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Jesus Taught


Bodie McCoy
Copyright 2002 by Bodie McCoy

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Twenty years of devotion and studying The Lords Prayer have convinced us
that Jesus created his prayer to geminate, nurture and to grow the Christ
Seed within us. Like all seeds this prayer contains the blueprint of its author
or parent but within this divine blueprint we may actually see a reflection
our truest, highest and best possible Self.
Jesus clearly tells us that the Kingdom of God is within us and that As we
think, in our hearts we shall become. These and many other, seemingly
mysterious scriptures, become clear and valuable instructions as we embrace
the true purpose of The Prayer Jesus Taught.
Here we will offer you unique insights and spiritual exercises for opening
your mind and preparing your heart as fertile soil. Take this divine seed deep
into yourself. Feel it, own it and as you allow this prayer to guide your life
will it become more heavenly. Its that simple.

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7. PROMISES..... PAGE # 21
11. THE BEAST..PAGE # 31
13. PLAYING GOD... PAGE # 35
17. DESIRE. PAGE # 44
21. THE GAME.. PAGE # 52
25. ORACLES..... PAGE # 62
26. TEMPLES..PAGE # 64

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In this book we introduce you to a prayer that you probably already think
you know. It is the most recited of all biblical scriptures and the only prayer
that Jesus ever taught. It is of course the "The Lord's Prayer".
Twenty years ago during a personal crisis my wife Barbara and I
transformed our lives and our relationship with this prayer. Since then, as
we've continued saying it daily, veiled messages and symbols within it have
gradually been revealed. On the surface this prayer seems to be little more
than a series of prayerful requests but going deeper we find it is much more.
Hidden for the past 2000 years, ancient mystical keys within the prayer have
apparently been awaiting this time of our awakening to "The Second
Coming of Christ".
Our goal here is not to merely interpret this prayer but to explore 26
different ways of moving our spiritual inner awareness through it. We
accomplish this with 26 short chapters each having it's own unique spiritual
exercise. These chapters and exercises are progressive so each one will help
to prepare you for the next. With time and practice all 26 of them may
become integrated into your experience of each and every prayer.
The key to powerful prayers is our ability to take them to heart. The more
we feel our prayers the more effective they become and that is the purpose
of this book. So, a word of caution: The Prayer Jesus Taught is an extreme
spiritual experience that changes our lives for the better. Be ready to move
quickly beyond the boundaries of your reality. Prepare to receive something
better than you can imagine and be ready to let-go of what you think you
want, as this is the whole point of the Lord's Prayer.

We recommend that first you just read through these 26 chapters and
their exercises. Then read them again taking your time and allowing a full
day for each chapter. For those who want to go deeper the next step is to
take a full week with each chapter. And finally to receive the maximum
benefit from this book we suggest that you learn to use it as an oracle as
described in chapter # 25.

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Our first seven years working with The Lord's Prayer were spent in prayer,
study and contemplation. In those early years our lives changed very quickly
for the better. And it wasn't just the conditions of our lives, we also changed.
During the first seven years our relationships with our children, each other
and our own selves all improved significantly. Our financial lives improved,
as did our ability to meet and overcome our most personal challenges.
Then about thirteen years ago our appreciation for The Prayer Jesus Taught
inspired us to begin teaching what we had discovered about it. Since then
we've shared this prayer with hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people.
For these past thirteen years Barb and I have been living with our large
family in a very conservative small town and this has seemed to limit our
dream of reaching more people to share with. Our question has always been
how can we do this without neglecting our family.
It took a long time for us to get an answer to this question because I did not
want to write a book. More than this I didn't think I could write one. In
school I was a poor student and got Ds and Fs on most of my written
assignments. I rarely passed a spelling test and was not a good reader. Books
and writing have always been symbols of failure to me so writing a book
was the last thing I wanted to do. Well sometimes the last thing we want is
the first thing we need to do and thank God for the spell-checker.
There are many benefits to saying the Lord's Prayer but to me it's about the
freedom to share my life and myself with others. To express myself this
way, to discipline my time, my mind and my feelings have always been very
difficult but that's not what I'm doing here. I am co-creating with God to
answer my own prayers and fulfill my own dream. It's like living in a
miracle. Helping you to use this prayer, as I am, to meet your challenges and
to realize your dreams enables me to share, to savor and to celebrate Our
Fathers Love with you. And this is why I am writing this book.

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"Prayer enlarges the heart until it is capable
Of containing God's gift of Himself".
Mother Teresa
Last Wednesday Barbara and I attended a seminar and afterwards a woman
sitting behind us asked Barb if we were newly weds. Barbara laughed and
told her that we'd been together twenty-four years, had eight children and
seven grandchildren. The woman was amazed and asked, "how have you
kept your love alive for so many years"? Barbara said "It's being in love with
God that enables us to stay in love with each other". And it is The Prayer
Jesus Taught that enables us to be in love with God.
Jesus begins his ministry saying, "Repent for the Kingdom of God is at
hand". In other words, "If you will just change what you believe, how you be
& live you will awaken to experience heaven on earth and this is also what
the Lord's Prayer says. It says, "Thy Kingdom come thy will be done", so the
way we experience God's kingdom on earth is through love. What the Lord's
Prayer helps us to realize is that to be in love we must simply let-go and let
God because God is Love and we are created in His likeness. The experience
of letting-go and letting God is what we call Surfing Love and it is simply
the awakening of our own true and God-given, loving nature.
Part I of The Prayer Jesus Taught (Awakenings) is about how Barbara and I
have gradually awakened to the hidden mysteries within The Lord's Prayer.
Here you will discover a sequence of eight spiritual awakenings defining a
spiritual journey to Love. You will see how this prayer can help you to stop
struggling and stressing by simply letting-go. In these first eight chapters,
and their spiritual exercises, are opportunities to be uplifted and gently
carried on the waves of Our Fathers Love. And this experience, we believe,
is the most precious gift of The Prayer Jesus Taught.

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I was born in San Diego California and raised a Catholic but my first real
church was the ocean. When I was four I rode her waves on an air mattress,
by the time I was six I could body surf and finally when I was thirteen I got
my first surfboard. It was the ocean who taught me to ride the waves of my
life. She inspired me to cultivate discipline; taught me respect and helped me
to develop a strong body and an alert mind. In her I rose above my fears,
developed self-confidence and honed my instincts. To say that surfing is a
religious experience sounds clich but it was the ocean that taught me to
honor the sacredness of each moment. She is the one who taught me that a
prayer is more than words. In her I learned to give every part of myself to
catching the wave and this is how I learned to pray.
Surfing the oceans waves on a great day is an awesome experience but
compared to Surfing Love that experience is tame. Riding Our Fathers'
Loving waves we enter a transcendental reality that is truly not of this world.
Our Father has created this wave form universe so we may learn to receive
and to ride upon His many blessings. Scientifically we know the basis of
everything is waves of light and sound. It's no wonder that riding His waves
is how we become intimate with Our Creator and our own true selves.
The wave-like rhythms of Our Father's universe ebb and flow constantly. He
is everywhere but is most accessible to us within our own breath. The
sacredness of the breath was well known to the ancients and today it is still
part of both indigenous and eastern spiritual practices. The words Spirit and
spiritual come from the Greek word espartos meaning to breathe. As the
only activity that we do both consciously and subconsciously the breath is a
natural inner bridge between our conscious and subconscious mind. Our
earthly lives begin and end with a breath. To breathe is our most immediate
need and the breath of life is the unifying rhythm of all living things.
We believe the sacred breath was also something that Jesus understood and
taught. He says "Seek neither here nor there for the Kingdom of God is
within you" and it is over this inner bridge, the breath, that our conscious
selves may travel through our subconscious and beyond. To surf our breath,
to ride it back to its' loving source we must listen closely and surrender to its
rhythms. As we pray the breathing harmonies of the life force carry us
deeper into the oceans of our own consciousness. And the more fully we
surrender the more completely we may know God.

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I see the Lord's Prayer as a fisherman's net. Beneath the waves of your
breath is a vast ocean of consciousness. As we let-go, as we stop trying to
control ourselves and our lives, the breath, God's cradle, gently rocks us. As
we relax and let-go we sink deeper into these seas of consciousness. Our
hopes, dreams, fears, pains, confusions and frustrations are gently washed
away. What's left is peace and love. When we let-go of all our self created
realties what we find is God's reality, "Heaven".
The more we pray and breathe the more we let-go and the more we open to
receive heaven. The combined rhythms of our breath and the pure intention
of our prayers enables us to relax; let-go and we go deeper and deeper. The
more we let-go the more we receive and receiving more enables us to give
more, giving more enables us to want more and the more we want the more
we can let-go. Jesus says "My burden is light and my yoke is easy" because
letting-go is easy and this ease is the blessing of The Prayer Jesus Taught.


SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: The experience of surfing love begins as we letgo. Imagine a wave breaking on the sand, flowing up the beach and back to
the ocean. See yourself as this wave breaking and letting-go completely.
Now feel yourself flowing up the beach and back into the next wave/breath.
See this image as you follow the breathing rhythms of the prayer above.

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Modern psychologist say our subconscious minds are like little children and
this is why it's so challenging to change, control or to heal them. We believe
this also explains why The Lord's Prayer can heal our human spirits. The
primal rhythms of our breath and the pure intention of this prayer blend and
penetrate our deepest mental and emotional barriers, touching and nurturing
our inner child. This child is healed as the creative, spiritual awareness of
Christ, fused into this prayer, unites our conscious and subconscious selves.
When Jesus says, "suffer these little ones come unto me" I believe he means
both our outer and our inner children. And when he says, "lest ye become as
little children you may not enter the Kingdom of heaven" I also believe he's
telling us that our inner child is an important key to our spiritual growth.
We begin the prayer Jesus taught by proclaiming ourselves as Gods children
and it is my own self as a child that I want to share with you now. On a cool
February afternoon in 1953 my grandmother took me to see the Disney
movie Peter Pan. It was my fourth birthday and that afternoon Peter gave me
the greatest gift a four-year-old could receive. He invited us, the audience, to
take an oath and by the way he spoke I knew it was sacred. It was an oath
"to never grow up". As Peter spoke I thought about how my own parents
didn't seem to have much fun and that is why I eagerly took the oath. A few
months later I saw my first surfer flying across the waves just like Peter pan
flew across the sky. The oath had already begun shaping my destiny.
When I started school, about a year later, my teachers never had a chance.
School was about growing up and my teachers, like Captain Hook, seemed
intent on sucking the fun out of my life. School was like the movie; they
tried to catch me. They wanted me to walk their plank but I always got away
or so I thought. When I was 13 I discovered the tribe of Pans, called surfers.
The 60's were like heaven to me, dancing on the waves and searching for
Never-Never Land. Then in Hawaii just when I thought I'd found it, on a
warm evening in 1970 I flew too high. Terrified I reached out to a God, long
forgotten, and He touched me.
After that I was still a Pan looking for Never-Never Land. In fact my quest
was renewed but now I was looking within myself, where God had touched
me. Like many other lost boys I moved back to Los Angeles where a
spiritual and psychological renaissance was underway. Over the next seven
years I explored eastern disciplines like meditation, yoga and Tai Chi and
also western "therapies" like Primal Scream, Richen Breath Work, Gestalt
and Bioenergetics. During those years I learned about herbs and became a

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vegetarian. I dabbled with oracles like the I Ching, Tarot and astrology and I
studied with gurus, healers and teachers but also during those seven long
years I gradually forgot what I was looking for.
In Los Angeles I supported myself as a waiter working in the finest
restaurants and country clubs. There in my disguise I was with the real
Captain Hooks but they were to self absorbed to notice. I had a fun,
adventurous, carefree life that Peter would have been proud of but he was
about the only one. I honored my promise "to never grow up" but as I got
older keeping it became harder. Then finally one day in 1976 I suddenly was
overwhelmed with a sense that life was passing me by. I was 27 and
everyone I knew seemed to be making lots of money. Feeling left out and
fearing the dreaded "I told you so", I decided to become an inventor. It was a
simple plan, a Peter Plan; I would invent something, sell it for a lot of money
and rub all "their" noses in my success.
To the amazement of everyone, except Peter, my first invention, a sports
game, was a success. The buyer at Sears loved it and while I sat there in his
office he call a manufacturer in Texas. He told his manufacturer he wanted
my game ASAP and when I left his office that morning he asked if I had any
idea how rare it was for something like that to happen. I really didn't know
but two days later when I was in Dallas, negotiating a royalty agreement
with the manufacturer, I was asked the very same question. Over the next
few years I learned about business and patience but mostly patience.
In July of 1977 I met my wife Barbara. It was love at first sight but as Peter
would tell you, when a Pan falls in love things can get pretty messy. It's hard
to be a kid with a wife and children of your own. And three years after
meeting Barbara we had four children. I was in shock but my never-ending
Deal with Sears was finally about to pay off. Or so I thought. A sequence of
bazaar events caused Sears to back out of our deal but I rebounded and went
on to invent "The Total Trainer". When The Trainer met with a similar fate
the Pan in me, feeling trapped and exhausted, fell to his knees and prayed.
In those days my prayers were mostly acts of desperation. The events that
had prevented my success were not normal and there was even a sense that
God Himself was holding me back. Feeling confused I asked Him what I'd
done wrong and a clear, gentle inner voice said, "You cannot succeed this
way". To the Pan in me this seemed so unfair but I also knew there was
something else I was supposed to be doing with my life. I'd known this since
I was a child but what was it? Feeling very confused I fell into a deep sleep


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and I awoke hearing that same gentle inner voice asking me, "what do you
want"? Without thinking I said, "I just want to be a good father". Then the
voice asked, "what did you want from your father"? Again without thinking
I said, "permission to follow my dreams". "How could he give you that", the
voice asked? "By following his own", I said. Then there was long silence.
My whole life up to that moment, surfing, Hawaii, LA, becoming an
inventor, meeting Barbara and becoming a father, had been affected by my
inner child's oath, "to never grow up". I'd been living in separate realities.
There was my child's quest to find Never-Never Land and my adult self who
had to survive in "The Real World". It's the way the Lord's Prayer brings
these two realities together that heals our soul. We are God's children, young
and old alike. To be our true selves we must transcend the conditions of our
hearts, our minds and the world we live in. This prayer helps us do this.

(Choices in the prayer)
1. OUR: Our first choice is to live as God's child.
2. OUR: Our second choice to love and embrace God's family.
3. FATHER: To accept Our Fathers grace, protection and authority.
4. WHO ART IN HEAVEN: To seek perfection within ourselves.
5. HALLOWED BE THY NAME: To honor our own words as sacred.
6. THY KINGDOM COME: To make heaven on earth our #1 goal.
7. THY WILL BE DONE: To always use love all ways.
8. AS IN HEAVEN: To look for the goodness in everything & everyone.
9. GIVE US THIS DAY: To receive and consume this day.
10. AND FORGIVE US AS WE FORGIVE: To give, no matter what.
12. DELIVER US FROM EVIL: To let-go and let God.
FOREVER AMEN: To embrace God as all that we desire!

SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: With every new choice our lives flow in

new ways and directions. So what is stopping you from making the choices
you really want? And: "If you had all the money and everything else that
you could possibly want or need, what would you choose"? Who would you
be? What would you do? As you say this prayer reflect on each of its'
choices. Observe how these choices affect you. Know that your willingness
to choose determines your reality.


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That evening as I spoke with this gentle inner voice every question and
every answer helped me to let-go. My years of hard work, my dreams and
thousands of dollars were all gone and there was really nothing I could do
about that. There wasn't anyone to fight with or anything to fight for. It was
all gone. When the voice asked what I wanted I said, "to be a good father"
and something within me let-go. Two days earlier I would have said
something like success or money but beneath those desires there was always
this one and I could no longer afford to place these conditions on my truth.
When I said that I wanted to be a good father I was also admitting that I
didn't feel like I was one and that was very difficult. When the voice asked
what I wanted from my father I said. "Permission to follow my heart" I had
to accept the painful reality of never having been trusted that much. When
the voice asked, "How could he have given you that" it was clear "By his
example, by following his own heart", I also had to realize that my father
had not trusted himself and this too was painful. The truth hurt because I had
been living a lie. Seeing money as the solution to my problems was very safe
compared to looking at what I really needed to be happy.
As that lie came to an end old feelings came to the surface. There was a lot I
had to let-go of before the truth could set me free. I remembered how my
parents had wanted me to become a doctor and what a poor student I'd been.
Deep within me my inner child believed he had not been a good son so how
could he hope to be a good father? I'd been hauling around these conflicts
most of my life and letting them go felt very liberating. For the first time in a
long while I felt grateful. Not for anything special, just to be alive and to not
be a doctor. My parents' expectations had strengthened me but until I let-go
of my judgements and the memories of our battles I couldn't put my
strengths to good use.
To be a good father I had to follow my own heart. We'd come full circle but
this time when my gentle inner voice asked again, "what do you want", I
was amazed. My mind was blank. I couldn't imagine that kind of freedom.
There was another long silence before the voice asked me, "when can you
remember being really happy and excited about your life"?
Before I could even think I saw myself as child. I was seven years old,
studying for my first communion. I was fascinated with the Lords' Prayer.


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For some reason I believed it was "magical". If I said it "right" I believed I

would see God and that my life would become magical and heavenly. Where
did I get this idea? I don't really know, no one did. I remembered how my
mother was confused and concerned to see me praying every night. It wasn't
like me and the nuns who taught me in catechism were also surprised.
Then late one night I heard my parents fighting. They were both yelling and
this was unusual. Apparently Monsignor Ott, our pastor, had called that day
and he told my mother that my "obsession" with the prayer was "unhealthy
and even blasphemous". He said I needed "professional help". Now Mom
and Dad were fighting because Dad, who wasn't Catholic, didn't really care
what the monsieur thought, and Mom was afraid for my soul and hers.
As I continued listening to them I was grateful for my dad's stubbornness. I
didn't know what a "shrink" was but it didn't sound very good. That evening
my relationship to my parents, to The Church, to Jesus and the innocent
child who believed in the magic of The Lord's Prayer all changed. So many
years later, I was amazed to see how that child in me was still waiting and
believing. I was deeply touched by his faith and I yearned for his innocence
and dreams.
Without thinking I reached out to that child and I promised to rejoin his
quest to discover the "magic" of Lord's Prayer. Quickly old cynical voices
rose up in my head to criticize, but I knew, to be a good father, I had to
follow my own child's dream. Later that evening I told Barbara about my
experience. First she said she could see a change in me and then she laughed
because when she was about seven she'd had a very similar experience with
the Lord's Prayer. Since that evening, for the past twenty years, we've
pursued the "magic" of this prayer together and our journey has been truly

SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: The Lord's Prayer begins with "Our Father"

to emphasize that we are Gods children. It's our innocence that enables us to
receive the magical and miraculous reality of Our Father's Kingdom. Every
child needs to be loved so when do you remember needing to feel loved?
Who or what do you believe could have given you what you needed? How?
You may not still want the same thing but the child within you still wants
that same feeling. Before you begin to pray say "Father, this is what I want
(this feeling) and Thy will be done". As you do this observe how you feel
and pray with that feeling.


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When I look back at the major turning points of my life I see some common
threads. Each significant life change has been preceded by an experience of
conflict or difficulty. Next I felt vulnerable and then humbled. Then each
time I said some kind of prayer and from that prayer came my willingness to
make a new choice. Finally something miraculous would happen effortlessly
and magically that changed my life completely. When I say miraculous I
mean that something happened that without making any real effort
something would happen to fulfill my prayer in a way that was better than I
could have imagined.
I now see how each of these miracles began to unfold when I went out into
the raging storm of my life where I was thrashed by its unrideable waves.
Eventually the fighting, struggling and hard work wore me out and I had to
let-go. Feeling defeated I let-go even more and this is when I was carried
into the eye of my storm. There, with nothing else to do, I prayed opened
and soon the magic began to happen. Each time I let go after that my life
changed quickly and easily for the better. I now realize that this is exactly
what the Lord's Prayer helps me to do without all the drama. The freedom
this prayer gives me to change without all of that simply allows me to
change and move more quickly and efficiently through my life.
For the most part we humans do seem to require conflict before we are
willing to let-go and let God. Today is 9/12/01 and I've spent most of today
and yesterday watching the news coverage of the World Trade Center and
Pentagon tragedies. As I watched I observed my disbelief. I knew it was real
but I felt numb, then helpless and then I began to pray. A terrible act of
cruelty had just been perpetrated, thousands of people were dying and
suffering and my payers didn't change any of that but they liberated me to
experience this "tragedy" as a profound opportunity.
I was praying for those who were dead, dying, suffering and afraid when I
heard my inner voice say, "It's the terrorist who really need your prayers".
As I again recited The Lords Prayer praying for the ones who had done this
terrible thing I suddenly felt very vulnerable. I could feel myself wanting
them to suffer then I came to the part of the prayer that says. "Forgive us our
trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us". In forgiveness I was
naked and vulnerable but as I began to say the prayer again I could feel it


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more deeply than before. I looked at my life and I saw how my most magical
experiences came when I was feeling the most vulnerable.
Vulnerability is living with a prayer as our only protection. It is putting our
faith in Our Fathers power and glory when we cannot see how or when or
why. To receive God's will we must let-go of our own. That is how we
sacrifice our human hearts on the altars of our lives. This is the choice each
of us lives with everyday; "do we become defensive? Do we run or hide or
fight? Or do we say 'Lord this is what I want and Thy will be done". Do we
cover our vulnerability as Adam and Eve did. Do we hide from God or do
we stand naked before Him in prayer.
Jesus said "I in and of myself can do nothing" and there's really nothing any
of us can really do until we pray. Prayer creates the space for Our Fathers
will, which is love, to enter our hearts. Then we know what we are to do and
it doesn't need to make sense because we just know. Jesus was both
vulnerable and humble! He was an "illegitimate child", born in a barn with a
price on his head. He worked as a humble carpenter and in the end he was
beaten, mocked, spit on and crucified. He bled to death in front of his friends
and family and afterwards some even denied ever knowing him. It's the
ultimate success story because vulnerability + humility + prayer =
miracles. Jesus didn't run, hide or fight. He humbly prayed, "Father, thy will
be done" and "Forgive them for they know not what they do". His life, like
the prayer he taught, is an example of how vulnerability + humility +
prayer = miracles ie: His ascension.
When I was a child my parents wanted the best for me and to them that
meant a good education. Right from the beginning I did poorly in school so
they had me tested. The tests said I was actually pretty smart so they tested
me again. When the second test said the same thing they assumed I just
wasn't trying. Being committed to my oath to never grow up and unable to
please them I felt very vulnerable. Back then having lots of energy my
vulnerability just made me fight them harder and the harder I fought the
harder they fought and by the time I was in high school we had a pretty good
war going.
My worst subject in school was always English. I got Ds and Fs on most
written assignments and here I am writing a book which is a lot like those
assignments. Sending this manuscript to a publisher is also a lot like passing
it in to be graded. All those years of not doing well in school are still a part

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of who I am today. All our experiences when we are young become a part of
who we are and that doesn't change much. So what I am doing here also
makes me feel very vulnerable and I can't change that but now I don't even
want to. The Lord's Prayer has helped me learn how even my greatest
weaknesses can become my greatest strengths. To have a happy and magical
life maintaining with integrity my oath to never grow up as I remember I am
always a child of God, keeps me in a constant state of letting-go and in
vulnerability which enables me to pray and experience the miracle of this

SPIRITUAL EXERCISE To use this formula, vulnerability +

humility + prayer = miracles we begin by allowing ourselves to care very
deeply. So what do you care most about? If you had no limitations how
would you honor your caring. What would you create? It takes courage to
see what we really want and more courage to make it our top priority.
"Seeking first the Kingdom" (happiness) is for those with brave hearts.
The Lord's Prayer is for creating heaven on earth but first we must have an
extraordinary, heavenly dream and the courage to commit ourselves to it.
And dreams begin with feelings so if that's all you're aware of that's all you
need to begin realizing your true co-creative relationship with God. Again
before you begin your prayer say "Lord this is what I care about and this is
want I want and Thy will be done". As you surrender your desires to God
feel yourself letting-go and know that your sacrifice will be returned to you
both amplified and perfected. In other words open your heart and mind to
receive something much, much better than you ever imagined.


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When Barbara and I began pursuing the magic of the Lord's Prayer twenty
years ago we were led to Mathew 6: where, in the "Sermon on the mount",
Jesus prepares us to receive his prayer. First he says: "When you pray go
into your closet, and when you have shut the door, pray to your Father
which is in secret; and your Father who is in secret shall reward you
openly". As usual what he says is "for those with eyes to see and ears to
hear" and what we see and hear is the instruction to go into the silence
within ourselves, where God is. And we shall be rewarded openly in our
daily lives. What Jesus is describing here is how to pray by entering a deep
and receptive, meditative state of mind.
Next Jesus says: "when you pray do not use vain repetitions, as the
heathen do; for they think they shall be heard for their much speaking".
In this we hear him telling us that it's not the quantity of our words but the
quality of our feelings and intentions that determines the effectiveness of our
prayers. And this is also what vulnerability + humility + prayer = miracles is
about. Being vulnerable, like a child, brings our deepest feelings and
intentions into our prayers and this is what makes them effective.
Finally Jesus says: "Your Father knows what things you have need of
before you ask him. After this manner therefore pray: Our Father who
is in heaven, holy is thy name." This part seems like a riddle because if
our prayers are not to inform God of our needs then what are they for? If it's
not a request then what's "Give us this day our daily bread" about? The
answer is very simple. We are "gods" and as creators-in-training we must
accept, consume and learn from our creations one day at a time.
This is also why we ask for forgiveness. We take from this day what we can
consume, digest and assimilate. The rest is the waste we let-go of through
forgiveness. And again the prayer affirms The Creator's law "As we give
(forgive) so shall we receive (forgiveness)". Those who need to may think of
this prayer as a request but it's actually a very specific blueprint to help us
build our own unique heaven here on earth.
God is life and life is hungry so we pray "And lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil". God is both the essence of hunger and the
sweetness, beauty, power, glory and goodness that we hunger for but
external relationships only distract us from "Seeking the Kingdom of God
within ourselves". "Evil" is "living backwards". We can see, hear, smell,

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Page 18


touch and taste the external goodness of this world but these sensations are
not the real thing. These are what the bible calls false gods and they fill our
hearts with both false promises and fears until we let them go.
The law of balance (the attraction of opposites) compels us to vacillate
between our wants and fears. Our fears cancel our wants and our wants
cancel our fears and this is how God's law prevents us from moving too far
or fast in the wrong direction. By saying "Lord this is what I want and Thy
will (love) be done" we release our limited sensory desires, our false gods
and our illusions. And this is how Our Fathers love delivers us from evil.

SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: As you begin to pray go within yourself and

direct your words to God who is within you. Think of something that you
want or something you are afraid of. Now say "Lord this is what I want, or
this is what I do not want and "Thy will be done". Feel yourself letting-go of
what you want to receive something better. As you pray be aware that giving
what you desire to God is the best possible way of opening to receive a true
miracle. Feel God's love flowing into and through you and back out into the
world. See His love lifting and blessing your whole life and everyone in it.


Page 18 9/5/1

Page 19



It's an ancient Asian belief that a tone is a living entity. It is believed that
through tone man may reach a higher consciousness and that certain
elements of his nature may even be changed. In the East sacred words, called
mantras, are believed to vibrate in harmony with Our Creator. In Hebrew,
for example, Yahweh is a "Sacred Name of God" and the word Om,
meaning, "I am who I am", is a sacred mantra revered by the Hindus. It is
believed that by chanting and meditating on these "Sacred Names of God"
with reverence and devotion we may attain God consciousness through our
surrender to His presence within us. This also describes what I felt about the
Lord's Prayer when I was seven.
Our experiences of worshiping God both through Eastern meditations and
the Lord's Prayer make us believe that when Jesus says, "Hallowed be Thy
Name", in the Lord's Prayer he's actually directing us to God's resonance or
sound within ourselves. To our Western minds this may sound odd but it's
only because we're used to pursuing external goals. The word holy means
"worthy of worship" and worshiping God's "Holy Name" is for those who
are ready to become truly intimate with Our Creator.
Eastern spiritual teachers describe a holy river, a "Sacred Sound Current"
emanating from God's Heart, loving and sustaining all of creation. Again
this may sound strange yet when Jesus says, "Man does not live by bread
alone but by every word from the mouth of God" he's saying the same thing.
In Genesis we find "In the beginning was The Word and The Word was with
God and The Word was God" so all of creation must have come from this
"Word". When our modern scientists explore beneath the atomic and
subatomic levels guess what they find? An illusive sound that seems to be
coming from everywhere. The agreements of Eastern and Western religions
with modern science reveal to us what "Hallowed be Thy name" is really
Barbara and I believe this mysterious sound is both the biblical "Word" and
"God's Holy Name". We believe that in the Lord's Prayer Jesus introduces us
to a "Western mantra" which has the ability to quicken our spiritual growth
through intimacy with God. And we believe he intended that we would
understand it's true significance at this very moment. In the East faith
(religion) precedes understanding (science). In the West it's just the opposite
so our technological growth is faster than our spiritual ability to cope with it.


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Page 20


We have discovered our Fathers' secret weapons and we believe that Jesus
gave us this prayer so that we could evolve quickly before we destroy
SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: The world we live in is alive with sound, with
"The Word" who is Our Creator. It is everywhere and in everything but to
know it we must go within and listen carefully. Listen to your breath and
through your breath. You may hear the "sound current" as running water or
thundering surf but whether you hear it right away or not, directing your
prayers to this Sacred Word will carry you deeper into Gods Heart. To hear
God's name we listen where it is and it is everywhere. Listening in every
direction at once we enter a neutral state of mind where we may feel and
hear God's Holy Spirit responding to our intention. Be patient and know The
Lord is always with you in every moment and in every breath.


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Page 21


One afternoon, in my favorite bookstore, I found two old books on the
Lord's Prayer. Both described the prayer as a progression of seven "divine
attunements". While contemplating these my gentle inner voice suggested
there might be a connection between these attunements and the bodies seven
chokras, or energy centers. This connection was surprisingly easy to see and
over the next few weeks I experimented with how the prayer and the chokras
could be combined with eastern yoga and meditation techniques. (See fig. )
OUR FATHER: The crown is our
identity as Gods Children.
spiritual teachings often refer to
this center as the window to heaven.
Falls over the "voice box".
Gods will is love and as we open our hearts
to one another we create heaven on earth.
Falls over the "Bread Basket"
Forgiveness is part of digestion. What we cannot
assimilate is the waste we let go of.
We're tempted by the goodness our senses perceive, but evil (live spelled
backwards) is just a reflection, ("the Kingdom of God is within us").
*NOTE: The last attunement ("For Thyn is the Kingdom and the power
and the glory for ever and ever amen") warrants it's own chapter.


Page 21 9/5/1

Page 22


As you can see there is a direct and obvious correlation between these seven
attunements and our seven chokras. Barbara and I knew these chokras, or
energy centers, were central to the spiritual teachings of the Far East and
seeing how they were also present in the Lords Prayer made us feel that
Jesus, as many believe, may have studied in the Far East. It is possible that
eastern masters taught Jesus this prayer or it may have come through him
directly from the Christ. Either way there's a definite connection between
The Prayer Jesus Taught and the spiritual disciplines of the Far East.
By praying while focusing our attention and breath into these chokras we
were quickly moved into deeper meditative states than before. We
experienced God's Holy Name more quickly and easily than before. Praying
this way took us deep into the "sound current". Our spiritual awareness was
enhanced and our spirits were lifted. And riding the sound current of life in
this way was physically, mentally and emotionally healing and invigorating.
It was also rewarding that our years of practicing Eastern Meditations were
enhancing our relationship to Jesus through The Prayer He Taught. If you've
had previous experiences with meditation by now you may realize what a
wonderful and unique meditation The Lord's Prayer is. If not, then this will
be the beginning of a whole new experience for you.
It is especially rewarding for us when we hear that praying this way provides
the first really deep, healing spiritual experience that some of our students
have ever had. This also makes sense to us because The Prayer Jesus Taught
is obviously a spiritual exercise specifically crafted to serve the specific
spiritual needs of our modern western culture.

SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: Familiarize yourself with the correlation's

between these seven attunements in the prayer and the chokras (see fig. ). As
you pray move your awareness and your breath through these seven centers.
Imagine that you are actually breathing in and out through each chokra. As
you pray consciously relax and let-go of any tension in each of these centers.
Using the wave breath (Ch #1) and listening (Ch #6) will help you to go
deeper and to have a fuller and more rewarding experience.


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Page 23


"As you think, in your heart you shall become"
In our modern world the closest thing to a sacred word is a promise and
that's really what a prayer is. The power of a prayer is determined by the
depth of our feelings plus the sincerity and purity of our intention. When we
take a prayer to heart we honor it as sacred and imbue it with our God-given
life force. It's our own sacred words that empower us to create and it is "vain
repetitions" that weaken our creative force. In prayer we look within to
know the meaning and purpose of our lives because this, above all, is what
our prayers help us to fulfill.
Fortunately we are God's children and yet our fears, defensiveness and
outwardly motivated lives may harden our hearts and this is why Jesus
taught this prayer. The spiritual promise that it holds ignites and enlivens our
spirits with the hope that we may fulfill the dream of our soul. When I was
seven I perceived its promise as: "If you say this prayer right you will
experience God and your life will become magical". By the time I was 33 I'd
forgotten it and had become very cynical but there was still part of me that
remembered. There is a hopeful child within us all who remembers and this
is whom our prayers are really for.
Soon after rededicating my life to this prayer I realized that to receive it's
promise I must give my own promise. The magic of this prayer, like the
primal wave rhythms of life, begins with receiving and giving. As we
receive Christ's promise and give our own we enter into an accelerated,
"magical", creative cycle because God always gives us more. To Barbara
and I the Lord's Prayer is like a creators blue print. To live as "gods", we
require a superior code of ethics and the Lord's Prayer provides one in the
form of sixteen sacred promises. Eight of these are Christ's promises to us
and eight are promises that we make to Christ.


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Page 24


*CHRIST'S PROMISE; as God's children we are perfectly loved, cared for
and protected at all times.
*OUR PROMISE; is to receive God's blessings and to love all His
children as our spiritual family.
*CHRIST'S PROMISE: The Kingdom of God is within you".
*OUR PROMISE; to seek first His inner Kingdom.
*CHRIST'S PROMISE; the more we listen to The Word/His voice, the
more sacred, holy and loving our own thoughts and lives will become.
*OUR PROMISE; is to listen, speak and think of Him.


*CHRIST'S PROMISE; Our Fathers Kingdom will come as we love.
*OUR PROMISE; to love ourselves, our neighbors, even our enemies.
*CHRIST'S PROMISE; is that all we need is perfectly provided.
*OUR PROMISE; is to accept and honor the perfection of our lives.
*CHRIST'S PROMISE; to error is part of our growth process.
*OUR PROMISE; to learn from our errors and let others do the same.


*CHRIST'S PROMISE; as we let-go we're delivered from our illusions.
*OUR PROMISE; is to let-go so we may receive His blessings.


*CHRIST'S PROMISE; all that we could ever want is already within us.
*OUR PROMISE; to receive all that Our Father is and to give our praise
and all that we are so that we may receive and give more and more.


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Page 25


Our ability to receive, to give and create in our human lives evolve with our
ability to receive and to give these promises. We enter into a sacred
covenant with Christ as we perceive and honor the promises in this prayer
first within our hearts and then in our daily lives. Reflect on your ability to
give and receive these promises. Observe how each promise is an
opportunity to grow and to prosper spiritually, mentally, emotionally,
physically and even financially.
Amen: We conclude our prayers with the word Amen, which we generally
think of as meaning "The End". A more accurate translation would be
"Sealed in truth". Saying Amen (sealed in truth) confirms that the Lord's
Prayer is an oath given with our sacred word or promise. Christ comes into
our hearts and our lives as we honor His promise as Jesus did. The more we
honor this oath as sacred the more we may receive Our Father's Love and the
more magically The Lord's Prayer can touch and affect our daily lives.

SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: As you say this prayer move your attention

and breathe through your chokras. Feel how willing you are to receive and to
give in each of these centers. Where do you feel most open? Where do you
feel resistance or doubt? What does this tell you about yourself? Intend now
that your heart and mind shall become willing vessels of Our Father's Love.
Know that you are Gods child; a divine creator. Feel the honor, the power
and the glory of your divine heritage. As you pray feel His creative force
growing within you. See and feel yourself radiating with love as you receive
and give each promise.


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Page 26



As God's children we are perfectly loved and cared for at all times. This is
the first and primary promise of the Lord's Prayer but after a tragedy like an
earthquake or a terrorist attack we may wonder if God really does love us or
if He really even exists. If there is a God where was he on 9-11-01? Barbara
and I believe he was sending us all a 911 emergency call. God didn't fly
those planes but He has given us free will. His love is always present as
promised but to receive his love we must learn to choose wisely and to
honor our own promise to love one another.
In that dark moment as the Twin Towers, symbols of duality, commerce,
money and power, were being destroyed we heard God saying, "it's time to
stop worshiping your false god" ($). When the Pentagon was struck we
heard Him say, "might does not make right". And when the White House, a
symbol of our free will, was spared, we heard "I will honor your choices". If
we realize these events as opportunities to grow and to love then those who
lost their lives will have blessed us all.
God has been gentle and patient with us but recently our creative potentials
have grown very rapidly. This means we must also accept greater creative
responsibility. Until we got that 911 call most of us thought things were
pretty ok but warring and competing for power and money is not in harmony
with Our Fathers will. We have seen more compassion and love since
September 11th. but we've also heard a lot of accusations and as usual very
little acceptance of responsibility. This is a wake-up call. Either we start
living as one loving and responsible human family or we will surly get more
calls. Exposing and seeing through the illusions that keep us separate is what
both the Lord's Prayer and Part II of this book are all about.


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Page 27


None of us come from perfect homes so it's important for us to realize how
our relationships with our families affect our relationship with God.
Growing up I felt that my mother and father were very restrictive and
controlling and that is also how I felt about God. Do you think that's a
coincidence? It's not. As babies and young children our parents are our gods.
We are completely dependent on them for everything so everything about
them affects us and later in life we all tend to project their strengths,
weaknesses and personalities on God.
Walt Whitman once said, "My religion is expressed in the first two words of
the Lords Prayer". He is Our Father, we are His children and we are His
family. If we could honor these first two words in the prayer we would live
full productive and spiritual lives but to do this we must let-go of all that we
have ever known. God transcends even our most creative imaginations. He is
"The Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end". He is the great circle of
life encompassing every atom, planet, solar system, galaxy and every soul.
Everything and every one rotates around it's true center and He is that center.
By creating false centers, or gods, we create imbalance and the naturally
spiraling, spiritual motion of our spirits must rotate slower. Thus our minds,
emotions, our bodies and our lives become denser and this is what makes us
susceptible to both illusions and disease. Focusing away from our true center
we become trapped in our own illusions. We come from Our Father and our
destiny is to return to Him. He is Love and Love is our ultimate desire. To
release our false gods and fulfill our destiny we must literally reprogram our
hearts and minds and this is exactly what the Lord's Prayer helps us to do. In
essence the prayer is a spiritual journey beginning with God and returning to
God while passing through every dimension of our human experience.
There are two different versions of the Lord's Prayer in the bible. In Luke
11: the prayer ends with the seventh attunement, ("Lead us not into
temptation but deliver us from evil, Amen"). In Matthew 6: however there's
an eighth attunement, ("For Thyn is the kingdom and the power and the
glory forever, Amen"). There's long been a debate as to whether this eighth
attunement was part of the original prayer and at one point Barb and I felt it
didn't fit with the pattern of the chokras. Now however we see how it really
does (see fig.) and this eighth attunement also beautifully completes the
circle of our lives.


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Page 28


Jesus says "The first shall be last and the last first" and this final attunement
beautifully brings us back to the prayers first two words. In those first two
words we are young children. Then the prayer takes us on a journey through
the concerns of our daily bread, forgiveness and temptation. Then we arrive
at the eighth attunement as Our Fathers adult children. And this final
attunement addresses our adult desires for a kingdom, for power, glory and
even eternity. These are the domains of Our Father and they beautifully
correspond with our seven chokras. Jesus says "I and my Father are one" and
this is also what we are saying in this final attunement (see fig. #).
We experience "falling in love" as "loosing control" and our surfing journey
within, to God's Kingdom, also feels a lot like falling. Our human will is
focused through our senses outward so the only way into His Kingdom is by
letting-go The first seven attunements of the prayer prepare us and this final
attunement is our total surrender. We literally ignite our chokra centers as
we say in surrender, "For Thyn is the Kingdom and the power and the glory
forever and ever and ever Amen".
* FOR THYN; Our Father;
* IS THE KINGDOM; In Heaven;
*THE POWER; Hallowed be thy name;
*AND THE GLORY; Thy Will/Love;
*FOREVER: Give us this day;
*AND EVER: Forgive us;
*AND EVER; Lead us not
into temptation;

SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: Say this final attunement moving your

attention and breathe through the appropriate chokras. Feel the radiance of
Gods power and glory igniting each center. Feel your life force building. Do
this and observe how your challenges and fears just melt away.


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Page 29



People often assume that our ministry is primarily the result of my work but
that's not true. Yes I do most of the writing, lecturing and the actual creative
work but without Barbara I would not be able to do these things. Barbara's
roll is equal to mine yet people have a hard time seeing this because they are
prejudice, as are we all. In general we humans value the active male role
more than the passive female. Our feminine self however possess our
receptivity so by diminishing her we impede our ability to receive, to give
and to love.
When Barbara and I first met naturally we hoped to have a wonderful life
together but it didn't take long for our own prejudice to start undermining
our dreams. Like my father I saw our home as a ship and as the man I
believed I should be the captain. It wasn't an ego trip or even what I really
wanted. I was just trying to be a good husband and father. Barbara being true
to herself felt she was supposed to be more than my first mate. Now I agree
with her but at the time our male egos fought for what each of us believed
was right and this put a great strain on our relationship and our family.
Living in fear of a mutiny and horrified to see myself turning into Captain
Hook, I felt my dreams slowly melting away. I didn't have a clue what to do.
Our society and even the bible seems to affirm male superiority, especially
in a marriage. In Eph. 5: 23 Paul says, "For the husband is the head of the
wife as Christ is the head of the Church". In Gen. 3: 16 God says to Eve
"you shall be dependent on your husband and he shall rule over you". When
we isolate these scriptures the picture we see is distorted because like our
lives and Our Fathers universe the bible is a whole and very big picture.
We believe the bibles pure intent here is first to introduce us to the captain of
our souls and secondly to deliver us from the false, twisted "Might Makes
Right" authority of our male egos. The bible has survived the corrupt male
authority of Popes, crusaders, evangelists and scribes for thousands of years
not because of it's many words but because of its' pure and incorruptible
intent. It's affected our lives more than any other human creation and yet it is
only holy if and when it is used to serve the highest good of our sacred and
God given souls.
Before we rediscovered the Lord's Prayer Barbara and I were working very
hard but Love is Our Creators gift so it is prayer and not work that we were


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Page 30


needing. It was saying The Lord's Prayer that healed our lives and our
relationship. It was The Father who is also Our Mother and the sacred
rhythmic dance of their union, which enabled us to surrender to each other.
The darkness gives way to the light and yin to yang. The male embraces the
female and she surrenders to receive him. Spirit is life and life is energy
created as cold and warm currents meet, as positive and negative ions unite,
as male and female embrace and surrender to one another. God is Our Father
and Our Mother, Our Spouse, Our Brother, Our Sister and Our Child, Our
Friend, even Our Enemy and everyone is our opportunity to experience this
dance called love.
The Lord's Prayer is designed to help us awaken to Christ as our pure and
unconditionally receptive self. We are the children of Our Divine Father and
Our Sacred Mother and they are Our Deity: Love. As we pray we expand
our giving and our receiving to realize why Christ, through Jesus, said, "You
may only come to The Father through me". To receive the ultimate gift, we
must become the ultimate vessel. Only Our Blessed Mother can receive Our
Father. She is "The Christ" who was Jesus and the one who receives The
Father within each of us.

SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: As we pray whether we are in male or

female bodies it is our divine receptive feminine self who this prayer
empowers. Use this prayer to embrace your Divine Feminine Self so you
may actually receive, experience and benefit directly from Our Fathers Holy
Spirit. Ask Her to assist you in opening your heart and mind to let-go and
surrender to His love to receive. Become the feminine void surrendering and
opening and receiving. As you breathe in feel your life and the whole
universe flowing into you. As you breathe out feel unconditionally loving
light emanating from you.


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Page 31



When I was young my parents often told me how the key to a happy and
successful life was a good education. Their enthusiasm was infectious and
by the time I was five we were all very excited that I would soon be going to
school. Then as I was getting out of my dad's car on that most important first
day, he said, "Have a wonderful thirteen years son". I quickly got back into
his car. No one had said anything about thirteen years. I was just five. It
sounded like a life sentence but dad patiently explained about K-12. He
assured me that I would be returning home from school every afternoon so I
finally went on to my first day of kindergarten.
First impressions often offer us a glimpse of our future. Prior to that first day
I was a young boy primed and eager to learn but right from the beginning
my kindergarten teacher and I seemed to be in conflict. First of all she had
no sense of humor and she didn't seem to care what I wanted. To survive the
boredom of her reality I learned to daydream with my eyes open. I also
learned to be invisible and that my own self-esteem was more important than
making her happy. With these lessons as the foundation of my education I
went on to become unpopular with many teachers. Then one day I was a
parent and it was time for my own children to go to school.
I was determined that my kids would have better experiences than I had. I
didn't have much faith in the public school system but was surprised to find
that it was even worse than when I was a kid. I was feeling frustrated and
powerless until my inner voice suggested I could give them a choice. For me
school was always something I had to do and soon it was me against them
(parents and teachers) and it was the feelings of abandonment that weighed
heavy on my soul. Telling my kids that school was their choice was a little
confusing at first but in the long run I believe it gave them a healthier reality.
Tammy, our oldest, was the first to actually exercise her freedom of choice
and one day a vice-principal called because she was "missing too much
school". I told him it was her choice and he was shocked and appalled. Then
he threatened me and when that didn't work, he told me that "society is like a
great machine and schools are for helping children become cogs and wheels
within it". I had to laugh because he was right. The collective agreement of
our male egos is indeed like a great machine but when I told him that I
hoped my children did not become cogs or wheels he hung up on me. After
ignoring several threatening letters from the Los Angles school board


Page 31 9/5/1

Page 32


Barbara and I were graciously invited to send our children to a wonderful

"alternative public school". That school is proof that good public education
is possible and it is a testimony to the power and sanctity of free will.
As you can see Barbara and I are not typical parents and in part I believe this
is because as children we both experienced Peter Pans oath. In 1989 Peter
Pan was released again and that summer Barb and I took our children to see
it. We were so excited that we would be sharing this magical experience
with them. Looking forward to it was one of the highlights of our parenting
experiences but when the movie was over we walked out shocked and
deeply disappointed. Disney Inc. had removed Peter's oath. Why would they
deprive our children of something so magical?
At first we thought it must be a mistake but another magical part of the
movie was missing also. It was when Peter said that if we "believed", we
could heal Tinkerbell by clapping our hands. Finally we saw how the
children who took Peters oath in the 50's had become the "Flower Children"
of the late 60's. Instead of "growing up" we protested the abusive male
"Establishment". We rejected it's heartless "Might Makes Right" polices and
refused to become the cogs and wheels of it's machinery. We believed in
ourselves! It was a wonderful time until we began actively resisting. Jesus
says, "Resist ye not evil" because resistance feeds the male ego and being
creators our resistance inevitably empowers what we resist.
The bible describes the machine of society as "The Beast" and it tells us that
we have the authority to rule it. For a brief moment in 60s some of us
collectively agreed to honor peace and love over war and profits. We then
became instruments of the Holy Spirit and for just a moment our lives were
magical until we broke our oath. Then we put our faith into artificial highs
and ego trips and it was over. On 9-11-01 The Beast attacked us because the
one thing it fears is our child-like innocence. Thats why it removed Peter's
oath and the faith to heal Tinkerbell. As God's children, in our innocence,
the Lord's Prayer is a powerful and affective spiritual weapon.
SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: Remember an experience when the Might
Makes Right reality of The Beast threatened you. You may even be one who
was threatening, it doesn't really matter. Observe what changes as you say
the Lord's Prayer. Notice how your awareness changes and how new
possibilities present themselves as you simply pray and observe The Beast.


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Page 33



To know peace or satisfaction in this world is challenging when nothing here
is really as it seems. In 1991 Barb and I received an interesting book, called
"The Holographic Universe". Its' author, Michael Talbot, weaves the ideas
of cutting edge scientists, psychologists and theologians into a revolutionary
new thesis. In this book Mr. Talbot introduces us to brilliant and courageous
thinkers collectively describing our universe as God's divine hologram.
The Holographic Universe translates complex scientific theories into a clear
and simple, holographic model. In it Mr. Talbot explains why this theory is
so unpopular with The Beast. The Wizards of Oz (huge egos) loose their
edge when the Veil's of illusion, they hide behind, are lifted. And this is
exactly what The Holographic Universe does. Holograms defy the linear
cause and effect laws of physics ("for every action there is an equal and
opposite reaction) which the Law of Moses (an eye for an eye) and our
Western, sciences, religions and legal systems are all based on.
In his enlightening book Mr. Talbot describes how a hologram is created
first by splitting a laser. Next a three-dimensional form is inserted into one
of its' halves and both halves are reflected back together to imprint a
holographic film. Finally a second laser is directed through the holographic
film and a 360% projected image of the original form magically appears. We
can walk around the hologram and from ever angle it's a perfect replica of
the original form.
In Genesis chapter I: the creation story begins as "God says Let there be
light", and then "God created the heaven and the earth", and "God divided
the light from the darkness", and "God divided the waters from the waters":
"God said, let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the
day from the night" and so forth. What Moses, the author of Genesis, is
describing here is how creation begins with light and unfolds as the light
divides in exactly the same way that a hologram is created!
Now comes the good part. If we break that holographic film into pieces and
shine a laser through just one piece the whole original hologram appears.
The quality is diminished but the whole form is present in every piece. For
example: If the hologram is of a horse and we shine a laser through the piece
of film containing the horse's ear the whole horse will appear. This
phenomena explains how "The Kingdom of God is within us", why Jesus


Page 33 9/5/1

Page 34


says that loving our neighbor is the same as loving God and why he says, "I
and my Father are one".
Realizing how our universe is a hologram was one of the most exciting and
enlightening experiences of my life. I'd always wondered why the spiritual
teachers of the Far East said the whole universe was within each of us. In the
Holographic Universe mysteries like ESP, premonitions and spiritual healing
are easily understood. Even time travel, bi-location and material
manifestation are possible for those, like Jesus, who learn to navigate this
holographic reality.
Not only are these "phenomena" possible they're even logical but linear and
holographic logic are not the same. There's a point in our understanding of
the hologram where we must surrender to its' mysteries. We can observe
what it does but how remains a mystery. Linear logic allows us to indulge
our egos desire for control but its' linear illusions confine us to only the most
superficial relationships. We can't control the universal hologram but we can
always trust its goodness. Our control-freak egos don't like trading their
expectations for simple faith but that's the price of reality.
Since the dawn of history we've been trying to control life. For thousands of
years the linear, mental authority of our egos has ruled our hearts. Since
Eden the linear "Knowledge of Good and Evil" has supported the "Might
Makes Right" philosophy empowering The Beast. Now Christ reveals the
simple holographic wisdom of "Thy will be done". Listen carefully and you
may hear Jesus, 2000 years ago, saying: "Our Creators universe is a
hologram and I know you don't know what that is yet but in about 2000
years you will and then this will all make a lot more sense".

SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: In this holographic universe everything is

connected. This is why Jesus was able to heal and calm the storm and how
our individual prayers profoundly affect the whole world. Think of someone
you love or are concerned about. As you pray see their spirits being healed
and up-lifted. Feel your two selves joined in faith, sharing the reality of the
prayer and observe what happens. Do this for a full week and see how your
relationship to them changes.


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Page 35



Whatever happens in this life, no matter how wonderful or terrible, the
following is always true: It is always God's will and always an opportunity
for us to learn and grow. Over the past twenty years Barbara and I have
received many amazing blessings and also some pretty painful and
frightening challenges. We've lost several businesses and a house. At times
we've even had to feed and shelter our eight children on welfare. We've
made plenty of trips to emergency rooms and had many sleepless nights
praying for our children and grandchildren. Along the way our relationship
has been tested and when no one and nothing else could help us The Lord's
Prayer has always provided exactly what we needed.
About ten years ago Barbara and I manifested our dream to own our own
restaurant. "Barbara's Caf" was a great place. Creating it and owning it was
one of the most wonderful and yet painful experiences of our lives. With
hindsight we now see that God had something much better for us but at the
time we were just trying to hold on to our dream. With everything we had
and all that we could borrow we resisted letting go, which turned our dream
into a real nightmare.
Back then Barb and I still believed that faith was about God answering our
prayers yet the heart of this prayer is not "my", but "Thy will be done". We
were attached to our caf and afraid of loosing it until finally it was lovingly
torn away from us. That was very painful and while we were fighting to
keep our caf our home went into foreclosure so we fought even harder.
When it was over our caf and our house were both gone. We had a huge
debt; no income and no savings so we went on welfare and for a while we
didn't even have a car. Now we can see that it wasn't being poor but our fear
of the unknown that caused us to suffer at that time.
The irony is that our unknown future was full of blessings. By holding on to
what we had with one hand and resisting the unknown with the other we
were crucifying ourselves and postponing the blessings. Finally, loosing
everything opened the way for us to receive something much better. In fact
all along God was preparing us to receive exactly what we'd been praying
for. Having free will means we can play God to avoid change but playing
God and resisting Her will is really exhausting.


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Page 36


Prior to having Barbara's' caf we both prayed often but once we had our
dream we stopped praying. With our dream came our fears that Gods' will
might be different than our own. Playing God is like driving a nice car
without really knowing where you want to go. There's an illusion of power,
freedom and possibilities but eventually you just ran out of gas and finally
let-go. During the time that Barbara's Caf was open and while our controlfreak egos were desperately scavenging to keep us in business we were also
learning a lot about The Lord's Prayer. Contrast is a great teacher so holding
on to our dreams also teaches us a lot about letting-go.
The Lord's Prayer is like a road map or a blueprint. It helps us to focus our
creative awareness to manifest a life better than we can imagine. It guides
each of us to fulfil our souls unique spiritual destiny. By honoring our souls
intent to receive Our Creators kingdom it carries us beyond the limits of our
own desires and this experience is what we call Surfing Love. Barbara and I
believe that every one of us will eventually return to God. Life is a blessed
circle and we can't see Our Father breaking it with eternal damnation.
Eternity is a long time and we believe the time each of us spends playing
God is how long it will take our souls to receive our ultimate blessing in the
SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: Think of something that you want or do not
want, something you want to hold on to or something you hope to avoid.
Feel your attachment and or resistance and say "Lord this is what I want" or
"This is what I do not want" and "Thy will be done". As you do this feel
yourself relaxing and letting-go. Do this a few times and say the Lord's
Prayer . As you pray notice how each word is an opportunity to let-go and
let God. Pray, relax and let-go and let-go.


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Page 37



The unity of opposites is the dance of life, the fabric of our holographic
universe and the core of our human experience. We have left and right hands
and feet, two eyes and two ears but one mouth because The Word is sacred.
We also have a left and right brain with such different personalities that at
times it seems we have two selves. Our conscious male, adult-mind, is very
logical and rational but our subconscious, feminine, child-mind is emotional
and intuitive. The relationship of these two opposite inner selves create our
individual realties in much the same manner that Our Creator manifests this
universe through the interfacing forces of yin & yang or male and female.
Peace and joy are what we experience when the union between our two inner
selves is cooperative and loving but our conflicts are also reflections of these
inner relationships. Generally our male-adult mind uses its worldly power
and knowledge to intimidate and persuade the subconscious feminine-child.
By placing a higher value on the male-adult we allow this abuse and deny
ourselves joy, peace and love. To have peace on earth we must love our
neighbor but first we must love ourselves; our whole self both male and
female aspects, and until we do our spirits will not rest.
The Beast (society) is the rational non-feeling product of our male adult
mind. This mind is closely associated with our ego, which says time is
money and kids are not productive. In school and at home we're rewarded
for being mature, efficient adults and punished or penalized for being
wasteful, immature children. Gradually our feelings, from our inner-child,
shut down and our lives become dull, too logical and not fun. That's when
the Beast becomes our master. It rewards and controls us with money, titles
and false authority but if we're unable to enjoy our lives what's the point?
We suppress our subconscious feeling mind because, like a child, it's
difficult to control and because we don't understand how powerful it really
is. It's through this inner child that the power of God's Holy Spirit flows into
us. Like any abused child deep down it feels hurt, angry and alienated. By
surrendering to ride the prayers' loving rhythms our inner child begins to
heal. Jesus tells us to "Love God with our whole heart, mind and spirit" or
our words will be vain as our faith is shallow. By "Receiving this little child
in his name" we put heart and spirit into our prayers.


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The Lord's Prayer also heals our inner child by speaking in two distinct
languages. One is the adult language of words and the other, the child's
language of symbols, feelings and imagery. In this way the Lord's Prayer
produces a peaceful holy ground where our two selves may mutually agree
to embrace the unconditionally loving reality of Christ. I began to see these
two languages one evening while contemplating some of the differences
between Matthew and Luke. In the heart of this prayer, Matthew says ("thy
kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven"). Luke says
("Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, as it is in heaven so also in earth").
At first it seemed insignificant but then in Luke I saw the six pointed "Star
of David". Jesus was a Jew and this star is the symbol of the Hebrew faith.
In Luke the heart of this prayer breathes with a rhythmic wave flowing from
the inner reality of God's Kingdom, into our outer earthly lives. The heart
rhythms of this prayer express its purpose. "Thy Kingdom is an inner
reality, come is an outer reality, thy will (inner) be done (outer), as in
heaven (inner) so also in earth" (outer). This star defines our purpose to be
"The Light of this World" and also God's will to "Let there be Light". With
this star in the prayer it tells us it's all about opening our hearts which is
what The Prayer Jesus Taught really helps us do.

SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: The heart of this prayer is so rich it's a

whole prayer in and of itself. Using three full breaths each time say: Thy
kingdom = (in breath), come (out breath); Thy will (in), be done (out):
As it is in heaven (in), so also in earth (out). As you breathe visualize and
feel Gods loving light pouring into your heart and flowing out again. With
ever breath feel your heart opening and see your life flourishing. See
everyone and everything being blessed by your prayers.


Seeing the Star of David within the heart of the Lord's Prayer encouraged us
to look deeper and soon another form was revealed. The Star of David is
about birthing Our Father's light into our earthly lives and this second form
shows how we actually embody The Light.
The Lord's Prayer is divided into three sections. First there are three
attunements above the heart [chokras 1-3], 1. (Our Father), 2. (who art in
heaven), 3. (hallowed be thy name). These three attunements are all about
"The Father". The heart attunement [chokra 4] in the form of a


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six pointed star is about the "Holy Spirit", The Light, which is the unity of
the Father and Son.
Below the heart are three more attunements [chokras 5-7]: 5. (Give us our
daily bread), 6. (And forgive us). 7. (And lead us not into temptation). These
lower three attunements are about "The Son". And the whole prayer clearly
expresses the relationship called "The Holy Trinity" (See fig).
Now this is where it gets magical. Connecting the upper and lower
attunements of this prayer to the heart attunement we produce two
tetrahedrons. What exactly is at tetrahedron? It's a three sided pyramid and
the simplest of all 3D forms. One point is a point. Two points is a line. Three
points is a triangle and these are all just flat 2D images (having two sides, or
dimensions), but with four points we can create a tetrahedron having mass (3
dimensional form).
First the two tetrahedrons in the prayer define how the reality of The Father
and The Son (ourselves) meet and become one as we open our hearts to the
loving reality of Our Creator. As we do "Our eye is made single and our
whole body is filled with light". This melding of our reality with God's in the
prayer produces another exquisite geometric form. It's an eight-pointed "startetrahedron".
This star-tetrahedron is the foundational structure of every created thing so
it's much like Our Fathers signature. This beautiful 3D star is found within
the sacred sights of our most ancient and advanced
civilizations where it was apparently know
as the universal, geometric infrastructure of
light. In Vol. II we will share a great deal
more about this amazing form but for the
moment let's just say that it's presence in
the prayer serves as a primordial trigger
signaling and offering our sub-conscious
mind an irresistible invitation for it to join
us, whole heartedly, in our prayers.


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The star-tetrahedron is both a star and a cube. By simply connecting its'

eight points like so (See fig. ) we create a cube. Thus the star (a symbol of
light) within a cube (symbol of the physical world) again defines our
purpose to physically embody God's light ("As in heaven so also in earth").
SPIRITUAL EXERCISE #: As you say the prayer be aware of yourself as a
bridge or doorway between the heavens and earth. Allow yourself to feel the
heavenly realities of joy, peace and love pouring forth from you into the
world around you. Be aware of every chokra as a radiant portal of Gods
Love. Experience yourself as "the light of the world". As you pray feel the
loving inner reality of Gods light flowing out through you into the world.
See the opposites in your life being healed and unified. See the reality of
Love being born through you. Experience each attunement of this prayer as
an affirmation of God's Kingdom being born through you into our world.


To conclude Part II, "Illusions", we want to share what we call our "Spiritual
Reality Check". Every attunement in the prayer presents us with an
important question. Our answers to these questions, like the windows and
doors of our perceptions, profoundly affect how we experience our lives and
ourselves. There are no right or wrong answers but pure and simple answers
provide clear visions while complex and impure ones cloud our vision.
Your life is your own unique version of reality and what the Lord's Prayer
enables us to do is trade in our limiting, inferior projections to receive God's
perfect and unlimited awareness. It's the best deal in the universe but there
are sacrifices involved. First we must let-go of our desire to be right. Then
we must let-go of our comfort zones. In the end we must be willing to accept
that what our minds think we want is inferior to what our souls really need.
Our perceptions are generally constructed from the information that we
receive through our five senses but compared to the reality of our souls those
are just one speck of sand on the beach.
One reason we value the Lord's Prayer so highly is because it enables us to
change, for the better, very quickly. This spiritual reality check which the
prayer contains helps us quickly focus on our most fundamental and
important spiritual questions. The prayer illuminates where we are, where
we want to be and what we must do within ourselves to get there. This


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Page 41


reality check is simple and self-evident. It's an excellent way of preparing to

have a deeper experience of prayer and a deeper experience of life.
SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: Go through these questions slowly enough to
feel your mental, emotional and physical responses to them. There are no
right or wrong answers. Don't think about these questions. Just let the
answers rise up from your soul. The idea here is to reflect on our realities
and to receive insights concerning what we really need to pray for.


1. OUR: What does it mean to be God's child and God's family?
2. FATHER: Who is God? How do you see Him/Her?
3. WHO ART IN HEAVEN: What and where is your heaven?
4. HALLOWED BE THY NAME: What is God's name? What
Makes it holy? How do you honor the sacredness of Your own thoughts?
5. THY KINGDOM COME: What is heavenly about your life?
6. THY WILL BE DONE: How does God's will affect and change you?
7. AS IT IS IN HEAVEN SO ALSO IN EARTH: What does heaven on
earth look like to you? What are you doing there?
8. GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD What do you want? What
do you need? How can you open more to receive it?
9. AND FORGIVE US AS WE FORGIVE What do you feel that you
need to be forgiven for? What do you have to forgive them for?
11. DELIVER US FROM EVIL: What would you be delivered from?
GLORY FOREVER: What is your ultimate dream?
13. AMEN: How committed are you to your own dream? How much are
you willing to give it. How much are you giving to it each day?
We find that beginning our daily spiritual exercises with this "Spiritual
Reality Check enables us to move deeper and faster.

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Page 42



In Matthew 10: 34 Jesus, the "Prince of Peace" says, "I do not bring peace to
earth, but a sword". Why? We believe it's because we humans are a warrior
race. Each of us, in our own way, is a fighter and a rebel. Our history is
dominated by wars. For 2000 years we've fought over "the truth" but in all
that time we've been missing the real point. Jesus, our hero, is the ultimate
rebel because the point of the ultimate sword is love. Love, the power of
Christ, is our egos master and that's why The Beast had Jesus killed.
A few days ago, on CNN, I heard a tape made by Osama Bin Ladin. He was
saying how the world will now be split and that a final "holy war" will take
place between "the believers and non-believers". At first I felt sad that a soul
could mistake hate for faith but then I was surprised to find myself agreeing
with him. I believe the world is divided between believers and non-believers.
I also believe it is time for a holy war but the non-believers who blame, fear,
hate and fight for control are not the holy warriors. Those who fight the
enemy within us, as Jesus did, with love and compassion, these are the
"believers" and the "spiritual warriors".
The old law of an eye for an eye fueled by ego has gradually, over time,
escalated war to this crucial point when we who are the true warriors of the
universe must fight in this new way. Jesus brings God's holographic law of
love. This law is our swords point and the one with which Christ, through
us, conquers The Beast. A spiritual warrior does not attack or defend. SHe
courageously opens his/her heart to receive and to express God's will.(Love)
I believe those of us living here at this time have signed on to create the
peace we've dreamed of from our souls beginning. It may sound impossible
but it could not be more perfect. God is Love so the needs of our human
family represent the greatest spiritual opportunity imaginable. As we say
"Lord this is my prayer for peace in my own life and Thy Will be done" we
open our hearts to become the instruments of Love. This is how we become
the "sword" of Christ and true "spiritual warriors". And this is what the
Lord's Prayer also helps us to do.


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Page 43


Barbara and I are two very different people. What we desire from our lives
and from each other is very different. Our differences seem to present many
challenges and difficulties but when we surrender to God's will they become
our opportunities. Our differences create the space between us but we need
not be separated by this space. When we're attached to our own desires our
egos fill that space with struggles and conflicts. When we let-go God fills
that same space with love and our relationship becomes much more than the
sum of our two individual selves.
Nothing we know of can help us to let-go the way the Lord's Prayer does. As
we've shown you it's design is very harmonious with our own and that's one
reason it is so effective. The structure of our consciousness is like a pyramid.
It has four sides, a capstone, eight levels and a base. It even has mystical
passages leading to sacred inner chambers. We will explore this magnificent
structure in some detail in Vols. II & III but here and now we're going to
focus on just the base of this pyramid which is desire.
Desire defines our lives, enables us to grow and to evolve. Desire is why we
fight, work, compete, eat and make love. We are conceived through desire.
Our thoughts and even our breath come from our desire. So do our habits,
our inspirations, creativity and our suffering. We feel hurt and or angry
when our desires are blocked and happy when they are fulfilled. Desire
melds our physical, mental and emotional bodies into one passionate,
creative force. And to suppress a desire is to deny a God given creative
Desire is what our base chokra and it's attunement, "Lead us not into
temptation but deliver us from evil", is about. To be "delivered" from "evil"
(illusion) we must surrender. To be free from temptation, to receive Our
Fathers blessings we must let our desires go and this is what the ancient
sacrificial rituals were about. But for a sacrifice to be fruitful our hearts and
intentions must be pure and this is why we pray.
As you know Barb and I have a large family and that's probably why, to us,
desires seem to be a lot like children. We need to love and honor them but
it's also important that we don't indulge them. Like children our desires feed
on our attention, they inspire our hopes but they also disappoint us. It's not


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Page 44


their fault because like children our desires reflect exactly what we give to
them. In the end, to be happy, we must give them all to God.
God's love is the ultimate desire of every soul but lessor desires, "false
gods", prevent us from realizing this until we say "Lord this is what I want
and Thy will be done". Otherwise our lesser desires will continue to grow
and become our addictions, obsessions and burdens. The bigger they grow
the harder we must try either to control and or to satisfy them until
eventually we collapse and have to let-go. That's the hard way because by
just saying "Thy will be done" the same and much more is accomplished.
All desires are potent reservoirs of life force and the Lord's Prayer enables
us to put their powerful energies to work for us. As we let them go in our
prayer those energies that have held us back are released. By letting-go in
this way those lesser desires that have held us down actually propel our
spirits upward. Now our biggest challenges become great opportunities. As
we say "Lord this is what I want and Thy will be done" we resolve our
internal conflicts. By focusing only on our truest and highest desire we
become peacemakers and spiritual warriors. Now our age-old human drama
of fighting for what we want ends and our dream of peace on earth begins.
SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: To get in touch with this primal condition called
desire we suggest that you let all the air out of your lungs. Now hold it out as
long as you can without straining. Observe how your desire to take a breath
grows and grows until you finally let-go and breathe. Now do this again and
be aware of how this desire to breathe is also your desire to live. Now do it
again and observe what you believe will help you to live your life more
fully. Observe what you believe will make your life more loving. Own these
desires. They are your opportunity to say "Lord this is what I want and Thy
will be done". Now as you say the Lord's Prayer you may feel a greater
freedom to give and a greater openness to receive. All that limits us are the
desires we possess as they possess us until we let-go and let God.


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Page 45


Wanting, attaching, resisting and willful fighting stretches and stresses us
until we reach our breaking point. This experience is called crucifixion and
then we finally let-go. It's how and where we come to realize that there's
really nothing we can do but let-go. Crucifixion is painful and humiliating as
long as we're holding on and avoidance just prolongs our suffering. In the
end we all must let-go. The question is how long do we need to suffer? In
the Lord's Prayer we choose to embrace crucifixion to help us enjoy the
heavenly gifts here in our earthly lives.
In my previous life as an inventor, I thought I wanted to succeed more than
anything. When I actually sold my first invention (the game) to Sears the
taste of success was so sweet. Two years later and just days before we were
to send out our first shipment, the liability insurance on my game jumped
from $50,000 a year to $500,000. Six months after that when we were
finally ready to ship again Sears had a crisis. It was the only year in Sears'
history when they did not show a profit and all new product lines were
frozen for two years. The buyer, who gave us the order, was transferred to
another department and finally our manufacturer backed out of the deal.
I pulled out of that disappointment and went on to invent, an exercise device
called "The Total Trainer". A couple more years of hard work and investing
and again I had an order for my new product. Again, days before we were
ready to ship we had a serious problem. It was inconvenient but not the end
of the world, not until my three partners all freaked and started suing each
other and me. I didn't have the money to fight them so I resigned as the
president of Progressive Fitness Inc., signed over my stock in the company
and all my rights to our patents. I had to let-go.
At first I did let-go but I didn't let God and I didn't have the strength to
rebound. I sank into a deep depression and when I realized that God wasn't
going to let me succeed that way I sank even deeper. It didn't seem fair but,
not knowing what else I could do, I started to pray. Feeling totally humbled
and very vulnerable I said, "Lord I really do want this. I want to make lots of
money. I want to take good care of my family and to have a really good life
and Thy will be done". That's when I saw my seven-year-old self and when
my life suddenly got easier, happier and more magical. After that experience
I felt like a child again. My new life was like a dream and writing this book
is an important part of that dream.


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Page 46


Jesus could say "my burden is light and my yoke is easy" because he was an
expert at releasing his worldly desires as spiritual ballast. They say he
suffered for our sins but I believe Jesus loved his life and suffered because
he didn't want to let it go. It's ironic that spiritual awareness and freedom
make our human lives much more pleasurable and passionate. Passion fuels
our desires, our attachments and our resistance to loss. This dilemma is
graphically portrayed in the crucifixion. The cost of caring deeply and living
fully is the pain of letting-go. The cost of not caring and not living is having
nothing to let-go of and nothing to propel our spirits into the heavens.
EXERCISE: Within each attunement there is a cross defining our
experience of crucifixion on that level (see below). Observe and feel the
stress connected to each cross (). Use the questions to reflect on how each
cross is also an opportunity to let-go ("Thy will be done"). Begin at the base,
#1. (Wanting) and work your way up to #8 (Aware). Affirm each cross, "I
am wanting", and then say "Thy will be done". Feel yourself releasing all the
stress you have connected with each cross while breathing and releasing in
each chokra. When you feel complete say the prayer and let-go even more.


What makes you happy & unhappy?
What do you want to accomplish? How do you resist accomplishing?
Who or what are you looking for? What don't you want to see?
What do you want to say? What don't you want to hear?
What do you care about? How is caring a problem for you?
How do you want to respond? How do you want to be responded to?
What do you want to know? What don't you want to know?
What do you want? What don't you want?


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Page 47



It's true that our finest human accomplishments come from our greatest
challenges and we believe that's why Jesus said "To ascend you must pick
up your cross and follow me". From the beginning working with the Lord's
Prayer has confronted me with my own greatest challenge. It's my life long
desire to prove my self worth to my family, teachers and critics. How could I
ever hope to achieve "success" by devoting my life to this prayer?
Seven years after committing ourselves to this prayer Barbara and I had been
richly blessed. We were finally successful and then were asked by spirit to
do something crazy. We were instructed to sell our new home in Venice
Beach, to abandon our thriving new business and move our big family to
Durango Colorado. (Population 12,000). We didn't know why we were
being guided there or what we would do there. Naturally everyone, ourselves
included, thought we'd lost our minds, yet the ease of our move and the great
price we got for our house helped to reassure us that we were doing the right
Soon after arriving in Durango Barbara and I started receiving tremendous
praise and support for our work with the Lord's Prayer. That's when we
began to understand how this move was an answer to our prayers. We had
been praying for this opportunity a long time but to my surprise I was totally
unprepared to receive it. I'd grown up playing the roll of the rebel. I could
take criticism and even punishment but praise and respect made me crazy.
Until we moved to Durango "The way of cross" was a concept I thought I
understood but understanding it and living it are worlds apart.
Seeing our work changing peoples lives and receiving sincere gratitude and
praise was awesome. But for reasons I didn't understand this also made me
feel extremely vulnerable. Soon every Monday night our living room was
full of people who came to hear me talk and to pray with us. Our home was
becoming a church which is exactly we'd prayed for. We were also booked
solid with private counseling appointments and people back in LA were
setting up workshops for us. Everything we'd hoped for and much more was
happening. Feeling the Holy Spirit using us to bless others was awesome but
the better things got the more vulnerable I felt.
Finally just before a big workshop in LA I nearly had a heart attack and I
had to stop teaching for two years. During those years I learned to embrace
my fears as allies and I realized how "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be

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Page 48


done" is the key to the hidden secrets of this prayer. Jesus says "the
Kingdom of God is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: Who,
when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had,
and bought it". The obvious message here is that Gods kingdom is the
ultimate treasure but there's also a deeper one about creativity.
A pearl begins with a gain of sand, which, to the oyster, is a life-threatening
irritant. The oyster embraces the sand and after time the result is a beautiful
and valuable pearl, a spherical symbol of unity and purity. Like the oysters
grain of sand our own cross helps us to manifest our most precious gifts.
Every cross is a pearl waiting to be born but to transform a weakness into
strength or suffering into beauty or fear into genius requires the courage of a
spiritual warrior.
Now we will embrace the eight crosses from the last chapter as grains of
sand. From each cross we will create a pearl and every pearl represents a
different dimension of letting-go. Each cross and every pearl is a powerful
human feeling. As you explore your feeling relationships to them they will
open your feeling heart to the Lord's Prayer in new ways. The result will be
much more powerful and effective prayers.

= crosses: = pearls:




EXERCISE: This exercise is similar to the last one. Breathe into the base
chokra and affirm "I am wanting" (in breath) and "I am letting-go" (out
breath). On the in breath feel the tension of wanting. On the out breath feel
the surrender of letting-go. Now move to the next chokra and affirm "I am
knowing" (in) and "I am accepting" (out) and move on to the next level.
After "I am loving"on the eighth level say the prayer and let-go even more.


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Page 49



Have you ever felt like something was wrong or about to go wrong but you
didn't know what? Have you ever felt naked or exposed but you weren't
really sure why? Have you ever felt afraid for no apparent reason? Of course
you have, you're alive and such irrational fears are just part of our human
experience. Like Jesus, The Holy Spirit is constantly telling us that there is
more to our lives than we know but we're afraid of the unknown. This is why
we avoid the greater heavenly reality just beyond the reach of our five
senses. But what are we really afraid of?
Jesus feared the unknown. In the final days of his life he even asked if God
would do a last minute rewrite. He said "Lord I don't want to play this final
scene; and Thy will be done". Then nearly his last words were "Father,
Father why have you forsaken me". Did God abandon Jesus? Of course not!
Jesus was exposing our ultimate irrational human fear. The one that cripples
and prevents everyone of us from being all that we can be until we find the
courage, as spiritual warriors, to let-go and trust that we are always loved.
When I was a child, in catechism, the nuns told us that we'd inherited the sin
of Adam and Eve and that unless this "Original Sin" was washed from our
souls in baptism, we would go to this really boring place called Purgatory.
As a child I didn't have a clue what they were talking about and before I
could figure it out I became an agnostic. Then a few years ago, to my
surprise, "Original Sin" started making sense to me.
In The Garden of Eden, Eve eats the "bad" apple after the serpent tells her
"in the day ye eat thereof, your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods,
knowing good and evil". Then Eve gave the fruit to Adam, he ate it, and "the
eyes of them both were opened and they knew that they were naked". Next
"they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons" and God
asked, "why are you hiding and covering yourselves". Adam said "I heard
thy voice and I was afraid, because I was naked and I hid myself". God then
asks, "Who told you that you were naked"?
Finally just before Adam and Eve leave paradise God says "Behold Adam
has become as one of us knowing good and evil" and now they must "Leave
and live by the sweat of their brows". In other words "Now that they are
creators, exercising their free will, they must learn to create a paradise of


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Page 50


their own". But over the thousands of years since Eden we seem to have
wandered further and further from paradise. Why? I think it comes back to
our Original Sin/Fear. All we've really been doing down here is creating
more and more elaborate fig leaves (defenses) but responding to fear is not
the way to paradise: Responding to God's love is.
The Church tells us that baptism cleanses our soul. In Matthew 3: 11 John
the Baptist says; "I indeed baptize you with water, but he that cometh after
me .... shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire": This baptism is
our submersion in The Holy Spirit, which begins as we say "Lord Thy Will
be done" but then we must let-go and with every breath we have an
opportunity to go deeper. On the cross Jesus was obviously still struggling
with his own faith when he asked "Father, Father why have you forsaken
me"? Then finally he gasped and said, "It is done". Like Jesus as long as
we live and breathe we will be letting-go. As we say "Thy will be done we
begin submerging ourselves in His Holy Spirit and with each breath we go
deeper until in our last breath, our last letting-go, we will know; "it is done".

SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: As you say the prayer imagine that you're

perfect just the way you are. Allow the prayer to help you release all those
ideas and beliefs that make you feel defensive or afraid. Breathe, let-go and
be conscious of God's perfection in your life. As you pray feel yourself
surrendering, stripping and becoming naked. Feel your naked heart and
naked mind receiving Gods Love in new ways. Be vulnerable and awaken to
the reality of Our Fathers Unconditional Love and protection. With every
breath surrender to receive more and more and more. "For everything under
heaven there is a season". Let this be the season to be greedy for His Love.


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Page 51



Barbara and I find it's helpful to view our lives as a magnificent God-given
game. Our Father contributes the game board, the raw materials, the rules
and our reward for winning is His Love, but how each of us plays our game,
is up to us. What we choose and how we play defines the unique qualities of
our individual lives. Realizing how Our Father supports us in every choice
can make our games both fun and interesting but this freedom comes with a
price. To play our games masterfully we must create responsibly, as Jesus
did, and to do this we must search our own souls in prayer.
Wise men tell us that objectivity enables us to live and to create more
effectively and efficiently. They are right but with the "Pearl Of Great Price"
(unconditional love) comes an extreme way of living and creating that defies
all our earthly lessons. It's no secret that our assumptions and expectations
make fools of us and disappointed ones at that, but there is such a thing as
divine expectation. It's the expectation that we are always and everywhere
perfectly loved and the more willing we are to accept this, the more magical
and rewarding our game becomes.
We all want to win and we all want to be happy but no one can tell us how.
Winning is different for each of us because our adversaries, our egos, are so
very unique. Our rules of right and wrong, our ideas concerning winners,
losers, heroes, villains, good and evil, failure and success are all very
different. What we have in common is that all our egos rules for winning are
endlessly complex, extremely restrictive and in the end they lead us
nowhere. Both your ego and mine insist that the name of the game is
CONTROL but its real name is SURRENDER and the Lord's Prayer is the
master player, Jesus', plan for winning through surrender.
That first night when I saw my seven-year-old-self believing so deeply in the
Lord's Prayer I could feel how much I missed his pure, innocent hopes and
dreams. When I embraced him though my ego laughed and taunted me the
way the Roman soldiers had done to Jesus. My ego said I was desperate and
nieve and he was absolutely right. It was desperation that originally caused
me to abandon my inner child so of course it was desperation that reunited
us again. Desperation leads to loosing until we realize there's really nothing
to loose. Then with a touch of faith, a little luck and a bit of irony our egos
vast labyrinth of illusions wear us down. Then we stop and simply let-go and


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Page 52


our egos battle cry ("My will be done") is replaced with Christ's' promise
("Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done").
I don't know when I started following my ego but it was probably when I
realized that God wasn't fulfilling my expectations. My expectation that He
was supposed to, lead to my greatest disappointments. My inner child
expects miracles but it does not play God. It does not define what should
happen nor how and yet it always knows that something wonderful and
miraculous is happening. I've received permission to embrace this child
through simple logic: "If God is the all powerful and all loving Creator of
this universe. If He/She is our ever-present Father and Mother then
everything without exception, no matter how bleak or painful, must be
to bless us".
Though this makes perfect sense, for most of us, the cooperating, illusionary
indoctrination's of our five senses, our cynical egos and The Beast makes
accepting this simple truth very, very challenging. That's ok, God doesn't
expect us to have blind faith! Approach your game as an experiment with the
premise that "absolutely everything that happens in your life is to bless you".
And remember you don't have to understand how you are being blessed to
know that you are. Live your life in this assumption of unconditional love
and you will begin creating your own special heaven and that's how we win
this game.

SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: Remember a time when you were very hurt

or disappointed. Look at what you wanted to happen and especially what
you wanted to experience. Now let it go. Say Lord "this is what I wanted and
Thy will be done". Now pray in the assumption that you are perfectly loved
and cared for in every way. Open your mind to see everything as a blessing.
Don't look for the blessings; just know that you are blessed. Don't expect
anything good to happen but expect that everything good is already
happening. Expect that you are being blessed and loved right now. Feel
Gods' Love gently lifting you just as fast as you are willing and able to letgo. As you pray be aware that every attunement of the prayer is an
opportunity to be loved.


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Page 53



While our ego's strive to bend reality, our inner child wants to honor Our
Fathers' will and we must choose. Do we fight for control or surrender to His
love? Fighting is much safer and easier but being Gods' child is not about
taking it easy or playing it safe. Deep down each of us wants to be the best
person we can be and that's who the Lord's Prayer helps us to become. The
bible describes our highest earthly transformation as "The baptism of the
Holy Spirit with fire" and this experience of "The Rapture" is what the
Lord's Prayer ultimately prepares us for.
The "Holy Spirit" is described in the bible as "tongs of fire". Our Father is
called "The All Consuming Flame" and also "The Father of Lights". He is
depicted, in Moses' vision, as a "Burning Bush" and Our Creators first words
are "Let there be light". His heavens are adorned with flaming stars and
Jesus tells us that we, His children, are "The lights of this world". The very
foundation of creation is waves of pure light so it's not surprising to us that
the Lord's Prayer also contains a constellation of eight brilliant stars.
It may not be surprising but these eight radiant expressions of our higher,
"enlightened" selves are one of the most amazing, powerful and useful tools
that Barbara and I have received from the Lord's Prayer. They were revealed
to us a few years ago through the eight "pearls" (Chapter 19). Since then we
have constantly been amazed at how profoundly and quickly they have
raised the consciousness of our lives, selves and our prayers.
While the attunements in the Lord's Prayer bring heavenly light into our
earthly bodies, these eight stars release the heavenly light trapped within our
earthly bodies. Once you are familiar with them you will feel how they
literally ignite your chokras. You may observe how the prayer and these
stars compliment each other and how using them together moves your
spiritual awareness on a real fast track towards "enlightenment".
These eight stars are present both within us and the Lord's Prayer. By simply
affirming them, like so: ("1. I am letting-go, 2. I am accepting, 3. I am
appreciating, 4. I am grateful, 5. I am joyful, 6. I am peaceful, 7. I am free
and 8. I am loving"), we affirm our higher, radiant spiritual nature. As we
attune to the radiance of each star, from "I am letting-go" to "I am loving";
we move our spiritual awareness higher and higher.


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Page 54


By affirming these eight luminous aspects our worldly attachments and

desires for control gently dissolve into light. So do our fears, confusion,
doubts and our suffering. LETTING-GO enables us to ACCEPT.
ACCEPTING enables us APPRECIATE and to be GRATEFUL. From
GRATITUDE comes JOY. JOY lifts us into PEACE. In PEACE we are
FREE to be ourselves and FREE to give and to receive what we want most;
LOVE. And said in LOVE our prayer is the most powerful and our lives
magically and quickly change for the better.


8. Our Father = (*I AM LOVING)
7. Our Father = (*I AM FREE)
6. Who Art In Heaven = (*I AM PEACEFUL)
5. Hallowed Be Thy Name = (*I AM JOYFUL)
4. Thy Kingdom Come = (*I AM GRATEFUL)
3. Give Us This Day = (*I AM APPRECIATING)
2. Forgive Us As We Forgive = (*I AM ACCEPTING)
1. Deliver us from evil = (*I AM LETTING GO)
the radiance of each star in your body, mind and emotions. Imagine a candle
flame or better yet light a candle and observe how each star is present both
in the flame and within you. Observe how the flame is LETTING-GO of its
light, effortlessly ACCEPTING fuel and oxygen. See how it radiates
APPRECIATION, GRATITUDE and JOY. Observe how it is at PEACE,
FREE to simply be and to LOVE. In LOVE the flame completes the circle
of life, as we all do, by simply LETTING-GO. Now as you pray experience
the radiant light that each attunement affirms and releases within you. We
call this experience, of surrendering to our own flame essence, Surfing The


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Page 55


Immortality is perhaps our ultimate mortal fantasy, probably because it's the
true condition of our souls. When I was four, around the same time that I
saw the movie Peter Pan with my Grandmother, I remember asking my
mother how long we would live. She said, if we were very lucky, we could
live to be one hundred. Kids that age often still identify with their immortal
souls and I think that was the case with me because at first I was sure she
was mistaken and then I remember feeling very disappointed and sad that
our earthly lives would be so short.
One of Barbara's favorite scriptures is, "I am the resurrection and the life.
Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die". Christ speaking
through Jesus is telling us that our ultimate fantasy is in fact possible. By
surrendering to the Christ within us, as Jesus did, we may resurrect our
selves from this moral illusion. And that's the bottom line of the prayer that
Jesus taught: "For Thyn is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever
Jesus says "The first of all commandments is..Love the Lord thy God
with all thy heart, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength"
..And the second is like the first; Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thy
self. There is no other commandment greater than these". But how do we
love God or our neighbor when we are feeling unworthy and unlovable
ourselves? And for that matter what does Our Heavenly Father really need
from us? Being a father myself I know the greatest gift my children can give
to me is just their willingness to receive my love.
By just saying "THANK YOU LORD" we open our hearts to receive Our
Fathers love. Saying, "I LOVE YOU LORD" deepens our sense of
appreciation and opens our hearts to Him even more. By saying "Thank you,
I love you Father" we also confront our fears of unworthiness. Does God
need our love? I don't know. It seems unlikely but our highest God-given
instinct is to love and by expressing our love to Him we affirm our true
value as we open our hearts to receive His grace.
The way I understand grace has a lot to do with my own sense of worthiness
or rather unworthiness. I experience grace when I am receiving more than I
feel I deserve and since there is no way that any of us can really earn Our
Fathers Love His grace is ever-present. If we could earn God's love then we


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Page 56


could control our experience of Him. Then we would not experience

vulnerability nor would we ever have to surrender. My ego likes the sound
of that but if I could earn Gods love then my life would never be magical,
there would be no miracles, no grace and no such thing as unconditional
Our fears of unworthiness separate us from Our Father but they also enable
us to receive His grace. When Jesus says, "I in and of myself can do
nothing" he's telling us that he is totally dependent on God and that's how we
all enter into His grace. But, then Jesus boldly says "I am the way, the truth
and the life" so how do these two very different realities exist in one Jesus?
They can and do because Jesus is a multi dimensional being as we all are.
Jesus the man learned the way to eternity. Jesus the Christ embodied the
truth of eternity and the Christ who was Jesus said, "I am the resurrection
and the life. Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die".
Worthy or not, Christ, The Holy Spirit and Our Father all live within us. By
saying "THANK YOU LORD, I LOVE YOU", without a reason, we move
beyond our egos reasonable boundaries into the reality of God and a whole
new genesis begins. The Old Genesis was the story of God birthing us. Our
Father says I am the Alpha and Omega. He is the beginning, we are His last
creation and this "New Genesis" is the story of us birthing Him. As we say
"THANK YOU & I LOVE YOU LORD", we embrace the circle of life. By
giving and receiving in the same breath with the same words we dissolve the
self-created, internal, boundaries that separate us from Our Divine Source.
Saying, "Thank you and I love you" we surrender the "hardness of our
hearts" so our mortal selves may ascend, in resurrection, to eternal life.
SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: We cannot over emphasize the power of this
exercise when taken to heart. As you breathe in say THANK YOU and feel
gratitude for this breath of life. As you breathe out say I LOVE YOU to the
inner source of your life/breath. On each in-breath receive the gift of life and
say THANK YOU. On each out breath express your love to The Source of
your life by saying I LOVE YOU LORD. As you breathe feel Love flowing
into you and be grateful. As you breathe out say I LOVE YOU and feel it
flowing back again to God. As you say THANK YOU & I LOVE YOU
LORD claim your freedom to always and everywhere be in love. With each
breath feel you life force growing as God returns and multiplies your love.
Take this exercise into each challenge and every relationship and your world
will be magically transformed more quickly than you can imagine.

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Page 57


In 1988 I was inwardly guided to create a very special
design (See fig.). Right away Barbara and I started
seeing symbols, patterns and messages, in it,
which helped us greatly in our work with
the Lord's Prayer. In Volume II we will
explore this fascinating design in some
detail but here we are going to focus
on just a few of it's messages.
Our first message from this design
came before it was even complete.
Using a mixing bowl and 474 quarters
I began by placing the quarters around the
bowl until there were seven complete rings.
Then I noticed how these rings seemed to be
pulsing and it felt like they were actually trying
to communicate something to me. Next I was
guided to count the quarters in these seven
rings and there were 294 of them. Then
Barbara remembered a book we had
on the Qabalah, the mystical
spiritual science of the Hebrews.
Looking in this book I discovered
that in this ancient science the
number 294 (7x42) is the number
of Melchizedec.
I went to the bible where I read how this
powerful and mysterious man was known
as the "King of Salem". In Gen. 14: 18 he's
described as "the priest of the most High God".
In Hebrews 5: 6, the bible says "Thou (Jesus) art
a priest forever after the order of Melchizedec. Finally
in Hebrews 7: 3 we find this concerning Melchizedec "He
is the king of peace; Without father, without mother, without
decent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto
the Son of God; abideth a priest continually. Now consider how great this
man was unto whom even the patriarch Abraham gave a tenth of the spoils".


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Page 58


From the beginning of our journey with The Lord's Prayer Barbara and I felt
we were being directed by a benevolent intelligence but we didn't know who
or what was guiding us. Now for the first time, as we were discovering who
Melchizedec was, we felt very connected to him. As you will see in Vol. II
we have much more to share about him also but here and now we're going to
share a couple of important messages from this amazing design.
When the whole design was complete we saw it's 474 dots as being
symbolic of our human souls. Each is a perfect, whole circle
participating in a much larger radiant design. God's will
("Let there be light") is present here and like our
sun it is a twelve pointed star with six major
and six minor rays. In the Qabalah 474 is
the number for unity and this is what
the Lord's Prayer is about. In it's
center we see a flower, symbolic
of our souls as the blooms of
Our Fathers creation. Bit by
bit this fascinating design
has given us insights both
into ourselves and into the
Lord's Prayer but there's one
special insight that we find is
especially helpful in our prayers.
Only after many hours of contemplation
did we see a perfect spider (See fig.) in the
design. Neither of us were too fond of spiders
but we were living in South Western Colorado at
the time and surrounded by Native Americans whose
view of the spider helped us to see something very beautiful
and important in it. To the Ute, Navaho, Hopi and the Zuni Spider
is the creator who weaves the patterns and designs of life. Once we got
beyond our creepy, crawly prejudices we saw how Spider was offering us a
crucial insight into the process that we call prayer.
First of all Spiders structural form clearly reflects the same core creative
patterns that are in the Lord's Prayer. Spiders two antenna express the
duality of our minds and her eight legs, four on either side, wonderfully
portray how the eight-pointed star-tetrahedron is constructed. Her hourglass

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Page 59


shape even seems to mimic our symbol for infinity or eternity but the insight
we wish to explore here is about how Spider creates and uses her web.
Our human thoughts are often described as webs and the human race is
notorious for "getting tangled up in it's own webs". Spider has helped us to
see the Lord's Prayer as a divine instruction for manifesting the ultimate
thought/web. Spider creates and uses her web to attract and receive her
worldly needs and we now see the Lord's Prayer as having a similar purpose.
As we pray we carefully weave our web (prayer). Then we must patiently
wait. We do not wait or look for what we want. We wait and listen for the
subtle blessings present in every breath. Our prayers gently extend our
perception and our ability to receive our simplest and smallest blessings.
Until we can do this how can we ever hope to receive our greater ones? The
more we focus, the more deeply we care and the more sincerely we feel our
prayers, the stronger and better our web becomes. The more patiently we
wait, listening and feeling, and the more we expect God's blessings the more
we may receive them. Jesus taught this prayer to help us realize the heavenly
blessings within our earthly lives. As we do our faith in Our Fathers love for
us grows and this realization is our gateway to the heavens.
SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: As you pray pay close attention; pray sincerely,
listen sincerely, feel fully and expect God's love in every moment with every
breath. Know that if you do not experience yourself receiving or being loved
it's just because you need to let-go more. Be aware of the magnetic quality
of your prayer/web and your expectations of positive results will be fulfilled.
As you pray allow these expectations to grow and release them the way
Spider releases her silky threads.
As you wait and listen, between your prayers, imagine the web you're
creating extending throughout and beyond your awareness. Know that
wherever and whenever your web receives a blessing you can feel it so keep
creating, waiting and knowing that you are always and everywhere being
loved and blessed beyond your imagination. Extend the consciousness of
your heart and mind beyond the current boundaries of your thoughts and
awareness. Remember the goal is not to attract Our Fathers Love but to feel,
to grasp and to receive it by letting-go of everything else.


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Page 60


"Jesus is fast"
The day after I was reunited with my seven-year-old self I went out looking
for this book and I kept on looking for the next seven years. Finally I
realized it hadn't been written yet so I would have to write it myself. I spent
years struggling and assuming that my lack of talent, education and
discipline all made writing very difficult for me; but this was not true. It was
trying hard that made it hard. It was in the shower, on long walks and in the
middle of the night that I received these beautiful insights as generous gifts.
That's how the challenge of fulfilling my own dream has gradually revealed
letting-go as the key to both a happy life and an effective prayer.
One afternoon, in Colorado, I was struggling to express an idea when our
four-year-old son, Shawn, came rushing into my office. He was very excited
and I assumed he'd just completed a new trick on his bike but to my surprise
he said "Dad I want to be just like Jesus"! All I could think of was "why"?
Shawn looked at me like, "Don't you know" and he said, "Dad Jesus is fast".
Then before I could respond he bolted out of the room and back to his bike. I
was shocked because Shawn had so simply woven the oath of Peter Pan,
Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity (E=mc) and our human fascination
with speed into the reality of Jesus. Yes indeed Jesus is fast and this was the
essence of what I had been struggling to write for the past several days.
Peter's oath is to never grow up and Einstein's theory (E=mc) says that
beyond the speed of light time stops. But Jesus knows the fountain of youth
and light speed are simply realized as we let-go. Jesus knows that "Surfing
Love" is how we transcend and the Lord's Prayer is his invitation to "do
even greater things than these". This promise is the one I heard when I was
seven and the one I've spent most of my life trying to understand. To me this
book is a miracle made possible by beings like Peter, Albert, Jesus & Shawn
whose simple faith has given me the permission I need to let-go.
Letting-go is the bottom line. Letting-go is how each of us surfs love in our
own lives, in our own unique ways. It doesn't get any clearer than this but
for those of you who also hear Jesus' promise and are ready for the ease of
fulfilling your dreams through this prayer I've included two more short


Page 60 9/5/1

Page 61


In Surfing Love Vol. II, "Oracles of Melchizadec", we will share how
Barbara and I were guided to discover an actual oracle within the Lord's
Prayer. We will tell you why we believe our guidance to discover and work
with this oracle comes from the ancient Melchizadec Priesthood and how
working with it has helped open our eyes to the Lord's Prayer in exciting
new ways. Here and now we will offer you an opportunity to begin
familiarizing yourself with the process of using an oracle. This will prepare
you for Vol. II but more to point it will help you to experience this book in a
profoundly personal way.
So what do oracles or the ancient Melchizadec Priesthood have to do with
the Lord's Prayer and our relationship with God today? First of all some of
you may not know what an oracle is. It's a divine messenger. Angels for
example are oracles but the kind of divine messenger that we are talking
about here is system of information that enables us to receive a
communication directly from God. If this sounds strange or unrealistic to
you we would encourage you to keep an open mind, follow the instructions
and listen to your own inner voice. In many ways our use of this book as an
oracle is more like a prayer than what most people think of as an oracle.
Like a prayer the clarity and value of an oracle is determined by the
intention and integrity of the person using it. And we do not suggest or
recommend the use of oracles for the purpose of seeing into the future, for
obtaining hidden information about others or for divination of any kind. The
oracle that we have been guided to create (Oracle of the Heart) is a way of
looking into your own heart for the purpose of realizing how and what we
need to let-go of. The value of this information is in how it enables us to
focus our prayers and spiritual exercises for optimum results.
In the bible "lots" were thrown to assist in the making of difficult decisions.
By casting lots it was decided whether Joseph or Matthias should be Judas
Iscariots's successor in the aposteleship (Acts: 1; 15-26). In Proverbs 1 6:33
it says "The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole decision is of the Lord".
And an oracular device, call the Urim & Thummim was used by the ancient
Melchizadec Priesthood. Not much is know about this ancient oracle or the
priesthood that used it but experts believe it consisted of a special pair of
dice that were held beneath the breastplate of Arron which was worn by the


Page 61 9/5/1

Page 62


High Priest. We do however know that this Uirm & Thummim was a
method of consulting with God (Ex 28: 30, Lv 8: 8, Dt, 33: 8, Ezr 2: 63 Nm
27: 21).
On practically every page of this book we've emphasized how the heart of
this prayer and the key to living a happy, productive spiritual life is our
willingness and ability to surrender our will to Gods will ("Thy Kingdom
come Thy will be done"). From our work these past 13 years with Oracle of
the Heart, we have learned how inviting God to instruct us in our spiritual
exercises is very rewarding and productive. So Once you've completed this
book and all it's exercises at least once then we believe the throwing of lots
may enable you to receive Spirits guidance as to which chapter and exercise
will benefit you most at any given time. We know from our own experiences
that this works very well.
To help you select which chapter
and exercise Spirit would have
you work with right now we've
created this chart. To use it you
will need a six-sided die (a cube)
and a coin. Roll the die to select
one of its six horizontal levels,
then throw the coin twice to select
one of its' four perpendicular rows.
Now simply find where these two
meet on the chart to find which
chapter you are to work with. As
you read this chapter ask yourself
why you've been directed to read
it. What's it saying that you need
to hear at this time? Why is it
important for you to do this
particular exercise? If there's
more than exercise you toss the
coin again to select one.


Page 62 9/5/1

Page 63


When Barbara and I first committed ourselves to this prayer we shared a
vision of people using it to honor their own bodies as divine temples. We
saw it being shared amongst friends and families in their homes and we saw
many homes becoming sacred temples of worship. For the past thirteen
years we've been sharing this prayer in our own home and in many others.
We've been blessed to participate in the spiritual transformation of families,
businesses, churches and organizations all over this country but we're just
two people. Our dream is that many more may benefit from our work.
We know from our experiences that taking a few minutes a day to say the
Lord's prayer in the morning and in the evening will quickly change your
life for the better. If you will use the spiritual exercises, that we offer, we
know they will help your relationships, your home life, your health and even
your finances to change for the better. We've learned that the more we invest
in this prayer the faster our lives change and that by inviting our friends and
family to share this experience with us our lives change even faster. The law
is "As we give so shall we receive" and this wonderful uplifting prayer, that
Jesus gave to us, is one of the most precious, loving gifts that we can share
with each other.
*For those of you who decide to share this experience with others we
would like to offer you a few suggestions:
1. INVITATIONS: Invite people personally. Encourage those who have
had this experience to invite people but don't push. Spirit is gentle and
each group is like a family that grows in it's own special way.
2. SACRED SPACE: Create as circle of comfortable chairs. Light some
candles, play some soft music. Set the mood for a spiritual experience.
3. OPENING PRAYER: Always begin by asking your friends to stand and
hold hands for a short opening prayer. What you say is up to you but we
find that it's a good idea to state our intentions for the evening to God at
this time.
4. SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: Reading a chapter and doing the exercise
could take between twenty minutes to an hour depending on how much
time you want to spend in prayer. We suggest that you read through the
evenings spiritualexercise several times but don't push people beyond
what they're comfortable with. Three seems to be a good number.


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5. THE BREAK: After the Spiritual exercise take a short break so people
can stretch and use the bathroom but no more than ten minutes.
6. SHARING: After the break invite people to share their experiences, their
questions and how the prayer is changing their lives. Don't play the role
of counselor or pastor just be a loving host and facilitator. To receive
from Spirit is the purpose of prayer.
7. REFRESHMENTS: Simple refreshments are optional but stay focused
on the spiritual purpose of your gathering.
8. DONATIONS: When we give something to people it's important to
create an opportunity for them to give something in return. Placing a
small basket or bowl in the center of your circle for donations is as much
for them as for you. It is giving that enables us to receive and receiving
that enables us to give.
NOTE: Every individual family or group has it's own unique qualities,
needs and personality. Once your family or group has gone through this
book together chapter by chapter you may what to continue working
with it as an oracle (see chapter #25). The collective spiritual energy of a
group is quite powerful so by working together you will greatly
accelerate your personal spiritual growth.

SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: It's not always possible to share with

everyone we would like to but in this holographic universe we're all
connected. By simply thinking of the people we love, care about and or are
concerned for we may include them in our prayers. Before you begin to pray
call upon their spirits to participate and to join you in prayer. As you begin
know we are all one body praying for the birth of "Gods Kingdom" within
your lives and upon the earth. See ourselves joining together in faith. Do this
for a week and observe what happens in the lives of your friends and loved
ones and in your own. Observe how by inviting them into your prayers
enhances your experience while nurturing your spiritual family.

Baruch Bashan
(The blessings already are.)


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