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Title of the Scheme

UCO Dhan-Laxmi Fixed Deposit Scheme


Scheme Type

Kuber Yojana Fixed Deposit Scheme.


Period of operation
of the Scheme

The scheme would be open for the general public from June 10th, 2013 and
will remain valid up to September 30th, 2013.
However, the Bank would reserve the right to modify, withdraw or extend the
scheme without any prior notice.

Eligibility to Open

Eligible Depositors under the Scheme would be same as eligible depositors in

Fixed Deposit Scheme currently available in the Bank.


KYC (Know Your

Customers) Norms

KYC Norms for opening account are applicable for these accounts and
hence proof of residence and proof of identification will be required along
with recent photograph of the depositor/s.


Period of Deposit

333 days

Amount of Deposit

a) Minimum Amount

:- ` 5000/- (thereafter in multiples of ` 1000/-)

b) Maximum Amount :- Upto ` 500 lac


Rate of Interest

:- General Public:- 8.90% per annum (quarterly compounded).


Payment of Interest

Interest will be paid only at the time of maturity along with principal with
quarterly compounding effect.

10. Premature

In all cases of premature withdrawals, the interest would be payable at 1%

below the applicable card rate under the normal fixed deposits for the
period for which the deposit has remained with the Bank as on the date of
deposit and not at the contractual rate.

11. against the Deposits

Facility for availing loan/overdraft against UCO Dhan-Laxmi Fixed Deposit

Scheme would be available as per existing guidelines for availing
loan/overdraft against Banks own Fixed Deposits.

12. Nomination

The facility of nomination would be available under the scheme.

13. Payment to
Nominee/ Legal
14. Participating

In the event of the death of the depositor, the deposit would be paid to the
nominee/legal heirs as per the existing rules.

15. Application Form

The existing Application Form for Fixed Deposits is to be used for accepting
deposits under the Scheme.

All branches of the Bank would be authorized to open UCO Dhan-Laxmi

deposit accounts under the Scheme.

The branches shall invariably take an undertaking from customers stating

that I have read understood and accept the terms and conditions of the
UCO Dhan-Laxmi Fixed Deposit Scheme.

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The quarterly compounding would be done for the first three quarters and
simple rate of interest would be paid on the compounded amount after the
three quarters for the remaining number of days of the above deposit period.
However, the payment/credit of interest to the account will be subject to TDS
as applicable.



16. Issue of Term

Deposit Receipt


The branch under the Scheme shall issue a fixed deposit receipt for the
deposit amount received on our usual form for the Fixed Deposit Receipt.
A Rubber Stamp stating Issued under UCO Dhan-Laxmi Fixed Deposit
Scheme is to be invariably affixed by branches.

17. Automatic Renewals

No auto renewal is permitted under UCO Dhan-Laxmi FD Scheme.

However, on specific mandate of the depositor at the time of opening of
UCO Dhan-Laxmi, the maturity proceeds may be transferred to SB/CA of
the depositor / renewed for a certain period at card rate of interest
prevailing at the time of maturity (copy enclosed as Annexure II).

18. Tax Implications

Tax would be deductible at source as per the prevailing Income Tax rules.

19. Transferability

The deposit is non-transferable.

However, the deposits are transferable from one branch to another branch
in the same name(s) without any charge and as per the existing Banks

20. Special benefits for

Staff / Ex-Staff

Deposits from under-mentioned categories of depositors shall be allowed

incentive interest rates as per existing norms. Accordingly, the applicable
rates for these special categories under UCO Dhan-Laxmi would be as:Category

Applicable Rate of Interest

Senior Citizen*

8.90 % + 0.25% i.e. 9.15%

Staff Member / Ex-Staff Member

8.90% + 1.00 % i.e. 9.90%

Ex-Staff Member /Senior Citizen

8.90% + 1.25% i.e.10.15%

(*Incentive rate for Senior Citizen category is applicable only for deposits
less than ` 1 cr.)
The overall ceiling in amount for Ex-Staff/ Ex-Staff members for being eligible
for higher rate under the scheme shall be equal to the terminal benefits plus
Rs. 10 lac, as usual.
21. Acceptance of
Deposits under the

Deposits under the Scheme would be accepted only when accruing as a

fresh Fixed Deposit for the Bank.
In other words, the existing Fixed Deposits cannot be directly renewed under
the scheme through a premature extension as usual and the existing Fixed
Depositors who wish to convert into the scheme would have to compulsorily
take premature payment of their existing deposits and pay the usual penal
charges for premature closure.

Applicability of
normal Fixed
Deposit Rules

Other than the special terms and conditions of the scheme, the deposits
under the scheme would be governed as per the normal Fixed Deposit Rules
of the Bank.

23. Product Code under


A separate Product Code under the CBS system for the scheme would be
created by Head Office, DIT.
Further, Head Office, DIT would be circulating the Job Card for UCO DhanLaxmi Fixed Deposit Scheme containing the guidelines for the branches for
opening the required account in CBS for operationalizing the scheme.


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However, any existing Fixed Deposit maturing during the scheme period
would be eligible to enter into the scheme as it would be a fresh deposit for
the Bank under the Scheme.

/ UCO Bank
_______________________ Branch

/ 2013

The Branch Manager

Subject:- MANDATE under UCO Dhan-Laxmi, a Fixed Deposit Scheme
Dear Sir,
This is to inform you that I/We have deposited Rs. ____________ under UCO Dhan-Laxmi a
short term fixed deposit scheme for 333 days issued with UCO Bank Branch,
_____________________ on _________________ (date).
I/ We have read the scheme details which are duly accepted by me/us.
I/ We hereby give mandate to the Bank that on presentment of the Fixed Deposit
Receipt(s) on or after due date, the maturity proceeds under UCO Dhan-Laxmi may be
transferred in my Savings Bank/ Current Account No. ____________________ maintained
with UCO Bank Branch, __________________________
I/We give mandate to the Bank to re-invest the entire maturity proceeds under UCO
Dhan-Laxmi on due date for a further period of ___________ days/ months with your
branch at applicable rate of interest and under UCO Banks Normal Term Deposit
(strike out whichever is inapplicable)
Yours Faithfully,
(Name of the Customer /s)
Signature 1: _____________________________________
Signature 2: _____________________________________





Mob No:


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