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May ‘08


Dear Partners, this month. We are endeavoring to

reach more people with the Gospel
I pray this newsletter finds you and your family well and then ever before. Be a part this great
blessed. I wanted to share a special message with you that end-time harvest.
has been on my heart lately. If any of you watch the news
or read the newspaper you can see that we are living in Ecclesiastes 11:4 & 6, He who
uncertain times–economic catastrophe, a recession, high observes the wind and waits for all
oil prices, a sinking real estate market and the list goes conditions to be favorable will not
on. The situation looks bleak but the Word of God is and sow, and he who regards the clouds
should be our sure foundation. will not reap. 6 In the morning sow
your seed, and in the evening withhold not your hands, for
Genesis 26 paints a picture of that which is very similar as you know not which shall prosper, whether this or that, or
to today’s economic situations. There was a famine in the whether both alike will be good.
land, but Isaac took God at His Word and was obedient
to do all that the Lord commanded him. God was first Lord, I pray for each person and family reading this
place in Isaac’s life and even in the midst of a famine– newsletter. I pray a supernatural breakthrough in their
Isaac sowed and reaped a great harvest in the same year lives. I pray every need whether financially or physically be
(Genesis 26:12). met as they are obedient to You and to Your Word. Thank
you Lord for your blessings and favor that is raining down
As we seek first the Kingdom of God and honor Him by upon them today and everyday. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
bringing the hope of salvation to others and as we sow
our time and finances there is a release of that which we Thank you again for all of your continued prayers and
need. It makes no sense to sow or give when everything is financial support. We love you very much!
challenging you financially and the outlook does not seem
promising. This is when we as believers MUST prove our Ministering by His Grace and for His Glory!
faith and ACT on God’s Word. If we want to see bible
results and if we want to unlock realms of supernatural Sincerely,
ability in uncertain times, we must return to those things
in God’s Word that are certain to produce!

Whatever we do we must not conform to the world or

be found trying to cleave to the security of the world’s Doug & Janet Rowland
system, rather we must put our total trust and confidence
in God so we can let Him move in and through our lives. P.S.
Coming up in the month of September we are planning
Janet and I have seen God come through countless times our next mass crusade. Please pray about joining us on
–even many times when it seemed impossible. Seed-time this crusade. Log on to for more
and harvest works–even in the most difficult of times. info.
Please pray and ask God about sowing a special seed

Grace & Glory Ministries Int’l | 2804 Coastal Range Way | Lutz, FL 33559 | (813) 909-9184 |
May/June 2008
Sao Luis Brasil & Rio De Janeiro
September 2008
Honduras Mass Crusade
Log on to for more info.

2804 Coastal Range Way | Lutz, FL 33559
2804 Coastal Range Way
Lutz, FL 33559

A church on the mission field!

I have been blessed with the opportunity to go on several of the crusades with Brother
and Sister Rowland. There are many, many things that I could speak of, concerning the
crusades that take place, but I would like to focus on what I feel is important. To start
with, I would like to speak to and offer up a challenge to pastors of congregations, big and
small. We are a small congregation of about 30 to 40 people, nestled in the mountains of
North Georgia. I want to testify that ever since we have been involved with these crusades,

our little church has received the richest blessings, both financially and spiritually. I would estimate that over the last 18 months,
our finances have increased by at least 45%; It has changed our church in a way that it is hard to find words to describe. All I can
really say is that I have never been the same. I can honestly say, that you will do more living in that one week that your there than
you could ever imagine. Your life will truly be changed! Thanks you so much for the opportunity Doug, Janet and family. Thank
you for offering your lives as a sacrifice so the rest of us can have so much fun! We love you guys very much and we thank God
for letting our paths cross. You have not only brought great change to the nations, you have brought it to Crystal River Fellowship
and also to my personal life.

Pastor Frank Latherly