Lesson Plan Outline Introduction    Lesson topic: Seven Continents Length of Lesson (estimated): 30 minutes VA Standards of Learning: 2.

5 The student will develop map skills by a) Locating the equator, the seven continents, and the five oceans on maps and globes Learning Objectives Students Will:    Memorize and use the poem “The Seven Continents” to help them remember the continents. Label a blank world map with the names of the 7 continents. Identify the 7 continents on a globe.

Teaching and Learning Sequence  Introduction/Anticipatory Set      Begin the lesson by simply asking students if they know what a continent is. Let the students brainstorm for a while before pulling down a large wall sized map. Explain to the students that a continent is a large landmass. Ask if anyone can name the number of continents there are on Earth. Ask the students if they can name any continents. Write down correct responses on the board, but don’t write down any countries named, as they may cause distraction.   Again, explain to the students that continents are large areas of land, and that there are 7 on Earth.

Lesson Development  Have the students look in their social studies textbooks for a world map, or provide one to each student.    Point to each continent. Students should raise their hand when they have identified the continent in their book and can name it. Each time a continent is correctly named, write it on the board under the header “Continents” – this will serve as a word bank the students can reference throughout the lesson.

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After all the continents have been identified, hand out to each student a copy of the poem, “The Seven Continents” with an unlabeled world map.

  

Say the poem together as a class a couple of times to help them remember the different continents. Put the presentation “7 Continents” up. Tell the students that they are going to get to see another version of their poem, “The Seven Continents”

 

Go through the presentation with the students, relating it to the poem. Draw exaggerated attention to the highlighted picture of each continent on the presentation when the continent’s name is spoken to help them associate the shape and location of the continent with its name.

 

Repeat the presentation. This time, have the students find each continent in their books before moving to the next slide/line of the poem.

Ask the students to label the continents on the blank map using the word bank on the board or the poem for help. They may also look at the large wall map if needed.

After the students have finished labeling their maps they should color the continents green and the water blue to review standard map colors.

Closure      Before collecting the students drawings, ask for volunteers to identify the continents on a globe. Say “The Seven Continents” poem again as a class. Use the presentation to draw attention to the visual representation of the continent’s name. Collect the student’s maps. Assign and explain homework.

Homework    Give the students a new blank map and tell them they need to label the continents. Explain that they should try to do this on their own without help from parents or books. Remind them that if they are having a hard time remembering which continents are which they may wish to try writing the poem learned in class down for help.

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Assessment  Formative –  While students are labeling their maps walk around and check their work to see if they understand. Are the continents labeled correctly? Students who have not labeled correctly can consult the wall map for help. Also, remind students of “The Seven Continents” poem to help them remember where the continents are.  Summative –  Compare the maps labeled in class to the maps labeled for homework.   Where the students able to label the homework map correctly without help? Did any students write the poem on the map to help them remember the location of the continents?

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Differentiated Instruction Organizer Instructional Method Lesson Components Originally Planned Major Concepts What are the 7 Continents? Assist Students How many continents are there? Which continent do we live on? Challenge Students What are the 5 oceans, the equator, and the prime meridian? Alternate Method(s) to Alternate Method(s) to

Vocabulary Terms


America, Africa,

South Asia, Europe,

Focus on an understanding of what continents are and which one we live on. Slowly work in of the the

Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Southern, Equator, Prime Meridian, North

American, Australia, Continent

America, South American, Africa, Asia, Australia,


additional 6 continents Activities Discussion of what Students who are having trouble should practice “The Seven Continents” poem

Europe, Continent For students that need to be challenged, ask them to label equator the oceans, and the prime

continents are, and where they are on the map/globe. Students will label and

more to help them solidify a method for remembering the 7 different continents and where they are located.

color their own map.

meridian, and any other feature they already know about. Allow them to use internet resource to look for more things to add to their maps.


Student’s labeled maps and homework completion.

Maybe consider allowing students who are struggling in class to take home their labeled maps to help them with their homework (after

Encourage these students to answer the on bonus the

questions homework.

Assess the extent of their

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checking everything correctly)


make is


knowledge by taking note of the additional features they labeled on their maps, such as the oceans, the equator, etc.


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