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Chemical engineers are extremely versatile and able to

handle a wide range of technical problems.

The breadth of scientific and technical knowledge inherent in the profession
has described the term chemical engineer as the Universal Engineer ."

What is Chemical Engineering ?

Today's chemical engineers are spearheading new

developments in medicine, biotechnology, microelectronics,
manufacturing, and environmental solutions.

G Santhosh Kumar, Asst Prof- Chem Engg- MVGRCE-VZM

Chemical engineering is all about changing raw materials

into useful products you use everyday in a safe and cost
effective way.

3M, DuPont, Intel, General Electric, Union Carbide,

Dow Chemical, Exxon, BASF, Gulf, and Texaco.
Process engineering is essentially the application of chemical engineering principles to
optimize the design, operation and control of chemical processes.

G Santhosh Kumar, Asst Prof- Chem Engg- MVGRCE-VZM

A new generation of chemical engineering - trained entrepreneurs are

forming innovative new businesses, no doubt influenced by the fact that
chemical engineers have served as CEOs of such leading global businesses as

Chemical, process and biochemical engineers are involved in the

design, modification and operation of processes to produce the
things we rely on everyday - chocolate, petrol, cosmetics, electricity,
cars, aspirin, the list is endless...

offers plenty
of excitement
and new

Which reaction pathway should be used to make the product?

How to purify the desired product
How to control the process and ensure it's safe
How to make the process cost effective
What should be done with any by-products formed?
How to reduce the amounts of unwanted by-products
What to do with unreacted raw materials
How to recycle energy within the process

G Santhosh Kumar, Asst Prof- Chem Engg- MVGRCE-VZM

They need to make decisions concerning:

G Santhosh Kumar, Asst Prof- Chem Engg- MVGRCE-VZM



Excellent job prospects

Competitive starting salaries in the region
of 29,500/y* (INR 30,00,000/y)
High earning potential throughout your
career - salaries for Chartered (Senior)
Chemical Engineers rival those of doctors,
lawyers and accountants.
Opportunities to travel.
Plenty of variety and exciting challenges.
The potential to help create a sustainable

The table below shows chemical

engineering as the second highest-paid
profession in the UK behind dentistry**:

G Santhosh Kumar, Asst Prof- Chem Engg- MVGRCE-VZM

A career in chemical
engineering includes:

Ten reasons to become a CHEMICAL ENGINEER

1. A growing global profession (thriving and like-minded
2. Make a difference (valued by society)
3. Salary (30 to 70 Lakhs/Year for a Global Chemical Engineer)
5. Great (big) companies
6. Travel and lifestyle

7. Recession-proof
8. On hand when it matters
9. Career progression

10. Diversity

G Santhosh Kumar, Asst Prof- Chem Engg- MVGRCE-VZM

4. Job choice (HSE, Oil and Gas, Pharma and Power)

G Santhosh Kumar, Asst Prof- Chem Engg- MVGRCE-VZM

Most jobs in the sector fall into two groups:

The design, manufacture, and operation of plants and machinery,
The development of new or adapted substances and materials.

The transferable skills taught at university, such as project

management and understanding process flow.
Graduates who stay in the industry usually start their career as a
junior/graduate process engineer.
Day-to-day duties for graduates include product development,
plant design, risk analysis, and using simulation tools.

G Santhosh Kumar, Asst Prof- Chem Engg- MVGRCE-VZM

There is no typical first job for a graduate, although careers in the

energy, water, food and pharmaceutical sectors are all

What is there to study in CHEMICAL ENGINEERING:

Typically a chemical Engineer has to study the following subjects.

Chemical Process Principles

Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Transport Phenomena
Process Dynamics and Control
Mass Transfer Operations
Chemical Technology
Heat Transfer

Particle Technology
Economics and Management of

Chemical Industries
Environmental Engineering
Biochemical Engineering
Safety in Chemical Plants
Measurements and controls
Chemical process and plant designs

G Santhosh Kumar, Asst Prof- Chem Engg- MVGRCE-VZM

Engineering Chemistry

Jobs in Government Sector after B.Tech in Chemical Engineering

There are various government sector companies in various fields offering job for the B.Tech graduates in
Chemical Engineering.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC)
Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)
Reliance Petroleum Limited (RPL)
Essar Oil Limited (EOL)
Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL)
Oil India Limited (OIL)
Tata Petrodyne

Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL)

Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Limited

Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Limited

Bongaigaon Refinery & Petrochemicals Limited
Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL)
Guru Gobind Singh Refineries Limited (GGSRL)
Travancore Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited
Pyrites, Phosphates & Chemicals Limited
Hindustan Organic Chemicals Limited
Bongaigaon Refinery & Petrochemicals Limited
Bihar Drugs & Organic Chemicals Limited
Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

G Santhosh Kumar, Asst Prof- Chem Engg- MVGRCE-VZM

Some of the top government organizations in India in chemical engineering field are listed below.

G Santhosh Kumar, Asst Prof- Chem Engg- MVGRCE-VZM

CHEMICAL ENGINEERS conceive and design processes to produce,

transform and transport materials by implementation of the New




G Santhosh Kumar, Asst Prof- Chem Engg- MVGRCE-VZM


Highlights of the

Chemical Engg Department - MVGRCE

Research Center Recognition by

JNTUK (2014)
R&D Projects (34.5 Lakhs),
MODROBS Funds (21 Lakhs),
Patent (01), MOUs (3)
4 University Gold Medals
(2006, 2010, 2012, 2013)

G Santhosh Kumar, Asst Prof- Chem Engg- MVGRCE-VZM

5 yrs NBA Accredited Program (2015)

Personal skills a person should possess


Very strong in analytical and logical skills to be innovative in the market.

Highly motivated with excellent communication and coordination skills.
Team player to make a task successful.
Hard working with good organizational as well as problem solving skills.
Very good in analyzing and working towards achieving a goal or set of tasks in a given time.
Good in conceptualization, creating designs or drawing sketches of the complex things.
Good in using the computers and having the technology to optimize their work
Good in aspects of fields related to chemical engineering and should be able to innovate by
keeping the environment and safety of people in mind.

G Santhosh Kumar, Asst Prof- Chem Engg- MVGRCE-VZM

Chemical engineers have lots of good qualities below mentioned:

G Santhosh Kumar, Asst Prof- Chem Engg- MVGRCE-VZM

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