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Buat rekan2 yang belum dapat tema penelitian , silahkan pilih tema-tema menarik

dibawah ini :

Active Defense Systems

Adaptive Defense Systems
Analysis, Benchmark of Security Systems
Applied Cryptography
Biometric Security
Complex Systems Security
Database and System Security
Data Protection
Data/System Integrity
Distributed Access Control
Distributed Attack Systems
High Performance Network Virtualization
High Performance Security Systems
Hardware Security
Identity Management
Intelligent Defense Systems
Insider Threats
Intellectual Property Rights Protection
Internet and Network Forensics
Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Key Distribution and Management
Large-scale Attacks and Defense
Network Resiliency
Network Security
RFID Security and Privacy
Security Architectures
Security for Critical Infrastructures
Security in P2P systems
Security in Cloud and Grid Systems
Security in E-Commerce
Security in Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing
Security and Privacy in Smart Grid
Security and Privacy in Wireless Networks
Secure Mobile Agents and Mobile Code
Security Policy
Security Protocols
Security Simulation and Tools
Security Theory and Tools
Standards and Assurance Methods
Trusted Computing
Trust Management
World Wide Web Security
Counterfeit detection and avoidance
Cyber-physical security and trust
Trojan detection and isolation
Implementation attacks and countermeasures
Side channel analysis and fault analysis
Intellectual property protection and metering
Hardware architectures for cryptography
Hardware security primitives: PUFs and TRNGs
Reliability-security optimization and tradeoffs
Applications of secure hardware
Tools and methodologies for secure hardware design
Trustworthy cloud-based services

Privacy and reputation in social networks

Security and privacy as a service
Usable security and privacy
Security for the mobile web
Identity management and psuedonymity
Web services/feeds/mashups
Provenance and governance
Security and privacy policies for composible content
Next-generation browser technology
Secure extensions and plug-ins
Advertisement and affiliate fraud
Measurement study for understanding web security and privacy
Device hardware
Operating systems
Mobile web
Secure and efficient communication
Secure application development tools and practices
Vulnerabilities and remediation techniques
Usable security
Identity and access control
Risks in putting trust in the device vs. in the network/cloud
Special applications, such as medical monitoring and records
Mobile advertisement
Secure applications and application markets
Economic impact of security and privacy technologies
Access control
Application security
Attacks and defenses
Censorship and censorship-resistance
Distributed systems security
Embedded systems security
Hardware security
Intrusion detection
Language-based security
Network security
Privacy-preserving systems
Protocol security
Secure information flow
Security and privacy policies
Security architectures
System security
Usability and security
Web security
Access control
Applied cryptography
Availability, resilience, and usability
Database Security
Digital rights management
Information security in vertical applications
Multimedia security
Network security

- Privacy and anonymity

- Risk evaluation and security certification
- Security of smart cards and RFID systems
- Security policies
- Security protocols
- Security systems
- Trust model and management
- Trusted computing
- access control
- accounting and audit
- applied cryptography
- authentication
- cloud computing security
- data/system integrity
- data and application security
- digital rights management
- formal methods for security
- hardware-based security
- identity management
- inference control and disclosure
- intrusion detection
- key management
- malware and botnets
- mobile computing security
- operating system security
- phishing and countermeasures
- privacy-enhancing technology
- security architecture
- security in ubiquitous computing
- security management
- security verification
- smartcards
- software security
- trusted computing
- usable security and privacy
- wireless security
- web security
- Secure cloud architecture
- Cloud access control and key management
- Identification and privacy in cloud
- Integrity assurance for data outsourcing
- Integrity and verifiable computation
- Computation over encrypted data
- Software and data segregation security
- Secure management of virtualized resources
- Trusted computing technology
- Joint security and privacy aware protocol design
- Failure detection and prediction
- Secure data management within and across data centers
- Availability, recovery and auditing
- Secure computation outsourcing
- Secure mobile cloud
- Secure embedded system architecture
- System-level security design and simulation techniques for Embedded Systems
- Verification and validation of Embedded Systems
- Security and privacy for Cyber physical systems (Internet of Things) and netwo
rked sensor devices
- Security implications for multicore, SoC-based, and heterogeneous Embedded Sys
tems and applications
- Secure data management in Embedded Systems

- Middleware and virtual machines security in Embedded Systems

- Secure management of virtualized resources
- Authenticating users to devices and services
- Mobile Web Browsers
- Usability
- Rogue application detection and recovery
- Vulnerability detection and remediation
- Secure application development
- Cloud support for mobile and embedded system security
- Applied public-key cryptography for solving emerging application problems
- Provably-secure public-key primitives and protocols
- Key management for, and by, public-key cryptosystems
- Privacy-preserving cryptographic computations
- Two-party and multi-party computations
- Homomorphic public-key cryptosystems
- Attributed-based and functional public-key cryptography
- Digital signatures with special properties
- System security properties of public-key cryptography
- Post-quantum public-key cryptography
- Fast implementation of public-key cryptosystems
- Novel identity management technologies and approaches
- Interoperable identity management solutions
- Privacy-enhancing technologies
- Identity management for mobile and ubiquitous computing
- Identity management solutions for eHealth, eGovernmeant and eCommerce
- Privacy and Identity (Management) in and for cloud computing
- Privacy and Identity in social networks
- Risk analysis techniques for privacy risk and privacy impact assessment
- Privacy management of identity management
- Identity theft prevention
- Attribute based authentication and access control
- User-centric identity management
- Legal, socio-economic, philosophical and ethical aspects
- Impact on society and politics
- Related developments in social tracking, tracing and sorting
- Quality of identity data, processes and applications
- User centered, usable and inclusive identity management
- Attacks on identity management infrastructures
- Methods of identification and authentication
- Identification and authentication procedures
- Applications of anonymous credentials
- (Privacy-preserving) identity profiling and fraud detection
- Government PKIs
- (Possible) role of pseudonymous and anonymous identity in identity management
- Electronic IDs: European and worldwide policies and cooperation in the field o
f identity management
- Surveillance and monitoring
- (Inter)national policies on unique identifiers /social security numbers / pers
onalisation IDs
- Vulnerabilities in electronic identification protocols
- Federative identity management and de-perimeterisation
- Biometric verification
- (Inter)national applications of biometrics
- Impersonation, identity fraud, identity forge and identity theft
- Tracing, monitoring and forensics
- Proliferation/omnipresence of identification
- Threats to democracy and political control
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