boiling)
24. Rainwater harvesting is a method of _____ water (collecting, purifying, wasting)
25. Water is stored in ______ (tank, car, pipe)
26. Our national anthem was written by _______ (Jawaharlal Nehru, Rabindranath
Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi)
27. There are ___ colours in our national flag. (2, 3, 4)
28. There are ____ lions in our national emblem. (2, 3, 4)
29. Satyameva Jayate means _____. (truth always triumphs, purity always triumphs,
beauty always triumphs)
30. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on _____ (15th August, 2nd October, 26th January)
31. _________ is the capital of Nagaland. ( Gangtok, Itanagar, Kohima)
32. Jaipur is the capital of the state of _______ (Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana)
33. There are ____ union territories in India. ( five, seven, nine)
34. Mumbai is located on the coast of the _____ sea. (red, blue, Arabian)
35. Ambassadors of different countries live in _____ . (New delhi, Mubai, Chennai )
36. Delhi is located on the bank of river ________. (Ganga, Yamuna, Bhramputra)
37. Devnagri is a type of ______. (script, music, dance )
38. Carnatic is a type of _____ classical music.( Indian, western, folk)
39. Pandit Birju Maharaj is a famous _______dancer. (kathak, odissi, Kuchipudi)
40. Guru Gangadhar is a famous ______ dance. (Manipuri, Odissi, Kathak)
41. _______ is the major crop grown in the northern state of India. ( Ragi, Wheat,

42. Black gram and green gram are varieties of _____. (Pulses, bajra, vegetable)
43. We wear ______ clothes in summer.( cotton, woolen, silk)
44. Tsung Kotepsu is a traditional dress of men of the state of ______. (Bihar,
Nagaland, odissa)
45. Which institution provides facilities in big cities? (Gram panchayat, gram
sevasangh, Municipal corporation)
46. Who is the administrative officer of the institutions providing facilities in big
cities? ( Sarpanch, Municipal commissioner, Talati)
47. Which is the largest co-operative dairy of our country? ( Sumul dairy, Gayatri
dairy, Amul dairy)
Ex2. True or false.
1. Atmosphere is the blanket of air around the earth. True.
2. Pollution is good for our health. False.
3. Planting trees can make air dirty. False.
4. CNG is a type of drinking water. False.
5. We should always keep handkerchief on our mouth while coughing and sneezing.
6. Our national flag is known as the Tiranga. True.
7. The lion is our national animal. False.
8. Rabindranath Tagore wrote our national anthem. True.
9. Gandhi Jayanti is a national festival of India. True.
10. Rajghat is the Samadhi of Gandhiji. True.
11. Survival on the earth would not be possible without air. False.
12. Farmers use water to grow crops. True.
13.Hand pumps are used to provide water in villages. True.
14. Water in the form of ice rises up in the sky to form clouds. False.
15. Every drop of water stored is every drop of water saved. True.
16.Sun is the brightest star in the sky. False
17Moon is the satellite of the Earth. TrueMars is the closest planet to the sun. False

The earth is the third planet from the sun. True

The family of the sun is known as the Solar System. True.
The earth is the fourth planet from the sun. False.
All the planets in the Solar System have life on them. False.
Ferdinand Magellan was the first to prove that Earth was round. True.
Victoria was the name of the place from where the ships of Ferdinand Magellan
sailed. False.
The left and right sides of the Earth are known as poles. False.
The Earth looks blue from the space. True.
A model of the Earth is called map. False.
There is more water on the surface of the Earth than land. True
Wall maps are bigger maps. True.
Atlas is a book of maps. True.
India is situated in the continent of Europe. False.
Jammu and Kashmir lies at the southern tip of India. False.
There are 28 states and 7 union territories. True.
The union territories do not have capitals. False.
Mumbai is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. False.
The Red Fort is located in New Delhi. True.


The supreme court of India is located in Mumbai. False.

Tamil is one of the language spoken in Tamil Nadu. True.
Gurumukhi is a type of script. True.
Kathak is a musical instrument. False.
Manipuri is the capital of the state of Manipuri. False.
There is a locker in the bank to safeguard our valuable things, ornaments,
documents etc. true.
To deposit savings, we go to grampanchayat. False.
Grampanchayat are in cities. False.
Dial the number 100 to call the police immediately. True.
Apricots are fruits grown in Ladakh. True.
Sarso ka saag is a famous dish of Punjab. True.

Ex. 3. Match the following.

1. Sun
only body in the solar system to have its own heat and light.
2. Earth - only planet in the solar system to have life.
3. Moon - the satellite of the earth.
4. Star
- ball of hot burning gases.
5. Constellation - the pattern of stars in the sky.
6. Oxygen - a gas found in the atmosphere.
7. Poles
- top and bottom of the earth.
8. Asia
- largest continent on the earth.
9. Arctic Ocean - smallest ocean on the earth.
Blue planet - the earth.
Globe - model of the earth.
Maps - drawing of the earth.
Atlas - a book of maps.
Fish =
live in water.
Plants =
needs water to live and grow.
Electricity =
can be generated by water.
used to supply water in the house in Cities.
the form of water at normal Temperature.
Kesaria =
saffron colour of our national flag.
national bird.
national animal.
Red Fort
national flag is hoisted on 15th August.
Constitution of India =
adopted on 26th January.
Pollution in air
= is harmful to all living beings.
We should grow = more plants and trees.
We must keep the windows open
while sleeping, as it allows fresh air
to circulate.
We should avoid
= bursting fire crackers
Patna = Bihar
Lakshadweep = kavaratti.
Shimla = Himachal Pradesh
Carnatic = classical music of India.
Harmonium = musical instrument.
Phari = language of north India.
Sonal Mansingh = Odissi.
Spice = coriander
Old name of Chennai = Madras.


Famous festival of Mumbai = Ganesh Chaturthi.

Ex. 4. Fill in the blanks.

1. The earth is wrapped by a blanket of air called ATMOSPHERE.
2. FRESH air is required in our body for energy and growth.
3. We must cover our mouth and nose with handkerchief while SNEEZING and
4. We can AVOID air pollution in various ways.
5. Bursting of crackers, dumping of GARBAGE in open also make the air dirty.
6. Water is also used to generate ELECTRICITY.
7. RAIN and ICE CAPS are the major source of fresh water on the earth.
8. GLACIERS store about seventy percent of worlds fresh water.
9. Water is tasteless, COLOURLESS and ODOURLESS liquid.
Shortage of water can also lead to DROUGHTS.
Plants need water to PREPARE their food.
NEW DELHI is the capital of our country.
VANDE MATRAM was composed by Bankim Chandra Chettarji.
RAJGHAT, the Samadhi of Mahatama Gandhi.
The Indian currency is called RUPAIYA.
The family of the sun consists of the eight PLANETS
Sirius is also known as the DOG STAR.
JUPITER is the largest planet while MURCURY is the smallest planet of the
solar system.
MOON is the fifth largest satellite in the solar system.
The planet Jupiter has the most number of SATELLITE.
The atmosphere is the blanket of AIR surrounding the earth.
The earth has SEVEN continents and FIVE oceans.
Ferdinand Magellan and his sailor sailed from SPAIN.
Our earth is covered with a layer of GASSES.
Some of the important seas are the Mediterranean sea, the Arabian sea and
The earth is the only planet in the Solar System which has LIFE on it.
We cannot see the entire earth on the globe at a GLANCE.
Big maps can be HUNG on walls.
GLOBES are small models of the earth.
Every state has its own CAPITAL.
India stretches from Jammu and Kashmir in the North to KANYAKUMARI in the
Delhi was first built by the PANDAVAS rulers and was called Indraprastha.
The MARINA BEACH, the second longest beach in the world.
The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre is situated at Trombay.
India is a nation with rich heritage and CULTURE.
The two forms of classical music are HUNDUSTANI and CARNATIC.
FOOD gives us energy to work and play.
SPICES are used to add flavor to the food items.
MYSORE PAK is a famous sweet made in southern regions.
We wear clothes to protect ourselves from extreme WEATHER condition.
People wear special clothes on special OCCASSIONS.
Women wear a lot of jewellery and colourful GARMENTS on occasions.
SARPANCH is the head of grampanchayat.
Banks provide us LOAN for business.


MONEY ORDER is used to send money from one place to another place.

Ex. 5. Name them.

1. Harmful gases given out by factories, mix with the air. SMOKE.
2. All living things need to live. AIR.
3. Plants need air to make. FOOD.
4. Mixture of various gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide. ATMOSPHERE.
5. A navy blue colour wheel with 24 spokes. ASHOK CHAKRA.
6. It is believed that the first national flag in India was hoisted in. 1906 IN KOLKATTA.
7. To raise or haul up. HOIST.
8. National festival of our country. 15th AUGUST.
9. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on. 2nd OCTOBER.
10. Ice caps which store the largest quantity of the worlds fresh water. GLACIER.
11. A small water body surrounded by land. LAKE.
12. Scarcity of water. DROUGHT.
13. The worlds largest fresh water lake in Russia. LAKE BAIKAL.
14. Rain water stored in underground tanks, pits or wells, to be used later. RAIN WATER
15. Huge ball of fire. SUN.
16. Companions of planets. SATELLITE.
17. Closest planet to the sun. MERCURY.
18. Planet where plants, animals and human beings live. EARTH
19. Large land masses of the Earth. CONTINENT.
20. Large bodies of water on the earth. OCEAN
21. The layer of gases, water and dust particles covering our earth. ATMOSPHERE.
22. Political division within a country. STATE.
23. An area ruled discretely by the central government. UNION TERRITORY.
24. Famous beach in Maharashtra. JUHU BEACH.
25. The head quarters of central west railways located here. MUMBAI.
26. Delhi is located on the bank of river. YAMUNA.
27. The oldest dance form in India. BHARATNATYAM
28. The most commonly used instruments for Hindustani style of music. TANPURA,
29. A headgear worn by men in Punjab. TURBAN.
30. A long skirt worn by the people of Haryana. GHAGHARA.
31. Name of the bank. BANK OF BARODA.
32. Name of any post office. JAWAHAR CHOWK POST OFFICE.
33. Hospital near your school. L. G. HOSPITAL.
34. We dial the number 100 to call. THE POLICE.
35. Delivers the letters, parcels, money order etc. POSTMAN.
Ex. 6. Answer the following questions (SHORT)
1. How many planets are there in the solar system?
A. There are eight planets in the solar system. They are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars,
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
2. What is a satellite? Name the satellite of the earth.
A. Many planets have one or many small companions that revolve around them. They
are called satellites. The moon is the satellite of the earth.
3. What is constellation?

A. A group of stars which appears to form a pattern in the sky is called the
4. What is an ocean? How many oceans are there? Name them.
A. Large bodies of water on earth are called an ocean. There are five oceans; they are
Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, southern ocean, Indian Ocean and Arctic Ocean.
5. What is a continent? How many continents are in the world? Name them.
A. A large land masses on the earth is called continent. There are seven continents in the
world. They are Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and
6. How is atmosphere useful to us?
A. The atmosphere protects us from the suns harmful rays. We cannot live without
oxygen or air to breathe in.
7.Why do humans need air?
All living things need air to breathe. If there is no air, there would be no life on the earth.
8. Why is it important to have clean air?
A. Pollution in air is harmful to all living beings. Therefore it is important to keep the
air clean.
9. What is the national anthem of our country? Who wrote it?
A. The national anthem of our country is Jana gana mana. It was written by
Rabindranath Tagore.
10. Name the person who designed the symbol of Indian Rupee.
A. Dharmalingam Udayakumar designed the symbol of Indian rupee.
11. Which are the main symbols of our country?
A. National Flag, national anthem and national emblem are the main symbols of our
12. Why do we have a national festival on 15th August?
A. We have a national festival on 15th August because on 15th August 1947 India got
Independence from the British rule.
13. Write uses of water.
A. We use water for drinking, cooking, washing, bathing, cleaning and to grow crops.
14. Why do farmers need water?
A. Farmers use water to grow crops.
15. Name the major food grains grown in India.
A. Major crops grown in India are wheat, rice, ragi, bajara etc.
16. What are various pulses grown in India?
A. Various pulses grown in India are black gram, kidney beans, rajma etc.
17. Differentiate between vegetarian and non vegetarian.
A. Vegetarians eat vegetables and fruits only.
Non vegetarians eat egg, fish and meat.
18. What are the various sweets eaten in the northern and eastern parts of India?
A. Various sweets eaten in the northern states of India are Burfi, Gajar ka Halwa, Gulab
jamun and Moong daal Halwa.
Sweets eaten in eastern part of India are Rasgulla, Sandesh and Chamcham .
19. Name some special dishes of the southern states.
A. Special dishes of southern states are Idli, Dosa, vada, upma and sambhar.
20. What is the full form of ATM.
A. The full form of ATM = Automated Teller Machine.
21. What type of work is related to Grampanchayat?

A. Grampanchayat looks after village cleanliness, drinking water, drainage facility,

street light, health centre and education for villagers.
22. How are Primary Health centre useful to us?
A. The doctor of Primary Health Centre examines the people and provides medicines
and injections. It also provides vaccines to the villagers.
21. In which city does the president of India live?
A. The president of India lives in Delhi.
Ex.7. Answer in detail.
1. Why is it difficult to study the earth only with the help of globe?
A. we cannot see the entire earth on the globe at a glance. We need to rotate the globe
to see all the part of the earth. A globe does not show the entire place on the earth in
detail, so we use maps.
2. What is an Ocean? How many oceans are there? Name them.
A. Large bodies of water on earth are called an ocean. There are five oceans. They are
Pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean, Indian ocean, Southern ocean and Arctic ocean.
3. What is a continent? How many continents are in the world? Name them.
A. Large land masses on the earth is called continent. There are seven continents in the
world. They are Asia, Africa, North America, south America, Antarctica, Europe and
4. What is air pollution? What makes the air dirty?
A. The condition of air when it is mixed with useless gases dust particles etc. is called air
pollution. Smoke from vehicles, bursting of fire crackers, burning of wood etc. makes air
5. List three ways by which we can keep the air clean.
A. Three ways by which we can keep the air clean are as follow. 1. Grow more plants. 2.
Use CNG gas in vehicles. 3. Avoid burning twigs, dry leaves and man-made materials.
6. What will happen if we waste water?
A. Shortage of water can lead to droughts. Without water life would not be possible on
the earth. Many people walk many miles to get water for daily use. So we should not
waste water.
7. Name any two places of tourist attraction in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai.
A. Two places of tourist attraction in Mumbai are Gate way of India and Essel world.
Delhi Red fort and Qutub Minar.
Chennai Chennai Museum and Snake Park.
8. Describe the climate of Mumbai.
A. Mumbai is surrounded by beaches, from December to February it experiences winter.
From March to June it experiences summer. From June to September the city has rainy
9. Name two languages of north, south, east and west respectively.
A. Languages of northern people speak are kashmiri, pahari. Southern people speak
Telgu and Tamil. Eastern people speak Bodo, Oriya. Western People speak Gujarati and
10. How are 108 ambulances useful to us?
A. In case of emergency if we dial 108. The 108 ambulance reaches the site in minimum
possible time. In ambulance a doctor and a nurse are always present. They provide first
aid to the patient and get admitted to hospital. It saves life.
Paper style s.s.
Q.1. choose the correct answer.


Ans. True or false.

Match the following.
Fill in the blanks.
Name them.
Ans. In short.
Ans in detail.
Draw water cycle.