52 Life Lessons

Lesson Seventeen
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Hi, this is Scott Johnson and welcome to 52 Life Lessons.com. Early this morning I was thinking about a word that is in the Bible that most people really don’t understand. It is the word, righteousness. Most people think that the righteousness of God represents a big measuring stick that God uses to beat people up with. This of course is not true. God’s righteousness represents the truth and reality of God’s kingdom. The word righteousness was formally spelled, “rightwiseness” which gives us a better understanding of what this word means to us in the English language. It means the faithfulness and truthfulness of God which is consistent to His own nature and His own promises to us. Let me state it this way, righteousness is the full and complete measure of the revealed will of God to your life. It really means, quite literally “As it should be”. God represents We of course can look around at our world and see that things are not as they should be. It doesn’t matter if it is our culture and society or our personal lives we know first hand that things are not working correctly. For thousands of years from the time of Adam and Eve mankind has really been disconnected from God. In fact, they lost the very power and ability to reflect the very purpose and nature of their creator. I am sure that there were stories told from one generation to about how Adam and Eve, their distant great grand parents lived in the Garden before they chose to disconnect themselves from God and live an independent life that was absent of the “as it should be of God.” Some of the stories that they heard must have been incredible, you know, what it must have been like to live without limitations on an Earth that had no curse on it.

As generations passed I am sure that many of these memories became faint and even if they could remember the “as it should be of God” on the Earth and how it was to be lived out. It was a life that could never be regained in their lost and fallen state through their own effort. To be honest, I don’t think that we today have any idea of what life must have really been like before the rebellion in the Garden of Eden. Really, our frame of reference of what it means to live a life without limitation has become completely distorted by own world view and experience. Our outside world view contains and restricts us because it is based upon the beliefs of our experiences and perceptions which are very much subjective. In other words, instead of living a life of limitless possibilities we have learned to live in limitation. The sad thing about this is that we accept this as our normal without even realizing God’s full intention for our lives. It was this same distorted viewpoint that Israel had which led them to believe that they could bring God’s kingdom back into their lives through the keeping of the law when in fact the law was only meant to show them and us the futility of trying to bring about the “as it should be of God” into the Earth and our lives independent of His life. Jesus came to introduce to us a new and better way. In the sermon in the mount He spoke about the righteousness of God. He told his hearers that they that hunger and thirst for the “as it should be of God” will be filled. We later read in this same passage of scripture Jesus talking to the religious people of His time. It was the Scribes and Pharisees who wrongly relied upon the law through force, manipulation and coercion to not only live righteous but to control people. Jesus told his hearers that “unless your righteousness exceeds their attempts to be righteousness, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. It is important that you get what Jesus was saying here. The “as it should be of God” is nothing that can be had or compared to the self exertion of our own lives outside of the gift of God’s righteousness that he freely gave to us through His son Jesus Christ. Keep in mind, we typically constrain and define God gift of righteousness only affecting us within our spiritual lives In other words, God saves us, he redeems us, we have a confidence that we are going to heaven. But we should be careful not to limit this gift of His righteousness to just a spiritual effect in our lives. In reality the “As it should be of God” is something that needs to be grasp a hold of for every area of our lives, our health, our finances, our relationships, the fears which we face on a day to day basis. Bottom line; don’t limit God where it concerns his perfect provision for your life. Listen and hear God’s declaration over your life regarding the “as it should be” of God. God looks upon you through the gift of His righteousness that is now yours.

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