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What is DSP Builder?

DSP Builder, consisting of an advanced and standard blockset, allows for high-performance push-button
hardware description language (HDL) generation of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms directly from
the Simulink environment. Alterarecommends using the advanced blockset for new designs as it allows you

Go from high-level schematic into low-level optimized VHDL targeted for your Altera FPGAs,
including the latest 20 nm offering

Perform high-performance fixed- and floating-point DSP with vector processing, such as complex
IEEE 754 single-precision floating point. Read the BDTI benchmark white paper on the FloatingPoint DSP Solutions page

Use a designer-specified system clock constraint to automatically pipeline, time-division

multiplex/fold, and close timing

Access advanced math.h functions and multichannel data

Generate resource utilization tables for all designs without a Quartus II software compile

Automatically generate projects or scripts for the Quartus II software, TimeQuest, Qsys, and
ModelSim Altera software

MathWorks Tools Required for DSP Builder Advanced Blockset (sold seperately here)

MATLAB (required)

Simulink (required)

Simulink Fixed-Point and Fixed-Point Toolbox (required)

Signal Processing Toolbox (recommended)

Figure 1. DSP Builder Tool Flow

Figure 2. DSP Builder Advanced Blockset

Design Examples That Come with DSP Builder

Interpolating/decimating cascaded integrator comb (CIC), finite impulse response (FIR), and
multichannel infinite impulse response (IIR) filters

1K-, 4K-, and 8K-point fast Fourier transform (FFT) and inverse FFT (IFFT)

Cholesky or QR-based matrix solvers

Digital up/down conversion

Complex mixer


Black-Scholes algorithm

Field-oriented motor control (FOC)

Mandlebrot set

DSP Builder Floating-Point Capabilities

See how 28 nm FPGAs can perform

at one TFLOPS.

Learn how Altera

FPGAs solve

Read white paper (PDF)

See how BDTI, an independent
technology analysis firm, evaluates
the energy efficiency of Altera's
floating-point DSP on 28 nm
development kits.
Read white paper (PDF)

Updates in Quartus II Software v13.0

Improvements in parameterizable FFTs (with floating-point capability)

Additional math.h functions (e.g. log, polynomial evaluation, and fixed-point integer divide)

Get DSP training today! Register for either the online one-hour training or attend one of our in-person
training sessionsto learn more about the DSP Builder Advanced Blockset .
Note About the DSP Builder Standard Blockset
Altera continues to support DSP Builder Standard Blockset. Both standard and advanced blockset
functionality can be implemented at different Simulink hierarchy levels within a design.

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