Love; Found Between Two Friends – Chapter One.

Bella POV 6th March 2010. Just another normal day for me apart from the fact it’s my 22nd birthday. Nothing exciting happens in my life. Occasionally I go out and get drunk and have random sex with a complete stranger; I’m not a slag, I just like a good time. Tonight is going to be different I can feel it but I’m not sure what ‘it’ is and I hope it’s good. As nightfall approaches, the darkness snakes its way through my apartment causing my body to shiver slightly but it’s not from the cold. My apartment is spacious; and well as they say ‘things that go bump in the night’. I idly wonder across my room to the floor length vanity mirror that hid in the corner of my room just to the side of my bathroom, I sighed as I looked in the mirror that reflected back my figure as I slipped on my blue baby doll and lace heels with a blue and black clutch purse. I admit I thought I looked good. An engine sound pulled me from my thoughts and realised it was the limousine that was picking me and my closest friends; the ones I cherish. I swung my front door open and stepped out into the soothing warm breeze. That’s the good thing about the nights here; they’re always warm. I was walking towards the white and black stretched limousine eager to see my friends: Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, Esmee, Rose, Emmett and Edward. They must have heard the clicking of my heels against the pavement because no sooner had I reached the end of the path the door was thrown open with such force the hinges rattled. I squealed with delight when I saw all of my friends sitting there. However, on further inspection I noticed one was missing. Edward. No sooner had the thought crossed my mind a White SUV pulled up on my drive. I heard the door creak and say him step out. He was just the same as I remember him. Bronze hair, shockingly beautiful green eyes and the same lean figure every girl swooned over. I felt a pool in the bottom of my stomach and had to keep reciting algebra in my head to stop the heat

pooling from my legs. He had on a black button down shirt that accentuated his chest and arm muscles perfectly. Gorgeous. If this shirt was on any other male figure it would look completely wrong but on Edward’s lean figure it fitted him snugly in all the right places. Even though he’d got older, he was still the person I fell in love with every time I saw him. But, one thing I hoped was that it was long buried deep by now because I knew he could never feel the same way as I did. I mean he’s Edward Cullen he can have any girl he wants so he wouldn’t want me; shy and ordinary Isabella Swan? It was absurd to imagine he could return my feelings. So here I stand in the warm night air looking into the radiant green eyes that reflected in my dreams way too many times. I was sucked back to reality as I heard an audible gasp coming from somewhere. I looked up and saw Edward’s hooded gaze trailing slowly down my body; stopping at my boobs, then to my hips and finally to my legs and heels. I mentally scoffed that Edward was checking me out. His eyes finally snapped to back to mine and opened his move to speak; his velvet musical voice made me tense and I mentally sighed with the need for him. “Bella? Bella Swan?” He whispered so low that I had to strain to hear it. As I went to answer I kept one line replaying in my head: ‘I can do this’. I slowly raised my gaze once more to meet his vibrant green eyes with my chocolate-gold ones. “Hey Edward.” I said smiling brilliantly. “Ready to go?” “Umm...Err...Yeah lets go.” He stuttered. Edward Cullen stuttered?! Oh My God! I turned slightly to walk back to the limo; I called over my shoulder to Edward, “Okay lets go. I’m sure there waiting to go.” I had to hide the smirk that was on my face as I watched his eyes bug out of his head as I walked a bit more when he replied. “Yea...Yeah lets go then.” He hurriedly made his way to my side wrapping an arm around my waist just above my ribcage. We

made our way back to the car. I could feel Edwards gaze burning into my head but I kept my eyes straight ahead. It felt intense. Too intense. Suddenly Edwards’ body moved closer and I felt his breath fan across my face and neck. He leaned over to whisper in my ear. His voice like honey. “Bella,” he sighed. “You look beautiful tonight, it’s breathtaking.” The hand that was wrapped around my waist squeezed my side and then released. My heart was beating erratically. I hoped he couldn’t hear it. I was about to reply when I heard a squeal coming from the open limo door. I knew that squeal anywhere, Alice, Edward’s Sister. “Bella! Bella! Happy Birthday!” She bounced over to us and jumped on my throwing her arms and legs around me. I chuckled at her enthusiasm. Damn pixie! Her hug was like an iron vice around me. She pulled back and smiled a brilliant smile showing her pearly-white teeth. Her short, immaculately, spiked hair tickled my jaw line making me giggle. I helped her slide down and watched as she landed gracefully on the ground in her 7 and a half inch heels. She could just about see my eyes with them on. “Oh, Alice! Thank You!” I shifted trying to move from Edward’s arm around my waist but he wouldn’t budge. I looked over at him puzzled but he just looked up and shook his head. Her eyes reflected so much delight it was sweet but knowing Alice her brain was planning something as quickly looked at Edwards’ arm resting on my waist and shot Edward a frown. I heard her cuss under her breath about Edward, who then replied with a snort indicating he heard her. Between this exchange Edwards’ arm had lowered on my back and was now right on my hipbone. What the Hell? Edward and Alice were having a quiet bicker. I noticed Emmett step out of the limo doors and shoot across the car park to me and scooped me up into a bone-crushing bear hug. I feared for my ribs, he hugged me so fierce but yet it was so caring and

brotherly. When I felt my chest being constricted I pushed Emmett. “Alright Emm you can put me down now. I really don’t feel like spending my birthday in Accident and Emergency you know? I said as I chuckled and winked playfully at him. The sheepish grin I knew so well spread across his face. “Sorry Bells” This just made me chuckle more. Emmett was looking curiously between Edward and Alice with one eyebrow raised. He just started to split them up when we heard Jasper and Esmee call out from the limo window. “Come on guys! We got a birthday to celebrate!” this caused everyone to chuckle as we made our way back to the limo. I climbed in first and sat near the window. The rest were already seated so they just sat down straight away. Once we were all comfortable the driver took off and I realised I had no clue as to where we were heading but since Alice planned this it would be good. Every so often I couldn’t help but glance at Edward who was opposite me. He had his eyes on my but was talking to Jazz and Rose. I felt my heart swell in my chest when he looked at me so I stood up and joined Alice who was singing out the top of the limo. “Hey girl!” Alice giggled when we stopped and just cooled down outside. “Hey doll. You look like your having a good time already.” I replied as the next song began to play. Me and Alice began to sway our hips from side to side, occasionally bumping into each other then erupting in giggles. “Yeah I’m having a good time. I’ve missed days like these just going out and having fun. We should go more often.” I saw Alice grow sad as she spoke these words and felt bad because we hadn’t done anything like this in so long.

“Of course, Alice. We should get together, just like old times.” She brightened as I said that and the sparkle in her eyes was now joy not sadness. “Oh, Bella! You’re the best friend ever!” I smiled a grin that made my face ache. “Thank you Alice. You are too.” And with that we began swaying again. Tonight was the night; my night.

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