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1 . Mashi Bangla for an aunt who is your mother`s sister .
2. Pishi Bangla for an aunt who is your father`s sister.
3. Downpour sudden and often heavy rainfall .
4 Eagerly- excitedly.
5. Enchanting attractive and pleasing .
6. Monstrous very bad and unpleasant .
7. Dada bangla for an elder brother .
8. Steep drop a sharp downward slope
9 Erupted- fire and rock into the sky.
10 Forum- a meeting.
11 Wares- small things for selling.
12 Hazy- not very clear.
13 Chisel- a metal tool with a sharp edge.
14 Limp- not firm.
15 Stirring- beginning to show rigns of lie.
16 Tunic- a piece of clothing usually without sleeves.
17 Tremors- slight shake.
18 Quilts-warm thick covers for a bed.
19 Looms frames .
20 Fragrance- strong and pleasant smell.
21 Lodged- stuck firmly.
22 Oaks- large , strong trees with hard woods .
23 Broke down- began to cry.

24 Bless my heart- an informal way of expressing surprise.

25 Thrash- defeat someone very badly in a game.
26 .Anxiety Fear about something.
27 .Muttering- saying something in a quiet voice.
28 .Pursed- Chased someone.
29 .Dogging- following someone closely.
30 . Delirious- a state of excitement.
31 . Examined- looked at someone.
32 . Directly under- exactly below.
33 Groan- a long , deep sound.
34 .Crack- a sudden loud noise.
35 To be excited to become eager or happy
36 Ripples- small waves
37 To rush - to move quickly.
38 Stream - a small river.
39 To be excited to become eager or happy
40 Ripples- small waves
41 To rush - to move quickly.
42 Stream - a small river.
43 Sturdy- strong.
44 A dead stop- complete and sudden stop.
45 Acorns -the nuts of the oak trees.
1. Wooden or metal bars placed around something to support you and keep you safe- railing .
2. Making someone feel calm and less worried or unhappy comforting .
3 A humorous way of saying went quickly under dived under .
4. Long warm coats worn in the very cold weather- overcoats .
5. The water falls in the mountains which from a distance look like then streams of silver
silver treams1.Large forest trees with a smooth , grey trunk and spreading branches beeches .
6. Parts of a ship that has been destroyed or has sunk at sea wreck.
7. Beads made from a hard yellowish brown substance that is usually used to make decorative
objects or jewellery amber beads.
8. A small , flat , green or yellow flowerless plant that grows on wet soil moss.
8. A hat that can be tied under the chin bonnet .
9. A person who promises to be a responsible for anothers child- god mother.
10.Taught to behave in a correct and polite way well brought up.
11.To go and get something and to bring it back fetch.
12.Trying something when everything else has failed- Desperate.
13.A word or phrase that is used to express anger, surprise, shock etc- oath.
14.Make it difficult for someone to speak because they do not have enough air- choke.
15.Charged with a crime in a court of law- prosecuted.
16.A person who is in charge of something and makes sure that everything is done correctlysupervisor.

17.A place where power is produced- power station .

18.A gate across a road or bridge at which travelers must stop and pay tollgate.
19.A set of leather bands put around the neck of a horse to control it- bridle.
20.A place where four roads meet- crossways.
21.The line at the farthest place which you can see - horizon
22.A dirty mark made by spreading a liquid or a thick substance over a surface.-smear.
24 Kinds of volcanic rock formed when the lava become solid quickly-

pumice stones.

25. The parts where people live that are not in the centre of a city suburbs.
26. Looking at something closely and carefully , because he could not see clearly- peering
27. Long , rubber boots that you wear to keep you wear to keep the feet from getting wet- gum
28. Woollen clothing meant to keep you warm cardigans .
29. A special knowledge which does not depend on thinking things out-instinct.
30. Hitting something hard while moving- crashing down.
1.Nutu Pishi taught in a school ________.
(a)In a city (b) In a village (c) Outside the city.
2.The stories that Moni Mashi told were ________.
(a)Attractive and appealing (b) horrifying (c) humorous
3.The journey back home took a long time because ________________________
(a)They took a long route (b) the road was npt broad (c) the aunts were scared to move fast
on the road.
4.The aunts decided to
(a)Explore the place (b) get blankets and sleep (c) sit and talk with everyone
5.When they got up in the morning the aunts saw that
(a)The sun was shining brightly

(b) the rain had stopped

(c) that it was pololing

6. We must leave now

(a)the woman to her children (b) the old man to his wife the people in the city to the

7. Where did they have to go

(a) away from the city of Pompeii
stay there

(b) to the mountains

8. The main idea the of the text is (a)The life of Jeannie`s grandfather.
(b)The wreck of the Goshawk
(C ) The way amber is formed .
9. When the grandfather gave the necklace to his wife, she was(a)Like Jeannie
(b)A bride
An old woman.
10. The tiny insects were trapped in the beads when(a)Grandfather put them into the beads .
(c) The lump of amber lay on the ocean
(c ) Pine gum covered them
11.When compared to human begins, the .
(a)much older
(b)some what old
12. Amber comes from
13.Pine gum hardens into amber
(a)in the forest
(b)on the ocean bed

move inside their house and

on the mountains tops.

14. Miss Betsey Trotwood was angry with David copperfield`s father because
(a)He had married a very young woman
(b)He had never visited miss Betsey after he got married
He was once her favorite nephew
15. We know that David copperfield mother was young because
(a)she obeyed miss Betsey
(b)miss Betsey said that she was just a baby
she began to cry.
16.Miss Betsey told David copperfield mother that she wanted to be the baby s
(b) godmother
(c) mother
17.David Copperfield `s mother looked ill because
(a)She felt cold
(b)She did not like miss Betsey
(c)She was about to give birth to a child
18. Rajam team could felt that that his team could defeat the YMU because
(a) his team was strong
(b)swami was a great player.
he himself could be depended upon , not to let the team down.
19. Certainly Rajam, if you can suggest a way..
(a) to escape from the drill classes
(b)to make to doctor give a certificate
to get permission from the principal.
20.Swami quietly slipped out of the house to ..

(a) go for the practice

(b) go to meet rajam
see the doctor.
21.When the doctor asked swami what he meant by delirium he said it was..
(a) a pain in legs
(b) a stomach pain
see the doctor.
22. The doctor told swami , I should be prosecuted if I..
(a) gave you a false certificate
(b) gave you a cricket bat
23.The bird`s ___ was caught in the wire
(a) beak (b) claw (c) nest
24. The sparrow was rescued with the help of an extension
(a) ladder (b)bridge (c)none.
25. Jia was
(a) happy (b) sad (c) excited
26. The boat went round and round creating
(a)ripples (b) foam (c) waves
27.The strong boats
(a) sailed on (b) got wet (c) sunk
28.Jia sailed the boat in a
(a) puddle (b) bath tub (c) pond.
29. Jia`s boat
(a)got wet (b) left all the paper boats behind (c) sailed slowy
30.Dhruv had a ____ boat .

(a) pink (b) red (c) yellow.

1. Traders prepared themselves for a day of good business.
2. The man did not like the messages on the wall.
3. The Vesuvius began to explode.
4. The city of Vesuvius buried under sixty feet of ash and mud.
5. When we reached Duliatal, asked Tinku why she had come out in the heavy rain.
6. When Nutu asked them where the taxi was, Tinku burst out laughing.
7. Since the path to the house was too narrow, we had to walk the whole day.
8. I refused to go down the path because there was a steep drop on the other side..
9. Tinku held my hand and led me down the path.
10. Nutu and I were so scared, but at last we reached the house.
11. Once inside, we divided the quilts and blankets.
12. The next morning, the whole place was filled with sunlight.
13. The sloping garden was full of colours.
14. Jeannie`s father took care of the sheep.
15. The tiny fly in the bead was seemed about to fly.
16. Before the humans appeared the Scottish high lands were filled with forests.
17. Jeanie and her mother wove and spun beautiful clothes on their looms.
18. Jeannie was a little scotish girl who lived among the highlands.
19. Miss Betsey Trotwood lived alone in a cottage in a small village on the sea coast.
20. One evening, my mother was sitting by the fireside.
21. Miss Trotwood walked up to the house with a serious face .
22. Instead of ringing the doorbell , she looked through the window , pressing her nose against
the glass.
23. My poor mother was very frightened at this strange behavior.

24. The drill master did not believe swami`s excuse.

25. Rajam jumped with joy.
26. Swaminathan quietly slipped out of the house.
27. It is illegal to give a false certificate.
28. One day Harilal noticed that a sparrow was trapped on the power line.
29. The sparrow was desperately flapping its wings.
30. Harilal pleaded with his parents to help save the sparrow.
31. But his mother said it was too dangerous.
32. Harilal was sobbing and his parents tried to comfort him.
33. In the middle of the night, some men came to rescue the sparrow.
34. Ram Bharose loosened the bird`s claw that was caught in the wire.
35. Soon, Ram Bharose handed the sparrow to Hiralal.
36. The man at the tollgate said that the river was rising fast.
37. The bridge is broken in the middle.
38.John took me to the stable.
39. The wind seemed to have settled down.
40. Black beauty was frightened when the branch fell down.
1. That morning was more hot then usual- true
2. Some people noticed that the sun looked hazy- false.
3. The old man pointed to the volcanco the people looked and started to run false
4. A women and her child took shelter in their house- false
5. The old man and his wife stayed in their house in the town- false Mrs copperfield had left
mrs copperfield a sum f hundred and five pounds a year- true.
6. When miss Betsey heard that child was a boy , she left and never came back again true
7. Swami was the best bowler on the cricket team-true

8. Swami was not attending cricket practice regularly-true.

9. Swami asked the head master to let him attend cricket practice- false.
10. Swami was feeling ill and had delirium-false.
11. The doctor asked Swami not to attend drill for a week false.
12. Sparrows eat only seeds- false.
13. Sparrows live very close to humans-true.
14. Modern building have plenty of spaces for the sparrows to build their nests- false.
15. The old man and his wife stayed in their house in the town- false

16. The town was buried under thick ash and mud true
17. The old man`s wife did not believe his terrible predictions- false
18. Black beauty is the hero of story- true.
19 . We saw that all the lights were on- true.
20. Mistress ran out to greet master- true.
1. What did Jeannie`s grandfather get from the wreck of the Goshawk?
A. He got a clear, shinning piece of Amber.
2. How do we know that jeannies grandmother loved the gift ?
A. She had worn it for many years and left it to Jeannie .
3.What are the two things that puzzled Jeannie about the amber ?
A. She was puzzled how the amber came to be on the seashore and , how the bees , moss and
other creatures had got inside the amber.
4.What brought the lump of amber close to the shore ?
A.A great storm had thrown up the amber from the depths of the sea and brought it closer to the
5.Pick any two expression used in the third paragraph to describe the colour of amber ?
A The two expression used in the third paragraph to describe the colour of amber are a globe of
yellow light ; and a frozen honey.
6. Where did miss Betsey Trotwood live ?
A.She lived alone in a cottage in a small village on the sea coast.
7.How did David`s mother know that the stranger walking up the garden was Miss Betsey

A.Her husband had already told her about Miss Betsey and she recognized her from that
8.Why did Peggotty send for the doctor ?
A Mrs Copperfield looked very ill and she was expecting a baby so Peggotty sent for a
9. What was Miss Betsey doing when the doctor came downstairs ?
A. When the doctor came downstairs Miss Betsey was walking up and down the living room.
10. Why does Tinku think it is lovely when it rains?
A. Tinku thinks it is lovely when it rains, because all the little streams become rivers where she
can sail boats.
11.Why does Tinku`s father not able to recognize Moni mashi and Nutu pishi at first?
A. Tinku`s father could not recognize them at first as they were huddle and almost buried under
cardigans, overcoats and shawls.
13. Why cannot Moni mashi and Nutu pishi go to the house by taxi?
A. Moni mashi and Nutu pishi cannot go to Tinku`s house by taxi, because the path leading to
her house is too narrow.
14. Why did the journey to the house take a long time?
A. The journey to Tinkus house took very long, because both her aunts were so scared of the
narrow path that they took ages to cover the short distance.
15. What was the mother`s worry?
A She just hoped it would not rain when they came, because she knew that they would not be
able to enjoy their stay.
16. What was the reaction of the aunts when they stepped out of the bus?
A They were unhappy because it was pouring and freezing cold.
17. Why was Tinku excited?
A-Tinku was excited because two of her aunts were coming to visit them at Duliatal.
18 Why was the sun hazy in the sky?
A- The sun was hazy because of the smoke coming out of the volcano and because of the
terrible heat.

19. Why did the old man did not speak to his wife more gently ?
A- He knew that the volcano would erupt in afew moments and they had very little time to flee
the place.
20 What was the reaction when he tried to warm the people about the on coming danger ?
A-When the old man tried to tell the people about the volcanic eruption , they just looked at the
mountains and said that the gods were angry again and went off smiling.
21. Describe the boat?
A. It was a beautiful red boat with a milk white sail.
22. What did the children do ?
A . The children ran out and put their paper boats in a stream by the road.
23. Why do you think the doctor laughed?
A. The doctor laughed because swami thought delirium was some kind of stomach ache.
23.Why did Rajam plead to swami to come for practice regularly ?
A-Rajam pleaded with swami because he was the Tate of the team.
25.Which were the two teams that were going to have a cricket match ?
A- The Malgudi cricket club and the young mens union teams were to have their match against
one another.
26.What did Hiralal see as he was cycling to school one morning ?
A- He saw a sparrow trapped in the power line.
27.Why did Hiralal`s mother and father not help the sparrow?
A- Hiralal`s mother and father not helped the sparrow because it was too dangerous and the line
was too high.
28. How was Ram Bharose able to rescue the sparrow?
A- He shut off power at night , got an extension ladder climbed up and loosened the claw of the
sparrow from the wire.
29. How did Jia feel when she sailed her boat?
A- Jia felt proud when she sailed her boat.

30.Why was Jia bored?

A-Jia was bored because she did not enjoy playing with the boat all by herself.


1.Why were they scared to go down the path?

A-They were scared because it was narrow and also there was a steep drop on the other side.
2 .How was the place different the next morning?
A-The day they had arrived the place had been dark and wet. The next day, however, the whole
place was filled with sunlight. The sloping garden was full of colours, the snow range shone
golden and narrow, silvery streams trickled down the hills in the distance.
3 Who did the people of Pompeii start their day ?
A The day began with the traders setting up their wares and have a good business some people
came out to watch all that was happening around them in the morning
4. What was the result of not listening to the old man?
A .The result of not listening to the old man s waning was that the volcano erupted and the sky
became dark and the earth shook and the entire city was buried under sixty feet of ash and mud.
5.How did the old man know that the volcano was going to erupt?
A He somehow knew that the earth quake that had happened a few months ago and the smoke
that was coming out of the volcano were some how connetced that is , how he realised that the
volcano was going to erupt.
6. Why were the beads in the necklace so precious to the Grandmother ?
A. The beads were precious because grandfather had taken great care to carve out the different
things that were embedded in the piece of amber to make them into beads and then string them
into a necklace, and it was a wedding present to grandmother.
7. How did the gum from the pine tree help in forming the amber beads?
A. Among the different types of trees, there was one kind of pine from which a shining yellow
gum flowed. Little insects got attracted towards it and got stuck in it, so did the ferns and other
things. Hence there was a variety of things that got embedded in the amber. From, this lump
grandfather carved out the beads very carefully to save the embedded insect in each piece
8. How do you know that David`s mother was a shy and timid person?

A. Miss Betsey`s commanding ways made Davids mother nervous and she immediately obeyed
her. She also began to cry when Miss Betsey spoke to her. This shows Davids mother was a shy
and timid person.
9. Who did Miss Betsey mean by SHE why did Mr. Chillip ,not understand her?
A. Miss Betsey was referring to the newborn baby as she. Mr.Chillip did not understand her
because he thought she knew that baby was a boy.
10. What did Miss Betsey do when the baby boy was born? Why do you think she did that?
A-When the baby boy was born She put on her bonnet and walked straight out the house
.She did that because she was disappointed that the baby was not a girl.
11. Describe the Rescue Operation ?
A. It was in the middle of the night . Hiralal was woken up by Ram Bharose maintenance
person who had come with two more person, They brought down the bird and put the bird in
Hiralal`s hands . At first it lay still in his hand after sometime it just flew away . This
miraculous moment seemed magical to Hiralal
12.How was Black Beauty rewarded?
A. After they returned home, the Master took him to the stable , gave him a good supper and a
thick bed of straw to sleep on.
13. Describe the river on the day when Black Beauty had to take his master and T
A. It was a rainy day . The river was flooded . since it was very windy, dry leaves had been
across the road. The middle of the bridge was covered with water , but the railings were sturdy.
14.How did John know that something was wrong ?
A. John came to know that Black Beauty just did not move in spite of coaxing , so he felt that
there was something wrong . He got down and tried to calm him down. As he did this , the man
at the other end of the bridge asked them not to proceed as the bridge had broken.
15. What made Swami thank the doctor ?
A-Swami thanked the doctor because he had promised to talk to the principal about excusing
him from drill , to practice for the match.
1. Tinku jumped up and down at the bus stand because she was fond of both her aunts and was
eagerly waiting for their arrival.
2.Moni mashi was good at telling enchanting stories .

3. At first ,Moni Mashi and Nutu pishi did not like the hills because it was freezing cold and it
was raining.
4.Moni mashi and Nutu pishi were frightened when they had to walk to tinku`s house .
5.From the house , there was a good view of the sloping garden , the snow ranges and the hills
in the distances.
6The old man did not like the message becauThe gift was named a little piece of nature
because it had all kind of plants and insects in it.
7. The lump of amber stone came closer to the shore because of the storm.
8.Why did Miss Trotwood want a girl to be born ?
A-She wanted a girl to be born so that she could be her god mother and be a friend to her .
Besides this she wanted the girl to carry her namese he thought they were boring .
9. The old man was worried because he realized that volcano would erupt and bury the people
and the city in ash.
10. The doctor did not give the medical certificate to swami because he felt he would be
caught if he gave a false certificate
11. Black beauty enjoyed pulling the new cart because-it was very light and the high wheels
rolled along so smoothly.
12. The man at the tollgate told them-that the river was rising fast.
13. Black beauty refused to step forward when they were at the wooden bridge because-beauty
felt sure something was wrong with the bridge.
14.The difference between the way people and animals behave, according to master, was thatpeople used brains to find out things for themselves whereas animals used their special
knowledge , called instinct, which helped them respond faster to danger.
15.John thought that many people did not take very good care of their animals or make friends
with them.
16. Jia was bored- because she did not enjoy playing with boat all by herself.
17. Mother had shut the window because it was raining.
18 . What did the Hiralal ask the supervisor to do . Did the supervisor agree to do that ?
A-Hiralal asked the supervisor to shut off , power to resue the sparrow but, the supervisor did
not agree to this because everything would stop such as work in factories and hospitals.

19. In what ways was the power line useful ?

A- 1. It supplied power to homes.
2.In the evening it was the rest place for sparrows.
20. Jia was bored because she did not enjoy playing with the boat all by herself.
9. Reference to context or.(Read the lines and answer the question)
1.I only hope it doesnt rain when they arrive.
(I)Who said these words and to whom.
A-Tinkus mother said these to Tinku.
(II)Why did she say these words?
A-She was worried because the two aunts had never been to the hills before.
(III) What was the reaction of the listener?
A-She said it would be lovely when rained and they could sail boats.
2.I am afraid youll have to walk.
(I)Who said these words?
A- Tinku`s father said these words.
(II)Why were these words said?
A- These words were said because the aunts wanted to know if they could go in a rickshaw.
(III)How did the father convince them?
A-He gave them the raincoats to wear and told them it was a short distance.
3.There is nothing to see except dripping trees and bushes.
(I)Who said these words?
A- Nutu pishi said these words.
(II)Why did she say them?
A-They had come there when it was raining hard and she had no hopes of seeing anything else.
(III)Was she proved wrong and how?

A-Yes, The next morning dawned into a bright day and they could see the snow range and the
water falls.
4. Thousands of insects fluttered about it.
(I) What is it here?
A. It is the gum from the pine tree.
(II) Where does it comes from?
A. It comes from a type of pine tree.
(III) Describe it ?
(A) It is yellow in colour and fragrant .
5.The great forests sank into the sea .
(I) Where were these forests?
A These forests were in north Scotland.
(II)What would happen to them if they lie for a long time in the bed of the sea?
(A) They would harden up and becomes stones.
(III)What would sink along with the forest?
(A)The mountains tops sank along with the forest
6.You ` re just a baby !
(I)Who said these words and to whom?
Ans. Miss Betsey trotwood said these to David`s mother.
(II)Why was miss Betsey surprised that david `s mother was young ?
Ans. She knew that her nephew had married a very young woman but she didnt expect her to
be so young.
(III)What was the result of this comment ?
Ans . David `s mother felt miserable and started to weep.
7. How on earth she get such a name?
(I)Who said these words and to whom?

Ans Miss Betsey to David `s mother.

(II) When did she say this ?
Ans When Davids mother said that her servant maids name was Peggotty.
(III) Why did Betsey make such a comment ?
Ans . She made such a comment because she found the name strange.
8.OH, No, no . I am grateful to you for your suggestion.
(I) Who said these words and to whom ?
(A) Swami said these words to Rajam.
(II) When were these words said?
(A)When Rajam suggested that he should tell his head master about the practice.
(III) Was the suggestion taken?
(A)No, it was not taken.
9.I Don`t believe a word. Get out
(I)Who said these words?
(A) The Drill master told Swami
(II)When were they said?
(A)These words were said when swami told him that he could not do any drill because whole of
the previous night he was delirious.
(III)What was the outcome of this situation?
(A)The outcome was that swami was allowed to go for practice.
10. Nature has a way of protecting its own.
(I)Who said these words and to whom?
A.Hiralal`s father said these words to Hiralal.
(II)When were they said ?
(A)When Hiralal asked him to save the sparrow from dying.
(III) Why were they said ?

(A)They were said because they felt that it was too risky for them.
11.I am so proud to have met a young boy with such large heart?
(I) Who said these words ?
(A) The supervisor of the power station said these words.
(II)When were they said ?
(A)When Hiralal asked him to switch off the mains of light.
(III) What made him say these words
(A)He said these words because he had never seen a young who was caring enough to approach
him in this way .
12. I wish we were out of this wood.
(I) Who said these words and why ?
(A) Beauty`s master said these words, because the weather had turned stormy.
(II) What happened soon after these words were said ?
(A)As he finished saying these words, a branch from the oak tree fell right in front.
(III) Where were they at this time ?
(A)They were going trough dark thick forest.
13. You really are a Beauty
(I) Who said these words ?
(A) John said these words to Black Beauty.
(II) When were these words said ?
(A)After Black beauty brought them safely back home , John praised him and said these words.
(III) Who is the hero in this story ? Explain .
(a)Black Beauty as he had saved their lives and brought them safely home.

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