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RPSC RJS 2008 From: jaipurite + Subscribe
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08 / 29 / 2008 Category:
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Rajasthan Judicial SErvices 2008
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Rajasthan Judicial SErvices 2008
exam, Judicial, RJS
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ukllb Scribbled:
Any idea when results will decleared..?
03 / 22 / 2009Reply jaipurite Scribbled:
Hi Radhika, you can check those from some bookstore in Tonk Phatak area and
Chaura Rasta of Jaipur. I don't think you will get them online. cheers !
01 / 08 / 2009Reply radhika.visionunlimited2841 Scribbled:
Hi there, I am preparing for RJS exams. So can anyone pls provide me previous
year papers of RJS. Civil,criminal,english&hindi
12 / 29 / 2008Reply Trending on Scribd:Academy Awards, Calendars, Iditarod,
comics... Scribd
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