A Word from our pastor

Happy New Year!!!!! Almost difficult to say isn’t it? I can’t believe it is 2010. I thought for sure Jesus would be coming back by now, but He is giving us more time to tell others of His amazing love! Since it is His plan to allow us to be able to share this amazing life let’s get busy and begin sharing that He is our everything. Some may ask, our everything? Yes. God Himself tells us we can depend on Him for our everything. “Exodus 3:14” "And God said unto Moses, I AM that I AM: and He said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you." Adrian Rogers said: “Have you ever noticed that the title God chose to describe Himself is an incomplete sentence? Now, most people would finish that sentence, “I am…” but not our Lord. He purposefully did not complete the sentence. “I AM.” He is. Are you hungry? He is the bread. Are you in the dark? He is the light. Are you searching? He is the truth. Are you lost? He is the way. Are you in need? He is your Shepherd.”

The torch

1st Baptist Church of Branford

Gordon Keller Pastor

God’s Word further describes our needs being met in (Philippians 4:19) “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Understand God has promised His Children He is our everything. Do not misunderstand, He does not say He is going to give us everything we ask or wish for. What He does promise is that He will make sure our needs are met. Notice the One from whom this supply shall be coming, through the Son. (Hebrews 4:16) “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” He then tells us we can ask boldly for those needs. When we must do

Volume 14, Issue 1

January 2010

In this issue:
Bro. Herb AWANA Birthday’s Calendar

Special points of interest:
∗ Pictures from “A Baby Changes Everything” Dinner Theater

∗ Middle School Youth begins

∗ Special Thank You from the Church Secretary

without or wait for something we think we must have right now, or be told no, He sill is our supply of what we must have. He provides the grace and mercy to go through grieving, hardship, difficult sickness, or even thinking we have been forgotten. If we truly desire to have a great year, we had better learn He is our everything. If He is coming again, and He is, we had better tell all this year He is their everything also, if they will surrender their lives to His will. How can it not help to be but a Happy New Year

with Jesus in control? God bless you all and remember, He’s got the whole world in His hands! IN HIS SERVICE


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The Torch

From My Heart
I just want to say thank you to everyone involved in making this Christmas so successful. Congregation; thank you for your support, the attendance was great. Choir; what can I say, you gave your all and the Lord blessed it. Soloist; each of you did a great job and sold your songs. Children; you sang your hearts out and stole the show. Tech crew; your awesome, you make the difference. Above were my remarks after our first Christmas together. Let me just say “ditto”. But let me add, Elaine Boney (drama director), Robert Bradow (Dinner Coordinator), Braxton Koon (technical director), Roxanne Worsley (set director), Wanda Petrena (costume director), Shelly Fletcher (promotional director) and all the actors and villagers, you added so much, making this the best Christmas yet. Truly, “A Baby does Change Everything.” We love you church and thank you for the opportunity to lead you in worship. May 2010 be a great year for FBC Branford. Enjoy the pictures and memories:

Bro. Herb

Bro. Herb Stucky Minister of Worship

Scenes from “A Baby Changes Everything”

Volume 14, Issue 1

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M i d d l e S c h o o l Yo u t h
By: Kevin Fletcher
Have you ever done any social experiments? You know, where you set up certain scenarios without anyone else knowing about it, and see how everyone reacts to what you've done. We had a new toilet paper dispenser/ magazine rack installed in the men's room (men, a little note here, don't try this experiment in the ladies room, as experimental data is difficult to compile without looking like some kind of weirdo) of the office where I work. It's mounted on the wall on the right hand side of the toilet, and holds two rolls of toilet paper (hereafter referred to as "TP") side by side, with one roll being closer to the person using said TP by exactly the width of the roll of TP. Get the picture, one roll just slightly closer to you than the other roll. The reason this holder was installed was that the original TP dispenser was mounted down below toilet level to your right and was awkward to reach without formal training in yoga. So now, within easy reach of the toilet, are three rolls of toilet paper, a real treasure trove for those in need. I noticed one day that someone had mounted the rolls of TP backwards, where the paper rolls off the backside from underneath instead of over the top and out the front. Being slightly picky about such things, I promptly moved to rectify this atrocity. But halfway through turning the rolls around to the PROPER direction of rollage, I had an idea. "I wonder," thought I, "if others are as disturbed as I am over which way the TP rolls, and will it affect which roll of TP they use?" So I only turned one roll around, the closer of the two in the double dispenser, and left the other roll, and the one on the wall that's so hard to reach, rolling off backwards. It was soon apparent that the frontward facing roll was approximately three times more favored for usage than the other two combined. AAAAHHHHH, results. "But (no pun intended)," thought I, "was the favored usage due to ease of rolling, or ease of reach?" So the next week, I switched the rolls around, with the backward rolling roll closest to the subject of intense scientific research, and turned the other two rolls around to roll off the front of the dispenser in the proper fashion, as I'm sure the Creator of the universe intended for them to work. Now it gets interesting. In this configuration, the somewhat farther away properly rolling roll had a slight advantage over the closer backwards rolling roll, with the difficult to reach even closer roll not in the running (again, no pun intended) at all. Well, I had one more arranging of the rolls to try. This time, the only forward facing roll was the difficult to reach, but incredibly close roll, with the other two rolling off backwards. In this configuration I'm sad to say, the closest of the backward rolling rolls was the winner by a nose (the gags are too easy here). Do you see the significance here? Can you grasp the implications, the relevance, the enormity of this? We will use the roll closest to us more often as long as it's not difficult to reach, but only when it's rolling in the right direction. Get it rolling the wrong way, make it a little less accessible, just slightly more difficult to use, and we'll reach right around it and use the properly rolling roll, a roll that is prepared to do the job and is facing the right way. And don't even get me started on that roll that you have to contort yourself around in an un-human fashion to use. It only gets used when the other two rolls are completely unavailable, and even then it's a toss up between using it or one of the leftover cardboard tubes from the other two rolls. I'm talking seriously difficult to reach. A little while back, a church on the way into town (Living Springs, for all you locals) had a sign on their marquee that read "God uses those closest to Him most often." Yeah, most often, but not always. God will use those closest to Him most often, as long as they're not to difficult to reach. Or, maybe they're "coming off the roll backwards", meaning, they're in reach, but they're not living their life for God at the moment. Are you talking to God daily, digging into His word, seeking out His will for your life? In other words, are you easily within reach of God when He needs to use you? I've gotten myself in that situation before, not a fun place to be. Kind of lonely really. Lots of friends and family around all the time, but still lonely without the closeness of a proper relationship with God. I really missed God, and it wasn't that He had gone anywhere, it was I, like the prodigal son, who had gone away from the Father. Thankfully, God is faithful and stands and watches for us, and while I was yet a long way off, He saw me, and welcomed me back into a relationship with Him. And then He started using me again. Let me have the Middle School Youth Group again. Fun group to teach. Now if only they'll study the seventies so they can understand some of my illustrations better. Who ever heard of someone who doesn't know what the "rope-a-dope" is? To be used by God we must be in the right position, we must be in reach, and we must be available. Sure, God will use us if we're coming off the roll backwards, or if He has to really reach to get us, and sometimes when others just aren't available. But wouldn't it be better to have ourselves in position, ready, easily reachable, prepared to be used by God?

WNL Begins...

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The Torch

Yo u t h & C h i l d r e n
“Be an Eagle in 2010” “For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.” 2 Chronicles 16:9 Once upon a time in the long, long ago the Eagle and the Chicken were very good friends. Everywhere they went, these friends went together. It was not uncommon for people to look up and see the Eagle and Chicken flying side by side through the air. One day while flying, the Chicken said to the Eagle, “Let’s drop down and get a bite to eat. My stomach is growling.” “Sounds like a good idea to me,” replied the Eagle. So the two birds glided down to earth, they saw several animals eating and decided to join them. They landed next to the cow. The cow was busy eating corn, but noticed the Eagle and Chicken were sitting on the ground next to her. “Welcome,” said the cow. “Help yourself to the corn.” This took the birds by surprise. They were not accustomed to having other animals share their food. “Why are you so willing to share your corn with us?” asked the Eagle. “Oh we have plenty to eat here. Mr. Farmer gives us all we want,” replied the cow. Well the Chicken and the Eagle joined in and ate their fill. When they finished, the Chicken asked more about Mr. Farmer. “Well,” said the cow, “he grows all our food for us. We don’t have to work for the food at all.” “You mean,” said the Chicken, “That Mr. Farmer gives you all you want to eat?” “That’s right,” said the cow. “Not only that, but he also gives us shelter over our heads.” The Chicken and the Eagle were shocked! They had never heard of such a thing. They had always had to search for food and work for shelter. When it came time to leave, the Chicken and the Eagle began to discuss the situation. “Maybe we should just stay here,” said the Chicken. “We can have all the food we want without working. And that barn over there sure beats those nests we’ve been building. Besides, I’m tired of always having to work for a living.” “I don’t know about all this,” said the Eagle. “It sounds too good to be true. I find it hard to believe that one can get something for nothing. Besides, I like flying high and free through the air. In fact, I find it quite challenging. Well the Chicken thought it over and decided to stay where the food and shelter was free. But the Eagle loved the challenges of life and his freedom too much to give it up. After saying his goodbyes to his friend the Chicken, the Eagle set sail for the wild blue yonder. Everything went fine for the Chicken. He ate all he wanted. He never worked. He grew fat and lazy. But then one day he heard the Farmer say to his wife that the preacher was coming the next day and they should have fried Chicken for dinner. Hearing that, the Chicken decided it was time to check out and rejoin his good friend Mr. Eagle. But when attempted to fly he found that he had grown to fat and lazy. Instead of flying, he could only flutter. So the next day, the Farmer’s family and the preacher enjoyed a fine fried Chicken meal. And that’s the reason why Eagles soar and Chickens flutter. The Living Bible translates Proverbs 14:12 like this: “Before every man there lies a wide and pleasant road that seems right but ends in death.” It’s my prayer for our church family that we all are more the Eagle; willing to take on the challenges for the new year. Eagles spur revival. Eagles cause growth. Eagles soar – and pull others up high with them. Just as Eagles stand out among other birds, Christians should stand out and above the rest of the Crowd. “The size of a leader is determined by the depth of his convictions, the height of his ambitions, the breadth of his vision, and the reach of his love.” --- D. N. Jackson

Mark Worsley Youth Pastor

“The size of a leader is determined by the depth of his convictions, the height of his ambitions, the breadth of his vision, and the reach of his love.” --- D. N. Jackson

Volume 14, Issue 1

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Ta x e s

Notice to Donors: Do not file your 2009 federal income tax return until you receive your contribution summary from the church. If you donated $250 or more you will receive a contribution statement.

F ro m yo u r s e c r e ta ry
It’s hard to believe that I have been the church secretary for 5 years! What an awesome opportunity the Lord has given me. I first wanted to thank my church family for being a family to me. The people I see and talk to on a regular basis bless and encourage me everyday. As someone who gets to see “behind the scenes”, it amazes me the work that people do for God that no one else sees. They do this not for their glory, but because they love the Lord. That is awesome! Our pastors are true men of God and I appreciate that more than they could ever know. Bro. Gordon has taught me never assume someone is saved... Ask them! Because it’s not about a religion, it’s a about a relationship with an all mighty God that gets you into heaven. Bro. Mark, the work he does with our children and youth can be tiring, but he continues to encourage them to live for the Lord. He regularly encourages our youth to give back to the congregation through work days, and just recently Christmas caroling to some of our member that could use a little lift for Christmas. Bro. Herb, he brought music back into my life, and for that I will forever be grateful. The bible says the Lord will give you the desires of your heart... To play my flute in the Florida Baptist Worship Choir and Orchestra is more than I would have ever dared to ask for. It’s hard to please everyone when it comes to “style of worship”, and I appreciate the work he does helping us to worship our Lord. I believe what I do in the office is a ministry for God and I will strive to please Him. I hope God allows me to stay in this place a long time, because there is no better place to be! Thank you for allowing me to serve you through the church office, and remember I always have a piece of candy on my desk and an ear to listen! Love all of you Shelly Fletcher

“Hard to believe it's been 5 years that I have been your secretary”

Sunday, January 3, 2010 6:00 PM Christian Life Center
**Special concert for the Young @ Heart, Monday January 4th at 11:00 pm. Bring a covered dish and join us for lunch before the concert , meat will be provided!

Volume 14, Issue 1

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The Young@Heart had the regular scheduled meeting on Monday, December 7th at 11:00 am. They met and had a wonderful covered dish dinner, played a few games and gave away gifts, shared their best Christmas stories.
Photos by George Petrena

Grace Vaught and Leota Fletcher ready for Christmas

John Hall and Joe Vaught enjoying conversation.

Don Kahle and Garry Forester

Aline Petty always brings something wonderful to eat

Barbara Kahle, Norma Forester and Shirley Koon getting ready in the kitchen

Olga Knott with her mother, Florence Lugo

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The Torch

The Pastor, Staff and congregation of the First Baptist Church extend love and Christian sympathy to and a donation made in their memory to the FBC Worship Center : The Inez Humphries Family The Leon Hatch Family 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Dale Kaman, Jemma Thompson, Sharon Richardson, Bill Tindale Brenda Langston, Kimberly Walker Todd Cangelosi, Wilbur Hall, Joe Vaught Dola Hall Cherry Lumbert Steve Eliason, Joella Humphries, Randy Nemeth David Bass, Lindsey (Walker) Taylor

A donation was made to the FBC Worship Center in memory of Inez Humphries by: Scott & Barb Tomlinson Mr. & Mrs. Walter Boatright, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Hansel Ross Billy Brannan Jesse Wood Maranatha SS Class Jean Williams Jerry & Virginia Coker Joy SS Class Jo & Jim Bob Brown Wannie Mae Brannan Craig & Judy Lamb Jerry & Jeanette Scarborough Clydie Wheeler Don & Tina Meyer Lawanda Bachara Johnie W Boatright A donation was made to the FBC Worship Center in memory of Leon Hatch by: Martha Sue Brown Jesse Wood Jean Williams Jerry & Virginia Coker Dan Terry Barnes, Jr. DMD & Melissa Don & Tina Meyer Lawanda Bachara Brian & Cherry Lumbert Amanda Grimmett Johnie W Boatright A donation was made to the FBC Worship Center in memory of Billy Walker & Dee Wood by Lawanda Bachara

11 Robert Arrowood 12 Dick Hiller 13 Kayla Alford, Velma Carrington, Bill Sorrells 14 Michelle Aderholt 15 Doyle Hayes, Robert Kelly 17 Lauren Cangelosi, Keri (Frierson) VanAernam 19 Landen Lewis 20 Tom Koon 21 Ricky Aderholt, Alaina Tyre 22 Ella Clark (1st Birthday!!), Eddie Hatch 23 Erin Morris
24 Will Campbell, Johnny Howard, Travis Lockwood, Marc Severance

25 David Campbell 26 Tori Aderholt, Betty Hall, Elaine Nemeth 27 Cash Blalock, AW Gaylard 28 Gage Clark, Keiron Felty 29 Delani Cannon, Gary Croxton, Kiara Janosh 30 Joslyn Barrs, Ross Sears, Oveda Williams 31 Teresa Bullock, Caden Coker

Volume 14, Issue 1

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January 2010
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3 Deacon Meeting
Terry G. Hall in concert 6:00 pm

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Upward Basketball

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Upward Basketball







Upward Basketball

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