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Day 1: What is Church


4. What do you think is the aim of ministry? As we serve and love

one another, what are we trying to do?



The New Testament says the same thing in many different ways:
Christians are commanded to serve one another. None of the words
for service or ministry is restricted to the ordained clergy. All
members are enslaved to one another. We all have obligations to one
another. Whether our service is in word or in deed, it is a religious
duty for all Christians. Whether we are ordained or not, we are all
called to serve the Lord by serving one another.

(write your own prayer)

Scripture Verse: Lets read 1 Corinthians 12: 12- 30


Discovery Questions

The word ministry is used to describe the Greek term

Diakonia. Diakonia is used to describe:
a. Acts 6:4 Ministry of the ________
b. 2 Corinthians 3:8 Ministry of the _______
c. 2 Corinthians 5:18 Ministry of _____________

2. Diakonia basically means to serve. Read Matthew 20:28 and

name one person who came to serve and not be served.
3. From your understanding, who should serve and be in ministry?

Day 2: Ministry of
Servanthood is the state, condition or quality of one who lives as a
servant. For Christians, we are to submit to God first and then to each
other. Jesus came as a servant with a commitment to serve. Just
think, if He had come to be served, redemption would not have
happened. Likewise our failure to live as servants throws up a huge
barrier to effective ministry as representatives of Him.
Scripture Verse: Lets read Matthew 20:20-28

Discovery Questions

From the scripture you just read, what did the mother asked
of Jesus.

2. What do you think was the intention of that request? Was it a

servanthood attitude or was it something self-centered?

Jesus calls us to serve others. He taught that ministry begins with the
attitude of servanthood. The excellence of our gifts and abilities is
not the primary issue in effective ministry. Rather, Jesus taught that
servanthood is the standard of great ministry.

3. How did Jesus reply them and why did He say that? In Verse
25, what did he want to teach them?

4. In seeking to develop a servants heart, Christians naturally

face opposing forces of the world, the flesh, and the devil, all
of which are directed toward promoting selfish concerns.
What do you think are some of the dangers when we are so
caught up with ourselves as we serve?

5. List one take back point from todays devotion.

Scripture Verse: Lets read 1 Peter 4:10-11

Discovery Questions

Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade noted four servant

qualities. Elaborate on the qualities based on your own
a. Sacrifice:
b. Humility:
c. Encouragement:
d. Giving:

2. As you prayerfully consider the ministry to serve in, allow God

to speak to you specifically on it. List down the difference

(write your own prayer)

Day 3: Qualities of a
servant of God

between talents, skills and spiritual gifts.

Spiritual Gifts


3. Read Philippians 2:1-8 and list down one take away point from

responsibility of caring for itself. Paul in Romans 12:5 said so in Christ

we who are many form one body and each member belongs to all the
others. Paul wanted believers in the local church to have a deep sense
of responsibility toward one another. Lets discover together why we
should be involved in a ministry in our own church.

4. Are you currently already serving in a ministry? What led you

to serve here.

Discovery Questions:

Lets read Eph 2:10. List down the key point of our creation as
stated in this verse.

5. Even if you are already serving, spend some time reflecting on

your talents, skills and spiritual gifts. Surrender this to the
Lord in prayer and seek Him to guide you the ministry to serve

(write your own prayer)

Day 4: Why be
involved in your local
Ownership is at the heart of passionate Ministry. We know that the
church belongs to God. But God has also given the church the

2. According to 1 Corinthians 12 and the lesson we had earlier on

spiritual gifts, why do you think we are uniquely gifted? What
is the purpose of these gifts?

3. Meditate on Hebrews 2: 20-22. Sometimes we feel that we

lack the right skills and abilities to do certain things and thus
avoid serving all together. In your opinion, do you think that
matters to God? Why?

4. How does our level of faith play a part when we choose to

serve Him especially when we feel inadequate? Who is in
control then?

(write your own prayer)

Day 5: A new level of

Our role in ministry requires obedience to Gods plan. Finding your
place in ministry in the local church is an adventure of faith. However,
achieving a new level of service does not mean you become more
important in other peoples eyes. Ministry is always about serving
others unselfishly. Prayerfully consider these steps to your next level
in ministry:

Continue to study and memorize the scripture as this will be a

tool to minister to others
b. Read and study books
c. Faithfully develop a devotional lifestyle everyday
d. Be flexible and patient. Sometimes Gods ways are different
from yours


Develop loyalty and faithfulness to your church and others

Consult Godly individuals about your interests and talents and
get them to pray along with you
Never allow your weaknesses to be a discouragement

Discovery Questions:

Is there anything that is hindering your right now from

serving? List down your struggles.

2. What do you think can be done to overcome these struggles.

3. Spend some time in prayer seeking God and asking Him to show
you a ministry that you can serve in. YF and the church have
many ministries. Ask God to guide you as you pray.