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which takes place, manifest or hidden, because it is an effect of His supreme will. [Pooya/Ali Commentary 6:59] Ayyashi reports that according to Imam Musa bin Jafar al Kazim, Imam Ali, while explaining verse 43 of al Rad, said: The book, mentioned in this verse, knowledge of which is stated to be with the witness who testifies to the prophethood of the Holy Prophet along with Allah; and the book, mentioned in verse 12 of Ya Sin, containing all things, which has been confined in a manifest or declared Imam, is the same clear book .

The Quran and the Wisdom
[4:113] - - waanzala Allahu AAalayka alkitaba waalhikmata waAAallama ka ma lam takun taAAlamu wakana fadlu Allahi AAalayka Aaatheeman - - - Allah revealeth unto thee the Scripture and wisdom, and teacheth thee that which thou knewest not. The grace of Allah toward thee hath been infinite.

Quran and teaching
[2:31] WaAAallama adama alasmaa kullaha And He taught Adam all the names. [4:113] waAAallamaka ma lam takun taAAlamu wakana fadlu Allahi Allah taught the Holy Prophet PBUH that which he knew not [96:5] AAallama alinsana ma lam yaAAlam Allah taught man that which he knew not [55:2] AAallama alqurana And He taught the Quran [55:3] Khalaqa alinsana

Allah says in this ayat clearly that the scripture and wisdom are separate things revealed to the Holy Prophet PBUH. When Allah gave the Prophet PBUH the book and wisdom the knowledge of the entire universe was in it.

[6:59] WaAAindahu mafatihu alghaybi la yaAAlamuha illa huwa wayaAAlamu ma fee albarri waalbahri wama tasqutu min waraqatin illa yaAAlamuha wala habbatin fee thulumati alardi wala ratbin wala yabisin illa fee kitabin mubeenin

In This Issue
• • • • • • Quran Wisdom Allah taught Iman Mubeen Rooh Areeza

Everything seen and unseen is ordered and regulated by the laws made by Him; the fresh and the withered, the living and the dead - nothing is outside the plan of His creation. Allah knows that

And He created man
In these last two verses Allah is referring to a special man. A man whom He taught the Quran and then created him. Imam Ali (AS) was born in the kaaba and when the Holy Prophet PBUH picked Imam Ali in his lap the baby opened his eyes and recited the ayats of sura mominoon. Thus the special man who was taught the Quran by Allah before he was created made himself known to all. [Pooya/Ali Commentary 55:3] Allah asked the angels to prostrate before Adam after breathing His spirit into him. The prostration was not made before the body of Adam but before the spirit of Allah which carried life or existence (hayat), knowledge (ilm) and authority (qudrat). As the angels did not have the knowledge taught to Adam, the command to accept Adam's superiority was just. It means that the integration of divine faculties in Adam took place because of the spirit of Allah which purified him. Adam was the grand sire of the thoroughly purified Ahl ul Bayt mentioned in Ahzab: 33.

"I was the prophet of Allah when Adam was between the stages of water and clay. It was my light (nur) which Allah created before all creation."
Thus "man" (insan) referred to in this verse is the divinely conditioned, integrated and perfected being of the Holy Prophet. It was this original purity of the Holy Prophet which, when was invested with Adam, entitled him to receive obeisance from the angels. The Holy Prophet's light passed through the progeny of Adam, manifested in the messengers and prophets of Allah, and reached Abdul Muttalib. Then it bifurcated into his two sons Abdullah and Abu Talib; and from Abdullah it manifested in Muhammad and from Abu Talib it manifested in Ali.

Purchase of the will of Allah

[2:207] And of mankind is he who would sell himself, seeking the pleasure of Allah; and Allah hath compassion on (His) bondmen. There are innumerable traditions from bothShi'ah and Sunni chains that this verse was revealed about 'Ali concerning his sacrifice on the night of hijrah,. Tafsir alburhan gives five of those chains from athTha'labi and others.

"We have gathered all things in a manifest Imam " (Ya Sin: 12)
There are some Islamic narrations available from the side of Ahl-ul-Bayt (a.s.) in which the Qur'ānic phrase: /'imāmin-mubīn/ has been rendered into 'Amir-ulMu'mineen Ali (a.s.). Among them is a tradition narrated from Imam Bāqir (a.s.) from his father, from his grandfather (a.s.) who said: "When this verse was revealed, Abūbakr and 'Umar stood up and said: 'O messenger of Allah! Is its purpose the Turah?' He answered: 'No'. They asked: 'Is it Bible?' He said: 'No'. They said: 'Is its purpose the Qur'ān?' He said: 'No'. At this time Amir-ulMu'mimeen Ali (a.s.)

came toward the Prophet (p.b.u.h.). As soon as the Messenger of Allah (p.b.u.h.) saw him, he said: 'This man is /'imām-in-mubīn/. He is the Imam in whom Allah, the Exalted, has numbered the knowledge of everything'." (Ma'ānīul-'Akhbār, by Sadūq)

The Holy Prophet said: "I and Ali are from one and the same light."
Then again these two rays of the divine light were united, through Ali and Fatimah, and manifested in Hasan, Husayn and the nine Imams in their progeny

[Pooya/Ali Commentary 17:85] Wayasaloonaka AAani alrroohi quli alrroohu min amri rabbee wama ooteetum mina alAAilmi illa qaleelan Aqa Mahdi Puya says: Ruh has been used in the Quran in various meanings:

The Holy Prophet said:

(i) The life or spirit breathed into Adam (Hijra: 29). (ii) The life in every conscious being. (iii) Isa is a word of Allah and a spirit (proceeding) from Him. (Nisa: 171). (iv) The Quran as mentioned in Shura: 52. (v) The spirit which comes down in the night of qadr with the angels (Quran: 4). (vi) The spirit which will stand with the angels on the day of resurrection. (Naba: 38) (vii) The holy ghost (Ma-idah: 11). (viii) The spirit sent to Maryam which appeared before her as a man. (Maryam: 17).

angels and the Spirit stand arrayed, they speak not, saving him whom the Beneficent alloweth and who speaketh right.
Aqa Mahdi Puya says: None shall have the right to address Allah to seek blessings or address others to convey His blessings save those whom He gives permission (the Holy Prophet and his Ahl ul Bayt). Verse 4 of Qadr confirms verse 38 of this surah that ruh (spirits) and malak (angels) are two different entities of the spiritual world.

Hadith Thaqalayn

[Pooya/Ali Commentary 40:15] RafeeAAu alddarajati thoo alAAarshi yulqee alrrooha min amrihi AAala man yashao min AAibadihi liyunthira yawma alttalaqi [40:15] The Exalter of Ranks, the Lord of the Throne. He causeth the Spirit of His command upon whom He will of His slaves, that He may warn of the Day of Meeting,
Aqa Mahdi Puya says: This verse and verse 52 of Shura refer to the light of divine attention

2-97 Al-Hassan ibn Abdullah ibn Sa’id al-Askari narrated that Muhammad ibn Hamdan al-Qushayri quoted Al-Muqayrih ibn Muhammad ibn al-Muhlib, on the authority of his father, on the authority of Abdullah ibn Davood, on the authority of Fuzayl ibn Mazooq, on the authority of Atiye al-Oafi, on the authority of Abi Sa’id al-Khidry that God’s Prophet (MGB) said, “I have left amongst you two things each of which is longer than the other one. They are the Book of God which is a Rope that extends from the heavens to the Earth and my Itrat. These two shall not be separated from each other until they meet me at the Heavenly Pool.[142] ” (The narrator of this tradition added:) I asked Abi Sa’id (al-Khidry), “Who are the Prophet’s Itrat?” He replied, “They are the members of his Holy Household.” proceeding from Allah's command which is cast upon whomsoever of His servants (His prophet or messenger) He wills. Thus Allah sends His rooh to those amongst men whom He wants to make a leader. This rooh can go from East to West in an instant and from the earth to the sky. The rooh knows the past and the present.

[Pooya/Ali Commentary 78:37] Yawma yaqoomu alrroohu waalmalaikatu saffan la yatakallamoona illa man athina lahu alrrahmanu waqala sawaban On the day when the

[Pickthal 15:29] So, when I have made him and have breathed into him of My Spirit, do ye fall down, prostrating yourselves unto him. Faitha sawwaytuhu wanafakhtu feehi min roohee faqaAAoo lahu sajideena
Thus the angels were to prostrate after Allah blew the Rooh into Adam. Issah is thus called Roohallah. He brings dead back to life. He knew all things hidden in peoples hearts. The rooh knows that which is in your hearts. This is only possible if the rooh knows you inside out. It reads your mind. Thus the Imam does not need to be told. you thought and he knows. At the time of the death of Imam Ali Al-Reza (AS) our 9th Imam was only 9 years old. Some people from among the followers of Ahlulbayt and others, doubted Imam’s eligibility to become Imam at this young age. Kulaini in his Kafi relates that the

Mutawalli of the Holy Ka’aba questioned Imam for several days before he was satisfied and accepted him as the Imam of the Time. Once a man was passing by and the Imam was was 7 or 10 years old. Imam Reza had just been martyred. The muslim man thought these shia are stupid and call this little boy Imam. The Imam said it is not as you think. The man fell at his feet and said you are the representative of the prophet without any doubt. This incident also illustrates that the Imam knows that which is in your heart.

The Ariza
In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful.I have written to you O my Master,may His mercy and blessing be on you, seeking a favour from you. I have complained to you for what has happened to me seeking solutions firstly from Allah and then from you for a matter that has obsessed me. I am helpless in combating the problem and for that I have resorted to seeking help from Allah and from you, knowing the status you have with Allah. I am confident that you will help me get the solution to my problems swiftly and that you will intercede on my behalf. I am helpless and moreover I am sinful, so help O my Master and present this problem to Allah and I pray to Him that He will solve this quickly and grant me victory and success in finding the solution to my problems. I am not able to carry or bear with it. Although I am responsible for the increase of my sins and ignorant about my responsibilities (Wajibats) from Allah which are given to me. So help me O my Master peace be upon you.During this time of problems and sorrow present my prayers to Allah before I compensate and before my enemies engulfs me, for you have shown me your blessings. So I pray to Allah for great salvation and near victory with calmness from all fears. For Allah is most high and does what he wants. Allah is sufficient for me from the beginning and in my hopes. Whatever Allah wishes there is neither strength nor any power except in Allah the high, the great.

As this collection of ayats shows us Allah revealed the Quran and the wisdom. He taught the prophets and the Imams all that they knew. The taught in addition a special man Imam Ali (AS) all the knowledge. Further all knowledge was collected in a manifest Imam. The Rooh which is with the Imam also knows all things. Therefore the Imam knows all things, thus if you were to write a letter to our 12th Imam he is aware of this areeza.

[When dropping the Ariza in the sea, we normally recite the following addressing Husain Bin Rawh, the 3rd Na’eb] of the 12th Imam] O Husain Bin Rawh, Salamun Alaikum. I bear witness that you died in the path of Allah and (hence) you are alive and are sustained by Allah. I am addressing you in your “life” which you lead with Allah – this is my note and wishes to the Master of the Era (the 12th Imam) (a.s), so please hand it over to him for you are indeed trustworthy.

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