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Classroom Management Plan

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Lets Travel the World!

Classroom Management Plan

3rd Grade

Classroom Management Plan

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Lindsay Trappen

Table of Contents
Physical Classroom Organization.3
Student Organization.3

Basic Classroom Operations.3

Classroom Functionality.4

Classroom Operations5

Student Records...5
Student Materials....6
Student Responsibility....7


First Day of School...7

New Students....9
Substitute Teachers..10

Daily Routines.10
Transitions. 10
Leaving the Classroom..11
Bathroom Breaks11
Assignments and Work Time..11

Discipline and Expectations.12

Travelers Treasures..12
Preferred Activity Time..13
Extreme Infractions14

Parent Involvement..14

Back to School Night.16

Consistent Communication.16
In the Classroom.16

Teacher Expectations & Responsibilities17

Professionalism & Ethics.17
Displaying Student Work.17

Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 3



Physical Classroom Organization

Student Organization
Basic Classroom Operations

Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 4

I created my 3rd grade classroom with

functionality in mind. I believe that a functional
work environment promotes a quality work and
learning environment. I wanted my 3rd grade
classroom to be organized, roomy, and to
promote interaction between my students. I did
this by creating distinct sections of the room
that have specific purposes. By organizing my
classroom in this way, my students will be able
to organize their thoughts.
As the student enters the classroom, they will
enter the coat closet and Student Resource
Center. I wanted the learning areas to be
separate from the students belongings, so that
the students wont be distraction throughout the day. The Student Resource
Center will serve multiple purposes. First, it will be a check-in area, where
students will be responsible for taking their own attendance for the day and
stating whether they will be having hot or cold lunch. It will say What will your
lunch be like today? on a poster by the cups. Each student will have a Popsicle
stick that has their name on it that they will place in cups that say HOT like

the Desert and COLD like the Arctic. Any

leftover Popsicle sticks will be students that are

counted as absent for the day. Second, it is where students can pick up
worksheets that they will either need for the day or finished
assignments/homework that they will take home that night. All of these papers
will be placed in a Daily Itinerary folder that will have their name on it. Both of
these things will eliminate time spent on housekeeping throughout the day. In
addition to this, it will be where they hand in assignments, sharpen pencils, or
do research on the computer. The Student Bulletin Board will have information
specifically for the students, like a monthly calendar and a student task chart.
The teachers desk is by the Student Resource Center so that I can greet the
students as they enter the classroom, as well as for my own personal access to
the Student Research Center.

Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 5

Classroom Functionality
I have the students desks in the center of
the room. I have placed the desks at a slant so
that it is easier for everyone to see the board. This
is something I find especially important, because
from personal experience, I know how easy it is to
zone out when your desk doesnt face the front.
The desks are placed in groups of four to
encourage collaboration and make group work
easier. Each group of desks will be labeled as a
continent- Africa, Asia, North America, South
America, Europe (my desk will be labeled
Antarctica; depending on the number of desk groups, any remaining continent
may be assigned to the community center).
I have made sure to make my reading center feels secluded from the rest
of the classroom. There will be a rug and pillows, as well as a sharing chair to
encourage a comfortable environment during read-aloud. There is a whiteboard
next to the sharing chair because I have learned that using drawings to teach
new vocab words can be effective. This will be great not only during read aloud,
but for when students are helping each other with new vocab words as well.
The reading center will have a large book case full of books of all genres and
reading levels. These books will be labeled and in bins. There will also be a
bulletin board that is reading themed, with things like class reading goals, our
favorite books, or new vocabulary that we have learned.
I have the Community Center in the back corner of the classroom. I call
it the Community Center because it not only
promotes community in the classroom through

group work, but it also serves as a social studies center and promotes
community throughout the world. The Community Center will have a large
world map with examples of different cultures, climates, and current weather.
There will also be a table with a globe, and social studies centers/activities
placed underneath.

Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 6

On the back wall of my classroom I have three large centers. I have

centers for science, math, and art. Each center will have a storage unit with
supplies and activities specifically for that subject. The centers will be
organized and easily accessible for students, because the students will know
that they are encouraged to work on centers when they have free time. The
centers are each placed in front of a window to help distinguish them further.
The windows also provide great natural light for the classroom, which will be
nice if we need a break from the harsh fluorescent lights. The back wall also
has additional teacher storage, as well as a sink that will be helpful for keeping
students hydrated, cleaning up art projects, and other miscellaneous tasks.

Classroom Operations
Student Records
My classroom will be systematic and organized. This will be possible
because of my system of consolidating student records and procedures.
I will have one binder appropriately labeled and sectioned for each
content area and assignment, and designated for recording test and
assignment scores. The Whaley Grade Book will be used for recording these
scores (Wong & Wong, 2009). I will record all assignment scores in this binder
with the Whaley Grade Book, as well as on the computer to have multiple
sources of documentation. In addition to this, each student will have a small 3ring binder that contains exceptional or poor work, written observations from I
or other staff members, standardized test scores, personal information, etc.
This will be important for not only my reference, but important for substitutes,
aid teachers, or parents during conferences. In addition to this, I will keep
notes of student behavior and learning. I will do this by having sheets of name
stickers. When I make a note of a student, I will easily be able to transfer the
sticker to the students folders with their other information, as well as send a
copy home with students in their planner at the end of the day. Additionally, I
will have a class chart documenting each students Travelers Treasure at the
end of each day. This will be used to observe behavior patterns and concerns.

Student Materials

Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 7

I have a supply center located at the center of the room with the student
desks. This supply center will include markers, crayons, loose leaf paper, and
other school supplies for students who have either run out of their own
supplies, or dont have the ability to buy their own. It will be available to
everyone so students do not feel embarrassed to use it. The supply center will
also have a straw dispenser for pencils. This will eliminate the problem of
students being picky when choosing a pencil. There will also be a jar for pencils
that need to be sharpened. Pencils will be
sharpened and restocked at the end of
each day.
I have specific expectations for how my students will respectfully use the
supply center. These expectations will
coincide with my expectations for all other
classroom procedures. The expectations are
as follows: 1. Students must return
materials that they borrow from the supply
center. 2. Students must respect the
materials that they borrow from the supply
center. 3. Students must use the supply
center at appropriate times (during
transitions, after asking permission, or
when instructed to).

Student Responsibility
My students will be expected to be independent and responsible. I believe
that the best way to develop these skills is to give the students the opportunity
to mature and be independent. Students will be responsible for completing
beginning of the day tasks without being instructed, as well as classroom jobs
that will be rotated weekly. The classroom jobs that the students will be
responsible for are the following:

Line leader/door holder

Paper passer
Pencil Sharpener

Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 8

Supply Manager
Teacher Helper

First Day of School
In my classroom, the first day of school will be structured and organized.
There will be specific activities for the students to complete that will prepare
them for the rest of the school year. These activities will be designed to build
classroom expectations and make the students feel at home in our classroom.
I will greet my students at the door on the first day of school to directly
give them their tasks to complete as they enter the room. I will give them a
short list of tasks to complete so that they are not overwhelmed and forgetting
the expectations that were asked of them.
I will ask them to do the following:

Enter the room and find their locker and drop off their things
Search the room to find a book of choice
Find the desk with their name on it, and sit to silently read the book they
have chosen

Once all of the students have entered the classroom and made it to their
seats, I will introduce myself to the class. From there, I will explain that before
we begin our day we will be learning how to respectfully and properly enter the
classroom every morning.
The students will be responsible for completing the following tasks each

Enter the classroom quietly

Place their belongings in their locker and remove any homework or

papers to be handed in to the teacher

Stop at the Student Resource Center to:
o Return homework/papers for teacher (papers for teacher will be
placed separately in a clearly labeled basket)

Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 9

o Place popsicle stick indicating HOT like the Desert, or COLD like

the Arctic lunch

o Pick up their Daily Discoveries folder
Read quietly in their desk while waiting for the day to start

Once I have explained the procedure and modeled it for the students, they
will be given the opportunity to practice it as a class. Students will then
simulate the beginning of the day procedures repetitively until the class as a
whole can complete it correctly.
After the completion of the beginning of the day procedures simulation,
students will be given time to place all of their belongings in their desks. I will
lay out the behavioral expectations before the students are released to do the
task. Each student will place their backpack on the back of their chair and
wait for directions. During this time, I will have each student remove one folder
from their backpack to be labeled with a sticker: Take Home Folder. I will
explain to the students that this folder is to be brought home each day with all
of the contents from the Take Home side of their Daily Discoveries folder that
they pick up each morning. They will also have a label labeled Discoveries in
Progress for worksheets that will be completed later in the week during Leisure
Time. After the students have labeled the folders, they will be left alone to put
away their items. I will play music in the background to make it fun for the
Next, students will get to know their teacher, and I will get to know them. I
will have a scrapbook labeled Miss Trappens Passport that I will show the
students as a read aloud. The passport will
include pictures and explanations of my family,
pets, and favorite things. Students will also
have the opportunity to ask me questions about
myself. Once the read aloud is complete,
students will have the opportunity to make
passports of their own. Their passports will
include their picture, name, age, and facts
about themselves. Students will share the
contents of their passports with their Continent

Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 10

groups. Once the passports are complete, they will be displayed in the
classroom or the hallway on a Passport to Learning bulletin board.
Following the get-to-know-you activity, the
class will comprise a list of expectations that

they would like to be implemented in the classroom. I will refer to rules as

expectations because I want the students to think of themselves using positive
behaviors. There will be 3-5 class expectations that will be displayed in the
classroom. Each student will sign the expectations poster as a reminder
throughout the year that they have committed to using positive behaviors.
The remainder of the day will be spent running through the layout of the
classroom, explaining procedures, and helping students get acclimated to the
new school year. If time remains, students will enjoy
a read aloud, or participate in centers.

New Students

I want new students to feel welcome when they

enter my classroom for the first time. I will make sure
this happens by teaching my current students how to
properly make someone feel welcome. The class
expectations that are established in the beginning of
the school year will create a warm and welcoming
environment for all visitors and new students. New

students will immediately be incorporated into class activities, and my students

will be responsible for kindly giving the students direction on classroom
procedures and expectations throughout the day. They will also be expected to
include them in group work, conversations, and during lunch and recess.
New students will also be incorporated into making the classroom home.
When new students arrive, they will create a passport just as the other
students did at the beginning of the school year. Their passport will be
displayed along with the others on the Passport to Learning bulletin board.
On their first day, new students will go home with a Guide to Miss
Trappens Classroom manual for the student and their guardian(s) to review. It

Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 11

will include information about myself, the classroom, classroom expectations,

as well as the student/guardian information form for to the guardian to fill out.
This will be the same form that my other students had their guardians fill out
at the beginning of the school year (see Parent Involvement for details).

Substitute Teachers
In order to make the transition into my classroom easier, I will provide a
Sub Tub for my substitute teachers. The Sub Tub will include class lists,
seating charts, behavioral expectations and management, daily procedures and
schedules, a where to find section, emergency contacts and procedures, and
the lessons for the day. The Sub Tub will also include a list of students that the
substitute can feel comfortable asking
questions to if needed. The students will be
aware of behavioral expectations and
procedures for when there is a substitute

Daily Routines

On the first day of school, I will

demonstrate and explain the various transition
procedures to my students. My transitions are
designed to prevent talking and distraction during what would normally be a
time for students to become off task.
During rotational group work, transitions from one group to the next will
be announced by a wind chime. At this time, students will quietly move from
their station to the next. When it is time to transition from content area to
content area, students will be alerted of the transition by the lights turning off.
When the lights turn off, the students will know to return to their seats (if they
are out of them) and clear their desk of materials. I will promote having clear
desks at the beginning of each content lesson so that students are focused on
the material that they will be learning or reviewing.

Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 12

Leaving the Classroom

Regardless of the students reason to leave the
room, they will be encouraged to make it a
round trip, meaning that they go to their
destination and back quickly. I will have a limit of
having two students being out of the room at a
time. To monitor this, I will have two classroom
passes that will be used for every circumstance
(bathroom, office, water fountain, office, nurse).

The bathroom passes will be mini globes that can

be placed on their desk before they leave. The

globes will state Ive gone on an adventure, to signify that the student has left
the room.
I will also have students that leave the room for specials. I will keep track
of these students personally, so I can plan accordingly for lessons and group

Bathroom Breaks
I will have scheduled bathroom breaks throughout the day to minimize
students leaving the room during instruction. These bathroom breaks will be
scheduled around specials, lunch, and recess.

Assignments and Work Time

All assignments will be handed out in the students Daily Discoveries
folders that are restocked each morning. Any assignments that have not been
completed throughout the work time that day will be put in either the students
Take Home folder or Discoveries in Progress folder at discretion of the teacher.
Assignments that have been placed in the Take Home folder will be due the
next morning as the student enters the classroom. Assignments placed in the
Discoveries in Progress folders will be saved to work on when the student has
free time, or continued to be worked on as part of its lesson.

Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 13

As stated earlier, all homework assignments will be turned in at the

beginning of the school day when students stop by the Student Resource
Center. It will be the responsibility of the student to turn in assignments on
time and finished. If it becomes a problem that the student is not completing
their assignments, I will contact their guardian(s) to alert them of the issue,
and discuss with the student to develop a plan to turn their assignments in on
Students will be given ample work time to complete assignments in class.
If a student does not complete an assignment in the time given, it will be placed
in their Discoveries in Progress folder to work on later when they have
completed an assignment and have free work time. All remaining assignments
that are in the Discoveries in Progress folder on Thursdays will be placed in the
Take Home folder to be completed and returned on Friday mornings.
My students will be aware of the expectations I have for their actions
during work time. When an assignment is assigned, this will be the first task at
hand. If a student completes this assignment, they will be expected to complete
assignments that are in the Discoveries in Progress folder, beginning at the
back of the folder. When all of these assignments are completed, students will
be expected to read silently in their seats and wait for instruction. Students will
be aware of the expectation to work silently and on task during work time.

Discipline and Expectations

The best way to create a cooperative, respectful classroom environment is
to strongly enforce procedures and expectations. These procedures will be
demonstrated and practiced at the beginning of the school year to ensure that
the remainder of the school year will run more smoothly, and that students will
be aware of the consequences of poor decisions. Students will also create a list
of expectations at the beginning of the school year. Every student will be
expected to comply with the expectations that they set as a class.
I will be proactive and firm in my discipline. It will be my goal to nip any
behavioral issues in the bud at the beginning of the school year, so the main
focus in my classroom can be learning. This being said, it is important to me

Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 14

that I am being adaptable to my students and discovering discipline procedures

that work with my class from year to year.

Travelers Treasures
Travelers Treasures will be my version of a three-strike system. Each
student will begin each day with three items that are essential to every
successful traveler on their journeys. This will include a map, hikers backpack,
and binoculars. When a student is not being a successful traveler, or
misbehaving, they will be asked to give me one of their Travelers Treasures.
The Travelers Treasures will be laminated pictures that will be placed on the
side of their desk via magnets.
My goal is that with Travelers Treasures, students will not feel personally
attacked as they would with a chart advertising everyones behavior at the front
of the room. By having a three items policy rather than a strike policy, students
will feel less like the bad kid, and focus on bettering their behavior to be a
successful traveler the next day. This simple adjustment will take the negative
connotation out of discipline, and encourage positive behaviors.
When a student loses all of their Travelers Treasures, the student will
have a discussion with the teacher to develop a plan to improve their behavior
and steps to becoming a successful traveler. Guardians will be notified of the
students behavior, as well as the plan to improve their behavior.
I will keep track of each students number of Travelers Treasures at the
end of each day. Doing this, I will be looking for patterns in student behaviors,
as well as keeping documentation to present to guardians at conferences.

Preferred Activity Time

Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 15

One of the ways that I will promote cooperation from my students is by

implementing Preferred Activity Time, or PAT (Mackenzie & Stanzione, 2010). It
is very important to me that I am not wasting my students time, and that they
are not wasting my time. By implementing a time incentive system, students
will be made aware of the importance of moving quickly and not wasting time,
working cooperatively, and being respectful. I will be consistent with my timing
so students can trust that I am being fair with the procedure. All PAT times will
be displayed on the front board so that students are aware of the advantage or
disadvantage they are facing. Students will be awarded 5 minutes of PAT at the
beginning of each week, and will have their PAT time every Friday. I am
confident that this award system will encourage my students to stay on track,
be cooperative, and respectful.
Preferred Activity Time will be essential to creating attentive learners. For
students who struggle with lack of motivation and attention, PAT will act as an
incentive to complete assignments and stay attentive in class. For students that
do not respond well to PAT, I will search for other options to help keep them
motivated. I will also, however, continuing to include them in PAT to keep them
accountable. If lack of motivation continues to be an issue with the student,
their guardian(s) will be notified.

I will have no tolerance for cheating in my classroom. Any student that is
caught cheating will be given one warning. If the cheating continues, the
assessment will be taken from the student, and the student will have to
complete a different assessment during recess to prove that they know the
material. The student and I will have a discussion about how it is important to
measure our own knowledge during assessments, and how it is not fair to
ourselves or those around us to steal others ideas. Guardians will be notified of
the students infraction.

Extreme Infractions
In cases of extreme disobedience or violence, the student will be removed
from the classroom and sent to the principal. If there is an instance where my

Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 16

class needs to be removed from the classroom to prevent them from getting
hurt or disoriented for the rest of the day, I will use the code words take a
vacation, that will signal the class to leave the classroom in an orderly fashion
and walk to the library or neighboring classroom. My coworkers will be aware
of this procedure. While the remainder of the class is out of the room, the
disobedient student will be calmed down by behavioral experts or myself and
removed from the room. There will be principal involvement when an extreme
infraction occurs. Parents will be immediate notified of the issue.

Parent Involvement
More than anything, I want the parent/guardian(s) of my students to be
aware of their successes and struggles in the classroom. As a teacher, I will be
present for a critical time period of growth and educational milestones for my
students- I want their guardians to feel like they have been a part of it. There
are several ways that I will ensure that the guardians of my students are

Back to School Night

At the beginning of the school year I will encourage the guardians of my
students to attend Back to School Night. Here, I will introduce myself to the
guardians, give them a brief overview of the fun activities that we will be doing
throughout the year, as well as tell them my expectations in terms of classroom
environment. Hopefully, by telling them the expectations that I have for their
child upfront, they will not be defensive if they are contacted with news that
their student is not performing adequately.

Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 17

At Back to School Night, guardians will also receive information about

the basic function of our Take Home folder. I will make sure that guardians are
aware that worksheets that are sent home in the Take Home folder will be due
the next day, and that remaining unfinished work for the week will be sent
home on Thursday nights. If this is a problem for some families, I will make
sure to make accommodations.
Parents will also receive a form to fill out and return on the first day of
school. This form will provide me with information on their child that will help
me to teach them to the best of my
abilities. It will also give guardians the

option to write their expectations for me for the school year ahead. The form
will include questions regarding the following information:











od of

















Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 18

net and a computer at

Does the student have

siblings in the school?

How does the student get

de of school


Continuous Communication
Like I stated earlier, I want my students guardians to be aware of their
childrens progress in the classroom. At the end of each week, students will go
home with a personal note from me written in their weekly planners. This note
could include topics like reminders, updates on behaviors, improvements in
specific content areas, or things to consider
practicing at home. It will be the responsibility of
the guardians to keep up to date with their
students planner.
When behavioral issues arise, guardians
will be contacted immediately or by the end of the
day. Behavioral issues are defined as: losing all
three of their Travelers Treasures that day, had a
major issue at specials/lunch/recess, or needed
to be removed from the classroom to have a
private conversation. Guardians will be notified of
the situation that happened and the plan that
was established to prevent the behavior in the future.
I will send out a monthly newsletter titled Miss Trappens Travel
Journal. This that will be sent home electronically for those that would prefer
to receive it over email and in Take Home folders for those that would prefer a
paper copy. It will include pictures and highlights of the month, volunteer
opportunities, as well as and things to look forward to in the month ahead.
It is very important to me that the guardians of my students trust my
ability to communicate. I will respond to all guardian emails and phone calls

before I go home each day.

Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 19

In the Classroom
I will have scheduled opportunities for guardians to visit and volunteer in
my classroom. Volunteer opportunities will be listed in Miss Trappens Travel
Journal each month. Guardians may be asked to come in to help with major
art or science projects, holiday parties, field trips, or culture days, in which we
learn about the different cultures of our classmates.
Volunteer opportunities will be very structured in my classroom.
Guardians will be given specific tasks and direction, so I can make sure that
order and obedience is maintained in the classroom. This being said, I will
always be open to ideas and suggestions before the day of volunteering, so
guardians feel that they are involved and active in planning the time that they
are in their students classroom.

It is at the responsibility of the guardian that their student arrives to
school on time. If excessive tardiness becomes an issue with a student, home
will be contacted. If the problem continues, the office will be contacted to
resolve the issue.

Teacher Expectations & Responsibilities

Professionalism & Ethics
As a teacher, it is essential that I hold myself to a high standard. This
includes looking and acting like a professional in my classroom. In addition to
this, I will maintain professional relationships between coworkers, guardians,
students, and I. Regardless of my personal opinions of anyone that I work with
as a teacher, it will always be my priority to provide a quality, unbiased
education for my students. All disagreements will be dealt with professionally,
and I will refrain from gossip. At the end of the day, the staff as a whole has the
same goal of creating successful learners- this will always be at the forefront of
my brain.

Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 20

It is my responsibility to provide a safe and respectful environment for my

students- this is a duty I take very seriously. All students personal and
educational information will be kept confidential and not a topic of discussionespecially between I and other students guardians. I will make sure that my
classroom is welcoming and a comfortable place to learn.
I will be timely and appropriate when communicating with coworkers and
guardians. This is essential in forming trust between my coworkers or student
guardians, and I. I want to be considered reliable among those that I work

Displaying Student Work

I consider it my responsibility to foster creativity and pride in my
students. One of the best ways to do this is by displaying the work that they
are most proud of. As I stated earlier, I will be displaying each students
Passport that is created in the beginning of the year. These Passports will be
displayed continuously throughout the year on the Passport to Learning
bulletin board as a reminder that they have committed to learning. I will also
use the hallway and classroom walls to display other projects throughout the
year to remind students to put effort into creating their best work.

I will make it my responsibility to ensure that there are no surprises at
conferences. I will do this by keeping consistent communication with my
students guardians regarding their progress and behavior.
Each student will have a small 3-ring binder that will hold examples of
exceptional and poor work to be displayed at conferences. This binder will also
include standardized test scores, documentation of the students behavior,
observations from staff members and myself, as well as goals and plans for
Prior to conferences, students will fill out a self-evaluation. Additionally,
they will have a one-on-one meeting with me to discuss how they are

Classroom Management Plan

Trappen 21

performing both academically and behaviorally in my classroom. I will assess

the students performance to compare to their self-evaluation.
If given the option, I will include my students in my conferences.
Everything that would be discussed with the students would be discussed with
the student before-hand. Not only do I think its important for the students to
be active in creating goals and the plans to achieve them, I think that young
students are incredible honest with their strengths and weaknesses. Having

guardians see that their students and I are on

the same page concerning the areas that need

improvement and that both the student and I have an active plan, guardians
will be less likely to blame their students performance on the teacher. This
being said, for more concerning topics that need
to be discussed further, I would have the student
exit the conference and speak one on one with the

Wong, H. K., & Wong, R. T. (2009). The First Days of School: How to Be an
Effective Teacher. Mountain View, CA: Harry K. Wong Publications, Inc.
Mackenzie, R., & Stanzione, L. (2010). PAT: A Motivational Gift that Keeps on
Giving. In Setting limits in the classroom: A complete guide to effective
classroom management with a school-wide discipline plan (3rd ed., pp.
64-83). New York: Three Rivers Press.


Classroom Management Plan

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