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Eye for an eye

By John Mae Paule XD

Crimes are everywhere. It can happen at any day, any hour and any moment.
Well, I dont say that criminals have been part of our daily lives but these people are
harmful for every citizen. And we should do something to prevent it. Some
criminals commit a crime because they have no other option to survive, but some
do it for fun. For example, crimes such as rapes and murders are something that we
need to stop. I dont recommend death penalty for all the crimes happening in this
country. A person who stole bread from a grocery store doesnt deserve a death
penalty. However, a rapist who was proven that he had raped a child for his selfenjoyment and lust deserves to be punished by the law. I think Death Penalty is the
best way to lighten up the darkness in our country.
There are a lot of reasons why I encouraging our country to implement the
Capital Punishment or Death penalty. First, it will fear criminals not to commit
crimes. Everyone fears death, even animals. Second, there are a lot of chances to
prove a criminal if he/she is the real culprit or not. There are a lot of trials that will
happen before he/she will be punished by the law. Third, I believe the saying, An
eye for an eye.
The crime rate here in the Philippines is rising. According to a survey, the
crime rate at Manila, alone is 65.50. And it only has 34.50 Safe Index. In addition to
this, the worst problem that Philippines is fighting on is corruption and bribery. And
it is followed by vandalism, theft and drugs. These prove that this country needs a
new reformed law. In other words, we need to have a bigger fist so criminals will be
scared on doing crimes in every place and every time.
Death Penalty will deter people not to commit crimes. Some country uses this
kind of Justice System such as China and Indonesia. I know we are already aware
that there are a lot of Filipinos who are convicted in these countries. One of the
recent convictee is Mary Jane Veloso, a Filipino mother of two sons who was
sentenced to death for drug trafficking, who has been proven innocent til a day
before the firing squad was scheduled. Indonesia has been very precise in doing
actions for their country. They are doing what they can to stop and end the illegal
drug activities in their country. They have a strong and tight law that was
implemented so that people will fear to never do a thing, same as China.
Philippines, who has been a country of many crimes, needs some reform to
stop these wrong activities. Death Penalty was used already when the time of
Martial Law. Deterrence became the official justification of the death penalty. As a
result, the crimes possession of firearms, arson, hijacking, embezzlement, drugrelated offenses, unlawful possession of firearms, illegal fishing and cattle rustling
have been decreasing. But when Cory Aquino has been the president of the country,
she abolished the law. All the death penalty has been replaced by reclusion
Perpetua or life imprisonment. Consequently, the heinous crimes were increasing.
Fidel Ramos in the other hand reimposed the death penalty by being a Republic Act
7659 to solve the rising criminalities in the Philippines.
In short, Death Penalty is the best way to solve these heinous crimes that we
are all experiencing these days. We need a new reform to decrease these problems
of our society. We need to give justice for families and people who are suffering
because of these wrong activities. Lastly, We need to change our Justice System to
be more efficient and effective for everyone. Because I believe that Death Penalty
will give us light in our dark days.