Romeo and Juliet

Act II summary Name Kaenan Husen Prologue: Now that Romeo is in love with Juliet, he has forgotten his old love, Rosaline. However, because the two lovers are from enemy families, he does not have access to her, and she does not have the means to take him anywhere. Scene 1: Romeo’s friends search for him, but he leaps over an orchard Wall. The friends try to get Romeo to reveal his hiding place by saying rude things about Rosaline, but he is not in love with her any more, so it does not work. Scene 2: In the Balcony’s orchard, Romeo sees Juliet talking to herself and is overwhelmed by her beauty. He compares her to the sun in the east. He says her eyes are brighter than stars. He says he would like to be a glove on her hand so he could touch her cheek. He calls her a bright star from the heavens. Juliet, unaware of Romeo’s presence, says a name is not really a part of a person and therefore not important. Even so, Romeo is afraid she will not accept him because his last name is montague. Juliet is afraid her relatives may find Romeo and kill him. She asks Romeo to prove his love to her, but then changes her mind, thinking their actions are “too rash, too unadvised, too sudden.” They finally agree that Juliet will send a messenger to Romeo at nine o’clock the next day, and Romeo will send word to Juliet if he intends to marry her. Scene 3: At the beginning of the scene, Friar Lawrence is gathering plants and herbs. He mentions that even weak flowers have both good and evil in them, just like people, who have both grace and rude will. When Romeo tells him that he wants to marry Juliet, the friar cannot believe that Romeo has changed his mind so suddenly. However, he agrees to perform the ceremony because it may turn the two families’ hate into “pure love.” Scene 4: Benvolio and Mercutio learn that Tybalt, who is an excellent swordsman, sent a letter challenging Romeo. When Romeo shows up, he and Mercutio have a battle of wits, which ends with Mercutio saying that being with friends is better than “groaning for enemies.” The

nurse and her servant, Peter enter, looking for Romeo. Mercrutio makes rude comments and sings a rude song to her before he leaves with Benvolio. Alone with Romeo, The Nurse warns him not to seduce Juliet. Romeo responds by saying that he wants to marry Juliet that afternoon at the cell. The nurse tells Romeo that Paris wants to marry Juliet, too, but that Juliet prefers Romeo. Scene 5: Juliet is impatient because the nurse has been gone for hours. The Nurse returns, but tells Juliet that she is too out of breath to deliver the message right away. Then she says her bones and head hurt. Then she asks where Juliet’s mother is. Finally, as Juliet becomes frantic, the Nurse gives her the news that she will become a bride. Meanwhile, the Nurse will fetch a rope so Romeo can climb to Juliet’s balcony for the honeymoon. Scene 6: Friar Lawrence is worried that Romeo and Juliet’s love is too passionate and will be brief, like the explosion when fire and gunpowder “kiss.” He also says they may become sick of their sweet love, as one becomes sick of honey when he eats too much of it. His advice is to “love in moderation.” Romeo, however, is so in love that he cannot find words to express his feelings. Juliet cannot, either, saying that “They are but beggars who can count their worth,” meaning that she has so much love that she cannot even sum it up. Friar Lawrence marries them.

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