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Problem Statement

Empower and Encourage Students in Developing Countries

How might we keep children going to school safely in developing countries.
-Create a simple portable technology for children in developing countries on their journey to
school. The technology allows for safe travels while creating an interpersonal connection with
people in developed countries.
Emilio/Ecuador Kid
-cognitive development of a ten year old: social development, desire to make friends. But they
also want to be independent.
influence of development as a ten year old communicating with the stakeholder.
-still very curious at this age
-can begin doing tasks by themselves without supervision
-are able to understand and write paragraphs of complex sentences
-primarily agricultural workforce and main agriculture includes bananas, coffee, cacao, and rice.
-climates range from rainforests to warm humid temperatures
-Children in developing countries can often be discouraged from going to school due to the
distance and dangers while traveling.
-Parents, teachers and peers are direct influences on the children. The stakeholder sponsoring
the child with a backpack will also be an influence on them by communicating with the child and
encouraging them to stay in school.
-Keep children in school by allowing for safe travels and encouraging an interpersonal
connection with their stakeholder.
-On their journey to school, the students need water, protection from the weather, insulation, first
aid, transportation, and shoes.
learning tools
-books, pens/pencil, paperschool supplies
safety tools
-backpack, bandaids, gauze, antiseptic, tweezers
Millennial/Portland Brandon Fonda
-wants instant gratification/feedback
-social media oriented
-technologically savvy

-conscious of product quality and attention to detail

-interested in making a difference in the community
-Millennial is hesitant to take the initiative and purchase the product. He is also wary of the
credibility and quality of the product.
-Significant other is an influence as well as his parents, coworkers, and friends. Other influences
include social media personalities and celebrities. He has a strong education and wants to
influence younger generations to stay in school. He believes education is a catalyst for change
in the world.
-Wants to encourage children in developing to go to school and increase literacy.
-Needs social interaction and social media feedback.
tools used
-iPhone, wood working tools, computer, french press