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40718 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

137 / Tuesday, July 18, 2006 / Notices

copy of the comment that does not or organize comments by referencing a vii. Explain your views as clearly as
contain the information claimed as CBI Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) part possible, avoiding the use of profanity
must be submitted for inclusion in the or section number. or personal threats.
public docket. Information so marked iii. Explain why you agree or disagree; viii. Make sure to submit your
will not be disclosed except in suggest alternatives and substitute comments by the comment period
accordance with procedures set forth in language for your requested changes. deadline identified.
40 CFR part 2. iv. Describe any assumptions and
II. What Action is the Agency Taking?
2. Tips for preparing your comments. provide any technical information and/
When submitting comments, remember or data that you used. This notice announces receipt by the
to: v. If you estimate potential costs or Agency of an application from the
i. Identify the document by docket ID burdens, explain how you arrived at registrant to delete uses in certain
number and other identifying your estimate in sufficient detail to pesticide registrations. This registration
information (subject heading, Federal allow for it to be reproduced. is listed in Table 1 of this unit by
Register date and page number). vi. Provide specific examples to registration number, product name,
ii. Follow directions. The Agency may illustrate your concerns and suggest active ingredients, and specific uses
ask you to respond to specific questions alternatives. deleted:

EPA Registration Product Name Active Ingredient Delete from Label

3008-60 ACC 50% Wood Preservative Copper Oxide (14.07%)Chromic All residential uses

Users of these products who desire withdrawal in writing to the person of Scientific and Technical Information
continued use on sites being deleted named under FOR FURTHER INFORMATION (Draft Staff Paper) (Chapters 1–5 and 7–
should contact the applicable registrant CONTACT using the methods in 8). Chapter 6 (Staff Conclusions on the
before August 17, 2006 to discuss ADDRESSES. The Agency will consider Primary Ozone National Ambient Air
withdrawal of the application for written withdrawal requests postmarked Quality Standards) of the Draft Staff
amendment. This 30–day period will no later than August 17, 2006. Paper will be made available on or
also permit interested members of the V. Provisions for Disposition of Existing about July 25, 2006. The purpose of the
public to intercede with registrants prior Stocks Staff Paper is to evaluate the policy
to the Agency’s approval of the deletion. implications of the key scientific and
Table 2 of this unit includes the name The registrant is no longer technical information contained in a
and address of record for the registrant manufacturing or distributing this related EPA document, Air Quality
of the product listed in Table 1 of this product, and has requested no existing Criteria for Ozone and Related
unit, by EPA company number. stocks provision. Photochemical Oxidants, required
List of Subjects under sections 108 and 109 of the Clean
TABLE 2.—REGISTRANT REQUESTING Air Act (CAA) for use in the periodic
Environmental protection, Pesticides
AMENDMENT TO DELETE USES IN and pests, acid copper chromate, ACC. review of the national ambient air
CERTAIN PESTICIDE REGISTRATIONS quality standards (NAAQS) for ozone.
Dated: July 12, 2006. The OAQPS also will make available
Company name and Frank Sanders,
EPA company no. address for public review and comment related
Director, Antimicrobials Division, Office of draft technical support documents,
3008 Osmose, Inc.980 Pesticide Programs. Ozone Population Exposure Analysis for
Ellicott St.Buffalo, [FR Doc. E6–11342 Filed 7–17–06; 8:45 am] Selected Urban Areas (draft Exposure
NY 14209-2398 BILLING CODE 6560–50–S Analysis), Ozone Health Risk
Assessment for Selected Urban Areas
III. What is the Agency’s Authority for (draft Risk Assessment), and Technical
Taking this Action? ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Report on Ozone Exposure, Risk and
AGENCY Impact Assessments for Vegetation
Section 6(f)(1) of FIFRA provides that
a registrant of a pesticide product may [EPA–HQ–OAR–2005–0172; FRL–8198–8] (draft Environmental Assessment).
at any time request that any of its Availability of Documents
pesticide registrations be amended to Draft Staff Paper for Ozone
delete one or more uses. The Act further AGENCY: Environmental Protection The following documents are
provides that, before acting on the Agency (EPA). available for review by the CASAC
request, EPA must publish a notice of ACTION: Notice of a draft for public Ozone Panel in the form of printed
receipt of any such request in the review and comment. copies and a CD–ROM containing these
Federal Register. Thereafter, the electronic files or by downloading the
Administrator may approve such a SUMMARY: On or about July 18, 2006, the documents from the EPA Web
request. Office of Air Quality Planning and site:
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

Standards (OAQPS) of EPA will make standards/ozone/s_o3_cr_sp.html for

IV. Procedures for Withdrawal of available for public review and the Staff Paper and
Request comment a draft document, Review of ttn/naaqs/standards/ozone/s_o3_
Registrants who choose to withdraw a the National Ambient Air Quality cr_td.html for the technical support
request for use deletion must submit the Standards for Ozone: Policy Assessment documents and staff memos.

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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 137 / Tuesday, July 18, 2006 / Notices 40719

DATES: Comments on the Draft Staff about EPA’s public docket visit the EPA • Describe any assumptions and
Paper, draft Exposure Analysis, draft Docket Center homepage at http:// provide any technical information and/
Risk Assessment, and draft or data that you used.
Environmental Assessment should be Docket: All documents in the docket • If you estimate potential costs or
submitted on or before September 18, are listed in the burdens, explain how you arrived at
2006. index. Although listed in the index, your estimate in sufficient detail to
some information is not publicly allow for it to be reproduced.
ADDRESSES: Submit your comments, • Provide specific examples to
available, e.g., CBI or other information
identified by Docket ID No. EPA–HQ– illustrate your concerns, and suggest
whose disclosure is restricted by statute.
OAR–2005–0172 by one of the following alternatives.
Certain other material, such as
methods: • Explain your views as clearly as
copyrighted material, will be publicly
• Follow the possible, avoiding the use of profanity
available only in hard copy. Publicly
on-line instructions for submitting or personal threats.
available docket materials are available
comments. • Make sure to submit your
either electronically in
• E-mail: comments by the comment period or in hard copy at
• Fax: 202–566–1741. deadline identified.
the address listed above for hand
• Mail: Docket EPA–HQ–OAR–2005–
delivery of comments. This Docket II. Background on the Ozone NAAQS
0172, Environmental Protection Agency,
Facility is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 Review
Mailcode 6102T, 1200 Pennsylvania
p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding
Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20460. Section 108(a) of the CAA directs the
legal holidays. The Docket telephone
Please include a total of two copies. Administrator to identify certain
number is 202–566–1742.
• Hand Delivery: Public Reading pollutants which ‘‘may reasonably be
anticipated to endanger public health
1301 Constitution Avenue, NW., David McKee, Office of Air Quality
and welfare’’ and to issue air quality
Washington, DC. Such deliveries are Planning and Standards (Mail Code
criteria for them. These air quality
only accepted during the Docket’s C504–06), U.S. Environmental
criteria are to ‘‘accurately reflect the
normal hours of operation, and special Protection Agency, Research Triangle
Park, NC 27711; e-mail: latest scientific knowledge useful in
arrangements should be made for indicating the kind and extent of all
deliveries of boxed information.; telephone: (919)
541–5288; fax: (919) 541–0237. identifiable effects on public health or
Instructions: Direct your comments to welfare which may be expected from the
presence of [a] pollutant in the ambient
0172. The EPA’s policy is that all I. What Should I Consider as I Prepare air * * *’’ Under section 109 of the
comments received will be included in My Comments for EPA? CAA, EPA is then to establish NAAQS
the public docket without change and for each pollutant for which EPA has
1. Submitting CBI. Do not submit this
may be made available online at issued criteria. Section 109(d) of the
information to EPA through, including any CAA subsequently requires periodic or e-mail. Clearly
personal information provided, unless review and, if appropriate, revision of
mark the part or all of the information
the comment includes information existing air quality criteria to reflect
that you claim to be CBI. For CBI
claimed to be Confidential Business information in a disk or CD–ROM that advances in scientific knowledge on the
Information (CBI) or other information you mail to EPA, mark the outside of the effects of the pollutant on public health
whose disclosure is restricted by statute. disk or CD–ROM as CBI and then and welfare. Also, EPA is to retain or,
Do not submit information that you identify electronically within the disk or if appropriate revise, the NAAQS based
consider to be CBI or otherwise CD–ROM the specific information that on the revised criteria, which have
protected through is claimed as CBI. In addition to one undergone review by the Clean Air
or e-mail. The Web complete version of the comment that Scientific Advisory Committee
site is an ‘‘anonymous access’’ system, includes information claimed as CBI, a (CASAC).
which means EPA will not know your copy of the comment that does not The CASAC, which is comprised of
identity or contact information unless contain the information claimed as CBI seven members appointed by the EPA
you provide it in the body of your must be submitted for inclusion in the Administrator, was established under
comment. If you send an e-mail public docket. Information so marked section 109(d)(2) of the CAA (42 U.S.C.
comment directly to EPA without going will not be disclosed except in 7409) as an independent scientific
through, your e- accordance with procedures set forth in advisory committee, in part to provide
mail address will be automatically 40 CFR part 2. advice, information, and
captured and included as part of the 2. Tips for Preparing Your Comments. recommendations on the scientific and
comment that is placed in the public When submitting comments, remember technical aspects of issues related to air
docket and made available on the to: quality criteria and NAAQS under
Internet. If you submit an electronic • Identify the rulemaking by docket sections 108 and 109 of the CAA. The
comment, EPA recommends that you number and other identifying CASAC is a Federal advisory committee
include your name and other contact information (subject heading, Federal under the Federal Advisory Committee
information in the body of your Register date and page number). Act (FACA), as amended, 5 U.S.C., App.
comment and with any disk or CD–ROM • Follow directions—The agency The CASAC Ozone Review Panel
you submit. If EPA cannot read your may ask you to respond to specific consists of the members of the chartered
comment due to technical difficulties questions or organize comments by CASAC, is supplemented by subject-
and cannot contact you for clarification, referencing a Code of Federal matter experts, and complies with the
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

EPA may not be able to consider your Regulations (CFR) part or section provisions of FACA.
comment. Electronic files should avoid number. Ozone is one of six ‘‘criteria’’
the use of special characters, any form • Explain why you agree or disagree; pollutants for which EPA has
of encryption, and be free of any defects suggest alternatives and substitute established air quality criteria and
or viruses. For additional information language for your requested changes. NAAQS. Presently, EPA is reviewing

VerDate Aug<31>2005 16:25 Jul 17, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00034 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\18JYN1.SGM 18JYN1
40720 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 137 / Tuesday, July 18, 2006 / Notices

the criteria and NAAQS for ozone. This received on those plans have been nonbanking company complies with the
review includes preparation of two key considered in developing the draft standards in section 4 of the BHC Act
documents, the Air Quality Criteria for Exposure Analysis, Risk Assessment (12 U.S.C. 1843). Unless otherwise
Ozone and Related Photochemical and Environmental Assessment noted, nonbanking activities will be
Oxidants (‘‘Criteria Document’’) and a technical support documents being conducted throughout the United States.
related ‘‘Staff Paper.’’ The purpose of released at this time. The exposure Additional information on all bank
the Staff Paper is to evaluate the policy analysis, risk assessment, and holding companies may be obtained
implications of the key scientific and environmental assessment from the National Information Center
technical information contained in the methodologies and results are also website at
Criteria Document and identify critical discussed in the second Draft Staff Unless otherwise noted, comments
elements that EPA staff believe should Paper. regarding each of these applications
be considered in reviewing the NAAQS. The EPA is soliciting advice and must be received at the Reserve Bank
The Staff Paper is intended to ‘‘bridge recommendations from the CASAC by indicated or the offices of the Board of
the gap’’ between the scientific review means of a peer review of the second Governors not later than August 14,
contained in the Criteria Document and Draft Staff Paper and drafts of the 2006.
the public health and welfare policy Exposure Analysis, Risk Assessment, A. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
judgments required of the Administrator and Environmental Assessment at an (Richard Walker, Community Affairs
in reviewing the NAAQS. upcoming public meeting of the CASAC Officer) P.O. Box 55882, Boston,
In January 2005, a first external scheduled for August 24 and 25, 2006. Massachusetts 02106-2204:
review draft of the Criteria Document A Federal Register notice will inform 1. Fidelity Mutual Holding Company
was released by EPA for public review the public of the location of that and Life Design Holding Company, both
and comment and for review by the meeting. Following the CASAC meeting, of Fitchburg, Massachusetts; to become
CASAC of EPA’s Science Advisory EPA will consider comments received a bank holding company by acquiring
Board (70 FR 4850, January 31, 2005) at from CASAC and the public in Fidelity Co-Operative Bank, Fitchburg,
a public meeting held in May 2005. preparing a final Staff Paper and final Massachusetts.
Comments received from review of the Exposure Analysis, Risk Assessment, B. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
first draft document were considered in and Environmental Assessment (Patrick M. Wilder, Assistant Vice
preparing the second draft Criteria technical support documents. President) 230 South LaSalle Street,
Document released for public review Chicago, Illinois 60690-1414:
and comment in August 2005 (70 FR Dated: July 13, 2006.
1. Oakland Financial Services, Inc.,
51810, August 31, 2005). Based on this Mary E. Henigin, Oakland, Iowa; to aquire up to 33.3
document, the first Draft Staff Paper was Acting Director, Office of Air Quality Planning percent of the non voting equity of Otoe
released in November 2005 (70 FR and Standards. County Bancorporation, Inc., Nebraska
69761, November 17, 2005), and [FR Doc. E6–11343 Filed 7–17–06; 8:45 am] City, and thereby indirectly acquire
reviewed at a public meeting on BILLING CODE 6560–50–P Otoe County Bank & Trust Company,
December 8, 2005. Based on the Nebraska City, Nebraska.
information contained in the final 2. Southwest Company, Sidney, Iowa;
Criteria Document, released in March FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM to acquire up to 33.3 percent of the non
2006 (71 FR 10030, February 28, 2006), voting equity of Otoe County
the second Draft Staff Paper includes Formations of, Acquisitions by, and Bancorporation, Inc., Nebraska City,
assessments and analyses related to: (1) Mergers of Bank Holding Companies Nebraska, and thereby indirectly acquire
Air quality characterization; (2) Otoe County Bank & Trust Company,
integration and evaluation of health The companies listed in this notice
have applied to the Board for approval, Nebraska City, Nebraska.
information; (3) exposure analysis; (4)
pursuant to the Bank Holding Company Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
health risk assessment; and (5)
Act of 1956 (12 U.S.C. 1841 et seq.) System, July 13, 2006
evaluation of information on vegetation
(BHC Act), Regulation Y (12 CFR part Robert deV. Frierson,
damage and other welfare effects. The
second Draft Staff Paper contains staff 225), and all other applicable statutes Deputy Secretary of the Board.
conclusions and options with respect to and regulations to become a bank [FR Doc. E6–11322 Filed 7–17–06; 8:45 am]
possible retention or revision of the holding company and/or to acquire the BILLING CODE 6210–01–S
current primary (health-based) and assets or the ownership of, control of, or
secondary (welfare-based) standards and the power to vote shares of a bank or
identifies alternative standards for bank holding company and all of the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM
consideration by the Administrator. banks and nonbanking companies
The draft Exposure Analysis, Risk owned by the bank holding company, Sunshine Act Meeting
Assessment and Environmental including the companies listed below. AGENCY HOLDING THE MEETING: Board of
Assessment technical support The applications listed below, as well Governors of the Federal Reserve
documents describe and present the as other related filings required by the System.
results from an ozone exposure analysis Board, are available for immediate
TIME AND DATE: 11:30 a.m., Monday, July
and health risk assessment in several inspection at the Federal Reserve Bank
24, 2006.
urban areas, and the impact of ozone on indicated. The application also will be
the environment. Draft plans upon available for inspection at the offices of PLACE: Marriner S. Eccles Federal
which these assessments are based, the the Board of Governors. Interested Reserve Board Building, 20th and C
Ozone Health Assessment Plan: Scope persons may express their views in Streets, NW., Washington, DC 20551.
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

and Methods for Exposure Analysis and writing on the standards enumerated in STATUS: Closed.
Risk Assessment and the Scope and the BHC Act (12 U.S.C. 1842(c)). If the MATTERS TO BE CONSIDERED:
Methods for Environmental Assessment proposal also involves the acquisition of 1. Personnel actions (appointments,
Plan, were previously reviewed by a nonbanking company, the review also promotions, assignments,
CASAC and the public. Comments includes whether the acquisition of the reassignments, and salary actions)

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