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1. What topic I like to work on?

2. For what grade or year level is my handout for?
3. What components do I include in my outline?
4. What type of graphic organizers/ flow charts/ schemas do I need to use?
5. What references do I use?

Subject Matter: Basic Skills in Playing Volleyball
Grade/ Year Level: 2nd Year High School


Definition/ history of volleyball

Basic Skills In Playing Volleyball
a. Spiking
b. Blocking
c. Tossing
d. Serving
Rules and Regulation in playing volleyball

Type of graphic organizers/ flow chart/ schema to use:


Definition/ history
of Volleyball

Rules and

Basic Skills in Playing


Basic Skills



Professor Ceasar T. Miguel
Volleyball Basic Coaching and Officiating Manual

1. What are the good features of a handout?


- Hand out plan is a guide for teachers to make his/her lesson more effective. This
will help the teachers in the learning process of the students. The quality of learning
can be improve because it is well organized, specific and clearly defined manner.
Without these hand out plan, your teaching process will not be effective to your
students and the teacher will hardly attain what his/her goal in teaching the lesson.
2. Which of these features are present in the handout I made?
- Well-organized, specific and clearly defined manner are some of the features
present in the hand out we made. Well-organized because the hand out we made
was effective and it has a sequence/ steps on what lessons we will be teaching.
Second, is specific. It is because our hand out was suitable and valid for our
learners. It is also because if our hand out is specific, the teaching learning process
will be flow calm and smoothly. And lastly, it is clearly defined manner because it
was clear to our learners the hand out we made.
3. Which features are not present in the handout I made?
- Having the three features in the hand out we made, it makes our lesson effective
to our students. As future teachers, it also helps us to make our lesson be easy to
impart to our students.


1. What difficulties, if any, did you encounter in making the handouts?

How did you overcome them?
2. What tips can you give teachers regarding preparation of handouts?
Shane Phoebe Olive E. Butalid:

Hand out is a set of guidelines for teachers on how they deliver their lesson.
Through the help on this hand out, the teaching process will be effective; the
flow of your teaching process will be continuous. On the part of the students,
they can easily get what is the lesson all about. In teaching learning process,
the subject matter is very important. The content of the lesson must be
suitable and valid for our students. The teacher must make sure that the
students are learning and also students must make sure that they are
learning. That at the end of the period, he/she must understand the content
of the lesson.
Hand out must also contain reliable information, content must appropriate for
your subject matter and appropriate for the learning of the students. If these
some features are present in the hand out of a teacher, then the teaching
learning process is effective and flow smoothly.

Julie Fe T. Catingub:

As a whole, hand outs are made in order for the teacher to have a guide
during his/her discussion. Through this hand out, the teaching strategies of
the teacher will be easier and effective. The topic or the flow of your teaching
process will be based on the hand out that youve made. Students can easily
get the target of the lesson if it is easy and understandable. Subject matter is
also important in making a hand outs. The topic should also suitable and has
reliable information to have a good and effective learning process with the
students. Students should also raise their questions if they do not understand
the teachers discussion. Teachers hand out should also be understandable
and big enough to make it presentable. It should contain good information
and must have appropriate teaching strategies.

Jessa Ree A. Boaquia:


For me, there is no any difficulties in making the handouts, because it is the
only guide of the teacher on how or what would be his or her lesson or
discussion to their students on that session. And also what would be the
activity that the students would encounter. They never have to be a problem.
That's because a teacher's presentation shouldn't be prepared in such a way
that they are essential for effectively delivering his remarks, but only
compliment what the teacher is sharing.

As a future teacher, in preparing handouts it should be easy to read, neat in

appearance, and free of grammatical or spelling errors, not wrinkled, dirty or
contain any other blemishes that may be distracting. Handouts should be
created at the same time that you are planning your session. This ensures
that the information you include will be tailored to that specific course. It's a
good idea to make copies of your handouts ahead of time to avoid problems
such as copier jams five minutes before your session begins.

Irene B. Buala:

As a future teacher, handouts is very important, it is printed information

prepared by the teacher for the students. In making a good handouts to my
students is not easy, but I will try my best for the better future of my
students. There are difficulties that I have encounter, because we all know
that nobodys perfect in this world, but except God, sometimes we make a
mistakes in doing something. Like in preparing a handouts, it should be good
and effective for the own good of my students. Sometimes the teacher should
think carefully and choose the right topic, so that the students can easily
recognize it. And also lack of information, ideas, procedures, and materials in
making the handouts that can affect the learning of the students.
To overcome these problems, the teacher should have enough time and make
an effort in preparing the handouts for his/ her students. The teacher should
make a research to get some information and ideas about the topic that he/
she going to discuss to the students and choose the right topic, so that the
students can easily recognized and understand it. The procedures in
handouts should be arranged in order, so that they can easily follow, and
understand a particular topic is all about. The materials should complete, it
can provide the needs of the teacher in making the handouts for the
Handout is book, just like a textbook prepared by a particular Lecturer/
teacher to give the students tips/ hints of a particular topic to9 be treated in
the class. Therefore, the features of a good handout are that it must contain
all the details of a particular topic is all about.
The tips that I can give, regarding in preparation of handouts are the
following; the topic should be easily recognized and understand by the
students and also familiar to them. It should have important data so that later
on nobody can say that something was missing from handout. Data which is
very important must be underlined or highlight, so that it is easy to the
students to find out the important data. Dont include too much information,
otherwise it can be cluttered, it can be brief as possible. It should have
diagrams for better understanding and very big or complicated language to
read and understand. Every particular thing should be clear, up to the point

and understandable. It is best, if the handouts are only one side of a sheet of
paper, to make it not difficult to the part of the students to study.
When handouts are poorly designed, they will very likely be discarded. By
contrast, quality handouts are used and ensure that your handouts are
remembered favorably. People generally forget almost of everything that is
said to them within 24 hours. Handouts help your students to recall and apply
the details that tend to fade away with time.