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35424 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

118 / Tuesday, June 20, 2006 / Notices

agreement grant mechanism, up to four particularly effective in modifying the I. Funding Opportunity Description
new 18-month awards by September 1, CVD risk behaviors of women (1, 25, 26,
A. Populations
2006. 34–39).’’
Approximately $1,000,000 in FY 2006 In the Federal Register of June 6, This cooperative grant announcement
funds is available to make individual 2006, FR Doc. 06–5135, on page 32551, focuses on the development and
grant awards up to $250,000 total cost in the References section, column 2, demonstration of creative and
(direct and indirect) for an 18-month Reference Number 15, correct to read as innovative approaches that are effective
period. The actual number of awards follows: ‘‘15. Pai JK, Pischon T, Ma J, et in reducing the prevalence of
will depend on the quality of the al. Inflammatory markers and the risk of overweight/obesity in young women,
applications received and the amount of coronary heart disease in men and ages 16–24, by increasing the number of
funds available for the program. The women. N Engl J Med 2004; women who adopt positive, healthy,
government is not obligated to make any 351(25):2599–610.’’ lifestyles. Organizations will be
awards as a result of this Dated: June 8, 2006. provided with funding that will aid in
announcement. the development, expansion, or
In the Federal Register of June 6, Wanda K. Jones,
sustainment of effective obesity-related
2006, FR Doc. 06–5135, on page 32544, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health.
programs in order to effect lifestyle
in the Eligibility Information section, [FR Doc. E6–9641 Filed 6–19–06; 8:45 am] changes that will prevent the
column 1, last paragraph, correct to read BILLING CODE 4150–33–P development of type II diabetes in the
as follows: ‘‘If funding is requested in an targeted population. The interventions
amount greater than the ceiling of the implemented must be substantive in
award range ($250,000 total cost for an DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND nature, incorporating evidenced-based
18-month period), the application will HUMAN SERVICES nutrition, physical activity, and health/
be considered non-responsive and will wellness components, while also
not be entered into the review process.’’ Request for Applications for the
Targeting Obesity in Young Women to positively impacting knowledge,
In the Federal Register of June 6, attitudes, and behaviors.
2006, FR Doc. 06–5135, on page 32544, Prevent the Development of Type II
Diabetes Program Proposals must include programs for
in the IV. Application and Submission women who are members of racial and
Information section, under the AGENCY: Office on Women’s Health, ethnic minority populations who are
Application section, column 2, first Office of Public Health and Science, disproportionately affected by
paragraph, seventh sentence, correct to Office of the Secretary, DHHS. overweight/obesity. Grantees will be
read as follows: ‘‘The Project Narrative, ACTION: Notice. asked to describe the characteristics of
excluding the appendices, is limited to its target population. Programs that seek
a total of 50 pages, the fronts and backs Announcement Type: Competitive to target audiences with a prevalence of
of 25 pieces of paper.’’ Cooperative Agreement—FY 2006 Initial overweight/obesity greater than 25% are
In the Federal Register of June 6, announcement. particularly encouraged to submit
2006, FR Doc. 06–5135, on page 32548, Funding Opportunity Number: Not proposals.
in the Application Review Information applicable.
section, under the Review and Selection OMB Catalog of Federal Domestic B. Program Planning, Development, and
Process section, column 1, first Assistance: The OMB Catalog of Federal Recruitment
paragraph, sentence three, correct to Domestic Assistance number is 93.022.
i. Post-Award Orientation
read as follows: DATES: Letter of Intent: June 29, 2006.
‘‘If funding is requested in an award Application Deadline: July 20, 2006. The grantee shall send two
range ($250,000 for an 18-month budget Anticipated Award Date: August 4, representatives to a two-day post-award
period), the application will be returned 2006. orientation meeting in Washington, DC.
with notification that it did not meet the SUMMARY: The Office on Women’s This meeting shall occur within 2
submission requirements.’’ Health (OWH) is the focal point for months of grant award. The project
In the Federal Register of June 6, women’s health within the Department manager of the program and a
2006, FR Doc. 06–5135, on page 32549, of Health and Human Services (DHHS). representative who holds a leadership
in the Other Information section, under Under the direction of the Deputy position in the organization must attend
Women and Cardiovascular Disease, Assistant Secretary for Women’s Health, the meeting. Travel funds for this
column 1, fourth bullet, correct to read OWH provides leadership to promote meeting must come out of the total
as follows: ‘‘Thirty-eight percent of the health equity for women and girls award funding and should be included
women die within one year of having a through gender-specific approaches. To in the applicant’s cost proposal.
heart attack compared to 25 percent of that end, OWH has established public/ The purpose of the post-award
men who have heart attacks (2).’’ private partnerships to address critical orientation meeting will be to clarify
In the Federal Register of June 6, women’s health issues nationwide. tasks and requirements and answer any
2006, FR Doc. 06–5135, on page 32550, These include supporting collaborative questions that grantees may have.
in the Other Information section, under efforts to provide accurate prevention Grantees shall also share their program
Cardiovascular Disease Interventions, education and programs for young plans, approaches, and best practices
column 2, second paragraph, second women at risk for developing type II with each other through presentations
sentence, correct to read as follows: diabetes because they are overweight or and roundtable discussions.
‘‘Such CVD interventions have been obese.
administered at various venues, ii. Curriculum Development
These awards focus on the HHS
including churches, community health initiative Emphasize Healthy Living and A multi-disciplinary planning
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

centers, community health clinics, Prevention of Disease, Illness, and committee shall be formed consisting of
YMCAs and other health clubs, schools, Disability in the ‘‘One Department. One representatives from the organizations,
Head Start facilities, etc. (25–33). Direction’’ Department-wide Objectives. health care professionals, and educators
Studies indicate that several aspects of This program is authorized by 42 (one member with at least a B.S. in
targeted CVD intervention programs are U.S.C. 300u–2(a). human nutrition, preferably a registered

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:31 Jun 19, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00017 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\20JNN1.SGM 20JNN1
Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 118 / Tuesday, June 20, 2006 / Notices 35425

dietitian), and high-risk women in the iv. Resource Establishment screening equipment, giving proper
community. The grantee will consult The grantee must compile a local acknowledgment for their assistance.
with the planning committee to design directory of obesity, nutrition, and Additionally, health professionals who
educational sessions that shall educate physical activity resources (dietitians, volunteer to present at sessions can be
women on all of the major results of diabetes experts, weight loss and asked to bring equipment with them and
obesity (diabetes, hypertension, exercise programs, public health help conduct the screenings.
cholesterol, stroke, CVD), methods to screening and diagnosis information) Alternatively, grantees may use a small
modify risk, and the benefits associated available in the community, including amount (no more than $10,000.00) of
with risk modification. The benefits of health care alternatives for the grant funds to purchase screening
portion control and physical activity uninsured and underinsured women. equipment and supplies.
shall also be addressed. The format of The grantee shall establish a national The importance of weight control,
the educational sessions will be Web site or enhance an existing good nutrition, recommended portion
specified in subsequent sections of this organization’s Web site to provide sizes, and physical activity will be
funding opportunity description. support and information online. These introduced and emphasized as the
Web sites shall be linked to the DHHS/ primary goal of the program. Daily
Existing curriculum from successfully weight and physical activity self-
tested and evaluated obesity prevention OWH’s
monitoring materials (diaries, logs, etc.)
intervention programs should be C. Educational Sessions will be distributed and explained. The
obtained and adapted for this program. site leader should also discuss the
DHHS/OWH will offer general i. Overview
reward system for reaching risk
resources, such as ‘‘The Dietary Each site will host six educational modification goals. Moreover, the first
Guidelines for Americans 2005,’’ which sessions over a period of 6 months. The session should include a basic
incorporates weight management sessions can be physically located at the orientation on how to use the internet.
information and calorie-lowering grantee’s site or at any other appropriate The orientation shall include
strategies, including the DASH diet facility in the community that is instruction on how participants who do
(2,000 calorie maintenance). The accessible to the target audience. These not own computers can access
curriculum and materials must be both sessions shall address the serious computers that are available for public
culturally and educationally appropriate consequences of obesity [high blood use (e.g. at a public library, health
and women-centered (see section VIII.2 pressure, type II diabetes, coronary heart center, faith-based or community-based
for definitions). disease (CHD), stroke, gallbladder organization). The format of the
disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, orientation may include a hands-on
iii. Interventions respiratory problems, and some types of demonstration, pictorial diagrams, and/
Each scheduled intervention shall aim cancer] and the benefits associated with or written instruction.
to recruit an average of 20 to 50 risk modification. Sessions may include During the first educational session,
participants. High-risk racial and ethnic lectures, demonstrations, video each participant shall also be
minority young women aged 16–24 presentations, activities, etc. Each administered a test to determine
shall be targeted; however, all high-risk session must also incorporate some form baseline knowledge of obesity and its
women shall be eligible to participate in of moderate physical activity (such as risk factors. Additionally, each
the program, regardless of race, religion, walking, yoga, or aerobics). participant shall assess her own
Additionally, each session shall personal risk profile.
or age. All participants must read and
include a small group discussion
sign a written consent form before iii. Educational Sessions #2–6: Risk
component that will focus on
starting any intervention programs. The Factors
encouraging participants to incorporate
grantee shall prepare the draft consent
weight control strategies and physical After the first introductory
form in lay-language. The grantee will
activity into their daily lives. educational session, the following five
also create postcard reminders (or e-
Participants shall be divided into small educational sessions will be devoted to
mail reminders if participants have easy
groups according to criteria chosen by educating participants about overeating
access to the internet) for each
the grantee. During the group discussion and portion control, good nutrition, and
educational and maintenance session.
component, participants should discuss physical activity. In addition, key
The grantee will mail or e-mail the
self-monitoring efforts and establish risk lessons learned at previous sessions will
reminders to each participant.
modification goals. The grantee will be reviewed at each of the proceeding
All educational and maintenance consult and incorporate qualified health sessions to reinforce risk factor
sessions shall be focused on mutual and nutrition professionals in the knowledge. Interactive guided
support for participants in their efforts development and implementation of the discussion among participants may help
to reduce the risk associated with curriculum and small group identify effective strategies for
obesity. Grantees can obtain and discussions. overcoming obstacles to eating better
distribute incentives for attendance (e.g. and moving more.
awards) and incentives to motivate ii. Educational Session #1: Screening
participants to modify risk factors and Program Introduction iv. Educational Session #6: Screening
during the course of the intervention. During the first educational session, and Wrap-up
Appropriate incentives will be offered screening shall be conducted for each During the sixth and final educational
to the participants who achieve their participant (all measurements must be session, participants shall be screened
personalized risk modification goals. kept confidential) to establish baseline again and each participant shall assess
Positive reinforcement and open measurements. (Note: Fasting blood her own personal CVD risk profile. Each
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

communication as well as a healthy tests must be used to screen for participant shall also be administered a
sense of competition must be cholesterol and diabetes.) The grantee test to determine knowledge of obesity
encouraged. Incentives and awards may may solicit local health care and its consequences, nutrition, and
be solicited as donations from private organizations, drug stores, and/or other physical activity. Additionally,
sources. private sources to donate or loan participants shall be asked to provide

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:31 Jun 19, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00018 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\20JNN1.SGM 20JNN1
35426 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 118 / Tuesday, June 20, 2006 / Notices

feedback regarding their experience in evaluate the program’s effectiveness at Emphasis should be placed on
the program and evaluate the program. two different intervals—after the end of aligning program outcomes and targets
Participants will also decide on a plan the educational sessions and after the with the objectives and targets of
of action for the two maintenance end of the maintenance sessions. The Healthy People 2010. More information
sessions. program evaluation must be able to on the Healthy People 2010 objectives
demonstrate, at minimum, the following may be found at
D. Maintenance Sessions
desired program outcomes: healthypeople. Each grantee should also
The maintenance sessions will take take into account the baseline
place 6 months after the last educational Primary Outcome Measures
characteristics of the potential program
sessions. Participants can decide on the 1. Increase the proportion of participants when setting outcome
format of the maintenance sessions. The participants who understand the targets.
sessions may include any or all of the correlation between being obese/ DHHS/OWH shall site visit the five
following: Additional educational overweight and the resulting illnesses grantees during one of the 2–6
seminars, screenings, testimonials, and major complications. Educational Sessions. The grantee shall
personal counseling, field trips (e.g. 2. Increase participant’s knowledge of participate in monthly conference calls
trips to gyms to exercise or trips to how to correctly measure and use the with the DHHS/OWH and other
grocery stores and restaurants to widely accepted portions of food. grantees. The grantee shall prepare
practice selecting healthy foods), etc. 3. Increase the number of participants quarterly progress reports that outline
However, each session must include a who use healthier methods to prepare the status and progress of the project.
physical activity and a small group foods long after session’s end. The grantee shall prepare a final report
discussion component. 4. Increase the participant’s that describes the results from the
The format of each maintenance knowledge of resources in the program evaluation and all project
session should be clearly outlined and community that will enable them to activities for the entire 12-month period
documented (what type of activity, engage in regular physical activity, of the program.
duration of activity, material covered, weight control, and healthy nutrition. The purpose of the program is to
location, etc.). During the last 5. Have participants show how they reduce obesity among high-risk young
maintenance session, participants will have incorporated physical activity into women in the United States through
be screened again for risk factors and everyday living (using stairs instead of education and risk behavior
each participant shall assess her own elevators, walking instead of riding to modification. This obesity prevention
personal risk profile. Each participant work, parking their vehicle further away program will be targeted towards high-
shall also be administered a test to from a destination) long after session’s risk racial and ethnic minority women,
determine knowledge of being obese or end. ages 16–24; however, all high-risk
overweight and its associated risk 6. Decrease the Body Mass Index women shall be eligible to participate in
factors. Additionally, participants shall (BMI) from baseline for participants the programs regardless of race, religion,
be asked to give feedback and evaluate who are obese long after session’s end. or age.
the program. 7. Decrease the weight by 7–10% of Each grantee shall implement a
overweight participants long after program in community-based sites
E. Program Evaluation/Write-Up session’s end. across the United States, including
Information on personal risk factors 8. Increase the proportion of
urban and rural areas. The main goals
must be obtained from three assessment participants who engage regularly in
will be for program participants to
points—the first (baseline) educational moderate physical activity (e.g. joining
increase their knowledge of obesity risk
session, the last educational session, a health club, using the gym at the
factors, its cause and effects, to increase
and the last maintenance session. Self- YMCA, attending dance classes at the
their level of physical activity and to
monitoring materials and feedback from neighborhood recreation center) long
learn healthier methods of food
evaluation forms will also provide after session’s end.
preparation and portion control.
information. Grantees may choose to use Secondary Outcome Measures
any appropriate tools, survey II. Award Information
1. Increase the proportion of
instruments, self-monitoring and The Office on Women’s Health (OWH)
participants who are aware of the BMI
evaluation materials to provide anticipates making, through the
and their weight status using the BMI
information on short-term and long-term cooperative agreement grant
behavioral changes. All materials must 2. Increase the proportion of mechanism, new annual awards for the
be reviewed and approved by the multi- participants with high blood pressure at creation or sustainment of obesity
disciplinary planning committee. In baseline whose blood pressure is under programs for young women, ages 16–24.
addition, grantees shall be required to control because of weight loss. Funds to be awarded no later than
include a core set of screening and 3. Decease the proportion of September 1, 2006. Approximately
evaluation items that will be prescribed participants with high total blood $490,000 is available to make five
by the DHHS/OWH. These items will be cholesterol because they now engage in awards of up to $98,000 total cost
determined during and after the post- regular physical activity and practice (direct and indirect) for a 12-month
award orientation meeting and will healthier eating habits. period. The actual number of awards
most likely consist of items developed 4. Were new behaviors sustained or made will depend upon the quality of
by one or more of the grantees. abandoned after the sessions? the applications received and the
The grantee shall design a database, The evaluation should also address amount of funds available for the
collect all participant data, and enter the following questions: program. The government is not
data into the database. This data shall be 1. Did participants evaluate the obligated to make any awards as a result
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

kept confidential through use of unique program favorably? of this announcement.

identifying numbers and an electronic 2. Did the program meet the needs In order to achieve the goals of the
copy of the data shall be provided to and expectations of the participants? program, the grantee shall develop
DHHS/OWH. Baseline and follow-up 3. What changes do the participants methods to provide effective education
data must be analyzed to quantitatively suggest? and awareness interventions and

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:31 Jun 19, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00019 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\20JNN1.SGM 20JNN1
Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 118 / Tuesday, June 20, 2006 / Notices 35427

messages to at risk young women, ages programs are culturally, linguistically, III. Eligibility Information
16–24, that will positively impact and educationally appropriate for the
1. Eligible Applicants
behaviors. target audience.
Under this cooperative agreement, the Submit a work plan, task outline, and Eligible entities may include: For
duties of the Federal Government and schedule of activities within one month profit and not for profit community
the grantee are described below: of award. based organizations, national
The DHHS/OWH will provide organizations, colleges and universities,
Attend a two-day post-award
technical assistance and the oversight clinics and hospitals, research
orientation meeting in Washington, DC
necessary for the implementation, institutions, State and local government
within two months of grant award.
conduct, and assessment of program agencies, tribal government and tribal/
(Travel funds for this meeting must
activities. This program will be a model; urban Indian entities, and faith-based
come out of the total award funding and
as such, the federal government may organizations.
should be included in the applicant’s
replicate the program and/or use the If funding is requested in an amount
budget justification.)
program materials both during and after greater than the ceiling of the award
the period of performance. The grantee Participate in monthly conference range ($98,000 total cost for a 12-month
may copyright any work that is calls with the DHHS/OWH and other period), the application will be
developed, or for which ownership was grantees. considered non-responsive and will not
purchased, under the award, but DHHS Prepare quarterly progress reports that be entered into the review process. The
reserves a royalty-free, nonexclusive outline the status and progress of the application will be returned with
and irrevocable right to reproduce, program. notification that it did not meet the
publish, or otherwise use the work for Form a planning committee consisting submission requirements. Applications
Federal purposes, and to authorize of representatives from community that are not complete or do not conform
others to do so. In addition, the grantee organization, health care and nutrition to or address the criteria of this
and/or community partners are professionals and educators, and high- announcement will be considered non-
encouraged to sustain the program after risk women in the community. responsive and will not be entered into
the end of award and expand it to other Consult with the planning committee the review process. The application will
sites within its network. to develop six educational sessions that be returned with notification that it did
The Federal Government will also: address all of the major risk factors of not meet the submission requirements.
Review and approve work plan, task obesity. Curriculum should be adapted An organization may submit no more
outline, and schedule of activities. from existing models of prevention than one proposal for the program
Review quarterly progress reports. intervention curriculum that have been announced in this notice of funding
Conduct the monthly conference calls successfully tested and evaluated. availability. Organizations submitting
with grantees. more than one proposal will be deemed
Conduct the two-day post-award Prepare or obtain educational
materials for the six educational ineligible. The proposal will be returned
orientation meeting in Washington, DC without comment.
within two months of award. sessions (e.g. instructional manual,
Conduct one site visit per grantee. educational and/or exercise videos, 2. Cost Sharing or Matching Funds
Review and approve all educational booklets, etc.).
Cost sharing and matching funds are
and instructional materials for the six Develop small group discussion not a requirement of this grant; however
educational sessions. format for each session focusing on applicants may solicit private sources
Review and approve informed encouraging participants to incorporate for donations and/or loans of screening
consent document and program weight control strategies and physical equipment, screening personnel, and
promotional materials to ensure activity into their daily lives. participation incentives.
adherence to DHHS policies. Track regular physical activity and
The grantee shall complete the weight control behaviors. 3. Other
requirements described in the Funding Use pre and post evaluation materials A Letter of Intent (LOI) is required
Opportunity Description. Specifically, and survey instruments (e.g. knowledge prior to submission of applications. See
the grantee will: tests, risk factor profile assessment section IV.2 for formatting and
Provide no less than six educational tools, and qualitative feedback forms). submission requirements for the LOI.
forums/interventions to address obesity
issues in the target audience. The Prepare a draft consent form in lay- IV. Application and Submission
location must be accessible to the target language, obtain appropriate Information
audience. institutional IRB approval, if applicable,
and obtain consent from all program 1. Address To Request Application
Establish partnerships with local and Package
community-based organizations, health participants.
clubs, recreation centers, hospitals, Adhere to all program requirements Application kits may be requested by
clinics, etc. to increase access to, or specified in this announcement and the calling (240) 453–8822 or writing to:
create support groups for overweight/ Notice of Grant Award. OPHS Office of Grants Management,
obese young women. Establish a Comply with the DHHS Protection of 1101 Wootton Parkway, Suite 550,
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Human Subjects regulations (which Rockville, MD 20852. Requests may also
with each urban or rural community- require obtaining Institutional Review be submitted by FAX at (240) 453–8823.
based site willing to participate in the Board approval), set out at 45 CFR part 2. Content and Form of Application
program. 46, if applicable. General information Submission
Develop culturally appropriate about Human Subjects regulations can
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

facilitator education and training be obtained through the Office for A. Letter of Intent
modules in an effort to sustain Human Research Protections (OHRP) at A Letter of Intent (LOI) is required
awareness and education programs for; from all potential applicants for the
the target audience; and ensure; or toll free at purpose of planning the competitive
education, awareness and training (866) 447–4777. review process. The LOI should be no

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:31 Jun 19, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00020 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\20JNN1.SGM 20JNN1
35428 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 118 / Tuesday, June 20, 2006 / Notices

more than one page, double-spaced, year. The budget justification does not includes a program schedule that lays
printed on one side, with one-inch count toward the 50 pages limit. out tasks and a time-line and identifies
margins, and 12-point font. LOIs should An outline for the minimum significant milestones for the
include the following information: (1) information to be included in the accomplishment of the project. Specific
Program announcement title and ‘‘Project Narrative’’ section is presented staff responsibilities must be detailed in
number; (2) name of the applicant below. this schedule along with the number of
agency or organization, the official A. Program Plan hours that each person will devote to
contact person and that person’s each task. The plan must provide, at a
telephone number, fax number, and The applicant must describe, in minimum, details pertaining to the four
mailing and e-mail addresses. Do not detail, its approach for accomplishing program phases (Program Planning,
include a description of your proposed each of the requirements identified in Development, and Recruitment;
project. Submit the LOI to: OPHS Office the funding opportunity description. Educational Sessions; Maintenance
of Grants Management, 1101 Wootton The program plan must reference each Sessions; Program Evaluation/Write-Up)
Parkway, Suite 550, Rockville, MD requirement, and the material should be as they are outlined in the funding
20852. The LOI must be received by the presented in the order in which it opportunity description.
OPHS Office of Grants Management by appears in the funding opportunity
description. The applicant should D. Past Performance
5 p.m. Eastern Time on June 29, 2006.
If an applicant does not submit an LOI demonstrate a full understanding of the Each applicant should describe its
by the established due date and time, need for the program, anticipating, organization’s relevant experience and
the application will not be eligible for prioritizing, and presenting likely success in managing this type of project.
the review process. components that will achieve overall The applicant should also include a
A Dun and Bradstreet Universal goals and desired outcomes. The description of itself, the experience of
Numbering System (DUNS) number is applicant should also identify potential its support personnel, and information
required for all applications for Federal problems and intended solutions. The about grantees, partners, and quality of
assistance. Organizations should verify applicant is free to recommend and cooperation between organization, staff,
that they have a DUNS number or take describe other procedures that it key personnel, and clients. Specific
the steps necessary to obtain one. believes will more effectively achieve descriptions of relevant previous
Instructions for obtaining a DUNS the stated objectives, but needs to experience that the organization has
number are included in the application carefully relate alternatives and performed within the past five years
package, and may be downloaded from rationales to the approach must be included. Include period of
the Web site recommended in the funding performance, dollar amount, name of
product/eupdate/requestOptions.html. opportunity description. program sponsor, and a letter of support
The proposal should include from at least three different program
B. Application sponsors. Letters of support may be
curriculum outlines and sample agendas
Applications must be submitted using for one or more of the educational included as part of the appendices.
the Form OPHS–1 (Revised 8/04) and in sessions described in the funding Relevant previous experience may
the manner prescribed in the opportunity description. The applicant include, but is not limited to, the
application kit. Applicants are required must provide a detailed description of development of: Comprehensive
to submit an original ink-signed and the existing curriculum that will be campaigns or educational programs
dated application and 2 photocopies. adapted and used for the educational aimed at improving the health of
The application should be organized in sessions. In addition, samples of the women and/or men; health behavior
accordance with the format presented in existing curriculum and results from modification programs; programs
the Program Guidelines. The original any pilot or demonstration projects that delivered in a variety of settings (e.g.,
and each copy must be stapled and/or used the curriculum should be educational, hospital, community, etc.);
otherwise securely bound. All pages provided. These samples and results obesity, physical activity, nutrition,
must be numbered clearly and may be included as part of the chronic disease, or other illness
sequentially. The application must be appendices. prevention and risk modification
typed on plain 81⁄2″ x 11″ white paper, programs; and previous collaborations
using a 12 point font, and contain 1’’ B. Experience and Commitment of Key with local and national organizations.
margins all around. The Project Personnel
E. Appendices
Narrative, excluding the appendices, is The applicant must identify key
limited to a total of 50 pages—the fronts personnel involved in the project based Include documentation and other
and backs of 25 pieces of paper. The on the requirements described in supporting information in this section,
first 50 pages of the proposal will be funding opportunity description and including staff resumes, letters of
considered; any pages exceeding this other personnel adequate to support the support, memorandums of
length will be removed from the administrative, logistical, financial, and understanding (MOUs), samples of
proposal and will not be evaluated. Staff scientific coordination aspects of the existing curriculum, samples of survey
resumes, letters of support, project within the time limits of the instruments and data collection forms,
memorandums of understanding grant. The applicant must provide and research results and references. The
(MOUs), budget justifications, samples information on which task(s) each of the applicant should also include an MOU
of existing curriculum, samples of key personnel will perform and the between the applicant and any other
survey instruments and data collection rationale for that assignment. Resumes organization or entity with which it
forms, and research results and for all proposed personnel must be intends to collaborate/partner.
references may be included as part of an submitted with the application in the 3. Submission Dates and Times
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

appendix and will not count toward the appendices.

50 pages limit. The application must Submission Mechanisms
also include a detailed budget C. Management Plan The Office of Public Health and
justification, including a narrative and The applicant should develop and Science (OPHS) provides multiple
computation of expenditures for one propose a Management Plan. This plan mechanisms for the submission of

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:31 Jun 19, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00021 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\20JNN1.SGM 20JNN1
Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 118 / Tuesday, June 20, 2006 / Notices 35429

applications, as described in the system is available on the Once the application is validated by
following sections. Applicants will Web site,, it will be electronically
receive notification via mail from the In addition to electronically transferred to the OPHS eGrants system
OPHS Office of Grants Management submitted materials, applicants may be for processing. Upon receipt of both the
confirming the receipt of applications required to submit hard copy signatures electronic application from the
submitted using any of these for certain program related forms, or Website Portal, and the
mechanisms. Applications submitted to original materials as required by the required hard copy mail-in items,
the OPHS Office of Grants Management announcement. It is imperative that the applicants will receive notification via
after the deadlines described below will applicant review both the grant mail from the OPHS Office of Grants
not be accepted for review. Applications announcement, as well as the Management confirming the receipt of
which do not conform to the application guidance provided within the application submitted using the
requirements of the grant announcement the application package, to Web site Portal.
will not be accepted for review and will determine such requirements. Any Applicants should contact
be returned to the applicant. required hard copy materials, or regarding any questions or concerns
Applications may only be submitted documents that require a signature, regarding the electronic application
electronically via the electronic must be submitted separately via mail to process conducted through the
submission mechanisms specified the OPHS Office of Grants Management, Web site Portal.
below. Any applications submitted via and, if required, must contain the Electronic Submissions via the OPHS
any other means of electronic original signature of an individual eGrants System
communication, including facsimile or authorized to act for the applicant
electronic mail, will not be accepted for The OPHS electronic grants
agency and the obligations imposed by
review. While applications are accepted management system, eGrants, provides
the terms and conditions of the grant
in hard copy, the use of the electronic for applications to be submitted
application submission capabilities electronically. Information about this
Electronic applications submitted via system is available on the OPHS eGrants
provided by the OPHS eGrants system the Web site Portal must
or the Web site Portal is Web site, https://
contain all completed online forms, or may be
encouraged. required by the application kit, the
Electronic grant application requested from the OPHS Office of
Program Narrative, Budget Narrative Grants Management at (240) 453–8822.
submissions must be submitted no later
and any appendices or exhibits. All When submitting applications via the
than 5 p.m. Eastern Time on the
required mail-in items must received by OPHS eGrants system, applicants are
deadline date specified in the DATES
the due date requirements specified required to submit a hard copy of the
section of the announcement using one
above. Mail-In items may only include application face page (Standard Form
of the electronic submission
publications, resumes, or organizational 424) with the original signature of an
mechanisms specified below. All
documentation. individual authorized to act for the
required hard copy original signatures
and mail-in items must be received by Upon completion of a successful applicant agency and assume the
the OPHS Office of Grants Management electronic application submission via obligations imposed by the terms and
no later than 5 p.m. Eastern Time on the the Website Portal, the conditions of the grant award. If
next business day after the deadline applicant will be provided with a required, applicants will also need to
date specified in the DATES section of confirmation page from submit a hard copy of the Standard
the announcement. indicating the date and time (Eastern Form LLL and/or certain Program
Applications will not be considered Time) of the electronic application related forms (e.g., Program
valid until all electronic application submission, as well as the Certifications) with the original
components, hard copy original Receipt Number. It is critical that the signature of an individual authorized to
signatures, and mail-in items are applicant print and retain this act for the applicant agency.
received by the OPHS Office of Grants confirmation for their records, as well as Electronic applications submitted via
Management according to the deadlines a copy of the entire application package. the OPHS eGrants system must contain
specified above. Application All applications submitted via the all completed online forms required by
submissions that do not adhere to the Website Portal will be the application kit, the Program
due date requirements will be validated by Any Narrative, Budget Narrative and any
considered late and will be deemed applications deemed ‘‘Invalid’’ by the appendices or exhibits. The applicant
ineligible. Web site Portal will not be may identify specific mail-in items to be
Applicants are encouraged to initiate transferred to the OPHS eGrants system, sent to the Office of Grants Management
electronic applications early in the and OPHS has no responsibility for any separate from the electronic submission;
application development process, and to application that is not validated and however these mail-in items must be
submit early on the due date or before. transferred to OPHS from the entered on the eGrants Application
This will aid in addressing any Web site Portal. will notify Checklist at the time of electronic
problems with submissions prior to the the applicant regarding the application submission, and must be received by the
application deadline. validation status. Once the application due date requirements specified above.
is successfully validated by the Mail-In items may only include
Electronic Submissions via the Web site Portal, applicants publications, resumes, or organizational Web Site Portal should immediately mail all required documentation.
The Web site Portal hard copy materials to the OPHS Office Upon completion of a successful
provides organizations with the ability of Grants Management to be received by electronic application submission, the
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

to submit applications for OPHS grant the deadlines specified above. It is OPHS eGrants system will provide the
opportunities. Organizations must critical that the applicant clearly applicant with a confirmation page
successfully complete the necessary identify the Organization name and indicating the date and time (Eastern
registration processes in order to submit Application Receipt Number Time) of the electronic application
an application. Information about this on all hard copy materials. submission. This confirmation page will

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:31 Jun 19, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00022 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\20JNN1.SGM 20JNN1
35430 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 118 / Tuesday, June 20, 2006 / Notices

also provide a listing of all items that application, the following information Political education and lobbying.
constitute the final application to the head of the appropriate state and Other activities that are not grant
submission including all electronic local health agencies in the area(s) to be related.
application components, required hard impacted: (a) a copy of the face page of
copy original signatures, and mail-in the application (SF 424), (b) a summary V. Application Review Information
items, as well as the mailing address of of the project (PHSIS), not to exceed one 1. Criteria
the OPHS Office of Grants Management page, which provides: (1) A description
where all required hard copy materials of the population to be served, (2) a The technical review of applications
must be submitted. summary of the services to be provided, will consider the following 4 factors:
As items are received by the OPHS and (3) a description of the coordination A. Factor 1: Program Plan (40 points)
Office of Grants Management, the planned with the appropriate state or
electronic application status will be local health agencies. Copies of the This factor will be evaluated by rating
updated to reflect the receipt of mail-in letters forwarding the PHSIS to these the applicant’s approach to
items. It is recommended that the authorities must be contained in the accomplishing each of the requirements
applicant monitor the status of their application materials submitted to the identified in the funding opportunity
application in the OPHS eGrants system DHHS/OWH. description as demonstrated by the
to ensure that all signatures and mail-in This program is also subject to the following:
items are received. requirements of Executive Order 12372 Demonstrated understanding of the
Mailed or Hand-Delivered Hard Copy that allows States the option of setting scope, goals, and objectives of the work
Applications up a system for reviewing applications required and the applicability and
from within their States for assistance clarity of the overall approach.
Applicants who submit applications under certain Federal programs. The Discussions detailing how each of the
in hard copy (via mail or hand- application kit to be made available requirements will be performed and the
delivered) are required to submit an under this notice will contain a listing appropriateness of all proposed
original and two copies of the of States that have chosen to set up a methodologies and analyses.
application. The original application review system and will include a State
must be signed by an individual Identification of potential problems
Single Point of Contact (SPOC) in the and intended solutions.
authorized to act for the applicant State for review. Applicants (other than
agency or organization and to assume Discussions detailing the criteria used
federally recognized Indian tribes) for selecting sites, list of selected sites
for the organization the obligations should contact their SPOCs as early as
imposed by the terms and conditions of or locations of sites, and letters of
possible to alert them to the prospective support from each site, if possible.
the grant award. applications and receive any necessary
Mailed or hand-delivered applications Discussions of curriculum, including
instructions on the State process. For samples of the existing curriculum that
will be considered as meeting the
proposed projects serving more than one will be adapted for the program and
deadline if they are received by the
State, the applicant is advised to contact preliminary outlines and sample
OPHS Office of Grant Management on or
the SPOC in each affected State. A agendas for one or more of the
before 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the
complete list of SPOCs may be found at educational sessions described in the
deadline date specified in the DATES
the following Web site: http:// funding opportunity description.
section of the announcement. The
application deadline date requirement Potential for the success of the
spoc.html The due date for State process
specified in this announcement proposed program plan to improve
recommendations is 60 days after the
supersedes the instructions in the healthy behaviors so as to reduce
application deadline. The OWH does
OPHS–1. Applications that do not meet obesity/overweight of the targeted
not guarantee that it will accommodate
the deadline will be returned to the population.
or explain its responses to State process
applicant unread.
recommendations received after that B. Factor 2: Management Plan (30
4. Intergovernmental Review date. (See ‘‘Intergovernmental Review of points)
This program is subject to the Public Federal Programs,’’ Executive Order
12372, and 45 CFR part 100 for a The applicant’s staffing, scheduling,
Health Systems Reporting and logistics plans will be evaluated for
Requirements. Under these description of the review process and
requirements.) their effectiveness in committing
requirements, community-based and personnel and resources to provide
faith-based, non-governmental applicant 5. Funding Restrictions high-quality service and products
must prepare and submit a Public within the time frames set-forth. This
Grant funds may be used to cover
Health System Impact Statement evaluation is based on the following:
costs of:
(PHSIS). Applicants shall submit a copy Realism of the proposed timeline and
of the application face page (SF–424) Consultants. the personnel and resources assigned to
and a one page summary of the project, Office supplies and software. complete each requirement.
called the Public Health System Impact Educational, promotional and Appropriateness of the proposed
Statement. The PHSIS is intended to evaluation materials. number of hours estimated for each
provide information to State and local Screening supplies and equipment. requirement and each staff member.
health officials to keep them apprised of Grant related travel (domestic only).
proposed health services grant Adequacy of organizational structure.
Other grant related costs.
applications submitted by community- Grant funds may not be used for: Adequacy of proposed plan to
based or faith-based, non-governmental Building alterations or renovations. identify and solve potential problems.
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

organizations within their jurisdictions. Computers. Adequacy of proposed plan to

Community-based and faith-based, Construction. monitor and report on program progress
non-governmental applicants are Food. and ensure effective communication
required to submit, no later than the Fund raising activities. between program staff members and the
Federal due date for receipt of the Medical treatment or therapy. DHHS/OWH.

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:31 Jun 19, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00023 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\20JNN1.SGM 20JNN1
Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 118 / Tuesday, June 20, 2006 / Notices 35431

C. Factor 3: Experience and V.1 and reviewed for technical merit in the Program Guidelines, which are
Commitment of Key Personnel (20 accordance with DHHS policies. included with the complete application
Points) Applicants are advised to pay close kits.
This factor covers the qualifications of attention to the specific program
VI. Award Administration Information
key personnel proposed to perform the requirements and general instructions in
the application kit and to the definitions 1. Award Notices: Applicants selected
work assigned to them and the amount for funding support will receive a
provided in this notice.
of effort estimated for each person. This Notice of Grant Award signed by the by
Applications will be evaluated by an
evaluation is based on the following: objective technical review panel the Director of the OPHS Office of
Experience, education, and composed of experts in the fields of Grants Management. This is the
professional credentials of proposed key program management, chronic disease, authorizing document and it will be
personnel on similar projects and in obesity/overweight, minority sent electronically and followed up with
related fields (similar projects must community outreach, health education, a mailed copy.
convey similarity in topic, dollar value, and community-based research. 2. Administrative and National Policy
workload, duration, and complexity). Consideration for award will be given to Requirements: (1) In accepting this
Appropriateness of each person’s applicants that best demonstrate the award, the grantee stipulates that the
skills and experience for performing the potential to design a program that award and any activities thereunder are
requirements in the funding opportunity achieves the program goals stated in this subject to all provisions of 45 CFR parts
description. announcement. 74 and 92, currently in effect or
D. Factor 4: Past Performance (10 The Federal Government may conduct implemented during the period of this
Points) pre-award site visits of applicants with grant. (2) Requests that require prior
scores in the funding range prior to final approval from the awarding office (See
This factor will be evaluated by selection. References may also be Chapter 8, PHS Grants Policy Statement)
considering the number, size, and requested from these applicants and must be submitted in writing to the
complexity of similar projects that the contacted to better evaluate prior OPHS Grants Management Officer. Only
applicant has previously successfully relevant experience. Any applicant who responses signed by the OPHS Grants
completed. Relevant previous believes the Government will find Management Officer are to be
experience may include, but is not derogatory information as a result of considered valid. Grantees who take
limited to, the development of: checking the past performance record action on the basis of responses from
Comprehensive campaigns or may provide an explanation and any other officials do so at their own risk.
educational programs aimed at remedial action taken by its company to Such responses will not be considered
improving the health of women and/or address the problem. Funding decisions binding by or upon the Office on
men; health behavior modification will be made by the DHHS/OWH, and Women’s Health. (3) Responses to
programs; programs delivered in a will take into consideration the reporting requirements, conditions, and
variety of settings, re. faith-based, recommendations and ratings of the requests for post award amendments
clinical, collegiate, or community-based; review panel, pre-award site visits and must be mailed to the attention and
obesity-related, re. diabetes, nutrition, references, program needs, geographic address of the Grants Management
physical activity, CHD; disease location, and stated preferences. Officer indicated below in ‘‘Contacts.’’
prevention and risk modification Guidance for completing the budget All correspondence should include the
programs; and previous collaborations can be found in the Program Guidelines, Federal grant number (item 4 on the
with national or local community which are included with the complete Notice of Grant Award) and requires the
organizations. application kits. The allowability, signature of an authorized business
Also evaluated will be the applicant’s allocability, reasonableness, and official and/or the project director.
adherence to schedules and budgets, necessity of direct and indirect costs Failure to follow this guidance will
effectiveness of program management, that may be charged to OPHS grants are result in a delay in responding to your
willingness to cooperate when outlined in the following documents: correspondence. (4) The HHS
difficulties arise, general compliance OMB Circular A–21 (Institutions of Appropriations Act requires that, when
with the terms of the contracts, and Higher Education); OMB Circular A–87 issuing statements, press releases,
acceptability of delivered products. (State and Local Governments); OMB requests for proposals, bid solicitations,
Circular A–122 (Nonprofit and other documents describing projects
2. Review and Selection Process
Organizations); and 45 CFR part 74, or programs funded in whole or in part
Applications will be screened upon Appendix E (Hospitals). Copies of the with Federal money, all grantees shall
receipt. Those that are judged to be Office of Management and Budget clearly state the percentage and dollar
incomplete or arrive after the deadline (OMB) Circulars are available on the amount of the total costs of the program
will be returned without review or Internet at or project which will be financed with
comment. If funding is requested in an omb/grants/grants_circulars.html. In Federal money and the percentage and
amount greater than the ceiling of the order to claim indirect costs as part of dollar amount of the total costs of the
award range ($98,000 for a 12-month a budget request, an applicant project or program that will be financed
budget period), the application will be organization must have an indirect cost by non-governmental sources.
considered non-responsive and will not rate which has been negotiated with the 3. Reporting: Grantees will submit 4
be entered into the review process. The Federal government. The Health and progress reports, a final report, and a
application will be returned with Human Services Division of Cost final Financial Status Report in the
notification that it did not meet the Allocation (DCA) Regional Office that is format established by the DHHS/OWH,
submission requirements. applicable to your State can provide in accordance with provisions of the
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

Applicants that are judged to be in information on how to receive such a general regulations which apply under
compliance will be notified by the rate. A list of DCA Regional Offices is ‘‘Monitoring and Reporting Program
OPHS Office of Grants Management. included in the application kit for this Performance,’’ 45 CFR parts 74 and 92.
Accepted applications will be evaluated announcement. Guidance for The purpose of the progress reports and
based on the criteria listed in Section completing the budget can be found in final report is to provide accurate and

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:31 Jun 19, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00024 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\20JNN1.SGM 20JNN1
35432 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 118 / Tuesday, June 20, 2006 / Notices

timely program information to program through its innovative programs by activity, unhealthy eating patterns, or a
managers and to respond to educating health professionals and combination of the two, with genetics
Congressional, Departmental, and motivating behavior change in and lifestyle both playing important
public requests for information about consumers through the dissemination of roles. Physical activity levels drop
the program. Grantees shall prepare a health information. To that end, the sharply as girls become teenagers. By
progress report that outlines the status DHHS/OWH has established public/ the age of 15 or 16, 28% of Caucasian
and progression of the project every 3 private partnerships to address health girls and 58% of African American girls
months. Grantees will be informed of problems in women. report no habitual leisure-time activity.
the exact progress report due dates and
B. Obesity E. Racial and Ethnic Minority Women
means of submission after the award is
made. The final report must describe all In 2003–2004, 32.2% of adults were In 2003–2004, significant differences
project activities for the entire 12-month obese. If you are overweight or obese, in obesity prevalence remained by race/
period of the program including data carrying this extra weight puts you at ethnicity and by age. Approximately
analysis and program evaluation. risk for developing many diseases, 30% of non-Hispanic white adults were
DHHS/OWH shall provide an outline of especially heart disease, stroke, obese as were 45.0% of non-Hispanic
the final report format and templates for diabetes, cancer, and breathing black adults and 36.8% Mexican
required tables. A draft of the final problems such as asthma and sleep Americans. About 57% of Hispanic/
report must be submitted six weeks apnea. Ultimately, obesity can even be Latino women, 56% of American
prior to the end date of the award. life-threatening. Annually in the United Indians/Alaska Native women, 42.6% of
DHHS/OWH will review the draft. States, more than 300,000 deaths are Asian/Pacific Islander women and 55%
Suggested revisions will be discussed linked to obesity. Losing weight helps to of African American women do not
individually during a conference call prevent and control these diseases. The exercise, compared to 38% of white
with each grantee. The mutually agreed good news is that even a modest weight women. Hispanic and black individuals,
upon revisions must be incorporated loss can bring health improvements. In especially women, have a greater
into the final report by the end date of many cases, you can accomplish this by prevalence of excess weight compared
the award. eating healthier, exercising, and to their white counterparts. In the 2003
The grantee shall assign one staff changing behaviors. For people who national survey conducted by the
member to participate in a committee don’t respond to lifestyle changes, American Heart Association, fewer
with other grantees and DHHS/OWH to prescription medications, and surgical African-American and Hispanic women
prepare a joint manuscript suitable for techniques are available to enhance the than white women correctly cited heart
a peer-reviewed journal. This weight-loss process. disease as the leading cause of death
manuscript shall combine and C. Women and Obesity among women.
summarize data from all programs into
one final evaluation. The jointly More than 65% of U.S. adults are F. Genetic Factors
prepared manuscript must be submitted overweight or obese. The percentage of Obesity tends to run in families,
two weeks prior to the end date of obese adults varied little from 1960 to suggesting a genetic cause. Yet families
award. 1980, but increased considerably also share diet and lifestyle habits that
between 1980–1991, from 13–21 percent may contribute to obesity. Separating
VII. Agency Contact(s) among men and from 17–26 percent these from genetic factors is often
For application kits and information among women. Among women, no difficult. Even so, science shows that
on budget and business aspects of the significant increase in obesity was heredity is linked to obesity. In one
application, please contact: OPHS Office observed in 1999–2000 (33.4%) and study, adults who were adopted as
of Grants Management, 1101 Wootton 2003–2004 (33.2%). The prevalence of children were found to have weights
Parkway, Suite 550, Rockville, MD extreme obesity in women is 6.9%. closer to their biological parents than to
20852. Telephone: (240) 453–8822. More adult women are obese (33 their adoptive parents. In this case, the
Questions regarding programmatic percent) than men (28 percent). African person’s genetic makeup had more
information and/or requests for American women (32.9%) had the influence on the development of obesity
technical assistance in the preparation highest rates of obesity. Faced with a than the environment in the adoptive
of the ‘‘Project Narrative’’ should be history of negative experiences at the family home.
directed in writing to: Henrietta (Retta) doctor’s office, many obese women
Terry, Public Health Advisor, Office on delay preventive medical visits, G. Environmental Factors
Women’s Health, Office of Public Health including those for gynecological cancer Genes do not destine people to a
and Science, DHHS, 200 Independence screening. Being overweight increases a lifetime of obesity; however,
Ave., SW., Rm 712E, Washington, DC woman’s chance of developing breast, environment also strongly influences
20201. Telephone: 202–205–1952. E- ovarian, cervical, and uterine cancer. obesity. This includes lifestyle
mail: behaviors such as what a person eats
D. Women & Girls Ages 16–24
and his or her level of physical activity.
VIII. Other Information In 2003–2004, 17.1% of U.S. children Americans tend to eat high-fat foods,
1. Background and adolescents were overweight. Tests and put taste and convenience ahead of
for trend were significant for male and nutrition. Also, most Americans do not
A. Agency female children and adolescents, get enough physical activity. Although
The Office on Women’s Health in the indicating an increase in the prevalence you cannot change your genetic
United States Department of Health and of overweight in female children and makeup, you can change your eating
Human Services (DHHS/OWH) adolescents from 13.8% in 1999–2000 to habits and levels of activity.
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

coordinates the efforts of all the DHHS 16.0% in 2003–2004. Overweight

agencies and offices involved in adolescents have a 70% chance of H. Obesity Interventions
women’s health. DHHS/OWH works to becoming overweight or obese adults. Prevention programs that target high-
improve the health and well-being of Overweight in children/adolescents is risk women, particularly racial/ethnic
women and girls in the United States generally caused by lack of physical minority women, have the potential to

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:31 Jun 19, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00025 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\20JNN1.SGM 20JNN1
Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 118 / Tuesday, June 20, 2006 / Notices 35433

reduce the incidence of obesity/ decisions are made on all aspects of the United States. Journal of the
overweight in the United States. program. American Medical Association; 1999;
Education is an essential component of Racial and Ethnic Minority Women: 282(16):1530–1538.
health promotion efforts, and many American Indian or Alaska Native,
NAASO Obesity Society. Web site:
programs aiming to prevent obesity Asian, Black or African American,
focus on education as their primary Hispanic or Latino, and Native
goal. However, risk behavior Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. National Heart, Lung, and Blood
modification, the process of translating (Revision to the Standards for the Institute. Clinical Guidelines on the
knowledge into practice, is pivotal to Classification of Federal Data on Race Identification, Evaluation, and
achieving improved health outcomes. In and Ethnicity, Federal Register, Vol. 62, Treatment of Overweight and Obesity
particular, interventions that encourage No. 210, pg. 58782, October 30, 1997.) in Adults. Department of Health and
women to establish a healthy weight Sustainability: An organization’s or Human Services, National Institutes
and increase their levels of physical program’s staying power: The capacity of Health; 1998. NIH Publication No.
activity could dramatically affect to maintain both the financial resources 98–4083.
obesity rates in the United States. These and the partnerships/linkages needed to
National Heart, Lung, and Blood
include: provide the services demanded from an
Institute. Working Group on
Personalized risk assessment and OWH program. It also involves the
ability to survive change, incorporate Competencies for Overweight and
screening. Obesity Identification, Prevention and
Daily self-monitoring (log-sheets, needed changes, and seize opportunities
provided by a changing environment. Treatment, 2005.
exercise diaries, etc.).
Program and educational materials Target: Put forth effort to ensure that National Task Force on Prevention and
tailored to stages of the life cycle, members of a specific group of women Treatment of Obesity. Overweight,
readiness to change, needs and are aware of the program and that obesity, and health risk. Archives of
subgroup affiliation (e.g. racial group, components of the program are designed Internal Medicine. 2000; 160(7):898–
low socioeconomic status, obese, etc.). to be effective in reaching those 904.
Behavioral reinforcement strategies populations. This includes creating
Partnership for Healthy Weight
such as contracts, verification program materials that are culturally
competent for that specific group of Management. Weight Loss: Finding a
procedures, incentives, lotteries, and Weight Loss Program that Works for
team building. women. This also includes training staff
and health professionals to understand You. 2000. Phone: 1–888–8–PUEBLO.
Group sessions that incorporate Web site:
physical activity. the unique needs, behaviors, cultures
and concerns of members of the specific weightloss/brochures.htm.
Frequent contact via mail and phone.
Resource library on maintaining a group of women. Targeting does not Partnership for Healthy Weight
health weight, nutrition, physical mean excluding other groups of women Management. Setting Goals for
activity. from the program. Healthy Weight Loss. 1999. Phone: 1–
Women-centered: (1) Taking into 888–8–PUEBLO. Web site: http://
2. Definitions account the differences between heart
For the purposes of this cooperative disease in men and women and (2) brochures.htm.
agreement program, the following addressing the needs and concerns of
women in a way that is welcoming to The President’s Council on Physical
definitions are provided: Fitness and Sports, Department of
Community-based: The locus of women, fosters a commitment to
women, treats women with dignity, and Health and Human Services. Exercise
control and decision-making powers is and Weight Control. Web site: http://
located at the community level, empowers women through respect and
representing the service area of the reading_room.html.
community or a significant segment of 3. Resources
the community. Surgeon General’s Call to Action to; http:// Prevent and Decrease Overweight and
Community-based organization:; http://
Public and private, nonprofit Obesity. Web site: http://; http://
organizations that are representative of
communities or significant segments of obesity.
Aim for a Healthy Weight: http://
communities. U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S.
Culturally competent/appropriate: heart/obesity/lose_wt/patmats.htm. Department of Health and Human
Information and services provided at the Body Mass Index Calculator: http:// Services. Dietary Guidelines for
educational level and in the language Americans. 2000. Phone: 1–888–878–
and cultural context that are most bmicalc.htm. 3256. Web site:
appropriate for the individuals for Portion Distortion: http:// cnpp or
whom the information and services are dietaryguidelines.
intended. Additional information on We Can! Families Finding the Balance—
cultural competency is available at the A Parent Handbook (in English or Dated: June 7, 2006.
following Web site: http:// Spanish): Wanda K. Jones, health/public/heart/obesity/ Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health
Cultural-Competency.html. wecan_mats/parent_hb_en.htm. (Women’s Health).
Partnership: A collaboration where Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005: [FR Doc. E6–9640 Filed 6–19–06; 8:45 am]
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

both parties play a substantive role BILLING CODE 4150–33–P

during all stages of the program dietarylguidelines.html.
including development, implementation Allison DB, Fontaine KR, Manson JE,
and evaluation. Both parties must also Stevens J, VanItallie TB. Annual
be included and consulted when deaths attributable to obesity in the

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:31 Jun 19, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00026 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\20JNN1.SGM 20JNN1