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Creating Love

a guide to finding and attracting love

Also by the author The Seven Rays Psychic Self-Defense
Creating Love
a guide to finding and attracting love
Samantha Stevens
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Table of Contents Introduction: What is Love? Chapter One: Soulmate or Karmic Le
sson? Chapter Two: Smile Millionaires Chapter Three: The Power of the Spoken Wor
d Chapter Four: Tools For Manifestation Chapter Five: Candle Burning Rituals Cha
pter Six: Angels and Saints of Love Chapter Seven: Gods and Goddesses of Love Ch
apter Eight: Charms and Talismans Chapter Nine: Love is in the Earth: Herb, Root
s and Plants Chapter Ten: Love is in the Earth: Rocks, Stones and Gems Chapter E
leven: Little Love Rituals Chapter Twelve: The Tablet of Venus Chapter Thirteen:
Kitchen Witchery Chapter Fourteen: Feng Shui for Love Chapter Fifteen: The Ten
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Samantha Stevens
What is Love? The intention of this book is to examine how various cultures have
used magic or soul work to manifest love. However, love is not so much a goal a
s an action. Perhaps the main value of the exercises and rituals included in thi
s collection is that they get the ball rolling in terms of encouraging an indivi
dual to "fake it 'til they make it." After all, practicing magic or rituals is j
ust another way of acting out your intentions. However, before deciding to embar
k on some of the practices in this book, remember the old adage "Be careful what
you wish for - you just might get it!" Unfortunately, most people fit in with O
scar Wilde's definition of love: "love is the desire to be desired by someone el
se." The failure of love is also the failure of others to be a positive reflecti
on of who we think we are. Love is something we want, yet, so many times, we ref
use to give it ourselves. It is an expectation. Yet so few of us take the time t
o examine what it is that we have to offer others in a relationship. In today's
modern world, love is often reduced to an opportunity to act out our socalled pa
ssions (which are often neuroses) on individuals that we believe are our soulmat
es. In my experience, true love that is Divinely inspired is more than just a fl
attering reflection of our desires. Love is not love if it is accompanied by fee
lings that are antithetical to its nature, such as resentment, jealousy, anxiety
, lust or attachment. Love is an easy, effortless way of being, as opposed to in
fatuation or obsession. True love cannot exist in a state of duality. It is a he
althy, holistic condition. That is
Creating Love
why they say we cannot love another until we have learned to love ourselves. Hat
ing yourself and expecting to love others is a duplicit state. Use the mirror of
the Higher Self as the measure by which you judge yourself, not through the app
roval or rejection of others. Love is the result of performing actions that are
based on truths that satiate the soul. You know you are basking in a state of ac
tual love if you feel a deep sense of stillness, well being and peace of mind. Y
ou can believe that you have found a soulmate but still feel lonely or empty ins
ide. That something that is missing from the relationship may not be the fault o
f another person, it may be the fault of your own absence. If you have an expect
ation of receiving love, you might be unable to commit fully to the idea of givi
ng love. Most of us perceive love—especially conditional love —as something that
is not acquired unless we make a big sacrifice. Love is not about the fine art
of compensation. If a situation splits your mind or soul in two, then it is not
love, as love does not have a duplicit nature. Love IS and IS OF itself. Creatin
g love is not about owning another person. It is about generating a cycle of ene
rgy that easily regenerates to create more love. To create love, you must welcom
e the well-being and happiness of yourself and of others into your heart. This i
ncludes your worst enemy. Otherwise, you are simply creating the kind of divisio
ns that are antithetical to love's autonomous self-sustenance. People who seem t
o be "lucky" in love, who always seem to create loving relationships and be frie
nds with each other, tend to share some practices in common. They take care of t
heir health, see choices and options where others see none, find happiness in li
ving in the
Samantha Stevens
present, and give love freely without expecting approval in return. This self-lo
ve is crucial as it raises your vibration in accordance with the principle of "l
ike attracts like." If you are anxious or attached to finding love, then you wil
l only attract more anxiety and anxious attachments into your life. If you feel
that love must cost you in some way, then you will probably lead a life that is
enslaved by this notion. When it comes to love, you usually name the game you ar
e playing with your attitudes and perceptions. If you believe that you destroy t
he thing you love, then you probably will. If you believe that each person has o
nly one soulmate in life, and that you met him or her twenty years ago and that
was that, then you probably won't be given the opportunity to love anyone else i
n the future. Part of creating love is creating the perception that we live in a
benevolent Universe where there is a supply for every demand. It is about faith
in your own ability to create a successful life-script for yourself by naming t
he world you live in as a place that is filled with unlimited love, abundance an
d opportunity. Cultivating your own unlimited capacity to love encourages this b
elief. If you are worried about love, then you do not love. Love and anxiety are
not compatible states. To be truly loving, you must become unattached to lust a
nd desire. Love can be compared to the most powerful chemical in the Universe. I
t dissolves and negates all things that are not of itself. Creating love is abou
t finding that point of stillness inside that can help you manifest your own cap
abilities to inspire others to love you.
Creating Love
Chapter One
Soulmate or Karmic Lesson? The idea of the soulmate, or the twin flame, is proba
bly one of the most controversial concepts in metaphysics. The idea is that each
and every one of us is born into this life Fated to be with one special person,
and part of our mission on Earth is to find that person and build a future with
him or her. Sometimes this individual is interpreted to be someone we have know
n in a past life that we must connect with again. Some mystics believe that the
soulmate is actually two parts of one or two souls that make up something greate
r—an Ubersoul. Meeting your soulmate is supposed to be evidence of advancement o
n your spiritual path. My personal opinion is that this notion has caused a grea
t deal of delusion and distress among people who have been convinced that they a
re lost, incomplete or inferior because they have yet to find a soulmate. Many p
eople also stay with an incompatible or abusive partner for much longer than the
y should simply because of what I call the "soulmate excuse." The "soulmate excu
se" is antithetical to creating love, because you are predisposed to owning, tak
ing over, possessing or merging with another's soul. Love's prime directive is t
he exact opposite—the achievement of Soul Freedom. This means the achievement of
Soul Freedom for both you and the supposed soulmate—love is not about "taking h
ostages," it is about peace of mind. If you look at your life realistically, you
will see that you have attracted a series of individuals that you did, at one p
oint or another, perceive as soulmates. These individuals were not failures or m
istakes. Who is to say
Samantha Stevens
that you can't have more than one soulmate in your life? Soulmates often appear
in our lives to trigger an advancement or great leap forward on our spiritual pa
th. The person we attract is often the logical consequence of all our former act
ions from this life (and from past lives if you choose to believe so). One defin
ite sign that you are about to learn a great Karmic Lesson is if the person you
believe to be a soulmate seems very familiar to you as if you have known him or
her in a past life. This is an indication that you are either about to repeat a
mistake or experience payback from your own misdeeds in the past. Soulmate or Id
iot? Frankly, when I hear the word "soulmate" I tend to give a little'shudder, e
specially when I think about some of the people in my past that I have considere
d to be my soulmates. To be honest, most of my soulmates were idiots! The Buddha
would say they were also my teachers—people I have known in a previous lifetime
who have returned to teach me a lesson. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes sever
al soulmates to teach us just one lesson. Usually the lesson is about overcoming
negative emotional traits, such as jealousy, insecurity, possessiveness, contro
lling behavior, fear of abandonment and rejection, learning to let go and co-dep
endency in general. Most people think that they have found their soulmate just b
ecause they feel a strong connection to a person. Unfortunately, that connection
may not have anything to do with spirituality at all. It is amazing how easily
lust and familiarity can convince us that we are spiritually connected to someon
e. You can tell your soulmate is an idiot, if he or she left
Creating Love
you eight months ago and you feel like he or she is still hanging around in your
aura, or even worse, visiting you in dreams, or plaguing you with unwanted thou
ghts. It's time to evict this tenant from your cosmic field. Just because you dr
eam about someone, see omens or feel haunted by memories from an individual, doe
sn't mean they are significant. You could simply be experiencing obsession as a
neurotic reaction to abandonment. When it comes to soulmates, I subscribe to Opr
ah's theory that everybody is your soulmate. In theory, you don't have to have s
ex with every soulmate you meet— a soulmate can also be a child, a relative, a c
oworker or even a good friend. One of the hazards of getting involved sexually a
nd emotionally with someone who we believe was sent to us by God, or who we thin
k was sent to us as "an angel on Earth," is that we often become overly attached
to them and have trouble severing the connection. Notice how anyone you've brok
en up with doesn't qualify as a soulmate, but anyone who has dumped you ALWAYS m
akes the grade? Ironically, you hear most people describe tfce last person who d
umped them as their one and only soulmate. If they were so great, then why didn'
t they stick around to build a future with you? Oh, right, your soulmate was an
idiot, too. It's OK to admit your soulmate is an idiot, by the way. It makes the
angels laugh. Forget meditation. There's nothing that dissolves bad karma bette
r than good humor. What's Up With Unconditional Love? I'm a little disillusioned
with the term unconditional love. It's just not "natural." The phrase has been
used for decades by psychologists, therapists and the self-indulgent to describe
how you should cope with impossible
Samantha Stevens
behavior. The original principle behind the concept of unconditional love was to
help people being abused accept their unfortunate, romantic choice so that they
did not live in a perpetual state of resentment towards their partner. You, as
the co-dependent (i.e. the one who is being hurt) is supposed to see your partne
r as "sick" and not blame him or her for their actions. You're supposed to love
and care for the adulterer, batterer, gambler, manic-depressive or alcoholic the
same way you would someone who has the flu. Husband comes home drunk? Sober him
up with cups of black coffee and a dose of your totally devoted, unconditional
love. Boyfriend unfaithful? That's OK, because you have unconditional love for h
im that will last for an eternity. Girlfriend rack up your credit cards again wi
th her compulsive shopping? Fine. You'll take care of the bills because your lov
e for her is undying and unconditional and you've told yourself "I'll always lov
e her, no matter what." There is no surer way of lowering your personal vibratio
n than to settle for these kinds of situations. Sooner or later you experience t
he shadow side of love—power struggles, ego struggles and co-dependency. Those o
f us who have been there know that we can only comfort ourselves with the concep
t of unconditional love for so long, until the relationship becomes too expensiv
e—emotionally, socially and financially. This is often more serious than the con
sequences we submit to when someone is sick with the flu. Plus, after talking to
many clients, many of whom are still paying in one way or another for the irres
ponsible behavior of a full-grown adult, I am starting to conclude that the pers
on with the "ism" or "recently diagnosed personality disorder" understands that
their partner is tolerating them
Creating Love
through the idea of unconditional love. The term unconditional love is very hand
y for the abuser in a relationship. If we try to object to the behavior, he or s
he can always say: "But I thought you said your love for me was unconditional!"
This puts you on the defense because it implies that you are the one who is spir
itually inferior, a hypocrite and therefore unlovable. I think the appropriate r
esponse is: "Well, then why don't you go out and find someone who will agree to
cosign your bullshit!" If they're are at all co-dependent, they'll probably snap
back with: "That's what you get for having expectations of me. You know I'm sic
k!" I think that romantic love SHOULD be conditional. One of those conditions is
trust. If you have unconditional love for someone, it is implicit you don't tru
st them, especially if you've condemned yourself to a lifetime of loving him or
her no matter what. Love is a natural thing that you should expect to bloom and
it's OK to be disappointed if it doesn't. The nature of love is to grow, compoun
d and multiply—not destroy. The next time you fall in love, put terms and condit
ions on the relationship and demand a 200% return on your investment. Believe th
at you live in an abundant Universe that has unlimited love for you. After all,
it is your precious time and energy! Love From Above and Other Miracles Love is
not a gift that comes from above; it is a gift you bestow upon yourself. Your ab
ility to spontaneously manifest love depends on your ability to train the imagin
g faculty of the mind. As love dissolves, you need to figure out why love destro
ys you every time. Chances are you are using your spirit and mind to materialize
defeat as well as needlessly blaming others for your loveless condition.
Samantha Stevens
You cannot create love in your life until you familiarize yourself with the basi
cs of how the mind works to both manifest and sabotage your best intentions. The
mind is thought to be divided into three sections: the subconscious, the consci
ous and the superconscious mind. Many religions believe these three sections are
linked to a larger mind, called the Divine Mind or the Divine Imagination, whic
h connects us all. The subconscious mind, which we most often experience when we
are asleep, is a bottomless pit of limitless, primal power. It is also a storeh
ouse of creative imagery and symbols. These universal images and messages are th
ought to be shared and recognized by every human being on this Earth. The langua
ge of the subconscious is the language that is understood by the soul. The subco
nscious mind consists of two powerful drives—sex and death—and it operates in tw
o modes— create or destroy. Metaphysicians and psychologists compare the darknes
s of the subconscious to malleable material. This material is shaped by the thou
ghts that are sent to it by the conscious mind. The conscious mind, which is als
o known as the carnal or mortal mind, is responsible for most of our perceptions
of life. It judges whether a thing is either negative or positive. This part of
the mind is subtly programed by the state of our health, our emotional problems
and our desires. Also, it is often greedy. The superconscious mind is the "God
Mind" that Plato often spoke of that connects us all to each other and the Divin
e Source of Spirit. It is the place where your Higher Self, which is like a holo
gram of the perfect self that God created, urges you to attainment, perfection a
nd true love. It is the home of the Divine Imagination.
Creating Love
It is the conscious mind that impresses the subconscious mind with its visions o
f lack, loss, loneliness, abandonment, jealousy, resentment, lust, desire and di
sapproval. The trick is to train your imagination, which is connected to your Go
d Mind, to envision a world full of possibilities. These thoughts impress the su
bconscious, which cause loving events to manifest in reality. Love Is An Energy
Nothing can be created from a subconscious mind that is poisoned by impressions
of anxiety, fear, selfdoubt, resentment, jealousy, self-pity and gloomy predicti
ons. In fact, the fear of loneliness can bring on the condition as it demonstrat
es a lack of faith in the superconcious self to bring a supply for every demand.
Intense wishes, such as "I wish my ex-husband would come back to me" are not fu
lfilled because the impression of that wish that we send to our subconscious is
usually attached to fear and anxiety. The wishes are poisoned with desire and em
otion, as if our wishes were attached with weights, so it sinks to the bottom of
the pond of our subconscious. All that is manifested in reality is a compoundin
g of the problem that we wish would be resolved in the first place. Unfortunatel
y, most people equate love with a sense of loss because, sooner or later, they h
ave had to let a beloved person go due to death, divorce, incompatibility or inf
idelity. The sooner you accept that this is an inevitable and natural part of th
e life cycle or nature of love, then the more prepared you will be to gain love
from a new relationship. Since love is an energy that is symbolized by the event
s that take place around us, it is very important to be responsible for our on l
ove. We cannot necessarily
Samantha Stevens
control our subconscious mind, but we can train the thoughts of our conscious mi
nd by appealing to the superconscious mind (our perfect self that is made in the
image of God) through prayer or ritual to help us reform our attitudes about lo
ve. This means that we must always use our imaging faculties to imagine the best
case scenario for ourselves and for others. Some people are so battered by their
own resentment, bitterness, jealousy, lust and desire that they have lost sight
of their life's purpose. Through meditation, prayer, rituals, positive affirmat
ions and creative visualizations, you can inspire the imagination to picture a n
ew journey of love for yourself. However, you must do more than just picture the
path, you must also follow through on your hunches and intuitions. It is not en
ough to shrug your shoulders and say, "The Universe will take care of it." You m
ust also question each intuition to ensure it has not been colored by irrational
ity from the subconscious mind. The subconcious mind acts as a devil's advocate
and suggests counter-images that imply your dreams are not impossible. It is the
part of the mind that insinuates you are doomed to be alone forever when you su
ggest to yourself that you deserve love. Usually, the subconscious mind has been
initially impressed by rational thoughts from your conscious self, which is con
cerned about self-preservation and survival. The subconscious mind's primary pur
pose is to destroy any thoughts that deter you from procreating. Too much focus
on procreating can also cause a kind of revolt on the higher planes. Although it
is true that certain individuals might be brought together to evolve human DNA,
it is Mother Nature who decides this through the process of natural selection.
Creating Love
One theory I have about the frequent failure of relationships these days is that
the entire matter of love, which supposedly draws us to procreation, is actuall
y sabotaged by Mother Nature, thanks to the Darwinian notion of popular selectio
n. We may be driven to sabotage relationships before procreation can happen, sim
ply because factors more primary than us recognize that the planet is overpopula
ted. Lust operates on a very low vibration in the astral spheres, however, love,
which features an inclusion of such states as happiness, operates at a higher s
phere. Love is not a possession. It is an energy that circulates through the Uni
verse. The nature of the energy of love is that it is something that aggregates
and multiplies to create more of the same. If love is not flowing freely in your
life it means that the well of your subconscious is either poisoned or dried up
. You are literally out of the gas that you need to fuel the imagination. The su
bconscious is like a beast that must be tamed, so that it works for your imagina
tion and not against it. You need to produce angels, not monsters, when it comes
to perceiving love. However, the simplest first step you can take is to change
your thoughts about the subject. There is an old saying that goes "Change the th
ought, change the feeling/' This will help you to impress positive thoughts that
are unattached to toxic emotions upon your subconscious mind. The cosmos is a b
enevolent place that encourages growth, as opposed to stagnation or death. And i
f there is a death, then it is usually replaced by its equivalent or better. Whe
n it comes to love, it is important to remember that it comes from a Divine Sour
ce inside you. Your capacity to attract love is as infinite as your ability to i
magine it in your life.
Samantha Stevens
It is difficult to impress thoughts of love and happiness upon a subconscious mi
nd that is already in turmoil. A disturbed subconscious causes distorted percept
ions about relationships and love. If you are lonely, act as if you are happy to
be alone. If you are not free, act as if you have the choice to be so. If you a
re sad, fake a smile. If you are not loved, give more love to others. When it co
mes to creating love, two cliches really do apply: "Fake it 'til you make it" an
d "Supply to others what you lack in yourself." That is why when clients complai
n of loneliness, I immediately suggest that they "get out of self" by doing a ch
aritable act for others. Their terrified and fearful conscious self is casting a
shadow over their path. Although it is just a shadow, it has fooled the person
into thinking it is an insurmountable obstacle. The idea is to raise your spirit
ual vibration so that you attract the situations you need at the right time. Thi
s usually involves focusing your intention on positive goals and aligning your h
eart with your will. Mystics from various cultures have suggested different ways
to raise your vibration to attract love, as is discussed later in greater detai
l in this book. The Word is Flesh One is only capable of receiving what they are
capable of envisioning for themselves. If one asks for love and prepares for lo
ss, they will experience loss. The great visionary Florence Scovell Shinn descri
bed how the imagination takes what we picture in our mind and rearranges it so t
hat the worst-case scenario is created. Often, our perceptions about love might
not necessarily reflect the reality of our romantic situation. For instance, the
woman having an affair with a married man might feel loved, but actually both h
er and her part-
Creating Love
ner are behaving in a duplicit manner. Duplicity creates division and a broken h
eart. One way to train the imagination so that we picture only the best for ours
elves, is to carefully watch our conversation. The subconscious mind is like a s
ponge that sucks up all the names, labels and descriptions that we have about re
lationships and stores them up for future self-sabotage. The subconscious mind a
lso works by word association, linking words to other words that create feelings
and impressions, which can bring your fears about love to life. For instance, i
f you find yourself saying "I am always rejected by the people I love the most"
the subconscious mind picks this up and you soon find yourself manifesting this
situation over and over again as the subconscious mind associates itself with th
e words rejection and love. Some writers of positive affirmations also believe t
hat the subconscious mind does not pick up negative phrases such as "I'm. not lo
nely." The subconscious hears the "I'm" and the "lonely" but not the "not." Ther
efore, it is important if you are writing your own positive affirmations to phra
se them in the present and in the positive. For example, "I am happy." Every tim
e you make a negative remark about your love life to others, you are adding nega
tive connotations, not only to your subconscious, but to the collective unconsci
ous that unites us all. You are, in effect, poisoning the very wells from which
eternal love springs. Your negative thoughts virtually litter the grounds of you
r astral community with pessimistic projections. As an example, consider how man
y movies were made about an attack on the World Trade Center before the attack a
ctually took place in reality? Did we play devil's advocate with the collective
unconscious by cre-
Samantha Stevens
ating a simulacrum of a disaster on the silver screen first? If you don't want s
omething to happen, don't invite it into the realm of possibility. If you like,
you can picture the subconscious mind like a bank that is linked to a mass econo
my. Each word you deposit into your mind, especially by voicing it out loud, is
like making a credit or a debit to your spiritual bank account. Unfortunately, t
he subject of love is usually associated with so many negative situations that i
t is hard to save the subconscious from picking it up. That is why it is importa
nt not to pay attention to headlines or statistics in the newspapers. For instan
ce, if you read a statistic, such as "Women over forty have a 90% chance of stay
ing single until they die," you might want to automatically correct the statemen
t by altering it to a more positive statement, such as "I transcend statistics.
I have potential." It is also advisable to be careful how you describe your roma
ntic life to others, as their minds are also part of the collective unconscious
that connects us all. You don't want others adding negative perceptions about yo
u that will result in negative situations. There is power in group belief. It is
better to stay quiet than to demonstrate, through words or actions, that you do
not believe that the Universe has a supply for every demand. Examine what you d
emand from the Universe every day. Are you asking for too much? Are you asking f
or someone to worship at your feet, despite all of your faults? Are you wishing
for intensity as opposed to love? Are you experiencing lust or infatuation? Do y
ou have good intentions for everyone? Will children be hurt if you embark on the
relationship? The cosmos has a natu-
Creating Love
ral resistance to wishes or desires that seem to spring from ego or greed. It is
also important to examine why this Universe might be withholding its loving gif
ts from you. What do you offer the Universe? Do you behave like a needy child th
at demands to be taken care of, or do you selflessly take care of others? If you
r love life seems to be careening out of control and there is nothing but eviden
ce of abandonment, rejection and pain in your life, then this is your cue to bec
ome very still. Your subconscious mind has become a tornado that is gathering st
rength and leaving a series of devastating emotional events in its wake. The onl
y way to tame such a situation is to clear your mind of negative thoughts, fears
and anxieties, and meditate until you feel a sense of calm. Miracles tend to ha
ppen at that juncture in time between rest and motion. You must stay still so th
at your Higher Self can inspire you to move in the right direction. When we are
panicky and alarmed, most of us run from our Higher Self as we convince ourselve
s that the Divine Order does not have our highest good in mind. Sometimes, this
"emotional rescue" happens as a random event that suddenly occurs in your life.
This is usually an unexpected meeting, a random kindness or a flash of inspirati
on that tells you exactly what to do next to get yourself out of the situation.
If, after meditating, you still feel troubled by love, practice the "First Thing
s First" rule. Wipe your mind clear of all anxieties and fears and try to think
about what you can do in the next five minutes to improve your life. Take one po
sitive step, even if it is as simple as doing your laundry. Even this one small
action helps clear the clutter and chaos from the mind, which is antithetical to
the order and clarity that attracts love in your
Samantha Stevens
life. Any activity that gets your mind off the subject gets you out of the way s
o the Universe can work on solving your problem. Don't let your emotions or feel
ings about a situation get in your own way. Let it be. The Law of Circulating Lo
ve Love energy is a spiral. Astrally, it is a Hegalian construction that spirals
upwards, taking more and more experiences and individuals as we journey towards
our eventual ascension to Heaven. This is why our love lives seem to go around
in circles. Basically, you can spiral down into the depths of despair or you can
spiral upwards into achieving an enlightenment that embraces the ideals of Divi
ne Imagination. Aligning your Higher Self with your will fuels the fountain of l
ove that you have inside of you. Many people cannot make that connection with th
e Divine Imagination, so the flow of love is interrupted, erratic or blocked. Re
cognizing what your astral blocks are can help you determine why your love life
repeats itself in a certain pattern. A common astral block is the belief that we
must manipulate or trick others into believing we are socially acceptable. Wome
n in particular are brought up to believe they are undeserving of love unless th
ey resort to tricks or gimmicks. If you find yourself floating from one meaningl
ess, dissatisfactory relationship to another, then a belief that love requires t
he manipulation of others is probably the astral block. Some people find themsel
ves stuck in a whirlpool of love, where they can't break free of their obsession
for one individual. The more they try to break the pattern, the more they repea
t it. Unfortunately, the only way to
Creating Love
get out of this whirlpool is to let it suck you down until you hit rock bottom.
People who can't let go of the past often find themselves in a damaging cycle of
rebound relationships or returning to the same villainous partner. Their block
is the need for approval from the opposite sex. Other individuals experience a l
ack of energy in their love life. The relationship starts out great, then fizzle
s by the second date. These individuals usually suffer from some kind of anxiety
disorder, causing them to apply too much force to the situation. The cosmos str
ikes back by pruning the excess energy caused by their desire not to be alone. A
nother common obstacle resembles a wall or a boulder that is stuck in the middle
of your path. These kinds of astral blocks are formidable constructions created
by such toxic emotions as resentment, jealousy, fear, doubt and envy. Sometimes
that chip on your shoulder is not just a chip. It is a boulder that others find
too heavy to take on in their own lives. Some individuals are blocked by the in
troduction of intimacy into their relationships. This is because they are delibe
rately choosing individuals that are emotionally inaccessible, so they will not
be hurt again. Unfortunately, the result is that they do get hurt again, but the
y don't realize that it is their own fear of closeness that has caused the situa
tion. People who constantly encounter unrequited love need to address what it is
that they have to requite to others. These are usually insecure and fearful ind
ividuals who expect others to take care of them. At the same time, they may use
phrases like "I give my partner a long rope" or "We have an open relationship."
If there is no commitment, then they believe they can't be hurt by betrayal. The
y are often hurt anyway when the partner decides to take advan-
Samantha Stevens
tage of the lack of boundaries in the relationship. People who choose to have in
fidelities as opposed to real unions believe they are saving others from a bad r
elationship. The astral block in this case is a belief that there are a limited
number of available partners in the world. A fear of growing up also might be be
hind the construction of this kind of romantic belief. The person who constantly
feels that they are being emotionally drained by another person or constantly u
sed for sex suffers from low-esteem. This kind of astral block is created from a
subconscious belief that the person doesn't deserve love or that they must some
how pay and pay just for the privilege of being granted any attention. Those who
se love lives resemble an ongoing melodrama are astrally blocked by the belief t
hat love must be intense in order to be real. These types of individuals will pr
ovoke arguments and create trouble deliberately to encourage other individuals t
o show that they love them. These adrenaline junkies also feel that Fate is resp
onsible for their life and that, when it comes to love, they are unable to make
choices. There are subtle ways you can remove astral blocks, and they are especi
ally recommended if you are feeling self-pity, loneliness or hatred. Practice an
attitude of gratitude. Each time someone pays you a kindness/ no matter how sma
ll, thank the Universe for it and promise to "pay it forward/' This is one way t
o ensure that you are part of the energy that circulates love in the Universe. B
less your enemies. No matter how much somebody has hurt you, this goes a long wa
y towards raising your vibration to a level that attracts more love into your li
fe. Practice compassion. Be patient in even the most unrea-
Creating Love
sonable of situations. Refuse to give in to lower, base reactions, such as conte
mpt or avoidance of those who are suffering. Make tenderness a part of your dail
y interaction with others. There is no need to be sarcastic or critical to demon
strate your spiritual superiority. Meet everybody's eye with the same twinkle th
at you would reserve for an individual that you consider to be special. The Law
of Non-Resistance Fear is a word that you don't want your subconscious mind to a
ssociate with love. Many psychologists say that our real fear is not about being
rejected, but rather a fear that we will end up in a situation where we will ha
ve to reject someone else. If you are afraid, then you are not united with your
Higher Self. You are of two minds. Love is and is of itself and cannot thrive in
such duplicity. Fear demonstrates a belief in two potentialities: one good and
one evil. If you eliminate fear of the future from your life, then your subconsc
ious can only manifest events from the one inevitability it can accept—the likel
ihood that something good will happen. This is also why you must be attentive to
what others say to you. Don't be afraid of their words, but note what they say.
Negative individuals can invite the potential of loss, fear, disaster and sickn
ess into your life by simply expressing their anxiety about such matters. If som
eone asks you to participate in a woe-is-me festival about his or her divorce or
ex-partner, simply say "no thank you." Such a practice is essential to your emo
tional health, especially if you are attempting to recover from a broken relatio
nship. It is crucial to avoid words that express a lack of faith in the idea tha
t there will be a
Samantha Stevens
supply for your demand of love. When experiencing a crisis it can be very diffic
ult for one to have faith that one's prayers will be answered. This situation re
minds me of the parting of the Red Sea incident in the Bible. The fact that such
an overwhelming situation exists is actually a landmark sign that the worst is
soon to be over. Take the example of a woman who discovers that her husband is u
nfaithful. The only way the Red Sea can be parted may be to leave the relationsh
ip. The end of a relationship might seem like a disaster, but in reality it is a
corrective measure that allows you to leave a duplicit situation. The process c
an return a sense of morality and love to a situation that may have been corrupt
ed by ego and power struggles. Many individuals don't experience love because th
ey fear asking for it. They even fear asking a person out on a date. Usually, if
you face your fear, the burden falls away of its own weight. This kind of confi
dence is found when the heart is aligned with the will. It allows the subconscio
us to be married with the spirit, so you can dispel the illusions that often acc
ompany fears of rejection or abandonment. You need to embrace your fears, so tha
t you can resolve to be loving, no matter what happens in the future. You have t
o know deep inside that human beings are fallible and that whatever happens you
can handle it! Perhaps the biggest fear that you can let go of is that you will
never find your soulmate. This is a limited belief that says there is only one p
erson for everyone on this Earth. You must realize and acknowledge that the cycl
e of supply and demand for love on this Earth is a relentless, ever-exchanging s
piral that you are powerless to control or stop. Giving into this inevitability
is called practicing the law of non-resistance.
Creating Love
It is the anxiety that we attach to our fears about love that often places obsta
cles in our path. A common example is the partner who displays so much jealousy
of someone else that he literally drives his partner into the arms of someone el
se. Fear can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. You must be receptive to the belief
that no matter how bad things get, there will always be a solution. This is a ma
tter of faith, not only in yourself, but also in your Higher Self, which is cons
tantly trying to put you on the path to Utopia. "Deal with another as you'd have
Another deal with you; What you're unwilling to receive Be sure you never do."
Samantha Stevens
Chapter Two
Smile Millionaires A smile doesn't cost a cent. The great mystic and metaphysici
an Paranahansa Yoganada defined loving individuals to be "smile millionaires." S
mile millionaires have faith that every good deed they do is multiplied ten-fold
. They don't "mortgage" other people emotionally. These smile millionaires can f
reely give because they know that the Universe has a supply for their every dema
nd. They do not live in the past or the future, as they know that their needs wi
ll somehow be taken care of every day. Smile millionaires know no fear or anxiet
y. Those who engage in uplifting, encouraging activities, who forget about the s
elf and serve others are never poor in spirit. Those who are never poor in spiri
t never seem to be affected by a lack of love. Investing in love requires nothin
g more than faith. This includes faith in yourself, faith in the goodness and hu
manity of other people, and faith in what goes down, must come up and vice versa
. One way to attract love is to supply others with the very thing you think you
lack. Give others the love you think is missing in your life. Practicing tendern
ess, kindness and mercy optimizes your own vibration, so that you attract kindre
d spirits into your sphere. The cosmos smile on smile millionaires by showering
them with blessings. The most spiritually sophisticated people often accidentall
y find a soulmate by their side, because they acknowledge that the appearance of
a loving and supportive individual is a symptom of a highly refined spiritual s
tate. The phrase "love triumphs over
Creating Love
all" is meaningless to these individuals because love is not a goal. Love is mer
ely an expression of the spiritual sophistication that occurs when one detaches
oneself from desire, negates unpleasant or anxious thoughts and practices an att
itude of perpetual optimism. Karmatically Correct Behavior The word karma is San
skrit for the term payback. The definition of karma is in the Bible: "Whatever a
man soweth, so he shall reap." You should never wish depression, violence or si
ckness on another. Entertaining jealous or vengeful thoughts is a fine way to cu
rse yourself. The sad thing about this hall of mirrors is that very often people
think they are being cursed by the bad energy from the very person they have be
en jealous of in the first place! There is a lot of power in words, so you need
to be careful how you discuss and label situations. The one value of criticism o
f others, however, is that often, we tend to despise in others what we dislike a
bout ourselves. The next time you feel the urge to criticize someone, look to se
e if you suffer from that very same flaw and try to correct it. Many people beli
eve that karma is a punishment from previous lives that must be lived out, like
a preprogramed Fate or destiny. This is another good way to curse yourself—insta
lling the negative belief in your subconscious that you must suffer because of s
ome unnamed and unknowable transgression. Transcending your karma is the entire
purpose of most Eastern religions and that also means transcending the belief th
at you are doomed because of your karma. Every time your karma presents you with
an obstacle, you are being taught to not to repeat your mistakes. Karma will no
Samantha Stevens
repeat if you correct the mistake (such as choosing to believe someone who has a
lready lied) the first time. Also, karma is not always responsible for our mista
kes. Sometimes, we simply make erroneous judgements. Bad consequences often foll
ow incorrect actions. If you are not meeting individuals whose company you enjoy
, it may not be the result of karma. It may mean that you are looking for love i
n all the wrong places. Or, you may be making bad decisions because you are hung
ry, angry, lonely or tired. Love is like a garden. Cultivate the things that you
want to grow. Weed everything that does not fit with your intentions. If you fe
el that you suffer from bad karma, then the obvious thing to do is examine the g
arden of your soul. What kind of seeds are you sowing? What kind of nutrients do
you need to cultivate these things? It is amazing to me how many people sow no
seeds and then expect to magically have results in their lives. Good karma is a
garden that is watered with virtues and careful attention to the thoughts we thi
nk and the words we say. Anxiety, fear and obsession can also serve to disrupt y
our karma. Many people have a bad habit of getting in their own way. They will s
et a glorious plan in motion and then stop it from proceeding by attaching anxie
ty and fear to it. They interfere with the circulation of positive energy by con
stantly fussing about the matter. This is the equivalent of planting a seed and
then constantly digging it up every day to see if it is growing. This reminds me
of women who do love spells, and then constantly phone the partner to see if th
e spell is working yet. Part of understanding karma is understanding The Great W
heel of Time and how it sometimes takes patience to give positive things a chanc
e to grow. This
Creating Love
metaphor is also true of any positive impressions that you are trying to plant i
n the mysterious dark silt of your subconscious. Simply plant the seed and be do
ne with it. Have the faith that if something is meant to be it will be and if no
t, then it was probably bad for you. This is called practicing the law of non-re
sistance. Fussing and worrying about your karma is merely just another modern st
ate of neurosis. And if you blame Fate or karma, it sustains a state of denial t
hat gives you reason to avoid being accountable for your non-loving actions. It
is thought that by practicing the law of non-resistance one can eliminate all ka
rma. There is no karma without friction and conflict. By giving into our Fates,
and resigning ourselves to the idea that the Higher Powers have a grand plan for
us and a Divine design for every individual to follow, then all karma, good and
bad, disappears instantly. You are given a clean slate on which to create impre
ssions that will prescribe a brighter, more virtuous and more loving future. Ast
ral Blocks to Creating Love When your personality no longer resists the wisdom o
f the Higher Self and is confident that every process of letting go is always fo
r the highest good, you are said to be practicing the law of non-resistance. The
conscious mind is very absorbed with the self. It is the self that is responsib
le for creating blocks to creating love. Very few people achieve the kind of enl
ightenment that embraces total faith in one lifetime, as both the subconscious m
ind and the conscious mind are naturally resistant to suggestions from the Highe
r Self. Messages from the Higher Self manifest themselves as gut feelings and hu
nches that the conscious and subconscious consider to be irrational in nature. H
owever, if you live by
Samantha Stevens
the belief that we live in a Universe where there is a supply for every demand,
then in theory nothing is impossible to attain. When in a hopeless situation, I
find myself repeating the mantra "With God all things are possible. Spirit is ne
ver too late!" The personality's resistance to the calls of the Higher Self can
be represented in a few phrases: "I am not good enough." This is common in a per
sonality that suffers from low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. The inner c
ritic insists that the individual set their sights low when it comes to choosing
a partner. "What if I fail?" This is a terrible block as it persuades the subco
nscious to develop a fear of rejection. This kind of personality needs approval
from others and is constantly testing others to see if they are still loved afte
r they have done something wrong. "There is not enough time." Your Higher Self l
oves cliches, such as "the Universe is unfolding as it should." But the personal
ity is impatient. These kinds of individuals complain about never meeting someon
e, but, at the same time, don't make room in their busy schedules to get out the
re and date. Another common block to love takes the form of ancestral guilt. Man
y people are raised to feel guilty if they supersede the success of their family
and friends. Children of divorced or widowed parents fear the parents will rese
nt their happiness if they find love. People who consort with lonely, single fri
ends fear jealousy or retribution for leaving the Self-Pity Party. For many, it
is safer and more secure to maintain an air of emotional inaccessibility then to
let someone new into their heart. Fear and guilt prevent these individuals from
realizing their full potential, as subconsciously they believe that love will i
nevitably lead to negativity and jealousy from others.
Creating Love
Removing these blocks is not easy and usually requires a long talk between your
Higher Self and your personality. You can do this in meditation by visualizing y
our perfect you (your Higher Self) having a conversation with your personality.
Let your personality express its fears and see what your Higher Self has to say
about the matter. This is one way to create a larger self-awareness, as well as
a way to recognize chronic habits and patterns that may be preventing you from c
reating love, such as fear of resentment or low self-esteem. Casting the Burden
Many of us don't trust our Higher Selves because we often think we have been tru
sting it all along and it is exactly those hunches and gut intuitions that have
led us to experience a bad love life in the first place. What most of us perceiv
e as hunches are actually compulsions and emotions coloring our judgement. There
is no anxiety attached to a true message from the Higher Self. Many of us have
gut instincts that have been damaged by events from childhood so we often hear f
alse calls to action. A good example is the woman who pursues a disinterested al
coholic because her damaged instincts are telling her that he can be rescued (un
like her father who died from the disease). The best way to make romantic choice
s and decisions is with a mind that is clear of all emotions. Messages from the
Higher Self are not usually attached to any kind of heady, compulsive or emotion
al feeling. In fact, a feeling of elation might be a warning that your judgement
is off the mark. It could even be the product of disturbed brain chemistry. The
most common way to release a burden is to cast it up to God or a Higher Power.
Some people also refer
Samantha Stevens
to this as "giving it to the Universe." The prayer is worded something like this
: Please God, this is too much for me. Whether I am naughty or nice, I am still
your child and I ask to be taken care of. Please help me resolve this situation
and if it can't be resolved then help me to accept it. If there is loss, then pl
ease have this loss replaced by its equivalent or better. Amen. You also might w
ant to try Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Violet Flame ritual. According to the spiri
tual practice of this great visionary and metaphysician, the violet flame is a m
etaphor for the ability of the Higher Self to wipe out or erase problems. I usua
lly light a violet candle and picture all of my burdens, anxieties and resentmen
ts being transformed into positive energy by the power of the flame. This lovely
ritual greatly relieves and appears to help in bypassing the personality so tha
t you can access the inspiration and wisdom of the Higher Self. Its most therape
utic aspect is its intention to effect transmutation: all negative energy within
yourself, or directed to you by others, is transformed into positive manifestat
ions aided by the power of the Violet Light.
Creating Love
Chapter Three
The Power of the Spoken Word You manifest your future through power of the spoke
n word. This is why we are encouraged to pray aloud. A profundity or material re
alization can result from the vocalization of a request. In some pagan and Chris
tian religions, the human voice has a vibration that is thought to send a call f
or assistance out to other souls and angelic beings that live in the astral plan
e. Many people use their personality to manipulate events as opposed to relying
on the power of God or the Higher Self. The Higher Self dwells in your supercons
cious, which is a place of illumination, inspiration and trust. The best way to
contact your Higher Self or God is through simple prayer that is spoken out loud
. Prayers work best when you wish for the best possible outcome of a situation,
rather than a specific outcome. When in doubt, ask for a resolution of the situa
tion that is for the highest possible good of yourself and others. Be Careful Wh
at You Wish For If you are going to wish for love, make your wish is as simple a
s possible. The wish can be a short prayer or it can be as simple as a short req
uest to the Heavens above. There are some cosmic laws that rule the concept of w
ishing. The first rule is not to wish too hard for something. Wishing too hard o
r too often creates a rebound effect. The Universe does not like an imbalance, a
nd it may perceive the emotion, intense desire or desperation you are
Satnantha Stevens
attaching to the wish as a "shove" that throws others astrally out of balance. F
or instance, if you ask for your ex-husband to be separated from his new girlfri
end, you might find one of your own important relationships suddenly disintegrat
ing. Every single person has his or her own guardian angels and fairies that pro
tect them from other people's malevolent wishes. Another theory is that the pure
r the soul, the less vulnerable the person is to the bad wishes of others. The p
erson literally has the ability to transcend vengeful or negative thought or ene
rgy by either turning it into good energy or sending the energy back to its sour
ce. Negative wishes that are inspired by an emotion such as jealousy also often
backfire, even if the wish is justified. For instance, wishing that your ex-husb
and's girlfriend was out of the picture so that you could receive more child-sup
port is a wish that is likely not to be fulfilled. You are better off to rephras
e the wish: "I wish for the highest good for my children." When it comes to wish
ing, sometimes it is better to wish for the essence of a thing, rather than the
thing itself. For instance, wishing that a certain person always be a part of yo
ur life might result in you suffering a lifetime of unrequited desire, as this i
ndividual drains your energy and resources while resisting intimacy. It is also
a bad idea to wish for a person by name as in "I wish so and so would come back
to me." It is best to ask for something general, such as "I wish for the relatio
nship that is mine by Divine Grace" or "I wish for the highest good for both me
and so-and-so." This takes the controlling aspect that can cause a negative reac
tion in your life. Another principle of wishing is "wishing overkill." Wishes co
me true if they are more like a nudge—done in a simple way from the heart. A wel
l-done wish is compa-
Creating Love
rable to the flapping of butterfly wings in Brazil that cause a tornado in Flori
da. If you interrupt this balance with an explosion of will, determination, self
ishness and passion, then you often experience a backlash and see the opposite c
ome into effect. This is similar to witchcraft's 3X3X3 rule: whatever you send o
ut comes back to you. It also explains why disasters seem to escalate and the pe
rsistence of Murphy's Law. "What you sow is what you shall reap" also applies to
the concept of wishing. Both prayers and wishes are strengthened by numbers and
have more power when they are the result of group desire and good intentions. H
owever, getting someone else to pray with you or support your request in a praye
r circle can be risky as they might be praying for what they consider to be best
for you instead of for your highest good. However, if two people are wishing fo
r the same thing, the power of the wish is doubled. Therefore, in love triangles
, the odd person out is often left without a granted wish. Another important pri
nciple that involves both the practice of prayer and wishing is the principle of
"like attracts like." Stating that you lack something as part of a wish actuall
y reinforces its absence. Combine this with the principle of resonance, where a
wish is reinforced by the number of people thinking the same thing, and you arri
ve at an explanation as to why there might be so much negativity in the world. Y
ou should also be very careful about how you phrase your prayers. A good example
is the person that prays for a person with AIDS to have an "improved immune sys
tem." This person may mean well, but in actuality, AIDS is a disease that is has
tened by an overefficient immune system. If you are going to pray for a specific
outcome, make sure you word the prayer in a
Samantha Stevens
fashion that allows God's word, rather than your own word, to dictate circumstan
ces. The next time you make a wish make sure you are wishing well. Wish for the
best thing to happen for all concerned and don't be attached to the outcome. Whe
n you wish upon a star, it DOES make a difference who you are. Writing Letters t
o God Those who are not familiar with prayer or who have trouble connecting to t
heir Higher Self through speaking out loud may want to try keeping what is calle
d A Day and Night Journal. Below, I have developed a journal-keeping program tha
t will help you find guidance, but also strengthen your faith in yourself and in
your ability to handle the future. First of all, buy a notebook that you really
like with a hard enough cover that you can write sitting in bed. This journal i
s going to always be at your bedside because you are going to write in it every
day for at least ten minutes, once in the morning and once at night. When you wa
ke up in the morning, open this journal, and for ten minutes, just write everyth
ing that comes to mind. Don't worry about how your handwriting looks or other de
tails. Let the words flow out in a stream from your mind to the pen. Then start
writing exactly what is on your mind, for example: "Dear God, I had a bad dream
that I was homeless... Also, I can't stop thinking about this waiter who could b
e the exact double for my husband. Can you help me release these obsessive thoug
hts? Also, our mutual friend Ellen has not called me for a couple of days after
gossiping to me about running into him at a party. Is Ellen someone I can trust?
Can you please reveal to me
Creating Love
the truth about her, and I also need $500 immediately to fix the car/7 When you
are doing this, you are doing two things. First, you are releasing resentments a
nd anxiety that you are holding, which may be blocking you from efficiently cont
inuing on with your day. Second, you are casting problems up to a higher source
and asking that power to provide you with a solution. This clears your aura and
energy field. When you are finished writing for ten minutes, list five things in
your life that you are truly grateful for and thank God for them on paper. It d
oesn't matter if these are big or small: "Thank you for the makeup sample I got
in the mail today," "Thank you for my beautiful pet" or "Thank you for the smile
from the bank teller yesterday." Afterwards, go about your day. You will be ama
zed at how much smoother things go and how solutions to your little problems jus
t seem to miraculously appear. The writing discipline resembles the discipline o
f prayer, and the cosmos smiles on that. Before you go to bed, write in the jour
nal again for ten minutes. First, make a list of the problems that have been sol
ved that day. If a problem persists, then it helps to write something like "God,
please take this problem away, get rid of it. I can't handle it. Either that or
help me find a way to make it better or to accept the situation." You may also
list five people who have wronged you and ask for the strength to forgive them.
After that, think of another five things you are grateful for and then list TEN
people you know and ask God to give them blessings or solutions to the problems
they have. For example, "June next door is really having a hard time making ends
meet and taking care of those kids. Please bless her and help her meet her need
s so she can do better."
Samantha Stevens
It is amazing how writing in a journal for ten minutes in the morning and ten mi
nutes at night can lift your spirits and balance your emotions. Later, when you
look back at your journal, you will be astounded at the number of requests you h
ave made that have actually been fulfilled. You will also note how some things t
hat used to upset you are no longer a source of pain. You do not have to be a gr
eat writer to do this. God does not care about grammar or fancy penmanship. Just
write from your heart. Positive Affirmations How can you be "better, instead of
bitter" when life hands you a terrible blow that breaks your heart and strikes
you to the very core of your soul? It is important to remember that you are not
alone. Nobody gets through life unscathed. Everyone faces abandonment and heartb
reak. However, like the old saying goes: "It is not the cards you have been deal
t, but how you play them that counts/' (And I don't mean Tarot cards, either!) L
ike attracts like. Therefore, if your heart is filled with resentment and bitter
ness, you will attract the same. So, it is very important, no matter what your e
xperience, to keep emotionally clean and to learn how to separate your feelings
from what is really going on. Hateful emotions, such as obsession, jealousy and
so forth, block the connection to your Higher Self and prevent you from receivin
g your Divine Right, which is the wisdom on how to attract your highest good, th
at is transferred to you from a Higher Power. So, it is very important for each
of you to practice some form of positive thinking and to replace all negative th
oughts with thoughts of forgiveness, hope and
Creating Love
love (no matter how hard it is!). I cringe as well when I think about this, beca
use my personality just does NOT want to do it, but one of the surest ways to en
sure success in your own future is to forgive or bless the person that has hurt
you the most. If you see nothing but demons when you look at a blank page, you w
ill literally write yourself a disaster script. Therefore, it is important to pr
actice some form of meditation to clear your head of negative thoughts, which, l
ike toxins, cause a kind of cancer in your reality. Negative self-talk and criti
cism is very damaging—we underestimate the power of what we tell ourselves every
day—to our minds when trying to shape our destiny. One of the best ways to do t
his is through the writing of positive affirmations. You can choose several affi
rmations and write them down every night. I recommend choosing ten and sticking
with it until it is right, or you can choose shorter affirmations and recite the
m to yourself. Peruse the list below and try the ones that feel right to you. I
am now deluged with the happiness that was planned for me in the beginning. My c
up flows over with joy. My endless good now comes to me in endless ways. I am ha
rmonious, happy, radiant; detached from the tyranny of fear. My happiness is bui
lt upon a rock. It is mine now and for all eternity. I have a wonderful joy in a
wonderful way, and my wonderful joy has come to stay. My happiness is God's aff
air, therefore, no one can interfere. Every plan that my Higher Most Perfect Sel
f has not planned for shall be dissipated and the Divine Idea now comes to pass.
Divine Love consumes everything that is not of itself.
Samantha Stevens
Happy surprises greet me each day. I look in wonder at that which is before me.
My greatest expectations come to pass in miraculous ways. My soulmate is a perfe
ct idea in Divine Mind and therefore is always in the right place at the right t
ime and Divinely protected by God. I cannot lose that which is mine by Divine Ri
ght. If I do, then it is replaced by its equivalent or better. My reality is a r
eality of love and I now receive all that I desire or require and much more. I f
reely give others my love with no expectation of return, knowing the Universe ha
s a supply for every demand. Divine Imagination inspires my right actions. I now
let go of worn-out conditions and bad habits. Divine Order is established in ev
ery corner of my mind and subconscious. My seemingly impossible good now happens
. There is no competition on the spiritual plane. What God has done for others,
he can do for me! These shorter affirmations, also called fiats, can be recited
during the day to help you dissuade the fears of the subconscious from creating
negative events. I honor the divinity in all human beings. I expect only the bes
t to happen and it does. I am loving in all areas of my life. I expect happy sur
Creating Love
I deserve love. I freely circulate love in the community. Doing what I love serv
es others. I live in the present. I have an attitude of gratitude. I feel and ac
t as if what I want is already so. I choose my responses with love. I trust my H
igher Self. I experience happiness and satisfaction from within. I am powerfully
silent and still. I rejoice in the good fortune of others. I choose thoughts th
at support a loving future. Love is an action. Divine Love dissolves all things
that are not of itself. I am a forgiving person. I transcend the laws of karma t
hrough right action. I love and accept myself. I like who I am and who I am beco
ming. How to Write Your Own Affirmation You don't have to use pre-written affirm
ations. You can write your own affirmation to suit your situation. However, if y
ou want to create your own affirmation there are several guidelines to follow. F
or example, if you would like to meet a soulmate you might want to write somethi
ng like this: "I, Samantha, am asking to immediately meet a soulmate or whoever
is mine by Divine Right. I also ask that all those in immediate need of love rec
eive what is best for their highest good. I give thanks for all of the blessings
I have received in the past and those that I am about to receive in the future.
" There are a few things you might want to notice about how the above affirmatio
n is written.
Samantha Stevens
First, the Christian name along with the word "I" is always written into the aff
irmation, so the request is heard by the subconscious. The word immediately acce
lerates its manifestation. If you do make a specific request make sure you leave
a loophole in the construction of the sentence, so that the cosmos can work on
your behalf if the request is not for your highest good. The loophole in the abo
ve affirmation is "whoever is mine by Divine right." The person that you think i
s your soulmate might just be another karmic mistake. Note that the affirmation
ends with a request for others to be helped as well as a message of thanks. In m
y experience, an affirmation that is made for a specific desire is not always as
effective as a more general written affirmation, although some affirmation writ
ers would disagree with my theory. Here is an example of the first line of a non
-specific affirmation: "I, Samantha, will meet the person who is right for me, i
n the right place and at the right time under the auspices of Divine Grace." Pra
yers for Love The Psalms of the Bible are a treasure chest of prayers for good c
onditions in love. Below is a list of specific Psalms to recite for common reque
sts to do with love. Psalm 6: To bring fresh hope to a situation. Psalm 10: For
encouragement, self-confidence and stamina. Psalm 15: To cast resentment and jea
lousy from your heart. Psalm 19: To receive daily blessings and to increase fait
h in the idea that the Universe has a supply for every demand.
Creating Love
Psalm 21: To increase one's spiritual vibration to invite love into one's life.
Psalm 22: For deliverance from despair and depression. Psalm 23: For serenity, p
eace of mind and comfort when feeling lonely. Psalm 25: For inspiration, to acce
ss the Higher Self and to forgive oneself. Psalm 28: To disarm adversaries, make
peace with an enemy, invoke tenderness, mercy and kindness; protect against inf
idelity. Psalm 30: For patience and acceptance of Divine will, to understand tha
t time brings what we need when appropriate, as a thank you for many blessings.
Psalm 32: To escape scandal. Psalm 33: When feeling lonely and unworthy of love.
Psalm 38: To conquer lust. Psalm 41: When feeling depressed or betrayed. Psalm
45: For a happy marriage. Psalm 46: To elevate enthusiasm for spiritual matters;
to settle arguments. Psalm 47: To experience love at its fullest on a daily bas
is, to encourage pleasure, joy and happiness. Psalm 48: To become a "smile milli
onaire," reinforce happiness and faith. Psalm 50: To reinforce the idea that the
Universe is benevolent and that all is unfolding as it should. Psalm 51: To que
ll feelings .of guilt or self-criticism. Psalm 57: For when justice, compassion,
kindness, tenderness or mercy is needed; to ease the pain of the loss of a love
and regain emotional control. Psalm 58: To suppress liars; to know the truth of
a situation. Psalm 60: To put the past behind you, for a clean slate in the sub
conscious. Psalm 62: To reinforce faith in the Higher Self and
Samantha Stevens
strengthen spiritual values. Psalm 63: To dispel anxiety, fear and discouragemen
t. Psalm 65: To give thanks for blessings that have been received. Psalm 70: To
repel negative thoughts and attitudes of others. Psalm 73: To eliminate emotions
such as anger, jealousy and resentment that take away our opportunities for our
own enrichment and good. Psalm 75: To pray for forgiveness. Psalm 84: To develo
p a more optimistic view of the future. Psalm 85: To find inner stillness, seren
ity and peace with God. Psalm 93: For comfort when feeling emotionally disturbed
or troubled. Psalm 98: To keep a joyful heart and an attitude of gratitude for
what you do have; for peace and happiness at home and with relatives. Psalm 101:
To break bad habits; conquer obsession. Psalm 102: To receive an answer to a sp
ecific problem. Psalm 107: As thanks for receiving deliverance from a hopeless s
ituation, to break bad personal habits that affect relationships (laziness, drun
kenness, overspending). Psalm 111: To attract love. Psalm 117: To conquer self-p
ity. Psalm 125: To ensure mental stability in rough times. Psalm 127: To discour
age infidelity. Psalm 133: To strengthen relationships. Psalm 135: To strengthen
the heart and will so that you are led to your highest aspirations in life. Psa
lm 136: For forgiveness of lust, infidelity and other sins.
Creating Love
Psalm 137: To cleanse the heart of resentment and revenge. Psalm 140: For protec
tion against liars, hostility, addiction and violence. Psalm 143: To restore fai
th in your path and renew confidence that there will be a joyful, hopeful tomorr
ow. Psalm 148: To alleviate loneliness. A simple prayer: Two chambers has the he
art, Wherein dwell Joy and Sorrow; When Joy awakes in one, Then slumbers Sorrow
in the other. O Joy, take care! Speak softly, Lest you awaken Sorrow! Amen. Herm
an Newman
Samantha Stevens
Tools For Manifestation The Power of Visualization A picture is worth a thousand
words. If a singular word or phrase has the ability to transform your life, ima
gine the power of a picture to do the same. To manifest love through creative vi
sualization, you first need to learn how to hold an image of the desired outcome
in your mind in as much detail as possible. For example, let's say that you nee
d to resolve an argument with a dear friend. First, you need to empty your head
of all thoughts. It is also essential that you become as still and quiet as poss
ible to encourage a meditative state. Before imagining a goal, you might want to
assist your imagination by asking yourself a number of questions. What does you
r friend look like? How is she wearing her hair the day that you envision meetin
g her? Is this a random meeting or does the phone ring first? What kind of conve
rsation will you have on the phone? Where exactly will you meet? What is the exp
ression on her face when she sees you? If you want her to smile when she sees yo
u, picture her smiling. Picture her hugging you. Picture what you don't think is
possible. Visualize, in the greatest detail possible, the best outcome to the s
ituation. The more detail you can imagine, the more likely you are to manifest t
he event in the future. Also, it is important to visualize receiving a much bett
er outcome than you would think is possible in reality. For instance, if you kno
w that your friend is very angry • with you, don't picture the two of you exchan
ging a few
Chapter Four
Creating Love
cold, clipped words. Visualize the two of you spending time together or having h
er family over for dinner. Picture her saying: "It's all right. You are forgiven
." Deposit these pleasant healing images into the treasure box of your subconsci
ous. Visualize it, tell yourself it will be, and then ask the Universe to take c
are of it for you. Sooner or later you will find yourself in a situation that al
lows for this forgiveness to take place. Treasure Maps Not everyone is a visual
person. Some find it a challenge to use their imagination. One way to get around
this is to create a treasure map or treasure book. This involves clipping image
s from magazines and other sources and making collages of symbols that represent
your desire. The artistic process of making a collage is thought to be similar
to the layering process that is used in creative visualization, where you contin
ually add desired elements to the "big picture." To make a treasure map or treas
ure book to find a husband, you would start by cutting out images of wedding dre
sses, rings, couples holding hands in the park, honeymoon destinations and other
related images, such as hearts, cupids and roses. These images function as symb
ols that are impressed upon the subconscious and serve to fill in the details th
at are lacking in the imagination. You can create a treasure map or a book in a
day or two, or you can create one over a period of weeks. If you have no idea ho
w to even begin doing this, one suggestion is to lay the first image down in the
center of the paper and then paste the images is in a clockwise spiral. The spi
ral creates a vortex shape that is thought to draw the type of energies you want
towards you.
Samantha Stevens
The Power of Vocalization For centuries, the power of the human voice has been u
sed as tool for transformation and manifestation. In almost every culture, human
sounds are thought to manifest events and objects from the non-material realms.
These techniques range from emitting noises from the diaphragm, to chanting, to
singing or group prayer. The human diaphragm, as opposed to the throat, is thou
ght to be the seat of the soul. This idea comes from the knowledge that the huma
n breath sustains all life. Without control over the breath, and the notes that
it sounds, one is thought to have no control over life. In many cultures the sou
l is thought to live in the breath. Falling in love is thought to mean "loving t
he other person's breath." Perhaps the oldest culture known to practice vocaliza
tion is the Tibetan culture. Different musical notes were attributed to differen
t Chakras (or energy centers in the body). The Chakras, in fact, can be compared
to piano keys—the base Chakra representing a low C and the crown Chakra represe
nting a high C. Depending on the culture, different musical notes are thought to
attract different vibrations. For instance, Balinese temple bells are always pi
tched at a high pure C, as it is thought to clear sacred spaces of bad energy. T
ibetan singing bowls have a similar purpose. These crystal or metal bowls are ca
rved or cast out of quartz, glass or fine metals and tuned to musical notes and
sounds. The rim is rubbed with an implement to create a musical note. This is si
milar to wetting the rim of a wine glass with your finger and circling the rim t
o make a sound. Tibetan singing bowls are a meditative device whose original pur
pose was to clear energy fields and,
Creating Love
depending on what note is rung, manifest the qualities that are represented by t
hat note and draw them to the player. The note A is thought to draw a mate for p
urposes of procreation, the note B is thought to. draw a person for tantric sex,
the note C manifests friends and new lovers, the note D attracts more love into
one's life and the note G is thought to attract a soulmate. There is great powe
r in a number of human voices chanting or singing together, which is why the nat
ure of most religious music is choral. The magic of manifestation is thought to
be in the sustained holding of notes over a period of time.
The Om and the Ah Perhaps the simplest form of meditation for manifestation is t
he Om and the Ah. The Ah sound is one of the first sounds we make when we are bo
rn. It is also the cry that is made during sexual ecstasy and the human noise th
at is associated with discovery, delight and surprise. Many cultures associate t
his sound with the creative element of the breath that is used to manifest event
s. The Ah sound is used to open the diaphragm, remove blocks and increase the po
wers of the imagination. The Om sound is associated with the receptive element o
f the imagination and is used to signify one's union with the Higher Self. It is
a noise that expresses the faith that Higher Powers will "make it so." Both the
Ah and the Om sounds are used to open the diaphragm so that the soul is unified
with the breath. It is the sound that is delivered on the outgoing breath that
is thought to manifest events. The traditional method of using the Om and the Ah
is vocalizing these noises twice a day. The Ah sound is
Samantha Stevens
pronounced upon waking and often while still lying in bed. This technique involv
es taking in the fullest breath possible from your stomach (not your throat) and
then emitting the Ah sound for as long as possible. With the first few Ah's, yo
u should picture your mind as a clean slate, and if any disturbing, anxious or w
orrying thoughts come up, simply ignore them or discard them. When you feel that
your mind is clear of all anxiety and intrusive thoughts, you are ready to visu
alize what you want. The optimal moment to do your visualization is at that poin
t of stillness between the inhaled breath and the exhaled breath. It is recommen
ded that you do this exercise for at least twenty minutes in the morning for an
optimum effect. The Om sound is usually done at night for twenty minutes. Once a
gain, you clear your brain and visualize your goals, but this time, on the exhal
e, you picture your goal as if it has already happened. In fact, the Om is a kin
d of "thank you" for blessed events that are about to take place. Once again it
is important for you to hold the Om sound for as long as possible on exhalation.
The idea of vocalizing these sounds is that new inspiration and direction is cr
eated from simply centering yourself so that you are still enough to receive ene
rgies from the source of Divine Inspiration.
Soul Talk
When you can't communicate with someone in reality, you might consider having a
Soul Talk with him or her. This is an astral chat that takes place on a plane th
at supercedes the restrictions of time and space. The intention of a Soul Talk i
s to correct a situation that is Divine in nature. As it is Divine, such convers
ations are usually about kindness, tenderness and mercy.
Creating Love
The simplest form of a Soul Talk is to have a conversation with the other person
in your mind. The first step is to picture the person's face. If you don't know
what they look like, as is the case with those who want to speak with a future
soulmate, let the image just form in your mind. The second step is to suss out t
heir vibe. How do they "feel" to you. Do you sense a lot of resistance to you co
ntacting him or her? Are you greeted with familiarity and warmth? What is their
posture or the expression on their face? The next step is to picture this indivi
dual coming towards you and smiling at you. This may be particularly difficult w
ith individuals that you resent, but it is a necessary part of the exercise. By
picturing the smile, you are subtly increasing their receptivity to the message
you are sending. Once you have completely imagined the individual smiling at you
, the next step is to picture a beam of light, shooting from your heart to the i
ndividual's heart. This beam of light can be pictured as a laser beam, a cascade
of shimmering light or a long silver thread. Use whatever image you are most co
mfortable with. Picture a tiny sun or ball of light, several feet above your own
head. This is your Soul Light or your Higher Self. Above that, picture an even
higher light. The best way to picture this supreme light is as a small, shining
sun that hovers half-way between yourself and the individual with whom you are S
oul Talking. This third light represents the Divine, or the holiness that connec
ts all souls together. This is the Highest Sun, or the source of all creativity,
imagination and manifestation. Picture the Highest Sun sending a beam to your S
oul Light and down to your Heart Light. Many individuals feel a warm glow around
their chest if they are doing this correctly. However, if you don't feel this,
Samantha Stevens
worry, as often it is enough to just picture the light in order for the communic
ation to be successful. The person that you are picturing also has a Soul Light
hovering about three feet above their head. Like you, the Higher Sun is sending
pulsating energy to their Heart Light. At this point, you will note that you hav
e created a kind of triangle between yourself and the other person with the High
est Sun Light at the top connecting both of your Soul Lights and the bottom line
connecting your Heart Lights. You are now going to attempt to communicate with
the person, soul to soul, by sending a beam of light that connects your Soul Lig
ht to the other person's. Many might feel a click or connection with a person be
fore they reach this part of the visualization. Once you have connected with the
individual you can begin speaking to them. You can also explain why it is benef
icial for you both. You can send them different colors and qualities of light as
well. There is no correct way and some may want to use a combination of verbal
communication and light emanation. Do whatever seems right to you. Verbally expr
essing your thoughts is a direct and simple way to make soul contact, and attune
d individuals may hear messages back from the other person's soul. The important
thing is that you make your request, such as "Please ask me out for a date." Pu
rists who do this exercise prefer to not have any conversation, but simply send
the individual different colors and qualities of light for a few minutes. A soft
pink light signifies tenderness and friendliness. A red light signifies sexual
desire. Green represents healing. Orange represents joy, blue the desire to comm
unicate and violet an appeal to the other person's Higher Self. If
Creating Love
you don't know what colors to send, deliver the colors of the rainbow in success
ion. The quality of the light you send is also a factor. You can send a pearlesc
ent light, a cascade of sparkles, an intense laser, showers of twinkles, or a pu
lsating beam. Send the kind of light that you think will please the other indivi
dual. When leaving the conversation in light mode, be sure to pause for a couple
of minutes and request light from the other individual. Although this is theore
tically taking place in the realm of the imagination, it is amazing how often yo
u will feel a surge of light as a response. These responses usually illuminate t
he intricacies of the situation. At the end of the exercise, draw light back tow
ards yourself in reverse order. Call light back to yourself from the Higher Sun,
then from your Heart Light and then from your Soul Light. Picture the other per
son doing the same. As you part ways with the individual on the soul plane, be s
ure to be-friendly and smile as you say goodbye. Another version of Soul Talk vi
sualization is partly derived from light working techniques and from practices a
ssociated with Tibetan occultists. A quick way to do this is to simply picture t
he individual and send them light. This exercise almost always results in at lea
st a phone call from the individual in question. Sometimes, the person will expr
ess that they have been thinking of you, dreaming about you or feeling compelled
to reverse a decision in a negative situation. This exercise can also be used t
o manifest an individual that you don't know, such as a future lover, lawyer or
marriage counselor. Do the exercise as usual, but do not concentrate on visualiz
ing the details of the person's
Samantha Stevens
appearance. This version of the exercise is like making a "call'7 on the astral
plane that allows just the right person to manifest in your life. The Wheel of L
ight The Wheel of Light is a meditation that I used to practice live in the Psyc
hic Realm chat room. I find that it not only lessens anxiety and worries about l
ove matters, but also has the effect of bringing the right people at the right t
ime. I do several versions of it, such as contacting ancestors or creating harmo
ny, but the one below is designed to draw more love into your life. The Wheel of
Light is an open call on the astral plane to souls who can assist your mission
to create love. You are not making a specific request in this meditation, and yo
u are not picturing individuals. You are asking for that which belongs to you by
Divine Right. Before you begin the meditation, it is important for you to be in
a very relaxed position—either sitting up or lying down in a quiet place. If yo
u are sitting up, uncross your legs and put your feet flat on the floor. Close y
our eyes, and place your palms face up on your knees. Make sure your spine is st
raight and your shoulders are relaxed. If you are lying down, lie with your palm
s face up towards the sky and don't cross your ankles. Once you are relaxed, tak
e a few deep breaths from your diaphragm. You are truly breathing from the diaph
ragm if your belly is rising up and down. If your chest is moving up and down yo
u are not breathing correctly. First, picture a tiny pinpoint of light growing i
n the center of your abdomen. The color of this light is a golden, sunny yellow.
Each time you inhale, this light expands and grows larger until your entire che
st cavity
Creating Love
feels warmed by a syrupy golden light. Now picture your heart center as a closed
flower bud. Your heart center can resemble any kind of flower, but most people
like to use the image of a lotus or a rose. Very often, your subconscious determ
ines what kind of flower is in your heart. Picture the petals of this bud, slowl
y unfurling and unfolding each time you inhale. Keep unfolding these petals unti
l the flower is completely open. Inside the flower is a pinpoint of light that r
esembles a sparkling jewel. You may determine what this jewel looks like. Now, w
ith each exhalation, picture the golden light from your stomach center, also kno
wn as the Third Chakra, sending a stream of light to your heart center. For seve
ral exhalations, picture this light energizing and expanding the jewel in the ce
nter of your heart's blossom. When some people do this, they experience a sensat
ion of the petals rotating in a clockwise fashion. Keep energizing this jewel wi
th breaths from your solar plexus until you feel the light getting larger. Some
people will imagine it as a golden light, others as white, pink or violet. Feel
this light expand and fill your entire body until each and every cell sparkles w
ith light. Next, imagine the light that is emanating from your heart expanding o
utside your body by at least three feet. Once you have done that, take it one st
ep further and fill the room with light. Once you feel you have accomplished tha
t, see how far you can expand this light that is coming from your heart's center
. Expand it outside your home and feel it expand throughout your entire neighbor
hood and even the entire city. You will know when it is time to stop emanating l
ight because you will feel a slight click or a gut-level feeling of completion.
You have cleared your auric field,
Samantha Stevens
as well as raised your vibration to attract positive events into your life throu
gh the power of light working. Now that you are done blasting your immediate ene
rgy field with light, the next step is to close your eyes and picture a midnight
-blue sky. In this visualization, stars will be representing the souls of other
individuals. First, ask your imagination or Higher Self to fill the blank sky wi
th the stars (Soul Lights) of all of those individuals in the present who could
help you with your love life. Envision friends, spiritual mentors, kindred spiri
ts and potential mates. You don't have to visualize faces, as it does not matter
who these people are—the aim is to make contact with many souls, not many perso
nalities. In fact, with this visualization, the less specific you make it, the m
ore likely you are to meet with success. When asking the Divine Imagination to f
ill this blank sky, you will soon notice your visual field filling with pinpoint
s of brilliant light. Once again, you will feel a little click or experience a f
eeling of completion once you have completed this phase of the visualization. Ne
xt, you will ask the Divine Imagination to fill the sky with the souls all of th
ose people in the past that have loved you. Once again, you will probably see yo
ur visual field sprinkled with additional stars. These are the souls of all of t
hose who have contributed to your present emotional condition. Finally, ask the
Divine Imagination to fill the sky with the Soul Lights of all of those individu
als you are likely to meet in the future. This includes future partners, relativ
es or anyone else that can help you achieve happiness. At this point in the visu
alization, you will notice that your visual field is sparkling with hundreds of
stars. Now, turn your attention back to your heart's center.
Creating Love
You are about to send light to all of the stars that you have pictured in your m
ental sky. On the next exhalation, picture the jewel in your heart's center eman
ating an intense beam of silver light that is shot out from your heart in spokes
to all of the stars in your visual field. As you send out light, you will proba
bly see these stars become brighter. Now ask these stars to send a similar quali
ty of light back to you. Next, do the same with a warm, golden light that is as
steady and soft as multiple shafts of sunlight. Send this light out to all the s
tars in your visual field. Once again, picture these stars sending light back. D
on't worry if not every star sends you light. The last thing you want to be doin
g during this process is counting stars or analyzing its process. The reason you
are sending out different colors and qualities of light is because different so
uls respond to different kinds of light. Now, picture a soft, pearly-pink light
emanating from your heart to the Soul Lights. With each exhalation, picture this
light getting stronger and turning into an intense shade of rose. Send this ros
y fire to the stars and be receptive to the light that some of them send back. A
t this time, imagine an intense orange light, like a laser beam that is shot out
to all the stars in your visual field. Imagine this orange light turning to red
and then white and then change the quality of it, so that it is a shimmer of sp
arkles. After you are done sending this, wait to receive light back from the mil
lions of souls. If, as you do all this, more stars appear, don't worry about it.
This probably means that you are manifesting more "live contacts" in your life.
Whatever you do, don't try to control or censure what you are seeing in your mi
nd's eye in any way. Now, send each and every star rays of violet and
Samantha Stevens
multi-colored light. Start it out as a strong beam and then change it into a shi
mmer of twinkles. Then change it back into a strong beam again until you feel yo
ur message has been sent. Next/call the stars to come into your heart. You can p
icture them zooming towards you or approaching gradually. Watch as the stars bec
ome tinier and are absorbed by the jewel in the center of your heart's blossom.
Feel your heart energized and made glad by the entrance of all of these souls in
to your Heart Chakra. When you feel that the million pinpoints of light have ent
ered into your heart's blossom, it is time to start closing the petals of your h
eart's center. With each exhalation, picture the petals of your heart's blossom
folding again and again over your heart's jewel, so that it once again looks lik
e a little bud. To close the meditation, take your right hand and place it over
your heart. Place your left hand over your right hand. Utter the words "Peace Be
Still." Creative Visualizations Creative visualization involves the fashioning
of an image in the mind's eye. You make a conscious attempt to charge the image
with the psychic energy of the unconscious. Some consider creative visualization
s to be a form of self-hypnosis that guides the conscious mind to behave in a ma
nner that is aligned with the will of the heart. Picture what you want. If you c
annot "see" it in your mind's eye, then get a feeling for it or "write" the word
s on an imaginary chalkboard in your head. You might also try the movie screen t
echnique. Imagine yourself walking into a movie theater. Pick a comfortable seat
where you can see the screen clearly. Watch as the cur-
Creating Love
tains roll back and a movie of your goal unfolds. Make sure to experience the em
otions that arise as if you are a character in the movie. Make sure the fantasy
that unfolds before you tells a happy story. This is one way of rewriting a disa
ster script for your life into a successful script. A visualization is just a da
ydream, unless it is injected with passion and enthusiasm. How much do you want
the picture you are visualizing? Question yourself to make sure your heart is al
igned with your will, as the personality is generally resistant to big changes.
Ask yourself whether or not you will be satisfied with your goal if you finally
have it. When you imagine having it, ask how it makes you feel. If it doesn't br
ing you joy in the visualization, then you are probably wishing for something th
at is not yours by Divine Right. The following is a collection of visualizations
inspired by various cultures that work in much the same way as positive affirma
tions. The subconscious mind is molded by impressions of pictures as much as it
is by words. Sometimes, the subconscious mind relates faster to a symbol or an i
mage than it does to a word. These visualizations provide the subconscious with
a symbolic path to follow in order to achieve love. Angel Wings This one is best
done lying in bed at night. Picture the other person lying in their bed. He or
she is sleeping. The eyes are closed. Imagine a huge pair of golden and pink ang
els' wings gently beating this person against the forehead. Do not wake this per
son. As the wings brush against the person's forehead, imagine a shower of silve
r, gold and pink sparkles falling down on their brow. Send him or her a whisper
that blesses them with peace,
Samantha Stevens
happiness and love. The House of the Heart Picture the individual that you are c
oncerned with in as much detail as possible. Imagine the person shrinking until
he or she fits in the palm of your hand. Now imagine your heart as a tiny, red h
ouse with a door. Open the door to one of the chambers, put the tiny person insi
de and close it. In your mind, reassure the person that they are safe in your he
art. Love Magnet Cream You are at the cosmetics counter in a fancy department st
ore. A smiling woman dressed in pink and gold offers you a sample of cream to tr
y for free. The jar is gold. The label on the jar reads Love Magnet Cream. You t
ake the cream home and open the jar and find the cream to be glowing pink. You a
pply the cream to your hands. As you do, you feel a pleasant, tingling sensation
. As you apply more, it transforms your skin, making it radiate a transparent pi
nk, silver and gold light. As you apply this cream to the rest of your body, you
feel yourself growing younger, happier and more vibrant with health. You imagin
e yourself becoming more magnetic to love. You decide to get up and take a walk—
let your imagination guide you. Where does your imagination lead you? Who do you
meet on your path? Whoever manifests in your visualizations can give you clues
to the direction your love life should take. Flower Star Garden Imagine strollin
g through a desert at night. You have been stranded in this desert for forty day
s. You feel dirty
Creating Love
and thirsty, but there are no plants or water. You look up in the sky and see th
ousands of fat, shining stars. You look up at one star and make a wish. Suddenly
, the star falls and plops into the sand below you. Even though you are very deh
ydrated, you find yourself shedding one tear. This tear lands on the site of the
fallen star. To your amazement, a sprig of green shoots up through the desert f
loor. This soft tendril grows very quickly. It unfurls leaves and a giant bud. Y
ou can picture what kind of flower it is, but it is not a flower that you have e
ver seen on Earth. The flower is huge; the size of your head or even larger. The
bud blooms to reveal its petals. Notice the flower's vibrant color. Inhale its
heady and alluring fragrance. Does it smell like fruit, roses or chocolate? Touc
h the petals. Do they feel like satin, feathers or velvet? When you touch the fl
ower it begins to emit beautiful music. Try to imagine what this flower looks li
ke in as much detail as you can. As the flower opens up you notice that it is ho
lding a small pond. You scoop this refreshing liquid up into your hands and bath
e your face, hands and body. You take a long, refreshing drink from between your
cupped hands. After you have drunk from the center of the flower, you look up a
nd notice that more stars are falling from the sky. They plant themselves in the
ground and spring up tendrils and buds. At first, there are just a few of these
flowers, but soon, more fall. To your amazement, no one flower seems to be the
same as another. As each one blooms, they spill water onto the barren ground for
ming ponds and pools with waterfalls. Many of these plants grow large and house
birds and other animals. The heady aroma of the perfume of this enchanted for-
Samantha Stevens
est fills your nostrils. You take deep exhalations and relax in this magical pla
ce filled with music, flowing water, nature and the velvety blackness of the nig
ht sky. Your relaxation is interrupted when you hear a noise. You sit up and see
a person approaching you. What does this person look like? Have you met him or
her before? This person reaches out to you and embraces you. The person that man
ifests in this visualization can provide you with important astral information a
bout what you need to correct in your love life or whom you might meet in the fu
Transmutation Exercise
Picture yourself surrounded in a bubble of golden light. Inhale deeply through y
our nose. As you exhale, picture all negative thoughts—pessimism, jealousy, anxi
ety and doubts—emanating from your breath like dark puffs of smoke. However, as
this expelled air touches your golden aura, these black clouds are miraculously
transformed into a violet color and then to gold. The purpose of this simple vis
ualization is to transmute all negative energy into positive energy so you can r
aise your vibration to attract more love into your life.
Creating Love
Chapter Five
Candle Burning Rituals There are two schools of thought on how candle burning wo
rks best. Occult-oriented religions see candle burning as a way to build energy
towards an intention. Other religions use the light of the candle as a way of pa
ssing the problem, usually through the smoke, up to the care of a Higher Power.
Usually, the petition or request is scratched into the candle or placed on a pie
ce of parchment paper beneath the candle for a number of days. Ritual candle bur
ning falls into several categories: color vibration, moon phase, petition to the
saints, petition to the angels and petition to deities and spirits. Candle burn
ing is found in almost every culture: Roma (gypsy culture), Catholicism, Egyptia
n schools of magic, Santeria and Celtic. Candle burning is also an integral part
of angel magic and many new age practices. The best time to practice love magic
is from the New Moon to the Full Moon, when the moon is waxing. During this per
iod, cosmic or astral energy is building and this is the best phase to burn cand
les if you want to attract something. Avoid burning candles when the moon is voi
d of course (passing from one sign to another) as this may cause your cosmic ene
rgy go astray. To find the time frames of moon phases go to Re
d candles represent desire, passion, lust, erotic situations and the consummatio
n of love. Red candles are
Candle Burning 101
Samantha Stevens
also used during the waning moon period to drive a rival away (especially if use
d in conjunction with a black candle). However, this is manipulative magic and c
ould have some bad karma attached to it. Orange candles bring you love, joy, luc
k, happiness and luck with children and pets. Burn an orange candle if you want
to be popular and go to more parties. Green candles represent growth, fertility,
abundance and opportunity. Light green is the color burned when we wish for a n
ew start with someone or desire to heal a broken relationship. Yellow candles ar
e for both spiritual and material riches and help align your will with the heart
. Burning this color of candle brings guidance in matters of the heart. They als
o represent joy and Soul Freedom. Pink candles bring tenderness, equilibrium and
help you manifest the higher qualities of love in your life—patience, faith and
compassion. Like orange, this can also be a fun candle and bring delight and su
rprises into your life. For a real lift, trying burning a yellow, orange and pin
k candle together. Brown candles can help ground your energies to the Earth, mak
ing you feel connected to reality. This is the candle to burn if you are feeling
spacey or are suffering from low self-esteem or a lack of confidence. Blue cand
les summon serenity, beauty, grace and selfcontrol. It is also a candle that is
associated with peace and mercy, so it is a good one to burn if you desire peace
between you and another. Blue candles can also be used to cool hot emotions suc
h as rage or jealousy. Purple candles can be very decadent or very holy dependin
g on what your intent is when burning. Purple is the color of the eccentric, the
bon vivante,
Creating Love
as well as the color of wisdom and royalty. This is the candle to burn if you fe
el as though life has become a little boring. It will bring you back into the se
xy dance of life. Violet is the color of the Higher Self and is good to burn whe
n you need to connect to your Higher Self. It enhances intuitive abilities and i
s a good color to burn when you feel you need to let go of someone or something.
Stare at the flame and throw all of your worries, concerns and burdens into the
violet fire. Ask the angels to provide you with a solution to your problem. Bla
ck is the color to burn if you feel threatened or frightened of a violent partne
r. As the black candle burns, picture all the negative energy melting away as we
ll. White candles represent, peace, purity and the connection to the higher real
ms, in particular the angels and whoever you perceive God to be. Silver and Gold
candles represent the Holy Spirit and assistance with love from the angelic rea
lms. Ceromancy Ceromancy is the fine art of reading a situation by studying the
way a candle burns. Are the flames leaping high? Is the wax sizzling and crackli
ng and popping? What does it mean when the flame goes out? Instinctively, most p
eople realize that the behavior of a candle is often a mirror of a situation as
it presently exists and its outcome. It is one of the world's ancient forms of d
ivination. The leaping and reaching candle flames are seen to represent the soul
s of individuals involved in the situation being read. For instance, the other d
ay one client asked me what it meant when the wax from the candle
Samantha Stevens
she was burning for love melted into the shape of a heart. Anyone who is used to
reading wax drippings knows that this is extremely good news and probably means
the other person is thinking of you. Another phenomenon that I am constantly as
ked about is what I call "accelerated magic." This is when a candle, lasting abo
ut four hours, starts smoking and seems to burn rapidly in about fifteen minutes
. This is usually good news and means that your prayer or request will probably
be answered quickly. If the candle was being burned for protection, it means, mo
re than likely, the spirits decided to quell an invasion or attach. In general,
if the candle starts smoking heavily as soon as you light it, it is a very good
sign—the negative energy is being removed from the situation. If the smoke is wh
ite, it means your prayers will be answered immediately. If it is black, your pr
ayer will probably be answered, but there may be obstacles in the way. You have
to use your instinct if the flame doesn't smoke. Sometimes that can mean there a
re no obstacles and other times, it means that the matter is over. A clear, stro
ng flame that burns steadily is a sign that the candle is sending out power and
energy to manifest what you want. If it is small and more ball-shaped than teard
rop shaped, it is less likely that your prayer will be answered. A weak or low f
lame means you are facing some heavy opposition to your desires. Staring at a fl
ame is a great way of knowing whether your majgic is working. I am always amazed
how a flame will grow higher or grope for more air the more you meditate upon i
t. You can also practice divination by looking straight into the heart of the fl
ame; a healthy flame has a bright red core, surrounded by a blue halo and then a
yellow color. A blazing red center tells you
Creating Love
that spirits are getting to the heart of the matter. A red center that is dim, o
r just a pinpoint, reveals a situation that may not be motivated by the heart. I
f the wick of the candle starts building a little bulb at its tip, chances are t
hat you have opposition or a third party is working against you. If there is a l
ot of blue in the flame, I take that as a sign that angels and spirits are prote
cting you from an unhappy outcome. Jumping, leaping and steadily rising flames a
re an excellent indication that spirits are fighting against your obstacles. Thi
s can be quite fascinating to watch, especially if the flame is really jumping a
nd you are burning a candle that is intended to fight another's will. If the fla
me is really protesting, so is the person, and sometimes this is your cue to put
the candle out. If the candle makes sizzling, hissing or popping sounds, this i
s a sign that some kind of spiritual warfare is taking place. If it scares you o
r doesn't feel right, put the candle out. However, if it feels like obstacles ar
e being destroyed or eliminated, then enjoy the show. If you are burning a candl
e and a second flame develops from an ash, I consider that to be a bad sign. It
means you have a rival in love. If you are burning two candles that are supposed
to represent two different individuals, it is not a good omen if one of the can
dles burns away to the bottom much faster than the other does. That is often a s
ign that your timing is off in the matter, or the desire is unrealistic, or is n
ot meant to be. If the candle smoke wafts towards you, it means that your prayer
is more than likely to be answered. If it wafts away from you, then it means th
at you will need a great deal of perseverance in order to have your prayer answe
red. If the smoke blows to your left, you are overly emotionally involved with t
he situation and are in
Samantha Stevens
danger of subconsciously sabotaging your own prayer, so it will not be answered.
If it blows to the right, you will need to use your head rather than your emoti
ons to pursue the situation. The way a candle unfolds or deconstructs as it melt
s can be very significant. It is wonderful when the candle seems to collapse out
ward or unfold like a flower. I consider it to be a sign that your wish will be
granted. It represents possibilities and paths opening for you. A candle that is
lopsided in one direction means you are dealing with a situation that is out of
balance. If the wax buries the flame, it is a sign that the wish will not be gr
anted. Reading wax drippings is an intuitive matter, similar to reading tea leav
es. Some shapes are obvious, like the heart, which represents love. Wax dripping
s may form in shapes that mean something very personal to you—a totem animal, fo
r example. Candle drippings that make twinning shapes or people shapes are signs
that love is about to arrive in your life. Bubbles forming on the side of the c
andle is also a sign that love is about to bloom. One thing to remember when pur
chasing candles is that candles made of paraffin or that are marketed as driples
s cannot be read. Go for a candle made of messy natural wax or beeswax, as they
are the ones that tend to reveal the most astral information. Commercial Candle
Burning for Love There are many commercial candles available on the market that
are intended to bring love into one's life. The most common kind of candle on st
ore shelves is the Seven Day candle, which is wax encased in a tall, glass pilla
r. These candles express their intention in illustrations on the glass. They spo
rt labels such as "LoveDrawing Power," "Adam and Eve," or "Love Magnet."
Creating Love
They are subtly scented with love-drawing oil, rose, jasmine or other fragrances
. A traditional glass candle used for love-drawing is the Chuparrasa Candle. Usu
ally, this candle has a picture or drawing of a hummingbird accompanied by a pra
yer in Spanish and pleas for the return of a lover. In occult shops you will als
o see molded candles iri the shape of brides and grooms. These candles have two
wicks. The red is burned to increase passion, the white to attract a new love or
prevent infidelity and the pink for reconciliation. Black versions of this doub
le-wicked candle are to break up a relationship. You will also find wax images o
f a nude or embracing couple. Some of these figurines have one wick and others t
wo. The red version is for passion, the pink for tenderness and reconciliation,
the white for a new love and the black to cause a couple to split up. The Divorc
e Candle, or Break Up Candle, features a man and a woman joined back to back and
interlinking arms. This candle is sold in red or black and is used to break up
a couple. Individual figurines of nude males and females are used in sympathetic
magic. These are called Adam and Eve candles. The red is used for love spells a
nd the black to cause harm or revenge. You might also find candles made in the i
mage of male and female genitalia. The white is used to attract a new partner, t
he pink to turn a friend into a lover, the red to induce lust and passion, the b
lue to induce faithfulness and the black to cause impotence. Red skulls are anot
her wax figurine that are sold to attract love. Candles that feature keys and cl
overleaves on a flaming cross are called the Master Key Crucifix candles. The pi
nk version of this candle is used to draw romance into one's life.
Samantha Stevens
You will also see Seven Knob Wishing candles, which look like a stack of flatten
ed spheres. The ideals that you place a petition or request underneath the pink
or red editions of these candles and burn down one sphere a day for seven days.
Candle Burning Rituals Below is a compendium of candle burning rituals from many
cultures that are used to draw love. The Simplest Love-Drawing Ritual: Anoint a
ny red or pink candle with olive oil or rose oil. While the candle burns, state
your request. Simple Love-Drawing Candle Spell: Carve both of your initials into
a red candle with the thorn from a rose. Anoint it with rose oil. Pray that the
two of you will soon unite as lovers. To Improve Communication: Anoint a red an
d a blue candle with spearmint or peppermint oil. Burn it and ask for improved c
ommunication between you and your lover. To Get a Lover to Contact You: Lightly
dust a red candle with cinnamon. Write your partner's initials on the candle. Pl
ace it on a piece of aluminum foil. Think intently of your partner as the candle
burns. To Get a Lover To Dream of You: Anoint a pink, commercial Nude Lovers ca
ndle with orange and gardenia oil. Sprinkle poppy seeds around the base of the c
andle (you may also sprinkle some glitter). Light the candle and meditate on all
the good times that you have had together. To Increase Passion: Sprinkle cinnam
on and ginger in a circle around an orange and red candle. Think sexy thoughts a
bout your partner.
Creating Love
To Appear Sexier to Your Partner: When the moon is waxing in Scorpio, light a re
d and silver candle together to increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex
. To Bring Joy to a Relationship: Light an orange, pink and yellow candle togeth
er. Ask the powers that be to restore spontaneity, enthusiasm and joy to your re
lationship. To Heal Hurt Feelings: Anoint a light green and pink candle together
and ask that the damage that's been done to be reversed. Angel Love Candle Burn
ing Ritual: Light a silver, gold, pink and blue candle together. Pray that your
relationship will always be guided by what is best for both of your souls. This
color combination brings purity, sincerity and innocence to a relationship. Chup
arosa Glass Votive Ritual: Buy a commercial Seven Day glass votive candle with t
he image of a hummingbird on it. Anoint the candle with honeysuckle oil. Recite
the 23rd Psalm or the Song of Solomon from the Bible and let the candle burn dow
n for seven days. St. Barbara Glass Votive Ritual: Purchase a commercial Seven D
ay glass votive candle with the image of St. Barbara on it. Anoint the candle wi
th gardenia and rose oils. Pray to St. Barbara to keep your husband or mate fait
hful. Read psalms 139 and 140. St. Martha Glass Votive Ritual: Appeals to St. Ma
rtha usually fall in the category of "controlling" magic. Buy a commercial Seven
Day glass votive candle with an image of St. Martha on it. Scratch both of your
initials into the top of the candle wax. Add a drop of jasmine oil. Say the fol
lowing words: St. Martha in the same way that you slew to the
Samantha Stevens
dragon I ask you to conquer (insert the name of your lover)'s heart. May he not
stray or live without me for one more day. Let the candle burn in its container
for seven days. Nine Day Candle Burning Ritual: The following is what is known a
s a controlling spell and is categorized as sympathetic magic. Purchase a male a
nd female (Adam and Eve) wax figurine from an occult shop. Scratch your initials
into one figurine and your partner's into another. Anoint both candles with a c
ombination of as many of these oils as you can afford. Nine days before the Full
Moon, place the figures far apart. Light the candles for nine minutes and then
extinguish. Every day for the next nine days move the wax figures closer and clo
ser to each other. Burn the candles for exactly nine minutes. On the ninth day m
ake sure the figures are touching each other.
Creating Love
Chapter Six
Angels and Saints of Love Angels are guests who are invited into your heart. Bef
ore you call on an angel, it is important to meditate; to picture your heart as
soft and tender and light a candle that is attractive to that particular Heavenl
y being. Make your request specific and visualize what you want, but don't be at
tached to the outcome. Angels are agents of the Lord and like God, they work in
mysterious ways. Here is a list of the Seven Archangels with their functions and
corresponding light rays, as well as a list of saints. You can burn a candle in
the Angel's corresponding color to facilitate your prayers. Archangel Michael i
s the Angel of Protection and corresponds to the color blue. Pray to Archangel M
ichael if you suspect your mate of infidelity. He is the Angel that can protect
you as you proceed down a difficult path, such as filing for a divorce. He also
protects battered women from further violence. Archangel Jophiel is the Angel of
Illumination and cor-, responds to the color yellow. This Angel can help free y
ou and loved ones from bad habits. Spiritually, he can help you connect with you
r Higher Self and show you the way when making difficult decisions. Pray to the
Archangel Jophiel if you must choose between two prospective partners. Archangel
Chamuel is the Angel of Love and corresponds to the color pink. This is the Ang
el of compassion, mercy, forgiveness and understanding. This Angel helps you rep
air damaged relationships.
Samantha Stevens
Chameul's pink ray can help dissolve feelings of selfcondemnation, guilt and low
self-esteem. Pray to the Archangel Chamuel when you want to strengthen the rela
tionship you already have or if you wish to attract a new love. Archangel Gabrie
l is the Angel of Guidance and corresponds to the color white. Gabriel can help
you remove blocks from the past that may be lowering your ability to magnetize a
nd attract love. Materially, Gabriel can also help manifest the right clothes to
wear to an important date or social event. Archangel Raphael is the Angel of He
aling and corresponds to the color green. Raphael is responsible for the healing
of body, mind and soul. This angel repairs broken spirits and helps you accept
the truth. He helps you become more receptive to love by opening up your heart.
Pray to Raphael if you need to heal a damaged relationship or if you are having
trouble discarding the past. He helps resolve conflicts and personal wars. Racha
el also helps individuals travel through difficult, yet necessary paths, such as
divorce. Archangel Uriel is the Angel of Peace and corresponds to the colors pu
rple and gold. Uriel resolves all problems in personal, social and professional
relationships and helps to create harmony in your life. He can help you to let g
o of bitterness and resentment. Appeal to Uriel if you need help going through a
divorce or need to reconcile with a long-lost friend. Archangel Zadkiel is the
Angel of Joy and corresponds to the color violet. This is the angel to pray to f
or domestic harmony. Zadkiel stands for freedom, happiness, justice, mercy and f
reedom of the soul. Pray to Zadkiel when you are feeling dissatisfied or have
Creating Love
forgotten how to be thankful for all of the blessings that you do have. The Sain
ts Petitioning the Saints for Special Favors is a tradition in both Catholic and
Santeria religions. When you ask the Catholic Saints for help, it is common to
write your request on a piece of paper and place it beneath the appropriately co
lored candle. If you can find a picture of the Saint in a religious store and pl
ace it on the altar, that is even better. Saint Agnes: Burn a white or yellow ca
ndle on a Friday to find a soulmate, meet sincere friends and/or ensure fidelity
in a relationship. Saint Barbara: Burn a red candle on a Saturday to ask for pr
otection against negative people, for protection from gossip or meddling family
members, to protect a marriage from infidelity or to drive away a rival. Saint M
aria Goretti: Burn a pink candle on a Friday to ask for help with an abusive rel
ationship or fidelity in a marriage. Saint Brigid of Kildare: Burn a yellow cand
le on a Sunday to ask her for inspiration when writing love letters or romantic
poetry. Her symbol is a cow. Saint Catherine of Alexandria: Burn a yellow or whi
te candle on a Saturday to petition for beauty, fertility, seductiveness and con
fidence. Her symbol is the wheel. Saint Clare of Assisi: Burn a white candle on
a Monday to ask for assistance in dealing with drug addicts and alcoholics. Sain
t Dymphana: Burn a blue candle on a Monday to for assistance with mentally ill p
artners, and
Samantha Stevens
when you have to deal with people with depression, manic depression, personality
disorders, attention deficit disorders or epilepsy. Burn a blue candle on a Sun
day to help with a marriage or immigration. Saint Helen: Burn a pink or red cand
le on a Tuesday to ask her to return a strayed lover or to overcome sorrow and g
rief. Her symbol is a cross. Saint Martha: Burn a green and/or a white candle on
a Tuesday to ask for aid with domestic strife, to prevent infidelity, to bring
a new love or to conquer romantic rivals. Her symbol is a dragon. Saint Therese
of Liseux: Burn a yellow candle on a Wednesday to be loved by all, for protectio
n from black magic and to restore faith. She also aids those with alcoholic or m
entally ill partners. Her emblem is a bouquet of roses. Saint Anthony of Padua:
On a Tuesday, burn a brown or orange candle to resolve marriage or relationship
problems or bring back a strayed lover. His emblem is the lily. Saint Francis of
Assist: On a Monday, light a brown candle to petition for peace, conflict resol
ution and to gain spiritual wisdom. Saint George: On a Tuesday, light a red cand
le to conquer fears, acquire courage and to overcome jealousy. His emblem is the
slaying of a dragon. Saint Joseph: Light a yellow candle on a Sunday for protec
tion and a happy marriage. His emblem is a lily or a pitcher with a loaf of brea
d. Saint Martin De Porres: Light a purple and white candle on a Thursday to brin
g harmony to your household. His emblem is a broom and a crucifix.
Creating Love
Chapter Seven
Gods and Goddesses of Love There are thousands of Gods and Goddesses from all cu
ltures that govern love. Below is a compendium of the most traditional in each c
ulture plus a short note about their purpose. If a God or Goddess appeals to you
, I would suggest getting a picture of that deity and asking them for help throu
gh prayer or candle burning. Indian Gods & Goddesses Durga: Also known as Shakti
(Life Energy) and Parvati (Family Unity). Pray to him for general abundance, ma
tters to do with family, child rearing and home. Krishna: God of Power and Brave
ry. Pray to this deity when faced with a tough discussion to do with love. Laksh
mi: Goddess of Prosperity, Purity, Chastity, and Generosity. An excellent Goddes
s to ask for help in a new relationship or for finding a prospective husband. Sh
iva: God of Giving and Happiness, Creator. Pray to him for happiness and sexual
dexterity. Japanese Gods & Goddesses Uzume: Shinto Goddess of joy, happiness and
good health. Pray to her for general abundance, a happy marriage and children.
Chinese Gods & Goddesses Quan Yin: Pray to her for unconditional love and mercy.
African Gods & Goddesses Oshun: Goddess of Love and Money. Pray to her for heal
th, wealth, love and abundance.
Samantha Stevens
Oya: Goddess of Wind and the Market. Pray to her for confidence and the clearing
of emotional blocks in your path. Yemaya: Goddess of the Sea. Pray to her for b
eauty, love and charisma. Egyptian Gods & Goddesses Amun: King of the Gods. Pray
to him to acquire a husband or wife. Bastet: Goddess of Protection. Pray to thi
s cat Goddess to be sexy, alluring, charming and good in bed. Hathor: Goddess of
Love and Joy. Pray to her for general blessings. Horus: God of the Sky, Ruler o
f Egypt. Pray to him for the proper circulation of love in your life and an appr
eciation of ever renewing cycles. Isis: Goddess of Protection and Magic. Pray to
her for the enhancement of wisdom, sexual allure and female intuition. Nut: God
dess of the Sky who Covers the Earth. Pray to her for general blessings. Ra: Sun
God. Pray to him for delightful surprises, abundance and joy. Sumerian Gods & G
oddesses An: God of the Heavens. Pray to him for a union with a soulmate. Enki:
Lord of Water and Wisdom. Pray to him for positive thinking and miraculous manif
estation from the unconscious. Inanna: Goddess of Love and War. Pray to her for
a husband, a happy home and general abundance and prosperity. Ninhursag: Goddess
of the Earth, Fertility. Pray to her for many descendents.
Creating Love
< 81
Greek & Roman Gods and Goddesses Aphrodite (Greek), Venus (Roman): Goddess of Lo
ve. Pray to her for luck in romantic matters. Apollo (Greek), Mercury (Roman): G
od of Civilization and the Arts. Pray to him for charisma, right action and eloq
uence in speech and writing. Artemis (Greek), Diana "(Roman): Goddess of Childbi
rth and Hunting. Pray to her for discipline, clarity of thought and luck in hunt
ing for a mate. Athena (Greek), Minerva (Roman): Goddess of War, Wisdom and Arts
. Pray to her for self-confidence, independence, detachment from negative emotio
ns and good judgement. Demeter (Greek), Ceres (Roman): Goddess of Agriculture an
d Good Harvest. Pray to her for health, love, wealth and abundance. Cupid (Greek
and Roman): The God of Love. Pray to him find a true love. Dionysos (Greek), Ba
cchus (Roman): God of Wine. Pray to him to achieve luxuries and an abundant sex
life. Hecate (Greek): Goddess of the Underworld, Witchcraft and Black Magic. Pra
y to her for swift changes, selfconfidence and miracles. Hera (Greek): Goddess o
f Marriage, Family and Home. Pray to her for general abundance and peaceful rela
tionships. Hermes (Greek), Mercury (Roman): God of Merchants. Pray to him for el
oquence of speech or for courage when making a marriage proposal. Hestia (Greek)
: Goddess of Earth, Fire and Family Life. Pray to her for feminine intuition, co
nnection with nature abundance and emotional security. Persephone (Greek): Godde
ss of Fertility and Nature. Pray to her for faith in ever renewing cycles and th
Samantha Stevens
wisdom to be in the right place at the right time. Selene (Greek): Goddess of th
e Moon. Pray to her for an understanding of the mysterious cycles that govern se
xuality. Aphrodite (Greek), Venus (Roman): Goddess of Love, Protector of Gardens
. Pray to her for small miracles and gifts from the Universe. Celtic Gods & Godd
esses Branwyn: Goddess of Love, Sexuality and the Sea. Pray to her for faith in
other people. Bridget: Goddess of Fertility, Feminine Creativity, Martial Arts a
nd Healing. Pray to her for a happy home and abundance. Cernunnos: The "Horned G
od," God of Nature, Animals, Fertility and the Underworld. Pray to him for sexua
l prowess. Cerridwen: Moon Goddess, Goddess of Dark Prophecy and the Underworld.
Pray to her for positive influences on the subconscious mind. Coventina: Goddes
s of Rivers, Abundance, Inspiration and Prophecy. Pray to her for assistance wit
h dating, popularity and meeting new people. Eostre: Goddess of Spring, Rebirth,
Fertility and New Beginnings. Pray to her when looking for a new romance. Lugh:
Sun God, God of War, Mastery, Magic and Good Harvest. Pray to him for a happy h
ome. British, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh Gods & Goddesses Arawn (Welsh): God of
the Hunt and the Underworld. Pray to him to find a soulmate. Arianrhod (Welsh):
Star and Sky Goddess, Goddess of Beauty, Full Moon and Magical Spells. Pray to h
er for
Creating Love
confidence and self-esteem. Cliodna (Irish, Scottish): Goddess of Beauty and of
Other Realms. Pray to her to appear beautiful to others. The Green Man (Welsh):
God of the Woodlands, Life Energy and Fertility. Pray to him for miracles and sp
ecial favors. Oghma (Scottish, Irish): God of Communication, Writing and Poets.
Pray to him just before a date, proposing or writing a love letter. Rhiannon (We
lsh): Goddess of Birds, Horses, Enchantments, Fertility and the Underworld. Pray
to her for the persistence of good fortune and to appear charming to others. No
rse Gods & Goddesses Freya: Goddess of Love, Beauty, War, Magic and Wisdom. Pray
to her for protection of home and family. Freyr: God of Fertility and Success.
Pray to him for fertility and many descendants.
Samantha Stevens
Chapter Eight
Charms and Talismans Many people already own love-drawing charms or talismans. B
elow, I have compiled a list of some of the more popular good luck symbols that
can be purchased in the form of jewelry, paintings or statues. The Heart: This i
s the universal symbol of love. The Cupid with An Arrow: This is a baby angel wi
th a bow and arrow. The Sun: The Sun represents primal male energies as well as
passion and enthusiasm for life. The Moon: The moon represents the feminine aspe
cts of love as well as intuition and sexual secrets. Planetary Symbol for Venus:
This looks like a crucifix with a loop on top. It represents the feminine aspec
t of love. Planetary Symbol for Mars: This is a circle with an arrow extending f
rom it. It represents the masculine aspect of love. Old Statue of Venus: Venus f
igurines date back 25,000 years and often feature a round woman with huge breast
s and an extended stomach. They embody the essence of tantric sex and fertility.
Classic Statue of Venus: This is the familiar Grecian statue of Venus that depi
cts a Goddess with missing arms. Mother Goddess Symbol: This is an amulet or tal
isman that features a woman with a leaf shaped lower body and arms curved vertic
ally above her head. She represents mystical wisdom and sex. Gaia Symbol: This i
s often a roundish woman with her arms raised so that they join in a full circle
above her
Creating Love
head. Unlike the Mother Goddess symbol, her hands touch or merge with each other
. She represents grounding and connection with nature, as well as fertility, wis
dom and intuition. Egyptian Cat Goddess: A woman with the head of cat. Protects
the home, mothers and children. Tai Chi: These black and white symbols of male a
nd female unity feature two teardrop shapes embracing in a circle. The Chinese R
abbit: This symbol attracts beauty and love. Chinese Rooster: A symbol of virili
ty and bravado with the opposite sex. Chinese Dragon and Phoenix: This charm, wh
ich features these two animals dancing together, stands for indivisibility, stro
ng partnerships, beauty, longevity and renewal. Celtic Wheel: This amulet featur
es a Celtic cross in the middle of a wheel. It symbolizes generosity and spiritu
al fortitude. Circular Celtic Knots: This amulet features at least two circles e
ntwined in a knot. It helps to attract and exude loye, be one with a beloved, ma
ke new friends and touch other people's souls. Heart with Celtic Knots: This amu
let contains a Celtic knot within the shape of a heart and is used for attractio
n and fidelity. Claddaugh Ring: This is an interlocking ring that features two h
ands circling a heart that is topped with a winged crown. It represents fidelity
and faithfulness in love and marriage. The Rune Gebo: This talisman is simply a
n X. It means gift. It teaches us to be generous, accept love from God and helps
to attain unity in love.
Samantha Stevens
The Rune Wunjo: This talisman represents a pointy letter P. It represents teamwo
rk, cooperation, happiness and many friends. The Rune of Irresistibility: This r
une is a circle from which eight spokes radiate out from the hub of a wheel. The
spokes are elk antlers. It is thought to make one irresistible in love. The Ven
us Talisman: This symbol from the Middle Ages features two triangles meeting in
a circle and features the names of God engraved in Hebrew on its periphery. This
Seal of Solomon is used to receive the love of a desired person, enhance one's
own attractiveness, harmonize existing relationships and attract new friends. Th
e Whale: Worn by indigenous North American people to ensure fidelity in a relati
onship. The Opossum: Worn by Northwest American Indians for protection of childr
en and relatives. Used to heal broken family relationships. The Hummingbird: Wor
n by Indians on the North American Prairies to symbolize joy, luck and beauty. T
he Dog: A symbol for Indians on the North American Prairie that represents fidel
ity and devotion. Goddess Astarte Symbol: This triangular shaped amulet dates fr
om 1600 BCE in Phoenicia. It features a woman's face, her nipples and pubic hair
. It is worn to make women sexually attractive and fertile. The Clover: A five-l
eafed clover symbolizes a happy marriage. The Pentagram: This five-sided star is
also known as the Druid's foot. It helps as a talisman to fulfill wishes, invok
e spiritual powers and activate inner powers. It also serves as a protective amu
let against the "evil eye" and casts evil back to where it came.
Creating Love
The Star of David: This six-pointed star is also known as the Seal of Solomon an
d the Hexagram. It consists of two interlocking triangles and is used as a talis
man to attain harmony, gain knowledge and invoke the aid of the angels. The Hept
agram: Also known as the Mysterious Star or the Love Star, this seven-pointed st
ar is sacred to Venus and helps one radiate beauty and attractiveness as well as
radiate harmony and love. Munanchi: The munachi is a Quechua charm used to enac
t sexual love spells. Made of soapstone, these sculptures feature two people in
the act of copulation. Wrapping two hairs, one from each partner, through the em
brace of the interlocking couple is thought to ensure fidelity. Kama Sutra Charm
s From Nepal: These interlocking sculptures, or tiny charms, feature two individ
uals copulating and are thought to enhance acts of sexual tantra. Raccoon Penis
Bones: These are given to young girls in the Ozark region of the United States t
o enhance the virility of the men that are attracted to them. Munaiwarmi Love St
one: The name means "Women's Love Stone" in the Quechua language of Bolivia and
Peru. Hand-carved out of soapstone, this amulet is used by Indian women in love
spells to ensure the fidelity of husbands or boyfriends while they are journeyin
g away from home. The amulet features three figures—three women or a man, woman
and a baby. Lodestones: These are two magnetics that are carried on the person,
one representing a male and the other a female to ensure fidelity in a relations
Samantha Stevens
Chapter Nine
Love is in the Earth: Herb, Roots and Plants Plants of all kinds (including tree
s), herbs and roots have been used for centuries to love a person and give harmo
ny to a home. Most herbs are available in your garden or from stores, but there
are occult shops and apothecaries that carry herbs in jars. There are several wa
ys to use plants in order to ensure love and harmony: You can carry some of the
substance on you. This can be as easy as putting a tiny bit of the herb in a pla
stic bag and putting it in your pocket. An easy solution is to put a pinch of th
e herb in a locket. Sew a sachet or pouch. You can buy ready-made sachets or pou
ches that you can use for this purpose, but you can also sew a small one using a
n appropriately colored material. Pink and red are popular colors associated wit
h love. These sachets are then tucked under the bed, worn on a string around the
neck, put in a purse or wallet or concealed somewhere in the home. Some people
simply fill a potpourri jar with the appropriate herbs and hide it in the house.
The simplest Wiccan "Earth, Water, Air, Fire" Ritual is to boil the herb in wat
er. The herbs symbolize the Earth element, the water element is in the pot, the
air element is the steam and the fire element is the stove. Strain the plant mat
erial from the liquid and sprinkle the infusion around or outside the home. Use
herbs as incense. Some plants are hypnotics so I don't really recommend this unl
ess you are certain that the herb is not toxic once set alight. Traditionally th
ough, herbs are set alight on charcoal burners and the smoke is allowed to waft
through the house.
Creating Love
Here is a list of common plants, herbs and roots used in love magic with some ti
ps about how to use them: Apple Blossoms: Drop these pretty blossoms in your bat
h to make others think that you are more attractive. Carrying the blossoms on yo
ur person increases your popularity and charisma. Althea (also called Marshmallo
w Herb): Known as the persuasion herb, this can be carried in a locket or sachet
on your person. Traditionally, it is burned on charcoal with apple blossoms and
rose blossoms to invite a proposal of marriage. Balm of Gilead: This energizing
and protective herb is carried on the person or burned as incense to keep a lov
er attracted and faithful. Bayberry: Bayberry is used as a commercial oil. It is
bought by men and worn on the pulse to attract women. Black Snakeroot: This is
traditionally burned on charcoal or concealed on the person of a man to arouse a
woman's lust. It is the most commonly used ingredient in controlling Adam and E
ve love spells. Caraway Seeds: Carried on the person to increase lust in another
. If placed on your lover's person, they are said to stop infidelity. Cardamom:
Sprinkled as a spice on food or tucked into a sachet under the bed to arouse a l
over. Cinnamon: Used in love sachets. Sprinkle it under the sheets of the bed to
increase passion between two people. Coriander: Carried on the person or sprink
led under the sheets or used in food recipes to strengthen an existing love rela
tionship. Cumin: Used in food recipes or sprinkled around the
Samantha Stevens
bed to keep a lover faithful to you. Deerstongue: Used to attract another of the
same sex. Usually is carried on the person in a locket or a sachet. Dill: Sprin
kled about the home to protect and strengthen an existing love. Elcampane: Carri
ed on the person as a love charm to attract a soul mate. Frangipani: Can be boug
ht as an oil or commercial incense. The flowers are used to gain the confidence
or trust of a person that you desire. Ginger: Used to arouse a reluctant lover o
r cure impotence. Typically sprinkled under the sheets. When added to other love
-drawing herbs it is said to accelerate desired results. Hazel: Two twigs tied t
ogether with a red ribbon are said to reconcile estranged lovers. Jasmine: Can b
e bought as incense, oil or perfume. The flowers are rare, but if you can find t
hem, sprinkle on the bed or stuff in a pillow to ensure a successful seduction.
Lavender: Kept as a plant in the home or stuffed inside a pillow, this sweet-sme
lling herb is thought to straighten out marital problems and ensure fidelity. Or
ange Blossoms: The oil or perfume can be placed into a sachet to attract a marri
age proposal. Myrtle: A sprig of myrtle kept in the bedroom, on a mirror or hung
above the bed, is said to increase fertility. Poppy Seeds: Stuffed in your love
r's pillow, these are thought to make him or her dream of you. Rosemary: Used in
every way—ingested, as incense, as oil or in a sachet—to bind two people togeth
er in a gentle, loving manner. Sweet Pea: An attraction flower. The plant is kep
t in the
Creating Lovt
garden to attract friends and lovers. Bathing in the flowers is thought to incre
ase popularity. Vanilla pods: Tucked under the bed, these are thought to lower a
nother's inhibitions. Carried on the person, vanilla's vibration is thought to c
ause others to find you seductive. Can be bought commercially as perfume, incens
e or oil. Magic in Your Spice Rack Check out the magical uses of some of these v
ery common spices, which are found in almost everybody's spice rack or kitchen c
upboard. Ginger: Ginger is used to speed things up. Ginger sprinkled under the p
hone may cause that important call to come faster, but don't use it too much as
it can also cause a heated exchange or an argument. Mint: If you need to sparkle
in a crowd, charm, woo or sell something, try nibbling on a little mint or drin
king mint tea. Salt: Taking a bath in salt is said to purify the aura and cleans
e it of negative emotions and entities. This practice increases your receptivity
to love. Magical Houseplants for Love Plants have a natural connection to the h
igher realms, which you can access by having them in your energy field. Below is
a list of some flowers for love. Apple Blossoms: Apple Blossoms correspond to t
he energies of Venus, the Goddess of Love. Camphor: The plant is very difficult
to find in North America, however, you can burn the essential oil. Camphor is re
commended for those who are follow-
Samantha Stevens
ing a strictly chaste path. Catnip: Promotes peace and happiness. Carnation: Bru
shing your body with the petals of a carnation (with the flowers still attached
to the stem) is thought to remove negative emotions and clear your aura so that
you are receptive to meeting a new love. The oil is burned in aromatherapy to br
ing a new marriage partner. Cypress: The aroma of cypress trees can ease the pai
n of heartache, loneliness and grief. Daffodil: These bright yellow flowers are
said to enhance states of spiritual love. Freesia: A bouquet of freesia is said
to raise vibrations and instill love and peace in the home. Gardenia: Gardenias
represent peace, love and spirituality. Geranium: This common flower represents
happiness. Hyacinth: Hyacinths are used to overcome grief, loss and ease emotion
al pain. Their aroma is said to cure insomnia. Iris: Irises represent love and f
emale intuition. Jasmine: Used frequently in magic rituals, the jasmine flower r
epresents love, peace, fidelity, happiness, virility, fertility and sex. Lavende
r: A love-drawing flower that vibrates to a very high frequency. Also used for s
oothing broken hearts. Lemon Verbena: An herb that emanates a scent said to invo
ke love and a purity of intention. Lilac: A common flower that brims with love-a
ttracting energies. Lily: Used to ease the pain of broken relationships. Magnoli
a: Represents the first bloom of love. Meadowsweet: According to European folklo
re, was
Creating Love
used to expand our abilities to give and receive love. Mimosa: Causes one to dre
am about love. Narcissus: Attracts love and raises self-esteem. Neroli: This ora
nge tree attracts joy and sex into your life. Palmarosa: Facilitates receptivity
to love and healing from heartbreak. Plumeria: This flowering tree represents p
eace and love. Peony: Represents the blush of first love. Tuberose: These Mexica
n flowers draw peace and love into a home. Water Lily or Lotus: These floating f
lowers represent spiritual love, love for God, altruistic love, enlightenment, a
nd peace. Ylang-Ylang: These powerfully scented blossoms symbolize peace, love a
nd happiness. A Rose Is Not Just a Rose The rose is perhaps one of the most powe
rful symbols in the metaphysical world, so much so that I decided to dedicate a
section to it. It is one of the most accessible tools that can be used for every
day magic. The gift of a rose is also one of the simplest ways to say, "I love y
ou" without too much hocus-pocus. The thorns on its stems represent the prick of
love and the overcoming of obstacles to achieve your desires. It is the pinnacl
e of metaphorical purity and symbolizes completion and perfection. The rose hist
orically symbolizes the female genitalia and is associated with Cupid, Eros, Ado
nis, Aphrodite, Isis, Hathor, and Demeter. Rose water and rose petals are often
used in magical rituals to honor these Gods and Goddesses. The element associate
d with the rose is Water, so it is particularly friendly to the astrological sig
ns of Pisces,
Samantha Stevens
Cancer and Scorpio. Both Mercury and Venus rule this flower. A bath in rose peta
ls or rose water (which is distilled from rose buds) is said to attract love to
the bathing beauty. An ancient custom is to sprinkle the bed of newly weds with
rose petals to sweeten the initial carnal relations. In ancient, alchemical form
ulas the red rose is used as a masculine principle and the rose represents the f
eminine or receptive principle. The combination of the two represents harmony an
d unity. Rose oil, which is extracted from the petals of the flower, is also pro
minent in both love and healing rituals. When applied to the temples, the oil is
said to cure a headache. When applied to the thighs or breasts, it is supposed
to attract a suitor. As an essential oil, the rose's essence is thought to cure
frigidity and impotence. Rose water is used in cooking spells and added to curri
es and cake mixes to infuse the dish with good spirits and love attracting quali
ties. The water is also splashed on the skin to give you a complexion as dewy as
the flower. Red roses symbolize love, sex and passion. Pink roses suggest frien
dship, joy, gratitude and fun. Yellow roses can symbolize enthusiasm, but accord
ing to some folklore, the yellow rose can symbolize deception or the perfect cri
me. Orange roses signify enthusiasm, passion and a lust for life. White roses ar
e symbolic of significant landmarks in life, unconditional love, purity and inno
cence. The flower is not the only part of the rose that is used in divination an
d magic. To discover their romantic future, women used to pluck three green rose
leaves and name one after each of their suitors. The one that stayed green the
longest was their soulmate. Ironically, for a flower that is often given as a gi
ft, the
Creating Love
most powerful roses are said to be those that have been stolen from another pers
on's garden.
Samantha Stevens
Chapter Ten
Love is in the Earth: Rocks, Stones and Gems Below, I have listed seven popular
gemstones that correspond with the Divine energies of the Seven Archangels. If y
ou don't own any jewelry, you can obtain inexpensive, raw, unpolished gems in st
ores or on the Internet. Once you have the stone, it is best to wear it someplac
e your body, which is why so many of these are set in necklaces, bracelets and r
ings. Sapphire: This stone, which is usually deep blue in color, corresponds to
the energies of the Archangel Michael. Michael protects you from forces antithet
ical to love such as violence and lust. The sapphire can help women select an ap
propriate husband. Yellow Topaz: This clear yellow gem is the problemsolving sto
ne. This stone is also good for those who feel numbed by disappointment. It allo
ws codependents to release drunken or abusive partners. It can also help obsessi
ve people learn to let go. It helps you recognize your patterns and see the big
picture in life. Wearing topaz helps you connect to the energies of the Archange
l Jophiel, who is the Angel of Divine Inspiration. Rose Quartz: This light pink
crystal heals the heart and promotes a sense of self-appreciation and self-love.
It also helps you open your heart center so that you can give unconditional lov
e. It improves your mood and enhances feelings of joy. The rose quartz is a very
warm stone and helps you put your own needs first, thereby getting rid of that
feeling of being taken for granted. It corresponds to the benevolent energies of
Creating Love
the Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of Love. Diamond: Diamonds have traditionally s
ymbolized the commitment of one human being to another, but, in this case, they
also symbolize a commitment to taking care of your Higher Self. The stone vibrat
es at a frequency that strengthens your intuitive abilities. It helps you percei
ve beyond surface appearance and understand the truth about another person. The
diamond connects you to the peaceful energies of the Archangel Gabriel, who help
s you harmonize conflicts in your life. Emerald: This brilliant green stone is u
sed to restore balance. Healers use this as an anti-stress stone and to restore
harmony to troubled or split personalities. Traditionally, an emerald was though
t to help you learn lessons, so you don't repeat mistakes in your love life. Its
deep sea green color is reminiscent of the subconscious, so it can assist in th
e manifestation of appropriate relationships in your life. Wearing this stone co
nnects you to the Divine energies of the Archangel Raphael, the Angel of Healing
. Ruby: The blood-red light of the ruby helps to dispel feelings of discourageme
nt and self-doubt and infuse your heart, mind and aura with love. This is the st
one to wear if you feel like you are drowning in self-pity. It dispels negative
self-talk and is thought to increase confidence and beauty. It can help you achi
eve a vibrant social life and attract the right friends. The ruby corresponds to
the Archangel Uriel; the Angel responsible for helping you let go of anti-love
forces such as resentment, jealousy and bitterness, so that loving and forces ca
n take their place. Amethyst: This beautiful purple stone helps you let go of pa
st hurts and relationships; it will help you access
Samantha Stevens
the truth that will set you free. If you are a control freak, this is the gem th
at will help you "Let Go and Let God." Amethysts help release fears and anxietie
s that might be lurking in your subconscious and preventing you from moving forw
ard by bringing them to the surface. It helps release fear and anxiety and also
reduces tension and stress in the body. Wearing an amethyst helps you to access
the energies of the Archangel Zadkiel, the Angel of Joy. This is the Angel that
transmutes negative energy into positive light. As not everyone can afford rubie
s, sapphires and diamonds, there are many other semi-precious stones that can al
so raise your vibration to attract prosperity. Agate: Strengthens your insight,
promotes fidelity. Aquamarine: Activates memory of past lives so we don't repeat
mistakes. Carnelian: Dispels laziness, rage, jealousy, envy, fear. Garnet: Love
, devotion, commitment; gets rid of feelings of abandonment. Hematite: Transform
s negative energy to the positive; attracts love. Jade: Fidelity, devotion, love
-drawing, lucid dreaming, intuition. Lapis Lazuli: Awareness, intuition, cures d
epression, love-attracting. Mica: Beauty for eyes and hair. Moonstone: New begin
nings, hopes, wishes, tenderness, compassion, mercy. Obsidian: Grounding, protec
tion, dispels obsessions, raises self-esteem. Onyx: Banishes grief, increases se
lf-control, aids in making wise choices.
Creating Love
Opal: Brings out the best in you, acting from the heart, invoking visions, dream
s. Pearl: Faith, charity, innocence, integrity, spiritual guidance; increases fe
rtility. Peridot: Attracts friends, cleanses the heart, happiness. Quartz (clear
): Balances energy field, restores harmony, intuition. Quartz (rose): Attracts l
ove, heals emotional wounds, opens the heart center, clears skin. Quartz (smoky)
: Dissolves negative energies, resentment, enhances self-esteem.
Samantha Stevens
Chapter Eleven
Little Love Rituals There are some simple things you can do to attract love in y
our life. Sometimes, the most absurd and smallest practices seem to work better
than performing a grand, dramatic ritual. These practices are more like supersti
tion, but I have tried these and they have at one time or another worked for me.
(I think!) Here are some very simple rituals—some old, some new—that might help
you achieve your romantic intentions. A bouquet of roses set in the southwester
n corner of your bedroom is thought to attract love. To find out if your lover w
ill stay with you, cut an apple in half and offer him or her the other half. If
he or she accepts the apple, he or she will be with you for a long time. Feed yo
ur lover a fig, with your initials carved lightly into it, to keep him or her fa
ithful. To gain the love of someone: On a night of the Full Moon, walk to a spot
beneath your beloved's bedroom window, and whisper his/her name three times to
the night wind. Select the following cards from a Tarot deck: the king of cups,
the queen of cups, the ace of cups and the lovers. Fan these cards around a pink
candle and light it. Keep these cards spread out in this configuration for a pe
Creating Love
of seven days. This is an affirmation of your romantic intention to find or keep
a lover or soulmate. Procure a lock of your lover's hair and twist it with a lo
ck of your own in a clockwise direction nine times. Tie both ends with red threa
d and place in a safe place, such as a locket. Carry this in your pocket. To hav
e him or her think or dream of you more often, anoint the corners of a photograp
h with orange and rose oil and place the photograph under your pillow. To keep y
our lover's mind on you, strike a match on the heel of your shoe and say "Be Tru
e." Do this every time you part ways. To bless your marriage and keep him faithf
ul, serve him cooked cabbage on the New Moon of every month. Or, serving your sp
ouse rhubarb pie on a Full Moon will keep him faithful. To ensure that a relatio
nship will last, fill a glass with water. Let him or her take a sip of it and th
en take a sip of it yourself. Then purposefully drop it so that it breaks. Colle
ct the shards and bury it in the backyard. Carry a rose quartz as a love talisma
n to draw love to you. Wear copper jewelry, the favorite metal of Venus, to enco
urage loving vibrations around you. To have him or her think of nobody but you,
take two separate photographs, one of you and one of him and sandwich them with
the faces against each other. Bind
Samantha Stevens
this together with pink and red ribbon and keep it in a safe, secret place. To e
ncourage a proposal serve your lover a bowl filled with seven strawberries cover
ed with cream. Magical Baths Taking a Magical Love-Drawing Bath can be as simple
as running to your local drug or beauty supply store and buying a product that
contains the suggested herb or essential oil. Many common scents that are used t
o scent soaps, shower gels and bubble baths can considered to be loveattracting:
apple, apple blossom, carnation, cinnamon, coriander, freesia, gardenia, hyacin
th, iris, jasmine, lavender, lilac, lily, magnolia, meadowsweet, mimosa, narciss
us, orange, orange blossom, orchid, plumeria, rose, tuberose, white ginger, and
ylang-ylang. Patchouli, vanilla- and neroli-scented baths are thought to increas
e one's sexual energy. Lime-scented soaps or shower gels can be used to cool dow
n passions and clear the head of obsessive, romantic thoughts. You can get a lit
tle witchier, by making ah infusion. Brew the herbs as you would brew a cup of h
erbal tea and then pour the strained liquid into your bath water. You can also p
ut the ingredients into a cheesecloth bag that hangs over the bathtub faucet and
have the hot water run through the ingredients. In some cases you can actually
buy tea bags and just toss them in the water. Chocolate Cherry Bath: This is com
pletely decadent and designed to bring more erotic pleasure into your life. Firs
t, you should know that there are commercial chocolate bubble bath preparations
on the market,
Creating Love
but they can be hard to find in some areas. Instead, mix up a little glass of ch
ocolate milk. The milk is good for your skin and the chocolate raises your seron
tonin levels—the pleasure chemicals in your brain. Toss this into the tub as the
hot water is pouring and then put nine whole cherries into the bath with you. S
it in the tub and eat each cherry, and imagine what a good time you are going to
have with your lover. The bobbing cherries are like all your 'little ducks" lin
ed up in a row when it comes to your romantic intentions. Rinse off well after t
his—you'll need it. Lavender: Lavender corresponds to the planet Mercury and is
used to improve communication, attract happiness and achieve piece of mind. Long
ago, this seductive flower was used by prostitutes as a magic charm to attract
customers. Many commercial preparations are available, but throwing a few of the
fresh buds into your bath might bring you a wealthy and generous lover. Rosemar
y: Rosemary is a powerful "wish granting" herb. Ombra makes an excellent commerc
ial bath, but you can make an infusion of this from the spice jar in your cupboa
rd or put a bit of the essential oil in your bath (but make it just one drop—ros
emary is strong and can irritate the skin). A bath in rosemary uplifts the spiri
ts and is used to create lust, attract love and improve communication skills. Ho
neysuckle: You can buy this as a bubble bath or, once again, just throw the flow
ers into the tub. Honeysuckle attracts wealth, riches, honors, marriage proposal
s and treasures. Oat Beauty Bath: Gather oats and throw the sheaves into the bat
htub. You are performing a significant act
Samantha Stevens
of magical transformation. Oats are very feminine and appeal to the Goddess ener
gies. They soften the skin, make the eyes glow and give you a youthful appearanc
e. You can throw a cup of raw, uncooked oats into the bath if you're in hurry or
you can buy a commercial preparation (Aveeno makes a good one). Orange and Mint
Leaves: This is a bath to make yourself more attractive and your skin smell rea
lly nice. Take nine mint leaves and nine orange segments and put them in the bat
h. You don't have to eat the mint and orange leaves, but you can if you are hung
ry. When you get out of the bath, do not rinse off, but just dry off lightly so
that the scent lingers. You could also try mixing an orange bath gel with a mint
one. Love-Drawing Bath: On a Friday night, throw a handful of rose petals, lave
nder buds and parsley into the bathtub. Add one teaspoon of honey. This is a rec
ipe to draw a new partner. Bath to Attract Kindred Spirits and Friends: Add one
half of a teaspoon of sage and one tablespoon of pineapple juice to your bath. L
ight pink and yellow candles as you immerse yourself and meditate upon your situ
ation. Flirting Bath: Add thirteen rose petals, a handful of lavender and a pinc
h of cinnamon to your bath to enhance your charm and wit. Rose: Roses correspond
to Venus and attract love, luck and protection. There are many rose-scented pro
ducts on the market, including essential oils. If you want to go all out and mak
e yourself a powerful love-attracting bath, tint the scented water pink with a t
ouch of food coloring and cast a pinch or two of some multicolored glitter to st
rengthen your magical intentions.
Creating Love
Magical Wreaths Wreaths represent the Universal Circle of Love. Maidens wore wre
aths of flowers on their heads while dancing around the Maypole to attract a par
tner. However, the wreaths we are discussing here are meant as centerpieces or a
dornments for the mantelpiece or front door. To make the frame for your wreath y
ou will need strong thread, glue and branches from the appropriate tree. Try to
make your wreath from branches you find on the ground, however, if you can't, be
sure to thank the tree if you break off any of its limbs. It's much easier to b
uy a pre-fabricated frame. Most craft stores sell very nice circular frames made
from varnished grapevines. A wreath can be complicated and hung with a cornucop
ia of herbs, fruits and flowers, or it can be as simple as a bunch of pussy will
ows braided together and formed into a circle. Below, I have made a few suggesti
ons for different wreaths you can create to attract love. Love-Drawing Wreath: Y
ou will need some kind of circular armature, or the above mentioned grapevine wr
eath. However, if you want to make your own circle, the branches from any fruit
tree (apple, cherry, or orange) are perfect. Leave as many leaves on the branche
s as you can and make sure they are thin and pliable enough so you can twist the
m into a the circle. Once you have constructed the circle, decorate it with drie
d roses. Pink and red are the best colors. The darker the red, the more sexy the
wreath. You can dry your own roses in advance. However, if you have no dried ro
ses available, fabric flowers will work just as well. Tie the buds of the roses
into the
Samantha Stevens
wreathe and then decorate it with pink, red and white ribbons. This lush and gir
ly deocration is designed to bring love into your life. Wild Love Wreath: This w
reath is made from wild flowers that you have collected from nearby fields or fr
om your garden. Be sure to include daisies, meadowsweet lavender, wild violets,
and other loveattracting flowers. Decorate it with violet, yellow, white and pin
k ribbons to welcome a high spiritual love vibration into your house. Valentine'
s Day Wreath: Wrap real or fake roses, lilies and orchids around a wire armature
and decorate with baby's breath. Use ribbons to attach heartshaped Hershey's Ki
sses, curios and plastic charms. Tie it with a big red bow. Simple Love Spells L
unar Love Offering: In the light of a New Moon, kiss a piece of rose quartz and
place it on a round silver dish. Place two red-rose petals over the quartz and l
eave it by a window for five days. Take the quartz with you on first dates, or w
henever else you feel that you need luck in matters of love. Snow White and Rose
Red Ritual: This is an old Germanic ritual that is used to attract the man or w
oman of your dreams. Obtain one red and one white rose. Their buds should not be
fully open. On a piece of paper, in pink ink, write a description of the ideal
lover you would like to attract. Cut the bud of the red rose in half with scisso
rs and do the same with the white rose. Place a lock of your hair and the piece
of paper between the halves of the two roses and tie them together with a pink r
ibbon. Kiss the
Creating Love
new rose you have made and throw it into the nearest lake, pond or sea. Take the
two remaining halves and bury them in the back of your garden. Rose Heart Spell
: Any time during the waxing moon phase, take nine red roses and place them in a
heart shape on a table. Place your picture in the center and sprinkle it with c
arnation or gardenia oil. Call on a Goddess of love to grant your wish. Lavender
Love Spell: Write seven different wishes for love on seven violet- or lavender-
colored pieces of paper. You may also use lavender or pink ink on white paper. O
n seven consecutive nights, light a lavender-scented candle. Each night, burn on
e of the wishes in the candle, snuff the candle, scoop the ashes in your hand an
d take them outside of the house. Blow the remaining ashes in the four direction
s starting with East, North, West and then South. On the seventh night, let the
candle burn down completely. Bury any of the left-over wax by a rose bush. Wishb
one Spell: Take a wishbone from a chicken or turkey. Rinse it, coat it with suga
r and let it dry for three days. Place it in a jar along with a piece of paper w
ith your wish written on it. Place the jar in a place where it will not ever be
seen. Forget-Me-Knot Spell: Several times a day, go to a quiet place where you c
an meditate. Take one yard of red ribbon and wrap it around and around your inde
x finger while stating your desires or your lover's name. Aphrodite Love Ritual:
Take a picture of yourself and your lover and place it in a large seashell. Pla
ce the seashell between a light-blue and light-pink candle and surround it with
a fastened string of pearls. Ask Aphrodite that your relationship be blessed for
Samantha Stevens
very long time to come. Laxme Love Ritual: Place a photograph of you and your lo
ver inside a circle of purple, green, blue and pink candles. Fill a goblet or di
sh shaped like a lotus with seawater. Sprinkle emerald, gold and blue glitter in
a circle around the candles. Burn lotus incense as you ask Laxme, Goddess of Lo
ve and Prosperity, to bless your future together. Oshun Love Ritual: Create an a
ltar that includes your picture with as many of the following objects as you can
find: pink, silver, orange, yellow and gold candles; chocolate flavored liqueur
s; colored gum drops; orange, pink and yellow flowers; goldfish crackers; plasti
c or real costume jewelry; and, sea shells. Ask Oshun to bless your relationship
or help you find the love that is right for you. To Psychically Contact a Lover
at a Distance: On the night of the New Moon, go to the seashore, or the nearest
, large body of water and meditate on the message you would like to send to your
far-away lover. Place a lock of your hair, a small silver or plastic heart, a s
prig of rosemary and a piece of paper upon which is written both of your names,
between two halves of a seashell. Tie the seashell with a red ribbon and let the
waves carry your astral message to your lover. Desire Oil Ritual: Anoint a brig
ht-red candle with three drops of lavender oil, three drops of orange blossom oi
l and one drop of lemon oil. Speak the name of your desired and light the red ca
ndle. Let it burn every day for two hours until your desire is requited. Marriag
e Oil Ritual: Anoint a lavender candle with two drops of frankincense oil, three
drops of cypress oil and two drops of sandalwood oil. Light the candle
Creating Lovt
and pray for a happy marriage. Repeat this every day as you light the candle unt
il the candle burns down. Lovers Oil Ritual: Anoint a bright-red candle with fiv
e drops of rose oil, five drops of rosemary oil and three drops of tangerine, ne
roli or orange oil. Light the candle and ask that your relationship always be pa
ssionate, fun and exciting. Let this candle burn until it has gone out. Homemade
Love Magnet Oil: Find a small bottle and fill it with a teaspoon of almond or o
live oil. Add two drops of ylang-ylang oil and two drops of sandalwood oil. Wear
this love-attracting scent before you leave the house to meet potential mates.
Balloon Love Ritual: Blow up a balloon whose color is sympathetic with your desi
re. Use red for love, pink for joy and friendship and orange for happiness and f
ulfillment. There are two versions of this spell. Blow the balloon up yourself,
mark a symbol on it that represents your desire (such as a heart) and tap it rep
eatedly to keep it in the air as long as possible. Each tap on the balloon build
s energy towards manifesting your wish. Or you can buy a helium-filled balloon (
don't use a pen to mark your symbol on the balloon or it will pop), charge it wi
th your wish and release it into this sky. Passionate Potpourri: You will need:
Several dried rose petals 1 tablespoon cinnamon 1 tablespoon coffee 1 tablespoon
ginger 5 teaspoons whole cardamom seeds Stir this mixture clockwise nine times
with your finger, while envisioning success in love. Place the mixture
Samantha Stevem
in a jar with no lid and conceal it in your kitchen cupboard. To Sweeten Someone
's Attitude Towards You: Write your name and your lover's name on a piece of pap
er. Sandwich them so they are facing each other and tie them with a pink ribbon.
Place in a small jar and fill with honey while chanting "Sweeten up this honey
cup." Conceal this in a place where it will not be found. Love Wishing Spell: Cr
eate a mixture of the following herbs: bladderwrack, anise, lavender, orris root
and caraway. Take this mixture to the nearest ocean or large body of water. Dig
a hole as close to the water as possible and place a piece of charcoal inside i
t. Light the charcoal and sprinkle part of the herb mixture on top. Anoint yours
elf with the ocean or lake water, bathe yourself in the wafted smoke from the in
cense and ask the water spirits to fill your wish or desire. Sprinkle the remain
ing herbs into the water and bury the charcoal. Love Treasure Chest: Cut a paper
heart out of a pink or red piece of paper. Inside that heart draw two more inte
rsecting hearts. As you do this, visualize love coming to you. Place this paper
heart inside a small, wooden or cardboard box. Take a handful of rose petals in
your right hand and place them close to your heart. Visualize love coming to you
as you deposit the rose petals in the box. Do the same as you place two rose qu
artz crystals in the box. Take a real or fake wedding ring, clasp it in your lef
t hand and hold it against your heart. Say "Symbol of love, bring love from abov
e." Place the ring in the box. Close the lid of the box and wrap it in gold pape
r with pink ribbon. Place it beneath a pink can-
Creating Love
die and light the candle for nine minutes. Repeat this ritual of lighting the ca
ndle for nine minute for another nine days. At the end of the nine days, unwrap
the box, remove the ring and wear it on a chain around your neck over your heart
. Bury the box next to a rose or lilac bush. Lucky in Love Spell: On the night o
f a New Moon, light pink, blue and gold candles. Wrap a horseshoe, an antique ke
y and two red roses in red satin or silk. Place this in your underwear drawer fo
r fourteen days. At the end of the fourteen days, bury the roses near your home
and keep the horseshoe and key on your person as good luck charms. Attraction an
d Beauty Spells For Self-Confidence: This is a version of what is known as a gla
mory spell. Glamory spells usually involve mirrors. It is said that this is a go
od spell to perform before a first date. Light a blue candle in front of a mirro
r. Sit at the mirror and stare into your own eyes until you have counted to twen
ty-one. Ask the Powers That Be to place a circle of gold light around you. Repea
t your Christian name or names twenty-one times. Then speak your wish and repeat
it twenty-one times. Blow out the candle and await success. Apple Beauty Ritual
: Cut an apple in half horizontally and you should see the star. Visualize yours
elf radiating light and glowing like a star. Eat half the apple and bury the oth
er half under a tree. Inner Beauty Spell: Sit before a mirror. Light one orange
candle and one rose-colored candle. Focus on yourself for nine minutes, imaginin
g your good features
Samantha Stevens
being enhanced and your flaws diminishing. Repeat this ritual for nine minutes f
or nine days. Glamory Ritual: On the night of a full moon, select three candles
that can be used as a combination for candle burning. Select red for sex appeal,
silver for charisma, gold for star-quality, orange for likeability, pink for yo
uthfulness and purple for exotica. Also choose a mirror that is small enough to
fit in your pocket. Once you have chosen the colors of the candles and pocket mi
rror, go outdoors and find a secluded spot. Light vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood
, rose or lavender incense. Take your clothes off. Anoint your feet, knees, abdo
men, breasts, upper arms, hand, heart center, throat and forehead with any combi
nation of the following oils: gardenia, rose, lilac, freesia or lotus. Pass the
mirror through the incense smoke. Gaze into the mirror and visualize how you wou
ld like your looks to improve. Tilt the mirror so that it reflects the glory of
the full moon. When you are done, snuff the candles and let the incense burn out
. Wrap the mirror in a dark cloth and keep it in a safe place. Before a date or
important event, anoint yourself with the oils again and meditate on your image
for ten minutes. Sympathetic Love Magic: All the spells in this section fall int
o the category of sympathetic or controlling magic. Depending on your intent you
could create love or create chaos. Use at your own risk! To Ensure Fidelity: Th
is is a tradition in Santeria. Place a picture of your beloved in a jar, and spr
inkle spikenard herb, rose and hyssop petals on it. Read Psalm 113, seal the jar
and put it in a place where it will not be seen To Rekindle Passion: On a Tuesd
ay or Friday night, etch
Creating Love
the name of your beloved on a human-figure candle (male or female Adam or Eve ca
ndle) and light it. Place Tonka beans or dried beans in a heat resistant bowl or
container and hold it over the candle. As the beans begin to hop around in the
dish, ask for your partner's passion to be re-ignited. Do this three nights in a
row. Love Braid (Binding Spell): This ritual has the intention of getting anoth
er to declare love for you. Procure three 15-inch ribbons in the colors of pink,
lavender and white. Braid the ribbons while asking Venus or Aphrodite to streng
then the love between you. Tie the ribbons around a vanilla pod and keep the pod
in a safe place. To Be Treated Well By a Lover: Roll a gold candle in almond oi
l and sugar and allow to it to dry until it is hard. Put it in a candle holder.
Wind a string of pearls around the bottom of the candle holder. This spell shoul
d at least get you one good night on the town! To Gain the Affections of Someone
: Purchase a tulip, hyacinth or onion bulb. Plant the bulb in a flowerpot, while
envisioning the bulb as the object of desire. If • you have a picture of the pe
rson, tape it to the bottom of the flower part. Each time you water the plant ch
ant, "As this root grows, so does our love." If the plant dies, you know it was
not meant to be. To Convince a Lover to Return to You: Purchase or pick five bea
utiful roses. On the night of a full moon, bury one rose under a tree with a bir
d's nest, another by a source of running water, another at a crossroads and anot
her at the gate of a church. Place the fifth rose under your pillow for three ni
ghts. At the end of the three nights, sprinkle the dried rose petals of the fift
h rose in the four furthermost corners of your home.
Samantha Stevens
Exclusive Love Spell: Place a photograph of your loved one in a jar. Fill the ja
r with honey and lavender petals. Place the lid on the jar. Place a red candle o
n top of the jar and light a drippy, wax candle (not paraffin). Let the candlewa
x cover and seal the jar. Place the jar in a dark place until you have achieved
your desire. When the jar is no longer needed, dispose of its contents in runnin
g water. Tarot Spell To Attract Love: On the night of the full moon, take the ac
e, ten, and two of hearts out of a brand new deck of regular playing cards. Anoi
nt each with orange, patchouli or rose oil (or commercial love-drawing oil). Bin
d them together with a green, red or pink ribbon and place it near your bed. Re-
annoint the cards every Full Moon to recharge the spell. Copper Tube Spell: Copp
er is a metal that is associated with the Goddess Venus. Buy a two- or three-inc
hlong piece of copper tubing. Write the name of your intended on a piece of pape
r seven times. Close both ends of the tubing by hammering it shut and wear it ar
ound your neck for seven days. At the end of the seven days, throw the copper tu
be into a nearby lake or river. To Make Yourself More Desirable: Take a pink vot
ive or small pillar candle and place it in front of your dressing-room mirror. R
ub the candle with olive oil. After the oil is finished, take a hatpin and carve
desire into the candle. Meditate upon your wish until the candle has burnt out.
Voodoo Reluctant Lover Spell: In a bowl that has never been used, combine one c
up of river or ocean water, powdered chili pepper, powdered rosemary, five cups
of jasmine oil and two drops of your own blood.
Creating Love
Sprinkle this mixture outside the reluctant lover's home. To Reverse A Love Situ
ation: On a Monday, Tuesday or a Saturday, carve three Xs in two black and one r
ed candle. Set all three in their own candleholders. Write your request on parch
ment paper and place it under the red candle. Light the candles and say Psalm 23
and Psalm 44. Let the candles burn down completely and discard the wax as near
to a body of water as is possible. After you bury the wax drippings, scatter a h
andful of salt on the water. To Conquer Another's Heart: Go to a stream or a riv
er. Tear the petals off nine yellow flowers and toss them into the water. Pour a
n ounce of rum into the water and a dab of bee's honey. Toss five cinnamon stick
s into the water along with one drop of three of your favorite essential oils or
perfumes. Dip a jar into the stream and take the liquid home. For three consecu
tive nights, anoint yourself with the river water by the light of the Full Moon
while stating your request. Fall in Love With Me Now Spell: On a fresh bay leaf,
write down the name of your beloved and the words "fall in-love with me now." S
it by a well-contained fire and concentrate on your desire. Throw the bay leaf i
n and meditate as it burns. If the fire spits the bay leaf back at you, your wis
h may be inappropriate at this time. To Attract the Love of a Special Person: Th
is is based on Santeria ritual and not recommended for the squeamish. Take a hai
rclipping, dried blood or a lock of hair from your loved one and add the same fr
om yourself. Wrap these articles in red satin cloth and tie it with red ribbon.
As you tie a bow in the ribbon, recite both of your names. Carry this package un
Samantha Stevens
your armpit for three days and then burn it. To Convince Another to Propose: Wea
r a real or fake wedding ring on a string around your neck and over your heart w
henever you have a date or a meeting with that person. This is supposed to turn
their thoughts towards holy matrimony. Marriage Spell: Combine uncooked rice, cr
ushed, sundried tomatoes, powdered cinnamon and crushed cardamom seeds across a
path in which your future husband is often known to walk. Love Coconut Ritual: O
n a Friday night, the day of Oshun, split a coconut in two. Pour the coconut mil
k of one half of the coconut and add five different types of hard liquor, honey,
molasses, white sugar and brown sugar. Add the remaining coconut milk and place
the two halves of the coconut back together. Tie the coconut with pink and yell
ow ribbons and place it in front of a pink candle. Leave the coconut in front of
the burning candle for five days. Thank Oshun and discard the coconut in the ri
ver. The Eat My Dust Spell: (For use after none of the above has worked). Smoke
a cigarette—tobacco connects you with the spirits. Save the ashes and sprinkle t
hem in a wide circle on the floor. Sprinkle a handful of mustard seeds (the seed
s of discord) onto the floor as well. Try to sprinkle in a circular fashion. Att
ach a photo of him or her to your vacuum cleaner using a red ribbon. Wind the ri
bbon nine times around the photograph. Turn vacuum cleaner on and vacuum up the
ashes. Give your place a final cleaning by sprinkling sea salt on the floor and
vacuuming it up as well. Throw the used bag in the garbage.
Creating Love
The trouble with love magic is that it works. Lydia Sirhawk, Master Astrologer
Samantha Stevens
Chapter Twelve
The Tablet of Venus In the seventeenth century, divination devices called The Ta
blets of Fate were sold on the street by fortunetellers. These were square piece
s of paper which had sixteen numbers written on them. The idea was that you woul
d go home, close your eyes, spin the paper and point to a spot on the paper to g
et the answer to your question. The numbers corresponded to the vibrations of sp
ecific planets and their responsibilities. For instance, the Tablet of the Moon
was used to ask questions about family, friends and relationships and the Tablet
of Jupiter was used to consult about business, justice and legal matters. The T
ablet of Venus, which was used to answer questions about love, is as below. The
Tablet of Venus 5 11 1 14 7 4 8 3 6 6 15 10
9 12 2 13
To make your own Tablet of Venus, simply copy the numbers you see above on a squ
are piece of paper in the pattern shown and make sure the numbers are evenly pla
ced into sixteen spaces to form a square. Close your eyes, spin the paper and as
k a question. Wherever your finger or the point of your pencil lands, there is y
our answer. If the number is sideways or upside-down, then you read the number's
reversed meaning. This is a bit like a parlor game, but it is traditional fortu
Creating Love
fun and surprisingly accurate. By the way, no peeking before you spin the paper.
Below you will find the explanations for each instance of numbers, upright or r
eversed. 1 Upright: This person is your soulmate. 1 Reversed: You are forcing th
is person to do something he or she does not want to do. 2 Upright: There will b
e delays and disappointments. 2 Reversed: This person knows about your deception
. 3 Upright: Do what your heart tells you to do. 3 Reversed: This person is a co
n artist. 4 Upright: Make sure you have all the facts before you proceed. 4 Reve
rsed: If you knew the whole story, you would forgive. 5 Upright: Everything will
be OK. 5 Reversed: You will regret your hasty decision. 6 Upright: It is your f
ault it is not working out. 6 Reversed : Your love is strong enough to withstand
all obstacles. 7 Upright: You are to blame for what has happened. 7 Reversed: D
on't judge a book by its cover. 8 Upright: Your jealousy is destroying your rela
tionship. 8 Reversed: Your beloved is honest and true with you. 9 Upright: Your
beloved is faithful to you. 9 Reverse: You are unfaithful to your partner.
Samantha Stevens
10 Upright: Someone is thinking about you right now. 10 Reversed: Beware of a fl
irt. 11 Upright: This misunderstanding will blow over quickly. 11 Reversed: This
misunderstanding may mean the end of things. 12 Upright: Someone has changed hi
s or her mind about you. 12 Reversed: You are allowing gossip to destroy your lo
ve. 13 Upright: There will be love, but not with the one you think you want. 13
Reversed: Think before you act. 14 Upright: Your fears and suspicions are all in
your mind. 14 Reversed: It is infatuation, not love. 15 Upright: You and your f
riend will part ways forever. 15 Reversed: There is no reason to be jealous. 16
Upright: This is a true love. 16 Reversed: Be sensible, not silly about this.
Creating Love
Chapter Thirteen
Kitchen Witchery Remember the old adage, you are what you eat? The simplest, mag
ical ritual that you can do is to cut open a fruit or vegetable and eat it while
thinking of your magical intention. Below is a compilation of common foods and
their metaphysical associations to matters of love. Apple: Draws a lover and ero
tic experiences to you. Increases attraction. Apple compote with cinnamon is tho
ught to speed up the arrival of a lover or encourage a reluctant lover to make a
cerebral relationship physical. Apricot: For flirtation or a light-hearted, rom
antic experience. Avocado: To make yourself appear younger to others or increase
personal beauty or attractiveness. Avocado is the love apple of Venus. Banana:
If eaten by males it increases fertility and heroism. If eaten by females it dra
ws a lover. Beets: Increases virility, passion, erotica and fertility. It is a r
oot, so it grounds a relationship and binds the lover to you. Blueberry: To elim
inate obstacles or rivals that may come between you. As you swallow each blueber
ry, imagine the things that come between you falling away or disappearing. Butte
r: To eliminate hostility and arguments. While smoothing it on a piece of bread,
hopefully with a little honey too, think of things smoothing out. Cardamom: Thi
s herb is thought to amplify a love that is already there or strengthen existing
relationships. Drink
Samantha Stevens
a cup of Chai tea with cardamom in it for this purpose. Carrot: Helps bring masc
uline energies to a woman. For a man it strengthens virility. Celery: Increases
libido and passion. Encourages reluctant lovers to take action. Cherry: Eat for
love, health and to boost sexual attraction. Chocolate: An aphrodisiac. Lifts mo
ods and attracts sensual experiences. Clove: Add clove to curry dishes, baked di
shes and hot chocolate for fun, love and erotic experiences. This is also the bu
d of stolen kisses, so it is good for mistresses to spike their lover's meals wi
th it. Coriander: Add to curries and salads to attract your soulmate. It represe
nts a high spiritual love combined with wisdom. Cucumber: Eaten for sexual stami
na and beautiful skin. Chop with extreme prejudice if you want revenge on a cert
ain philandering male. Eggs: An ancient symbol of conception. Eat for fertility
and fidelity. Garlic: Eat to banish the "other woman" or a rival who may be in t
he way. Grape: Grapes are a symbol of a happy marriage and many children. Eat to
increase fertility and emotional security. They can also be used to increase yo
ur popularity with the opposite sex. As you eat each grape, picture another love
r coming your way— known or unknown. Red grapes are best for this purpose. Guava
: Relieves heartbreak, attracts new romance, and revives the erotic imagination.
Honey: The nectar of the Gods. Sweetens up a relationship. Attracts positive lo
ve and attention.
Creating Love
Lemon: For Marriage, joy, fidelity, pure intentions and longevity in a relations
hip. Mushroom: Eat raw to make yourself beautiful and increase your feminine mys
tique. Orange: For health, fidelity, love and joy. Peanut: Crack these open from
the shell and attract more male energy into your life. Peas: Used to attract lo
ve and positive Goddess-energy into life. Pineapple: To attract a wealthy lover.
Pomegranate: For fertility, erotic imagination, and a long line of descendants.
Also eaten to attract numerous partners or a wealthy partner. Pork: Eaten for f
ertility. Quince: Traditionally eaten for happiness between lovers. Raspberry: F
or sexual stamina and amplifying an existing love. Sweet Relish: For enhancing s
exual passion. Rice: For childbearing and fertility. Sausage: To bring kinky sex
ual partners to you, a variety of partners or social excitement. Strawberry: To
attract a lover, to increase sexual intensity and the stamina of a lover. To mak
e a lover think of you eat a strawberry every day. Sweet Potato: To attract a we
ll-grounded, emotionally secure, gentle, wise love. Maple Syrup: To assure a pos
itive "first meeting" or that a blind date goes well. Tomato: The original "love
apple." Eat to attract a partner or increase the love that is already there. Ta
ngerine: Health, fidelity, flirtation, love, joy and childlike qualities.
Samantha Stevens
If you are what you think, then you certainly might also be what you eat. Cookin
g food is the oldest kind of magic there is as it is about transformation. Here
are some recipes I have collected over the years that bring love. Love Potions O
ja Drink This drink from the Far East was drunk in Biblical days. It was thought
to connect the physical self to the Higher Self and to brighten the eyes so tha
t one could see all things with clarity as well as bring prosperity. 1/2 cup alm
ond milk 1/2 cup goat's or cow's milk 1 tablespoon honey 3 or 4 chopped dates 3
or 4 ice cubes Combine ingredients and blend until smooth. The goat's milk is th
ought to improve fertility and virility and the sweeter ingredients to sweeten y
our daily experiences with love. Tropical Smoothie Pineapples symbolize union an
d a happy, healthy and prosperous marriage. Papayas symbolize joy, lust and sexu
al power. Vanilla promotes sexual attraction. 1/2 cup orange juice 1/2 cup almon
d milk 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 cup sliced, fresh or frozen pineapple and/or papaya
chunks. Blend until smooth and drink.
Creating Love
Creamsicle Drink While drinking this, send images of love and joy to your partne
r. The combination of orange and vanilla symbolizes joy. 3 scoops of vanilla ice
cream 1 cup orange juice Whirl in a blender until smooth. Raspberry Bomb The gi
nger in ginger ale ignites passions and the bubbles in any carbonated drink are
equated with joy and celebrations. Raspberries represent sex, vigor, stamina, vi
rility and fertility. 1 cup ginger ale 2 tablespoons crushed raspberries Stir th
e raspberries into the gingerale. Serve. Cherry Lemonade Lemons symbolize fideli
ty and cherries the joys of sexual bliss. 1 can frozen yellow lemonade 3 tablesp
oons of sour cherry juice Add the sour cherry juice to the lemonade to turn it a
gorgeous pink. Serve on ice with a cherry as a garnish. Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Pu
mpkin is often used in rituals to draw love or bring a lover back. Canned pumpki
n often contains love-drawing spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. The
nutmeg in such preparations will cause a lover to dream of you. Vanilla is a sp
ice that adds spice to love lives. 1/2 cup of ice 1/2 cup of milk
Samantha Stevens
1/3 cup of canned-pumpkin filling Fill blender with ice. Add the milk and pumpki
n filling. Add vanilla. Blend until smooth and drink. Recipes for Love Yogurt, H
oney, Nut and Fruit Salad The honey in this recipe brings us sweet things in lif
e, while the fruit, nuts and yogurt possess love-drawing properties. Assorted fr
uits and nuts 1/2 cup of whipped cream 1/2 cup of yogurt Cut the assorted fruits
into bite-sized pieces. In a bowl, whip whipping cream and yogurt until peaks f
orm. Mix the fruit with the yogurt mixture and fold in the nuts. Add honey to ta
ste, chill and serve. Thirty Second Apple Blintz Cottage cheese represents lovin
g and nurturing. The apple sauce in this recipe represents a smooth path to love
. 2 tablespoons cottage cheese 2 tablespoons applesauce Handful of raisins or dr
ied apricots Cinnamon Spread cottage cheese, apple sauce and raisins or dried ap
ricots on a piece of whole wheat pita. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Fold pita over to
make a wrap and serve. Apple and Strawberry Crisp Both apples and strawberries
are sacred to Venus. Oats are sacred to the Earth Goddess and are eaten to enhan
ce the beauty of a woman's hair, skin and eyes.
Creating Love
1 cup strawberries 2 apples 1 cup apple juice 3/4 cup brown sugar 1 teaspoon van
illa 1 cup oatmeal 1/2 pound of butter 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon Preheat the oven
to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Slice apples and strawberries into wedges and place
in a shallow baking dish. Mix the apple juice with the brown sugar and one table
spoon vanilla. Pour over the fruit. Crumble oatmeal into softened butter and spr
inkle into the dish. Bake for 35 minutes. Faux Cream of Celery Soup Celery is a
food of virility thought to reawaken passion in sleeping loins! 1 head of choppe
d garlic 2 chopped onions Chopped whole head of celery 1 cup water 2 tablespoons
butter or oil 2 cups chicken stock Celery seed Salt Pepper Add vegetables, butt
er and water to a soup pan and simmer until soft. Pour into a blender or food pr
ocessor and blend until smooth. Return to pot and add chicken stock. Add salt, p
epper, celery seed and a dash of cream if you like. Simmer until ready to serve.
Samantha Stevens
Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich Peanuts are earthy and invoke Earth Goddesses.
Bananas are heroic fruit that are thought to increase stamina and virility in m
en. Honey possesses loveattracting properties and rye bread encourages kinship w
ith relatives and friends. Peanut butter Banana Rye bread Dash of cinnamon Slice
a banana into coin-shaped pieces. Spread peanut butter and honey on bread. Top
with sliced bananas and close the sandwich. Sprinkling cinnamon on the sandwich
will yield even faster results as cinnamon accelerates romantic activity. Goddes
s Guacamole Avocado is a love fruit that is sacred to Venus. The nut inside an a
vocado is often treasured as a plant in sympathetic magic. 2 avocados 2 diced on
ions 6 cloves of onions 1 teaspoon olive oil Peel, slice and dice the flesh of t
he avocados. Mash in a bowl or process in a blender with two onions, garlic and
olive oil. Serve with whole grain or rye bread as well as a selection of low-fat
cheeses. Crab Meat Dip Crabmeat is associated with several Love Goddesses, incl
uding manna, Venus and Laxme. The velvety smooth texture of the cream cheese has
its own romantic connotations when it comes to smoothing the path of love.
Creating Love
1 cup crabmeat 6 ounces of cream cheese 1/2 teaspoon horseradish A dash of lemon
juice A dash of pepper Mix crabmeat, horseradish, lemon juice, pepper and cream
cheese. Spread on toast and consume. Healthy Tuna Salad on Rye Like most fish,
tuna represents fertility and love. The celery in this recipe represents virilit
y and the olives a happy home. 1 can tuna Onions Celery Diced onions Olive oil J
uice from half a lemon Mix tuna with onions, celery and olives. Drizzle with oli
ve oil and lemon. Add salt and pepper to taste. Chicken Salad With Red Grapes Re
d grapes are sacred to the rambunctious God Dionysus. Red lettuce is a food that
is consumed for fertility. 2 cups shredded, cold, cooked chicken 1 cup chopped
grapes 1/2 cup chopped olives 1/2 cup chopped walnuts 1/2 cup mayonnaise Shred t
he cold, cooked chicken into a bowl. Add grapes, olives and walnuts. Mix with ma
yonnaise and add salt and pepper to taste. Serve on a bed of red lettuce.
Samantha Stevens
Carried Away Caraway Muffins Caraway seeds are said to bring enjoyable sexual en
counters, romance and love into one's kitchen. 6 English muffins 1 cup cottage c
heese 1/2 teaspoon caraway seeds 1/4 cup chives 6 ounces Swiss cheese Preheat th
e oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Toast six English muffins until golden brown.
Mix together cottage cheese, caraway seeds, salt and chives and place sandwich m
ixture between muffin halves. Cut slices of Swiss cheese into heart shapes and d
ecorate the tops of the muffins. Broil under the oven for a few minutes until th
e cheese has melted. Rye Bread With Dill and Onion Dip Rye grains symbolize frie
ndship and dill encourages the kindling of love and friendship. The mayonnaise a
nd sour cream represent loving and nurturing relationships. 8 ounces sour cream
1 cup mayonnaise Dash of Worcestershire sauce 1 package Lipton's onion soup mix
1 tablespoon dill weed 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 1 finely diced onion 1 round l
oaf of dark rye bread Blend sour cream, mayonnaise and Worcestershire sauce in a
medium-sized bowl until smooth. Mix in one package Lipton's onion soup mix, dil
l weed, garlic powder and onions. Chill for one hour. Cut the top off a round lo
af of dark rye bread. Pull
Creating Love
out bite sized pieces from the center of the bread until a bowl is created. Fill
the bowl with the sour cream and mayonnaise. Keep the bite sized pieces for dip
ping into the bread bowl. Marmalade and Fig Brie Wheel Marmalade is made from or
anges, which represent joy and fidelity. Figs are often identified with the heal
th and fertility of sexual organs. 1 small wheel of Brie cheese I package frozen
thawed filo pastry 1/2 cup marmalade 1 cup chopped figs and dates Set small unw
rapped Brie wheel in the center of the filo pastry. Spread marmalade on top of t
he Brie wheel and top with chopped, raw figs or dates. Wrap the Brie in the filo
pastry and bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Serve wit
h rye or whole-wheat bread for dipping into the melted Brie. Spinach and Clam Li
nguine Clams are sacred to the Goddess Aphrodite. Cook this delicious noodle dis
h when you want to put someone in the mood. 1 eight ounce can of baby clams 2 ta
blespoons butter 2 tablespoons olive oil 3 tablespoons of chopped fresh or dried
parsley 6 chopped garlic cloves 3 diced onions 1/2 cup chopped spinach 1/2 cup
grated Parmesan or Romano Cheese 1 package linguine noodles Put enough water on
to boil to make two servings of lin-
Samantha Stevens
guine. Drop linguine into the pot. While the pasta cooks, add butter and olive o
il to a frying pan. Add chopped or dried parsley, onion, garlic cloves, spinach
and one can of baby clams. Stir until thoroughly cooked. Pour clam mixture on be
ds of pasta, sprinkle with Romano or Parmesan cheese and serve. Love Pizza Tomat
oes are known as love apples and sacred to love Goddesses. The sausage in this r
ecipe represents male power and a desire for procreation. Mushrooms are a mystic
al food that are thought to reveal the enchantments of a woman to a man. Pizza d
ough 8 ounces tomato sauce 1/2 cup chopped mushroom 1/2 cup sausage pieces Buy a
pizza shell. Spread with tomato sauce. Top with mushrooms and sausage pieces. P
lace under the broiler for fifteen minutes OR (for love in a rush) order out! Ch
icken with Asparagus Asparagus is sacred to the Goddess Venus and thought to be
an aphrodisiac. Chicken enhances the virility of men. The generous amount of gar
lic in this dish assures that your love will be free of past memories. 1 raw roa
sting chicken 1/2 cup olive oil 1/2 cup chicken stock Asparagus spears 30 cloves
chopped, peeled garlic Stuff a raw chicken with garlic cloves. Place in a roast
er and baste with olive oil and chicken stock. Arrange asparagus spears around t
he perimeter of the pan. Roast for an hour
Creating Love
at 425 degrees Fahrenheit until chicken is done. Serve the chicken and asparagus
on a bed of wild rice. Chicken Vindaloo Spices found in Vindaloo sauce such as
cardamom, cinnamon and ginger are thought to spice things up in the bedroom. Tur
meric encourages fidelity. 1/2 pound butter or 1/2 cup ghee 2 diced onions A pie
ce of ginger the size of a deck of playing cards 2 boneless chicken breasts 2 te
aspoon turmeric Melt half a pound of ghee or butter in a frying pan. Add onion g
arlic and ginger. Add the two chicken breasts and fry until golden. Add two teas
poons of Vindaloo curry paste, one teaspoon of turmeric and one cup water. Simme
r until done. Serve with rice. Strawberry Angel Food Cake Strawberries inspire j
oy and passion in a lover's heart and whipped cream inspires lofty emotions. Cut
the strawberries into lengthwise slices so that they resemble little hearts. Pl
ace in a bowl and cover with sugar. This will cause the strawberries to release
their juice. Layer the strawberries between layers of angel food cake. Top with
whipped cream and serve. Devil's Food Cake Chocolate is one of the world's most
famous aphrodisiacs. This cake is sure to get your heart, as well as your loins,
pumping. Prepare a Devil's Chocolate Food Cake according to directions to creat
e a three-tiered cake.
Samantha Stevens
Prepare chocolate pudding according to the directions on the box. When the cake
is baked and cooled, sandwich layers of pudding between the layers of the cake.
Ice with prepared icing. Decorate the top with Hershey's chocolate kisses and pi
ckled cherries in the shape of a heart. Serve with vanilla ice cream. Banana Cre
am Pie Fresh bananas are thought to increase male virility. Eggs facilitate toge
therness and many descendents. Prepare four servings of Bird's Custard according
to the directions. Pour into a baked pie shell. Layer with one cup of sliced ba
nanas and top with mounds of whipped cream. Love Popovers Buy frozen popover dou
gh. Fill the centers of the triangles with raspberries (for joy), cherries (for
sexual fulfillment) or chocolate morsels (for sensual satisfaction). Before you
pop them in the oven, carve a heart symbol into the top of the dough. Bake accor
ding to directions. Cardamom Tea Adding a pinch of cardamom to a cup of tea is t
hought to increase sexual desire. Hot Chocolate With Whipped Cream In Mayan time
s, hot chocolate was considered to be the nectar of the Gods. Whipped cream with
the cherry on top is thought to nurture part of a female's anatomy. Prepare hot
chocolate according to directions. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon (for speedy resul
ts) and a pinch of
Creating Love
cloves. Top with a mound of whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.
Samantha Stevens
Chapter Fourteen
Feng Shui for Love Not having much luck in love lately? Relationship falling apa
rt? Maybe its those upside-down dried flowers you have hanging in your hallway,
or maybe it is the heavy energy from that antique full-length mirror in your bed
room. Feng Shui (pronounced Feng Shway) is the ancient Chinese art of rearrangin
g design elements so they harmonize in your environment. Several systems are use
d to determine placement to enhance the love life, but the one that applies to a
nyone reading this is the Pa Kua system. In Pa Kua, the southwest corner is the
love sector of your home. First, get a compass to find the southwest corner of y
our home. Is there a bedroom there? Good. A toilet there? Bad. It means your rom
antic prospects are getting flushed away. Is your southwest corner a badly lit s
toreroom full of clutter? Also bad. It means your love life will be messy as wel
l. No matter where that corner is located, it now becomes your job to enhance it
by getting rid of clutter and decorating. You also need to rehaul the southwest
corner of your bedroom to double your chances of attracting romance. To attract
a partner, FengvShui experts recommend putting a painting of peonies or a vase
of the flowers in the southwest corner of your house or bedroom. You could subst
itute any flower for the peony as long as its not prickly like a cactus, but whi
chever flower you choose, make sure they are fresh. The Chinese dislike dead or
dried flowers and would prefer that you have fresh flowers, rather than decay, i
n a spot that signifies
Creating Love
your love life. A pair of wooden ducks or a painting of two ducks (as ducks mate
for life) is also lucky for romance. If you don't like the formality of the duc
ks, you can always do what I did and put two rubber ducks in your southwest corn
er. Mirrors on the ceiling—especially full-length—or mirrors on the walls in the
bedroom are a big no-no, as they symbolize portals through which an interfering
, third party's energy can enter. Feng Shui masters don't like to invite voyeuri
sm. If you dislike Chinese decor, you could use my favorite, westernized Feng Sh
ui tool: the Lava Lamp. Pink, glowing goo moving up and down in your romance cor
ner is sure to send out a sensuous vibe. Pictures or statues of loving couples o
r love-friendly Goddesses, such as Venus and Aphrodite, would also help activate
the love sector. As the southwest corner is symbolized by the Earth element, it
is helpful to place crystals there—the most suitable choice being rose quartz.
If you want to go all out, you might want to consider painting that corner or th
e adjacent walls a bright red to symbolize passion. Whatever you do, don't go ov
erboard. You could end up with a bedroom that looks like a Chinese brothel, or w
orse yet, invite somebody over who is familiar with Feng Shui who might say, "Hm
mmm...! see ducks, flowers, crystals, red walls ...I better get out of here! Thi
s person is just a tad too desperate for me!"
Samantha Stevens
Chapter Fifteen
The Ten Cosmic Laws of Love 1. We live in an abundant Universe where there is a
supply for every demand. 2. The heart must be aligned with the will and the soul
to create correct conditions for love. 3. Think positive thoughts and you will
manifest positive things. 4. Love will not enter a mind or home that is cluttere
d with doubt or fear. 5. Love is not a possession—it is an energy that is meant
to be circulated throughout your community. 6. What you sow, you shall also reap
. 7. Love is the ability to realize that you do not want what is not yours by Di
vine Right. 8. If you lose something, have the faith that it will be replaced by
its equivalent or better. It is always darkest before the dawn. 9. You can tran
scend all Karma by maintaining a sense of humor. 10. What God has done for other
s He can do for you. "If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beau
ty in the character, If there be beauty in the character, there will be harmony
in the home, If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation,
there will be peace in the world." Chinese Proverb