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4545-14 245th Street

Douglaston, NY 1136211362-1135
Phone: (718) 631631-4454
Fax: (718) 631631-1774

Douglaston-Little Neck
Salus Animarum Suprema Lex

November 16, 2008

Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Rev. Msgr. George J. Ryan, Pastor

Rev. William A. McLaughlin
Rev. Chris J. Piasta, OFM
Rev. Msgr. Michael J. Cantley, S.T.D.,

Pastor Emeritus
Rectory Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 9:15 AM to 8 PM
Saturday 9:15 AM to 1 PM
Mrs. Betty Harris, Secretary
Mrs. Ann Larkin, Accounting Admin.
St. Anastasia School:
45-11 245th Street
Mrs. Lucy Mihulka, Principal
Mrs. Cindy Roma-McCann, Assist. Princ.
Phone: (718) 631-3153; (718) 631-3155
Religious Education & CCD Office:
Mrs. Janine Kramer, Directress
Phone: (718) 225-5191
Music Minister:
Mr. Joseph C. Extejt
Weekend Masses:
Saturday Vigil at 5:30
Sundays 8 AM, 10 AM, 12 PM & 5 PM
Weekday Masses:
Monday thru Saturday at 8:30 AM
Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Saturdays 44:30 PM
Holy Days and Special Liturgies:
Mass schedules will be printed in the
Bulletin at the appropriate time.
Miraculous Medal Novena:
Mondays after 8:30 AM Mass

All new families are welcome to the Parish and every family should be properly registered.
Registration forms are available at the Rectory.
Use of the electronic giving (Faith Direct) or envelope system is required if statement of
contribution is sought for tax purposes. All parishioners should use either one of the donation forms. If you move or change your address, please notify the Rectory by mail.
First Sunday of each month at 1:30 PM only. Parents should make arrangements by calling the Rectory no later than 2 weeks before the Baptism.
Parents must attend the Baptism instructions before Baptism
Time available: Saturday 11 AM-3 PM; Sunday 2:30 PM-3 PM
Couples must make arrangements six months prior to the selected date of their marriage
and fully participate in the Pre-Cana Parish at home.
R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)
It is the process for adults wishing to become Catholic, complete their sacramental initiation, or attain full membership in the Church. For further information, please contact
Ms. Janine Kramer


rip to Atlantic City $30.

pp on Monday, November
17, 2008. For more information
call Peg McKeon at (718) 4282833.

Outreach Committee

etting to Know You

Want some company?
Need some help?
Have a neighbor in need?
Want to help? Let us know!
The Outreach Committee
Hotline is (347) 481-5477.
St. Anastasias Outreach Committee is a group of parishioners who have come together to
offer services (visits, errands,
etc.) to those in need. Were
ready and waiting for your

Healing Mass

uesday, November 18,

2008 at Immaculate Conception Center at 7200 Douglaston Parkway in Douglaston.
Schedule: 7 PM Rosary, Mass
& Healing Service. For more
info call: (718) 229-8001.

Help the Homeless

omeless men living under

Flushing Meadow
Bridges need clothing
For a number of years now and
thanks to the generosity of our
parishioners; every Sunday
morning during the winter
months, we bring hot chocolate, a sandwich and some
warm clothes to a group of
homeless men living under the
bridges and surrounding areas
of Flushing Meadows Corona
Park. These are men who for
different reasons have given up
on life and seen unable to cope
with it. As the cold weather
approaches, once again we are
preparing to start our mission
and we need clothing. If you
have warm clothes and blankets that are clean and in good


condition and would like to

donate them please call us and
we will pick them up. For more
information call Jorge at (718)
224-8187 or (718) 423-5988.

Leisure Club News

November 16, 2008

Choir News

t. Anastasia Choir is looking to expand its members.

If you are interested and like to
sing we need you and your
voice! Please call Joseph Extejt, our Music Director at
(718) 631-4909.

Annual Coat Drive

he coats are dropped off to

needy parishes in Queens
and Brooklyn, visiting Nurse
Early Head Start program in
Rockaway, St. Johns Bread
and Life Ministry, and other
spots that are in need of help.
The coats can be left at my
office at Bryce Rea Associates,
or if you cant come to me I
will go and pick them up; just
call my cell phone: Carolyn
Meenan at (917) 796-2990.
Thank you again for your generous help by keeping someone
warm this winter.

Indoor Flea Market

aturday, November 22,

2008 between 10:00
AM5:00 PM (rain or shine).
If you are a professional or
private vendor of new, used, or
homemade items and you
would like to participate,
please send a check or money
order payable to SFA School.
no later than November 5th to
secure a spot. Tables are
$40.00 each. St. Francis of
Assisi School at 21-18 46th
Street in Astoria For more information, please call Angie at
(917) 841-5219.

Sunday Mass. This offer is

only available to get to St. Anastasia Church for Sunday
Mass. The fee is $5.00 plus
any gratuity they choose to
give. (This is a 16% reduction
in their usual rate. Just advise
the dispatcher that you are going to St. Anastasia Church in
Douglaston in order to get the
discount.) Century Car is located at Springfield Blvd and
Union Turnpike in Bayside
Call: (718) 740-6600 or (718)

Lions Club Dinner Dance

he Annual Lions Club

Dinner Dance is set for
November 23, 2008 at the Inn
in New Hyde Park at 214 Jericho Turnpike. The festivities
are from 6:0010:00 PM,
including cocktail hour, D.J.
Dinner and a raffle. The price
per ticket is $75.00. This year
the Honorees are three of our
parishioners: Thomas Cress:
Man of the Year, Lori Cress:
Woman of the Year and Barbara Barba: Lion of the Year.
Indicate the number of tickets
and send your checks to Doug-

laston Lions Club, P.O. Box

630330 Little Neck, NY
11363. For more information:
call Charlie McBride at (917)

How Sweet It Is

Health Professionals Organization of New York, New
Jersey and Connecticut invites
you to a workshop entitled:
How sweet it is!Thriving
with Diabetes on Friday, November 21, 2008 at 7:00 PM at
the Armenian Society at 39-03
Little Neck Pkwy in Little
Neck. For info call Dr. Arthur
H. Kubikian at (718) 786-3842
or Dr. Edmund Gergerian at
(718) 896-5435

Medicare Part D

ree Forum on Thursday,

November 20, 2008 at
11:00 AM at Samuel Field Y
at 58-20 Little Neck Pkwy in
Little Neck. More info at
(718) 225-6750. Sponsored by
assembly member Mark S.
Weprin. Open to all

Need a ride to Church?

entury Car Service is offering a special rate to

parishioners who need a ride to

What do you call a hospital for sick salad dressing?

The Mayo Clinic.

discovery was made in

2004 in a dusty church
basement outside Frankfurt, Germany that wrote history.
Before the briefcase full of papers
was found, only a friend knew for
sure that Elisabeth Schmitz was perhaps the most forceful voice of
Christian resistance against the Nazis. This discovery connected a forgotten woman to the most tumultuous events of the 20th century. Who
was this courageous woman?
The Clergy Association of Little
Neck/ Douglaston, which is an interfaith organization, proudly hosts a screening of
Elisabeth of Berlin, the latest film by director Steven
D. Martin of Vital Visions, Inc. Rev. Martin has produced three films on the role of the Protestant church in
the Third Reich, beginning with the breakthrough
Theologians Under Hitler This event is part of a series of screenings across the United States and Germany in commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of
Kristallnacht (the night of Broken Glass).
Elisabeth of Berlin tells the forgotten story of a
schoolteacher who pleaded with church leaders to take
a stand on behalf of the Jews of Germany. When the
oppression of the Jews turned violent in November of
1938, she took early retirement, objecting that she
could no longer teach her subjects according to the
Nazi worldview. For nearly five years afterwards she
put her life at continuous risk by sheltering Jews in her
Berlin apartment and in a small house in the country.
Elisabeth Schmitz recognized the danger of Nazism
long before others in the churches. While most church
leaders embraced Nazism, and others regarded Hitler
with more caution, Schmitz understood the catastrophe
from the very beginning. Elisabeth of Berlin is part
biography, part historical narrative, and part detective
story. It has brought fascination and inspiration to
adults and children alike. Above all this film shows the
importance of broadening our circle of friendships, especially during dangerous times.
When Elisabeth Schmitz died in 1977, only seven per-

sons attended her funeral. But this forgotten woman, a

student of the greatest theologians and scholars of
twentieth century Europe, was one of the only voices
of resistance to the Nazis in the church. Could this forgotten woman be the one we should most remember?
How are we to answer the many desperate, bitter questions and complaints: Why doesnt the Church do anything? Why does it permit the nameless injustices to go
on? How can it time and again pay joyous tribute to
the National Socialists and offer political endorsements
to a government that persecutes some of its own members? Why does it not at least protect the children?
How could it be that everything that is simply incompatible with the nowadays much maligned humaneness
could be compatible with Christianity?
-Elisabeth Schmitz to Confessing Church leadership,
More about the move at

Screening and discussion

with director Steven D. Martin

November 18 at 8:00 PM
in Father Smith Hall
For more information, call Rev. Paul Drake
at (718) 229-2534

St. Anastasia School Christmas Fair

Saturday, December 6, 2008
9:00 AM6:00 PM
Great Raffles
Sports Stuff
Beauty Products
Kids Accessories
Ladies Wear
Irish Gifts

Italian Pastry
Gift Baskets
Doll Clothing

Pictures with Santa 12:00 Noon2:00 PM

Father Smith Hall

Alameda Avenue & 245th Street

The Billboard Players


Separate Tables
by Terence Rattigan
Directed by Louis V. Fucilo
Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

*Madelon Avallone *Dan Bubbeo *Ria Gallagher *Oz Kaufhold
*Christine LaCamera *Paulette Murphy *Lauren Pallini
*Joe Pepe *Patricia Servidio * Dean Schildkraut *Arthur Vidro
*Marilyn Welsher *Claudia Wilson

Performance Dates

November 14 & 21
November 15 & 22
November 16 & 23

General admission: $13.00

at 8:00 PM
at 8:00 PM
at 3:00 PM
Seniors: $10.00

Group Rates Available

For information/tickets call: 516-746-7356 or 347-235-0972

Community Church of East Williston
East Williston Avenue & Roslyn Road
East Williston, New York 11596


The Padre Pio Group will

meet on Friday of this week
at 7:30 PM in the Church to
be followed by Mass at 8:00
PM. Please note, this is not
the usual last Friday of the


The next recipe section will be published in the November 23 edition of our
Bulletin. This time we will focus on
Thanksgiving recipes. If you would
like to share your secret formulas,
leave them at the Rectory or email us at by November 18.
Bon Apptit!


Bread & Wine

November 1522, 2008



5:30 PM Nicholas Guagliariello and Cesare Mastromarco



*** Rosa D. Acosta ***

NOVEMBER 1622, 2008

8:00 AM Monica Finnerty and James P. Quigley, Sr.

10:00 AM James Baumann and Bambina Di Re
12:00 PM Edward C. Hammill & The Santamaria
and Delserra Families
5:00 PM


Ruth Marchese
Annette Montello
Joseph Alchus

and those who have died, especially:

Nancy Rosalia Shack Blacio

Elizabeth (+1231 at age 23); wife of Louis VI of
Thuringia and mother of three; as a widow she
became a Franciscan tertiary, dedicated to the
needs of the poor and the sick; patroness of the
Franciscan Third Order and of Catholic charities.

{ Remember }
Please remember in your prayers all the sick of our
Parish Community, especially:


8:30 AM Richard Lynch and Danny McMenemy



8:30 AM Mary McDermott and Josephine Chimenti

8:30 AM Pete Ellithorpe and James Fuchs



8:30 AM Antoniette McLaughlin and Antonio Boniello

Mommy & Me


The Mommy and Me Program meets on Wednesdays 11:0012:30 in the Annex.

This week:

Leisure Club on Tuesday

Elizabeth of Berlin on Tuesday
Religious Education Classes on Wednesday
RCIA on Wednesday
Spanish Prayer Group on Thursday
Padre Pio Group on Friday
Blood Drive on Sunday
Last Sunday of Ordinary Time


This memorial finds its origins in a 2nd c. apocryphal source Protoevangelion or Book of
James, and the dedication on November 21,
543 of the basilica of St. Mary the New in Jerusalem.

8:30 AM Gerard Wilson and Angela Cialone



Cecilia or Cecily (+ 3rd c. probably); known from
legendary Passio, a poem which exalts Christian virginity; honored in Rome since the 5th c.;
patroness of sacred music because of the song
of God in her heart.

8:30 AM Michelle Galluccio and Carmino Caruso

Blood Drive
Our Annual Blood Drive will take place on Sunday, November 23 between 9:00 AM2:30 PM.
Eligibility criteria: on donation Sunday bring your ID and know social security number; minimum weight 110 lbs; age
1676 (16 year-olds must have parental permission); eat well (low fat) and drink fluids; no tattoos for past 12 months.
For medical questions concerning blood donations call 1-800-688-0900.

Sign-up today!