Love; Found Between Two Friends – Chapter One.

Edward POV Wow, four years ago; seems such a short time ago since this day came. Every year it passed and I never forgot the date. Kind of sad really the fact that I remember one day significantly. It’s gone so slowly and I can’t say I’ve been miserable and boring because I haven’t. However, the name and person that holds my heart is always on my mind. If I’m out with a girl, she’s on my mind. Or if I talk to my sister, my minds on what she’s doing right now. So now I’m standing in front of my mirror in the penthouse I own getting ready for her birthday. As I sit on my king sized bed I can’t help but imagine how much she could have changed; if she still has her long brown hair hanging in silky waves down her smooth back, or if she the same heart-shaped face that holds her cherry-red lips and if the top lip is slightly fuller than the bottom one. God, I love those lips. Slowly I shake my head and move my way through my bedroom over to the bathroom to take a shower. As I lean over to grab a towel I notice I have a slight problem needing to be dealt with. Sighing slightly I turn on the shower and step in thinking about what her body would look like next to me now; running her gaze over my body while she licked her lips in appreciation at my body. I inwardly groaned as I grabbed my cock in my hand, gently stroking and letting my imagination run away with me as I thought what her body would look like writhing underneath me and moaning my name over and over again as I thrusted deep into her. I began pumping faster running my thumb over the top of my head causing me to moan loudly; I knew it wouldn’t take me long. My hand gripped a bit harder as it slid along my length. Soon I felt my stomach tighten telling me I had reached my release. With one last groan I slid down the shower tiles panting breathlessly. Opening my closet door pulling out any shirt that looked good but then just seemed to be horrible. Finally, I pulled out my black button up shirt; a gift from my sister, Alice. I liked this

top because it made me feel confident. But tonight I didn’t think it was going go smoothly. I reached my SUV and turned on the radio singing along to the tunes playing. I was trying so desperately to keep my mind away from the person I was about to see but it wasn’t working very effectively. Anxiety and nerves flitted in my stomach as I turned down the road I knew too well. My headlights flooded the path and I felt my breathing hitch and my pants tighten as I stared at the sight before me. Standing on the side walk looking at my car was the most stunning women I had ever seen apart from her of course. I stopped the car and slowly turned towards the door as I unbuckled my seat belt. I slowly slid out of the car attempting to sort out my new found problem. Was it possible to get hard at the sight of one woman? Apparently I could. At the front of the car I stopped and looked up at the mysteriously beautiful woman standing before me. I slowly dragged my eyes up her body noticing her ‘fuck-me’ heels that looked like lace. Up her slender but slightly toned legs that were like an ivory cream. I noticed a tint of blue silk that caught my eye; a blue baby doll. Not just any blue; my favourite colour. Midnight Blue. The colour in contrast to the paleness of her legs was magnificent. The baby doll accentuated her thighs, hips and her perfectly rounded breasts. Perfection. As my eyes rested on her cleavage just slightly peeking out the top of the baby doll I spotted a few brown curls cascading down her shoulder. I swallowed. My eyes followed the hair up to the woman’s face. I audibly gasped as I took in the heart-shaped face, the lightly tinted cheeks and then the deep mesmerising chocolate-gold eyes that sparkled with happiness. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Bella; this woman was my Bella. “Bella? Bella Swan?” I whispered not trusting my voice. I didn’t think she heard me but apparently she did. “Hey Edward.” She replied looking at me and smiling brilliantly. “Ready to go?”

“Umm...Err...yeah, let’s go.” I stuttered still mesmerised by the way her tongue caressed my name as soft as a moth’s wing. I was pulled into the real world by Bella’s honey voice. “Okay, let’s go. I’m sure the others are wanting to get going.” She said as she turned ready to set off for the limo. My eyes bugged out of my head at the sight of her arse. It was perfect, just like everything else. She turned when I answered catching my ogling. “Ye-yeah let’s go then.” My voice came out husky and laced with lust and love for the woman in front of me. I rushed to her side and lightly wrapped my arm around her waist just above her rib cage; I could feel her bra against my hand. We made our way to the awaiting car. Although, the only thing I could look at was Bella. She truly was stunning. No, not stunning; Beautiful. I gently bent down to whisper in her ear how beautiful she was. “Bella,” I sighed contently as I inhaled the scent of her hair. “You look beautiful tonight, it’s breathtaking.” I lightly squeezed her side and then relaxed it again. My heart was racing. I hoped she couldn’t hear it. Bella was about to reply I heard Alice. Great! “Bella! Bella! Happy Birthday!” She came bouncing over and lunged at Bella giving her a typical Alice hug. That damn pixie! Bella giggled slightly as Alice pulled back. “Oh, Alice! Thank You!” Bella moved a fraction so she could move my arm from my waist but I couldn’t bring myself to let go so I tightened my grip. She turned and cocked her head to the side with a puzzled look on her face. I quickly shook my head. She looked back at Alice who was still smiling brightly. I knew her so well to know that she had something planned; I could almost see the cogs working in her head. I lowered my arm to Bella’s hip line. Alice noticed this immediately when Bella helped her slide to the ground in her 7 and a half inch heels. Fortunately when she slid the baby doll pulled down exposing the curve of Bella’s breasts and full cleavage. I

couldn’t help but glance down. Alice noticed this of course; she shot me a frown and cussed under her a breath “prick” and in return I just simply snorted. Out the corner of my eye I saw Emmett step out the limo and look for Bella. When he found her, he sprinted over to her and scooped her up into his arms before we even registered what happened Bella was laughing. Alice was looking, no glaring, at me. “What?” I asked “You know what.” She replied I sighed, “Yes, I do still like her but just leave it. She doesn’t feel the same way.” She just stared at me intently before she spoke. “Fine, but not for long.” She replied turning but then doubled back. “Oh and your obviously very unobservant when it comes to Bella.” I was about to ask what she meant but was interrupted when Bella began talking to Emmett. “Alright Emm you can put me down now. I really don’t feel like spending my birthday in Accident and Emergency you know” She said as she chuckled. The sound went straight to my groin. A sheepish grin spread across Emmett’s face making him look like he was a little boy got caught in a cookie jar. Emmett eyed me and Alice curiously with his dark brow arched up. He started to make his way over when we heard Jasper and Esmee call out from the limo. “Come on guys! We got a birthday to celebrate!” this caused everyone to chuckle lightly as we glided to the limo. As Bella climbed through the door, I couldn’t help but stare as she bent one of her legs to step into the car. Her baby doll rode upwards slightly revealing more of her perfect leg and the bottom of her bum covered with little lace panties. I had to bite back the groan that was attempting to escape my

lips. I felt myself getting harder just at the thought of ripping them off her long legs. In the limo I took a seat opposite Bella and watched as I chatted animatedly with Emm, Jazz and Rose. Occasionally I would catch Bella’s eyes on me but when I caught her she just stood up and popped her head outside the roof with Alice. I could only see her smooth, creamy legs. She and Alice began dancing to the beat; swaying her hips rhythmically. Tonight was the night.

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