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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

148 / Wednesday, August 2, 2006 / Proposed Rules 43681

to where the shoreline intercepts the submissions. Comments may also be Issued in Washington, DC, on July 28,
Honolulu VORTAC 15-mile radius, then submitted to the Federal eRulemaking 2006, by the Commission.
clockwise along the 15-mile radius of the Portal: Maria C. Alvarez-Kouns,
Honolulu VORTAC to intercept the Honolulu Paralegal Specialist.
VORTAC 241 radial, then northeast bound FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
along the Honolulu VORTAC 241 radial to [FR Doc. E6–12448 Filed 8–1–06; 8:45 am]
Rachel F. Berdansky, Acting Deputy
intercept the 4.3-mile radius south of Director for Market Compliance, (202) BILLING CODE 6351–01–P
Kalaeloa John Rogers Field, then
counterclockwise along the arc of the 4.3-
418–5429; or Sebastian Pujol Schott,
mile radius of Kalaeloa John Rogers Field, to Special Counsel, (202) 418–5641.
and counterclockwise along the arc of a 5- Division of Market Oversight, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND
mile radius of the Honolulu VORTAC to the Commodity Futures Trading SECURITY
Honolulu VORTAC 106° radial, then Commission, Three Lafayette Centre,
westbound along the Honolulu 106° radial to Bureau of Customs and Border
1155 21st Street, NW., Washington, DC Protection
the 4-mile radius of the Honolulu VORTAC, 20581.
then counterclockwise along the 4-mile
radius to intercept the Honolulu VORTAC SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On July 7, 19 CFR Parts 4 and 122
071° radial, thence to the point of beginning 2006, the Commission published and
and that airspace beginning at lat. 21 10′25″ [USCBP–2005–0003]
sought public comment on proposed
N., long. 158 11′22″ W.; to lat. 21 16′05″ N.,
long. 158 14′35″ W.; to lat. 21 16′30″ N., long
Acceptable Practices for Section 5(d)(15) RIN 1651–AA62
158 13′46″ W.; to lat. 21 16′50″ N., long. 158 of the Act (‘‘Core Principle 15’’). The
00′00″ W., to the point of beginning. proposed Acceptable Practices would Passenger Manifests for Commercial
provide designated contract markets Aircraft Arriving in and Departing From
* * * * * the United States; Passenger and Crew
(‘‘DCMs’’) with a safe harbor for
Dated: Issued in Los Angeles, California, Manifests for Commercial Vessels
compliance with selected aspects of
on July 21, 2006. Departing From the United States
Core Principle 15’s requirement that
Leonard A. Mobley,
they minimize conflicts of interest in AGENCY: Customs and Border Protection,
Acting Area Director, Western Terminal
their decision-making. The Department of Homeland Security.
Commission’s proposal contains four ACTION: Notice of proposed rulemaking;
[FR Doc. 06–6634 Filed 8–1–06; 8:45 am]
parts. First, the Board Composition extension of comment period.
Acceptable Practice proposes that DCMs
minimize potential conflicts of interest SUMMARY: This document provides an
by maintaining governing boards additional 60 days for interested
COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING composed of at least fifty percent persons to submit comments on the
COMMISSION ‘‘public’’ directors. Second, the proposed rule to amend the Customs
proposed Regulatory Oversight and Border Protection Regulations
17 CFR Part 38
Committee Acceptable Practice calls pertaining to the electronic transmission
RIN 3038–AC28 upon DCMs to establish board-level of passenger manifests for commercial
Regulatory Oversight Committees, aircraft arriving in and departing from
Conflicts of Interest in Self-Regulation the United States and of passenger and
composed solely of public directors, to
and Self-Regulatory Organizations crew manifests for commercial vessels
oversee regulatory functions. Third, the
AGENCY: Commodity Futures Trading Disciplinary Panel Acceptable Practice departing from the United States. The
Commission (‘‘Commission’’). proposes that each disciplinary panel at proposed rule provides air carriers a
ACTION: Extension of comment period. all DCMs include at least one public choice to make manifest transmissions
participant, and that no panel be either for each passenger as passengers
SUMMARY: On July 7, 2006, the dominated by any group or class of check in for the flight, up to but no later
Commission published proposed than 15 minutes prior to departure, or
exchange members. Finally, the
Acceptable Practices for section 5(d)(15) in batch form (a complete manifest
proposed Acceptable Practices provide a
of the Commodity Exchange Act containing all passenger data) no later
definition of ‘‘public’’ for DCM directors
(‘‘Act’’).1 Comments on the proposal than 60 minutes prior to departure. The
and for members of disciplinary panels. proposed rule also provides for vessel
were originally due by August 7, 2006.
Now, at the request of interested parties, By letters dated July 14 and July 17, carriers transmitting passenger and crew
the Commission is extending the 2006, the Chicago Board of Trade manifests no later than 60 minutes prior
comment period to September 7, 2006. (‘‘CBOT’’) and Chicago Mercantile to the vessel’s departure from the
DATES: Comments must be received by Exchange (‘‘CME’’), respectively, United States. The proposed rule was
September 7, 2006. requested that the original comment published in the Federal Register on
period be extended. CBOT requested an July 14, 2006, and the comment period
ADDRESSES: Written comments should
extension to at least September 6, and was scheduled to expire on August 14,
be sent to Eileen A. Donovan, Acting
CME requested an extension to at least 2006.
Secretary, Commodity Futures Trading
Commission, Three Lafayette Centre, September 7. Recognizing the DATES: Comments on the proposed rule
1155 21st Street, NW., Washington, DC significance of the issues raised in the must be received on or before October
20581. Comments may also be proposed Acceptable Practices, and to 12, 2006.
mstockstill on PROD1PC68 with PROPOSALS

submitted via E-mail at encourage the submission of meaningful ADDRESSES: You may submit comments, ‘‘Regulatory comments, the Commission has decided identified by docket number USCBP–
Governance’’ must be in the subject to grant the requests. The comment 2005–0003, by one of the following
field of responses submitted via E-mail, period for the Commission’s proposed methods:
and clearly indicated in written Acceptable Practices for Section 5(d)(15) (1) Federal eRulemaking Portal:
of the Act is hereby extended to Follow the
1 71 FR 38740 (July 7, 2006). September 7, 2006. instructions for submitting comments.

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