SPIRIT HEART'S By: Nathanial Jones

Long ago there were seven magical jewels that held different elements of spirits, one of water, one of fire, one of wind, one of earth, one of wisdom, one of courage and one of strength. A powerful ancient and mystical force held these jewels together. But, one fateful night they were all separated to different parts of the world, only to be broken and the spirits released became the second personality of the animal that broke it. This is the story of a young cat known as.... Fox.


"Come on sleepyhead your always asleep wake up and play already." a playful voice said as Fox opened his eyes and looked up to stare at his younger sister Ruby. "Uh...Ruby leave me alone I’m tired and I played with you all morning yesterday." Fox said as he put his paw over his head to sleep again but was shoved out of his nest by his sister. "Wake up now!" Ruby said as she yelled loudly into his ear. "Alright already I’m up, happy now?" Fox said as he got up from the floor and before he watched his sister run around the house.” Yes" she yelled. Fox looked at his sister fur, which was dark red, and her paws were white as well as her muzzle. He then looked at his own fur, which was orange, and his paws as well as his own muzzle were white. Other animals always told Fox that his family was strange and maybe this was a way to really show it. He shook himself, moved about the house, and went outside the cat door. Fox ventured out to the front lawn where he saw his old friend Vole. Vole is a lively young cat that has been friends with Fox ever since they were kits. Vole has light brown fur with golden eyes that always seemed to shine. Vole was active coming towards Fox. "Hey Fox how is everything?" Vole asked with a joyful meow. "Everything's great just tired of being around Ruby’s annoying energy." Fox said laughing and Vole laughed too. "Ha-ha...any word yet from your father?" Vole asked worried "No...Not yet" Fox said sadly. Fox's father had gone away a long time ago saying that he needed time to think before their mother had died by drowning in a lake. Even though Ruby was too young to remember this Fox remembered it clearly, "Well it’s alright he will show up soon I’m sure of it." Vole said trying to encourage Fox as he just nodded. "Well I’m going to take a walk in the forest Vole I'll see you later." Fox said as he trotted off and heard Vole mew

goodbye. He moved around the forest with ease. Fox thought to himself for a moment, he had been here all his life and loved every second of it. He then looked out to lake where his mother had died. "Rest in peace mother." Fox said, as he was about to move back to the forest. But he saw something shiny near the surface of the lake and went to see what it was. Fox went near the item and found a light green jewel stuck in between a few rocks. He scooped at it with his left paw until he had a hold of it and jerked it out with one final pull. The jewel came out and landed near his paws where he looked at it carefully. The jewel looked just like a light green rock but something about it made Fox uneasy. He put his paw on it to see if it really was a rock and pushed on it. However, the jewel broke underneath his paw and scared him. Fox looked at his paw and saw it started to bleed. He felt dizzy and thought he heard a voice as he fainted. Fox opened his eyes to see another cat looking at him. He looked around but only saw darkness and looked at the cat in front of him. This cat had dark silver fur and purple eyes. He was also looking at Fox with a cold stare. "Who are you?" Fox asked staring back at the silver cat. "I am your second personality, you may call me DarkFox, I’m everything you are not, I can talk to you in your dreams and come out of you whenever you need me." DarkFox said without blinking. Fox started at this crazy cat astonished. "Yeah right my second personality for sure, I’m getting out of here, you’re crazy!" Fox yelled as he turned around. Nevertheless, he only saw darkness and looked back at DarkFox. "I’m the spirit of courage, and there are six other jewels you must find. They are one of water, one of wind, one of earth, one of fire, one of wisdom and one of strength. You must find all six before they fall into the wrong paws because they will bring the animal kingdom into a state of chaos. However, every animal that finds a jewel and breaks it will have a second personality as you now have. But some who break the jewels are good and some are evil, at any rate it is a very difficult quest to embark on. The quest will also take a brave heart to fulfill it, will you accept it?" DarkFox asked with little hope. "Uh... s... sure" Fox said in confusion. "I will walk with you now always." DarkFox said as he faded away. Fox woke up by the lake and shook his head. "It must have been a dream." Fox thought as he looked up and saw it was nighttime. “Ruby" Fox said worried. "Oh she must be so mad at me." Fox thought as he ran towards his house, he just got out of the forest and saw his house was ablaze! He stared in horror as everything was burning, he ran towards the house to find his sister and found her near the bottom step, barley moving. "Ruby, I’m here. Are you alright?" Fox said scared out of his mind "F...Fox promise me you'll always have hope...in everything... p...please." Ruby said as her body jerked with pain "R...Ruby don't die on me...RUBY!" Fox screamed as he tried to wake his sister up "Promise me...F...Fox" Ruby said and with one last breath, she died. Fox's whole world shattered in that one single moment. He cried as he put his head into his dead sister's fur, but saw a quick movement caught his eye. Fox turned around and saw a black cat with pure green eyes and a red jewel around its neck near the fire’s rubble. They locked eyes with one another then the mysterious cat ran away out of sight.... Fox did not move at all, could only look at his sister’s dead body, and kept hearing her last words in his head. "Promise me you'll always have hope in everything." Fox got up and looked up, as the sky was turning gray. "I promise" Fox said then with one last look at his sister's body ran into the forest.


Fox woke up and found himself under the shade of a tree. He then remembered all of what happened last night and the horrors of it all. Fox knew he could never go back. "Seems to me you’re having a bit of trouble.” a voice said in his head. "DarkFox? How am I hearing you inside of my head?" Fox said looking around thinking the gray cat was anywhere but his head. "Yes it’s a useful ability we second personalities have. We can talk to one another and no one is able to hear us." DarkFox said calmly. Fox thought for a moment then spoke. "You said you can come out of me whenever I needed you, how are you able to do that? Fox said in awe. "It’s another useful ability we second personalities have, we switch bodies and you get to choose what triggers it. However, once you do that is the only way we are able to switch. Basically I come to your form and you come to mine." DarkFox said with the same quiet tone. "So ...we change places, you are flesh and bones and I am your thoughts?" Fox said in confusion. "Yes basically." DarkFox replied. Fox stayed quiet for a moment longer then spoke. "Ok my trigger is going to be anger, and when I get real angry you appear alright?" Fox said, "Alright then let's try it, but how do we change back?" DarkFox said grimly. "Um... we take a deep breath to calm down." Fox said confidently and started testing the trigger. He got real angry and saw his body change from orange to sliver as he was sent into the same darkness he met DarkFox in, "We...where am I?" Fox asked.” You are in the back of our mind, I am now in your body and you are my thoughts. But, you can see everything I do as well as hear everything too." DarkFox said as he looked around the forest. He then took a deep breath and calmed down. Fox found himself inside his own body. "Wow!" Fox thought to himself and jumped as he heard a branch snap. He saw a small wolf with a blackbird in his mouth. He had gray fur and blue eyes. The small wolf backed up one-step with a look of worry in his eyes at the cat in front of him; he dropped his blackbird and spoke. "W... who are you?” The wolf said afraid. "Don't be scared I’m not going to hurt you...my name is Fox what's yours?" Fox asked trying to be as friendly as possible. "M...my name is Wild." Wild said relieved. He pushed his blackbird forward towards Fox.” Want some? We can share." Wild said being friendly. "Thanks, come on I know of a place where we can eat." Fox said running towards the lake with Wild just behind him with his blackbird. Fox and Wild found a place to sit down to eat then Wild spoke. "So tell me about yourself Fox, you don't seem like you’re from around here." Wild said as he looked closely at Fox. "Well actually I grew up here, not in the forest but in a house with my sister. But I lost my mother when she drowned in a lake, my sister in a fire and my father left when I was very young. Therefore, I am alone now.... I.... I am going on a quest to find six jewels that hold different elements of spirits. I have learned that if they are broken by an animal they will obtain a second personality and it won't be easy." Fox said upset. There was a long pause then Wild spoke "Well then...I'll go with you, it ought to be fun and I love adventure. Plus you look like you can really use some company." Wild said with so much energy it seemed he was going to be knocked off his paws. "Are you sure...It's not going to be easy and we may get into some really tough situations." Fox said worried. "Yeah, I’m more ready then ever." Wild said happily. "Alright if you’re so sure of yourself Wild you can join me. So tell me about yourself you can't be here all alone, as young as you are" Fox said now looking closely at Wild. Wild's ears dropped and he turned away from Fox. "My pack drove me out because they thought I was too small and weak." Wild said remembering that horrible day. "That's just cold; every animal can get bigger and stronger over time." Fox said shocked. "Yes that’s true and the leader of my pack did not start acting this way until he found a strange dark green stone." Wild realized. Fox looked at Wild in surprise. "A dark green stone? Fox I think that maybe that is the earth jewel." DarkFox said. "Are you sure?" Fox said not hoping they had to fight the wolf leader. "Yes we might as well check it out; the earth jewel is a powerful jewel even when alone." DarkFox said certain. "Alright but Wild is coming with us." Fox said

wanting to bring his new friend along. "I have no problem with that but we must tell him everything just to be sure he knows what he's getting into." DarkFox said and Fox agreed, "Wild, I'm able to change into a different cat whose name is Darkfox when I get angry, and like I said before there are six jewels I must find. Now are you sure you want to join me?" Fox said halfhoping Wild would change his mind. "Yes I do, I'm with you Fox, now let's go. I know where my pack is and my brother, the leader has that jewel you're looking for so we need it for our quest." Wild said as he got up and ran through the forest followed by Fox. "Wait!" DarkFox yelled to Fox. "What is it DarkFox?" Fox said as he stopped all of a sudden. "There is one more thing I forgot to tell you and Wild... When an animal breaks a jewel and the spirit becomes a second personality. Then there are only two ways to get that second personality back into jewel form where it is powerless. One is to kill the owner to make the second personality turn back. Or two is to combine the seven jewels and or second personality's together and turn it back or make it stay...Only a really dark and evil force can separate the seven jewel's but I know not of such evil" DarkFox said with worry. "Guess we will just have to wait and see, huh?" Fox said fired up for quest just like Wild. "Hey, what's the hold up?" Wild asked coming up to Fox as Fox repeated what DarkFox said, "Oh I see, so does this mean I'll have to kill my brother?" Wild asked in confusion. "I don't know, Wild, but whatever you do it's up to you ok.” Fox said not looking at Wild. Wild moved on with Fox through the forest that went darker and darker until Fox could barely see, all of the sudden he ran into Wild, who stopped and whispered. "We are here... follow me and keep quiet" Wild said as they jumped over a fallen tree, they moved slow and quietly where Fox saw the camp a total about fifteen wolf's and Fox then saw the leader, Wild's brother. He was as big as two wolf's put together and then Fox saw the earth jewel around his neck, he had tan fur along with a little bit of silver on his fur and tail. Fox just moved ever so quietly when a twig snapped under his paw and the whole camp awoke with a bark "Oh great" Fox heard Wild say as they were both dragged out by two full grown wolves, one had a scar along its eye and red furred and the other with half a tail and brown furred “Look Fang. It's little old Wild" the wolf with the scar sneered. "And look. He brought us breakfast" the wolf with half a tail laughed snapping near Fox's tail as Fox jumped. "What is it you want Wild?, I drove you out remember" the leader known as Fang asked with a low growl, Wild looked at Fox who nodded then spoke "We have come to take the green jewel around your neck. It is one of the seven that we need to save the animal kingdom," Wild said with his ears low knowing he must have sounded stupid. There was a long pause then the camp burst into laughter that was quickly stopped by Fang, "And you think I'm just going to hand it over to you, just because you're my brother?" Fang barked in anger. "Then how about we fight for it?" Fox for the first time spoke up. "Me and you, one on one?" Fox said as he tried to sound brave. "Ha, ha, ha you must be out of your mind but if you insist, don't cry when I win breakfast" Fang growled and stepped into the center of the camp while Fox was going to do the same but was stopped by Wild "What are you doing? Your going to get yourself killed!" Wild said with fear in his voice "Don't worry Wild, just watch. I promise I'll be safe" Fox said and put his tail on Wild's fur and walked to the center of the camp "DarkFox, it's time to fight" Fox yelled, as he got angry then became his second personality DarkFox. The wolves stared in shock as the young cat's fur changed from orange to dark gray and green eyes to purple instantly and he just stood there calmly. "So Fang shall we fight, we must have the earth jewel with us" DarkFox said lowering his head and tail ready to pounce at Fang. "Hmm. Very well young cat let's see what you got" Fang said with a bark as he leaped at DarkFox who just barely missed him, DarkFox turned around and was slashed by Fang's hind leg where DarkFox rolled to one side and slashed hard at Fang, Fang yelped in pain and stumbled back a few paces and attacked again where DarkFox jumped and slashed all the way down Fang's muzzle. Fang dodged another attack by DarkFox then quickly went under DarkFox’s belly and slammed hard upward as DarkFox yelled in pain and rolled to one side where Fang followed as DarkFox slides and slashed Fang hard as blood pours from his mouth and Fang fell down in embarrassment. "I can not lose to this piece of prey" Fang thought in anger and looked at the jewel around his neck "No. I am not weak to rely on an item" Fang yelled into the

air, grabbed the jewel with his jaws and tossed it into the lake that was by the wolf camp "Noooo!" DarkFox yelled as he ran for the jewel but it was too late. It fell into the cold water, DarkFox took a deep breath and turned back into Fox who turned around to stare at Fang in anger "Why did you do that, we needed that for our quest?" Fox shouted in anger "You do not need it breakfast, and anyway if what you say is true, it will come back to you" Fang said calmly "And now Wild. I welcome you back to the pack, you and your friend" Fang said head butting his little brother, the whole camp cheered and welcomed Wild and Fox but Wild moved out of his brother's way "Wait a minute" Wild yelled as the camp quieted down to hear "I thank you for welcoming me back brother, but I would like to go with Fox to find the other jewels" Wild said not looking Fang in the eye. "So you really want to go then?" Fang asked with his ears low in disappointment "Y...yes" Wild said quietly "Alright young one you may go and I promise. You'll always have a place in the pack" Fang said as he licked his brother's cheek "Thank you Fang and good bye" Wild said touching muzzles with Fang then turning to Fox "Come on Fox, we got a long way to go" Wild said as they moved into the forest and out of sight. Fang was outside of his den looking into the forest when his mate came up to him "Why do you torture yourself Fang? You know you want to be with them, with you brother" Fang's mate said as she licked Fang's muzzle "Yes but who will watch the pack, and guide it?" Fang said not looking up "I will" Fang's mate said not blinking for she had love in her eyes. "Go with them Fang" Fang's mate said as she licked him again as Fang got up and touched his muzzle with hers "Thank you Love, wait for me" Fang said as he licked her one last time and ran into the forest...Fang caught up to Fox and Wild as they were just getting out of the forest "Wait" Fang yelled as he got near them "Fang?" Wild said in amazement "I want...to come...with you" Fang said in between gulps of air, Fox looked at Wild and nodded as Wild smiled and did the same. "Alright you can come Fang" Wild said trying to hide his excitement "Thank you" Fang said as he bowed his head low as they moved forward towards the field of open grassland...The earth jewel was near the surface of the lake when it was picked up by a black paw "Two down, only five more to go" a dark voice said as it put the green jewel next to the red one it had and it reflected its dark evil green eyes.


Fox, Wild and Fang were near a rock for shade when Fang spoke up "This is stupid, where in the world are we going to find a jewel in this barren wasteland? It's not going to just land in front of our paws" Fang said with a bark "Well maybe you should just get your whole pack and look for it then!" Wild screamed at Fang in anger, while Wild and Fang were fighting Fox was thinking hard along with DarkFox. What kind of jewel would be in this open grassland? If there was one. "Will you two shut up, I'm trying to think" Fox yelled as Wild and Fang were just about to kill each other, both settled down and went to sit with Fox "Ok let's see, we have the jewel of courage, the jewel of earth is gone and so far another animal has one jewel, there are four more left to find. The question is where to find them and how" Fox said as he thought real hard once again then Wild spoke "How about we go after the jewel of wind cause it's the fastest" Wild said eagerly" It's not as easy as

that. Otherwise they would have not been apart, smart one" Fang growled at Wild "He's right Wild, according to DarkFox the jewels can only be apart if a very strong and dark evil touches them, but if the jewels are broken then the spirit inside the jewel will go after the animal that broke it and be that animal's second personality and can be good or evil. But can only turn back into jewel form if the owner is killed or the seven are put back together" Fox said saying the words DarkFox said many times "Well, we are not going to find any jewels just sitting here" Fang said as he got up and starched then went outside and the others did the same. The sun was shining brightly and it was a great day when all of the sudden the animals heard a shriek above and saw a large eagle trying hard to fly away from a falcon that was chasing it. "We got to help it!" Wild yelled running after the two birds "How Wild? We can't fly!" Fang yelled back following along with Fox "No, but maybe we can gets it's attention away from that eagle" Wild said still running after them "Hey, down here you big ugly red wing" Wild yelled at the falcon. The falcon looked down at Wild and screamed into the air while diving down at Wild who dodged out of the way and quickly clawed the falcon's feathers who yelled and flew away, the eagle came down to where Wild and the others were and spoke. "Thank you for saving me from that horrible falcon." the eagle said bowing its head in gratitude "Why was he chasing you?" Fox asked looking at the eagle "He wanted this blue jewel I had, my name is Nala" Nala replied as she showed them the blue jewel around her neck that they saw for the first time. Fox nodded and spoke “Nice to meet you Nala, my name is Fox, this is Wild and Fang" Fox said as Nala nodded to him and the others. “That's the jewel of wisdom!" DarkFox then yelled inside Fox's head "Pardon us for one second Nala." Fox said as he brought Wild and Fang close so only they could hear "DarkFox said that the jewel around her neck is the jewel of wisdom." Fox said trying to be quiet "Well what are we waiting for? Let’s grab it and go." Fang said eagerly "No that would be rude and it's too powerful to just take." Fox replied angry with Fang for such an idea "Ok we need that jewel but let's try to get it a different way." Fox said with a look at Fang and walked up to Nala who was peering her feathers "I should reward you for saving me but I don't believe I have anything, please come up to my nest and rest for a while." Nala said as she took to the air and flew to a small cave just up a rocky hill that was not hard for the others to follow. Once they entered, they saw green grass in the corner that was bedding and a small thing of prey. Nala sat in the center of her nest, looked at her guest, and spoke. "See like I said before it's not much, but you're welcome to it" Nala said as she looked around. Fox got up and spoke "Nala we thank you for your kindness, but let me ask you, do you know of that jewel you have around your neck?" Fox asked as he pointed to the wisdom jewel she had. "No. I just found it near an old nest and once I did, I started getting attacked a lot," Nala said as she looked past her guest and out to the entrance of her home. Fox then spoke "Nala that jewel that you have is a very powerful item that we need. We know we're asking a lot but if we can please just have that jewel for our quest then maybe you would stop getting attacked" Fox said as he tried to be as polite as possible, Nala then turned away and spoke "I...I don't know it's a very beautiful item and I’m not sure if I want to part ways with it, it's getting late you should all rest, I’m going to go flying for a bit" Nala said as she touched the jewel around her neck and took a look at her guest and flew off into the night. "Great, now we'll never get it" Fang said as he sat down to rest in anger "Maybe she just needs a little more time to think" Fox said as he went to sleep next to Wild. Nala was just about to catch a mouse when it ran away in fear. "Dang it" She cursed herself and rested where the mouse just

was, when she heard a voice "So your the one with the jewel of wisdom?” The voice asked as Nala turned around and saw a black cat with green eyes and two jewels around its neck. Nala screamed so loud that the group woke up "Uhhh...what was that?" Wild said trying to wake up "Let's go" Fang yelled as he grabbed both Fox and Wild by the neck and ran to where the scream was. Fang dropped them on the ground and moved to where Nala was talking with someone "W...who are you?" Nala said as she backed up in fear "What does my name matter? As long as I have your jewel and you die”. The cat said as she tried to fly away but not before the cat pinned her wings down. "Fine then I'll take it by force" the cat yelled as it slashed her neck deep and took the jewel from her with its fangs as she layed there bleeding and dying. "And now to finish you" the cat said as it lifted it's paw and was about to kill her when Fang yelled out "Nala" Fang screamed as the cat stopped and ran away from sight. Fang ran up to Nala who was dying slowly. "I...I wanted to come with you and have a great time with you all but it seems it's time for me to die" Nala replied weakly as she was losing lots of blood. "No don't speak please, you can live Nala I know you can" Fang said as tears flowed down his face. "No Fang I can't, goodbye and good luck with your quest" Nala said softly as she breathed her last then died. Fang stood with the body for a long time until Fox came up and spoke to him. "Come on Fang, it's time to go" Fox said quietly not looking at the body when Fang turned around to face Fox in anger. "How could you be so heartless, breakfast she was so young" Fang said with his head low. "I know. But if we don't move on to find the other jewels then that cat will kill a lot more animals" Fox said as he helped Fang up and they then walked on, not looking back. "So where to now?" Wild asked looking at both Fox and Fang "Now I guess we head to the mountains" Fox said as they looked at the huge hills in front of them and started walking towards it.


The group was near the bottom of the mountain when Wild jumped back in surprise "What's wrong?" Fox asked as he looked at his friend "It's cold" Wild whined as he stepped slowly on the rock then ran to where Fox and Fang were "Oh, quit crying" Fang snapped as they kept climbing, "Sorry, It's just that I never been this cold before" Wild said as he walked beside Fox. All of the sudden Fox stopped "What is it?" Wild asked as he stopped too "Quiet. Don't you hear that?" Fox said as they all stood still, suddenly a huge weight landed on top of Fox as he jerked and twisted to get it off "Hold still and die" a voice hissed to him as he came face to face with his attacker, it was a white she-cat with peach colored paws. She dropped down on all four and was about to attack again when a voice yelled into the air "Stop!" a gray colored cat said as he came to where Fox and the white she-cat was "What do you think your doing?" the gray cat snapped at the white she-

cat and then turned to the group and spoke "I am sorry. We do not usually have visitors, I am the leader of our mountain cat's call me Elder" Elder said as he bowed his head "It's all right, I am Fox that's Wild and Fang" Fox replied as he pointed to Wild and Fang "Hi.... my name is Hazel" the white colored she-cat said as she bounced in front of them "Hazel go and attend to the young visitors" Elder said as he padded up to the rest of his clan and Hazel lead Fox and the others up the mountain, Fox and the others saw so many cats in the mountain's and could not believe there were this much. Fox gasp while Wild and Fang were quiet but polite. All the cats stared as the two wolves passed by with the lone orange cat, the group stopped by a small cave that looked like it could fit Fox and Wild but all three looked at Fang "Sorry, but your just too big." Hazel said as she looked away, Fang snorted but did not say anything and walked back down the mountain "I'll sleep down there." Fang said as he walked down to the front of the mountain "Well anyway, so tell me where you are from?" Hazel asked as she sat with Fox and Wild and Fox repeated his story of the quest and his childhood, there was a long pause then Hazel spoke "Wow that's really sad I’m sorry that happened to you" Hazel said as her ears dropped and her tail was still "But the quest sounds so fun...can I come with you?" Hazel asked now really joyful "What? No this quest is very dangerous and its no game, we only have one jewel and an evil cat has three" Wild said shocked "Well I don't see any jewel" Hazel replied as she looked around "That's because its inside of me" Fox said touching his chest with his paw "Wow...really?" Hazel said as she touched his chest "Where is it?" Hazel asked as she kept poking his chest harder and harder "Ow.... no not in my chest its in my heart, watch I'll show you" Fox said as he then got real angry and turned into DarkFox "Wow Fox that’s really amazing" Hazel said in amazement and shock "My name is DarkFox not Fox" DarkFox said as he combed his tail with his tongue "Y...your voice it.... it changed" Hazel gasped "Yes it did like I said, I’m the second personality of Fox" DarkFox said with pride then took a deep breath and calmed down and become Fox once again, Hazel gasp in amazement then ran outside of the cave, Fox and Wild looked at one another then layed down. The mountain cat leader came in the cave to see Fox and Wild "So I hear you have one of the jewels?" Elder asked as he looked at them "H...how did you know?" Fox asked surprised "Hazel told me about it and by the looks of you young Fox you have a second personality" Elder said more carefully "Y...yes I do sir" Fox said bowing his head respectfully then Wild spoke "We'll we should get going" Wild said as he tried to move out of the cave "Nonsense Wild you have barley slept and its getting pretty late" Elder said putting his paw on Wild's shoulder, Wild looked at Fox who nodded and Wild calmed down "Sorry what my friend is trying to say is.... well....there are a lot of animals who want this second personality and we don't want to see anyone get hurt over it" Fox said in concern "It's quiet alright we will let you leave tomorrow but for tonight you will stay as our guest" Elder said warmly as he left them once again with Hazel "Is it ok if I sleep here with you guys tonight?" Hazel asked politely "I don't know, I think you should just be with your friends" Fox said nicely and put his head down but did not close his eyes in until Hazel left. Hazel was going to the leaders cave when she called out "Elder?" Hazel asked "Yes, come in Hazel" Elder replied as she stepped in and sat in front of him "What is it young one?" Elder asked settling down "I.... I.... I want to go with Fox and the others on their quest" Hazel asked her brown eyes pleading, there was a long pause then Elder spoke "It is a very dangerous journey and very important I do not think you will enjoy it, plus there are evil enemies who would kill you without a second thought Hazel, and its not a

game" Elder said being very careful with his words and was quiet as Hazel spoke "But I will never do anything just being in these mountains all my life and I’m far too hyper just to sit still, please Elder" Hazel begged with heartache. "Hmmm....ever since your mother and father died, I promised to take care of you, but I see now your not a kit anymore, but it is not my say it's Fox's and the others" Elder said slowly "Oh thank you Elder your the greatest" Hazel said excited "I will speak to them in the morning" Elder said as he put his head down to sleep and Hazel slept next to him "Good night.... uncle" Hazel said softly and fell asleep. Fang got up late like always and yawned before fully awake, then he padded up to where Fox and Wild was, where they were speaking to Elder "What's going on?" Fang asked confused "Hazel wants to come with us" Wild said annoyed "Yes I do its going to be so fun...just the four of us" Hazel replied happily "No way is that annoying furball joining us" Fang said angrily "The Elder said it was alright, now its just up to us.... Wild?" Fox said looking at his best friend who grunted but just nodded "Fang?" Fox said with a look at the tan wolf who shook his head and spoke "Humph...as long as she does not get in our way" Fang replied annoyed, Fox nodded and then closed his eyes "DarkFox?" Fox asked his alter ego "I don't mind, but we must move quickly" DarkFox replied "Alright Hazel you can come" Fox said but whose words were almost drowned out but Hazel's happy shouts "Ugh...I know I’m going to regret this" Fang said sad "Yes...I’m part of the team" Hazel yelled into the air in joy "Yay" the others said unhappily. The group was saying goodbye and leaving to find the next jewel "Good bye Elder don't have too much fun without me" Hazel said touching noses with Elder "Goodbye young one be careful and don't get into trouble alright" Elder said to Hazel and then to Fox and the others "Beyond this mountain is a river that may lead to a forest if you go far enough, I know not if you'll find a jewel but I wish you the best of luck young ones" Elder said as the four stepped farther up the mountain and off to the next jewel.


The group was at the top of the mountain when they saw the beautiful river scene "WOW!" Hazel gasped as she looked at the graceful water below "How are we going to find a jewel in there?" Fang said with a grunt "Maybe we'll be lucky" Wild said taking one step down the mountain when his paw slipped from under him and he fell far down the mountain "Wild!" Fang and Fox yelled as they ran to see if Wild was ok. While Hazel was more cautious and managed to get dawn to where the others were, while Fox and Fang were checking Wild's body to see if anything was broken "I'm fine" Wild laughed along with Fox "Guys...l...look" Hazel said scared as they saw a body floating about the river's surface "Oh boy" Wild replied as the others looked at what Wild was staring at, "It's...a fish...but it looks as if it was torn right open" Fang said looking closely "Fox...I sense a

jewel here somewhere" DarkFox said with worry "I...I can't believe something like this would happen" Hazel said with fear in her brown eyes, "Come on we got to find some way to cross it's a long way...can everyone swim?" Fox asked as he looked at the other one by one who nodded "Ok then lets go" Fox said as he lead the group into the water but was pushed back very hard by a scaly tail and saw a huge crocodile with evil silver eyes "None shall pass!" the crocodile roared with a death defying scream "Fox, look that beast has the water jewel" DarkFox yelled as Fox saw the light blue stone hanging from the crocodile's neck, Fox brought the group together and told them of what DarkFox found "But how are we going to kill a monster like that?" Fang said eager for a fight "Who said anything about killing, maybe we should just ask" Hazel said afraid to face that beast "No Fang's right we have to kill it to pass and to get the jewel" Wild said looking back at the dark water, when Hazel walked up to the river "Hazel...don't" the other yelled trying to stop her, the crocodile bursted up to the surface "None shall pass!” "It is alright we just wanted to ask your name and where you got that jewel" Hazel said trying not to show her fear "My name is Ravage, and I found this jewel in the body of a fish I killed" Ravage said looking hungrily at Hazel who backed up one step "Tell me what this jewel does and I shall let you pass" Ravage said showing the path to the other side, without thinking Hazel spoke "You break the jewel and you get a second personality" Hazel said repeating the words Fox said to her "Hazel...NO!" the others screamed as Ravage caught the jewel in his teeth and broke it, there was a evil growl as Ravage's dark green and scaly skin turned black and his silver eyes turned dark red "I am ShadowRage" ShadowRage said in fury "Now we have to kill him" Wild said as Fang flexed his paws out "This should be fun" Fang said as he jumped but was knocked back hard into a tree by ShadowRage’s claws, Fox needed DarkFox "Let's go DarkFox" Fox yelled as he got angry and DarkFox appeared. "Yes, now I get a real fight" DarkFox yelled as he dodged ShadowRage's tail and tried to claw his scales but they were too rough, DarkFox saw Hazel and Wild fighting off ShadowRage as Fang was getting up, Wild ran up to DarkFox while dodging ShadowRage's tail "I think I know of a way to kill him, but it has got to be from the inside and I got to be the one to go" Wild said ready to go "No Wild you can't, your Fox's best friend you can't end your life like this" DarkFox said with worry in his eyes for the young wolf "Tell Fox I’m sorry and once ShadowRage is dead, grab the jewel and go on with the quest, my mind's made up" Wild said with a nod and with one last look at everyone ran forward into ShadowRage's mouth, ShadowRage was amazed at the wolf's courage and then went to attack Hazel again but froze, the group watched as there was a gurgling scream from ShadowRage and then he fell to the ground dead. "He did it" Hazel said amazed "But at a terrible price" DarkFox said as he took a deep breath and turned back into Fox who cried and cried as tears flowed into the ground and then he picked himself up and grabbed the jewel from inside ShadowRage's heart and walked towards the river "Come on we got a long ways to go" Fox said as him and the others started to cross the river, then they heard a voice behind them "Hey where you going without me" the voice said as they looked and saw Wild! All covered in slime and blood "Wild you back!" Fox said as he piled on top of his best friend and Fang bit his ear playfully "Don't you ever scare me like that again you little wolf" Fang said as he hit him with his paw "Ha... come on guys we got a quest to go on" Wild said as he ran to the lake and swam to the other side "Wild how did you kill and get out?" Hazel asked as they swam on "Once I was inside I attacked his heart and had to get out from the mouth but was stuck between his jaws and pushed hard to get out" Wild said

when they reached the other side "Ok so let's recap" Fox said getting the group together once they crossed the other side "We have the jewel of courage and water, that evil cat has the jewel of earth, wisdom, and another jewel I've never seen before, DarkFox what jewel was that?" Fox said as he closed his eyes to talk to his alter ego "It looked like the jewel of fire" DarkFox replied "Ok so we need the jewel of wind and the jewel of strength and then we will find a way to get the other jewels alright?" Fox asked as the group nodded "But first lets find a place to rest and get something to eat, I’m tired" Wild said as he fell down and quickly fell asleep as the others went to rest or find food, they found two jewels but how long will it be to find the other jewels and save the animal kingdom from the forces of evil.


Hazel ran farther then the others who were trying hard to catch up to her "Hazel wait up" Wild yelled breathing hard when he caught up to her as the others were just coming up to them "Why...are...you...running so...fast" Fang said as he tried to catch his breath "Well I'm a morning cat, I like waking up early, don't you?" Hazel asked with wandering eyes "No" the others replied without a second thought, Fox sat down and looked at the scene before them, it was two days they have been traveling and they have not even made it close to the outside world it seemed like a maze from in here in the forest "Look it's food" Wild yelled as he saw a rabbit and ran after it where, it did not move from it's place "Wait! Don’t eat me,” the rabbit yelled, "Y...you talk" Wild said amazed "Of course I do, don't all animals?" the rabbit replied, "What's your name?" Hazel asked as she came up to the rabbit and Wild as Fox and Fang followed "My name is Hare" Hare said as he fluffed out his fur and shook it "Aw...he's so cute" Hazel said as she rubbed her face to Hare's small head "What's yours?" Hare asked looking the group up and down "My name's Hazel, that's Wild, Fox and Fang" Hazel replied as she called to each one in turn "Hmm.Your the first prey I ever known to talk" Fox said as he looked closely at Hare "To me, he's the second, your the first breakfast" Fang said pointing to Hare then Fox "So why are your four here?" Hare asked while he rubbed his ear with his paw "Let's just say we're on an important quest" Fox said with a quick look at Hazel "Umm...well in that case why don't you come and stay for a while...follow me!" Hare said as he rushed off while the other had a hard time catching up until they found Hare at a small hole "This is where I live, come meet my mama and Pa" Hare said as he moved inside and the others slowly followed, once inside they found it was pitch dark but they moved on when Fox ran into something huge and poked at it with his paw when it suddenly moved and Fox hissed in fright "Ugh...Hare is that you poking me again? I told you to knock it off you mother and I are trying to sleep", "That's not me father, we have guests" Hare replied quickly as the huge rabbit turned around to look at the four with big eyes, when a smaller rabbit came from his belly "Guest...oh I've wish I had known I could have made snacks" the smaller rabbit said as she

got out of her mate's fur and hopped towards her guest "Forgive me I’m ElSane and this is my mate Toby" ElSane said patting the huge rabbit who nodded then went back to sleep "Welcome to our home....uh...hole" Elsane said with a look around "Sorry for not asking first how rude of us...my name is Fox and this is Hazel, Wild and Fang" Fox said pointing to the she-cat and the two wolves "Wolves!...oh my I have not seen your kind around here in ages, this is truly surprising...but what are wolves doing with cats?" Elsane asked with a look of confusion "It's a long story but if your willing to hear it" Fox said as he started telling of the jewels and the enemy's they faced and the lost of love ones that they left behind and when Fox was finished he was all out of breath "And that's how we ended up here" Fox said ending his story, all was quiet then Elsane spoke "Wow what a journey you four had, won't you please come and rest for the night?" Elsane asked with hopeful eyes "Yes and thank you for your kindness" Fox answered as he looked at the others who nodded "Hare dear won't you please go and fix their resting place...I'll be back in a moment with some food, you four make yourself at home" Elsane said as she hopped from the hole into the forest for food. "Wow! I can't believe you four battled a crocodile, now that’s really brave" Hare said with big round eyes as he listened to their latest story "Yes we did and we sent that beast back to its watery grave" Fang said as he puffed up his chest with pride "Sometimes Fang is so full of himself" Wild said as Hazel and Fox burst out laughing. The four had their fill and for once slept peacefully together, the sun rose early along with Hazel who woke up with a big yawn and looked at the others who woke and with a nod from Fox all went out of the hole "Where are you all going?" Hare said as he came out with a yawn "Sorry we did not wake any of you but we have to go, please tell your mother and father we said thank you and if you could tell us how to get out of this forest please" Fox said touching his tail to Hare's fur who nodded "Go east in till you see a bridge of rocks then cross that and you should be out onto a small hill that leads to an open prairie" Hare said before touching his head to each one in turn "Good luck on your quest!" Hare shouted as they set off once more to find the two jewels.


Wild came out of the forest happy "We are finally out of that annoying forest" Wild said as he jumped around in joy "Now if only we can get rid of the annoying furball" Fang said as he came out from behind Wild and pointed at Hazel "You guys are so mean and I am a great addition to the team" Hazel said as her eyes filled with pride "More like great load" Fang replied as Fox and Wild laughed, Hazel was about to reply when they heard a bellowing roar from the prairie "Come on" Fox yelled as they ran up the hill and saw it for the first time "WOW...I never seen so much weeds...you can hide so easily in there" Wild said looking at it all "Well we better take a full look around" Fox said as they started down

the hill to the yellow grass "Fox...be careful I sense a jewel near here" DarkFox said tensed. While the group was looking around a new character was moving slowly towards them when it reached back and jumped right onto Wild's back "Ahh" Wild screamed as he saw his attacker, a small rattlesnake with brown and black scales and dark blue eyes "Aw...I thought you would be dead so I could eat you...guess I got to work on my attack" the snake said "Wha...you little worm I ought to tear you apart" Wild said in anger "I'm sorry...my name is Poison" the little snake said as he dipped his head politely "Nice to meet you...my name is Hazel, that's Wild and Fox and Fang" Hazel said showing Poison the others "So Poison are you here all alone?" Fox asked looking over the snake "Yes...I was an outcast because they thought I was too violent" Poison said with pain "Oh...now that's just mean, I know...you can travel with us" Hazel said her eyes filled with joy "Hazel!" Fang snapped "Remember the last time you opened you mouth" Fang said in anger "But he's all alone" Hazel yelled back in fury "Stop it!...Poison we can let you stay with us until we find the jewel in here, but it's not easy just to join us alright" Fox said as the others calmed down and Poison nodded and pointed to the jewel around Fox's neck "Is that the jewel your talking about?" Poison asked as Fox nodded and told the seven jewels they must find to save the animal kingdom from evil "Cool sounds fun...and I think I know of a animal in here who had a jewel like that, but it's dark red" Poison said and then coiled around Wild's neck "Can I hitch a ride?" Poison asked "NO! You tried to kill me" Wild said then thought again, when he found how light the snake was and nodded unhappily. "He's here lots of times at this rock" Poison said as they traveled to the spot where Poison said the one with the red jewel would be "Hmm. He's not here" Poison said as he looked around when a voice sounded behind them "What business do you have with me?" the voice said as they turned around and saw a male lion with dark yellow fur and envy green eyes "I'll ask again, what business do you have with me?" the lion yelled louder as Fox stepped up and spoke "Hello my name is Fox we have came to as you if you'll please let us have the jewel around your neck" Fox said with eager eyes "Hmm...My name is Claws and if you will tell of what purpose the jewel has for you?" Claws said with a bored look on his face but steady eyes. "Those matters are...personal but we need them for a very important reason" Fox said hoping Claws would agree, which he did not "You still have not given me a reason to give you the jewel, prey.... I found this jewel in an empty hole and you have no right taking it" Claws said in anger. Fox took a step forward to pled some more but was moved back by Fang "I got this" Fang said as he moved forward to confront the lion "Now look, that jewel is something that will save the animal kingdom, so give it to us or we'll take it" Fang shouted and then Claws attacked, he clawed at Fang's fur who snapped back "Fine you want it" Claws said as he ripped the jewel off his neck and smashed it with his paws, the group heard the same evil growl they heard from ShadowRage, and then Claws fur changed from dark yellow to blood red but his eyes stayed the same color they were "Claws?" Poison asked, and then the evil lion looked up "No. Bloodclaws!" Bloodclaws screamed as he tore his claws into Fang's fur "He broke the jewel of strength Fox.” DarkFox yelled as Fox dodged Bloodclaws fangs "Do we kill him?" Fox asked DarkFox "We have no choice" DarkFox said as Fox agreed and turned into DarkFox "We have no choice, we have to take him down" DarkFox said to the others "Fine with me" Fang said as he snapped his teeth and the others attacked. "You will DIE!!!" Bloodclaws yelled as he attacked Fang who moved out of the way and who was attacked by Hazel "Wild throw me" Poison whispered into Wild's ear "What?" Wild asked "Throw me" Poison yelled as Wild

ran forward and made a sudden stop as Poison was thrown into the air and landed on BloodClaws shoulder where he bit his venomous fangs into BloodClaws neck where he kept attacking at first but then slowed down and with a final attack at Hazel, died. "WOW" Poison said in amazement as he looked at the body and as DarkFox grabbed the jewel from the body, then took a deep breath, and turned back into Fox "Three down one to go!" Fox said with joy "What about the others?" Hazel asked "We can get them later" Fox said "Right now we got to get the last jewel that the evil cat does not have", "Well then, we better get moving" Poison said as he wrapped himself onto Wild's neck "We?" Wild asked in confusion "Yeah...I'm coming with you, this is one quest I can't dare to miss" Poison said happily "What makes you think your coming with us" Wild said now angrily "Come on Wild, you guys would have never made it without me" Poison said with pride "We've been through worse you know" Wild said in rage "Guys let's not fight and one extra animal on the team won't hurt anyone" Fox said as he put the jewels around his neck "Yes!" Poison and Hazel both said aloud "Alright fine but you’re going to have to move onto to other shoulders" Wild said with a grunt and they started walking to the last jewel they knew there was...for now.


Darkness remembered when he was first born; he had an older brother and sister plus a younger sister just newly born. "Roger move out of the way, slow mouse" Darkness's older sister said as she referred to his old name, Darkness or Roger as he was know back then was pushed out of the way and got up in anger, he hated his family all except for Frost his younger sister who he always watched over, his father always came home late, his mother ran away with another male cat cause she hated their father, and his older brother and sister only thought of themselves. He was all alone except for Frost who was curled up in her nest sleeping, Roger looked at Frost who was still, Roger went up and felt her body which was hot but she was dead he knew cause she had a fever since she was little, Roger cried knowing that he was all alone when he heard a bark behind him "What are you doing?" Roger looked as he saw his older brother and sister look on in anger at him, when the older sister went up and felt Frost's body and screamed in grief "S...she's dead" the older sister said in sorrow to the older brother "I know she..." Roger started but was stopped by the older brother "YOU KILLED HER" the older bother yelled as he ran up and slashed him hard in the muzzle and the sister clawed at his pelt as he tried to speak "I...I did not kill her, she died of..." Roger yelled but was pushed back by the older sister "Get out...GET OUT NOW!" the older sister screamed as Roger was driven from his home outside and never looked back as he ran, he was now truly all alone. Roger woke up under a small log and cried, it was four days after he had been driven from his home and he had

no where to go, when he saw a old white cat and followed him "Why hello there youngster my name is Legend" the old white cat said as Roger dipped his head respectfully "M...my name is Roger" Roger said looking at the strange old cat "Would you like to hear a story young one?" Legend said as he started before Roger could reply, "Long ago there were seven jewels that held different elements of spirits. One of water, one of fire, one of wind, one of earth, one of wisdom, one of courage and one of strength these jewels were held together by a powerful force but one fateful night they were separated all to different parts of the world to be the second personality of the animal that broke it" the old cat said as he got done with his story then waited "What's a second personality?" Roger asked as he looked at the old cat in confusion "It's like your person but it lives inside of your mind, and can be good or evil if the owner that breaks it is good or evil" Legend replied and licked his fur down "So...you have control of it then?" Roger asked now with eager eyes at hearing the story "Yes basically, but it can talk to you and switch body’s with you as well" Legend said looking at the young cat and wondering about his reason for the jewels "Where do you find them" Roger asked quickly "They are hidden all to different parts of the world" Legend replied "But I have in my possession the jewel of fire" Legend said as he brought out the light red jewel in front of Roger "The only way to get the second personality’s back into jewel form is to kill the owner, or to bring all the jewels together and make them leave or stay" Legend said as he watched Roger look closely at the jewel "My family has known this story for generations and I hope it will always be heard" Legend said hopefully "You may rest here tonight young one, and then be on your way to better life" Legend said as he put the jewel away then turned around and went to sleep. The moon was shining brightly, too bright for Roger, all he could think about was that story and the jewel, the jewel that was so powerful yet so useless, the jewel that is one of the seven to save or destroy the animal kingdom and for Roger all he wanted was to be known, known and feared but who would fear one with a name so weak, he is no longer Roger he told himself, now he is Darkness. Darkness went up silently to the sleeping cat, he needed that jewel and nothing was going to stop him, Darkness needed this old fool dead so he pressed hard on the old cat's throat to choke him when his eyes snapped open "Wha...what are you doing?" the old cat said trying to breath and kicked Darkness in the ribs where he fell back in pain "I need that jewel old fleabag to destroy the animal kingdom and make myself known" Darkness said in anger "Roger.... why would you turn evil? Your such a young and nice cat" Legend asked in worry and fear of the cat before him "My name is no longer Roger.... my name is Darkness" Darkness yelled as he attacked the cat and slashed his belly deep open where the cat was bleeding freely and fell "There is one more thing you should know" Legend said as he was breathing hard and spoke when Darkness did not reply "There are not seven jewels...there are eight, one of ice" Legend said slowly then died. Darkness thought as he put the red jewel around his neck, so there are eight jewels total and he has one of them "Well...better go find the others" Darkness said then walked into the night.


The group along with the new member Poison was moving slowly ups the hill to try to find the last jewel. "You know this would be a lot easier if you had legs" Fang snapped at Poison who was on his neck "We'll sorry for being born different, I'll ask if I can redo my life over" Poison replied annoyed "Guys shut up" Hazel yelled in anger as Poison and Fang were just about to fight "Anything DarkFox?" Fox asked his alter ego as he closed his eyes to speak to him "No. Nothing, we have been walking for seven days and I still have not felt any trace of a jewel" DarkFox said in doubt and was quiet after that. Fox looked at his tired group around him and saw they were all scared, tired, and ticked off at one another "Ok stop" Fox yelled as they all stopped were they were and fell down breathing hard "We'll camp there for tonight" Fox said pointing to a small cave a little ways off. Once they were inside the cave Wild spoke "This jewel is going to take us forever to find" Wild said tired and went to a small part of the cave to sleep. Everyone was asleep but Fox and Poison who were at different parts of the cave thinking, "Even DarkFox is quiet" Fox thought, "What's going to happened once we find the last jewel? And is it all really going to end when we do?" Fox thought to himself and with that layed his head down to sleep. Hazel was the first one to wake up like always and saw the sun rise gently over the mountains "Wow its so beautiful" Hazel said to herself and looked back at the others, three of the jewels were theirs, three of the jewels were the evil cats and one of the jewels were hidden or kept by a new enemy. "What have I gotten myself into?" Hazel thought as she looked back at the mountains and signed "Rough night?" Fox asked as he came to sit beside her "No, I.... I was just wondering why we are such an odd group" Hazel lied not looking at Fox who laughed "Two cats, two wolves and a rattlesnake going around the world to find seven jewels to save the animal kingdom, that’s not odd at all!" Fox said as Hazel laughed and Wild came up to join them "So where do we go to now?" Wild asked in a yawn "Well I guess we should try those mountains over where the sun is at, we should make it by sunset if we leave now" Fox said as he went to wake the others and Wild went to get some food. They moved with more energy, even Fang was happy but no one spoke in until Poison said something "So what's the next jewel?" Poison asked as he wrapped tighter around Hazel neck who he was on "Um...the jewel of wind" Fox replied after thinking for a moment then looked at the high and dark mountain before them and then looked at the others who nodded and started walking up the steep mountain when they heard a loud shriek and saw a huge hawk with black and silver feathers and red eyes, it flew though the air and yelled "Leave this mountain NOW!" the hawk yelled though the air "Fox I sense a jewel. I think that hawk has the jewel of wind,” DarkFox shouted to be heard over the hawk and Fox saw the dark green jewel around the hawk's neck "My name is Skywing, why do you trespass upon my mountain, creatures with no wings?" Skywing asked looking at the group as it landed near them "We are sorry but you have an item that we really need and if you will just give it to us please, we will leave you in peace" Fox said as he stepped forward trying to speak to the great bird "This is my jewel I found it in a tree and you cannot have it" Skywing yelled and took to the air once more but not before Poison jumped onto him and was thrown to the ground with Skywing, Skywing got up in fury and tore the jewel from his neck and smashed it with his beak, the group heard the same evil growl they heard

from ShadowRage and Bloodclaws and watched in horror as Skywing silver feathers turned yellow and his red eyes turned darker "I am SHOCKWIND" Shockwind screamed as he picked up Poison in his beak and tried to fly off but was thrown back down by Hazel who tried to claw his feathers and Fang who helped her, Shockwind landed hard on the ground and found one of his wings torn, he screamed up into the air and attacked Fox with his beak while Fox fought him off "DIE!!!" Shockwind yelled and sliced Fox's ear down the middle and tried to attack again but was torn off by Fang where Fang sliced Shockwind's head off then tore his body open and got the jewel inside his heart, Wild ran up to the spot where Fox was to see if he was ok "I’m alright" Fox said as he got up "So I see you have it at last" a voice said as they looked up and saw the evil cat, "You! What do you want evil cat?" Fox said as he stood up to face him "My name is Darkness, and it looks like you have the last jewel, or at least what you think is the last jewel, so what's going to happen? You’re going to kill me, combined all seven jewels and the animal kingdom will be saved...wrong" Darkness said with a wicked laugh "There is another jewel in the most coldest place ever known and the last jewel, the jewel of ice is there, and what makes you think I’m going to let you leave with your four jewels you weak spineless fools" Darkness laughed and jumped down to where the others were at "What do you want you heartless cat?" Fox spat in anger "Your to kind, normally I would kill you and be off to find the last jewel but I'll let you find it, after all you found the last four, and then when you have the last jewel I'll kill you all and destroy the animal kingdom at last" Darkness said. Then he vanished into the shadows leaving the group to find another jewel and to know the heartless cat's name at last.


Fox was angry but not at Darkness but at DarkFox "WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME THERE WAS AN EIGHTH JEWEL!” Fox screamed at DarkFox in rage "I...I honestly did not know there was an eight one Fox, really" DarkFox said nervously "Your lying...why did we have to hear it from that dark cat and not from you, huh?" Fox screamed to DarkFox in anger "Because if you would have known about the eighth jewel you would have never agreed to go on this quest Fox...the ice jewel is the reason why the seven jewels separate.... it had to be locked up in the coldest place and guarded, only a brave heart can touch it, are you happy now? Knowing the power that cursed jewel posses" DarkFox said in sadness and did not speak again "I.... I...I’m sorry...I did not know" Fox said sadden "Let's just go find it already" DarkFox yelled as Fox looked at the others and nodded. They have been traveling for twelve days now Fox knew, they barley ate or rested and DarkFox had not spoken to him in until he said, "We are here,” DarkFox, said. Fox looked up and saw a barren frozen wasteland "Come on we better get moving" Fox said to the

others and started walking when they were stopped by a big polar bear in their way "And where do you think your going?" the polar bear said as he yawned lazy and took one step forward "It is alright, we will not harm you, we are looking for something" Fox said as he took a step back "Name's Ice armor and I do not think you'll be harming me, after I kill you all now" Ice armor said and yawned again "We don't have time for this, move you big stupid furball" Fang yelled as they saw Ice armor get furious, scream into the air and charged at the group "MOVE!" Fox yelled as the group quickly rolls out of the way just in time, "Ok here's the deal. Fang, Hazel and Poison keep the bear busy, Wild and I will go find the last jewel," Fox said as the others nodded and went to do as they were told. Fox and Wild ran to where they saw a huge cave in the ground, Fox and Wild looked at one another "What ever happens, I’m glad we were in it together Fox" Wild said as Fox nodded "Me too" Fox said then "Let's go" Fox said as well as they went to get the final jewel. Meanwhile Fang, Hazel and Poison were having a hard time with Ice armor "Come on, you can claw better then that" Ice armor mocked as he slammed Fang to the ground and clawed Hazel across the wasteland far off when Poison came up to her "Are you alright?" Poison asked while Fang was still fighting "Yes I’m fine, but there's got to be some way to take this bear down" Hazel said annoyed "Well his fur is to thick for my fangs to get though, and your claws won't work and we can't get him from the inside" Poison said angrily "Then we'll have to get him from the outside but we are going to need something really big to take him down, follow me" Hazel said as Poison followed her to a frozen wall of ice "Are you sure this will work?" Poison asked as he wrapped around her neck "Oh... yeah" Hazel said wickedly and ran to the battle. Fox and Wild were near the bottom of the ice cave when Wild yelled out "There it is!" and Fox saw a very light blue jewel on a big slab of ice when they ran to it but was rammed back by a hard wind "You can not have the legendary ice jewel" a voice said as they saw a beast that was made of solid ice and had black eyes "I am the guardian of the ice jewel, coming this far you must have found the others" Guardian said with a cold stare "But that does not mean your going any farther" a voice said behind the two as they looked and saw Darkness walking past them and standing next to Guardian "So you two are working together now then?" Wild asked in anger "Wrong.... I work alone and Guardian here....well...guards the jewel, we are only here to stop you evil ones from stealing the ice jewel" Darkness said with a sneer "Your wrong, your the one who's evil" Fox yelled "If that's true then why are you going at it and not me?" Darkness said evilly while Guardian just looked at the pair not saying a word "Alright then, I guess we have no choice, we have to do this the hard way.... let’s go DarkFox" Fox yelled and become his alter ego once more "This is it" DarkFox said as Guardian and Darkness got out their claws, while Fang and Hazel lead Ice armor to the frozen wall as Poison loosened it "This is the last stand".


DarkFox had been waiting a very long time to get the ice jewel, now was his chance but he needed to get past Darkness and Guardian first "Let's go" Wild yelled as he ran to the jewel but was knocked down by Guardian "You will DIE" Guardian shouted as he attacked Wild "Now it's just you and me" DarkFox said "Wrong...it's just me" Darkness yelled as he jumped at DarkFox. Meanwhile Hazel and Fang were running away from Ice armor to the frozen wall "Stop running you scared wimps and fight me like a real cat and wolf" Ice armor yelled in anger "Just a little more" Hazel plead, hoping her plan works when they reached it and faced Ice armor who was charging them rapidly when Fang just barely got though and where Ice armor slammed hard into the frozen wall "Ah...you three are annoying, but all the better to eat" Ice armor said as he charged at Hazel who dodged him and once again crashed into the frozen wall "Y.....you cannot defeat me" Ice armor yelled angry now and was about to attack again when they all heard a crack, they all looked up and saw a rattlesnake falling though the air towards them "RUN!" Poison yelled as Hazel looked and saw the frozen wall tear down upon the unfortunate polar bear and heard a horrible scream and then all was still, Hazel stared in sadness at the pain she just done, "Come on, better go find the others" Fang said as he ran to where Fox and Wild were with Poison around his neck, Hazel took one last look at the ice that was destroyed and ran with Fang to find Fox and Wild. "Battling ShadowRage was one thing but this is impossible" Wild thought as he just barley dodged Guardian's claws in time, Guardian could not get clawed, he was ice for crying out loud, the one thing that might defeat him is getting that jewel but it's too evil and too good to handle even in jewel form, "There's got to be another way" Wild thought as he rolled out of Guardian's attack again "Fox, Wild?" Wild heard a voice yell and saw Hazel, Fang and Poison all safe and ok "Guys" Wild yelled as Fang attacked Guardian and Hazel with Poison on her neck ran up to Wild "Are you ok?" Hazel asked breathless "Yes I’m fine, but we need that jewel to defeat Guardian" Wild said quickly and pointed at the ice jewel that was left unguarded as Hazel nodded "I'll get it" Hazel said as she ran to the jewel but was stopped by Wild "No, we need to get Guardian, let Fang get the jewel" Wild said as Hazel was about to object but thought better of it and nodded, Wild rammed hard into Guardian while Hazel attacked his side "What are you two doing" Fang yelled in anger as Poison wrapped himself hard around Guardian's neck trying to choke him, "Go get the jewel we got this" Wild said as he clawed at Guardian, Fang looked at the jewel and ran towards it "I hope this works" Fang said as he reached for the ice jewel. As the others were fighting or trying to get the jewel, DarkFox was losing horribly to Darkness "I...I never seen an animal so fast and strong as him before" DarkFox said to Fox, tired and weak "Come on DarkFox you can beat him" Fox yelled trying to get DarkFox back on his paws "I...I’m sorry Fox this is one fight your going to have to do alone" DarkFox said as he took a deep breath and turned back into Fox "I guess I was too much for your second personality" Darkness sneered as Fox stared in anger at the heartless cat and jumped at him where Darkness gracefully moved out of the way "Your weak without your second personality fool....without your friends even, I am your DEATH!" Darkness screamed as he jumped at Fox with all claws out going to kill him, when as quick as Fox could slashed the wall hard behind him where jagged ice spikes fell and stabbed Darkness though the chest as all the jewels Darkness had fell to the ground next to Fox's paws as Darkness laughed "Ha...good move Fox never thought you had it in you.... but I promise I'll be back to

destroy you and the animal kingdom............you only delayed my plans" Darkness said with all the energy he had left and then he died. Fang watched Darkness die then without a moment too soon he grabbed the jewel, there was a twisted scream from Guardian then he melted back into his own element, as the jewel Fang had broke in his paw and he came face to face with his own second personality "I am called Snow wolf, you who have released me are my partner from now on, thank you" Snow wolf said as Fang looked at the pure white wolf with grey eyes as the second personality nodded "I will walk with you now always" Snow wolf said then faded. The group came together as Fang was just coming back to the real world "Now to combined all eight jewels" Fox said as he put all six jewels as well as the two second personality’s together in a circle, they all glowed even Fox and Fang's body and the five looked as the jewels were connected and Snow wolf and DarkFox were in the middle of the circle "Guess this is...goodbye" Fox said as he looked at his alter ego and remembered all the times they had together "Why do you say that? I chose to stay with you" DarkFox said with the same cold stare he had the day Fox first met him "As do I with you" Snow wolf said to Fang who could only stare " Are.... are you sure? We might just lead normal lives again," Fox said "Yes. That is fine with me" DarkFox said and with that went inside of Fox's body as Fang nodded and Snow wolf went inside of Fang's body as the six jewels went back to where they came from before they were separated "So what now?" Wild asked looking at the others "Let's go home" Fox said as the five walked out of the cave and Fox took one last look at where Darkness had died but found the body was gone "You only delayed my plans" Darkness had said to Fox as he thought of what the dark cat could be up to next but did not think of it anymore and looked at his friends as they were going back to their life’s but this time they were together.


A dark shadow watched the five walk out of the cave happy and joyful because they saved the animal kingdom, when another shadow joined the first, "So I guess that's the end of it then, the animal kingdom is saved?" the second shadow asked the first "Hm. For now...but the five don't know one thing" the first shadow said to the second "And what is that?" the second shadow asked confused "This is only the beginning.”