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National Products

National Products

1. What are the dominate motives for each candidate?

National Products
Charley Adams can best be described as an achievement oriented production manager
who displays integrity, which would be critical as a general manager. Charley also
display the traits to include agreeableness, adjustment, as well as the technical skills
necessary to accomplish the task. However, possesses a need for affiliation this can best
be identified by the need to avoid conflict, as well attempting to provide everyone with a
reward rather than basing it upon performance.
Bill Stuart can best be described as a leader who is a go getter he is self-confident.
However it tinged with a bit of arrogance when he feels threatened by over restrictive
company policies. Power motivation is a trait that can be found in Bill, this is what led
him to seek out a position in management. As with Charley achievement orientation is a
trait seeking out challenging assignment. But he is someone who prefers to be alone
would characterize him as having a need for affiliation.
Ray Johnson is all about himself. Narcissism would be describe Ray. The status, such as
expensive clothing, cars, big home. As well as sleeping with his female employees. There
is a need for esteem with Ray as he tends to discredit others and also is very self

2. What are the implications of these traits for the success of each candidate if selected for
the general manager position?

National Products
Charley Adams the traits associated him would perhaps benefit him as a general
manager. He has great interpersonal skills, He is technically competent, a team player nd
able to accomplish any task given to him. However, Charley must be able to overcome
his fear of rejection and focus on the business aspect of the position.
Bill Stuart self-confidence would serve him well as a general manager. However Bill
must work on developing his interpersonal skill with subordinates, and he must be able to
delegate his assignments to his supervisors and develop them as well. Bill must become a
team player if he were to be successful a general manager.
Ray Johnson there would be some potential for him to be successful as a general
manager. However, with the traits that Ray possesses they could undermine him as well.
Thus causing him to derail his career.

Should Susan recommend one of these candidates for the position, or look for external
In my opinion the only candidate that Susan should recommend would be Charley. He
would be the most successful candidate for the position.