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Display Inspection Lot

Definition:Inspection lot is the request to inspect. Any inspection in SAP can be

carried out only with inspection lot. Different inspection types were
defined in SAP. Below are the important inspection types.
01 Goods Receipt inspection (inspecting material while
receiving from supplier). Automatic lot creation. Relevance
to stock posting.
03 In-process inspection. (Inspecting the material during
manufacturing). Automatic lot creation. No stock
04 Inspecting the material when receiving after completion
of production. Automatic lot creation. Relevance to stock
08 Inspection during stock transfer (inspection lot will be
created whenever the item is moved form one location to
another). Automatic lot creation. Relevance to stock
09 Recurring Inspection (inspection for material which are
handled in shelf life. To inspect the material at
periodic interval). Automatic lot creation through work
list. No stock relevance.
14 Test equipment inspection used in gauge calibration
89 Manual inspection lot creation (to record any unplanned
inspection details like third party inspection etc.,
Manual inspection lot can be created with 89 inspection

type). Manual lot creation. No stock relevance.

Some of the inspection types Inspection lot will be created
automatically during performing the relevant transaction. (e.g. while
preparing GR, 01 inspection lot will be created automatically).
Inspection type like 89, has to be created manually whenever required.
When the inspection type is stock relevant, initially quantity of
material received will be in Quality stock, after processing the
inspection lot (result recording and making usage decision), it has to
be moved from Quality stock to Unrestricted stock. There is no such a
process for inspection type which are Not stock relevant.
Objective :This document explain display of manual inspection lot. Inspection
type 89.
Prerequisites:Inspection Lot
Menu path :Logistics Quality Management Quality Inspection Inspection
Lot Processing QA03 Display


Press Twice on QA03 - Display


Maintain the following data:

Field Name
Inspection lot Enter value in
Inspection lot.


Press the Enter



Press <tab button> Insp. lot quantities

Display inspection lot


Press <tab button> Insp. specifications


Press <tab button> Usage decision


Press Display Batch Button

(Behind field Batch).


Press <tab button> Classification

Note: The Classification tab displays the Batch class and

characteristics used to classify the material.
Press Back F3 .

10. Press Display Material

Button (behind field material all the
way to the right) to display the material master for the material.

Note: The inspection setup in the material master can be displayed

from here.
11. Press Insp. setup Button

12. Press Cancel


13. Press Back F3

14. Press Exit

to leave the transaction